RKGSD42 minuter sedan

    Seriously, let's get back to basics with a regular metal roof!

  • Oh Well
    Oh Well59 minuter sedan

    I change batteries in my TVs remote control all the time and never had an issue. What’s wrong with rich rebuilds or anyone else messing with an ev’s high voltage battery pack or my homes power panel or the high voltage lines powering my city. He’s big on SEblacks so that’s good enough for me 🤣

  • scanspeak00
    scanspeak00Timme sedan

    Prediction - this time next year FSD wont be released.

  • Dan Paul Tesla
    Dan Paul Tesla2 timmar sedan

    The misuse of "FSD" is purely down to the deliberate negligence of the individuals and their lack of common sense. It'd be like... giving people guns!

  • slade willson
    slade willson2 timmar sedan

    I hope Elon watches this …

  • azspotfree
    azspotfree3 timmar sedan

    Like Rich Rebuilds, Tesla completely f..d him out of his Tesla Roadster. Tesla has become something less from what we all envisioned. I still have my Cybertruck order though. Unless they track my comment down and cancel me. Then I'm all f150. I could live with that though. And lets talk about those nutty tesla battery repair costs. 22k? for a battery ? on a high mileage, old Tesla? I don't know, doesn't seem sustainable

  • marcusablpn Pike
    marcusablpn Pike4 timmar sedan

    I wouldn’t buy another Tesla after getting my window broken. $900 for a driver rear replacement that took 5 days to fix.

  • lgmisfit10
    lgmisfit104 timmar sedan

    @marcusablpn Pike Wow thank you for that insight, I’m taking delivery of a MYP next week

  • marcusablpn Pike
    marcusablpn Pike4 timmar sedan

    @lgmisfit10 I have a model Y

  • marcusablpn Pike
    marcusablpn Pike4 timmar sedan

    @lgmisfit10 400 for window and labor, 250 to clean out the glass in the door which I paid $15 to someone the day it happened for the whole car. 250 to send a code to the regulator since that needed to be taken out.

  • lgmisfit10
    lgmisfit104 timmar sedan

    Wow!! How much was that for the actual window and for labor?

  • Dawn
    Dawn4 timmar sedan

    I checked the delivery dates for the refreshed MX in Sweden… If I order today, I’ll get it mid next year!!! I contacted Tesla and asked if that means I need to order now to replace the one I have that has a lease terminating in June… the response was, no, that date will be changing. How is anyone supposed to be able to plan ahead when there is so much uncertainty? Very frustrating.

  • Kryojenix
    Kryojenix5 timmar sedan

    Isn't Russia under sanction by Europe and North America? Not a good place to build unless they're supplying the African and S.E.Asian market - (cars for Chinese can be built in China already).

  • pelham lane
    pelham lane5 timmar sedan

    If tesla battery costs 22500 then they are worse than ICE's. There is no savings and it is rip off.

  • James Brecheisen
    James Brecheisen6 timmar sedan

    So what happens to folks who bought earlier versions of the FSD hardware? (I just bought a Y with extra $10K for FSD.) What about when FSD 4 hardware comes out? Did I just waste $10K?

  • Scott Baxendale
    Scott Baxendale7 timmar sedan

    Isn’t that the whole point of self driving so you don’t have to pay as much attention yourself?

  • J B
    J B7 timmar sedan

    The marketing has been "you don't need to drive", now Tesla is admitting FSD is an over reach. The ironic thing is that "driving" a Tesla is amazing without FSD. A true joy for anyone who has ever driven a car.

  • Gene Phipps
    Gene Phipps4 timmar sedan

    That is not at all what Tesla is doing. Tesla is trying to pre-screen a larger pool of beta testers to feed more data / edge cases into their neural network to train the system without having a bunch of reckless people doing silly / dangerous things. IOW they are proceeding towards the FSD goal as responsibly as possible.

