2022 Tesla Competition

EV Competitors coming from Ford, GM, Kia, Hyundai, Chevy, Ram, Mercedes, BMW, and many more!

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  • Ezra Gabay
    Ezra Gabay12 dagar sedan

    Tesla cars are very bumpy -suspension sucks!!!!

  • Black Panther
    Black Panther16 dagar sedan


  • Travis F
    Travis F17 dagar sedan

    The one I have been hoping to see sooner is the ID Buzz, I have seen one of the prototypes up close, it has a gorgeous interior and the lines are sweet. However, I am going for Cybertruck at this point.

  • Thomas Baker
    Thomas Baker23 dagar sedan

    Zero footprint…that is a joke…wear fires the electric plant? Coal or gas…BE REAL…NOT FAKE HYPE

  • mrdvs31
    mrdvs3123 dagar sedan


  • George Vavoulis
    George Vavoulis26 dagar sedan

    Ryan you missed EVs by Volvo and Lightyear

  • Toby Kinkaid
    Toby Kinkaid27 dagar sedan

    No mention of H2 fuel cell EVs? They're EVs too! I hope you'll "expand" your language to understand there are two "types" of EVs. Given all battery EVs can't scale to decarbonize transportation, it would be good if you'd include Fuel Cell EVs, which can. Seems important.

  • Paul Dionne
    Paul Dionne27 dagar sedan

    tesla AI Optimus go ing to build own special type of vehicle for self drive round in for to show elegant sophisticated seductive luxury muscle charm brilliant advance design style moon color bad ass look ing car for 8hr cruise 0-60 let says 1.5sec. top speed 240 -280mph in safe comfort control with 20min charge time for go again yep suggest to yous start to design this one tesla AI optimus car also with Windows go black to clear see in oh yes ones bad ass tesla AI optimus car for to advertise may this one get at least this from you or still ask ing for too much from you seem you like free is it ummm ya think ing so

  • J K
    J K29 dagar sedan

    Does anybody that buys a Tesla other than the people who check their phone constantly for Sentry Mode notifications hoping deep down it was activated so they can send in their footage to Wham Bam Teslacam and then the police actually care AT ALL about the 0-60 time?

  • No-review _4Now
    No-review _4NowMånad sedan

    Tesla is like apple. They never go On Sale

  • vivek menon
    vivek menonMånad sedan

    Hahahahahaahaha... 🤣🤣🤣🤣... your title is soon funny...!

  • Ram Coron
    Ram CoronMånad sedan

    Have you missed Rivian?

  • raventhorX
    raventhorXMånad sedan

    That one with the HUD looks interesting. Been wondering for the longest time why even combustion vehicles do t have anything like those yet.

  • Akira
    AkiraMånad sedan

    Who paid for this ad?

  • Marcel Gulii
    Marcel GuliiMånad sedan

    Any updates on the Chinese manufacturers? NIO, X-Peng and recently BYD are heading to Europe and I think to US soon.

  • m xux
    m xuxMånad sedan

    lordstown endurance out late september

  • John Bailey
    John BaileyMånad sedan

    Another excellent update; any EV enthusiast should be encouraged by the many producers now actively engaged. However, the major bottlenecks ahead concerning battery materials (lithium, nickel, etc.) and charging infrastructure seem to offer major speed bumps. Who besides Tesla, are actively working these issues?

  • Dharma
    DharmaMånad sedan

    once the infrastructure for charging stations take off Tesla will lose steam to the point where it will be just another electric vehicle to choose among everyone else in fact don't be surprised if there a take over candidate

  • SL twentyeight
    SL twentyeightMånad sedan

    rav4 with a battery slap on. no thanks.

  • Simmer Pete
    Simmer PeteMånad sedan

    Wish more states would have benefits for EV drivers. I’m in Iowa and we get nothing. Also Tesla’s trade in estimates are insulting. Guess they don’t really want everyone in evs.

