3 NEW Teslas Confirmed For 2023

Leaked details unveiling the 3 new cars Tesla plans to release in 2023, FSD Public Beta this month, Plaid Model S design updates, Model X prototypes spotted, Driver Monitoring on all Teslas and more!

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  • Lusty
    Lusty2 dagar sedan

    If a self driving Tesla car without a steering wheel runs over and kills a person, does the “driver” go to jail? Is Tesla to blame? What would happen in this situation.

  • Shuyu
    Shuyu5 dagar sedan

    tesla 25k car should replace steering wheel with ps4 controller.

  • Mimmi Kylemark
    Mimmi Kylemark8 dagar sedan

    I will probably only be able to buy the $25 000 car and I really want to be able to drive it!! So yes to steering wheel and pedals! Thanks for lots of interesting news.

  • rob allen

    rob allen

    7 dagar sedan

    I doubt I'll ever have enough spare money to buy one, even second hand! Oh well, you don't miss what you've never had

  • Stephanie Roberts
    Stephanie Roberts10 dagar sedan

    I want the roadster.

  • Ladiesman858
    Ladiesman85811 dagar sedan

    Or just name the 3 z. I mean you got x and y makes sense

  • sholom gordon
    sholom gordon11 dagar sedan

    If everything is coming in 2023 is the semi coming in much earlier! it sounds like everyone forgot about it!

  • David Andrews
    David Andrews12 dagar sedan

    SDI (steel dynamics inc) IS building a new mini-mill (recycled steel) but DON'T make any stainless alloys at all. That was rumored months ago and SDI have had a press release denying it. My son who is a metallurgist works for SDI and has for years, and he affirmed that was in error, and from a metallurgical perspective recycled steel is not suited to make stainless. SDI does sell their product to BMW, VOLKSWAGEN, MERCEDES, NISSAN, and TESLA, but has never made any stainless. People keep repeating what they hear without vetting the accuracy of the information, apparently that's too much work.

  • J R
    J R13 dagar sedan

    I ordered my Model X in May 2021 with a January 2022 delivery date and now there’s NO delivery date at all 😩. I’m going to drop $115K for a product I don’t know when I will receive. Damn you Elon!! 😈

  • Lab Growth
    Lab Growth13 dagar sedan

    Tesla Model 2 with no steering wheel would be biggest Tesla dissapointment ever. From my point of view, of course. Hope control keeps on human hands, machines as a complement of our capacities

  • shin shira
    shin shira13 dagar sedan

    10% will happen.

  • Corey Adams
    Corey Adams14 dagar sedan

    When did you order your plaid and have you done a video on your build?

  • Marc Levine
    Marc Levine14 dagar sedan

    I want the 25k car but I actually want a steering wheel

  • Rose Castelao
    Rose Castelao14 dagar sedan

    I really enjoy your videos. I learn a lot about my favourite car manufacturer. I get jealous when I hear you say that you're waiting for your plaid at the beginning of your videos

  • Lizzy
    Lizzy15 dagar sedan

    For me its kinda sad 25k model won't have steering wheel, i just want 'regular' tesla but much cheaper at least until i can afford others..

  • Tony R
    Tony R15 dagar sedan

    I have a Tesla reserved in the UK and I am waiting to see if the Tesla super chargers are going to be opened up to every Tom, Dick & Harry in which case my order will be cancelled. Many people have paid a premium for Tesla exclusivity with Tesla chargers in the UK already being very very busy. Long queues would be a certainty if they open them up to all which is totally unacceptable. Elon needs to increase the amount of chargers BEFORE opening up the network not AFTERWARDS.

  • Michael M.
    Michael M.15 dagar sedan

    I would probably have used the weights. Not to circumvent the system, but because the amount of force I naturally add to the steering wheel while keeping my hands on the wheel isn't enough for Tesla...

  • Jerry Buenvenida
    Jerry Buenvenida15 dagar sedan

    A car with no steering wheel or pedals is not a good idea right now. Just for the fact that you cant control how other people drive. It's like riding a motorcycle. You can be as safe as you can but all it takes is another driver not paying attention to cause an accident.

  • Alby
    Alby15 dagar sedan

    It’s funny how much you like the yoke now, but had so many negative things to say early on. Just waiting to see how your comments on the side mirrors fair. I think it’s important to support the maker doing something for humanity versus companies putting out old crappy stuff year over year and no one questions them.

