Are There Any Teslas Left For 2021?

Tesla Record Profit, Yoke Here to Stay, Cybertruck Updates, Model Y in 2021, Teslas sold out through 2021, and more!

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  • Drew
    Drew8 dagar sedan

    Hi Ryan.. just a quick THANK YOU for all your great content. I can’t make up my mind between the 3 or the Y and your reviews have really helped. I’m leaning towards the 3, but am concerned about the QC issues. I’m your opinion, are the worst of those concerns behind us?

  • Rick Foehr
    Rick FoehrMånad sedan

    Ryan, What is the latest on delivery date delays? I ordered my LR Y on 5/26/21 and the delivery date keeps being pushed back. The latest (as of today, 8/17/21/) is 8/26/21 - 9/15/21. Can i expect to get my VIN by the end of this month do you think? This is getting weird. Thanks, Ryan!

  • Simmer Pete
    Simmer PeteMånad sedan

    It’s funny to see how people who order or own a Tesla are oblivious to the rest of the world. Thinking they are better then other people and what’s going on in the auto industry doesn’t effect Tesla.

  • cr 305
    cr 305Månad sedan

    Perhaps you can solve edd on the Tesla website mystery. So far dates are way off for no reason. Sa say to ignore. Hard to do so when it’s the only barometer you have to get your car. Ordered 6-20 and range has been all the place. Not happy about sharing a charger with other evs when a couple hundred thousands Tesla’s hitting the road in the next few months.

  • Jon Barrand
    Jon BarrandMånad sedan

    There’s literally nothing. I ordered MY end of May and it keeps bumping back. Now it says OCTOBER 😔😢😭😤😓

  • Jeff Babies
    Jeff BabiesMånad sedan

    Can you (or anyone) shed some light on the conflicting articles I keep reading about the projected range increase for the 4680 batteries? Is it 16% or is it 30%? How can so many articles be all over the place?

  • Chal Nunn
    Chal NunnMånad sedan

    My Tesla Y has been on order for months and I too have been told it will be October for delivery as well. With this type of delay, it is getting close to when Giga Austin will start making the cars with the new 4680 batteries. It seems to make more sense to put my order on hold and wait until this new frame and battery pack comes out. Lots of uncertainty as to when the new version will be available and will the build quality will be where it is now. Another point - the price of long range AWD Y is much closer to the performance version. I was thinking about cancelling my present order and place a new one for the performance version in January if it looks like the new car will come out by the time I receive the car. Any insight from others? Anyone else thinking this way or have done it?

  • Greg
    GregMånad sedan

    Excellent job, Ryan! I was looking for a summary and interpretation of Tesla's announcements for a while, your analysis provides exactly what I was looking for. Thanks!

  • matthewjames
    matthewjamesMånad sedan

    tesla overrated

  • Jacob Luke
    Jacob LukeMånad sedan

    Ordered the model y earlier this month with a delivery date set for October. I called their customer service team to see if I would be getting a 2021 or a 2022 model and they said 2022 models start shipping January but... most likely December so that is my current shipment date as of now. I know model refreshes happen mid-year (ty for mentioning the HEPA filter in your prev. video), but I figured why not hold the delivery for a couple months to have 2022 attached for resale value purposes.

  • Bob Chahal
    Bob ChahalMånad sedan

    When is Tesla S LR starting delivery in Canada? I am showing mine in October so far as I booked it a couple of months ago….. Any update?

  • brian lenoir
    brian lenoirMånad sedan

    I personally compare the Yolk steering wheel issue the same as when Apple came out with the iPhone with no buttons. They know what you want more than you do. Everyone complained, majority of which had never even touched it before. (Same thing going on now with the Yolk...hating/dumb idea....before ever seeing or using themselves). Apple/Tesla thoughts..."You will conform and you will love it. Then in the coming years other manufactures will copy." I truly believe 90+ percent of the people who are saying they won't buy an X or an S because of the yolk steering wheel was never going to buy one anyway. Just flapping their gums. Therefore sales of those vehicles will not be affected by the yoke. IMO

  • windlerunner1
    windlerunner1Månad sedan

    Will the new model X have the 4680 battery?

