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Tesla Prices on the rise, used Tesla inventory going fast, Tesla 4680 Battery Updates with Panasonic, SuperChargers opening to all, Executive departures and more!

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  • Ryan Shaw
    Ryan ShawMånad sedan

    Model Y T-Shirt Available Here! ➡️



    Månad sedan

    Those T-shirts are so evrpriced for $2499 it’s ridiculous

  • Dino123


    Månad sedan


  • Jdban


    Månad sedan

    Add chapters to your videos please.

  • DomoTF
    DomoTF4 dagar sedan

    Anyone else think it's kind of greasy to try to scare people into buying a tesla WHILE he is getting 1,000 free supercharging miles off of everyone that uses his link? lol He's made multiple videos to scare people into rushing a MAJOR financial decision and buy a car whose price really isn't even going up that much ( in fact mine went down 5k recently) so he can keep getting free supercharging miles lol Dishonest and just slimy tbh.

  • Charles Sanchez
    Charles Sanchez10 dagar sedan

    I don't see how opening the superchargers to all makes of EV's is a good thing. Where do you think every EV owner is going to go to. There will be long lines at the Tesla superchargers, and there goes one of Tesla owners' perks. Tesla will have to build more supercharging stations on a continuous basis to avoid possible long lines. I was going to buy a model Y because of having the access to the superchargers; now I am not sure. Now I might just buy the VW ID4 Pro S AWD that will be released later this year.

  • Tool Rulz
    Tool Rulz16 dagar sedan

    Model 3/Y prices are decreasing in China that are being exported to Europe and Asia, also the LFP batteries are far superior and cheaper with better build quality, feel sorry for the yanks 😂

  • mphRagnarok
    mphRagnarok18 dagar sedan

    If he saw something and decided to leave and sell his stock like that that's blatant insider trading. I wish you would have realized that when researching this video

  • David H
    David H24 dagar sedan

    I have the 2020 Model Y and will not upgrade until the new battery design is out. So what if it costs more - for 100 more miles of range it will be worth it!

  • Chris Pirillo Is Eboola
    Chris Pirillo Is Eboola25 dagar sedan

    Ordered new model 3 LR and is estimated to be ready in August

  • Chris Pirillo Is Eboola

    Chris Pirillo Is Eboola

    22 dagar sedan

    @J R mine did that too but it changed back to August. It's some glitch on their site, no need to worry

  • J R

    J R

    22 dagar sedan

    I hope it works out like that. I ordered a LR M3 two and a half weeks ago. My date keeps jumping around. Right now it just changedthis morning to 7-11 weeks after having said July5-July 25. 😩

  • TMT83
    TMT8325 dagar sedan

    But the naysayers said Tesla has a demand problem 😂

  • CarlAndr3as
    CarlAndr3as25 dagar sedan

    The plan about making supercharger public in norway is only because the municipality demands it in its area, and it’s only 2 chargers. Also, this is just one of the applications for supercharger permits.

  • Cyborg Manticore
    Cyborg Manticore25 dagar sedan

    Buying Model Y before it's too late? *Cries in Europe. ;_;

  • Simon Reeves
    Simon Reeves27 dagar sedan

    If I had 274 million dollars in stock options, I’d leave my job too… and never work again!

  • Halo epic
    Halo epic27 dagar sedan

    Well the price will actually go down in price with production and end of shortage of chips.

  • Imas - Paily
    Imas - Paily28 dagar sedan

    i cant buy it

    AHMED ALKAABI28 dagar sedan

    I call tesal Dubai branch they don’t have model Y and they told me if I bought it from us the grantees 8 insurance will not be availed because I bought from US really bad decision