  • Martin Maitner
    Martin Maitner7 timmar sedan

    I love the irony that Ford is now having build mistakes pop up just like they chided TESLA about! 😂

  • Gabriel Colon
    Gabriel Colon7 timmar sedan

    Dave Ramsey does not agree with your monthly payment!!!

  • Michael
    Michael7 timmar sedan

    Looks like I used your referral code just in time (9/16). Thanks for providing good information and current news.

  • C A
    C A7 timmar sedan

    Spends 20 dollars on charing a car to drive 400 miles yet buys a car over 40 grand. Lol.

  • wpherigo1
    wpherigo17 timmar sedan

    The Audi looks a heck of a lot better and probably has a far superior build quality. Fine by me.

  • Martin Maitner
    Martin Maitner8 timmar sedan

    In other words, it sounds like safe drivers will be driving with FSD beta on or about October 1st (10.1).

  • Butch Bailey
    Butch Bailey8 timmar sedan

    This is getting to be more than annoying. Rich has got a lot of mileage out of his unconventional repair. Rich is no hero and actually ripped the customer off by charging $500 »more than what the unwarrantable repair is worth based on the time he spent. Suppose You got the same type of hole in Your ICE CAR OIL PAN. Every manufacturer would not fIX it by reaming out the hole, tap it, and put a plug in it. THEY ALL WOULD REPLACE THE OIL PAN. The plug may work but may not and all Rich did was Rip the guy off, take his money, and tell him see yah. He sure is not going to give him a lifetime warranty.

  • Cesar Trujillo
    Cesar Trujillo9 timmar sedan

    Cute way to pronounce his name.

  • alexander wei
    alexander wei9 timmar sedan

    Pretty much anyone could rightfully mock Tesla's quality control. Ford issued the recall before it even happened which is far better.

  • pignonMZ6
    pignonMZ69 timmar sedan

    So you don't have a problem with the name "Full Self Driving" and you can't see how this name would lead to abuse... but you understand that FSD is not real FSD. I own Model 3 and I like my car, but boy the day I become a fanboy to the point where my brain gets as bad as yours I'll sprint to a Polestar dealership. Darling the name is really bad, because if you don't live in Muskworld you may understand English the same way normal humans do and in the real world FSD means FSD.

  • pignonMZ6
    pignonMZ6Timme sedan

    @Hazim It's silly when you think about it, because it makes us all look like morons. My model 3 is awesome but I don't want us to look or sound like the Apple fanboys. I would say my only issue with owning a Tesla so far has been the braindead hardcore community, yes the cars are great but there are things that can be improved and FSD is definitely something that should be. Same with the phone key situation, it so stupid (and broken) I bought another card for my wife instead or relying on her phone when she wants/needs to drive my Model 3.

  • Hazim
    Hazim3 timmar sedan

    I fully agree. I’m a Tesla fan but It feels like this guy has so much Tesla stock, he feels the need to sugar coat everything and defend most things in a very biased way. Not being able to acknowledge the shortcomings takes away the credibility of this channel

    DNL DNL9 timmar sedan

    I drove models s 2021 long range it’s insane how quick that car is. The yoke was ok but I would prefer a real wheel or make it interchangeable

  • Richard Stegman
    Richard Stegman10 timmar sedan

    Jennifer Homendy is a former legislative aid to the Teamsters.

  • Soham From Techour
    Soham From Techour10 timmar sedan

    has the play button came?

  • Ivan Kuljis
    Ivan Kuljis10 timmar sedan

    'A Rose by any other 'Flame' Thrower'! It IS NOT A FLAME THROWER! [NOT A FLAME THROWER] NAME FSD ....'DRIVER BEWARE' and 20% would drive like CLOWNS ....NO OFFENCE TO CLOWNS

  • alan rickett
    alan rickett10 timmar sedan

    Rich is not all about right to repair rich is all about cash for rich at the moment that runs alongside RtR

  • Videos by Stofferson
    Videos by Stofferson10 timmar sedan

    The RichRebulds repair is no different than taking an iCE vehicle to a local mechanic to have a module in a transmission replaced versus going to a dealer to have the entire transmission replaced. Right to repair has always existed for ICE vehicles. EVs need to follow suit. That will help to make the transition easier for some people.