  • Matthew Huszarik
    Matthew HuszarikMånad sedan

    There aren’t many cars of any model left for 2021.

  • jerry kurata
    jerry kurataMånad sedan

    What is the plan for Fremont when they have 3 and Y production in Austin?

  • Jaffrey Ali

    Jaffrey Ali

    Månad sedan

    Likely where they will build the Roadster, S and X and continue with R&D…

  • Eligio Gutierrez Gelis
    Eligio Gutierrez GelisMånad sedan

    Compré mi tesla 20 21 modelo Y y desafortunadamente ha sido una desgracia el haberlo comprado no tiene dos meses de comprado y ha ido en tres ocasiones al taller donde no he podido resolver mi problema el aire acondicionado no funciona y hasta hoy nadie me responde un carro nuevo ser humilla y no quieren devolverme el dinero que pagué por el carro ni tampoco me quieren dar un carro nuevo no entiendo qué clase de compañía es esta que no se hace responsable cuando vende un producto defectuoso y no digo mentiras aquí dejo las fotos deberían reconsiderar el que quisiera comprar un carro de esta marca porque verdaderamente el servicio al cliente es el más pésimo de la industria por eso considero qué es una mentira todo lo que dice sin contar que las millas que dicen que da por la batería sólo lo hace en circunstancias especiales porque si lo aceleras un poco si los recargas con personas no te da las millas que dicen que da La realidad es que están vendiendo un producto que no tiene la calidad que dicen tener además también vino con un defecto de fábrica en el brazo izquierdo o sea en la columna y desafortunadamente nadie quiere responder por el carro por mucho que hago y llamo a tesla nadie responde todo el mundo hace oído sordo a la situación ha sido muy frustrante y desafortunadamente jamás en mi vida volvería a comprar otro carro como éste

  • Kona
    KonaMånad sedan

    Aren't Teslas "always" sold out? How common is it to go into any Tesla store and pick a Tesla on the spot?

  • Kona


    Månad sedan

    @matthewjames as a Tesla owner I know that... and that is exactly the point here. You always have to order it online and takes a few weeks for delivery. Seldom you may have the opportunity to find one at the dealership - although not in the current market.

  • matthewjames


    Månad sedan

    you cant you have to order it online then pick up it not a car dealership

  • russell egan-wyer
    russell egan-wyerMånad sedan

    Well presented and good content, thanks

  • Glenn O
    Glenn OMånad sedan

    Thanks Ryan for a great update and a great channel. Would you wait for the 4680 batteries and the "next Gen Model Y" out of Berlin or take the MIC model coming in Aug/Sept to Europe? It seems like the timelines are pushed all the time and I fear the next gen Model Y being delayed to mid-2022 and even with back-up plans to use 2170 batteries.

  • Emma fuentes Baltazar
    Emma fuentes BaltazarMånad sedan

    Lord jesus name thank you so much

  • dexter nyikayaramba
    dexter nyikayarambaMånad sedan

    2024 we need giga africa

  • Timothy Hudson
    Timothy HudsonMånad sedan

    So since Tesla will announce an VTOL vehicle the yoke prepares us for aviation. :)

  • absolutFilth
    absolutFilthMånad sedan

    Get used to the yoke, it's gonna come in handy when the tesla VTOL planes come in 20 years from now

  • Ivy Tan
    Ivy TanMånad sedan

    I really hope the Berlin factory can start production ASAP. The longer the German government takes to issue the necessary operations permits, the more expensive that project gets for Tesla as new machines and tools lay idle with 0 production.

  • Andrej Drame
    Andrej DrameMånad sedan

    Why stocks TSLA don’t mowed ⬆️?!

  • Jess Blue
    Jess BlueMånad sedan

    Thanks Ryan. I just placed my order on last week just before the price increase! I don’t mind waiting. I’ve waited this long

  • Ebert Morales
    Ebert MoralesMånad sedan

    I am curious if they are going to roll out the new 4680 cells on the Model Y as a totally different order option, as in you can specifically "pre-order the Model Y with 4680 cell" or if it will be rolled out into production under the current general Model Y queue (meaning you don't get to pick, you get it if you get it).