  • Thomas Conley
    Thomas ConleyMånad sedan

    It's disappointing that almost all of these EVs are SUVs which are the last thing we need in transportation. My experience is most of these drivers are inconsiderate, rude and just plain bad. If you feel the need to be in your living room all the time... stay home. Maybe Hydrogen will offer better designs.

  • Freddy
    FreddyMånad sedan

    You missed the q4 etron

  • Freddy
    FreddyMånad sedan

    I test drove the id.4 and I think that it is a sluggish attempt to enter the ev market The quality was horrible and was not very well designed, the Audi q4 etron (wich I also test drove is an excellent car) wich is 5,000£ (6,900 dollars) more expensive is it far better option. Although ultimately my family did go with the Tesla model three until the Tesla model Y comes out in the UK.

  • Gene Goodwin
    Gene GoodwinMånad sedan

    A lot of EV's coming, but the only three that can be bought today in my area are the Nissan Leaf, the Chevy Bolt EV and the Bolt EUV. All three starting prices re just over $30,000 which makes them more appealing than some of the others that are closer or over $100,000.

  • Lee Sin
    Lee SinMånad sedan

    So my model S long range is faster than all of them. In last 6 months, my car actually appreciated by $10K....

  • Housam Khoury
    Housam KhouryMånad sedan


  • Dan P
    Dan PMånad sedan

    Ryan, you forgot the Mini SE electric available now and Audi Q4 e-tron coming soon.

  • ymcpa73


    Månad sedan

    Mini SE has 120 miles of range. It's strictly a city car. Not a great choice for most.

  • Dean Fisher
    Dean FisherMånad sedan

    Ryan, I’m a big fan of your comprehensive EV reviews. I’m a little baffled by the fact that when you talk about the benefits of owning and driving an EV you don’t mention anything about them having a significantly lower carbon impact on the environment, especially when one charges via solar panels on their home. I believe making this a major part of the discussion is important for anyone who has any concern for the environment and potentially educational for those people who never think about these things. The benefits are not only practical as you mention but are significant for environmental preservation. I currently charge my Tesla and i3 via my solar panels and pay about $27 a month for my electric bill.

  • ymcpa73


    Månad sedan

    People who are concerned about the environment already know this. The average car buyer is buying based on priced and practicality. The environment is just a bonus.

  • Ray_B_Swervin
    Ray_B_SwervinMånad sedan

    Auto pilot included? I'm in the market for a model Y performance and auto pilot is 10k

  • Ray_B_Swervin


    Månad sedan

    @ihisatake do you think its worth optioning the car with FSD? Summon is pretty cool. I don't know if its 10k lol

  • ihisatake


    Månad sedan

    Auto pilot is different from full self driving (FSD) which is an extra cost. Also, you can try fsd for a monthly charge of $199 USD.

  • Månad sedan

    Nice vid but I think you forgot about the mini se which I think is the best ev right now

  • LexaPr0
    LexaPr0Månad sedan

    It will be nice when the prices reach the everyday folk. Although I can afford a Tesla, I have no interest yet, as their cheapest offering doesn’t get the range I’d like. You start getting that 400 mile range down around 30K, then we’ll talk.

  • N V
    N VMånad sedan

    I'm not paying a hundred grand for any vehicle. Also, I prefer to let other buyers be the beta testers on new models.

  • A- lX S
    A- lX SMånad sedan

    We got the Ionic 5 in EU, interior is really cheap. Not like the exterior at all so big deception. Concerning batteries, it’s good though.

  • Martin Maitner
    Martin MaitnerMånad sedan

    Hahaha. Tesla vehicles are the only decent option with the exception of Lucid at a higher price for Lucid! Great video!

  • David Woods
    David WoodsMånad sedan

    So Canada plans to ban sale of all ICE vehicle's by 2035... guess Honda's gonna have a tough time from 2035 to 2040

  • Lawn Dart
    Lawn DartMånad sedan

    Why isn’t NOTA seen as or considered a union? Wouldn’t this constitute the federal discount/rebate?

