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Why you shouldn't wait to buy a Tesla, Cybertruck Updates, Elon Musk on SNL, Tesla Fines, Tesla Referral Program changes, and more!

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Top 15 Tesla Model Y Accessories:
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Abstract Ocean Screen Protector:
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#8: Jeda Dock/Hub:
#9: Quick Bandit Front License Plate Mount:
#10: Interior Console Wrap Bundle:
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  • Ryan Shaw
    Ryan Shaw2 månader sedan

    Check out SimpliSafe here: SimpliSafe is award-winning home security that keeps your home safe around the clock. It's really reliable, easy to use, and there are no contracts.

  • brunz _tiger

    brunz _tiger

    2 månader sedan

    @Msp Dash bruh why you so angry?.. he got a sponsor and he did what they said too

  • Msp Dash

    Msp Dash

    2 månader sedan

    You are corrupted liar

  • Volts PC
    Volts PC2 dagar sedan

    I’m picking up on Thursday and thank god I ordered when I did because cars are now shipping in November oof

  • dwyl HQ
    dwyl HQ4 dagar sedan

    FUD. There shortage is artificial. Just be patient. Supply will expand soon enough.

  • Chris Choi
    Chris Choi17 dagar sedan

    bruh i dont even know how to drive yet

  • Greggory1987
    Greggory1987Månad sedan

    I have a Model X 2020 but am now interested in buying the Porsche Taycan.

  • Vin Trav
    Vin TravMånad sedan

    I'd rather get an aptera..

  • Revanth Munnangi
    Revanth MunnangiMånad sedan

    I'll just wait for the Lucid

  • D4ng3rB0yc3
    D4ng3rB0yc3Månad sedan

    The front bumper camera, you read the quote even… it’s going to be used with the other cameras for terrain mapping so the computer can 3D image the terrain ahead and dynamic suspension can adapt the height, and reaction of the suspension to eat up the terrain. From experience with camera systems, it probably won’t work great off road for more than 5 seconds of interesting conditions unless a washer or something is cleaning it.

  • Jan Jakub Jurec
    Jan Jakub JurecMånad sedan

    Waiting for next gen model Y in Europe

  • Darren Pacheco
    Darren PachecoMånad sedan

    For £40k, I'd much prefer a used GTR!!

  • Learn How To Make Money Online From Home In 2020.
    Learn How To Make Money Online From Home In 2020.Månad sedan

    Cali bunch of liberals trying steal money...

  • snaplash
    snaplashMånad sedan

    Waiting for 4680 cells.. plus, I keep every new car at least 10 years, so my current 2018 car isn't due for replacement until 2028.

  • Andrew L.
    Andrew L.Månad sedan

    0:40 How can we.... do you... what the hell happened here? *grabs telescope*

  • Daniel de Gaston
    Daniel de GastonMånad sedan

    Never feel rushed to buy a new car or house. These are major purchases that need to be well thought out and planned in advance.

  • Jake
    JakeMånad sedan

    Buy that you mean a Hyundai Ioniq 5? Got it.

  • Jay who
    Jay whoMånad sedan

    im paying 300 a month for my subaru, i travel 100 to 150 miles per day monday to friday on top of that im spending 300 to 320 bucks per month on gasoline should i buy a tesla model 3 standard range ?

  • James S
    James SMånad sedan

    I'm holding out for bidirectional charging - maybe a Lightning. Self-driving stopped being of any interest of me when I heard they were going to charge for it. No way I'm paying $100+ a month for Kit to take the wheel.

  • James S
    James SMånad sedan

    It would be hilarious if there was a 10k EV Tax credit whose entire purpose would be to incentivize/subsidize even more consumers to purchase EVs than would otherwise and the companies then simply raised their prices to account for the credit like a University hiking their rates because they know students can get federally backed loans. A price hike would completely nullify the tax credit. If Musk is actually concerned about climate change, the company won't take the free 10k per car on existing demand, but I couldn't blame him if he did. *Disclaimer: I'm not an economist.* Maybe it would make more sense if they only issued the tax credit on vehicles that cost a certain amount, since rich people don't need tax credits anyway. So 'You get a 10k tax credit for the purchase of an EV as long said purchase does not exceed $40,000 with the amount over that being subtracted from the 10k total subsidy.' So if you spend 40k, you get 10k off - if you spend 45k, you get 5k off and so on. That way the rich don't get subsidies on 80k cars and the middle class gets help purchasing a more socially responsible vehicle that's also within a responsible price range - Also, the incentive to raise prices doesn't exist (or is greatly reduced). You'd save so much money not paying out tax credits on 50k+ cars that you might even be able to raise the tax credit.