  • Suki Matharu
    Suki Matharu15 dagar sedan

    NEW models? What's new about them?

  • Gina Chad
    Gina Chad16 dagar sedan

    Investing in the Tesla stocks in one of the best way to create wealth right now.

  • rob allen

    rob allen

    7 dagar sedan

    Yeah, providing you got a lump sum to spare

  • Lab Growth

    Lab Growth

    13 dagar sedan

    Absolutely agree

  • James Hubert

    James Hubert

    15 dagar sedan

    Okay thanks i found her website and dropped a message for her. I hope she reply me.

  • Han Fenghe

    Han Fenghe

    15 dagar sedan

    @James Hubert Lookup with her name on the web, you will find everything you need to know about her service.

  • James Hubert

    James Hubert

    15 dagar sedan

    @Han Fenghe Hi, please how do i reach this broker ?

  • A Fulfilled Life - Personal Finance
    A Fulfilled Life - Personal Finance16 dagar sedan

    Wow, this is another great update. Thank you for the very informative update! Praying for a Tesla. haha!

  • Klyde VillaLord
    Klyde VillaLord16 dagar sedan

    12:45 For me I think the best option is to buy FSD? Because most likely in the future FSD will be much much more expensive. Yeh, sure, it would take a long time but at least I got it cheaper than if I buy it in the future. It would really be much more expensive when FSD is official.

  • Klyde VillaLord
    Klyde VillaLord16 dagar sedan

    Maybe this Model 2 or Model Q can be operated using a controller or something HEHEHHEHEHHEH or or you can put a steering wheel that magnetically attach or snap on the dash hmmmmm?????

  • 1abelz
    1abelz16 dagar sedan

    Be hard to load a car on car carriers with out steering wheels and pedals though . That’s really risky .

  • M L
    M L16 dagar sedan

    odds of tesla releasing 3 new models in a single year is like 0 -- i saw a tesla on autopilot pass me on the highway. 10 mins later, i saw this tesla in an accident that closed the entire highway, all airbags deployed. I have my skeptism about these tesla pipe dreams. Just remember, Apple is coming for this industry around the same timeline

  • Phil Christie
    Phil Christie16 dagar sedan

    No wheel=no driving in inclement conditions

  • Gabriel L
    Gabriel L16 dagar sedan

    Thank you for your videos. You knock it out the park every time. If you haven't already, I'd suggest a video on all the voice commands.

  • R P
    R P16 dagar sedan

    Ha ha ha. Suuure. Just like all the other things he has promised that we’re never built in time.

  • daimhinm
    daimhinm16 dagar sedan

    I would love it if Tesla would add more special features to the FSD Package to better differentiate the option and add more value. It would be nice if the FSD package included special features like birds eye view, auto shift, audio improvements, etc. Yes, full self driving will be nice, but it would be nice to have other features that make the option worth more while we wait. If they added enough of the right special features it's possible that folks who are skeptical about FSD would want to opt in to get the more premium features.

  • Brandon Hooper
    Brandon Hooper16 dagar sedan

    We will be lucky to get cybertruck in 2023. Don’t expect anything else until 2025

  • R B
    R B16 dagar sedan

    Do you have any idea why Tesla already does not include dual voltage charging for if I travel between the US and Europe? This should have definitely been built in already..

  • Christopher Phillips
    Christopher Phillips16 dagar sedan

    I will never buy a vehicle with zero redundancy for steering. That’s just stupid.

  • BiTe mE
    BiTe mE16 dagar sedan

    forget cyber truck, ugly and boring thing, who the hell would want one ? What I want is electric car with manual transmission and of course steering and pedals duhh, mega crazy shit :DDD but i want it.

  • School Gaming
    School Gaming16 dagar sedan

    It will be Model A cause S3XY CARS

  • QuickScopingPerk
    QuickScopingPerk16 dagar sedan

    So much shit going on w Tesla,‘timeline delay and production shit but then I step back and realize that in reality Tesla is still a brand new company

  • Bubba Gump
    Bubba Gump16 dagar sedan

    I just can’t picture a car with out a steering wheel, there’s just to many situations where you would need to take over

  • txtabby
    txtabby16 dagar sedan

    Really like your Tesla updates. I have a M3, and live in Austin, close enough to the new Tesla plant that I can hear them working on it.

  • Sam
    Sam16 dagar sedan

    Are we not gonna talk about how freakin adorable that dog was in the model x plaid tester?

