2021 Used Tesla Buying Guide

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Buying a used Tesla can be a bit confusing in 2021, so we're breaking down everything you need to know, and what to look out for when buying a used tesla.

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  • Ryan Shaw
    Ryan Shaw2 månader sedan

    For your chance to win a Tesla Model S-APEX customized by Unplugged Performance and $20,000 and support a great cause, enter at omaze.com/ryanshaw. Use promo code RYAN50 to receive 50 additional entries.

  • kairotechnics


    2 månader sedan

    Thanks for the videos Ryan! I hope I win the contest! Have you pre-ordered a cybertruck?

  • John Buchman

    John Buchman

    2 månader sedan


  • Dhruv Bhat

    Dhruv Bhat

    2 månader sedan


  • William Madigan
    William Madigan21 dag sedan

    I tried buying a used Tesla on the Tesla website, and ended up forfeiting the $500 deposit when I refused to give Tesla the password to my bank account. Their "Plaid" transaction software demands this information in order to "extract payment, harvest personal data such as transaction history, and return to extract further funds as deemed necessary".

  • 20teamplayer
    20teamplayerMånad sedan

    I wonder what differences the 4680 cells will make. I'm holding out hoping that will bump the model 3 up to around 400 miles. I drive a LOT.

  • chariel deleon
    chariel deleonMånad sedan

    To be honest where I’m from it’s really not worth it the long range used with 20,000 to 30,000 miles on average for over 51,000 dollars when you can get a new one for 48,000 wait

  • chariel deleon
    chariel deleonMånad sedan

    I agree with Shaw there is nothing better than charging your Tesla at home waking up and heading out

  • chariel deleon
    chariel deleonMånad sedan

    Why buy a used Tesla when you can just wait till q 3 wait it out it’s worth it

  • Kabelo Madiba
    Kabelo MadibaMånad sedan

    we need electric cars here in South Africa, we have few options and they are expensive

  • mikerzisu
    mikerzisuMånad sedan

    I have been keeping an eye on used, and they cost more than new... even with 10s of thousands of miles on them. Zero discount on used

  • Kirk Dameron
    Kirk Dameron2 månader sedan

    Yeah, selling a used Tesla is weird. Tesla offered me just $27,100 for my 2019 Model 3 SR+ with only 18,200 miles. Carvana offered my $33,600 yesterday. CarMax offered me $35000 today.

  • skyserf
    skyserf2 månader sedan

    Inflation will play a part in the price increases as the government continues to print.

  • NackDSP
    NackDSP2 månader sedan

    I bought a CPO 2016 model X from Tesla and it is great. It came with a four year warrantee, free charging for life and free internet. A deal you just can't get with the new cars.

  • LtSaru3000 Stunad
    LtSaru3000 Stunad2 månader sedan

    Where even do I buy a used Tesla?

  • mauro volpe
    mauro volpe2 månader sedan

    T E S L A the dream factory

  • magnum0173
    magnum01732 månader sedan

    Tesla vehicles are trash.

  • niacal4nia
    niacal4nia2 månader sedan

    EV prices are going to drop like big screen TVs. Bad advice.

  • Andrew Hernandez
    Andrew Hernandez2 månader sedan

    Bought a used model S last year in late July, it came with free supercharging and its super fun to drive its a little slow compared to the ludacris mode that we test drove but it’s alright

  • Rob Chiste
    Rob Chiste2 månader sedan

    I wanted to get a used one but they were still so expensive to me compared to a new one. Now I am waiting for my new Tesla and finding out how impatient I really am..Starting to get annoyed actually that I do t have it yet.

  • MrArchangel Adam
    MrArchangel Adam2 månader sedan

    Me still waiting for the CyberTruck 🛻

  • Ben Ellingson
    Ben Ellingson2 månader sedan

    You're wrong about the MCU1 recall. They aren't upgrading the system/computer, only upgrading the SSD so performance and limitations will be the same.

  • Tedacules
    Tedacules2 månader sedan

    The used Tesla here where I live have been going for MORE than new prices.....Dealers suck.

  • First Last
    First Last2 månader sedan

    I like tesla but when I enter one I feel like I’m in a 15 thousand dollar cheap car. Feels very overpriced a Corolla feels even better quality.

  • Mike


    2 månader sedan

    Drive one for a few days and you'll have the same reaction entering a gas car. The thermal engine feels like it's trying to rip itself apart, and is so incredibly slow and loud. Seriously, if you can get a Model 3 long enough to understand both the driving dynamics and the interior layout, there's no going back. Turo. Just rent one and study hard.

