2021 Tesla Model 3 Review | 3 Months Later

Breaking down the good and bad of the 2021 Tesla Model 3 after 3 months of driving.

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  • Josh Binder
    Josh BinderDag sedan

    Great review! That door-rattle would drive me insane. Second-guessing this car. --- or at least waiting a few years (might even get tax credit by then!)

  • Levin Sans

    Levin Sans

    3 timmar sedan

    @cowegg ????

  • cowegg


    4 timmar sedan

    @Levin Sans no

  • Levin Sans

    Levin Sans

    8 timmar sedan

    He did say the new models have no problems

  • thedrumman2019
    thedrumman2019Dag sedan

    I'm ordering a model 3 sr+ white exterior and black interior in December. I cant wait!

  • Laura Wilium
    Laura WiliumDag sedan

    The fresh kendo alternately suffer because fowl preoperatively spray after a quaint poultry. bite-sized, luxuriant measure

  • bbbf09
    bbbf09Dag sedan

    The heating controls on my Tesla are BY FAR the worst of any car I have ever owned. It sucks horribly. The autopilot is also a joke... albeit a very dangerous one.

  • Star Fighter
    Star FighterDag sedan

    "It's a Great Car". Yeah, if you have bottomless pockets. The word, "Subscriptions" is what you need to watch out for. Soon, you will have to continuously pay to have your heated seats to work. As well as, any upgrades. By the time you roll this car out the door it's well over 50K. More like 75K. The S is basically 104K. FOR A CAR. And, don't forget, with options you continuously pay for.

  • TJ
    TJ2 dagar sedan

    this was an AMAZING review!

  • Shant Janesian
    Shant Janesian2 dagar sedan

    You look like you are in Arizona?!?

  • Robert Daone
    Robert Daone2 dagar sedan

    Only thing I do not like about Tesla's is the interior especially the dash is so plane and boring with just a tablet display.

  • Tjzhdicfh Getfjt
    Tjzhdicfh Getfjt3 dagar sedan

    The public babies intralysosomally unfasten because japan ironically unfasten pace a quiet commission. ill-fated, ablaze thistle

  • guisblacio
    guisblacio4 dagar sedan

    Wow, great review! I actually watch the whole video, you kept it interesting. I am gravitating more and more towards a Tesla for my next vehicle. Thanks for posting.

  • Eks Balido
    Eks Balido4 dagar sedan

    Hello! Is Protection film really needed? Is the paint really soft? More power to your channel! :)

  • J Jewels
    J Jewels4 dagar sedan

    I came here because I’m purchasing a new car soon. I want to make a good investment and electric is what I’m looking for. I’m really leaning towards this Tesla 😁

  • BLU_G8R
    BLU_G8R4 dagar sedan

    How long does it take to charge this car?

  • User 2C47
    User 2C474 dagar sedan

    The fact that speakers are present but disabled in the standard range further verifies my choice to never consider buying a Tesla.

  • Above The Clouds
    Above The Clouds4 dagar sedan

    Praying for no build quality quirks, gang.🙏.

  • James James
    James James4 dagar sedan

    If I’m a renter not a homeowner how would I go about charging

  • Gumer Zambrano

    Gumer Zambrano

    2 dagar sedan

    I rent as well and I was thinking of just running a long cable to my car

  • R
    R5 dagar sedan

    Quite a few drivers will have partners or wives/husbands. I'm guessing they would want to set their pax seat up. But I've never done it otherwise.

  • R
    R5 dagar sedan

    Isn't it crazy that people would prioritise the look of a wheel over comfort.

  • Think_About_It


    21 timme sedan

    No bc I work from home and drive like 10 miles a day.

  • R
    R5 dagar sedan

    I'd be happy with 5.3 secs 0-60. Most of my journeys are under 50 miles and rarely over 100. I'd rather fly than drive hundreds of miles. FSD is a waste of money most of us don't need.

  • MegaDoc360
    MegaDoc3605 dagar sedan

    Fantastic review, no bullshit.