  • Dynamo Electric Inc.
    Dynamo Electric Inc.Månad sedan

    Contact US for your Tesla Charger Installation in SoCal LA - (818)360-3333

  • Tesla Fans
    Tesla FansMånad sedan


  • RED X
    RED XMånad sedan

    Oh yeah let me just go grab a tesla now with the money I don't have before it's too late

  • Jerik Zerfowski
    Jerik ZerfowskiMånad sedan

    If/When I buy an EV it will be a Rivian R1T. Not happy with the product/quality coming from Tesla.

  • Ian Nicklin
    Ian NicklinMånad sedan

    Too much long-term risk that Tesla won't be solvent by Dec. I would steer clear.

  • Aaron
    AaronMånad sedan

    To many Q\A issues and to expensive

  • JnTmarie
    JnTmarieMånad sedan

    Just picked up my Tesla lr3 yesterday in Brooklyn showroom and service center. Wonderful. Great experience love it! I made the end of the $2000 rebate! I LOVE the car!!! Charging is free in my garage in Manhattan so that’s easy

  • Jacob Ishmael
    Jacob IshmaelMånad sedan

    I need GME to moon so I can afford one

  • Chris Ursino
    Chris UrsinoMånad sedan

    My Tesla S is due in within a week.

  • Klyn Thom
    Klyn ThomMånad sedan

    does tesla accept trade in?

  • Simmer Pete

    Simmer Pete

    Månad sedan

    Yes you can trade in your car to Tesla but you might not get top dollar.

  • Ismail Siddiqui
    Ismail Siddiqui2 månader sedan

    I keep trying to convince my parents get Tesla’s my mom needs to get the model 3 and my dad needs the model x

  • Jake Jonesy
    Jake Jonesy2 månader sedan

    All the dudes that push electric vehicles look like....let’s just do I put this...well this dude I guess 🤷🏻‍♂️

  • Mike White
    Mike White2 månader sedan

    Tesla is getting more and more worse :(

    WICKEDLEE LOOPY2 månader sedan

    Im waiting for the cyber truck 🚚 as well

  • Peter Heang
    Peter Heang2 månader sedan

    Imagine the government making Tesla test for emissions on ZERO emission cars lol..

  • Dom Larry
    Dom Larry2 månader sedan

    4680 battery 🔋 worth waiting for

  • Craigo87
    Craigo872 månader sedan

    So Tesla has removed the radar sensors from the Model Y and 3’s, to rely only on cameras for the driver assist features. To be beta tested by new buyers. Have you talked about this yet? The radar sensors will remain on the model S and X however. Weird.

  • eschdaddy
    eschdaddy2 månader sedan

    Love all the drummer motif. Other than Remo, WeatherKing IS King!

  • zgdaf zgdaf
    zgdaf zgdaf2 månader sedan

    Lol at California really trying to poke the bear.. Tesla is out of CA once they have operations set up in other places.

  • Alex Faria
    Alex Faria2 månader sedan

    Im broke 😭

  • Sway
    Sway2 månader sedan

    Just ordered my LR MY last week! Wanted to wait for the 4680 cells initially but you gotta jump in at some point!

  • Shane Greene
    Shane Greene2 månader sedan

    "Bobcat" I wonder if it could be them adding their electric ATVs?

  • jim
    jim2 månader sedan

    California out to drive Tesla out. Tesla is building a factory in Texas near Austin. And we welcome Tesla. In fact Austin area has several new businesses and factory’s because of the large tax rate in California as well as the cost of living. lat time I was in California I was shocked at the attitude of the employees and the living conditions of the homeless. Tents in the middle of the business district ? Maybe someone should question the leadership of the government. Anyway we here in Texas are happy to have the tech companies and the growth that comes with them.

  • First Last
    First Last2 månader sedan

    Biden in bed with China attack will remaim

  • First Last
    First Last2 månader sedan

    Chip shortage is another attack by China

  • L Brenner
    L Brenner2 månader sedan

    I’ll also never recommend FSD to anyone until it becomes transferable.

  • briobrandon911
    briobrandon9112 månader sedan

    What are the benefits of 4680 battery pack?

  • Moises
    Moises2 månader sedan

    Thank you this was very useful in me thinking about buying a Tesla sooner rather than later

  • Breezy G
    Breezy G2 månader sedan

    To late ? Tesla going to shit. Have you seen all carmakers going EV. Might be 40 %off next year lmao.

  • Dr. King Schultz
    Dr. King Schultz2 månader sedan

    The terrific booklet ethnopharmacologically separate because file energetically wreck to a abandoned ambulance. hanging, better liver

  • William Brennan
    William Brennan2 månader sedan

    that fine said nothing about actual pollution, listen again, its a fine for not pulling permits and not keeping records, just a bunch of bs , keep right on California, Texas get them another business

  • Everything Pc
    Everything Pc2 månader sedan

    I’m waiting for the Mercedes Eqs. Much nicer than the Tesla model s

  • Michael M.
    Michael M.2 månader sedan

    I'll just hold out for the Cybertruck. I keep my $7k FSD with only a $100 deposit.

