2021 Tesla Model 3 Review

Reviewing my brand new 2021 Tesla Model 3, going over the good and bad, and what to expect if you want to buy one.

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  • dadMau5_
    dadMau5_14 dagar sedan

    This is by far the best review I've seen. Thank you so much for putting it together. Can't wait to get mine.

    SANTIAGO SANCHEZ17 dagar sedan

    Experience with after warranty cost repairs and dealing with dings & dents using PDR and costs? Thanks.....

  • Robert Hawtin
    Robert HawtinMånad sedan

    Woah! Those upholstery problems may well be disturbingly 'normal' but that does not make them acceptable in a new car. I'd reject it if buying here, it is not of merchantable quality. Unless people complain there is not much drive on Tesla to get these inadequate build levels fixed. These video's could apply pressure, but not if the presenter says 'aw, it's OK, don't trouble me'. Raise your standards and in doing that you do all of us a service and get Elon to raise the Tesla production ones. I disliked this video for this reason. BobUK.

  • Arshad Ogeer
    Arshad OgeerMånad sedan

    Great video!

  • link22 MTB
    link22 MTBMånad sedan

    Any extra rebotes on California that you know?

  • J R
    J R2 månader sedan

    Interior imperfections are totally unacceptable for a car in this price. If you can get a budget car with none of these issues there's really no excuse..

  • Lain Macauley
    Lain Macauley2 månader sedan

    Lease or buy? I'm leaning toward leasing a Tesla since the technology moves so quickly and it's easier to just give it back and get a new one vs selling and committing to another loan.

  • Sabre
    Sabre2 månader sedan

    that gear on screen approach really puts me off of getting one at this point.. ow yeah, and the fact that I'm poor.

  • combined effects
    combined effects2 månader sedan

    I really need a sun Roof - wthat the hell Tesla?

  • Dan B
    Dan B2 månader sedan

    As some one looking to buy my 1st I must say you have answered so many questions I didn’t even know to ask yet. Thank you very much

  • Maloney7
    Maloney72 månader sedan

    Excellent video.

  • MistaLA01
    MistaLA012 månader sedan

    Best review I’ve seen on the model 3!!

  • Mike Raymond Wood
    Mike Raymond Wood2 månader sedan


  • Hillefoozy
    Hillefoozy2 månader sedan

    Elon Musk just knows how to give the people what they want

  • Bill Lowe
    Bill Lowe2 månader sedan

    Excellent video. Thanks!

  • qBitTorrent
    qBitTorrent3 månader sedan

    the FSD isn't a software update alone. It requires you to go to the shop for about 1hr while they install a computer upgrade.

  • Hades Obsidian
    Hades Obsidian3 månader sedan

    Bro...don't say frunk. You lost 5 cool points for saying frunk.

  • Trevor Newell
    Trevor Newell3 månader sedan

    Brooo.... When I saw him split the vents.... Already learned something lol.

  • vistagraphsnet
    vistagraphsnet3 månader sedan

    I live off-grid and put together mu pwn charger as follows: 8 one hundred watt solar panels wired parallel series into a 30 amp mppt charge conntroller keeping two twelve volt batteries wired to be 24 volts sending 220 volts via a 10,000 watt inverter. Only on a rare occasion will I have to use the supercharging stations.

  • Randy Stalding
    Randy Stalding3 månader sedan

    My oldest son used to detail new Tesla's in the Portland service center.

  • derweesh1
    derweesh13 månader sedan

    Nice we got the same color I just took delivery last week

  • Gareth McCumskey
    Gareth McCumskey3 månader sedan

    I am expecting delivery of my own model3 in the next week. If you send the car back for them to fix issues like panel gaps do you get a temporary replacement vehicle at all?

  • trapman2000
    trapman20003 månader sedan

    Sirius radio capabilities????

  • Umar MainCODM
    Umar MainCODM3 månader sedan

    Model 3 ❤️

  • Skulls Skulls
    Skulls Skulls3 månader sedan

    Thank you so much for taking your time to make this video !! I’m new to the electric car. Curious what is the cost to charge when doing a road trip & what’s the cost for the updates ? Is it a early cost ? Sorry if these questions seem odd - going tomorrow for a test drive .

  • Wesner77
    Wesner773 månader sedan

    Great review! I’m expecting delivery of my Model 3 in July. I can’t wait for it now!