  • Harsh Mehta
    Harsh MehtaMånad sedan

    What about EQC AND EQE??

  • Steven Irby
    Steven IrbyMånad sedan

    I think the biggest threat to Tesla is VW. I think they'll actually deliver on pumping out EVs in large numbers. Maybe not in 22 but for sure in 23.

  • nox5555


    Månad sedan

    they already produce half the EVs Tesla does and they grow alot faster.

  • MegaZeeds
    MegaZeedsMånad sedan

    Nuisance aria looks interesting, but I ain’t dealing with Nissan again

  • Shane Churilla
    Shane ChurillaMånad sedan

    Tesla is still planning their 25k car for next year right? When do you think the unveiling will be? This should be a top priority for Tesla.

  • Shane Churilla

    Shane Churilla

    Månad sedan

    @ymcpa73 some suggesting evidence: This should be a top priority for them to release Battery production should be ready by mid 2022 latest There is a very large team in China working on the car There is a car event in China this fall Tesla wants to appear at

  • ymcpa73


    Månad sedan

    Not next year for sure. Maybe 2-3 years from now. If you notice, Tesla has a habit of announcing a car, saying it will arrive at the end of the year or early next year, and actually delivering it a year later. Since they haven't announced anything yet, don't anticipate that car any time soon. I think at this point battery production is a limiting factor. They need all the batteries they make for their current lineup plus the cybertruck and Semi. They even stopped selling powerwalls separately. I don't see how they can make a $25k car right now.

  • xrayaiz74
    xrayaiz74Månad sedan

    I'd say, per Tesla's original mission statement--to accelerate the world's adoption of EVs (or words to that effect)--their mission has been accomplished. Yes, the competition to Tesla must bring their EVs to production status so the public can buy them. I still find it somewhat humorous and sad that many of Tesla's competitors only decided to get serious about producing an EV when they realized that they will be going out of business, eventually, if they don't. The changing legislation helps but that's not what changed their mind. The 'new' kid on the block didn't fail in an effort to make EVs appealing and compelling as an alternative to ICE. They succeeded. Now, the incumbents have had a 'come to Jesus' moment. Typical. We'll see what happens next with their new stuff. But, the darker side of this video is that in 5 years time, create a part 2 and see who's still in business or who is about to go out-of-business.

  • Tim W
    Tim WMånad sedan

    nobody will catch Tesla before 2025 but they have created competition which is good for everyone. The big OEM mfg are coming after Tesla which is a good thing for consumers and the planet.

  • Reddylion
    ReddylionMånad sedan

    Cheaper electric cars more competition very good.....

  • The EDNC
    The EDNCMånad sedan

    Sorry Tesla haters, Audi doesn’t stand a chance ...

  • Mischa De Brouwer
    Mischa De BrouwerMånad sedan

    Ryan, check the Fully Charged channel in the UK. They have some of these vehicles tested in the wild, because they are first sold in Europe.

  • Don Browning
    Don BrowningMånad sedan

    The competition is the annual production of millions of old fashion ICE cars.

  • CarNutMick60
    CarNutMick60Månad sedan

    Thanks Ryan! I really enjoy your reviews, very informative. I like the fact that you include the tax incentives as well. I have a Cybertruck reservation, patiently waiting to see the final design and dimensions. I'd love to see you do a review on the Ioniq 6. I think it's a very interesting looking EV.

  • Michael Lee
    Michael LeeMånad sedan

    16:45 GMC HUMMER EV SUV CRABWALK! OMG! That looks amazing. I like to see Tesla incorporating that technology for its vehicles. Like all of them.

  • Alfonso Saballett
    Alfonso SaballettMånad sedan

    What about Canoo electric vehicle? Some of their vehicle are starting at $35,000.

  • Steven Vacher
    Steven VacherMånad sedan

    Got my deposit in for the Kia EV6 GT Line S hoping for expected October delivery (UK).

