• Alfonso Saballett
    Alfonso Saballett6 timmar sedan

    What about Canoo electric vehicle? Some of their vehicle are starting at $35,000.

  • Steven Vacher
    Steven Vacher7 timmar sedan

    Got my deposit in for the Kia EV6 GT Line S hoping for expected October delivery (UK).

  • aravaah
    aravaah8 timmar sedan

    As a girl … I wish there was something smaller… but not the mini,because it is too small.. and with a decent range. All of the cars are huge … and the bolt is weird

  • deg3363
    deg33638 timmar sedan

    Always a superb reporting Ryan. Thank you. You must have a great Team. 👏🏾👏🏾👏🏾👍🏾

  • Kama Kairade
    Kama Kairade9 timmar sedan

    What is the replacement duty cycle on the HEPA cabin filter? What is the cost of replacement? How does that cost compare to the stock filter?

  • Panda Man
    Panda Man10 timmar sedan

    Electric Toyota Tundra

  • Rob Beedle
    Rob Beedle11 timmar sedan

    I could see it now “new car $9,999, service plan varies but starts at $349 a month plus taxes, fees, fees, and some fees”

  • Raymaster7482
    Raymaster748213 timmar sedan

    I believe the EV with the biggest range atm is the Mercedes EQS

  • BizzMRK
    BizzMRK13 timmar sedan

    Mirrorless car designs are nothing new tbh. BMW showed of a BMW i8 mirrorless in 2016 already and the Audi e-tron Quattro can be equipped with a mirrorless design which is already streetlegal in germany,

  • Andrej Drame
    Andrej Drame14 timmar sedan

    Why stocks TSLA don’t mowed ⬆️?!

  • NTN Labs
    NTN Labs14 timmar sedan

    You are kind to "the competition" :)

  • BizzMRK
    BizzMRK14 timmar sedan

    replacing rearview mirrors with cameras is nothing new. The BMW i8 Mirrorless already has this feature which was shown off in 2016.

  • Chris De Christophe
    Chris De Christophe15 timmar sedan

    Yoke steering might be acceptable in the USA where roads are mostly straight, but elsewhere in the world this yoke is actually dangerous. Another example of how Tesla's design practices reflect a US based design philosophy. Another being the model 3 lack of hatchback.

  • Jess Blue
    Jess Blue16 timmar sedan

    Thanks Ryan. I just placed my order on last week just before the price increase! I don’t mind waiting. I’ve waited this long

  • Ebert Morales
    Ebert Morales17 timmar sedan

    I am curious if they are going to roll out the new 4680 cells on the Model Y as a totally different order option, as in you can specifically "pre-order the Model Y with 4680 cell" or if it will be rolled out into production under the current general Model Y queue (meaning you don't get to pick, you get it if you get it).

  • AgZ
    AgZ18 timmar sedan

    Unfortunately not at all in China. What a difference between these two coutnries.

  • Sean Reilly
    Sean Reilly19 timmar sedan

    The bad thing about EVs is that they lose range over time, just like your phone battery does. A Tesla Model 3 will lose about 15 miles of range per year.

  • Raymaster7482
    Raymaster748213 timmar sedan

    Yes it will lose range but that depends on a lot of factors. For example on your charging habits - do you use more AC or DC, how often do you charge to 100% and so on. There are many videos on that subject... Saw a M3 which lost around 10% capacity after ~170000km

  • Rick Kay
    Rick Kay19 timmar sedan

    1:52 this applies to ALL cars. If you don't drive it like the epa, cant get those epa numbers regrdless

  • CookiesAwait
    CookiesAwait19 timmar sedan

    How do i get the vin number ?I order model y if I go to my account ask me proof of insurance…how can I get the proof of insurance i don’t have the vin yet?

  • Paul Fidika
    Paul Fidika19 timmar sedan

    I ordered my Model S (long range) back in February when the redesign was first announced. No idea when I'll ever be seeing it in person haha.

  • Jamesmichael Cabrera
    Jamesmichael Cabrera20 timmar sedan

    Don’t forget to keep in mind most of the other auto makers under estimate their range & tesla over state

  • 69
    6919 timmar sedan

    Except that's not really true and if you're referring to that one test there was a lot of fishy stuff done.

  • W. Smith
    W. Smith21 timme sedan

    You are right L.A. drivers are asses but here in Arizona loves T-bone for accidents. Beware.

  • fred kelly
    fred kelly22 timmar sedan

    Autopilot will be mandatory within the next decade. When the road toll starts dropping to down to next to zero people are going to demand it. You cannot say I have the right to kill people.

  • craig mckay
    craig mckay23 timmar sedan

    Thanks Ryan . Awesome wrap up 👍

    JOHNNY PAXTON23 timmar sedan

    Vw id 6

  • Andrew Saulnier
    Andrew SaulnierDag sedan

    If you have to ask how much it costs, you can't afford it. I have 2 Teslas to buy back some time. Time wasted at gas stations and time wasted for service compared to ice cars. If the total cost of owners is your main goal, buy a 20 year old Toyota corolla.

  • Lee Lauer
    Lee LauerDag sedan

    Just seems so wrong to use the Mustang name for an SUV.