  • al edg
    al edg5 dagar sedan

    You know on my 2019 model 3 I’ve had no weird sounds or squeaks and it’s just been perfect. They did replace seat belt sensor or rear right passenger seatbelt but that turned out to be my bad in crimping the hidden cable by badly fitting my dog seat cover… Tesla fixed it for free

  • MrBubblygoodness
    MrBubblygoodness5 dagar sedan

    The red is so beautiful

  • kenneth moeller
    kenneth moeller6 dagar sedan

    If i may say something about Tesla and general EV cars ...... I REALLY REALLY like the Dash simplicity of Tesla ... especially after seeing all the new EV coming out from different manufactures now especially the new Honda Urban EV its like they are CRAMMING as many screens and other distracting buttons and stuff all over the Cars . GO GO Tesla I applaud you for keeping things simple and focused. ps. just one more thing .... i would like a simple Tesla setup without lane changing, self driving, auto braking fluff stuff that only uses more battery power a Tesla that is focused on the user driving the car and long long range....... I know im just dreaming but you can dream cant you :) I guess i can buy a Tesla and turn everything off .... :)

  • Thomas GLover
    Thomas GLover6 dagar sedan

    Thats not blue

  • Lexus RC 350
    Lexus RC 3506 dagar sedan

    Tesla isn’t ready for prime time

  • Alvin Escuadro
    Alvin Escuadro6 dagar sedan

    Main difference is AWD Dual Motor vs RWD single motor.

  • TonysGoodLife
    TonysGoodLife7 dagar sedan

    Great video !

  • What You cooking Willis!
    What You cooking Willis!7 dagar sedan

    YOu should talk about the horrible Customer service and the cheap glass they have. Have had my model 3 for just over 3 weeks. A rock the size of a pea hit the top of the windshield going 25 miles an hour. Huge crack going down the glass now. OH and guess what? over $1200 to replace. Thats if and when someone in customer service will talk to you. This was my first and LAST Tesla. For 60K it should be Better.

  • Fernando Scheps Serra
    Fernando Scheps Serra8 dagar sedan

    Thanks for the video! Would be nice to see some callouts with Kilometers for the ones not living in the US 😉

  • Daniel Rohrpasser
    Daniel Rohrpasser9 dagar sedan

    awesome video Ryan!

  • Vlad
    Vlad10 dagar sedan

    Also standard range is not AWD

  • Savageriots121
    Savageriots12111 dagar sedan

    damn i been thinking of buying a tesla thx man

  • Tammie Bueche
    Tammie Bueche11 dagar sedan

    Thanks Ryan, I used your code to get 1,000 miles free super charges!! I ordered my Model 3 yesterday and can’t wait for the arrival!!!!

  • Jay Persaud
    Jay Persaud11 dagar sedan

    Great overview considering a base model for my daily driver Thanks

  • Jay who
    Jay who11 dagar sedan

    i need your opinion im currently paying 300 dollars a month for my subaru( which im going to give to my 17 year old daughter this year) , i travel at least( 120 to 150 miles per day) 600 to 700 miles per week. i spend at least 270 to 300 dollars for gas monthly. should i buy a tesla model 3 standard? thank you

  • Jay who
    Jay who11 dagar sedan

    standard vs awd, is the price difference really worth it for snow?

  • AtomicPineapple


    9 dagar sedan

    I watched alot of videos of the standard in snow. It was well just make sure you have winter tires!

  • m Cave
    m Cave12 dagar sedan

    19:52 wish granted.

  • netsrac cjf
    netsrac cjf12 dagar sedan

    I heard now from several people that the suspension in the Model Y is much more comfortable , so why doesn't Tesla use that for the Model 3 SR+ and LR also ?

  • Charles Lewis
    Charles Lewis12 dagar sedan

    Is this your Model 3 or somebody else’s? Don’t you drive a Model Y?

  • Jose Valladares
    Jose Valladares14 dagar sedan

    Thank you, Annnnnd with that, I am placing my order for my own Model 3 Plus in Grey this week! :P So Excited. thanks again for this video, its what convinced me to pull the trigger on Ordering.

  • MAGA
    MAGA14 dagar sedan

    faster charging rates

  • MAGA
    MAGA14 dagar sedan

    better sound system as well

  • Wes Robinson
    Wes Robinson14 dagar sedan

    Teslas are pretty cool but that one pedal driving comment shows an issue. I've behind a number of Teslas that is like driving behind a car with no brake lights. The Teslas slow down quickly while not illuminating the brake lights. Hence I keep a big distance when behind one.

  • Zichen Qi
    Zichen Qi14 dagar sedan

    no center screen(headup display), no buy!

  • DellsDad86
    DellsDad8614 dagar sedan

    great review. Refreshing and useful to hear pro's and cons of FSD instead of just fan boy hype. (And I'm getting FSD on my Cybertruck!)

  • Ayee Carly
    Ayee Carly14 dagar sedan

    Do you live in Azusa

  • erikstawicki696
    erikstawicki69614 dagar sedan

    Giant supercharger network?????? 25k superchargers worldwide? -> maybe, most of them in China (I live in China). How many in MD or CO or IN??? Giant is not the word to use. Other than that, I love my new model 3 Performance (china made from shanghai). just LOVE the way it drives; will never willingly drive petrol car again.