  • aravaah
    aravaahMånad sedan

    As a girl … I wish there was something smaller… but not the mini,because it is too small.. and with a decent range. All of the cars are huge … and the bolt is weird

  • Panda Man
    Panda ManMånad sedan

    Electric Toyota Tundra

  • Raymaster7482
    Raymaster7482Månad sedan

    I believe the EV with the biggest range atm is the Mercedes EQS

  • NTN Labs
    NTN LabsMånad sedan

    You are kind to "the competition" :)

  • Sean Reilly
    Sean ReillyMånad sedan

    The bad thing about EVs is that they lose range over time, just like your phone battery does. A Tesla Model 3 will lose about 15 miles of range per year.

  • Raymaster7482


    Månad sedan

    Yes it will lose range but that depends on a lot of factors. For example on your charging habits - do you use more AC or DC, how often do you charge to 100% and so on. There are many videos on that subject... Saw a M3 which lost around 10% capacity after ~170000km

  • Rick Kay
    Rick KayMånad sedan

    1:52 this applies to ALL cars. If you don't drive it like the epa, cant get those epa numbers regrdless

  • trezapoioiuy


    Månad sedan

    But you can still compare them

  • Jamesmichael Cabrera
    Jamesmichael CabreraMånad sedan

    Don’t forget to keep in mind most of the other auto makers under estimate their range & tesla over state

  • 69


    Månad sedan

    Except that's not really true and if you're referring to that one test there was a lot of fishy stuff done.

  • fred kelly
    fred kellyMånad sedan

    Autopilot will be mandatory within the next decade. When the road toll starts dropping to down to next to zero people are going to demand it. You cannot say I have the right to kill people.

    JOHNNY PAXTONMånad sedan

    Vw id 6

  • Demmolitionman
    DemmolitionmanMånad sedan

    The Ford Mach E only qualifies for the $7500 tax credit if it's built in the U.S.

  • ymcpa73


    Månad sedan

    It's on the IRS list of qualified vehicles. So, you get the credit.

  • Tim Lucas
    Tim LucasMånad sedan

    The Model 3 is the most popular not only because it's the cheapest, it's also the best looking and best handling car in Tesla's line-up. The X and Y are ugly ducklings, and the S is long in the tooth.

  • HerbalBuns
    HerbalBuns Månad sedan

    my goodness

  • HerbalBuns
    HerbalBuns Månad sedan


  • Invest and Explore With Zeni
    Invest and Explore With ZeniMånad sedan

    I liked how you put all features of all cars you talked about. You didnt mention any of the chinese companies. I think Xpeng and NIO definitely worth a look! 👏

  • ymcpa73


    Månad sedan

    They are not coming to the US market this year or next.

  • Marie Nguyen
    Marie NguyenMånad sedan

    Would like to see a mid sized EV truck…. Similar to size of Toyota Tacoma. Other ones coming out too big for our needs.

  • C K
    C KMånad sedan

    KIA EV6 has 316-mile range, not 300. 300 is for the performance model.

  • Marie Nguyen
    Marie NguyenMånad sedan

    3rd party charging …other than Tesla SC and electrify America will be slow even if numerous… which is not great for road trips.

  • Marie Nguyen
    Marie NguyenMånad sedan

    Have someone I know who ordered a MachE but won’t get til December 2021 so wonder if they are actually available now?? More than a few here and there.

  • Josh Binder
    Josh BinderMånad sedan

    For the price and specs, not seeing anything beat tesla. You can pay less ($30's) for less specs, or pay more ($50+) for better specs but tesla wins the ($40K) price point imo

  • Josh Binder

    Josh Binder

    Månad sedan

    @Eric Khodorenko yeah good point. Mach E is pretty darn close. For me personally the acceleration is very important to me, if i spend around 40k+ for a car I expect strong acceleration otherwise what's the point



    Månad sedan

    In China there are many better choices

  • Eric Khodorenko

    Eric Khodorenko

    Månad sedan

    I think the Mach E gets very close to the tesla actually because of the $7500 tax credit. Especially if you don't care about acceleration that much. You can get a Mach E at $52,600 -$7500 tax credit with 300 miles of range and with the tax credit you are almost 8 grand cheaper than a comparable Model Y, minus the superior acceleration. But many won't care as much because of instant torque anyway. Arguably better fit on the Mustang as well.