  • Oh Well
    Oh WellTimme sedan

    Exactly. Working with extremely high voltage batteries is something we should all be able to do without certification. I change batteries in my remote control with no problem yet some law says I need to get a licensed electrician to replace my homes circuit breaker panel… bs if you ask me. 🤣

  • Surfer Dude
    Surfer Dude11 timmar sedan

    In case you haven't heard: The Model Y that lost its roof was the result of a third party roof rack installation. Not one of the original Tesla blasting, FUD spreading original articles about the incident included that tiny, little fact.

  • P S
    P S8 timmar sedan

    @Surfer Dude very good point

  • Surfer Dude
    Surfer Dude8 timmar sedan

    @P S "Follow the Money" In general, the media do not like Tesla because Tesla spends $0 on advertising. Legacy auto and big oil on the other hand, have advertising budgets in the billions.

  • P S
    P S9 timmar sedan

    Amazing how the media runs with the horror story to garnish Tesla allure to the story and they never run the facts after Same across the board. Cars. Politics etc

  • Bomi
    Bomi12 timmar sedan

    Ryan, you may want to learn more about JB, or did you deliberately not mention how influential he was in Tesla becoming what it is today?

  • Israel Arrieta
    Israel Arrieta12 timmar sedan

    Do you think the federal tax credit will be reinstated for Tesla vehicles?

  • Jim Cheseborough
    Jim Cheseborough10 timmar sedan

    Better hurry. I take delivery in 25 days.

  • The Stock Source
    The Stock Source12 timmar sedan

    *sigh* Good grief. The complaints over the term F S D ….. It’s sooooo…..moronic Side note, I’m suing Pizza Hut because the restaurant was pretty well updated and was no longer a ‘hut’ Also suing domino’s, because when I ordered from them, I got a pizza. Instead of a game. I did, however, get a swift kick to the rear and a few corny jokes from papa John, so, no complaints there.

  • Delusion2
    Delusion250 minuter sedan

    Nah, you're off on this. The term FSD is concerning a product, a feature. So it would be akin to Pizza hut offering a small sandwich and calling it a pizza on the menu. It's not a pizza, but on the menu it reads like one. MISLEADING.

  • Bob Hoehn
    Bob Hoehn12 timmar sedan

    Rich rebuilds is a great guy and very truthful about Tesla. I own one and love it but the build quality is not great. His competition claims his repair won't work and that you should take it to him. Hmmm sounds like free press advertising for him. I guess wait and see how the results are but if one has already lasted two years that's pretty good for the price considering the cost difference. I originally did not want to buy a Tesla as I was concerned with the same issue. What is a 100,000 mile Tesla going to be worth if you need a battery ????

  • Oh Well
    Oh Well40 minuter sedan

    Build quality of my 2019 m3 is great.. 25k miles and no issues at all with anything. What build quality issues are you experiencing?

  • Geoffrey Evans
    Geoffrey Evans10 timmar sedan

    Some Tesla cars have 90% battery capacity after 200k. If you need a battery after only 100k you have probably been abusing the battery, e.g. charging to 100% all of the time.

  • David Esposito
    David Esposito13 timmar sedan

    They just need to change the name of Autopilot to 'Not Autopilot' like they did for the 'Not a Flamethrower'

  • Custo
    Custo13 timmar sedan

    Not exactly happy that you omitted the fact that Rich rebuilds FAKED an invoice from Tesla as if it was a real one (didn't disclose it and tried to pass it off as real one). That is what Tesla fans had an issue with.

  • Custo
    Custo9 timmar sedan

    @Nehru Haynes an interesting defense of your position... My point was anything based on a lie is wrong... And your come back is.... You are a poisonous sycofant. I guess serves me right for trying to make a point to an online troll.