  • Paul Gregory
    Paul Gregory14 dagar sedan

    great review thanks

  • Alexius Nemo
    Alexius Nemo15 dagar sedan

    I owned an Accord as my last car. With that Honda I had a screen show a visual when I made a Right turn. I was surprised that the Tesla didn’t have that

  • Alexius Nemo

    Alexius Nemo

    14 dagar sedan

    thanks! @Jessica Hearn

  • Jessica Hearn

    Jessica Hearn

    14 dagar sedan

    They do have it, you can turn the cameras on while driving and they will show you. I do it in my performance all the time while in high traffic just to record incase of accidents

  • Alexius Nemo
    Alexius Nemo15 dagar sedan

    I picked up my Model 3 Dual Motor in mid June…your blog helped me take the plunge into Tesla World

  • D Turtle
    D Turtle15 dagar sedan

    Is the Model Y driver’s seat area wider vs the Model 3? Which one has more elbow room?

  • Clearphish
    Clearphish15 dagar sedan

    Wipers can also be adjusted with voice commands which also can be used to call up any screen... e.g. Show Energy or Show Tire Pressure etc. Open Glove Box also works.

  • Harvey Birdman
    Harvey Birdman15 dagar sedan

    Have you done a video comparing the Y to the 3?

  • jay chaminda
    jay chaminda15 dagar sedan

    Hi Ryan I don't think Tesla range is not real. Long range only do 444km in real world .

  • LandscapeInMotion
    LandscapeInMotion15 dagar sedan

    Seriously, Tesla should pay you for this thorough review! I'm not sure about your eyeliner though..

  • Kyle Smith
    Kyle Smith15 dagar sedan

    I got a SR+ about a month ago and love it. What a fun vehicle to own.

  • Gaming-Zombie13
    Gaming-Zombie1316 dagar sedan

    👍😎👃✌ No fear Tesla will get better

  • frank hernandez
    frank hernandez16 dagar sedan

    I will swap my Tesla battery to my 92 Toyota. I want to drive my car with nobody crying about how the planet is heating up while it’s in a solar system. Lol

  • J.Steezy
    J.Steezy16 dagar sedan

    I think 20" wheels look silly on these. 18" can look sick and very balanced with the overall design but I think people assume not maybe because the aerowheel design is more function over form but I wish it was both. The model Y did that well with their stock 19" and it looks great. Will probably get after market wheels for the 3 but I will miss the range difference a little for sure. Not clear on what I will do but gotta get the car first.

  • Kingpuppet
    Kingpuppet16 dagar sedan

    I wish I could afford a Tesla. Im from Scotland , U.K. I am a critical care nurse but only make 31k a year. I have a cute little Toyota Aygo. It's a tiny little car, 56miles to the gallon, so very cheap to run. Plus it's not quite as damaging to thee environment, however I really wanna go green. All other electric cars look meh to me. They are all so expensive. I hope one day electric cars will be more affordable. Until then I will keep dreaming lol.

  • J.Steezy
    J.Steezy16 dagar sedan

    Big 3 differences are battery, speed and 2 vs 4 wheel drive which is kind of major.

  • Kevin Conor
    Kevin Conor16 dagar sedan

    The standard actually has rear heated seats but Tesla decided to keep them behind a pay wall 😂 of 300 pounds! I knew Elon was money hungry but that's just bat shit crazy

  • Matthew Mayson
    Matthew Mayson16 dagar sedan

    It now comes with option to convert your seat into an electric chair. ⚡⚡⚡😳😂

  • deluxeh0
    deluxeh016 dagar sedan

    Features 4 doors??

  • jimjim mernard
    jimjim mernard16 dagar sedan

    And yet you seldom see these cars on the open highway. (interstate travel) NOT WORTH IT AT ALL- compared to a PRIUS

  • Patrick Cronin
    Patrick Cronin17 dagar sedan

    Up here in Canada, we will be waiting about 4 months for an m3. At least that's what I was told when I ordered mine on Saturday. See now, everyone says "time it to when you eat", but I always eat drive thru when I'm on a trip. The point of the trip is to get where you're going. My current truck takes less than 10 minutes to "recharge" and gives me nearly 800kms. Add that to the fact I live in the middle of nowhere and the closest tesla charger is ~430km (one way)away, and live in an apartment so I can't "install a charger at home"... my daily driving will be fine I know, but when it's a 400+ km round trip to get groceries every couple weeks... it will be interesting Not to mention the cold performance. it is routinely -30c here in winter, sometimes as low as -50c. If the financing goes through, and i can sell my truck (or possibly keep it), I intend to start a vlog about actual tesla plus and minus when you're in the northern rural areas.

