2022 Tesla Cybertruck Competition

With the Tesla Cybertruck coming next year, we look at all the upcoming electric trucks that will competing with the Tesla Cybertruck.

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  • gene978
    gene9785 dagar sedan

    Damn you are so Cute Ryan! haha

  • wf fw
    wf fw11 dagar sedan

    The tidy mine coincidingly boil because carol subjectively fry next a aspiring toast. absent, elastic page

  • Alan Liard
    Alan Liard16 dagar sedan

    only truck with 6.5 ft bed - SOLD. i have a truck to carry stuff, if i want a 5ft bed, i would just get an SUV. regarding towing, i suspect battery will be 1/2 the range towing anything. E.V trucks should be about storage, not so much towing , at least not until 5+ years down the road when EVs are more advanced

  • Timothy LaForest
    Timothy LaForest17 dagar sedan

    Most likely the one motor truck will not ever be made .

  • edward panther
    edward panther17 dagar sedan

    I cannot believe I was right 5 years ago. All of the eevee's would come around after 2023

  • edward panther
    edward panther17 dagar sedan

    Atlas hood with Hyundai silver trim edge is a no-no for me

  • Allen Saunders
    Allen Saunders18 dagar sedan

    The vybertruck isn't even out yet it will be awhile been delayed again. I don't think Tesla will have a tech advantage. Other companies actually build better vehicles that will matter

  • 786otto
    786otto18 dagar sedan

    The worst thing anyone can do is put four-wheel steering on a vechicle.

  • Dean G.2021
    Dean G.202119 dagar sedan

    I think you misinformed your viewers on LMC. You were reading from the short sellers talking points and not recent statements from lordstown Motors.

  • Jackson Bangs
    Jackson Bangs20 dagar sedan

    Isn't the Rivian R1T Electric Truck already in production?

  • 007vsMagua
    007vsMagua20 dagar sedan

    It seems to me, if you combine the simple Cybertruck body and structure design, reduce the cabin size to three occupants, and only have one rear T/W motor, I see no reason that something under $20,000.00 could be made available soon!

  • Soda Fountain To The Stars
    Soda Fountain To The Stars21 dag sedan

    it's funny watching all these other companies either A) try to stay ahead or B) jump on the EV bandwagon. I reserved CyberTruck a year ago and it's the best decision I ever made. The only EV i wanna drive is from the mind of Elon. There's only one Tesla.

  • DethstruXioN ™
    DethstruXioN ™21 dag sedan

    I think Ford will prove to be a big hit next year, mostly because of brand familiarity and it's just extremely practical, considering the size of course. But i still hope to see many Cybertrucks, i just love the design, it will just make the roads look a bit cooler.

  • Craig Taylor
    Craig Taylor21 dag sedan

    The cyber truck can’t have competition until is actually released. In fact there isn’t any competition because there are no electric trucks on the road.

  • dru123456789
    dru12345678921 dag sedan

    I need an electric 3 row suv that’s cheaper than rivian. I’m looking at you Toyota!!! Sequoia or even 4Runner!! Cmooooon!!!

  • Strode 66
    Strode 6621 dag sedan

    I see a lot of GANGS and RAPPERS using the CYBER TRUCK due to its semi BULLETPROOF ABILITY.

  • Strode 66
    Strode 6621 dag sedan

    There area couple of trucks to consider apart from the Tri motor CYBER TRUCK, I’m mainly interested in POWER/RANGE/RELIABILITY and price . I’m not too worried about hi tech computer stuff. I REALLY HOPE THAT THESE TRUCKS AND EV CARS HAVE A MANUAL HANDBRAKE FOR TRICKY DRIVING and not something that I have to look for on a screen. I’m hoping to get at least one tri motor cyber truck but something might sway me when the time comes. Great to have some sort of competition all though most seem to lack ATM.

  • Jackyl Smith
    Jackyl Smith21 dag sedan

    It’s about time A Tesla can park itself. I mean Fords have been doing this for about a decade. 👍 Tesla. Your only 10 years behind Legacy auto makers.

  • Ash Bethel
    Ash Bethel22 dagar sedan

    That Atlis truck render looks stunning. Hope that one makes it to production someday.