  • First Last
    First Last2 månader sedan

    The chip shortage it’s just another attack against this country people are not reporting it for what it is. The virus from China the chip shortage the gasoline we’re being attacked and nobody even realizes it’s unbelievable. Chip shortage is purposely done against this country it’s another attack by China.

  • Dan Smithorsomething
    Dan Smithorsomething2 månader sedan

    I think the auto park and auto summon are very useful. I found that you have to drive close to the cars on the street for the car to detect the parking spot. I use auto summon to get my car in and out of my garage.

  • zain ali
    zain ali2 månader sedan

    Tesla this tesla that

  • alex Lo
    alex Lo2 månader sedan

    Expense in repair and maintenance Tesla is very high in HK. So insurance companies there quote Tesla's fee at sky rocket price 3-5 times up over others luxury brands. Thats why Tesla owners there won't buy again.

  • Ben Kious
    Ben Kious2 månader sedan

    unrealistic where i drive

  • Tim Lucas
    Tim Lucas2 månader sedan

    The used Teslas I've seen cost more than the new ones. Madness. I think I would rather wait for a new one.

    IAN BLADUELL2 månader sedan

    I bought 12k used 2019 model 3sr+ from a ford dealer and love it last year 4th of july, No issues since i bought it

    IAN BLADUELL2 månader sedan

    tesla needs to offer a prepurchase inspection for used cars from third party for a price. the buyer needs tesla offer peace of mind that the car can have access to supercharger system and all is working.

  • PALOsvk
    PALOsvk2 månader sedan

    7:45 happy to drive my classic Ioniq with ~120 miles range every day without any problems :)

  • meh G
    meh G2 månader sedan

    lol Buy now guise before it is too late...said every salesman ever.

  • Ethan Young
    Ethan Young2 månader sedan

    ONLY Tesla SEblacksr that is honest about Tesla.

  • Dane Wiley
    Dane Wiley2 månader sedan

    I got a used model 3 2 months ago for 30k. It is basically like new

  • Yodaandhislightsabre
    Yodaandhislightsabre2 månader sedan

    A used X or S will have the vertical screen. How long do you think Tesla will continue to upgrade them with software updates now that the new X and S have horizontal screens like the rest of the lineup?

  • Lovis Kobelt
    Lovis Kobelt2 månader sedan

    Mr john david is the best, recommending him to all beginners who wants to recover losses like I did

  • Karos


    2 månader sedan


  • Lesly Kreiger

    Lesly Kreiger

    2 månader sedan

    This is the first time I'm meeting someone real , I just got my profit today, I saw this comment about ten days ago, thanks so much

  • Retta Carroll

    Retta Carroll

    2 månader sedan

    Can't wait for my regular payouts, He's an amazing Expert trader.

  • Barry Gene

    Barry Gene

    2 månader sedan

    @Sarah Williams Wow !!! I thought I was the only beneficiary of Mr john david trading services.His techniques and strategies are the best.

  • Sarah Williams

    Sarah Williams

    2 månader sedan

    I'm beginner too, I've been earning through investing with expert john it has been a huge success, in two weeks i made $15,000 with $1,000

  • MhyixX
    MhyixX2 månader sedan

    I wish I could buy a Tesla rn, but iam only 16 lmao gotta wait until 20 or sum cuz I ain’t rich and Tesla are kinda expensive

  • James Baker
    James Baker2 månader sedan

    I would never buy a car without Boombox! 🚘💨 LOL

  • Paulry Barczyk
    Paulry Barczyk2 månader sedan

    About two years ago, I bought a 2016 P90DL Model S from Tesla, and it included free Supercharging and a refreshed 4 year warrantee. Today a similar 2016 seems to cost more than I paid, but it only includes a 1-year warrantee and no free Supercharging. In retrospect, I'm really glad I bought when I did! :-)

  • Quarknjaguar
    Quarknjaguar2 månader sedan

    i'd rather take the kia ev

  • Jack Fogg
    Jack Fogg2 månader sedan

    Tesla has 10k vehicles parked outside Fremont due to parts shortages, so they are being affected just like all the other auto's. The fact that demand is sold out for the Q is more likely due to much lower production rather than increased demand. China sales are also in trouble, along with delay on Giga Berlin and CA DMV investigating FSD for fraudulent claims.

