17 Things I Hate About My Tesla Model Y

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Breaking down the top 17 things that bug me about the Model Y and its design. I love the car, but I don't love EVERYTHING about the car, as you'll see.
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  • Jimmy K. Lee
    Jimmy K. LeeMånad sedan

    Hi Ryan, is the ac smell issue resolved with hepa filter?

  • ruffynd
    ruffyndMånad sedan


  • Charly Jazz
    Charly JazzMånad sedan

    In summary, the only good thing about the car it's the quick driving and cheaper maintenance cost. Thanks Ryan, this video and all others detailing the issues you had helped me decide I will not buy a Tesla, at least for a few years until they get better. When you buy a car specially at this price, you have to love at least 90% of the car.

  • Zotah Z
    Zotah ZMånad sedan

    Still no rattle with my 2018 model 3 🤞

  • 1slyboy
    1slyboyMånad sedan

    Glove box should have a button. AM is used for most neighborhood emergency broadcast. I hope the cybertruck has handles above the door- needed when off-road.

  • Wayne Morgan RCDD
    Wayne Morgan RCDDMånad sedan

    Ryan did you try turning the AC off a couple blocks from yr house. This will give the compressor time to dry out alleviating any moisture held inside..I had to do this with all my cars and I never had the utopias stink bomb when i re entered the car..Tell me if it helps.BR

  • Anthony Bettmeng
    Anthony BettmengMånad sedan

    Can you sync a iPhone or a USB port to listen to music? Or does it allow pandora?

  • macrina cabanita
    macrina cabanita2 månader sedan

    Hello u can turn off the rainbow

  • Dulce Melody Orozko
    Dulce Melody Orozko2 månader sedan

    Jesus Christ

  • Alaskan channel
    Alaskan channel2 månader sedan

    Wind noise is a only because the car is quiet. A ice masks the noice

  • Tony McFlattie
    Tony McFlattie2 månader sedan

    Appreciate the video. Crank the mirrors out more to minimize blind spots

  • Natasha Nicholson
    Natasha Nicholson2 månader sedan

    What’s in everyone’s glove box that they need opening it all the time?

  • Yodaandhislightsabre
    Yodaandhislightsabre2 månader sedan

    My personal issue is the overcomplicating of things like opening the glovebox, opening the trunk, and opening the frunk. These should have buttons or levers inside the car.

  • Jeffrey Evans
    Jeffrey Evans2 månader sedan

    I do want to say...watching the videos of your highways, they are terrible. Even as a human, you need to stare at way too many lines, dots, stripes, cracks, grooves, and imperfections let alone shadows. Maybe your city should be the beta for self driving ??

  • Kevin M.
    Kevin M.2 månader sedan

    Hi do you think most of these issues have been fixed ? I am receiving a new Model Y next week

  • Jatindar Singh Mac
    Jatindar Singh Mac2 månader sedan

    I am going tomorrow to Topanga Cnyn. Blvd.Canoga Park to test drive and orders the 2021 Y. Please share with me all the deals , rebates or the newest items not yet in the menu . Thanks and I love your comments and the way you explain them.God bless. Thanks 🙏

  • Ronald Garrison
    Ronald Garrison2 månader sedan

    About AM radio: Here's a big honking irony. I've just become aware of what is available in SDRs-software-defined radio. For $100 or less, you can get a dongle you can dangle off of any USB port, which will tune everything from longwave (WAY BELOW AM) to microwaves. AM, FM, NBFM, SSB, CW, TTY. whatever. It's insane. The irony? Tell me something you can get on ANY PART of that spectrum, that you can't get in a better way over the Internet. Unless you have a specialized interest (maybe you're from some little country with a radio station that isn't on the Internet), or you're a ham operator, or you like CB, or some other special case, there just doesn't seem to be much for you there. Even FM is getting to be a vast wasteland. Another thing I think exists, haven't looked for it but surely someone is doing it by now: Somebody sets up a website, with a radio (maybe a SDR) that you can TUNE over the Internet, as if that radio was in the same room with you. That's just flipped out, but I'm sure it's an option. So ironic. Amazing radio tech, which as a kid I sometimes imagined, is finally here-but by now, I could hardly care less.

  • Ronald Garrison
    Ronald Garrison2 månader sedan

    Side mirrors/cameras: I keep thinking there must be a way to have a whole bunch of cameras around the car, all of them flush with the exterior, and combine them to get images that both computers and humans can make sense of-in their own different ways.