  • Eric Banner
    Eric Banner16 dagar sedan

    Confirmed LOL

  • Gito McDuff
    Gito McDuff16 dagar sedan

    I must be following a different Elon Musk on Twitter. I never see those tweets and I have notifications on.

  • Joey Donaldson
    Joey Donaldson16 dagar sedan

    The erratic knee geographically rejoice because scorpio aditionally moor mid a gainful blouse. hilarious, curvy wire

  • Panda Man
    Panda Man16 dagar sedan

    Your audio and video clarity is on point ✅ Great videos!

  • Ben Simons
    Ben Simons16 dagar sedan

    Little disappointed w Model 2 news, I was gonna trade in my Fiesta ST for one. But no wheel and pedals no deal for me

  • Clinton Andrews
    Clinton Andrews16 dagar sedan

    Until I board a plane with no pilot, I don’t believe a car will be able to be sold that has no steering wheel

  • Omar Al kayal
    Omar Al kayal16 dagar sedan

    That guy tweeting said something funny he said they named it the Model 3 just to take a jab at Ford not because they wanted to name it that and honestly I don’t know if this company is run by grown up men or just some clowns with a cult of buyers keeping them afloat

  • jsmith294


    14 dagar sedan

    Clowns or not, they at least understand the concept of punctuation.

  • Anthony HT
    Anthony HT16 dagar sedan

    A car without steering wheels or pedals? You can tell us whatever you want about the efficiency of your self driving system but it will never be certified for any market.

  • Glen Lawrie
    Glen Lawrie16 dagar sedan

    Screw self driving I want the option to Drive ...I LOVE driving.

  • Eric Williams
    Eric Williams16 dagar sedan

    If car companies wish to survive they need to control their chip supply. They should really use an American company that does one thing just like with the batteries, making chips, their chips. with EV its part of their survival.

  • David o'connor
    David o'connor16 dagar sedan

    Full Self Driving should be fully banned, should not be allowed at all

  • Chris K
    Chris K16 dagar sedan

    Where can we buy the shirt your wearing?

  • Elo Elwell
    Elo Elwell17 dagar sedan

    What about the semi?

  • Dr. Brook Sheehan
    Dr. Brook Sheehan17 dagar sedan

    Ryan- thanks for this video. Appreciate all the info shared here. As of now, my Tesla that was ordered in July won’t be here until February. Well worth the wait. 🥰

  • dennisCw - Tesla Tech Money Cars & Stuff
    dennisCw - Tesla Tech Money Cars & Stuff17 dagar sedan

    sad that the Cybertruck got pushed - oh wells

  • Eddy Vanderhellen
    Eddy Vanderhellen17 dagar sedan

    Hahahahahahahahahaha 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

  • Daniel Stehura
    Daniel Stehura17 dagar sedan

    FSD in NOT WORTH 10k

  • EclipseMints08
    EclipseMints0817 dagar sedan

    Yeah, none of this is happening in 2023. Elon Musk time says 2026-2030.

  • Thomas Jin
    Thomas Jin17 dagar sedan

    If our family were to buy a Tesla Model Y today, and the estimated delivery time was set for January 2022, would we end up getting the 2021 version, or the newest 2022 car?

  • Mark Clayton
    Mark Clayton17 dagar sedan

    I'd buy a Tesla mini-van in a heartbeat! Would give the Honda Odyssey a run for its money for SURE. It would need to come with a steering wheel and petals though, as the NTSB wouldn't allow a vehicle without them any time in the near future, even if Level 5 driving was available.

  • Marie Nguyen
    Marie Nguyen17 dagar sedan

    Love ur tshirt!….I have one too😃. People do not talk about dog mode enough. It is fantastic and I cannot live without it. No other manufacturers have bothered! People who have pets love their pets a lot and want them to be safe and comfortable. Supply chain issues is impacting pretty much every industry ….so I empathize. Excited about most affordable model “2” so that more people can get a Tesla. Not sure about the no steering wheel for late adopters. Not sure about sharing superchargers without increasing the installations by a lot. Bigger cities have long lines already.

  • xdRaidsTV
    xdRaidsTV17 dagar sedan

    I want a cyber truck

  • TKT12
    TKT1217 dagar sedan

    Hi, i have tesla X 2018 model, i am anoyed with the auto parking system. The car usually try to park on another spot than my asigned parking place in our common basment. Is there anyway to fix that?, so that the car can park at the spot where i want to park?, thanks.