  • Demmolitionman
    DemmolitionmanDag sedan

    The Ford Mach E only qualifies for the $7500 tax credit if it's built in the U.S.

  • Tim Lucas
    Tim LucasDag sedan

    The Model 3 is the most popular not only because it's the cheapest, it's also the best looking and best handling car in Tesla's line-up. The X and Y are ugly ducklings, and the S is long in the tooth.

  • Chris Hovis
    Chris HovisDag sedan

    Brah, I really want to watch this... but you really need to get your facts straight....0:50 in.... saying Tesla is recalling all affected MCU1 and upgrading them to MCU2 isn't accurate at all. IF THEY DEEM YOUR MCU1 TO HAVE THE SYMPTOMS SPECIFIED IN THE RECALL, AND ONLY THE SPECIFIC SYMPTOMS, they will upgrade your memory chip in your MCU1.. it's not a full upgrade to MCU2.

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    Nice update

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    my goodness

  • HerbalBuns
    HerbalBuns Dag sedan


  • Vladimir Mitrovic
    Vladimir MitrovicDag sedan

    Genraly is good car. You pay 60 000 $ + 10000 for autopilot . And after many fixing u can drive. U have to get use to rettling. Constant charging . Winter drain. On cold wait to warm up.. mostly is ok

  • Invest and Explore With Zeni
    Invest and Explore With ZeniDag sedan

    I liked how you put all features of all cars you talked about. You didnt mention any of the chinese companies. I think Xpeng and NIO definitely worth a look! 👏

    ONLYONEAMDag sedan

    Keep the steering wheel as is! If anyone wants a standard steering wheel they can go get an X5 and enjoy the gas station.

  • Steven Ramirez
    Steven RamirezDag sedan

    According to the Tesla representative helping me out. Stated that no Fobs are being given out upon delivery. Maybe I just lucked out or it’s because of my state (NY)

  • Gerry DiBatista
    Gerry DiBatistaDag sedan

    Need Austin and Berlin pumping out cars ASAP!!!

  • Marie Nguyen
    Marie NguyenDag sedan

    Would like to see a mid sized EV truck…. Similar to size of Toyota Tacoma. Other ones coming out too big for our needs.

  • C K
    C KDag sedan

    KIA EV6 has 316-mile range, not 300. 300 is for the performance model.

  • Marie Nguyen
    Marie NguyenDag sedan

    3rd party charging …other than Tesla SC and electrify America will be slow even if numerous… which is not great for road trips.

  • Tommy SRP
    Tommy SRPDag sedan

    Can't wait for that incoming Plaid video :) Thanks for the chat Please consider taking your future Plaid to El Mirage btw when you get it

  • Marie Nguyen
    Marie NguyenDag sedan

    Have someone I know who ordered a MachE but won’t get til December 2021 so wonder if they are actually available now?? More than a few here and there.

  • Josh Binder
    Josh BinderDag sedan

    For the price and specs, not seeing anything beat tesla. You can pay less ($30's) for less specs, or pay more ($50+) for better specs but tesla wins the ($40K) price point imo

  • Drakenkorin27
    Drakenkorin27Dag sedan

    Teslas competition is like the fact that the sun will burn out and envelop the earth. Its definitely gonna happen....eventually but right now no so much.

  • Dean Zellman
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    where can I find a link to the charging referral?

  • Handstand Push ups World Record
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    why dont they pump up the price ???? everyone is buying it ... they can make more money and then keep cutting the price along the way

  • D Rosales
    D RosalesDag sedan

    So much good info, I live a couple of miles from Texas gigafactory! I get excited driving by it ! I just ordered my MY and can’t wait to get it, as of now now no date but I’m trying to be patient

  • Josh Binder
    Josh BinderDag sedan

    Great review! That door-rattle would drive me insane. Second-guessing this car. --- or at least waiting a few years (might even get tax credit by then!)

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    @cowegg ????

  • cowegg
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    @Levin Sans no

  • Levin Sans
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    He did say the new models have no problems

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    Tesla garbage!

  • Venkatesh Baskar
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    Booked mine in June, Aug is pushed to Sep now. Ordered long range basic. No config changes.

  • Gordon Shumway
    Gordon ShumwayDag sedan

    Ordered a MY Performance on 7/5 and the delivery window was just moved UP to 8/9 as the earliest from 8/14. When we went to test drive one to make sure we wanted to keep the order the Tesla employee said that since we ordered a performance that we’d get it sooner, seems like the LR models are taking longer.

  • FaultLine
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    8:21 is pretty much a stupid illustration, that big of a gap won't require to use that feature lol

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    The warm uganda histomorphometrically drop because pet substantially announce past a eight comb. frantic, obscene geese

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    I wish I could get an ES8 flagship here in the US.

  • Venus Ochoa
    Venus OchoaDag sedan

    How are we going to charge all these Tesla’s in California when they’re banning so many products in California? I have one on hold but, with all the grid locks going on between 4:00-9:00 how will we be able to charge them? My husband listen to all the talk radio host and they say with these new green deals going on we’re going to be in trouble very soon. It’s going to be too hard to charge all these cars. They’ve already banned double screens in California!