  • Ronald Garrison
    Ronald Garrison2 månader sedan

    1:40 Rather than a physical button, why not just have it respond when you press on the glove box lid as a whole? That could happen for both opening and closing.

    SOO IN LEE2 månader sedan


  • John's Marine Solutions
    John's Marine Solutions2 månader sedan

    I am thinking about possibly purchasing a model Y extended range. I think I saw a video on utilizing a USB stick to play music in Tesla cars. Does anyone use the USB drive for music? My current method for playing music I enjoy is purchasing CD's of obtaining music from other methods and converting them to MP3 format and playing them through a USB Stick. Not sure if this would be suitable for everyone, but it has worked well for me. That way EVERY song I hear is one that I really enjoy. You can put an enormous amount of songs on a USB stick. You could even store different types of music on several USB sticks and switch them as you please or depending on who is driving the car. Any feedback would be appreciated or other solutions any of you currently utilize.

  • Calamity Jean
    Calamity Jean3 månader sedan

    Yes, the music system verbal search should work or tell you why it can't.

  • Ed Bliek
    Ed Bliek3 månader sedan

    Why does anyone wants to listen to AM Radio.?? when FM is available.!

  • luke gustafson
    luke gustafson3 månader sedan

    is this guys personality just owning a tesla

  • Stephen Deverell
    Stephen Deverell3 månader sedan

    Really helpful. It’s what you might expect from a Chinese built car. I can almost hear VW breathing a sigh of relief. Hope a lot of it is sorted by the time the Y comes to Europe, otherwise it’s going to put a lot of people off.

  • Mark Bass
    Mark Bass3 månader sedan

    Had to unsubscribe- just too much complaining and nit picking.

  • David's World
    David's World3 månader sedan

    the phone charging has to be the thickness of the phone with case and the range out from the charger distance some only go 6mm but some do 10mm with a case on the phone qi chargers but it may be depending on what the case has been made of. it may be losses location of the coil due to movement of the car.

  • Sparsh Bhatnagar
    Sparsh Bhatnagar3 månader sedan

    oh god first world problems

    MOFLEX MUSIC INC.3 månader sedan

    The bar works as a great grocery bag/ back hanger

  • crazydaysful
    crazydaysful3 månader sedan

    Moral of this story - Don't buy a Tesla.

  • crazydaysful
    crazydaysful3 månader sedan

    No, not common for those folding seats, my car which is not a Tesla and I would never get a Tesla, my car seats do not rattle at all.

  • Mike Malloy
    Mike Malloy3 månader sedan

    I have Samsung Galaxy S8. The car unlock feature via phone proximity over bluetooth is horrible in both my Model 3 and Y. I have to WAKE my phone then wait for the CAR to WAKE and the two devices connect. Only THEN can I can open the door or Trunk. This is aggravating when I'm standing in the RAIN for everything to connect. I've learned to WAKE my phone while I'm walking to my car so that step will done when I get there. Also, the Trunk button should be on the Tesla Home page instead of the Frunk or in addition to it.

  • Mike Malloy
    Mike Malloy3 månader sedan

    Haven't noticed smell yet but only have 450 miles on it. You have only have 8K miles, having an mildew smell is ridiculous and Tesla MUST fix that. I've owned several new cars (Honda, Nissan, Toyota) until they were around 10 years old with +100K miles on them and have never had a mildew smell.

  • Jason Morgan
    Jason Morgan3 månader sedan

    Just 17

  • Dummy Ali
    Dummy Ali4 månader sedan

    Search problem is with the spotify aap not tesla

  • Jun Bautista
    Jun Bautista4 månader sedan

    Ryan Shaw-Whiner, here's 17 things I hate about you....

  • Phani Kadali
    Phani Kadali4 månader sedan

    10:58 Thumbnail

  • ednixon
    ednixon4 månader sedan

    Space Bear t-shirt ! Want !

  • Spazem OS. inc
    Spazem OS. inc4 månader sedan

    Just saying rattle is normal for most cars it just the way that the car is driving i have the Same issue on a Chevy Captiva and Subaru liberty

  • Spazem OS. inc

    Spazem OS. inc

    4 månader sedan

    Rlly u should be more worried about have no rattle

  • Travis Woods
    Travis Woods4 månader sedan

    Whining 🙄

  • Platt Criceta
    Platt Criceta4 månader sedan

    Thumb down for using a keyboard while driving.

