2022 Tesla Competition

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2021 and 2022 are big years for electric vehicles with popular EV's coming from top brands like Ford, Hyundai, Nissan, Rivian, Kia, Mazda, Chevy, Cadillac, VW, GM and more! We look into each one, and how they stack up against Tesla's current lineup.

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Chevy Bolt
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Audi E-Tron
Audi E-tron GY
Audi Q4 Etron
Hyundai Ioniq 5
BMW i4
Ford Mustang Mach-E
Mustand Mach-E
Mazda MX-30
Nissan Ariya
Kia EV6
Volvo C40 Recharge
Rivian R1T
Rivian R1S
Hummer EV
Hummer SUV
Cadillac Lyriq
Honda EV
Toyota EV
Lexus EV
Subaru EV
Tesla Cybertruck
Mercedes EQS


  • Ryan Shaw
    Ryan Shaw5 månader sedan

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  • Dave Howe

    Dave Howe

    Månad sedan

    caddy will put my 2011 LEAF to SHAME, especially creature comfortr and most of all...R A N G E no more RA (Range Anexiety)

  • Grap3s


    Månad sedan

    @Tade Mehrabian that can’t be charged on a road trip

  • Tade Mehrabian

    Tade Mehrabian

    Månad sedan

    You forgot to talk about Genesis eG80

  • Jerry liu

    Jerry liu

    4 månader sedan

    @Grap3s WTF r u talking about?hi-tech electric car is a shame in America?

  • Jerry liu

    Jerry liu

    4 månader sedan

    check shanghai auto show

  • davesax11
    davesax11Dag sedan

    Thinking of AWD versions of BMW i4 and Kia EV6. Prefer hatchbacks to SUVs or CUVs. Need AWD for rain or snow handling. Fast charge more important than range.

  • G19Kev
    G19Kev2 dagar sedan

    These EVs are all crap. 200-300mi range is equivalent to like 10-12mpg in a 25g gas vehicle... Which is CRAP! Not to mention then how long you have to wait for it to charge... Don't plan on going out of town with these vehicles... The only thing on the horizon in LUCID!! Over 500mi range, 20mi per minute charge time, 9.23 quarter mile. LUCID TO THE MOON!! LUCID IS THE FUTURE!

  • Jim Harris
    Jim Harris3 dagar sedan

    My favorite EV so far is the Model Y.

  • Don Jorgensen
    Don Jorgensen3 dagar sedan

    The Nissan Ayria....have a Leaf and love it but would like more bells and whistles and obviously, more range. I have a Model S, too with a 360 mile range..fantastic vehicle.

  • Dave M
    Dave M4 dagar sedan

    You know by the time these guys get 350 miles on a charge Tesla will be out with 600 miles on a charge

  • RParmable
    RParmable5 dagar sedan

    My favourite by far is model Y . Price and performance can not be matched

  • Argentum
    Argentum10 dagar sedan

    Teslas are looking very dated. They've gained a lead as first to market and have put their feet up.

  • M E
    M E12 dagar sedan

    Model x and y are Not suv‘s!! When you blow the roof of a car does Not mean it is a suv. Look it up

  • N T
    N T13 dagar sedan

    Rivian is going to make another proprietary charging network?? Really Rivian? And please please please improve the look of the front headlights. Whoever designed those should be re-assigned.

  • Tommy_killswitch
    Tommy_killswitch14 dagar sedan

    Hands down my favorite is the hummer. Large battery, 20 minute charging, spacious and powerful, endless utility, fast acceleration, decent brand and looks amazing. My only real gripe is the price point. I mean, i get it. Alot of perks and good bang for your buck. But what is the point of establishing product dominance if only a hanful of people can even obtain it. I hope to see more reasonably priced options like this in the future

  • Donald Brown
    Donald Brown15 dagar sedan

    Lyriq is the most compelling on the list

  • Unattainable
    Unattainable16 dagar sedan

    My Tesla Model 3 looks like the best choice even after 3 years

  • Joey Donaldson
    Joey Donaldson16 dagar sedan

    The humdrum pen cytopathologically desert because tooth dewailly attend with a cynical crib. literate, fanatical george

  • RonaldNexus
    RonaldNexus17 dagar sedan

    Hello, Did you take a look at the Jaguar IPace? I thought one review said they won car of the year, an EV that shows some promise.