  • AgZ
    AgZMånad sedan

    Unfortunately not at all in China. What a difference between these two coutnries.

  • Paul Fidika
    Paul FidikaMånad sedan

    I ordered my Model S (long range) back in February when the redesign was first announced. No idea when I'll ever be seeing it in person haha.

  • craig mckay
    craig mckayMånad sedan

    Thanks Ryan . Awesome wrap up 👍

  • Amine Achouri
    Amine AchouriMånad sedan

    Nice update

    ONLYONEAMMånad sedan

    Keep the steering wheel as is! If anyone wants a standard steering wheel they can go get an X5 and enjoy the gas station.

  • Gerry DiBatista
    Gerry DiBatistaMånad sedan

    Need Austin and Berlin pumping out cars ASAP!!!

  • Tommy SRP
    Tommy SRPMånad sedan

    Can't wait for that incoming Plaid video :) Thanks for the chat Please consider taking your future Plaid to El Mirage btw when you get it

  • Anonymous
    AnonymousMånad sedan

    why dont they pump up the price ???? everyone is buying it ... they can make more money and then keep cutting the price along the way

  • D Rosales
    D RosalesMånad sedan

    So much good info, I live a couple of miles from Texas gigafactory! I get excited driving by it ! I just ordered my MY and can’t wait to get it, as of now now no date but I’m trying to be patient

  • Venkatesh Baskar
    Venkatesh BaskarMånad sedan

    Booked mine in June, Aug is pushed to Sep now. Ordered long range basic. No config changes.

  • Gordon Shumway
    Gordon ShumwayMånad sedan

    Ordered a MY Performance on 7/5 and the delivery window was just moved UP to 8/9 as the earliest from 8/14. When we went to test drive one to make sure we wanted to keep the order the Tesla employee said that since we ordered a performance that we’d get it sooner, seems like the LR models are taking longer.

  • Venus Ochoa
    Venus OchoaMånad sedan

    How are we going to charge all these Tesla’s in California when they’re banning so many products in California? I have one on hold but, with all the grid locks going on between 4:00-9:00 how will we be able to charge them? My husband listen to all the talk radio host and they say with these new green deals going on we’re going to be in trouble very soon. It’s going to be too hard to charge all these cars. They’ve already banned double screens in California!

  • Brandon Roberts

    Brandon Roberts

    Månad sedan

    If the grid locks “turn off power” between 4-9 pm you won’t be able to run a/c or use your oven or dryer…. They don’t recommend because that’s peak but also 3X more expensive than charging at night like every other ev owner.

  • Florencio Vela
    Florencio VelaMånad sedan

    I've ordered the tri motor cybertruck fsd and i can't wait. i may buy they Y or S in the meantime?

  • The Electric Man
    The Electric ManMånad sedan

    I went to the tesla sales office and they told me they are selling tesla faster than they can produce them.

  • The Electric Man

    The Electric Man

    Månad sedan

    @edsanz2 yupp

  • edsanz2


    Månad sedan

    Suffering from success

  • Ryan Baker
    Ryan BakerMånad sedan

    Why would anyone buy a coffee mug with Ryan shaw tech on the side of it?? 😂😂

  • Mbongeni Nyathi
    Mbongeni NyathiMånad sedan

    so few white cars on the parking lot.

  • JW
    JWMånad sedan

    My order placed in July was supposed to be delivered in late september. I just refreshed the order page tonight and it seems my car will be delivered next week. That estimated deliver day is just not reliable.

  • Greg McFarland

    Greg McFarland

    Månad sedan

    More than likely you got a duplicate order that someone else canceled in your area. They lost their $100 hold and you get a great bump in line. I got my 3 LR June 26th after finding it in inventory on the 24th. Someone canceled and I happened to be checking at right time.

  • Casper Hansen
    Casper HansenMånad sedan

    I believe when Model Y starts production in Europe the demand will go through the roof, lots of people in Europe are waiting for the model Y and some are even ordering the Chinese version (which is probably very good) so no doubt the demand in Europe is there!