  • Drakenkorin27
    Drakenkorin27Månad sedan

    Teslas competition is like the fact that the sun will burn out and envelop the earth. Its definitely gonna happen....eventually but right now no so much.

  • wcnmlgb
    wcnmlgbMånad sedan

    I wish I could get an ES8 flagship here in the US.

  • Dan Sanger
    Dan SangerMånad sedan

    The ID4 really stands out as the value leader of the current crop, especially after the tax credit and with three years of free charging. Even though it doesn’t get the tax credit, the Bolt is also worth a look because it has a lower MSRP and is often steeply discounted. But, it doesn’t charge very fast.

  • rockin russkiy

    rockin russkiy

    Månad sedan

    ask sandy about that...lol.

  • Fcl Deano
    Fcl DeanoMånad sedan

    You missed Mini Cooper

  • PhuturePhred
    PhuturePhredMånad sedan

    There is no competition tesla is so far ahead of these legacy automakers that its gona be at least another 5 years before they can be considered “competition”.

  • Cesar Trujillo
    Cesar TrujilloMånad sedan

    Please work on your less vs fewer than. Less is for something you can’t count individually. Less water, less time, fewer parts. Less parts means worse parts or minus the parts. Pull out a grammar book and do a review. Errors trip up listeners. If you are typing out your scripts, try grammarly. Great video. It was very thorough, as always.

  • L Laffy
    L LaffyMånad sedan

    Lucid and the Lyriq I find those the prettiest by far. Caddy always builds a good car. Etron is also beautiful of course.

  • L Laffy

    L Laffy

    Månad sedan

    @rockin russkiy I was just talking about what I thought was pretty. But the Lyriq will be out next year. Lucid air is supposed to be released this year or next year. It's amazing the amount of information at our fingertips and keyboard warriors like yourself are so eager to prove someone wrong, due diligence is often non existent. Myself though I'm waiting for hydrogen cars, I never liked the electric concept. I think it will have its 15 minutes but something much better will come along and EVs will go the way of the betamax and the Laserdisc. I'm in no hurry to get rid of gas quite yet. Technologies come and technologies go all the time EVs will just be another one. I'm very awake thanks.

  • rockin russkiy

    rockin russkiy

    Månad sedan

    Ya Lucid and the Lyriq if you live in a fantasy land. TESLA is the best NOW! Not in some int the future lucid dream! Wake up! Its 2021 buddy!

  • Bubba Conway
    Bubba ConwayMånad sedan

    What's with the Maybach driver Quarter..???

  • pcp1701
    pcp1701Månad sedan

    Wait a minute, I'm supposed to worry about the NON-Tesla models changing prices suddenly? I'd rather ask what my dealer wants for a markup and be able to count on that price than count on how Musk feels when he wakes up in the morning, thanks.

  • 40Cal Reef
    40Cal ReefMånad sedan

    They all need to find something other than what they are using to make the batteries, to mine the materials to make the batteries for these cars it leaves huge holes in the earth. Then there are the machines used to mine these materials, almost better off just driving normal gasoline vehicles. Then with some states like California with their rolling brown outs, how are you supposed to charge the car up?????? Also, electricity today is not much cheaper than gasoline, and with all the restrictions placed on energy companies as of late it will soon cost more for electricity than it does for gasoline and gasoline is past Obama era price levels and growing and that has ZERO to do with supply and demand.

  • Thomas Hope
    Thomas HopeMånad sedan

    The prices of these vehicles are ridiculous. The world needs actually affordable cars that compete with what people can get from the ICE market. If not, the majority of people won't be adopting electric for years, and the climate crisis shit is really going to hit the fan. Please, no more 60k SUVs!; let's see electric versions of the Ford Fiesta, Mazda MX5, Renault Clio, Fiat 500 and Volkswagen Golf.