  • TheAldrichBros
    TheAldrichBros18 dagar sedan

    You can see this video is dated whenever you mention blue cruise being the same as autopilot.

  • Al Green - Light Through Glass
    Al Green - Light Through Glass22 dagar sedan

    Probably 10 years from maturity - cheap and amazing range with leaps in battery tech improvements

  • Rob Olson
    Rob Olson25 dagar sedan

    What about Lucid?

  • R Gerald Alexander
    R Gerald Alexander25 dagar sedan

    So far Tesla's "competition" has only made Tesla look that much better.

  • davesax11
    davesax1126 dagar sedan

    Nice overview. Looking at the BMW i4 M50 (AWD) and Kia EV6. The Kia is on the same platform as the Hyundai Ioniq 5. Surprised Honda & Toyota are lagging in the EV market space. Are they looking to leapfrog to the next generation? I think of current offerings as 2nd generation on a 2 to 3 year cycle. With 3rd generation expect maturity: 500 mile range, faster charging and a built out charging infrastructure. Then we get mass adoption as manufacturing efficiencies kick in.

  • megaroli
    megaroli27 dagar sedan


  • VMYeahVN
    VMYeahVNMånad sedan

    Man i really can't wait till the good EV Hatchbacks start coming out. Seems like all the manufacturers are focusing on big crossovers, luxury sedans and luxury pickup trucks/off road vehicles. I need Tesla or someone to make like a really actually good EV version of like the Nissan Kicks. i like something more compact and no one's really making that EV yet outside of like the Nissan Leaf or Toyota Prius, which aren't that great in my opinion.

  • Luzter Conroy
    Luzter ConroyMånad sedan

    i wonder if Tesla will make a full size SUV.

  • Anthony Walach
    Anthony WalachMånad sedan

    I'm honestly excited for all of the EVs to come out. As we have seen in the past its a whether or not they actually get out on to the road. I am personally interested in the CyberTruck though. So abstract and interesting with the most to offer in my opinion

  • Sixpack Young
    Sixpack YoungMånad sedan

    You look like a Teddy bear

  • Michael Galindo
    Michael GalindoMånad sedan

    A year from now, Tesla will be 1 whole year further ahead. Other manufacturers will only be 1 further year ahead. And we all know what that looks like.

  • Marc Van Poucke
    Marc Van PouckeMånad sedan

    Ever heard of FIAT or RENAULT, CITROËN, JAGUAR?

  • MrSpiker357
    MrSpiker357Månad sedan

    Ryan, this is a fantastic video. You cover everything very well. Thank you. I am subscribing.

  • Charles Winter
    Charles WinterMånad sedan

    great video. i have an ice f250 as my faily drover and occasuonal tow vehicle. i am torn between getting the least expensive electric truck or the least expensive car as my daily driver. my ice truck i would only use for towing.

  • Johan Alexandersson
    Johan AlexanderssonMånad sedan

    Thanks for this great video! I like the Ionic 5, looks futuristic. BUT, with the all-new G-IMP- platform, I'm surprised the range isn't longer than other brands. That's a disappointment.

  • Juan M santiago
    Juan M santiagoMånad sedan

    Tesla has the infrastructure; you can drive anywhere in the country with a Tesla; can't say that with any other ev manufacturer

  • Pragmatist
    PragmatistMånad sedan

    Hear a lot and see a lot of images and videos but see few electric cars destined for Australia, virtually no small electric cars . Australian Government and Industry are missing, totally. I don’t think an ID.4 VW is coming to Australia, but if and when it does, it will be absolutely unaffordable and poor value for money. VW Australia or Europe, listen…VW cars in Australia, unless pricing is much much lower, don’t bother to send them here

  • coheath
    coheathMånad sedan

    You didn’t mention lucid air

  • Lee Lauer
    Lee LauerMånad sedan

    Just seems so wrong to use the Mustang name for an SUV.