  • Jon P
    Jon P2 månader sedan

    I’ll hang onto my 2018 3 for 4680’s and FSD hw2

  • DLN David Life
    DLN David Life2 månader sedan

    Would you stillbe able to buy a 2021 Tesla in a few years or would you have to get whatever is out

  • Naren i
    Naren i2 månader sedan

    Thumbnail & Title Detail at 3:42

  • Redsaturn
    Redsaturn2 månader sedan

    Why was I still not subscribed to your channel. Very good update and content here!

  • jram0001
    jram00012 månader sedan

    That’s too bad, i will have to keep investing my money and driving a 2006 civic 😂😂😂😂😂

  • Alexander Ficht
    Alexander Ficht2 månader sedan

    Ordered mine last week sooo happy cannot wait

  • Steven Snow
    Steven Snow2 månader sedan

    I want a Tesla but the lease on the vehicle it would replace runs another year. Also, I have been watchful of the tax credit. Your info here was very interesting. Thanks.

  • ASP
    ASP2 månader sedan

    I’ve been renting out my Tesla’s on Turo and I’ve referred multiple people to get their own Tesla’s. It’s a lot of fun to be able to show off and teach people the car and then at the end of the rental facilitate the referral process. I’ve always thought of a system that lets current owners let prospective owners use their Tesla’s for test drives and to educate on pricing and features. In return we’d get credits that could be applied towards the purchase of the cyber truck or another model.

  • Faisal Afify
    Faisal Afify2 månader sedan

    Rather dump 40k into more tesla stock while I wait for my Cybertruck!

    ACEROCKOLLA A2 månader sedan

    I have not been seeing trucks carrying cars away from Fremont. I wonder what is going on.

    MOPAR2U2 månader sedan

    What a novel way to get people to buy a EV. Just raise the prices.the reality is Tesla’s about making money (great for myTesla stocks) Elon’s good at marketing his products the guys a genius.

  • Jim Gilligan
    Jim Gilligan2 månader sedan

    When you are a do it now whatever it takes operator detail that isn’t an imperative to what you are trying to achieve you can put it off and deal with it when the pressure is off. Clearly this was a planned negligence that got fixed when it suited with a fine of $750k and retrofitting of solar panels etc and completing documentation. One would expect to see these costs feature as tax deductions and other deductible areas of the business. Smart man.

  • Matt N.
    Matt N.2 månader sedan

    The horrible effect each these cars have on the environment is huge. Buying a tesla shows how little you care about our world.

  • MyPetEskimo


    2 månader sedan

    this dude lmao

  • Arash Ghasemi
    Arash Ghasemi2 månader sedan

    Before buying, watch many videos and make good decisions ... The cost of maintaining is too high and the car is not great as you expect

  • loctite222ms
    loctite222ms2 månader sedan

    Still not planning to buy a tesla.

  • Martin Smith
    Martin Smith2 månader sedan

    Tesla will be gone to Texas and stupid California will have their microgrid

  • Khoa Nguyen - Tom
    Khoa Nguyen - Tom2 månader sedan

    Me in another country that doesn't even have a single Tesla: Guess i'm too late then.

  • down town
    down town2 månader sedan

    Ok sure! I'll just pull the money out of my ass and get on that. 🙄

  • Just Because
    Just Because2 månader sedan

    No demand in China.

  • MineManiac
    MineManiac2 månader sedan

    Alright, let me just buy a Tesla with my imaginary 40k dollars

  • Armando C
    Armando C2 månader sedan

    I want to but it’s just out of my budget at the moment still saving...

    ASH MOH2 månader sedan

    In next 2 years we have so many electric car coming in marked that Tesla will be just another electric car …so why we have to buy before is to late?

  • Adam Forte-Dixon
    Adam Forte-Dixon2 månader sedan

    I think musk is raising the price Bc I think the model 2 is coming sooner than we think

  • Lexus Fox
    Lexus Fox2 månader sedan

    I lowkey just want a Tesla so I can take my Itasha wrap to the next level, the design is perfect for it.

  • Joe Sinkovits
    Joe Sinkovits2 månader sedan

    Teslas are hideous, with interiors that look like they were ripped right out of an 80-something Yugo.

  • Andréa Kahlo
    Andréa Kahlo2 månader sedan

    Been waiting since March :( they estimated delivery range keeps fluctuating ..