  • Nehru Haynes
    Nehru Haynes10 timmar sedan

    @Custo Man you fanboys really are the worst. Elon stands for so many great things but a lot of his following have become poisonous sycophants.

  • Custo
    Custo11 timmar sedan

    @Nehru Haynes when you claim something based on a lie... Your argument doesn't really hold water and shows how far you can go to fake facts to suit your narrative.

  • Nehru Haynes
    Nehru Haynes12 timmar sedan

    No they didn't! They tried to dismiss the ENTIRE video based on just the invoice.

  • Patricia Zoerner
    Patricia Zoerner13 timmar sedan

    Great points about the apples to oranges element when comparing the Tesla repair bid to what Rich Rebuilds did!

  • Brett
    Brett13 timmar sedan

    I think FSD should only be allowed on the interstate system for now. Driver's should be immediately required to take over when emergency vehicles are seen or heard, period. 100% FSD tech just feels rushed and that's not going to be good for anyone.

  • TheGreatGuySP
    TheGreatGuySP13 timmar sedan

    Turn on the subtitles at 9:41 and watch the next few seconds. thank me later

  • Oh Well
    Oh Well37 minuter sedan

    Thank you

  • P S
    P S9 timmar sedan

    And call them selves king of evs

  • Michael Alvanos
    Michael Alvanos10 timmar sedan

    Verification for 'TechnoKing" ?

  • Mr. Google87
    Mr. Google8713 timmar sedan

    Errr… FSD Beta is and has never been available for 3/4th of the world (where Teslas are sold). People paid much for it but Tesla decided it does not work in EU for sofar… (but did take peoples money for FSD, making promises)

  • Dennis Morin
    Dennis Morin14 timmar sedan

    I am completely amazed Elon did not call it....notfullselfdriving.....and....... ........notautopilot.....to begin with. It is so unlike him.

  • Cinthya Monzoor
    Cinthya Monzoor14 timmar sedan

    I did see a Plaid on the 403 Highway in Ontario Canada. I tried to wave at the guy, but he probably thought I am a weirdo..lol

  • Let's Go animate
    Let's Go animate14 timmar sedan

    Ford: we are now deciding to call the Mach e a convertible

  • The Disgruntled Imperial
    The Disgruntled Imperial14 timmar sedan

    Tesla is doing great things, but we *need* to hold their feet to the fire on right-to-repair.

  • Planet Earth
    Planet Earth14 timmar sedan

    If you expect a Ferrari to be an off road four wheeler you'll be disappointed. The car design must match the environment. If you expect to have a perfectly intelligent car to drive you anywhere and anytime on imperfect roads with unintelligent drivers and dumb cars you'll also be disappointed. It's not enough to reinvent one fourth of a new transportation system and not change the other three major aspects. You also need to reinvent the road system, the legal system and communication system. There will never be a perfect responding car if it's embedded into an antiquated transportation system. Horses and cars don't mix well on roads and neither will FSD solve every problem on current roads under current laws with currently average driver mentality. Why is it that these 'smart' channel content providers cannot see the obvious fallacies and address them?

  • Robert Rackstraw
    Robert Rackstraw14 timmar sedan


  • Shawnn Eichelberger
    Shawnn Eichelberger14 timmar sedan

    They should name it LSD- Limited Self Driving. The humor seems to be in line with Elon's

  • Tanners Cats
    Tanners Cats14 timmar sedan

    5708th view, lol

  • Sickpencil Art
    Sickpencil Art15 timmar sedan

    soooo if we ordered and used the referral link last month they aren't gonna wipe our free miles right? still waiting on delivery of my car

  • Tom Mersch
    Tom Mersch15 timmar sedan

    ok, Full Self Responsibility. whut? Is that on me or on your car? can't be on me - I let the car drive itself, and am attentive to the road. when is the car supposed to take on responsibility? when it really IS full self driving?

  • Karim Elmoutawakil
    Karim Elmoutawakil15 timmar sedan

    What is the best EV??? Tessssslllllaaaaaa

  • Tarek S
    Tarek S15 timmar sedan

    Its a Product Name, why are they stressing about a product name, they must think people are stupid, if so then those people should not hold a driving license.