  • Brian Bell
    Brian BellMånad sedan

    All set with EVs. I'll stick to gasoline engines. Thanks.

  • BizzMRK


    Månad sedan

    @Brian Bell its the first thing you see when going on their site but frankly i couldnt care less for the US companies or if they hold true to their advertisement and anouncements or not. I dont even know why you try so hard to turn this into a discussion when all I did was stating facts, but we all know that quiet a few americans love their "alternative facts".

  • Brian Bell

    Brian Bell

    Månad sedan

    @BizzMRK it's cute that you read an announcement and believe it. Can't wait to see the look on your face when 2035 rolls around and GM is still pumping out gas engines. I'll bet you also believed Al Gore when he said the entire world would be underwater by 2012

  • Brian Bell

    Brian Bell

    Månad sedan

    @BizzMRK Who gives a shit about EU? I sure as hell don't. And I'm a proud dieselhead, as you put it. GM only committed to full EV in Europe, not America. If they did that in America, they would go under and you know it.

  • BizzMRK


    Månad sedan

    @Brian Bell They all officially announced it a while back, you can check it out for yourself. Of course there will be a few US manufacturers that wont commit because of their loyal dieselhead customerbase, but they will be in the minority. Even GM commited to full EV.

  • Brian Bell

    Brian Bell

    Månad sedan

    @BizzMRK and in our lifetime at the very least, there will ALWAYS be gasoline engine options. No auto maker, especially in the us, is going to go 100% electric by the year 2030. You're living in a pipe dream.

  • Steve Dowler
    Steve Dowler2 månader sedan

    Thanks Ryan for a great run-down of EVs. My choice is still the Tesla line, preferably the Model 3 for it's range. I live on a well-maintained packed gravel and dirt road system of 6 miles. In this environment, I hope to see some real-world videos. It's not an off-road development but it is also not a chip-sealed system. The Model Y has a little more ground clearance than the Model 3 but is pricier and has less range. If a higher ground clearance can be achieved on a Model 3, that would be my clear choice. That all adds up to my being in a wait-and-see mode although I will be trying a test drive in the M3 sometime soon on roads like my home system.

  • Kard Meksa
    Kard Meksa2 månader sedan

    Completely ignoring Chinese cars. Good luck with that kind of white supremacist behavior (except Nissan - but the Japanese also were Axis). 🤣🤣🤣

  • ThatCho
    ThatCho2 månader sedan

    Nothing from Jeep unfortunately. They need to get in the game!

  • We're all That Bored
    We're all That Bored2 månader sedan

    The F150 Lightnings starting price is 40k and max of 90k. Range is 400 plus as it’s 300 mile range was given with a 1000 pound payload. Guys who are testing it now are saying 450 at 80% charge

  • Jan Vanhaver
    Jan Vanhaver2 månader sedan

    how about the MG Marvel R :-) (sales only in EU I guess...)

    SUGAR RAY2 månader sedan

    As A 2021 Rav4 Limited Hybrid Owner That's Easy... The Toyota BZ4.. Toyota Reliability is 2nd to None... I Can't Wait To Become One Of The 1st Owners...

  • Peter Desjardins
    Peter Desjardins2 månader sedan

    wait... did you say the electric f150 will start at 70K? I heard it started at 29k and 70K was the top model

  • Mic Well
    Mic Well2 månader sedan

    Tesla is the standard everyone has to base off of. But, watch how Elon buries the competition with lowing the prices way below these shown here. Let face it automation (robots) is here. So they is less and less people working at the facilities making the vehicles. Elon knows this. His objective is very clear and he does not have investors to keep happy like these having to hold on to price....Congrats Elon for saving the climate and not investors pockets.... keep on keeping on !!!