  • Athear Nasery
    Athear Nasery4 månader sedan

    Love the videos, but I think you need to stop saying "Like and subscribe" every couple of minutes. Like I'm so tired of SEblacksrs doing this. Just make a good video and people will like and subscribe. Stop wasting peoples times.

  • John P
    John P4 månader sedan

    With all of those bells and whistles it can’t tell you that you are too close to the curb?

  • Peter Jackson
    Peter Jackson4 månader sedan

    Tesla's customers are essentially beta-testing the cars. No thanks.

  • donepearce
    donepearce4 månader sedan

    Tesla have the front styling all wrong. It looks like there should be a grill there, but it has been forgotten. They need to take away that visual cue, and design a front that has no reference to it.

  • Siobhan O'Connor
    Siobhan O'Connor4 månader sedan

    It seems like a toy. Maybe a car should just function as a car and get you from A to B. If you want a toy buy a rubber duck.

  • Chris Nichols
    Chris Nichols4 månader sedan

    I appreciate your honesty about the Tesla. I'll hold off on purchasing a Tesla until many of those things are sorted out.

  • Mr. Fusion
    Mr. Fusion4 månader sedan

    Imagine getting a Lexus for $70k that rattles all day . Lol. They would never do that. What a piece of junk...

  • Mr. Fusion
    Mr. Fusion4 månader sedan

    Alternative title : 17 reasons why model y is a POS

  • TY Harris
    TY Harris4 månader sedan

    No AM radio in your 63,000 car? That's all I listen to. Listening to Rush Limbaugh 3 hours a day since 1990.

  • carqxl
    carqxl4 månader sedan

    Thumbnail: Tesla smells? Plot twist: You farted in there that's why

  • DBKarel
    DBKarel4 månader sedan

    "I absolutely love this car but here are 17 problems no other car has ever had before."

  • Silas
    Silas4 månader sedan

    Tesla cars are trash, except Cyber truck, honestly..

  • American manufacturers 2021
    American manufacturers 20214 månader sedan

    Wash bam tesla cam that's were you can share your sentry events it is a great way to show your events.

  • R Como
    R Como5 månader sedan

    A car in this price range with rattles is totally unacceptable. My wife owns a 2018 Ford Fusion Platinum that has every bell and whistle on it. It’s back seats go down and they don’t rattle. I’m sorry, but Tesla can just ride that “our battery is fantastic” story so far. Get the basic creature comforts up to snuff. The last car I had that had tons of rattles was a 1978 Volare Wagon. Total POS.

  • D F
    D F5 månader sedan

    #5 ... Apple Car Play would fix that... but Tesla is the new Toyota and Elon's ego won't allow Car Play.

  • Vs Sm
    Vs Sm5 månader sedan

    Thanks. Smell is definitely a turn off. I'll stick with Porsche for now.

  • Ed D
    Ed D5 månader sedan

    Like me, I think your Tesla dislikes The Beatles. Rolling Stones > Beatles 😊

  • Norm K.
    Norm K.5 månader sedan

    Why no Apple car play or Android auto? That would solve a lot of these infotainment issues.

  • sentino68
    sentino685 månader sedan

    I really would love to see a full time rear view camera option connected to a rear view monitor/mirror. Chevy and other cars have this.

  • Mervin Audivison & Automobiles Repairs Master's
    Mervin Audivison & Automobiles Repairs Master's5 månader sedan

    Don't buy any of Telsa Vehicle's

  • Angelo DePaolo
    Angelo DePaolo5 månader sedan

    Definitely appreciate the video because as you said it’s nice to empathize with other Model Y owners. I have all of the same qualms, except I’m also bothered as an early adopter by not having the new auto dimming side mirrors… Or the more logical looking door opening buttons that the newer Model Ys have Edit: and finally having the USB drive in the glove box is also something I missed out on

  • Aiden Deutsch-Groh
    Aiden Deutsch-Groh5 månader sedan

    You can get out of rainbow road by just going out of autopilot

  • Patrick P
    Patrick P5 månader sedan

    THIS IS WHY I HAVE ORDERED A MACH E. I do like your videos tho.

  • Steve Brown

    Steve Brown

    5 månader sedan


  • Don farlan
    Don farlan5 månader sedan

    sure a nice looking car

  • Carl
    Carl6 månader sedan

    Thanks, good to know what to look out for when I finally get a Tesla.