  • Eric Comer
    Eric Comer2 månader sedan

    Great video as always

  • Jonathan M
    Jonathan M2 månader sedan

    Yeah duh

  • Jonathan M
    Jonathan M2 månader sedan

    So is the Tesla China demand issue bs or what??

  • ChristianGuy
    ChristianGuy2 månader sedan

    Too expensive for single.

  • Christian Bennett
    Christian Bennett2 månader sedan

    Omg how LAZY do you have to be to want auto self driving

  • James Ellis
    James Ellis2 månader sedan

    Hmm I do not think the used prices are discounted enough to bother with yet- plus so many positives in new models / better sensors better efficiency/ faster charging speed. When the 2 and 3 year old models come out with 4680 cells maybe used will be a great value, but currently too big difference.

  • Otter.pro
    Otter.pro2 månader sedan

    This is the best guide for buying used/new Tesla! It answers all the questions I had in this video. Thanks!

  • Ro Co
    Ro Co2 månader sedan

    He said specifically great about the Omaze giveaway and mentioned leather, so they took away the original ones in replace to ones that Uses real animal skins, that doesn’t sound so great to me

  • David Diaz
    David Diaz2 månader sedan

    Rehash info most Tesla fan people already know.

  • Luis Ortiz
    Luis Ortiz2 månader sedan

    You’ve mentioned chip shortage in EVERY SINGLE VIDEO. 🙄🤦🏽‍♂️🤦🏽‍♂️🤦🏽‍♂️

  • Clayton Grant
    Clayton Grant2 månader sedan

    Not worth getting at the moment unless you want something that will depreciate as soon as the new batteries come out. Look at how much the model 3 was before the last upgrade.

  • Pete N
    Pete N2 månader sedan

    Not sure where you are finding use Tesla for cheap. The user market is almost or sometimes higher then new for the model 3 and Y. The model S and X insurance is so high, the cost does not out way the savings.

    TROATSEY2 månader sedan

    I have a used (immaculate) like brand new 2020 model 3 garage kept (advanced auto pilot) for sale hmu blue with 8k miles

  • Frosty's top's
    Frosty's top's2 månader sedan

    The zonked oval exceptionally touch because tank congruently drum till a bashful description. tacit, level tune

  • Sultan Buashwan
    Sultan Buashwan2 månader sedan

    I live in the Middle East and I'm afraid that the GCC spec teslas won't have full self-driving enabled any time soon, I'm thinking 5 years after it's enabled in the US. So for me, I feel like I will have to do with the normal autopilot and its safety features and not upgrade to the FSD package.

  • HRH TreeofLife

    HRH TreeofLife

    2 månader sedan

    Once you get that car and package. Q WARNING ⚠️ If computers can be hacked. Just imagine 😳 what could happen if a group decides to hijack the driving capability of a self driving Tesla. 🚗

  • Muhahahahaz
    Muhahahahaz2 månader sedan

    The MCU2 upgrade is NOT free. The recall is only to fix the eMMC chip on your MCU1, which will stay as MCU1… Stop telling people that they can magically get MCU2 for free. The MCU2 upgrade will cost you either $1,500 or $2,000, depending on your car (I should know, I just did it less than 1 month ago on my used 2017 Model S)

  • scanspeak00
    scanspeak002 månader sedan

    Expect the prices to plummet soon as a tsunami of new models come onto the market.

  • X36hypnotize X36hypnotize
    X36hypnotize X36hypnotize2 månader sedan

    According to the rules of winning that Tesla there's a huge list of country's ect. That are prohibited from winning it. Am I correct in this? Does anybody know?

  • Jay the Ram
    Jay the Ram2 månader sedan

    I am waiting to buy a M3 SR+ if I accept Delivery June 1 onward would I qualify for the EV credit that everybody is waiting for or no because I placed my order before June? Everybody is freaking out a bit!

  • Robert Fox
    Robert Fox2 månader sedan

    Thank you!

  • Charles H
    Charles H2 månader sedan

    I drive 500-1000 a year. Is an EV right for me? Can the EV sit for months at a time without being driven without much issue?

  • Mike


    2 månader sedan

    Depends on other factors. I'd say logically no owned car is right for you. Rent an electric car when needed. If you have a place to park in the sun, then the Aptera might be a good choice if you must have a car. It'll keep itself fully charged with no need to plug in. Coming late this year.

  • The Notorious Artorias

    The Notorious Artorias

    2 månader sedan

    Seems like a waste of money if you’re only gonna drive it for less than 1k a year, but if you’ve got money to burn then why not? You’ll have to get mobile service out there though if the car won’t power up after sitting for months (happens all the time).