  • Apothecy


    Månad sedan

    @Casper Hansen I mean the new Y will be lighter due to the new manufacturing process, so it will definitely shave some milliseconds from its 0-100 times.

  • Apothecy


    Månad sedan

    @Casper Hansen well it still needs a small boost. competition is getting closer. and model Y is more expensive than the 3. I agree that performance is not the focus but same thing goes with model X and that's actually faster than the model. Y could be at +0.1/0.2 instead if the +0.6 it is now compared to 3

  • Casper Hansen

    Casper Hansen

    Månad sedan

    @Apothecy I don't think people choose Model Y because of performance

  • Apothecy


    Månad sedan

    model Y range and performance is meh, compared to model 3. hoping 0-100 at 4.0-4.4 instead of 5s and 600km+ range for the long range variant when Berlin and Texas start making it.

  • eddieair23
    eddieair23Månad sedan

    What ever happened to the Roadster?!?

  • BlueToad
    BlueToadMånad sedan

    Can an old S /X be upgraded to li 12 volt?

  • Masterofworlds


    Månad sedan

    @•Pinned by J Bravo Bruh imagine having your name set to 'pinned by ryan shaw' get a life scammer

  • BlueToad
    BlueToadMånad sedan

    Tesla superchargers are physically laid out to suit Tesla charge port location. Most other EVs do not have compatible port locations. Imagine an ID4 parked at a supercharger, it will have to use the charger on the opposite side to the Tesla, this will result in that VW effectively blocking 2 slots.

  • Norbert Machaj
    Norbert MachajMånad sedan

    Great work!

  • BlueToad
    BlueToadMånad sedan

    Model Y delivery in Europe shows September today (must be Chinese imports)

  • D Momcilovic
    D MomcilovicMånad sedan

    Supply of S and X in U.K. in end of 2022 !! Deal breaker. Y not available in U.K. yet

  • Mayank Gomeshwar
    Mayank GomeshwarMånad sedan

    Lithium ion battery may be cause for burning the tesla plaid It burns many thing . . .

  • stoner27th
    stoner27thMånad sedan

    Here's an idea for an accessories maker : Steering wheel "C" attachment on top of Yoke steering. so you'll get a flat bottom steering wheel. Problem solved.

  • Jasondinhsum
    JasondinhsumMånad sedan

    I got lucky and ordered my Model 3 early in May and it delivered exactly 1 month after

  • steve michaelsen
    steve michaelsenMånad sedan

    I'm selling my 2021 Model Y Long Range White w/ Induction Wheels. I'm LA based. Connect with me if you're interested to buy

  • Kevin Maftean
    Kevin MafteanMånad sedan

    The reason for hold is obvious: This earnings report was already amazing. Model S has higher profit margins and they didn't need to impress more than they already have. Holding to deliver for Q3 gives them a great head start so they can breath easy into Q4 ramp.

  • Nhut Ngo
    Nhut NgoMånad sedan

    Will the 2021 model X going have the new battery cells 4680?

    MIA SUCKS AT LIFE😐Månad sedan


  • Mo Keed
    Mo KeedMånad sedan

    Model Y has deliveries in November in California.

  • Carlos Reghis
    Carlos ReghisMånad sedan

    It will be nice if these EV’s make sounds, like an alien spaceship sound, when flooring the acceleration. Lol

  • Carlos Reghis

    Carlos Reghis

    Månad sedan

    @robert samson Lol I am the type a guy will replace the Harley Davidson muffler for a quite one.

  • robert samson

    robert samson

    Månad sedan

    Those are the Warp Engines kicking in.

  • brent wells
    brent wellsMånad sedan

    The performance models say delivery in 7-9 weeks. It’s only the long range that are saying November

  • saiyanwei
    saiyanweiMånad sedan

    not true, not sold out for 2021, tesla sales rep txting me to follow up for sale and availability for november

  • ChaoticMatters
    ChaoticMattersMånad sedan

    I really screwed myself not buying a tesla last summer

  • deluxeh0
    deluxeh0Månad sedan

    Waiting on my Y…

  • Graeme Ing
    Graeme IngMånad sedan

    Video idea: Common errors, known causes and potential home fixes. I've had a couple of different ones already in my first month of my M3 LR. (The safety restraint system one, and the Power Reduced, tortoise one). Thanks. Love the in-depth videos.