  • Del T.

    Del T.

    3 månader sedan

    Same scenario here! I ordered the exact same options as Ryan.

  • vistagraphsnet
    vistagraphsnet3 månader sedan

    Just got my 3 long range but had a few questions as the "advisor" just connected my phone and set navigation from Portland OR to Bend. He did make a photo of me and the 3 then left. At Bend I charged 100% as I still had 140 miles to go but stayed in a motel. In the morning I noticed instead of 353 miles it read 335. Perhaps I did not shut it off completely. Now I use the power off selection. Thanks for your very informative video.

  • GamersQuarters
    GamersQuarters3 månader sedan

    Just ordered mine the other day. I can’t wait to get the notification the car is ready.

  • mikerzisu


    3 månader sedan

    @GamersQuarters to each their own. The 4680 batteries are right around the corner too, which is supposed to increase range by like 100 miles or something crazy. Another reason to wait. I will be waiting for both, a little patience pays off big for both the credit and the updated battery

  • GamersQuarters


    3 månader sedan

    @mikerzisu Well no ETA on that and who knows how backlogged orders are going to become. Supposedly there will be an increase in the price as well when the tax credit is implemented. Either way I purchased it without the expectation of a tax credit and I'm still okay with the decision.

  • mikerzisu


    3 månader sedan

    Should have waited for the $10,000 tax credit

  • batticha shumami
    batticha shumami3 månader sedan

    18:18 In the manual there is no mention of external speakers ?!

  • PePe
    PePe3 månader sedan

    Can you add FSD if you want it in the future?

  • gabz groove
    gabz groove3 månader sedan

    Um... I'm not the brightest bulb but has any manufacturer thought of dual batteries? As one battery is in use the second one is charged with kinetic energy.

  • Marilyn Jones
    Marilyn Jones3 månader sedan

    I’m waiting for ventilated seats 💺? Are they here yet ?!?

  • Michael Williams
    Michael Williams3 månader sedan

    Low quality is ""part of the baggage when buying a Tesla""??? Looks like a made in China product more than a premium one.

  • Damian
    Damian3 månader sedan

    Has anyone seen that the model 3 brown dashboard extends to the doors now? Got to Tesla now and you’ll see.

  • RoyalRyy


    3 månader sedan

    Yeah, it's so stupid. I'm getting a performance with black interior and it doesn't match at all! Now I have to find a carbon fiber wrap for the doors.

  • Nick Pol
    Nick Pol4 månader sedan

    Common dude I get it you like Tesla so good for you but please don't eve compare BMW quality with your plastic piece of crap OK 🙄🤣

  • Lola Cox
    Lola Cox4 månader sedan

    The polite elephant quickly regret because france randomly kick vice a instinctive nic. eight, friendly greek

  • Bill Crowle
    Bill Crowle4 månader sedan

    Hi Kate, love your red Tesla 3!

  • Gary Morrison
    Gary Morrison4 månader sedan

    I doubt if Tesla would like this approach, but instead of $10K one-time purchase or subscription, I’d seriously consider a Service-Rental approach: rent it, for example during the time you take a monster road trip. I seriously doubt I’d use it under any other circumstances.

  • Gary Morrison
    Gary Morrison4 månader sedan

    So, at time 12:15 you said that it chooses the target speed for traffic-aware cruise control by comparison with the cars around you. Is that right? I thought it based the speed upon your location, and then you can adjust that 5MPH either direction of that.

  • Yago Ritchel
    Yago Ritchel4 månader sedan

    When they say it's normal, it's not.

  • roman19802011
    roman198020114 månader sedan

    Awesome video, thank you!

  • Obi Bren Benobi
    Obi Bren Benobi4 månader sedan

    how is this a compact vehicle at 4.70m? :D

  • Stev Rodriguez
    Stev Rodriguez4 månader sedan

    Just ordered a Model 3 SR+ with the help of your videos and your referral link! So excited! Thanks!

  • Vergos001


    2 månader sedan

    Did you take delivery yet? I ordered a LR 3 about a month ago and no delivery in sight. Website told me I’d take delivery July 20th- August 8th but now it says 7-11 weeks.

