• Nick Losardo
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    Excellent review

  • Henry Farkas
    Henry Farkas3 timmar sedan

    What I want to know about the Model S refresh is how that control yoke works. It seems to me that a yoke like that should turn only 90 degrees in each direction in order to get the front wheels all the way to the stops. Is that correct?

  • Steven Snow
    Steven Snow3 timmar sedan

    I want a Tesla but the lease on the vehicle it would replace runs another year. Also, I have been watchful of the tax credit. Your info here was very interesting. Thanks.

  • James Duffy
    James Duffy4 timmar sedan

    I am in uk and waiting on a right-hand drive in 2022 Have you any idea when Giga Berlin will produce this In SEblacks I saw the Giga Factory uk 🇬🇧 in Somerset speculated on Wonder when that will happen? I shall keep saving and waiting for 2022

  • Kalvin N
    Kalvin N4 timmar sedan

    I feel like I would like you as a human, like I would enjoy sitting down for a beer with you. not important for the video but I just enjoy how you’re smart and kind, your voice is very genuine sounding.

  • 4D Modding
    4D Modding5 timmar sedan

    The base price of the car doesnt justify the fuel savings. My petrol car costs less / mile. Same for insurance and I live in an apartment complex so no possibility to charge at home. Cant justify a Tesla I am afraid. Expensive motoring vs. buying an older Accura / Lexus

  • Pei Shao
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    sponsor is ironic haha

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    I’ve been renting out my Tesla’s on Turo and I’ve referred multiple people to get their own Tesla’s. It’s a lot of fun to be able to show off and teach people the car and then at the end of the rental facilitate the referral process. I’ve always thought of a system that lets current owners let prospective owners use their Tesla’s for test drives and to educate on pricing and features. In return we’d get credits that could be applied towards the purchase of the cyber truck or another model.

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    Rather dump 40k into more tesla stock while I wait for my Cybertruck!

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    Holy cow!! His car payments are super high!! Some financial experts say you should not buy or finance a car that is more than 50% of your annual gross income.he seems very happy with his Tesla. Thank You for the video.

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    The Rivian SUV is gorgeous!! But I love my MY!! Great to have so many options coming out!!

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    If I can't shift my car from p to d and rely on technology to shift my car then I don't want it. I rather have a mechanical clutch with 3 on the tree than having it rely based on sensors

    ACEROCKOLLA A12 timmar sedan

    I have not been seeing trucks carrying cars away from Fremont. I wonder what is going on.

  • Dawn
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    I love that Tesla uses the skills of hackers - it shows how seriously they take code security and safety. As someone who has worked in the IT industry for over 30 years, I can say without a doubt Tesla has some of the best coders in the industry, but it’s always good to have outide help to proactively find those pesky vulnerabilities.

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    Dude this video was more about F-150 than Model S

    MOPAR2U15 timmar sedan

    What a novel way to get people to buy a EV. Just raise the prices.the reality is Tesla’s about making money (great for myTesla stocks) Elon’s good at marketing his products the guys a genius.

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    When you are a do it now whatever it takes operator detail that isn’t an imperative to what you are trying to achieve you can put it off and deal with it when the pressure is off. Clearly this was a planned negligence that got fixed when it suited with a fine of $750k and retrofitting of solar panels etc and completing documentation. One would expect to see these costs feature as tax deductions and other deductible areas of the business. Smart man.

  • JDMEXforme
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    How will you be able to go offroading for a weekend get away. Charging stations wont be in the wilderness as governments want to keep wildlife preserved. With a petrol engine you can carry an extra tank of fuel which everyone does.

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    Magna??? They had nothing to do with assembling the Mitsubishi Magna/Diamante did they?

  • Kryojenix
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    I got an ad for Taycan at the end. 2 minute ad. Very revvy for an EV...

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    Does all of these works if you order one on their website? Or does it only work if you go to a dealer and get the car?

  • Matt N.
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    The horrible effect each these cars have on the environment is huge. Buying a tesla shows how little you care about our world.

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    this dude lmao

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    Excited to see more & more EVs come to market!!

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    Before buying, watch many videos and make good decisions ... The cost of maintaining is too high and the car is not great as you expect

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    1:30 is slow in comparison to gr3 times cars can set in GT Sport. I hope they make a GT competitive spec

  • Kirisute Gomen
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    So i could've traded my ps5 for your Honda fit+$300?

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    Getting a bald person to promote keeps is low key hilarious.

  • David Kendall
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    Elon has indicated he prefers the Model B as it fits: B SEXY (Model B, S, 3, X, and Y)

  • APT 69
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    Hi Ryan! Great to see your videos, as usual. Just one thing to consider, you start to talk like cnBS and others in relation to other EVs, those are not competitors to Tesla, not in technology, nor in volumes, but rather competitors to ICE cars, from which every EV sold is taking actual market, including the one of those same brands like the F-150, Mustang, ID.3, ID.4, etc. Just as a tip to reflect on (consider) when writing the script for the next videos 😉

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    saying four-door sedan is like saying ATM machine. The word Sedan already refers to a 4 door car.