    MICHGO122 dagar sedan


  • Dustin Cybercropz
    Dustin Cybercropz22 dagar sedan

    cybertruck 4 life ;) everything else is garbo

  • Mister Soeciale
    Mister Soeciale22 dagar sedan

    I applaud Tesla for being the only company to redesign the truck, as with batteries a truck no longer needs a front engine bay and it’s shape does not need to be conventional. The other manufacturers simply lack imagination.

  • Brad Somrak

    Brad Somrak

    15 dagar sedan

    Seeing the Canoo makes you think “too conventional?” Huh?

  • Rob
    Rob22 dagar sedan

    Wait till people see the cybertruck in person…it’s a game changer. Pictures don’t do it justice and it wasn’t even a finished product. I ordered a second one once I was up to it in person

  • falain Falino
    falain Falino22 dagar sedan

    Can't wait to receive my Tri motor CT 2022. 🙌

  • cheong cch
    cheong cch22 dagar sedan

    Chevy Silverado using GM's Ultium battery. What's so great about that? GM can't seem to be able to resolve the Bolt battery fires. Ultium batteries also?

  • Colin T
    Colin T22 dagar sedan

    Great Wall are bringing out an EV truck in the near future (we call them Utes), may not rate well in the US but in some countries that will not see other options for some time they may be first to market.

  • Duck Norris
    Duck Norris23 dagar sedan

    The Rivian is priced high but you get those two Dyson fans on the front included in that price.

  • nakfan100
    nakfan10023 dagar sedan

    Great overview 👍 The Fisker truck looks really nice. And it doesn't hurt that Henrik Fisker is a Danish designer 😊 previously for BMW. BR, Per (Denmark)

  • Bing Hyong-bae Bang
    Bing Hyong-bae Bang23 dagar sedan

    Ford is cutting its own knees off by selling an electric pickup truck because gas trucks are the biggest money making product in their lineup. It makes more sense to sell a very well made sedan because that market for Fords aren't making any money, or so I heard.

  • mrspeigle1
    mrspeigle123 dagar sedan

    I'm going to say this up front, given current market conditions price projections the F-150 Lightning is the only legitimate cybertruck competitor at this time. The rivian and the Hummer EV are going to be too expensive, and the others are very likely to become vaporware. No it didn't lie I really want the canoe to be a successful truck because I think it looks cool.

  • Preston Tucker

    Preston Tucker

    22 dagar sedan

    Hard to predict market conditions. The expensive ford matches the cheapest CT. No competition on price.

  • Florencio Vela
    Florencio Vela23 dagar sedan

    i've ordered the tri motor fsd cybertruck & all i can say is, GO ELON! NO ONE CAN DO WHAT YOU HAVE DONE & WILL KEEP DOING.!>JEFF WHO??< Oh, a jealous Billionaire!!(SORE LOSER) shame on JEFFERY for suing NASA for being beat by the best space ship now in hard working & very successfully supplying the ISS & astronauts, startlink, boring company, tesla cars&trucks

  • EKDesign
    EKDesign23 dagar sedan

    Get a Y with a tow hitch and a 4x8 or bigger trailer BOOM local haller beast.

  • Bob A Booey
    Bob A Booey23 dagar sedan

    8 cars/trucks on Fords lot…. Hopefully still have Ford dealerships in 2022.

  • Mike Dean
    Mike Dean23 dagar sedan


  • Scott Parsons
    Scott Parsons23 dagar sedan

    All this, yet another year goes by and NO electric truck. In addition, they all keep getting pushed off. Electric trucks seem to be something coming out for years, yet none ever come out.

  • Ivan Kuljis
    Ivan Kuljis23 dagar sedan


  • Ivan Kuljis
    Ivan Kuljis23 dagar sedan

    I wrote some days back Tesla S PLAID is 'QUEEN OF THE ROAD' That being what it is CYBRTRK is 'KING OF THE ROAD' Good luck disproving that after riding in a PLAID Version that l hope to 'cash-up' for when it arrives DownUnder in 2022 or early 2023.

  • Photelegy
    Photelegy23 dagar sedan

    2:50 Please make a Model 2 like a miniatur Cybertruck to be able to make it as cheap as possible 😉👍🏻

  • Patrick Crawford
    Patrick Crawford23 dagar sedan

    I never ever thought I would purchase a truck, but the Cybertruck changed that. It is in a class of its own. It is not just the pickup truck buyers that will be purchasing it!

  • Chris M
    Chris M23 dagar sedan

    Where's the Badger? That's kind of a large omission from your list. It's easily one of the best-looking ET's coming out and has an optional H2 fuel cell range extender.