  • Alex Kumar
    Alex Kumar17 dagar sedan

    Makes no sense for having $25k vehicle and pay over it $15k for FSD.

  • Challenge 1K subs with no videos
    Challenge 1K subs with no videos17 dagar sedan

    The fact that the Tesla gigafactory was built by fossil fuel vehicles XD

  • AlyxStyle
    AlyxStyle17 dagar sedan

    Would be fun if Elon release Model A and Model F. So it would be S3XY AF!!! 🤣🤣

  • Danny P.
    Danny P.17 dagar sedan

    Cyber Truck 2024-2026 I had to cancel my order, don’t trust Tesla that much.

  • Robbie Surfer
    Robbie Surfer17 dagar sedan

    I love driving, give me a steering wheel

  • Chris Young
    Chris Young17 dagar sedan

    I think a steering wheel is still a must even with a car that can drive itself. There are situations where you would want to take over from FSD. For example during a natural disaster - ie tornado, hurricane, flash flood. Also if having to avoid or escape a road rage crazed driver, escape a crime in progress etc

  • •乃尺卂千丂卄丂•


    11 dagar sedan

    Like MKBHD said it is something you don’t get used to and it can get dangerous

  • A R

    A R

    16 dagar sedan

    I would never pay for a car that I cannot steer by myself whenever I want to. Some kind of private taxi.

  • Ice Leopard
    Ice Leopard17 dagar sedan

    6:28 how on the planet did he get that british sccent?

  • Dylan White
    Dylan White17 dagar sedan

    Wait, there are fools out here not buying FSD? Seems kinda pointless because only one of the features isn’t available with the purchase, you simply aren’t buying just future promises

  • Dylan White
    Dylan White17 dagar sedan

    Who will be supplying the adapters for other EVs on the super charging network? I would gladly pick up a Tesla to chademo for my soul ev

  • Unattainable
    Unattainable17 dagar sedan

    If $25k car doesn’t have steering wheel fsd is included in $25k price tag?

  • Unattainable
    Unattainable17 dagar sedan

    Superchargers will get super overcrowded when other cars start to use them.

  • Paul Holterhaus
    Paul Holterhaus17 dagar sedan

    I am still waiting for an Electric..........But it must be a TRUE SUV......not in name only........And same price as current ICE SUV's.............Most so called SUV's Today are SUV's in name only to increase sales volumes........Pisses Me off........Show ME just one true electric SUV.............Paul

  • Anthony Paradiso
    Anthony Paradiso17 dagar sedan

    Great content brother! Thank you!

  • Paul Holterhaus
    Paul Holterhaus17 dagar sedan

    The car with no steering wheel will NEVER be smart enough to get itself out of My garage in an extremely difficult area.....Does this mean that I cannot take over and manage the manuver manually.????..........Paul

  • Nigol T.
    Nigol T.17 dagar sedan

    Let's hope they don't look like that ridiculous Model Y Goofy Amphibian Duck.

  • Mr T
    Mr T17 dagar sedan

    What about the Y Model? Any updates coming?

  • Janusz Kukulka
    Janusz Kukulka17 dagar sedan

    Hi breaking news: German government will support Tesla at giga cell factory Berlin with over €1 billion!!! I am actually in Europe and got this message from Deutsche Welle newspaper

  • ano T
    ano T17 dagar sedan

    And is anyone covering on no cybertruck, 4680 battery, etc. Seems Tesla came up way short in 2021.

  • ano T
    ano T17 dagar sedan

    This is 2021 so if your thinking of buying a Tesla wait there may be a better one in 2 years

  • Hamza Ahmed
    Hamza Ahmed17 dagar sedan

    When toyota makes yoke its copying tesla..but if tesla makes tilting screens isn't that copy of byd🤔?

  • ygg drasil
    ygg drasil17 dagar sedan

    Sorry to hear it won't be called the Model 2. This seemed to be the people's choice for this car, and ties it in with the Model T phonetically, the car that changed the world. I have a concern about no pedals or steering wheel though. The problem is if the system fails you no longer have a car, you just have a small room to shelter from the elements in. Having a steering wheel and pedals and a way to drive it yourself is called redundancy. It's a basic principle in engineering.