  • Alexander Kenway
    Alexander KenwayMånad sedan

    To anyone thinking about ordering a Tesla good luck getting one anytime soon lol. And if you go the secondhand route you might end up paying more than for a new model

  • Gordon Shumway

    Gordon Shumway

    Månad sedan

    I think it depends on where you are located and what model/style you order. Our Model Y is showing delivery just over a month from when we ordered it. I was told that since we ordered a Performance that we would not have as long of a wait time.

  • Brett Mciver

    Brett Mciver

    Månad sedan

    What a fantastic problem to have, VW doesn't, Ford doesn't, toyota doesn't. The only company that has a "to much demand" problem, whew my shares are gonna like that in a years time.

  • Whorhay Del Fuego
    Whorhay Del FuegoMånad sedan

    I want a Y, and by the time I can purchase one it'll likely come with that ridiculous yoke. Although I suppose by then I'll be able to take it to some mechanic and get a real steering wheel retrofitted.

  • M3P
    M3PMånad sedan

    Well, if you’re driving 85 mph and it takes a minute to drive the length of giga Texas, that’s further than a mile.

  • clu4u


    Månad sedan

    @BlueToad No, you’re not on a public road, you’re on private property. No legal speed limit.😹

  • Craig Ruchman

    Craig Ruchman

    Månad sedan

    True. Given there are 60 minutes in a hour, you would half to be going 60mph to pass the mile long factory in one minute.

  • BlueToad


    Månad sedan

    You're also breaking the speed limit?

  • Dylan
    DylanMånad sedan

    Is it worth waiting a year or two to buy a Tesla? I've been looking at a Model 3 but I don't really NEED a new car. Will there be a 2022 or 2023 refresh? Cheaper price?

  • M. Drier

    M. Drier

    Månad sedan

    I think it all depends on the person ordering. As I mentioned to my neighbor that it's been 10 weeks since I ordered my Tesla and I still don't have the car, she told me that she was one of the first people to put in an order for the 3 and waited for almost two years. She absolutely loves her car and said it was definitely worth the wait.

  • Pour Michigan Reviews
    Pour Michigan ReviewsMånad sedan

    Ordered a LR MY on june 23rd. Said august delivery. Then it said September. Then October. Then last week it said early august to mid august. Now it’s gone. No delivery date in sight lol. Called Tesla….they said expect September lol. I’ll take it I guess.

  • Pour Michigan Reviews

    Pour Michigan Reviews

    Månad sedan

    @cufflink44 yeah it’s crazy. I know I’ll be salty when the 4680s come out and I get my Y shortly before 😂 oh well….

  • cufflink44


    Månad sedan

    Similar experience. I ordered my blue LR AWD MY on July 14, 2021 and put down my $100. The Tesla site said delivery would be in September, but the sales guy said more like October or November. Now there's no delivery projection on the Tesla site at all. So who knows . . . Maybe I'll wind up with a 2022 MY? With the new 4680 batteries and an updated 12V battery? Might be worth the wait.

  • Del Spiva
    Del SpivaMånad sedan

    Marquez needs the car for a little while longer before making the yoke judgement. If he researched plaid owners he’d understand this.

  • Brett Mciver

    Brett Mciver

    Månad sedan

    His video was a first impressions video and I want to see his video in 6 months and see how he has altered his views,(if he has)

  • TheYuriG
    TheYuriGMånad sedan

    i think you discredit elon too much. he spends a lot of time in R&D and he actually tries these out (including FSD) before it even goes public. i trust his opinion on the Yoke, despite it looking really weird

  • Cesar Abraham
    Cesar AbrahamMånad sedan

    Yes! Chip Shortage, Cant make many, NOBODY sells out, unless there is logistical issues

  • Keith Williams-Parker
    Keith Williams-ParkerMånad sedan

    Great video Ryan 👍

  • Jeremy Parvin Real Estate Investing
    Jeremy Parvin Real Estate InvestingMånad sedan

    What audio set up do you use? Love your audio (and content

  • Zihao Wang
    Zihao WangMånad sedan

    4680 won't be ready for model Y any time soon and there wont be new changes to the Y due to demand. So now it is a good time to order.