  • David Wollpert
    David Wollpert6 månader sedan

    The smell is air from the interior being recirculated and bacteria from something that is biologically active getting into your vent system and growing and releasing smells into the interior. In short, the smell is you...recirculated. Spray some Lysol into your car's fresh air intake for your vent system, with the fan on high and your vent selector set to bring in fresh air, to pull it all through the system to kill the mold and mildew. Best to do this with the windows open. Of course replacing the filters is good too, so you're good on that.

  • Ryan Shaw

    Ryan Shaw

    6 månader sedan

    Appreciate the tips! I definitely need to try out all options to see what works best

  • c.f.cv
    c.f.cv6 månader sedan

    That's the reason I want to sell my model Y. I think is too hyped up. Yeah its it's cheap to charge but it doesn't last.

  • natepcbfl
    natepcbfl6 månader sedan

    Curb rash is an issue? As you said in your video that's all on you if you dont know how to NOT drive onto curbs. That's like saying .. one of my issues is the taillights break so easy when you back into a post.

  • Julian Redwood
    Julian Redwood6 månader sedan

    Tesla was able to fix my rear seat rattle after a couple visits. They installed some new upholstery that is now in the newer MY. To deal with the rear seatbelt rattle, I stuck a big piece of the fuzz side of velcro there. Ridiculous but it worked. And the rear headrests dont seem to rattle for me if I keep them all the way down. vin 32xx.

  • Bender 2999
    Bender 29996 månader sedan

    Life must be difficult for you Monty Burns!. Poor thing....two whole button presses to open the glove box.

  • RPHelpingHand
    RPHelpingHand6 månader sedan

    Am I the only person how hasn’t looked in their glove box in a year?

  • Warren Graham
    Warren Graham6 månader sedan

    Does anyone use the glove box? Ever?

  • castello
    castello6 månader sedan

    I only rented a tesla model x for a few days and I'm older with not the best eyes. Most of the normal features are on the screen and not easy to deal with. Not safe while driving! Radio and heater/AC should be normal buttons and not on the fricking screen!

  • Bear Lemley
    Bear Lemley6 månader sedan


  • John Slugger
    John Slugger6 månader sedan

    That "cheezy-foot" smell coming from the air conditioner is actually BACTERIA growing in the condenser! The trick is too always run the air vent fan for about 20-30 minutes after you turn off the air compressor (AIR VENT ONLY MODE). This removes the excess moisture from the condenser fins and trap. WARNING; This is the beginning of what causes legionnaires' disease for those of you that understand "that smell" and it dangers!! A true car maker would know this and FORD, CHEVY, DODGE, etc. know how to make stop it from ever happening. The Tesla condenser is too small and too cold! It's the frost buildup people, very bad design and Elon shaving off a few pennies again that could end up making you sick or worse!

  • John Slugger
    John Slugger6 månader sedan

    The wind noise gets worse if you live in the high desert and the wind is going 30 MPH West and I am heating north. WOW, talk about an ear ache! If I pull in the door handle it stops so I know the door fit sucks!

  • Blake
    Blake6 månader sedan

    The sentry mode skipping back a long ways during scrubbing is likely due to the compression used to efficiently store the sentry video. Video compression is mostly achieved with simply encoding the difference between one frame and the next instead of each entire frame. Typically in movies and other videos the scene changes often enough to justify a "Key Frame" which is a frame which is stored completely , such as when a movie cuts to another scene, so there is no benefit to only storing the differences between the previous frame and the next. Sentry mode deals almost entirely with extremely static stationary footage, so there is rarely a need to store a key frame, since the differences between any 2 or even 5000 frames is minimal, therefore the "Key Frames" happen rarely. When scrubbing to a different time code in a video, the player can't instantly display the frame based on the time code, since it needs to add up all of the differences between frames from the last full picture stored, i.e. the last "Key Frame", to the current time code frame. Due to this added requirement for processing, that "Key Frames" typically happen often, and calculating the frame at the current time code wouldn't take much less time than simply playing the video, video players typically just go back to the last "Key Frame" before the current time code you scrubbed to. Since Sentry Mode video has few Key Frames, and since almost all video players only scrub to Key Frames, this is likely why the Sentry Mode App often skips back before the time you scrubbed to more than you expected or wanted. Note: I'm using "Key Frame" as a synonym for "I-frame" in video compression. I may be committing a sin by doing this. en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Key_frame en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Video_compression_picture_types

  • Domino Lehmann
    Domino Lehmann6 månader sedan

    AM radio lol

  • Ed Braunbeck
    Ed Braunbeck6 månader sedan

    I'm amazed with all the quality issues Tesla owners tolerate after paying $45K. Yet, they still rave about them.