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    OG free unlimited supercharging + VTOU NY National Grid allows for nighttime charging for 0.03c per KWH means an equivalent of getting gas at 20c per gallon.

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    Thoughts on 2021 Model Y LR vs. 2014 G63 AMG?

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    Can't wait for the sludgehammer test on the F150 Lightning, and the steel ball test... where's Franz!

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    trivial? noticed, first shown prototype red plaid (chrome door trim), driver side rear door misaligned

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    Paid by Tesla

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    I want to give you tight slap. To change arrival van brand as Tesla.

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    Still not planning to buy a tesla.

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    It's not a spoiler, it's an adaptive wing.

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    Why doesn’t Apple team up with Aptera?

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    Tesla will be gone to Texas and stupid California will have their microgrid

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    Me in another country that doesn't even have a single Tesla: Guess i'm too late then.

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    KEEPS :D

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    Ok sure! I'll just pull the money out of my ass and get on that. 🙄

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    Jesus christ, the Lightning image flashes ruined me LOL

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    U are looking great ,shouldnt worry about hairloss

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    No demand in China.

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    How do I find the referral link to get the free charging?

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    I want to but it’s just out of my budget at the moment still saving...

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    Ford: “we totally ripped off Tesla and now we’re stoked” But Ryan, are you really following up with the energy consumption of the currencies when Ford and their two Big Three brothers are the reason for our current 90 billion dollar backend cost of fossil? Btw, believe it or not, every electric car with a decent battery pack can power a house during an outage (postcard from 2009 .....)

  • Lindy Edwards
    Lindy EdwardsDag sedan

    Omg, it is COVID right now and somehow Elon must transcend governmental/supply chain restrictions and deliver when everything else is on hold? I mean, I think the Tony Stark thing is somewhat fitting, but producing post pandemic in a quoted timeline is bs

    BETHEL BHG-TVDag sedan

    I ordered my Model X in April. My delivery was June, then August, then November, and now January 2022. No refund I was informed.

    ASH MOHDag sedan

    In next 2 years we have so many electric car coming in marked that Tesla will be just another electric car …so why we have to buy before is to late?

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    I think musk is raising the price Bc I think the model 2 is coming sooner than we think

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    But... RAV4 doesn't cost 63k OTD

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    I lowkey just want a Tesla so I can take my Itasha wrap to the next level, the design is perfect for it.

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    Right , blinding other drivers just total assholes

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    Warning - Teslas burn at minimal impact.

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    Teslas are hideous, with interiors that look like they were ripped right out of an 80-something Yugo.

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    TESLA = reminds me of the movie WALL-E 🎥😅. with everything robotic future.

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    Been waiting since March :( they estimated delivery range keeps fluctuating ..

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    Wow, gas here in Ohio is $2.73, and that is after Biden's gas increase of.75cents

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    I think the government needs to get out ahead of this and force the automakers to agree on a standard charger port and charging station so universal stations can be set up through the U.S.

  • Master Geo
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    I'm hoping to time the electric credit with the timing of the Cybertruck, if that's possible. Also I don't see the big deal with 1,000 free super charging miles. They offered that deal if you got it before 2021 I believe. In Greensboro N.C. they charge .096 per kwh and a Tesla's battery is 75 kwh. So 7.20 for a full charge. A Tesla long range does 350 miles on a full charge. I can fill up my battery 2.85 times with 1000 miles saving me a whooping 20.52 dollars. I'm unfamiliar with super chargers and I'm assuming there slightly more expensive then charging at home, but I just don't see the big deal.

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    I sadly would need the more affordable model. Before I’m able to purchase a Tesla.

  • Alex M
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    Lol, these endless "buy it before it's too late" are so tired. This kind of pressure sales stuff is a good indication of the trustworthiness of this brand. "Buy the expensive autopilot feature now, even though it's vaporware, we're gonna raise the price in the future." "Buy the car now, we're going to stop selling them to make robo taxis." "Put the deposit on now, we constantly miss our delivery promises." This is why you don't pre-order video games, dummies.

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    HA. you think they will wipe out tesla entirely? good one

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    No $25,000 tesla next year, sources say

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    Ford looks so old after looking at Cyber Truck . Cyber Truck is going to be a big Hit

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    Ryan, you do a great job. Totally appreciate your style and excellent/simple presentation style.

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    Paid little puppet

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    No thanks, much better EV car options coming out rather than a Tesla. They are going to be considered old technology by 2022 guaranteed. Musk likes to build rockets and stuff. 🙄

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    The pleasant mailman immunocytochemically fax because refund intringuingly stroke off a omniscient market. cute, sticky mosquito

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    The states tax the gasoline for revenue, they will start taxing the electric higher once everyone gets used to and like the EV, Its how they make their money

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    Did you realize he changed shirts 3:35

  • Omar Mansour
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    I have a new model y built in dec 2020, hearing squeaks and rattles from the back that comes and goes any ideas Ryan ?