  • BizzMRK


    Månad sedan

    what are you talking about? Of course tesla is a publicly traded company with shareholders. Whatever Musk can do to lower prices all the other manufacturers are well capable of as well. If they wanted they could easiely lower their pricing too.

  • M Doc
    M Doc2 månader sedan

    You should take a look at BYD. It is the only company to make the entire vehicle. Tesla as of current still does not make their own batteries but will soon. Also BYD sold more total electric vehicles than anyone. They build buses, vans, Semi's, garbage trucks cars, suv's etc. Also their PE is below 100 while NIO/Li auto/Xpeng have a PE "off the chart" at simply greater than 1000. Tesla's P/E is about 680. BYD also had a revenue of 3 times the combined revenues of NIO/Li/Xpev. Last year they made a profit of 645 million while nio had a loss of 813 million, Xpev lost 419 million, but Li made 237 million. My portfolio is 90% Tesla BTW. Tesla needs to fear not legacy US auto which will all go BK but new Chinese auto EV makers.

  • Jeremy Cate
    Jeremy Cate2 månader sedan

    No mention of lucid air ?

  • Ralph Quinones
    Ralph Quinones2 månader sedan

    Not many states! Some states have incentives, but it’s not the majority.

  • Damian Sco
    Damian Sco2 månader sedan

    Would have been interesting at the very end to include the company that just proved to have the most efficient battery set-up even though they are still in proof of concept. Evidently it is even more efficient than Tesla. But thanks for mentioning the year Acura intends to bring in an EV. Very curious about their offering!

  • frameofmind78


    2 månader sedan

    Proof of concept means nothing if they cannot scale the design upward.

  • jigglypuff wags
    jigglypuff wags2 månader sedan

    Should I buy a tesla model 3 or which model should I buy, if I drive 130 miles everyday

  • jigglypuff wags

    jigglypuff wags

    2 månader sedan

    Or should I buy a Toyota hybrid

  • Ruby Rose
    Ruby Rose2 månader sedan

    Me: Watching to see what options are out there Also me: Refuses to replace a 2005 Toyota Corolla

  • C. Nile

    C. Nile

    Månad sedan

    @Henry the8 I doubt that Ruby's 2005 Corolla would still be losing $500, year on year out. The thing is, Ruby's happy with the 2005 Corolla & would know that trading it in, whether today or 5 years away it's not going to make much difference. Meanwhile, the 2005 Corolla's getting the job done & petrol's cheap. Also, don't assume that everyone can afford a new Tesla.

  • Brian Bell

    Brian Bell

    Månad sedan

    @Henry the8 You make it sound like Tesla's don't break, they don't need parts, and they're cheap to repair. LOL boy have you got a lot to learn.

  • Brian Bell

    Brian Bell

    Månad sedan

    @Henry the8 That is patently false. You always lose money.

  • Henry the8

    Henry the8

    2 månader sedan

    When you consider the initial buying cost it makes sense. How ever you don't realise that you are loosing $5000 a year for petrol, spare parts and service by owning one of these ICE vehicles. On the other hand if you own a Tesla, the savings you make each year will pay for the vehicle by itself and when you sell, the depreciation is very little. Technically you dont loose any money.

  • Robert Purea
    Robert Purea2 månader sedan

    For now and it seems like for the next few years to come, Tesla will reign supreme in this market.

  • Arsenic
    Arsenic2 månader sedan

    Why do they call it the 2022 model when it's released in 2021? That's just silly. BTW... you forgot the NIO ET7, which seems like quite a revolution.

  • Alienwarez567
    Alienwarez5672 månader sedan

    TO bad so many are SUV

  • BizzMRK


    Månad sedan

    @Arsenic atleast the more interesting options are not full sized SUVs and instead are slightly lifted coupes like the Tesla Model Y for example.

  • Arsenic


    2 månader sedan

    Could not agree more, I don't need or want an SUV.