  • Tom Mersch
    Tom Mersch15 timmar sedan

    Elon? EEEELOOON? 1) have you and your "chosen" beta testers waited 7 days? or are they still on youtube trying to turn trees plaid? 2) if I press beta, then let the car drive itself, yet still fail, will you buy the failure car back from me?

  • Unicornul Sarvy
    Unicornul Sarvy15 timmar sedan

    of course buyng a new phone is the best option,but replacing the battery in your old phone is a lot cheaper,you as an apple fanboy have no clue about this

  • Surfer Dude
    Surfer Dude11 timmar sedan

    My iPhone SE 2016 had a battery replacement over a year ago. I'm very happy with it.

  • Kaleolani Case
    Kaleolani Case15 timmar sedan

    I’m pissed the car makes noise on the door like that. Must be irritating

  • M New
    M New15 timmar sedan

    Does Anyone know if the FSD beta installation will impact the Tesla software updates in the future?

  • Dennis Baev
    Dennis Baev15 timmar sedan

    Wait, did you just day Rich doesn't understand that replacement is better than repair? Or just bad wording?

  • The Waves of Life
    The Waves of Life15 timmar sedan

    Let’s not forget Ford’s other recall too. NHTSA recall: Loose subframe bolts may reduce the vehicle's performance in a crash, increasing the risk of injury. Also, the investigation on the one, single, Model 3 roof coming off, found that the owner had an aftermarket roof rack installed improperly by a third party!

  • The Waves of Life
    The Waves of Life7 timmar sedan

    @P S Well the Cybertruck hauls 7,500 to 14,000 pounds. And, the Rivian hauls up to 11,000, in case you didn’t know.

  • P S
    P S8 timmar sedan

    @The Waves of Life yes and no. Heavy hauling or snow plowing not there yet. Commutes and basic job run around definitely

  • The Waves of Life
    The Waves of Life9 timmar sedan

    @P S I would bet my money on Rivian or the Cybertruck to meet contractor needs.

  • P S
    P S9 timmar sedan

    I have owned 8 fords All trucks ( general contractor. Snow plowing etc ) Believe me they have plenty of issues. Recalls. Silly little things annoying minor th8ngs and pita major things. Ford is not without issue

  • Neel Javia
    Neel Javia15 timmar sedan


  • iowa_don
    iowa_don15 timmar sedan

    9:55 - The TRUTH about the $22,000 Tesla battery repair is that Rich Rebuilds did a battery REPAIR and Tesla would have done a battery REPLACEMENT with a new battery. It's the difference between doing a valve job on your old tired V8 and getting a completely new long block. An apples and oranges comparison. Unfortunately that subtle difference got lost when picked up and hugely amplified by the media who loses no opportunity to spread Fear Uncertainty and Doubt about Tesla.

  • Jack Fogg
    Jack Fogg15 timmar sedan

    @iowa_don Thats all well and good if Tesla would even sell parts to third party shops, which they dont. Its not apples to oranges when those are the only two options out there.

  • Flyinrocketeer
    Flyinrocketeer15 timmar sedan

    That's a valid point but at the end of the day, the replacement of a battery still cost $22k. Compared with an ICE vehicle's engine replacement, that is still a ridiculous amount. I can buy a brand new ICE vehicle for $22k that will last me 10 years.

  • TR Mon
    TR Mon16 timmar sedan

    Cyber truck or Ford Lighting can decide as of now. Any thoughts?

  • A10Pilot
    A10Pilot16 timmar sedan

    Homendy is right imo. I love my model 3 but, let's be honest, FSD is a misnomer at the moment and Autopilot still has phantom braking from some, me included. Also, the auto high beam being mandatory with autosteer at night has problems and blinding people in front of me. These issues need to be addressed now.