  • clncl L
    clncl L23 dagar sedan

    I hope we stick with ones with at least a prototype and factory when we discuss "Cybertruck Competition". Likes of Fisker will always have their entry in any type of vehicles where Tesla is. More relevant ones that should've been included are ones from China... the one that's actually selling.

  • Kurt G
    Kurt G23 dagar sedan

    Initially i thought the Cybertruck would be the first to market, then with the announced Texas factory production delay i thought maybe the Rivian, but thats still on hold too so maybe the Ford Lightning will be the first ? Tesla has shown that without competition they can easily raise the prices up higher to meet the demands ... so it pays to be the first on the market no matter how the specs compare between these 3 ...

  • Preston Tucker

    Preston Tucker

    22 dagar sedan

    Rivian is limited. As far as specs. They cost more & it has less performance by comparison to a CT.

  • _ MySilentBlue
    _ MySilentBlue23 dagar sedan

    I really dig the Canoo van body style.

  • jazeboy69
    jazeboy6923 dagar sedan

    It’s all vapourware until we see large numbers. Even GM can’t make electric cars having lost nearly $2 billion in recalls they are still a way off from mass production. Let alone all the other tech Tesla has.

  • Richie Rich
    Richie Rich23 dagar sedan

    Can someone tell Elon musk to add mobile home drag system accessory with the ability to charge While being dragged. An ability to change individual battery pack in the cyber pickup truck like a true tool.🤩

  • Manuel Rendon
    Manuel Rendon23 dagar sedan

    Good video. However you should’ve said that the other startups are the ones who haven’t proven themselves, Tesla has proven itself over and over. The big question mark is not on Tesla but on the rest.

  • Deep Prey
    Deep Prey23 dagar sedan

    The bollinger is a joke at that price. They want 100k more than it’s worth

  • Taurus
    Taurus24 dagar sedan

    I lile it a lot that Tesla is very disruptive. I believe smart EVs can be better than ICEs in every single way.

  • Nicholas T
    Nicholas T24 dagar sedan

    How will the tri-motor “Plaid” Cybertruck sell for only $69,990, when “effectively” the same vehicle in a sedan body (model S Plaid, with 114 miles LESS RANGE!) currently COSTS $60,000 more at $129,990 ????????? I say “Plaid” Cybertruck is “effectively” the same as the model S Plaid, because the tri-model Cybertruck will have the same carbon-sleeve motors and have similar insane acceleration at 0-60 in 2.9 seconds (given the extra 2,000+ lbs weight of the CT) Folks, there is NO WAY that Tesla will be able to deliver a Plaid Cybertruck at a little more than HALF the price of an equivalent Plaid model S, especially considering the CT will have approx 120 miles more range, and something like a 150+ KWhr battery pack !!!! Can’t be done!!

  • Ronald Lenz

    Ronald Lenz

    23 dagar sedan

    Agree, the CT3 is a bargain. Never thought I would say $70K was a bargain!

  • David Pulido
    David Pulido24 dagar sedan

    Ryan how many CTs do you think Tesla wil produce/deliver in 2022 🤔?

  • Jason Ptacek
    Jason Ptacek24 dagar sedan

    Im sorry but the Bollinger specs/price is sad. I know new car companies have to start somewhere but its really bad.

  • tuckersaspy
    tuckersaspy24 dagar sedan

    lordstown is focusing on work trucks, industrial construction fleets. software limiting to 80mph def makes sense as you dont really want your employees exceeding that for several reasons

  • Niall
    Niall24 dagar sedan

    Cool roundup! i would have spent more time and given more props on the Rivian R1T and R1S - if specs and what we've already seen in testing become reality they are the best electric truck coming in the near future hands down.

  • Steve Martin
    Steve Martin24 dagar sedan

    Only ONE manufacturer has announced plans for a high-volume EV-Truck, and it happens to be Tesla. It also happens to be the winner on nearly all specs at any price point you pick. 🤷‍♂️

  • Fearsome Beard
    Fearsome Beard24 dagar sedan

    CyberTruck all the way! Now just build my Tri-motor please…

  • MaximGhost
    MaximGhost24 dagar sedan

    1. Tesla Cybertruck 2. Ford F-150 Lightning 3. GM Hummer ... that's the ranking by sales for 2022. Everybody else not on the above list declares bankrupt by Q2 of 2023.