  • B B
    B B6 månader sedan

    That is one weird looking car.

  • Budiyanto Bong
    Budiyanto Bong6 månader sedan

    Ugh.. so many problems :(. Waiting for NIO to go global.

  • Edwin B
    Edwin B6 månader sedan

    Holy first world problems Batman!

  • Ryan Shaw

    Ryan Shaw

    6 månader sedan

    Of course

  • Alain Duchesneau
    Alain Duchesneau6 månader sedan

    My complaint:The turn radius! My god…

  • Chris Warnke
    Chris Warnke6 månader sedan

    So your wife drives a Kia and you drive 50,000+ car. Hmmmm

  • Ron Alaska
    Ron Alaska6 månader sedan

    My Bolt EV has big mirrors and a Cybertruck type video rear view so I can see about 6 lanes behind me, also at 1st I gave up on the M-Y as there are no tie downs for my dog and cage in back so he and I die in a crash! Apple car play makes it so I have full internet in my Bolt with unlimited data for $25/mo on my IPad! The overhead camera is great and I can look at any of the wheels precisely with the Hi-def video! Fit and finish is excellent! Has a handle over the passenger and I have no wind noise although I have not gone beyond 70! The filter is easy behind the glove box which actually has a button and the wireless phone charger works great! Also I am incognito as no one knows it is electric I get no hate! Also has a free fob that always works and the only rattle I had was my garage opener which was easy to fix! Also everything on the screen is the ultimate distracted driving I liked the most used controls being buttons and dials in the Bolt!

  • guildarius
    guildarius6 månader sedan

    I'm not 100% on this, but since wireless charging needs the phone to have a glass back, it seems that plastic or leather cases, with their non-conducive nature, would interfere with charging.

  • Farhad Kazemi
    Farhad Kazemi6 månader sedan

    Wow, only 17?

  • Edgar Guillen
    Edgar Guillen6 månader sedan

    I think he’s just a bad driver lol

  • Go Su
    Go Su6 månader sedan

    Hi Ryan, did you compare ride quality with Bmw/Lexus? Are the shocks any good like other luxary cars? How do you feel after driving 100 miles?

  • Nekole’ s Perspective
    Nekole’ s Perspective7 månader sedan

    Tesla should give you an updated car with everything you’ve mentioned corrected because from what I can see it’s a rational list. Elon listens quite well. 😉

  • MrTophes
    MrTophes7 månader sedan

    tesla build quality is....well.... really poor quality control. They should poach some Toyota engineers.

  • 2222ut
    2222ut7 månader sedan

    Tire Rash ? You will have Front Fender Rash shortly if you get in the habit of parking the front end of the car over those cement parking blocks. I would highly recommend you not do that. NIce video thou! :>)

  • Station 2Station
    Station 2Station7 månader sedan


  • Charlie_X
    Charlie_X7 månader sedan

    We've had 3 audis and 2 mercedes: AC stink happens in all of them. Never had a problem in our old toyotas....

  • Lucid CiC
    Lucid CiC7 månader sedan

    The apps work fine. Can't use them on any other car so yeah might take a second let it load lol

  • Lucid CiC
    Lucid CiC7 månader sedan

    I also believe voice controls could improve ten fold if they collaborate with Google but I think elon wants to build his own Tesla version

  • Gabe


    4 månader sedan

    The problem isn't voice recognition, its bad coding practices. They just rush too many things and don't fix them

  • Lucid CiC
    Lucid CiC7 månader sedan

    You are correct with the Spotify. I believe they can fix all the issues in time tho that is the one great take away. At least it can be fixed easily

  • OneMusic StoryTesla
    OneMusic StoryTesla7 månader sedan

    glove box button should be added in the app. come on tesla. get it together

  • Floda Reltih
    Floda Reltih7 månader sedan

    all those rattles you wouldn't hear in a petrol car because of the engine noise, with that being said even in a petrol engine after 6 months you notice more noises regardless or make or model, that's you being attuned to the sound of your vehicle its standard. put some music on...