  • brian matic
    brian matic2 månader sedan

    I tried buying a used model 3. As soon as one became available, it was “on hold” a few moments later. Yikes. Tesla mania!

  • DcFett
    DcFett2 månader sedan

    Hey Ryan, heard anything about the MCCU recall lately?

  • Daniel W
    Daniel W2 månader sedan

    It's already too late.

  • Pete Galindez
    Pete Galindez2 månader sedan

    Ryan. For maintenance, you forgot the flux capacitor has to be changed every 100,000 miles!

  • Pete Galindez

    Pete Galindez

    2 månader sedan

    @Mike is there something wrong with the gravitational pull of the earth in the year 1985?

  • Adam Steele

    Adam Steele

    2 månader sedan

    1.21 gigawatts

  • Mike


    2 månader sedan

    That's heavy!

  • Adam Steele

    Adam Steele

    2 månader sedan

    Great Scott!!

  • Pete Galindez
    Pete Galindez2 månader sedan

    Great stuff Ryan…I did the same as you in reverse…I bought a 2019 3 with FSD, then a Y without. ONLY function in FSD that is something I would use often is lane change while in AP. But, not worth 10k, and unless you plan to own the car for a decade, you’ll probably not see it at its full capability. Plus, you are better off taking the 10k, investing it, and in 5 years when you double your money, pay for FSD if you really want it…That said, not sure buying a used car now is a great approach. Beyond FSD, there are so many new EVs hitting the market with advanced tech and the battery tech is getting better and better by the week it seems. So, even a TESLA that is a couple of years old, the battery tech is pretty old. Better off getting a new TESLA even if it’s a bit more expensive. ALSO, (and full disclosure, I’ve sold both my TESLAs now) I would NOT want to own a TESLA out of warranty. Especially some of the earlier versions…I’ve had plenty of nit noid issues with my 3, and a bunch more with my Y. The TESLA mobile team repaired most things easily, right in my driveway, but if I had to do some of that stuff out of warranty, it would get expensive. Seeing how much better my later model 3 (2019) was over my early model Y (2020), I wouldn’t by any used Y right now, or a 3 made prior to 2019. But, that’s all personal preference. And though my 3 LRAWD is rated at 310 miles, I get max 280 miles under great conditions. So, I agree with many of the things you are putting down Ryan! Great vid! I may purchase another Y because I did love it for it’s size and performance, but the ride was much harsher than my 3 and the piling up issues were driving me nuts. I’m sure the later ones will be better. FWIW, I purchased my Y in March 2020 and sold it in December 2020 after about 6k miles for pretty much what I bought it for…not sure why…

  • Deb Lynne
    Deb Lynne2 månader sedan

    Thanks for another great video... so well scripted and produced, packed with info.

  • Deb Lynne
    Deb Lynne2 månader sedan

    I thought it was 27,000 chargers vs 2,700? Or do you mean because each station has a whole bunch of chargers?

  • Gusto J
    Gusto J2 månader sedan

    Thx Ryan. I’m probably going to be selling my Model 3 Performance & get the new S, car only has 17k miles and completely customized! The car looks fantastic & I will probably lose money on all the upgrades I did.

  • Donald Johnson

    Donald Johnson

    2 månader sedan


  • Harry Goldsmith

    Harry Goldsmith

    2 månader sedan

    I’m looking for a used model 3 performance...please contact me if you have one or know of one...thanks!

  • Steven C D
    Steven C D2 månader sedan

    FYI. I've been using auto steer on city streets for quite a while. On 'major' city streets, it works fine where speed limits are anywhere for 25 to 35 mph. The street where I live I never try to use it. Is that what they are referring to? Off the beaten path streets? There must be a misnomer here, like what kind of city streets are they talking about?

  • ericyister
    ericyister2 månader sedan

    Don't purchase any used cars now....it's WAY overpriced & you're buying a depreciating item. Wait, if you can. At the end, it's a 'want' & not a 'need' for most folks.

  • HRH TreeofLife

    HRH TreeofLife

    2 månader sedan

    You must not live in California. You can't get around without a reliable car.

  • Daniel Rakiec
    Daniel Rakiec2 månader sedan

    MCU2 is not free. This is different than the recall.

  • Mark Lefler
    Mark Lefler2 månader sedan

    I think you said 2700 supercharger. I thInk the correct figure is closer to 27000.