  • Random Ness
    Random Ness4 månader sedan

    If I had the money I would buy this car off this video; even though I like the Y model more- I understand this car definitely dope starter

  • Guntaj singh
    Guntaj singh4 månader sedan

    Love the video im buying the tesla model 3 and this the first video I have watched from beginning to end

  • Lori Dale
    Lori Dale4 månader sedan

    Hello, does the car have a spare tire?

  • Brian Kim

    Brian Kim

    4 månader sedan


  • Ben Kious
    Ben Kious4 månader sedan

    Insurance costs for this car? what is an average or typical amount?

  • Marc B.
    Marc B.4 månader sedan

    Well Elon finally admits he has ......🍑🍔.... That explains a lot!

  • Alyssa Hagan
    Alyssa Hagan4 månader sedan

    which is better? AWD or RWD?? what is the biggest difference/ pros and cons? besides that RWD is cheaper

  • Isaac Gonzales
    Isaac Gonzales4 månader sedan

    Did you see Tesla updated the interior on the Tesla model 3 just slightly? You should do a video on it. I noticed on the white trim that the door inserts are no longer white. Only a small white trim is there. On the black a there is a small wood grain trim on there. I have not seen any videos on this change yet so you should do one.

  • Raul Velasquez
    Raul Velasquez4 månader sedan

    great review.

  • Martin Tastensen
    Martin Tastensen4 månader sedan

    Does anyone know where i can find an actual list of what kind of gadget a tesla actually have? I haven't been able to find a list or anything like that :|

  • Family on the Fly
    Family on the Fly4 månader sedan

    Great video!!

  • P 5
    P 54 månader sedan

    wtf if a model y?

  • The Sikh Skateboarder
    The Sikh Skateboarder4 månader sedan

    What happens if you run out of power on a road trip

  • John Canalese

    John Canalese

    4 månader sedan

    @Ryan Shaw Not exactly the same scenario is it Ryan? All trips should be planned, I agree but Run out of gas (petrol), grab a can or call assistance, fill it with fuel to get to next service station (located pretty much everywhere), and fill it up - simple. The EV at the side of the road with 0% SOC is in a predicament. The car has at least 60kWh battery pack so how does this get “topped up”? Get “somebody” to come with a portable generator? I have a BEV (not a Tesla), so not negative but trip planning is much more important in a BEV than ICE and this increased angst is just too much some people to bear.

  • Ryan Shaw

    Ryan Shaw

    4 månader sedan

    What happens if you run out of gas on a road trip? You plan ahead to fill up to prevent running out

  • Marcus Baez
    Marcus Baez4 månader sedan

    You live in santa clarita? Lol

  • dash1dash2
    dash1dash24 månader sedan

    Yikes I'd never buy a car that has so many cosmetic issues. You can't overlook the poorly fitted interior, these things degrade FAST with car vibrations. For 40k$ these issues are pretty bad. Is there no quality control on these cars????

  • John Canalese

    John Canalese

    4 månader sedan

    Unfortunately, the quality control is not car maker standard. Tesla purchasers are just willing to accept this, it appears - such is the power of Elon. Hey, he even gets away with getting people to spend US$10k on a feature (FSD), that doesn’t even exist but has been a promise years in the making and counting.

  • Jeremy Muther
    Jeremy Muther5 månader sedan

    I have a truck now these videos making me want a Tesla now

  • Javy Montalvo
    Javy Montalvo5 månader sedan

    Very helpful video ... I’m going for it. Thanks 🙏🏽

  • J W
    J W5 månader sedan

    Weird question but... how many miles were on the car when you drove it away? (Yes I realize it’s a brand new car but like did it already have 6-7 miles on it or anything?)

  • Travis Balthasar
    Travis Balthasar5 månader sedan

    Appreciate ur honesty. My first Tesla M3 at delivery was similar w even more quality issues.

  • Chris Descartes
    Chris Descartes5 månader sedan

    Great review. With the breakdown of the extra perks of the long range with apps. I think I’m upgrading. My agent didn’t go in to great detail and with the set up I’m doing it will balance out the cost.

  • souslicer
    souslicer5 månader sedan

    wait but the price is now 40k

  • Scott Hampshire
    Scott Hampshire5 månader sedan

    Does this Model 3 replace your Model Y? Or is it an addition to the family?