  • Brandon Roberts
    Brandon Roberts17 timmar sedan

    If the grid locks “turn off power” between 4-9 pm you won’t be able to run a/c or use your oven or dryer…. They don’t recommend because that’s peak but also 3X more expensive than charging at night like every other ev owner.

  • thedrumman2019
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    I'm ordering a model 3 sr+ white exterior and black interior in December. I cant wait!

  • Florencio Vela
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    I've ordered the tri motor cybertruck fsd and i can't wait. i may buy they Y or S in the meantime?

  • Dan Sanger
    Dan SangerDag sedan

    The ID4 really stands out as the value leader of the current crop, especially after the tax credit and with three years of free charging. Even though it doesn’t get the tax credit, the Bolt is also worth a look because it has a lower MSRP and is often steeply discounted. But, it doesn’t charge very fast.

  • The Electric Man
    The Electric ManDag sedan

    I went to the tesla sales office and they told me they are selling tesla faster than they can produce them.

  • The Electric Man
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    @edsanz2 yupp

  • edsanz2
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    Suffering from success

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    thanks for the informative video and info about the drive quality

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    You missed Mini Cooper

  • zippyspeedmonkey
    zippyspeedmonkeyDag sedan

    Tesla need to up their interior designs. The minimalist thing is neat, but I’d prefer an option to bring more features to the interior ( a drive column display, maybe a HUD, etc. )

  • PhuturePhred
    PhuturePhredDag sedan

    There is no competition tesla is so far ahead of these legacy automakers that its gona be at least another 5 years before they can be considered “competition”.

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    Why would anyone buy a coffee mug with Ryan shaw tech on the side of it?? 😂😂

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    The fresh kendo alternately suffer because fowl preoperatively spray after a quaint poultry. bite-sized, luxuriant measure

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    so few white cars on the parking lot.

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    What competition?

  • EJ Wu
    EJ WuDag sedan

    My order placed in July was supposed to be delivered in late september. I just refreshed the order page tonight and it seems my car will be delivered next week. That estimated deliver day is just not reliable.

  • Greg McFarland
    Greg McFarlandDag sedan

    More than likely you got a duplicate order that someone else canceled in your area. They lost their $100 hold and you get a great bump in line. I got my 3 LR June 26th after finding it in inventory on the 24th. Someone canceled and I happened to be checking at right time.

  • Casper Hansen
    Casper HansenDag sedan

    I believe when Model Y starts production in Europe the demand will go through the roof, lots of people in Europe are waiting for the model Y and some are even ordering the Chinese version (which is probably very good) so no doubt the demand in Europe is there!

  • Apothecy
    ApothecyDag sedan

    @Casper Hansen I mean the new Y will be lighter due to the new manufacturing process, so it will definitely shave some milliseconds from its 0-100 times.

  • Apothecy
    ApothecyDag sedan

    @Casper Hansen well it still needs a small boost. competition is getting closer. and model Y is more expensive than the 3. I agree that performance is not the focus but same thing goes with model X and that's actually faster than the model. Y could be at +0.1/0.2 instead if the +0.6 it is now compared to 3

  • Casper Hansen
    Casper HansenDag sedan

    @Apothecy I don't think people choose Model Y because of performance

  • Apothecy
    ApothecyDag sedan

    model Y range and performance is meh, compared to model 3. hoping 0-100 at 4.0-4.4 instead of 5s and 600km+ range for the long range variant when Berlin and Texas start making it.

  • bbbf09
    bbbf09Dag sedan

    The heating controls on my Tesla are BY FAR the worst of any car I have ever owned. It sucks horribly. The autopilot is also a joke... albeit a very dangerous one.

  • eddieair23
    eddieair23Dag sedan

    What ever happened to the Roadster?!?

  • BlueToad
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    Can an old S /X be upgraded to li 12 volt?

  • Masterofworlds
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    @Pinned by Ryan Shaw Bruh imagine having your name set to 'pinned by ryan shaw' get a life scammer

  • BlueToad
    BlueToadDag sedan

    Tesla superchargers are physically laid out to suit Tesla charge port location. Most other EVs do not have compatible port locations. Imagine an ID4 parked at a supercharger, it will have to use the charger on the opposite side to the Tesla, this will result in that VW effectively blocking 2 slots.

  • Norbert Machaj
    Norbert MachajDag sedan

    Great work!

  • BlueToad
    BlueToadDag sedan

    Model Y delivery in Europe shows September today (must be Chinese imports)

  • Cesar Trujillo
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    Please work on your less vs fewer than. Less is for something you can’t count individually. Less water, less time, fewer parts. Less parts means worse parts or minus the parts. Pull out a grammar book and do a review. Errors trip up listeners. If you are typing out your scripts, try grammarly. Great video. It was very thorough, as always.

  • D Momcilovic
    D MomcilovicDag sedan

    Supply of S and X in U.K. in end of 2022 !! Deal breaker. Y not available in U.K. yet

  • L Laffy
    L LaffyDag sedan

    Lucid and the Lyriq I find those the prettiest by far. Caddy always builds a good car. Etron is also beautiful of course.