  • HRH TreeofLife

    HRH TreeofLife

    2 månader sedan

    Sounds about right

  • Jonathan M

    Jonathan M

    2 månader sedan

    Uh.. no

  • illmatic Fury
    illmatic Fury2 månader sedan

    Sounds like you wasted 10K. I do appreciate your honesty.

  • Its Flick
    Its Flick2 månader sedan

    God I would love to win that Tesla. Have a goal to own one by the time I’m 25!

  • eincan 13
    eincan 132 månader sedan

    Have a Y on order and selling my Model S. Probably best not to trade it in as demand is high for used Tesla’s.

  • eincan 13

    eincan 13

    2 månader sedan

    @timpanik Mainly I want something a little smaller. The S has been the best car I have ever owned, but time for a change.

  • timpanik


    2 månader sedan

    How come you're getting rid of the model s?

    UNAPOLOGETIC CRACKER2 månader sedan

    Any used vehicle is selling at a premium

  • HRH TreeofLife

    HRH TreeofLife

    2 månader sedan

    Yup. Traded my used and bought a new car. Unfortunately I had to pay sticker price.

  • FractalPrism
    FractalPrism2 månader sedan

    i refuse to believe "full self driving" is 100% real until they remove the steering wheel. its going to keep being "buggy" or beta or "coming soon, we totally promise! not like last time!" like its been for almost a decade now. its just bullshit vaporware at this point. many other cars can do "stay in lane" and "accel/decel during cruise ctrl".........this is the only thing tesla does get right. copying proven tech made by other companies

  • Big Doug’s Commentary
    Big Doug’s Commentary2 månader sedan

    Also, my original tires have 35k on them and just now need replacement. I’m not a light foot either, just ask the wife. I am supposed to warn her when acceleration is imminent.

  • Big Doug’s Commentary
    Big Doug’s Commentary2 månader sedan

    Be sure to check out Tesla tradein. They gave me $2000 more than either Carmax or Carvana.

  • Brian Appleby
    Brian Appleby2 månader sedan

    Consider each battery cell a part and a used tesla is the worse possible choice for a used car

  • dscarty
    dscarty2 månader sedan

    Some used Tesla prices online are as high as new prices. Supply and demand, be careful.

  • Tristan N
    Tristan N2 månader sedan

    11:20 they only upgrade/replace a chip on the computer they do not upgrade you to a brand new MCU 2

  • Shannon Lawhorn

    Shannon Lawhorn

    2 månader sedan

    @Shaun Rajewski Just got my 2016 Model X back from it's MCU2 brain upgrade and I agree - had the FSD upgrade done at the same time and the changes are dramatic. Worth the 1,500.

  • Shaun Rajewski

    Shaun Rajewski

    2 månader sedan

    Yep, they update the MCU1 with an add-on daughter board to increase memory of the old unit. However, recently they lowered the price of the MCU1 to MCU2 upgrade down from the original $2,500 USD to $1,500 USD, which is when I finally pulled the trigger. The difference is unbelievable.

  • Mauricio Garcia
    Mauricio Garcia2 månader sedan

    Bought a model 3 5/14 expected 1-3 months hopefully soon!

  • Tristan N
    Tristan N2 månader sedan

    I would have made it clearer that you should never buy a prior salvage tesla, it will not be able to fast charge or super charge

  • Cr Hu

    Cr Hu

    2 månader sedan

    Good if you charge only at home or hack a standard J1772 into it

    HDHQDIRECT2 månader sedan

    There's so many used Teslas with less than 5k miles on the market... And it ain't because people love them so much they can't part with them... More kool-aid drinking tesla owners..

  • Fray Lewis
    Fray Lewis2 månader sedan

    Great mellow vibes while watching this, your logic is on point. I gained a allot of knowledge, wish I watch this video before I purchase my used 19 Model 3. I opt for a new year with less range rather than a low year for a long range. My goal was to save as much as possible as this would be the first entry into the EV market. I'm still happy with the decision I made and probably would make the same since the older car has a higher chance for mileage used, early production problems, and could come with less batter because of battery delegation.

  • Mr. D.
    Mr. D.2 månader sedan

    No...I'm not doing that....and I will never buy one.