  • Brad Somrak

    Brad Somrak

    15 dagar sedan

    Rivian won’t go bankrupt.

  • MaximGhost


    22 dagar sedan

    @Preston Tucker Yes, that was all Taliban Joe. Stop deflecting.

  • Preston Tucker

    Preston Tucker

    22 dagar sedan

    @MaximGhost taliban joe? Did he negotiate the release of 5000 taliban prisoners? Which undermined the Afgan govt? Didn't think so.

  • MaximGhost


    22 dagar sedan

    @Preston Tucker Unfortunately, Taliban Joe will bail them out. He already made it clear that he will waste billions in taxpayers' dollars to save union jobs (for the votes) when he had Ford and GM at the White House and Tesla was not invited. On flip side, if Trump or another GOP was POTUS, then billions would be wasted on keeping oil prices low so drivers of ICE trucks and SUVs will continue to be happy. Either way, Ford (and GM) wins.

  • Preston Tucker

    Preston Tucker

    22 dagar sedan

    Actually Ford might go into bankruptcy due to debt. Unless govt bailout. Hard to make transition during low sales of ICE. Need money to invest in ev manufacturing.

  • crashoverride93637
    crashoverride9363724 dagar sedan

    I just want to thank you for knowing that its 300 series metal not "30 times cold rolled steel" it drives me crazy when people say that

  • bdcountry1
    bdcountry124 dagar sedan

    Cyber truck specs are not final. Tesla as it is already exaggerates range, the reality of it is, no one knows how good the cyber truck will be until it comes out. I have to say, I sort of resent the idea that the pickup truck design is "boring", there's a reason the best selling pickup for 40 years hasn't changed much. Elon musk wanted to make something different, well he did it, but that doesn't mean it's inherently better. If Ford can manage to get over 300 miles, and I think they can, in the lightning, most people that love pickups will go for that one over the cyber truck. I don't understand Tesla sometimes, they say they want to enter the pickup truck market, then they reveal this boxy crossover suv looking type thing and call it a truck. The only people buying the cyber truck are people that love tesla and technology, pickup truck buyers going EV will most likely go for the rivian or F150, myself included.

  • HeliTom
    HeliTom24 dagar sedan

    I doubt the cybertruck will be safer in a crash. Imagine hitting a wall going 50mph. Cybertruck is so stiff with no crumple zones to absorb impact, so the forces in the cabin will be horrible. I would much rather be in a Tesla model 3 in that situation.

  • HeliTom


    21 dag sedan

    @Preston Tucker I know that, but I would assume that’s not enough. It will rigid and stiff like crazy compare to anything else IMO. That said; I hope it will make the EU regulations cause I want one here in Norway.

  • Preston Tucker

    Preston Tucker

    22 dagar sedan

    It has a frunk. That's a crumple zone. It's not immune from getting crushed.

  • Edwin Soto
    Edwin Soto24 dagar sedan

    First time watcher, great video! Love the shirt.

  • Kryojenix
    Kryojenix24 dagar sedan

    Saw the video title - thought: sign me up, I want to win a Cybertruck in a competition....

  • Mr. GARDY
    Mr. GARDY24 dagar sedan

    You already make a video like that, come on brotha. Déjà-vu

  • TMT83
    TMT8324 dagar sedan

    Can’t wait to see the CT on roads next year. EV trucks are long overdue ✌🏼 🛻 ⚡️

  • Raul Ragunton
    Raul Ragunton24 dagar sedan

    Great video as always. The only comment I have is about Rivian. Rivian hasn’t mass produced anything yet so I don’t understand how they can be compared to GM, Ford or Tesla. Until they are able to show they they can build something of their line we should be skeptical. I saw it at the prototypes in the LA auto show a few years ago, it does look impressive in person.

  • Richard Pay
    Richard Pay24 dagar sedan

    Only cybertruck will have FSD.

  • James Paul
    James Paul24 dagar sedan

    Great overview Ryan, another competition will be to see how many actually receive their Cybertrucks in 2022, with 4680 and other production delays and ongoing parts shortages

  • Rob van den Assum
    Rob van den Assum24 dagar sedan

    Dodge 2024. Just wanted to add it. Very exciting being a contractor and seeing these cool ideas especially Canoo although not great towing. If the CT tri can deliver what was promised then we will also keep the other reservations.