  • Maya Gangal
    Maya Gangal2 månader sedan

    the masda looks rly bad

  • Dr. Beverly Muhammad
    Dr. Beverly Muhammad2 månader sedan

    Tesla is my vote!!!

  • Arsenic


    2 månader sedan

    I'll have the Mercedes, thank you very much.

  • John Bryant
    John Bryant2 månader sedan

    Tesla is the best

  • Cat S.
    Cat S.2 månader sedan

    As Always great Information Thank you!, What about Aptera?

  • fred kelly
    fred kelly2 månader sedan

    I've never liked the way Tesla does their main screens, it looks like they've been glued on top of a perfectly good dash. It has always looked clumsy to me and not integrated into the overall design. The one that caught my eye was the Mercedes and googling confirms my initial response. Now that looks like an ev dash.

  • etheral 90

    etheral 90

    2 månader sedan

    what about the caddy 33 inch screen, looks well integrated

  • Robt The Good
    Robt The Good2 månader sedan

    Tesla is so far ahead in so many areas that VW will have to continue lying and cheating to come anywhere close. If they lie and cheat about the environment, they'll do that for sales if only to pay the Billion fine they just got. The rest of the car makers are frozen in the past.

  • BizzMRK


    Månad sedan

    car makers do what is most profitable and most viable. Tesla built their company backwards with basically unlimited funding by Musk by building up their own charging infrastructure. The reason why manufacturers like VW, Audi, Mercedes, BMW etc are now stepping up their EV game is because the charging infrastructure massively increased over the past few years and will so even more since gas stations are required to offer fastcharging stations at their locations in germany for example.

  • Spuddy
    Spuddy2 månader sedan

    Speaking of competition do you honestly believe that the likes of LUCID / RIVIAN will ever make vehicles? IMHO I do not think they will.

  • David Strong
    David Strong2 månader sedan

    don't you love how people who are not even making vehicles yet or have any sort of production are going to kill Tesla. YA talking points.

  • Sergio Parola
    Sergio Parola2 månader sedan


  • Robert Curry
    Robert Curry2 månader sedan

    Hmmm…range based on American EPA…

  • Moses Schlesinger
    Moses Schlesinger2 månader sedan

    How can we compare Tesla is the only reason AUTO PILOT

  • BizzMRK


    Månad sedan

    autopilot is nothing more than any other driving assistance present in most other middleclass cars right now. People who claim it to be full autonomous driving yet are lying. FSD is a promise Musk made years ago but still is not there yet, the FSD pack is basically just a preorder. Yes, there is currently are FSD beta going on but it is far from being good enough to be rolled out.

  • M. H. A.
    M. H. A.2 månader sedan

    Mercedes EQ has the best interior so far

  • DAZLE1
    DAZLE12 månader sedan

    How do you do a video like this and Include Rivian and NOT include Lucid? Lucid is in production now and Rivian wont be for some time! It will be a direct competitor to many of these brands as it starts @70K!

    ANDREW TING ZHOU2 månader sedan

    I won’t buy a car without lumber support seat, period.

  • Antony McNeillis
    Antony McNeillis2 månader sedan

    What about Porsche. Why did you not mention them?

  • El Lobo
    El Lobo2 månader sedan

    The top of the line Tesla looks fine, but some of these cheaper models look like they are wearing a covid mask. Yuck.

  • Mario Antonio
    Mario Antonio2 månader sedan

    I really don't get it the car should be able to charge it self while driving now that's the question why it doesn't? ☝️😳🌅🌅🌅🌅🌅🤷‍♂️

  • BizzMRK


    Månad sedan

    @Mario Antonio in the future it might be possible with new technology. electric motors get more efficient and so are batteries. Lightyear 1 has the roof entirely filled with solar panels and claims a range of 800+km. In theory you could drive it without ever charging because it charges itself while parked, but the charge is pretty slow and it would require for the car to be parked for a long time in a shiny area. It wont charge during the night for example where the car is usualy parked the longest.