  • Daniel Torres
    Daniel Torres5 månader sedan

    You complain about the windshield wiper feature yet you live in L.A.. it never rains!!! 😂 I am a model 3 owner since 2019 and have never adjusted my windshield wipers! It doesn’t rain 🌧Also, Standard Range does not have Sway bars most people don’t know that difference.

  • Maria Luisa Eya
    Maria Luisa Eya5 månader sedan

    Hi, I know it's expensive to insure a Tesla...does the gas savings offset the high insurance costs?

  • C W

    C W

    20 dagar sedan

    My Tesla Model 3 LR should be delivered next weekend. With Geico I will be paying $170 a month.

  • Dominik Mendez
    Dominik Mendez5 månader sedan

    Going to buy my girlfriend this car soon!

  • Charles Lewis
    Charles Lewis5 månader sedan

    Did he get a Model 3 in addition to his Model Y??? I’m confused

  • Trevor Collins
    Trevor Collins5 månader sedan

    I just bought my performance tesla model 3 and it is amazing! i made a youtube video on it if you guys want to check it out

  • Brian Packrat CVMA 11-7
    Brian Packrat CVMA 11-75 månader sedan

    Nice review. I accepted delivery on my 2021 Model 3 LR AWD at the end of March. I love the car. It was perfect at delivery. The heat pump, new lights, double pane windows, electric trunk, new battery tech made my decision to buy new vs used pretty easy.

  • Jason Mandela
    Jason Mandela5 månader sedan

    Just ordered a Tesla Model 3 after watching this video!

  • Olive
    Olive5 månader sedan

    Omg, just got a PHEV and wish I got this now instead! Gonna start saving up now for one in a few years!

  • Dawn
    Dawn5 månader sedan

    Wondering if there will be a Model Y refresh by March 2022.

  • Stephanie Sheridan
    Stephanie Sheridan5 månader sedan

    Hi Ryan!! I’ve been following you for some time now and rely on your videos for all things I need to know about buying, driving, and living with a Tesla!! I’ll be ordering the Model 3 long range This week on my birthday!! I can’t wait!!!! 🤍⚡️🤍⚡️🤍⚡️🤍⚡️🤍⚡️

  • Pacman
    Pacman5 månader sedan

    Great video. I am thinking of buying a Model 3. Is the standard good enough for long trips or is it worth it upgrading to the long range for 10K?

  • Happy Puppy
    Happy Puppy5 månader sedan

    Great video, Ryan. Thank you! Dollar for dollar, is your Model 3 a better value than your Model Y?

  • Edwin Talavera
    Edwin Talavera5 månader sedan

    Hopefully i will get a model 3 one day!

  • Arron D
    Arron D5 månader sedan

    Really wish it had a typical speedometer infront of the steering wheel. Not a big fan of everything being on the touch screen

  • Fr3ddeh
    Fr3ddeh5 månader sedan

    I love Tesla and I hope to get one as my next car, but saying issues are OK because "it's part of the Tesla experience" doesn't sit well with me. You get a lot in a Tesla, but if you spend the same amount on a conventional car that runs on fossil fuel, you also get a lot of features. The selfdriving and software is probably amazing, yes. But it is not an excuse for poor quality in a vehicle with this price tag. I am looking forward to seeing Tesla iteratively improve on these things. 👌

  • Chris Martinez
    Chris Martinez5 månader sedan

    Great review, covered everything really well!

  • royland walker
    royland walker5 månader sedan


  • tippersteffi1
    tippersteffi15 månader sedan

    Great video

  • Michael Connally
    Michael Connally5 månader sedan

    Great video. Thanks

  • M. A. Mobile
    M. A. Mobile5 månader sedan

    I'm thinking of buying one, how much do you pay for insurance? And how much does your electric bill go up when u charge it?

  • DeepMusic


    5 månader sedan

    Yess!! Good questions car insurance 👌

  • Kevin Hellums
    Kevin Hellums5 månader sedan

    Great job!! Thanks, hoping to take delivery in June !!

  • Sinkdolphin
    Sinkdolphin5 månader sedan

    Doge gonna buy me this car!

  • DeepMusic


    5 månader sedan

    Yep!! Same

  • Brandon Wertz
    Brandon Wertz5 månader sedan

    Great review.