  • Edgar Guillen
    Edgar Guillen24 dagar sedan

    To “save money” but then Elon says one right now would cost $1 million to produce lol

  • Preston Tucker

    Preston Tucker

    22 dagar sedan

    You're taking that out of context.

    RKGSD24 dagar sedan

    That Tesla truck definitely looks legit as far as being able to handle typical pickup duties. I'm surprised the starting price is as low as it is.

  • Preston Tucker

    Preston Tucker

    22 dagar sedan

    It's the exoskeleton.

  • Vlad Coste
    Vlad Coste24 dagar sedan

    Digital rendering its easy. Production is hard.

  • Matt P

    Matt P

    24 dagar sedan

    Talk is easy too, they can say any figures they want and not have to prove it

  • Aaron Maynard
    Aaron Maynard24 dagar sedan

    Is it just me, or does crab walk take up more room than just turning the steering wheel and driving forward?

  • Jason Ptacek

    Jason Ptacek

    24 dagar sedan

    @Matt P I've seen the cybertruck try to pull into a parking garage. It needs 4 wheel steering.

  • Matt P

    Matt P

    24 dagar sedan

    Four wheel steering is one of the dumbest options for cars. Why do you think no cars do it anymore and all the ones that did failed. Its a gimmick not an actually useful feature

  • Gene Phipps

    Gene Phipps

    24 dagar sedan

    Yeah in every one of their very contrived "examples" it was pretty obvious just driving through normally would have been better / easier. This is a classic example of a solution looking for a problem. Unless it can crab at much closer to 90 degrees...pretty worthless. Similar to the Rivian's "tank turn" which is also mostly useless.

  • Testache
    Testache24 dagar sedan

    Until the cyber truck comes out it would be nice of the model why was a little more off-road capable… With a package was better tires and ground clearance

  • M3P
    M3P24 dagar sedan

    Ain’t no competition! Everyone else is fighting for 2nd place!

  • Craig Fontana
    Craig Fontana24 dagar sedan

    Looks like a crackhead schizophrenic designed it

  • Rheingold
    Rheingold24 dagar sedan

    In a way the Cybertruck doesn't have any competition, it's unique.

  • KababFPV
    KababFPV24 dagar sedan

    I just wanted to say that I think you do a really amazing job on your channel. Coming from another youtuber, I know how much work and effort it takes and your presentation ability and skill in keeping it interesting plus pacing is really on point. I know you love reporting on EV's but I feel like you would be very valuable in many other areas as well.

  • Nicklas Paul
    Nicklas Paul24 dagar sedan

    I’ve got the CT reserved now but I really hope alpha comes through

  • TMT83


    24 dagar sedan

    Me too but don’t get your hopes up as they’ve only displayed a shell with no interior lol.

  • Spool Lyger
    Spool Lyger24 dagar sedan

    Isn't the 39k ford truck only available to commercial companies and not being sold to normal people? And the next model up was something like 45k?

  • irag34
    irag3424 dagar sedan

    The cybertruck will be a truck with no dents after 10 years, bar an accident and internals that will also last as long with little to 0 maintenenace. The current tesla batteries are at 90% capacitiy after 200k miles. The new batteries should last longer. Adding Tesla software update, the cybertruck will retain more value than any other car/truck. Period.

  • Sensei Nick
    Sensei Nick24 dagar sedan

    Placed my pre-order today for CT3. Hoping I see it by 2024.... and it's all we hope it seems to be.

  • Omaer 1
    Omaer 124 dagar sedan


  • Brucec 95
    Brucec 9524 dagar sedan

    So what about Toyota?.....Actually, a Hybrid pickup currently makes some sense as towing kills your range. Prius size commuter cars are going to be wiped out by BEV once it costs less to make EV than Ice. As for Hydrogen, where are all the filling stations?

  • R. Brown

    R. Brown

    24 dagar sedan

    All excellent points I have been making as well. The issue of lack of stations to refuel hydrogen powered vehicles has been completely ignored by the mainstream automotive press. Ford has announced a hybrid truck and I expect they will divert batteries from the Lightning to the hybrid. They will be able to make substantially more trucks with their limited battery supply.

  • Bruno De Marques
    Bruno De Marques24 dagar sedan

    Indestructible trucks , humanoid AI robots and even the Boring Company (underground tunnels): It seems Elon is building tech he can use in space and in colonizing other planets

    WJG GMT24 dagar sedan

    Lets be honest, there is not going to be any truck actually competing with Tesla.