  • Colin Renfrew
    Colin RenfrewMånad sedan

    Great video. Comprehensive.

  • Oliver Kolb
    Oliver KolbMånad sedan

    I’ve been seeing way more model y’s than model 3’s

  • Elizabeth Nguyen
    Elizabeth NguyenMånad sedan

    T is still ahead of the game. No real competition.

  • Mitch Sorenstein
    Mitch SorensteinMånad sedan

    I’d take the Etron GT.

  • johnlovenhill1
    johnlovenhill1Månad sedan

    That was NOT the interior of the IONIQ 5

  • VoodooG
    VoodooGMånad sedan

    Where'd you pull the picture from the Ioniq 5 interior from? That is *not* how the production version of the car looks on the inside, this is a completely different car.

  • David SC
    David SCMånad sedan

    Man, presenting models is easy. I could do it myself. It's about mass production, and that takes time, specially if you're trapped in old OEM tech

  • Harpreet Mankoo
    Harpreet MankooMånad sedan

    I need big and good screen in my car like tesla

  • Mardini Willdern
    Mardini WilldernMånad sedan

    I don’t think other car manufacturers could compete with Tesla’s autopilot feature anytime soon. It’s the result of years of machine learning, user data, optimization, correction, which improves exponentially. It takes time to catch up with, if possible at all.

  • דן הללי
    דן הלליMånad sedan

    Any review of Aiways u5 SUV?

  • Urban Stories
    Urban StoriesMånad sedan

    Very Surprised to not see Lucid in the list!!! Although they are a startup, I feel like they are the true competitor of Tesla.

  • 69


    Månad sedan

    A lot of fishy things about that company

  • Radhames A.
    Radhames A.Månad sedan

    Prototypes are easy, production is hard - elon musk

  • Søren Klinge
    Søren KlingeMånad sedan

    You misted all the chinese Byd, xping, Nio, Fisker and the world most sold EV @usd 5000

  • trezapoioiuy


    Månad sedan

    @txtabby 2nd attempt car startup, even worse.

  • txtabby


    Månad sedan

    EVs sold in the US. Fisker is a 2nd-rate car company imo. Watch the vid again.

  • fatboy19831
    fatboy19831Månad sedan

    Most Gm and Hyundai electric cars can easily exceed their related range in normal driving with moderate ambient temperatures. My RWD or 3 can and does meet its EPA range at around 200 watts per mile. I do that in stop-and-go suburban driving. At around 75 mph on a sunny day I only get around 90% of the EPA range. Tesla's can also go beyond the 0-mile range estimate.

  • Mike Tolman
    Mike TolmanMånad sedan

    Good review with lots of info. Missed the new vehicles from Canoo and Atlis. Also, another good video would be a discussion on the battery makers for each, especially in light of the GM recall. Who is making batteries, how are they configured, what to look for so you don't burn the house down.

  • Sustain Oz
    Sustain OzMånad sedan

    Hi Ryan, you missed all the Chinese brands it seems.

  • Можно все
    Можно всеMånad sedan

    Owning an ev is a dream for me at the moment. But if everything goes as well as it goes right now, we will all be able to buy one of these in 7-10 year, cuz they are already becoming more affordable and show better quality!

  • Marius Hari
    Marius HariMånad sedan

    Finally someone who uses common sense in it's video titles, and not those annoying absurdities like "tesla killer", or "game over over for tesla" and so on

  • Qubit 711
    Qubit 711Månad sedan

    Mach E documenation fees 10k+ takes that savings away real fast...stealership model lol

  • Svein Hanssen
    Svein HanssenMånad sedan

    MB EQC is the 8th most sold EV in Norway this year..

  • Kristian Alvestad

    Kristian Alvestad

    Månad sedan

    7th most sold CAR actually, 5th most sold EV