  • Luke Szeflinski
    Luke Szeflinski17 dagar sedan

    how I can contact Tesla and beg them for car size of Toyota Yaris hatchback :) I'm from Europe and parking space is small so this size would be perfect :)

  • Solenya
    Solenya17 dagar sedan

    5:32 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

  • Chris Frost
    Chris Frost18 dagar sedan

    This is all well and good, but there's no chance in hell a steering wheel-less FSD car would never work on European roads. With plenty of roads so narrow it doesn't allow for bi-directional traffic, awkward parking locations, and in general, roads completely unlike the US, I cannot see a Model 2 working in Europe.

  • Chris Frost

    Chris Frost

    17 dagar sedan

    @TheYuriG The US is big, it’s easy to forget the rest of the world’s roads aren’t similar

  • TheYuriG


    17 dagar sedan

    makes you wonder why they have only been testing FSD on USA for now. maybe they are aware...?

  • Bryan Rink
    Bryan Rink18 dagar sedan

    Sorry Elon, cars will still need steering wheels for a while. Think of all non-road usages: parking on ad hoc grass parking lots, handing the keys to a valet who will cram it into an odd corner of the garage, getting the car on and off a car carrier, ferries, driving on the median/dirt when road is blocked, etc. A steering wheel is a very simple input mechanism to handle all these cases. It's not clear how you'd tell a car without steering wheel how to handle all the odd cases.

  • Danang Irawan
    Danang Irawan18 dagar sedan

    your T Shirt 💜

  • Ken Lord
    Ken Lord18 dagar sedan

    Wow, come on. The blade battery rumour was dispelled at least a month ago.

  • Mariusz Lasota
    Mariusz Lasota18 dagar sedan

    Yoke is horrible, unusable, dangerous and it put me off. I ordered a BMW instead.

  • Emma fuentes Baltazar
    Emma fuentes Baltazar18 dagar sedan

    Thank you so much godbless

  • f0t0b0y
    f0t0b0y18 dagar sedan

    Let’s hope they don’t look like the 2012 Model S. X is a fat S, the 3 is a tiny S and the Y is a bloated 3. It’s time for a new look.

    MICHGO118 dagar sedan


  • PH
    PH18 dagar sedan

    i don't have a Tesla but have been considering one. The other day while taking a business trip, i stopped at a rest area on the Florida Turnpike. There was 6 Tesla Superchargers there and they were all full. Also there was two cars waiting for someone to leave so that they could get a charger. This could mean 40 - 60 minutes at the rest area waiting for and then charging on a supercharger. Think i will monitor this situation a little longer.

  • David May

    David May

    16 dagar sedan

    Agreed. Needing 30 minutes or more for charging empty to full for a mere 240 miles of range is just simply not acceptable. This is an engineering problem. I have confidence that it will be solved eventually (solved meaning a usable range of 300 miles in under 10 minutes of charging) , but in the meantime trying convince everyone that this is acceptable is ludicris.

  • Jewls Wild
    Jewls Wild18 dagar sedan

    I hope the one deadline they miss forever is not expanding their Superchargers to other EV brands lol

  • Lab Growth

    Lab Growth

    13 dagar sedan


  • LOLO
    LOLO18 dagar sedan


  • Will
    Will18 dagar sedan

    It will be an epic fail if Tesla tries to ship EV’s with no steering wheels and no pedals ahead of regulatory approval especially given there are unresolved safety issues with Tesla that have both steering wheels and pedals. How much more liability will shift to Tesla there are no steering wheels or pedals.

  • Drew D
    Drew D18 dagar sedan

    They should fix their quality issues before rolling out new models.

  • Ryan
    Ryan18 dagar sedan

    Tesla needs to seriously improve/expand service centers, add many more superchargers, improve the app allowing notifications if there is a sentry alert and allow us to view the video, allow left and right side cameras to display in large view by touch and when turn signals are turned on.

  • Clifton Newton

    Clifton Newton

    17 dagar sedan

    I agree bought FSD 3 years ago

  • free88


    17 dagar sedan

    I want Tesla to install a supercharger at my house at their expense. And they pay for the electricity.

  • MegaWilderness
    MegaWilderness18 dagar sedan

    Is Tesla trying to beat VW ID R lap time? Why are the rims the same on the left and right sides of the car when they spin in opposite directions?

  • Michael Sarkisian
    Michael Sarkisian18 dagar sedan

    Teslas are NOT ready to ship without a steering wheel.