  • Tim’s Tips
    Tim’s Tips16 timmar sedan

    Please don't throw rocks at Tesla, the only truly innovative company building cars here in the USA that can compete with the Chinese. Why would I spend $7k on used battery modules when I could have the peace of mind to have a brand new battery and keep the car for another 10 years or 250K miles? The car would be worth a lot more with a new pack. Tesla's not perfect, but will not do shade tree mechanic repairs and risk a fire.

  • Tim’s Tips
    Tim’s TipsTimme sedan

    @Gerald H. What is the health of the remaining cells? I guarantee they are imbalanced with Rich's cells.

  • Tim’s Tips
    Tim’s Tips13 timmar sedan

    @Gerald H. Do people believe that cars are a good investment? Driving a new car off the lot, or putting $22K into a $80K car, originally, isn't too bad. EVs are more like airplanes. The engine in my Cessna 172 costs $30K to overhaul for a plane that's worth $50K after the overhaul. It's more of a passion; not a prudent investment...like a boat, horse or an airplane. Rich may have bought the owner a few years, the battery will go out-of-balance and he'll be faced with same issue. Meanwhile people are unfairly criticizing Tesla.

  • Gerald H.
    Gerald H.13 timmar sedan

    The car is is unlikely to gain “a lot” in value with the new battery pack. The people who spend 22k for “peace of mind” just buy/lease a new car every 2-3 years anyway. Throwing a 22k pack away because a few cells are out of balance or have gone resistive is wasteful and stupid.

  • Jack Fogg
    Jack Fogg15 timmar sedan

    You are missing the point. That's fine if you are happy to spend $22k for the peace of mind. But a lot of people don't have the ability to shell out that amount of cash and the fact that Tesla is purposely limiting their options is wrong. If they ever want truly widespread option, they will need to support third party repairs/shops.

  • Rapunzel 1701
    Rapunzel 170116 timmar sedan

    Typical Government Bureaucrat: You can't use this life saving technology due to safety concerns.

  • Brady B
    Brady B15 timmar sedan

    That’s a terrible take

  • Quincy Alexander
    Quincy Alexander16 timmar sedan

    Have you realized superchargers price increased from 22 cents per kwh to 34 cents

  • P S
    P S9 timmar sedan

    I can’t even buy electric at my own home fun under 28cents. So it’s reasonable

  • Björn Hansen
    Björn Hansen16 timmar sedan

    They should just call it "not Autopilot" and "not Full Self Driving"

  • Surfer Dude
    Surfer Dude11 timmar sedan


  • Randall Moore
    Randall Moore13 timmar sedan


  • James Patrick
    James Patrick16 timmar sedan

    Too many names: Auto steer, Autopilot, Auto driving, Full Self Driving (not)

  • Adam Davis
    Adam Davis16 timmar sedan

    Ford looking like idiots. that's is not a surprise.

  • Omaer 1
    Omaer 116 timmar sedan

    Very Nice!

  • zbyszanna
    zbyszanna16 timmar sedan

    Nobody will buy Audi Q4 for that 44k. It will probably come bare bones and if you want anything useful in that car, you're gonna need to spend a lot of money. That's how those car companies work. I don't say it's wrong or right, but it is how they do their business.

  • Matthew Huszarik
    Matthew Huszarik16 timmar sedan

    On range from everything I have read is Tesla is the manufacturer who falls farthest short of actually achieving the EPA range. It is a similar situation with American and Japanese cars where Japanese cars get much closer to the EPA gas milage than do American manufacturers. Why we need is better real world testing by credible consumer review organizations.

  • Neel Javia
    Neel Javia15 timmar sedan

    Because a fud youtube channel deliberately tested Tesla in different temperatures than other cars. We are not fools.

  • Sean Tiz
    Sean Tiz16 timmar sedan

    Great point. And I agree to a degree. All of my gas cars also never met the epa mpg, no matter how hard I tried. I recently got a model s, LR, and with average driving I am getting 97% of the EPA estimate. So, for now, I’m very happy with that.