  • Frederick Stirnkorb
    Frederick StirnkorbMånad sedan

    That is a good question looks like NA market is red hot. With gas prices I am not surprised one bit.

  • lopuzhitza
    lopuzhitzaMånad sedan

    Did you say Tesla? I don't think i heard it.

  • Oladapo Adetunji
    Oladapo AdetunjiMånad sedan

    This is a great video

  • M M
    M MMånad sedan

    They released the top 25 selling cars in the US last week (mid July) and not 1 Tesla model made the list but the fanboys always posting about shortages and them selling out. Never been a fan of Subarus but they’re selling more than Tesla’s right now. Elon really needs to consider a dealership format.

  • Rick Y

    Rick Y

    Månad sedan

    YES!!! Add the worst part of the experience of buying a new car...the dealer salesfloor!!!! That will fix Tesla! ;o

  • Melissa Solis
    Melissa SolisMånad sedan

    Patiently waiting for my model 3 to come that I ordered on June 11. It's saying July 28 -Aug 16. I forgot to use a referral link when purchasing so I missed out on the 1000 supercharger miles.

  • Melissa Solis

    Melissa Solis

    Månad sedan

    @Ryan Batchelder I was able to add it today and I just picked up my Tesla. Ima name him Zeus

  • Arian Takai

    Arian Takai

    Månad sedan

    You can still get your miles! When i went to test drive the associate there was able to help me he reached out to my salesman at my delivery location. I ordered mine jury 19th and says its gonna come sometime in September

  • M. Drier

    M. Drier

    Månad sedan

    @J R Awesome. Yeah, I knew from the beginning it would take a long time and in truth, I’m at peace with that. But when I read up more on it and talk with people who love theirs, I have some anxious moments. My girlfriend has a 2018 X that we’re in a lot, so I’m already getting the full appreciation of the technology. Congratulations, again. You did the right thing.

  • J R

    J R

    Månad sedan

    @M. Drier fingers crossed it’s any day for you. It is a fun car. Literally, the day I got it, I just made my peace that it would take forever to come and then Tesla called and said I could pick it up. I didn’t even have a VIN that morning. When I checked.

  • M. Drier

    M. Drier

    Månad sedan

    @J R Show off! Congratulations. 5/31 for me and impatiently waiting.

  • jerry kurata
    jerry kurataMånad sedan

    I assume if they open Superchargers to other manufactures the fees will be higher for non-Tesla vehicles. Tesla could make lots of money charging 3rd party vehicles a few cents per kWh more than Tesla owners.

  • jerry kurata
    jerry kurataMånad sedan

    I noticed a lot of Y and 3s at the local service center sales area.

  • Aspire totheStars
    Aspire totheStarsMånad sedan

    16% means a 353 becomes a ~409 range. That's nice.

    IMAPOTATOZMånad sedan

    How long has anybody been waiting on their SR+? Specifically a blue/white combo?

  • T K1
    T K1Månad sedan

    Other EV mfg should just add a tesla charge port outlet next to the existing one.

  • Brett Mciver

    Brett Mciver

    Månad sedan

    Nah just put the dual port that the Europeans have in theirs

  • Schmeks
    SchmeksMånad sedan

    I feel like Tesla took too much out and tried to change too much when doing the yoke. Should’ve kept the signal stocks and what not. Everything on the steering wheel just makes it seem clustered and also isn’t very practical. It’s not very tactile. Idk, like the horn for example, why not keep it centered instead of a small button. People may try to defend these things, but he stocks and all weren’t broken, didn’t need to be changed like this because they didn’t impede anything. They just made it faster and easier. Having small buttons like this, especially for older people will make it harder.