  • Myanmar Models
    Myanmar Models17 dagar sedan

    Best review I ever watch on SEblacks

  • Connor Davis
    Connor Davis17 dagar sedan

    We have had the SR+ Model 3 for about four months and have loved it!! We also have two Honda Pilots (a 2012 and 2020) and those obviously do well in hazardous conditions. Almost tempted to trade in our 2020 Pilot for a 2021 Model Y LR. Any advice? 🥰

  • Mark Coffman
    Mark Coffman17 dagar sedan

    A 2021 car’s web browser should not feel slow in 2021.

  • J R.
    J R.17 dagar sedan

    Ordered the Model 3 long range. I have to fully inspect once it’s here, for little scratches and other deficiencies. Thanks for your solid unbiased review.

  • Cam
    Cam17 dagar sedan

    Excellent video! You explain all features in depth and you have a great voice for video narration.

  • Krishna Singh
    Krishna Singh17 dagar sedan

    Think of getting the model 3 or the s

  • poisonedrice
    poisonedrice17 dagar sedan

    absolute best run down of the current tesla offering, Thank you

  • Max Meier
    Max Meier18 dagar sedan

    Frankly, I would have a serious issue with my car needing software updates. I know it's sold as a feature, but I dont need my car to change during the course of ownership. I need it to work and NOT change, so I always have everything the way it is when I'm driving. That and having physical buttons is probably the most important part of safe driving.

  • B G

    B G

    17 dagar sedan

    Just drive one. I don’t think you quite “get it” the updates increase range make your car faster and adds features so that you don’t feel the need to buy a new car. As for physical buttons this car is so easy to use I doubt you’ll notice. It’s cool if you still don’t like it but I strongly suggest going and test driving one. I drive a Porsche Mecan GTS my best friend and dad both have model 3 performances and I’ll tell you they make me even think twice over my car choice.

  • Reddylion
    Reddylion18 dagar sedan

    Good guide to electric car. model 3

  • Alison & Glen Crawley
    Alison & Glen Crawley18 dagar sedan

    I”m in Australia & we don’t appear to have the external sound option on the Standard model 3. Can you confirm that? In fact in specifications for the Standard model Tesla 3 it doesn’t seem that the standard models have this option ( that you highlighted in your video & which I thought was a cool option) with no rear speakers.

  • Alison & Glen Crawley

    Alison & Glen Crawley

    18 dagar sedan

    @Petra Hoggarth Thanks, I guess this is so unfortunately.

  • Petra Hoggarth

    Petra Hoggarth

    18 dagar sedan

    The NZ Model 3s from Shanghai do not have Boombox (external speaker) and I would expect Australia is the same (they come over on the same ship). They also still have radar. They also have lithium iron phosphate batteries and don't come with the "daily" and "trip" suggestions for charging as you are encouraged to charge to 100% as often as you like.

  • PePe
    PePe18 dagar sedan

    These Tesla cars are built like shit. All ghetto setups.

  • Ned
    Ned19 dagar sedan

    Side mirrors don't appear to be self-dimming (the cabin one is).

  • Sean Reilly
    Sean Reilly19 dagar sedan

    The sound system is not good in the standard range model 3. My 2011 Lexus ct stock system blows it out of the water.

  • Dan -
    Dan -19 dagar sedan

    The new performance model is slower than the old one due to tesla no longer putting ps4s on their cars..

  • AppleBoyOw
    AppleBoyOw19 dagar sedan

    I want this, but it ain’t available in my country =/

  • Dave
    Dave19 dagar sedan

    Great video thank you

  • Shubham Mittal
    Shubham Mittal19 dagar sedan

    Smartphone on wheels

  • Jones
    Jones19 dagar sedan

    Y or 3 or just save more for plaid? I guess I’ll hold off on getting one ☝️ and wait until 2022…maybe things will get back to normal.

  • Callum Stone
    Callum Stone19 dagar sedan

    Speed Limit: 65 Ryan: 78 lol

  • Davis does
    Davis does19 dagar sedan

    Lol I'm watching this as a 11 year old looking for a dream affordable car

  • elleanore18


    18 dagar sedan

    @Davisdoes try saving for a car that fly and drive and if lucky enough a car that could also swim 🙏🏼🙏🏼 🥰🥰🥰 whoever invent those kind of mobile must be really genius and i’m just a fellow earth dweller hoping to have one 🤣🤣

  • Gene Giromini
    Gene Giromini19 dagar sedan

    incredibly professional, well thought out and non-biased review. Excellent work.