  • Mario Antonio

    Mario Antonio

    Månad sedan

    I still think it's possible you might be right but when I'm wrong I could be right and when I right I could be wrong everything starts with the idea ☝️🏋️‍♂️

  • BizzMRK


    Månad sedan

    @Mario Antonio you cant charge the battery while it is discharging this kills the battery long term. Besides, phyics says otherwise. You cant generate more power than you put in while driving and the car uses more power than it already recuperates while breaking. Even if you would replace all the chassis with solar panels this would not be enough to keep the car running. They make nothing from the supercharger fee. Most people charge at home and even Tesla says that this is the best option. Also for example, here in germany (NRW) electricity costs 0.35€/kWh (0.42$/kWh) on average while the supercharger fee is 0.39€/kWh. I doubt this is even covering maintainence cost. They make money from selling cars, not the charge.

  • Mario Antonio

    Mario Antonio

    Månad sedan

    @BizzMRK yes it can but it wouldn't be a business they make their money from selling you the charge

  • BizzMRK


    Månad sedan

    because that is not how it works? They can only recoup some of the lost energy while breaking but thats it.

  • Kaplan Design Audio & Video Solutions
    Kaplan Design Audio & Video Solutions2 månader sedan

    ALL Automotive companies that want to sell their EV's in the US Will NEED an effective charging network! That network will cost $1,000,000,000. US dollars, That's One Billion Dollars and takes many years to perfect! The only company that will be successful is the Company that works out a Lucrative Financial Agreement with TESLA to pay Royalties to adopt Tesla's fast Charging Software and to adopt the same exact Car Charging EV Receptacle! End of Story! ALL who don't will FAIL! and the only Company that is in a position to do just that is Toyota! Toyota Reached an Agreement with Tesla and worked with them since 2010. Toyota Failed to sell enough of their EV RAV4 and they Parted ways with Tesla in 2017, 4 years ago. Elon Musk has a good relationship with the CEO of Toyota! I believe they will reach an agreement before the end of 2021.

  • BizzMRK


    Månad sedan

    Tesla opens up their supercharging network by the end of the year to all other EVs. Besides, there are other good charging infrastructures out there besides teslas superchargers. Atleast in europe, I don't know what alternatives there are in the US but I am sure that the joint venture charging grid of VW, Ford, Audi, Mercedes, BMW, Porsche, Skoda, Volvo has no problem expanding whatsoever.

  • Orlando
    Orlando3 månader sedan

    Looks like no competition for Tesla in 2022.

  • 「 Eric 」
    「 Eric 」3 månader sedan

    I want that ID3 you showed just there.... in Yellow!!!

  • TheSlimeyLimey
    TheSlimeyLimey3 månader sedan

    The Ioniq 5 looks really good. Great styling, good range, faster charging, affordable.

  • ChessMasterNate
    ChessMasterNate3 månader sedan

    No Aptera? Shame. Up to 1,000-mile range, low price, actually useful solar charging of up to 40 miles per day. Equally cool is that it can get a decent charge with a regular 110V outlet. I think it will be available in 2022 though they are claiming it will be ready at the end of 2021.

  • Askar Kalykov
    Askar Kalykov3 månader sedan

    Touchscreen in expensive car? Sounds like cutting corners in design. I tried several times to touch a button while sitting on passenger's seat (not even driver's one), and I'm glad all top-level menu items are doubled as actual human-hand-friendly buttons.

  • Harry Axe
    Harry Axe3 månader sedan

    Very fair. thank you.

  • Serenoj69
    Serenoj693 månader sedan

    Many are dull SUVs , Personally I like the KIA and Hyundai best. And you call it honda? I think it is Hi-un-daj.

  • Gene Fan
    Gene Fan3 månader sedan

  • ꧁RadicalRick꧂
    ꧁RadicalRick꧂3 månader sedan

    🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣 Why do people keep saying Tesla Competition? Maybe competition with VW or the race for second place. The race for the lead and the best car in the world was won by Tesla a while back ago. Tesla has zero Competition. All those other EV makers are fighting among themselves for second place. Tesla is in a league of its own. NO competition for Tesla anytime in the foreseeable future.