  • JustTheTruth
    JustTheTruthMånad sedan

    Order your Model S Est. Delivery: September-October

  • JustTheTruth


    Månad sedan

    @John Poldo My comment was simply a C&P from the Tesla website. So maybe ask them why they are advertising that.

  • John Poldo

    John Poldo

    Månad sedan

    I don’t think so. I ordered a ms early Jan and still don’t have an estimated delivery date. Surely my order is ahead of any new order.

  • DeilGrist
    DeilGristMånad sedan

    I truly feel like the purpose of pushing the yoke is to make turning uncomfortable on purpose and entice FSD purchases/subscriptions. There is nothing about the shape of that wheel that improves performance nor safety.

  • Scoopy Doopy

    Scoopy Doopy

    Månad sedan

    I doubt it. Elon is perfectly capable of coming up with dumb ideas because he genuinely thinks they are great.

  • Karelle


    Månad sedan

    Wow! Never thought of it that way. If that’s true that’s really vile on Tesla’s part. I don’t think they they would do that just for FSD though

  • Gun welds
    Gun weldsMånad sedan

    Next year Tesla will do automatic windows and the car will decide when you need air

  • Lettuce Man

    Lettuce Man

    Månad sedan

    Windows canceled because hvac system is so good

  • Tri Luu
    Tri LuuMånad sedan

    My order for a Model Y I placed in May doesn't even have an estimated delivery date anymore. It went from June to August to late Sept then October, now I don't have a date...WTF I WANT MY CAR.

  • eincan 13

    eincan 13

    Månad sedan

    Hang in there. I ordered May 15 and the delivery date jumped all over the place with the most recent October. Then I went on vacation and I got an email that my car was ready. I couldn’t take delivery in the required window and now I am on hold and who knows when I will get it. Their delivery system is pretty awful.

  • Tri Luu

    Tri Luu

    Månad sedan

    @Superduty F350 im not cancelling the order. Just have to wait this out. Funny part is I live down the street from the Fremont factory...LOL about to knock on Elon's door.

  • Superduty F350

    Superduty F350

    Månad sedan

    @Tri Luu I thought about canceling and waiting for 4680.. but i think the quality of the current cars will be better

  • Tri Luu

    Tri Luu

    Månad sedan

    @Superduty F350 we are never getting they better be putting in the new batteries for longer range if we are waiting this long.

  • Superduty F350

    Superduty F350

    Månad sedan

    Same here!!! May 14th I ordered mine

  • Jesse Dahl
    Jesse DahlMånad sedan

    Well done, Ryan. Thank you.

  • Mike Catino
    Mike CatinoMånad sedan

    I ordered a Model X in NJ but now I have second thoughts. I really don’t like the steering yoke, not to mention shifting on a screen. I find myself always at 10 & 2 hand positions on my model Y. Backing up I tend to use the whole steering wheel, I see the yoke being a problem. So I’m still a little old school. I was hoping for a normal wheel like my model Y this might be a deal breaker for me.

  • Ubrun 10

    Ubrun 10

    Månad sedan

    You can also change the gears on the bar where the yelid signal is

  • Kevin Saint

    Kevin Saint

    Månad sedan

    You’ll get use to it. We are just so use to using both hands and alternating hand position over and over to turn the wheel either direction. With the yoke, in about 2 weeks it’ll be instinctive for you to just put a few fingers into the opposite side of the yoke that your turning and you can easily have full control of the wheel as far as you want to turn it. You’ll play around with it and find what’s easiest for you. Once you get fully use to it (maybe a month or 2), you’ll absolutely love it

  • Mario Zevallos

    Mario Zevallos

    Månad sedan

    At least try it out first…

  • vloh168
    vloh168Månad sedan

    I ended up cancelling my model s order after seeing the yoke. Tesla had even offered me a $2,500 discount (because they mistakenly told me I could keep the old model s pricing when, in fact, I couldn’t), but I still cancelled. As someone who actually enjoys driving, I’m just not willing to compromise on something as fundamental as steering.