  • Rob Keshav
    Rob Keshav19 dagar sedan

    Great video Ryan. I agree that Yoke is different and people generally do not like change. I am sure we will get used to it fairly quickly. It will be interesting to see if other EV makers also change to Yoke. Unrelated question - Did you get a game controller with your car? They had shown a Yoke like game controller during the Plaid event. How did you manage to get the car so quickly? Did you order the car with 21" wheel? I have heard that orders for people with 19" wheel are pushed back. I placed my order for MS LR on March 10th and I still don't have a delivery date or VIN number. We live in Overland Park, KS.

  • Fernando
    Fernando20 dagar sedan

    What kind of weather mats do you have in your new model 3?

  • Bjørn Vabo
    Bjørn Vabo20 dagar sedan

    Great rewiew👍 Btw: on my model 3 i mostly control the wipers (and most other functions) by woice control.. works great with Norwegian language👍🇳🇴

  • Keith Colombo
    Keith Colombo20 dagar sedan

    I'm about 2 weeks from my Model Y delivery! these videos are keeping, me busy while I wait 😃 thanks for all the great info! I went with the long range but got the upgraded wheels, hope it was not a mistake! I a, sure I'll love it 🙃

  • Rick Dolishny
    Rick Dolishny20 dagar sedan

    I noticed the fit and finish seems to be very much improved starting with panel seams.

  • ygg drasil
    ygg drasil20 dagar sedan

    Would like to see solar panels added to the roof. So if you park the car out in the sun and don't drive it for a week, you get a fairly decent amount of charge added. A HUD would be good too. I know Elon is philosophically against HUD because he is counting on FSD, but in the meantime....

  • Carl Georg Tsigakis
    Carl Georg Tsigakis20 dagar sedan

    I miss the option I had om My X and S, the ability to choose the amount of reGen...

  • Jens Emil Hansen
    Jens Emil Hansen20 dagar sedan

    So way points, tell me again why people want that?

  • Elvis Manuel González Dávila
    Elvis Manuel González Dávila20 dagar sedan

    I want to know how this man can afford more than one tesla. I work and save as much as I can but this is like a dream lol Is he investing in tesla stock or something? I'm too dumb to know how to do that and I wanna get one as well

  • Crue Ondanet
    Crue Ondanet20 dagar sedan

    You forgot to mention the left stick operates the high-beam lights.

  • Nick Bailey
    Nick Bailey20 dagar sedan

    I haven't seen much info on the cost/time on repairing Teslas. I've had my M3 performance for 3 weeks. A semi ahead of me threw a tire tread and I couldn't avoid it. Went under the car. I didn't feel much, car seemed fine. The next day there were several warning notifications and it wouldn't start. Tesla picked it up on Wednesday. It needs an ENTIRE NEW BATTERY. Over 25k in repairs.

  • Kenneth W

    Kenneth W

    20 dagar sedan

    @Nick Bailey yea I’m shocked it doesn’t have CarPlay, an auto frunk and better brakes (I’m coming from a gt350) but I love it! I’m not gonna do anything other than tint the windows. I may focus on upgrading to a Plaid in the future so I’m not gonna put too much money in it.

  • Nick Bailey

    Nick Bailey

    20 dagar sedan

    @Kenneth W Very cool! I love mine...kinda surprised at a couple things it doesn't have/do, but it sounds like I'm complaining- it's awesome. Have you already spent a ton of money on accessories and such?

  • Kenneth W

    Kenneth W

    20 dagar sedan

    @Nick Bailey That's good news on the warranty coverage at least! I hope when the new plant is completed in Texas, it will improve parts/deliveries across the board. I've had my '21 M3P for a week.

  • Nick Bailey

    Nick Bailey

    20 dagar sedan

    @Kenneth W Tesla is covering the entire thing under warranty! But, they honestly don't know when they'll have the parts. ETA is a month from yesterday.

  • Kenneth W

    Kenneth W

    20 dagar sedan

    😮 surprised your insurance didn’t total it out.

  • Christopher K.
    Christopher K.20 dagar sedan

    Hey Ryan, I ordered my Model Y on the first… and I forgot to use your referral link so I sent it to my contact at Tesla, I’m hoping he adds it. He’s on vacation until the 12th. So I’ll know more by then.