  • Jon Doe

    Jon Doe

    2 månader sedan

    Yes it’s big bs with the fluctuations I’m about to just go pick up something else over a month waiting 🤢

  • Master Geo
    Master Geo2 månader sedan

    I'm hoping to time the electric credit with the timing of the Cybertruck, if that's possible. Also I don't see the big deal with 1,000 free super charging miles. They offered that deal if you got it before 2021 I believe. In Greensboro N.C. they charge .096 per kwh and a Tesla's battery is 75 kwh. So 7.20 for a full charge. A Tesla long range does 350 miles on a full charge. I can fill up my battery 2.85 times with 1000 miles saving me a whooping 20.52 dollars. I'm unfamiliar with super chargers and I'm assuming there slightly more expensive then charging at home, but I just don't see the big deal.

  • illmatic Fury
    illmatic Fury2 månader sedan

    I sadly would need the more affordable model. Before I’m able to purchase a Tesla.

  • Alex M
    Alex M2 månader sedan

    Lol, these endless "buy it before it's too late" are so tired. This kind of pressure sales stuff is a good indication of the trustworthiness of this brand. "Buy the expensive autopilot feature now, even though it's vaporware, we're gonna raise the price in the future." "Buy the car now, we're going to stop selling them to make robo taxis." "Put the deposit on now, we constantly miss our delivery promises." This is why you don't pre-order video games, dummies.

  • P G
    P G2 månader sedan

    No thanks, much better EV car options coming out rather than a Tesla. They are going to be considered old technology by 2022 guaranteed. Musk likes to build rockets and stuff. 🙄

  • Luisa Merriman
    Luisa Merriman2 månader sedan

    The pleasant mailman immunocytochemically fax because refund intringuingly stroke off a omniscient market. cute, sticky mosquito

  • CoinCycle
    CoinCycle2 månader sedan

    Reason to wait. New batteries

  • Dr Tim O'Shea
    Dr Tim O'Shea2 månader sedan

    more junk science. tesla may may be sold out for the quarter but it's only his guess that the reason is chip shortage. there are a few hundred other factors which may be causing the bottleneck. Result: there's no evidence that Tesla can't get enough chips. this guy could get a job with CNN.

  • Steven White
    Steven White2 månader sedan

    Ordered ours friday!

  • Les Jean
    Les Jean2 månader sedan

    If the Tesla people are reading this, here is what it’d take to get me interested in an electrical vehicle. Go look and test drive the new BMW X7, make an EV that looks and feels exactly like the X7. Same superior quality in and out. Same size and similar tech options. Same attention to detail. Must have real leather: some cows must die to give me the sitting comfort I’m looking for. Range: at least 650 mile. Time to fully charge: 5 minutes. Price: no more than $90K. Now that you know what would bring me to the EV corner, go build it.

  • Themegabuilder_5
    Themegabuilder_52 månader sedan


  • Benjamin Cuellar
    Benjamin Cuellar2 månader sedan

    I'm waiting on lucid air to come out is worth the waite....

  • Aaron B
    Aaron B2 månader sedan

    1:40 Thats California for you. No actuall 'Air Quality' violations; just fines for not proving it. It's exactly what's wrong with this place and why he moved to Texas.

  • Outdoor Outpost
    Outdoor Outpost2 månader sedan

    I’m waiting for LUCID

  • Scuba Guy
    Scuba Guy2 månader sedan

    i would love too, unfortunately they are too pricey for me.

  • sol star
    sol star2 månader sedan

    Loose nut behind the steering wheel !

  • anilegnasolotwoo
    anilegnasolotwoo2 månader sedan

    But I just saw a you tube video that revealed Tesla is revealing a $25000 vehicle in around 2023 sooo which video is true???

  • padwah
    padwah2 månader sedan

    im waiting for the small mass produced tesla to come out this year, priced at approx 16000 dollars

  • Brad Elliot
    Brad Elliot2 månader sedan

    I wish I could buy now, don't have the money as im 17. Got a job but don't start working till next week .... anyone want to help me buy a Tesla 🤷‍♂️

  • Brandon Lee Sanders
    Brandon Lee Sanders2 månader sedan

    Don’t Push FOMO Bro...

  • tuhanpham
    tuhanpham2 månader sedan

    Customer services centers are nightmare. No parts available to buy anywhere.

  • tuhanpham
    tuhanpham2 månader sedan

    Over rated car. Can even open the owner manual 95 %

  • Eoin Moran
    Eoin Moran2 månader sedan

    Production capacity refers to how many vehicles the factory could theoretically produce, a chipp shortage isn't factored into this

  • Freddy Gamer&technology
    Freddy Gamer&technology2 månader sedan

    Ya I would wait to get a Tesla because there is a cheaper model in the works