  • Patrick Garcia
    Patrick Garcia3 månader sedan

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  • ChivasAre#1
    ChivasAre#13 månader sedan

    Lucid?? or did missed it

    BUXXB3 månader sedan

    How can you forget BYD?

  • John Gordon
    John Gordon3 månader sedan

    X So what? Tesla have been asking for competition for a long time now, as a company Vehicles are only just one form as an income stream!

  • alexwhb122
    alexwhb1223 månader sedan

    damn! pretty exciting to see so many new EV products hitting the market soon... I just wish one of them would get the price down... sub 30K seems like a good price to me. :D

  • Hassan Awlia
    Hassan Awlia3 månader sedan

    Hi U didn’t mention anything about Jaguar EV

  • Foo Barrel
    Foo Barrel3 månader sedan

    IONIQ5 has best bang for buck.

  • bennie waker
    bennie waker3 månader sedan

    VW ID Buzz

  • Michael B
    Michael B3 månader sedan

    I love my tesla but their interior is lacking compared to my other cars. That bmw i4 is ganna be calling my name when it comes out!

  • Ying D
    Ying D3 månader sedan

    Toyota bz4x starts at 2022

  • Cool Blue Ice
    Cool Blue Ice3 månader sedan

    No Ford Lightning pickup that has been on the market since May? How about the Nissan Leaf that has been around since God was a Private and is still in production?

  • Herr Unsinn
    Herr Unsinn3 månader sedan

    Ugh! Is anyone else getting sick of all the look-alike SUV's (electric or otherwise) out there? I realize that government regulations (headlight height, etc.) restrict the styling options... but come on! To top it off, it appears Henry Ford has been resurrected from the grave and now offers SUV's in any color you want (as long as it is black). In a word___ "boring!" SUV's are about as sexy as "the sack dress" (for you history fans out there). There once was a time (yes... I'm showing my age here) when we were all excited about what the "new cars" were going to look like every fall because they changed every year. There is no anticipation now because the answer is always, "They will look exactly like everything else already on the road... boring." Not that sedans are much better but at least there's a little room there for some style differentiation. Give me a road-hugging sleek sedan anytime over "a suburban delivery truck". SUV's are the new minivan. I will say it again. Ugh!

  • Noor Fahad
    Noor Fahad3 månader sedan

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  • Cool Blue Ice

    Cool Blue Ice

    3 månader sedan

    You forgot to add, "My hovercraft is full of eels" to your incomprehensible post.

  • Herr Unsinn

    Herr Unsinn

    3 månader sedan

    That makes absolutely no sense. Would you like to try again, only this time in English?

  • Steven Rosenthal
    Steven Rosenthal3 månader sedan

    The Mercedes EQ is gorgeous. Kia EV is a standout.

  • Dranomoly
    Dranomoly3 månader sedan

    Competition... heheh

  • Greg Edmonds
    Greg Edmonds3 månader sedan

    No Chinese electrics this is a joke the tech coming out of China is superior to all these

  • Brembo T
    Brembo T3 månader sedan

    I wish for once the concepts of cars would actually be real. The Honda E was to be something special, but then they released something completely different, which made it tank

  • Hariesha Ranasinghe
    Hariesha Ranasinghe3 månader sedan


  • liliana mcneil
    liliana mcneil3 månader sedan

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  • David Dahan
    David Dahan3 månader sedan


  • Mark NG
    Mark NG3 månader sedan

    No EV will be Tesla's competitions unless they have a fast charging network like the super charger.

  • matthew portilla

    matthew portilla

    3 månader sedan

    Why does the manufacturer need to own the charging network? I’d much rather they be separate. Imagine if GM made you only buy gas at GM stations. Tesla’s model sounds good right now but I’d rather not be locked in.