  • Matthew Huszarik
    Matthew Huszarik16 timmar sedan

    Did a roof or a windshield actually come off a Mustang or are the recalls a preventative measure?

  • Matthew Huszarik
    Matthew Huszarik16 timmar sedan

    They said the cars might not see flashing lights and did not use recognize them the first is a physical fault the second is a software issue. If it is a physical issue will it be solvable through software?

  • Bostonrain
    Bostonrain16 timmar sedan

    Ford, an American car company, and the cars are built in Mexico. People want to talk shit about Tesla?

  • Neel Javia
    Neel Javia15 timmar sedan

    Haters don't have the iq to understand that.

  • Code Merk
    Code Merk16 timmar sedan

    In an updated video on the subject, it was uncovered that at the end of Jason Hughes's comments, he himself was selling a service to repair the batteries with his own "proprietary methods"... So Jason Hughes was casting doubt on his competitors ability to do the repairs correctly, only to then swoop in with his own repairs to sell to you. Rich stated to prove his repairs work just fine, he will pay for the total cost to get the repair done with Hughes's method, if any of their vehicles end up with issues after Rich's repairs.

  • Roy Clay
    Roy Clay17 timmar sedan

    Come on, how is the Q4 competition for the Model Y ;) ? Even fully spec'd nowhere near the top speed, acceleration, or range. Starting prices are notorious on German vehicles as you pay for lots of extras, even minor tweaks. Then too there will still not be the software for a Model or the charging network. (3.55/4.8s vs 5.8/7.9s, 135mph/150mph vs 99mph/112mph, 298/314m range vs. tbd/241miles range) :O

  • Slick Salmon
    Slick Salmon17 timmar sedan

    The beta button will be coming last March.

  • Devin A
    Devin A17 timmar sedan

    People don't understand Tesla

  • Jokulhaups
    Jokulhaups17 timmar sedan

    Tesla is a great company, but their Achilles her is definitely right to repair. They are allowing some small shops to do minor stuff, but unfortunately for bigger stuff, it’s similar to apple

  • The Disgruntled Imperial
    The Disgruntled Imperial14 timmar sedan

    It's a good way to test how much of a fan boy a Tesla supporter is, bring up right-to-repair and watch them go from "We need sustainability" to "It's to protect the consumer blah blah."

  • Ben Knechel
    Ben Knechel14 timmar sedan

    Wait until that structural battery pack comes out 😩 that will be the end of pack-level repair

  • Wedow
    Wedow16 timmar sedan

    100% agree. We need more personal repair ability if this is going to be the future. Can't have the excuse be buy a new one or buy a 20k+ pack for a car that's worth 20-30k when it's used up.

  • Brigitte Coune
    Brigitte Coune16 timmar sedan

    Yes, by not selling parts to third-party repair-shops they are directly contradicting their goal of sustainability. The pack-level battery repair shows that their attitude would have totaled a car which is now on the road again. They had to use packs out of a used car as Tesla wouldn't sell them new ones. It's ok for Tesla not to do pack-level repairs, it's not ok not to sell parts to people who are willing to go the extra mile to keep a car on the road.

  • Grant Guy
    Grant Guy17 timmar sedan

    Apple model is the way to go.

  • Alan Cobbin
    Alan Cobbin17 timmar sedan

    I have a very good source saying the UK is very close to a hand shake with a new Tesla factory,good video Ryan 👍😉

  • Justin Pence
    Justin Pence10 timmar sedan

    @emceh came here to say exactly this… no chance UK is the destination

  • emceh
    emceh15 timmar sedan

    UK is on island and that's why Tesla was doing assembly in Nederlands before so gigafactory in UK is unlikely unless they're interested in RHD cars but still Japan would be better location.

  • G Syn
    G Syn17 timmar sedan

    F is a dead cat: 1. It is going to take years to form a meaningful production scale, with acceptable technology in comparison with Tesla; 2. Market cap = sum of all future earning, while F currently has negative $160+Billion, how long is it going to take to pay off this debt before making a profit?