  • RavvaOf_Light
    RavvaOf_Light5 månader sedan

    So would you recommend the model 3(with full self driving,and long range)over something like a Toyota Corolla I’m only really worried about it’s cost and it’s charging time so would you think it’s worth it?

  • RavvaOf_Light


    5 månader sedan

    @T. and also no idk who that is

  • RavvaOf_Light


    5 månader sedan

    @T. I mean you can get open pilot witch is pretty much the same as autopilot there’s a video on it if you wanna watch it and the Tesla I was looking at was like 60k compared to the 20k of the Toyota Corolla

  • T.


    5 månader sedan

    Corolla not even in the same league as Model 3. Watching Scotty Kilmer huh ?

  • hi im hopeee

    hi im hopeee

    5 månader sedan

    @RavvaOf_Light as long as you have the car for a while, it will be a better investment as it’s cheaper to use and maintain

  • hi im hopeee

    hi im hopeee

    5 månader sedan

    @RavvaOf_Light honestly I think the Tesla is the better option, as I mentioned, the price of gas if a lot more expensive than the price of electricity. Another factor is getting auto repairs, you don’t need to get oil repairs for the model 3.

  • rose415
    rose4155 månader sedan

    great review. comprehensive but not too wordy

  • alimony812
    alimony8125 månader sedan

    Will this car last 15 years like a Honda or Toyota

  • T.


    5 månader sedan

    Why is everyone having this "revelation" of Honda and Toyota lately ? Those brands been reliable since some of these Millennials were born. Watching Scotty Kilmer huh ?

  • hi im hopeee

    hi im hopeee

    5 månader sedan

    Yeah this car lasts very long, I highly recommend getting it. Let me know if you have any other questions. I own a Tesla Model 3 SR+ 2021.

  • ismannyb
    ismannyb5 månader sedan

    Tesla should use ai to detect this quality issues a camera can easily inspect the flaws before delivery I'm surprised it hasn't been done yet

  • J Mtz
    J Mtz5 månader sedan

    Can the self driving be added later?

  • hi im hopeee

    hi im hopeee

    5 månader sedan

    @J Mtz it's definitely a cool feature, but not mandatory to get. With the basic autopilot, you get cruise control and auto-steering. Let me know if you have any other questions. I own a Tesla Model 3 SR+ 2021.

  • J Mtz

    J Mtz

    5 månader sedan

    @Ryan Shaw 🤦🏻‍♂️Bro!! It basically comes with it then just gets unlocked for 10k. I thought it some type of physical install.

  • Ryan Shaw

    Ryan Shaw

    5 månader sedan

    Yep! Just a Software update (for $10k 😂)

  • Christian Lozano
    Christian Lozano5 månader sedan

    Hey Ryan Shaw I'm curious to know why you bought this now with the pending EV credit possibly coming and also the fact you waited for the Y when the 3 was out the whole time.

  • Sebastian Voinov
    Sebastian Voinov5 månader sedan

    FSD doesn't increase resale value?

  • ytmndan
    ytmndan5 månader sedan

    How do the new wireless chargers compare to the ones in your Model Y’s OG center console? I know the older one had issues charging phones with cases on, but could be easily replaced with a 3rd party charger. Doesn’t look so easy to swap out the new one, which is why I’m concerned.

  • mrjhend1
    mrjhend15 månader sedan

    My 2020 M3 SR Plus is EPA rated at 250mi, but it never charged beyond 242 mi of range at 100% when it was new. After 1 year of ownership and ~14,000 miles it only charges to about 222 mi at 100%. Have used a supercharger only once. I normally charge with my Tesla charger in my own garage and charge to 100% around once a month. When I complained to Tesla they said this was normal and my battery was actually performing better than average. Anyone else finding your Tesla doesn't even charge anywhere close to the stated EPA range?

  • Alex
    Alex5 månader sedan

    If only the frunk was climate controlled like a fridge to keep things like meat and drinks cold

  • Wayne G
    Wayne G5 månader sedan

    Needs a HUD!

  • Sir Finthenet
    Sir Finthenet5 månader sedan

    Great review! The only thing that I did not see was replacement battery cost or life estimates.

  • Ratnesh Kumar
    Ratnesh Kumar5 månader sedan

    I bought my M3 SR+ about 3 weeks ago and this video was really helpful. Thanks a ton!