  • Adam Steele

    Adam Steele

    2 månader sedan

    Shit boxes

  • Mr. Google87
    Mr. Google872 månader sedan

    Love the content but also would be nice to see the not so great tesla stuff (like bad warranty and service, personally got a model 3 worh -14% capacity since first month and they simply say it’s within specs)

  • Mr. Google87

    Mr. Google87

    2 månader sedan

    It’s been like that since the start, bought it new. And they don’t do anything about it. (Battery lottery)

  • The Notorious Artorias

    The Notorious Artorias

    2 månader sedan

    That’s not within spec at all, what they probably meant is that it’s normal range loss due to a wide array of factors such as alignment, tires, driver habits, weather, etc.

  • Caleb Geuns
    Caleb Geuns2 månader sedan

    Youre wrong. They’re definitely having issues shipping m3 & my. Just today it’s reported there are 10k of them parked at Fremont waiting for a part, not to mention the ones awaiting this part at distribution centers parked.

  • J
    J2 månader sedan

    Used Tesla’s are so close in price to new ones it’s not worth it for most of them I’ve seen

  • McKay Mayes
    McKay Mayes2 månader sedan

    Just picked up my used M3 LR AWD. Came with acceleration boost, brand new tires, and new windshield. Paid 40k, a STEAL! So glad I did it.

  • Giovanni Foulmouth

    Giovanni Foulmouth

    2 månader sedan

    Congrats! that is a steal for that price.

  • McKay Mayes

    McKay Mayes

    2 månader sedan

    @stardark9 38k

  • stardark9


    2 månader sedan

    how much miles tho

  • Daniel Lee
    Daniel Lee2 månader sedan

    Hey Ryan! Thanks for all the work you put into your videos. I think you do an excellent job giving solid info as well as blending in your personal opinions in Tesla as well as other e-vehicle spheres. I stumbled on your video over a year ago and I'm glad to see your platform has grown to what it is today. I still don't own a Tesla and probably won't be able to for financial reasons but I still watch everyone of your videos for the news and I genuinely respect your opinions. Just wanted to spread some love and say I'm happy for your success!

  • Eric Leszkowicz
    Eric Leszkowicz2 månader sedan

    Ummm. I think it is already too late.

  • Afternoon Tiger
    Afternoon Tiger 2 månader sedan

    Waiting on that cybertruck



    2 månader sedan

    That thing is never coming... Believe me...

  • Afternoon Tiger

    Afternoon Tiger

    2 månader sedan

    @Giovanni Foulmouth yeah that’s fine with me.

  • Giovanni Foulmouth

    Giovanni Foulmouth

    2 månader sedan

    you'll be waiting like 3 more years LOL that thing ain't coming out soon and when it finally does it will be in very limited numbers and it's already sold out. Demand for CT is not high, it's extreme.

  • Todd R. Lockwood
    Todd R. Lockwood2 månader sedan

    Ryan, the MCU1 recall on the Model S does not provide owners with a free upgrade to an MCU2. What is does provide is a free flash memory upgrade in the MCU1. This consists of a replacement daughterboard in the MCU1. The increase in flash memory solves the problem which caused the MCU1 to crash. In some instances, Tesla will refund the cost of upgrades to an MCU2 which some customers had previously opted for.

  • Tech & Motorcycles
    Tech & Motorcycles2 månader sedan

    I believe they also cancel the FSD if you buy from a non Tesla center

  • EV Trips LV
    EV Trips LV2 månader sedan

    I’m on my forth. Love these cars.

  • EV Trips LV

    EV Trips LV

    2 månader sedan

    Town car service not tow 🤦‍♂️

  • EV Trips LV

    EV Trips LV

    2 månader sedan

    I used to own a chauffeur company and we used three Model S’ for the tow car service. After I dissolved the company and moved East I bought another one for personal use.

  • scanspeak00


    2 månader sedan

    @HDHQDIRECT Unless he keeps crashing them. :D



    2 månader sedan

    That doesn't even make sense... If you loved it so much

  • Dan GR
    Dan GR2 månader sedan

    In the Uk M3s are too pricey. I bought a 2016 facelift MS and I have to say I love it!

  • Robert Ombres
    Robert Ombres2 månader sedan

    “Buying used can be a great opportunity to buy a great car at a lower cost.” - I have to ask, have you ever looked at the Tesla used car prices? They’ve always been very close to new prices and as of late have been higher than new prices.

  • HRH TreeofLife

    HRH TreeofLife

    2 månader sedan

    Lol...that's why I bought a new car. I skipped the Tesla because NO REBATE. I am waiting for the Biden $10k rebate. I believe Tesla makes stuff haphazardly and and is overpriced without the incentive.