  • bdcountry1


    24 dagar sedan

    Except the real pickups but then the cyber truck isn't meant for people that actually use pickups. It's meant for the affluent city dweller that sees Tesla as a status symbol. Guaranteed the only reason everyone is buying this thing is because its new and cool not because they call it a truck.

  • Angelo Cacchione
    Angelo Cacchione24 dagar sedan

    Let's not forget no 🎨 that should keep the price down too

  • Lewis Moten
    Lewis Moten24 dagar sedan

    So far there has only been one EV truck sold commercially. The ComutaTruck was based on Comuta Car/Postal van, based on Sebring Vanguard CitiCar.

  • dahveed284
    dahveed28424 dagar sedan

    It is really difficult to compare products that are only announced. Do any of these offerings have final specs and prices announced? Maybe Rivian does. And for the new makers, coming out with a new vehicle now is very hard. Supplies for the legacy automakers are tight, imagine being a new company with no released products and trying to buy chips and batteries. Anyway, the EV truck market looks to be exciting in the coming years.

  • The Electric Man
    The Electric Man24 dagar sedan

    2022 Tesla Cybertruck has no Competition

  • Brad Somrak

    Brad Somrak

    15 dagar sedan

    Especially because the 2022 Cybertruck is unlikely to exist.

  • Tor Egil Gulliksen
    Tor Egil Gulliksen24 dagar sedan

    Is the frunk bigger in a Tesla 3 single motor ,then a Tesla 3 double motor ?

  • Matt P

    Matt P

    23 dagar sedan

    @Gregory Murphy Ya i have 2015 model s dual motor and my buddy has a 2015 model s single motor and his frunk is much bigger than mine

  • Gregory Murphy

    Gregory Murphy

    23 dagar sedan

    @Matt P With the 3, they just use the same one to reduce the number of different parts. I have a RWD 3, and there is a large-ish open area below and behing the tub where a motor would go. I THINK they've switched to doing that with the S and X too, but not sure.

  • Matt P

    Matt P

    24 dagar sedan

    @Gregory Murphy in my model s the frunk is much smaller because of the dual motor vs the single motor frunk

  • Gregory Murphy

    Gregory Murphy

    24 dagar sedan

    @Matt P No. Same tub.

  • Matt P

    Matt P

    24 dagar sedan


  • HD
    HD24 dagar sedan

    such a ugly looking truck

  • HD
    HD24 dagar sedan

    when is the 2022 model 3 coming out

  • philzone
    philzone24 dagar sedan

    Just like everyone else you don't mention that Cyber truck has never wax never rust stainless steel body.

  • Brad Hansen

    Brad Hansen

    24 dagar sedan

    And because that stainless steel is hardened, no more dimples on every door from jackasses in parking lots flinging their doors open and into the side of your vehicle.

  • Gareth
    Gareth24 dagar sedan

    Zero competition in my checkbook, already two cybertrucks ordered. For the public, who cares, this is my dream car and it’s all I care

  • Iron Man
    Iron Man24 dagar sedan

    Jeep and Hummer are big competition

  • Dieter Zerressen

    Dieter Zerressen

    24 dagar sedan

    Hummer wasn't last time out and it won't be again.

  • Venom White
    Venom White24 dagar sedan

    Is 350 kW charging just marketing? As far as I know GM isn't building charging stations except home chargers and high speed charging at home is something you will rarely need. So unless someone actually provides chargers that support that and are available at your location, it will be meaningless.

  • Brad Hansen

    Brad Hansen

    24 dagar sedan

    Some of these trucks will be part of commercial fleets. You can bet fleet managers will install fast chargers at their larger locations.

  • Adam Davis
    Adam Davis24 dagar sedan

    I like the shape of the bolenger. It look great but way too expensive

  • Coz Iii
    Coz Iii24 dagar sedan

    You basically repeated from your last video or so before . Why repeat.

  • LE HS
    LE HS24 dagar sedan

    Not that I want anymore hurt, but seeing a collision outcome between the CyberTruck and a regular truck would be interesting.

  • Preston Tucker

    Preston Tucker

    22 dagar sedan

    Crash tests will be fun.

  • FamilyFirstJ
    FamilyFirstJ24 dagar sedan

    Nice video

  • ⊙ ⊙
    ⊙ ⊙24 dagar sedan

    Competition? WHAT competition?