  • Scoopy Doopy

    Scoopy Doopy

    Månad sedan

    I was gearing up to replace my X with a new X but nope, not with that design. I think making the S and X stupid at the same time as opening up the supercharger network to other manufacturers could be a mistake.

  • PbPomper
    PbPomperMånad sedan

    LOL! Elon saying they don't want to make money from service unlike other manufacturers. But they do want you to pay 10k$ for software features behind a paywall.

  • Odin
    OdinMånad sedan

    Man i am a big fan of Tesla but it is really anoying that they won't even give you an option to choose a regular wheel.

  • Karelle


    Månad sedan

    I agree

  • Scoopy Doopy
    Scoopy DoopyMånad sedan

    Thanks. Very informative. The definite "no" on the wheel on the model X confirms I won't be replacing my X with a new X so that was great info. Thanks.

  • TMT83
    TMT83Månad sedan

    The yoke looks amazing and offers more visibility but I believe third party products coming out for those that want a traditional wheel.

  • clu4u


    Månad sedan

    @Gerald H. Plus set your car on fire 🔥

  • TMT83


    Månad sedan

    @Dwight Vietzke It might be something simple that attaches to the top part of the yoke wheel lol.

  • Gerald H.

    Gerald H.

    Månad sedan

    They will disable supercharger access and void your warranty if you show up at a service center with a steering wheel not approved by Elon 😅

  • Dwight Vietzke

    Dwight Vietzke

    Månad sedan, will Tesla allow 3rd party electronics in the vehicle? If it operates off the same can bus architecture, will it be able to communicate? Security?

  • Coeuz
    CoeuzMånad sedan

    In Norway (one of Tesla's biggest markets) has tons of roundabouts, and it's mandatory to to use indicators when exciting them. That means that you need to turn them on while the steering wheel is turning. It's pretty simple with a normal wheel, just stick your fingers out while steering, but it's near impossible with buttons. You need to take your eyes off the road, look at the steering wheel to find the button and then find some way to push it while the wheel is spinning round. Terrible for road safety, and as we know, auto pilot doesn't do roundabouts. Terrible decision.

  • Phillip Temple

    Phillip Temple

    Månad sedan

    @Scoopy Doopy Hah you should try France. After watching an FSD video, I was looking over my balcony thinking about some of the comments. I did a little 30 minute tally and around 80% of cars didn't indicate before turning (either after already starting to turn or not at all). About a quarter of the cars jumped the red light. More than half the bicycles were going the wrong way down the cycle lane. And nearly all the food delivery scooters ignored all traffic rules. Quite a lot of cars tooted at for not noticing the light change. Most cars don't indicated coming off a roundabout here, and you have to be pretty agressive if you want to merge. It will be interesting to see how FSD will work with petty drivers that deliberately close gaps to not let you in. Phillip.

  • Coeuz


    Månad sedan

    @Scoopy Doopy Haha, fair enough. :D

  • Scoopy Doopy

    Scoopy Doopy

    Månad sedan

    Wow! I live in Norway and I thought Norwegian drivers had the indicator controls removed at delivery. Nobody indicates here.

  • Svein Hanssen

    Svein Hanssen

    Månad sedan

    @Phillip Temple Yes, it is a Norwegian problem. Or will be one :-)

  • Phillip Temple

    Phillip Temple

    Månad sedan

    Don't understand. Why would you need to take your eyes off the road? Also, we have roundabouts in the rest of the EU and we need to indicate too. Nobody else has a problem. Perhaps it's a Norwegian problem? Phillip.

  • Henning Johansen
    Henning JohansenMånad sedan

    Does anyone here know if an aftermarket replacement round steering wheel has been released yet? I'd guess there will be a number of options available from the aftermarket soon, if not already.

  • Phillip Temple

    Phillip Temple

    Månad sedan

    @Dwight Vietzke No reason it will. Aftermarket yoke steering wheels are selling like hot cakes for M3/Y and they use official Tesla cores and airbags. No warranty problems. Phillip.

  • Dwight Vietzke

    Dwight Vietzke

    Månad sedan

    ...make sure it won't void any warranty items?