    AHMED ALKAABI28 dagar sedan

    Any idea when model y will be available at Dubai market

  • Fireball AZ
    Fireball AZ28 dagar sedan

    I fully understand why Tesla wants to OPEN up its Supercharger network but it seems way too early to do so here in the US. As Tesla is now converting V1 and V2 chargers to V3's there are not a lot of them yet in the system to allow others makes to use the system especially when Tesla is now selling over 100K per quarter. It would be sad to see Tesla owners on a holiday weekend standing in line when a Ford Mache or others are in using our system that we were told at the time of purchase was exclusive to Tesla owners! Also, maybe you can mention as well on your next few podcasts about the line up of wait and see when scheduling a service appointment for your Tesla at a service center. Here in AZ, the Tempe Service Center allows you to make an appointment on the app that in my case was over 2 weeks to get and the day I drove in and got there was a mess in their new service line. Whatever happened to communications with your customers? Now after 3 days, my Tesla Performance Model 3 is still waiting to have a Technician look at it! Customer Service is NOT in their A game for sure. They better watch out as more and more sales means more and more customers going to their very limited Service Centers and they can barely handle the flow now! :(

  • Jean-Luc Picard
    Jean-Luc Picard28 dagar sedan

    use Tesla referral code "sergei87115" to get 1000 free supercharger miles

  • Cykri
    Cykri28 dagar sedan

    tfw clickbaited

  • 2 S3XY
    2 S3XY28 dagar sedan

    *Just brought model 3 in Romania, price 34000 euros* (10.000 give government) In Romania is the cheapest Tesla in Europe

  • Bryson
    Bryson29 dagar sedan

    I ordered a 3 a week ago this isn’t good news to me

  • Shishir Pande
    Shishir Pande29 dagar sedan

    What is the opinion of people regarding FSD? Can we still enjoy a Tesla without FSD? Is it a must have? I mean adding 10grand to already expensive car seems too much to me, but if people say its worthless to have one without, need to know people's opinion especially the ones who already own. Thanks.

  • elkman
    elkman29 dagar sedan

    Tesla's pricing is making other ev's more attractive all the time.

  • elkman


    27 dagar sedan

    @Bloop Bloop They haven't had a 5% price rise over the past 2 months

  • Bloop Bloop

    Bloop Bloop

    27 dagar sedan

    Are other ev prices going down?

  • Jack Skellington
    Jack Skellington29 dagar sedan

    Stock and share options normally have to be exercised with 30-90 days of leaving any company. Departing workers exercising their options is routine and purely a byproduct of the founders/Options share agreement and regulations governing them.

  • Jack Skellington
    Jack Skellington29 dagar sedan

    Tesla opening Superchargers is good - LICE makers spending billions to make their first BEVs and also paying Tesla to build and thereby earn $ from their Supercharger network. Just imagine the onetime 'by in' fees for access to the current Supercharger network! Probably build Tesla at least one new Gigafactory to compete with them!

  • Jack Skellington
    Jack Skellington29 dagar sedan

    Most of the chips are built in countries that still don't have access to good vaccines. Chine is having huge issues at their port facilities as a result. Don't look for a normal chip supply for at least a year. Even in the US is you look at the case rates and vax rates in the South they are getting chewed up by the Delta variant, so US economic issues will continue to oscillate as re-opening leads to rapid case rate/death rate rises due to variants in the unvaccinated population.

  • Karl Joda
    Karl Joda29 dagar sedan

    Great Information ! Thank You !

  • brutha darkness
    brutha darknessMånad sedan

    I want a Model 3 right now but I have to wait till September because I am in escrow right now. Any advice?

  • L33T H4X0R
    L33T H4X0RMånad sedan

    Price of almost every used and new car is going up in US, due to lack of supply. It is going to be back to normal in few months. In addition to that, I wouldn’t rush buying a car that hasn’t even been around long enough to prove its durability.

  • Torq Auto
    Torq AutoMånad sedan

    Any info on the prices on model S

  • Jim Myers
    Jim MyersMånad sedan

    Tesla really needs to build superchargers with pull through stalls. Back in parking is NO GOOD if you have a trailer or a Cybertruck.

  • Tim Lucas
    Tim LucasMånad sedan

    Personally, I think it's best to sit tight right now and keep driving what you're driving. In the coming years, EVs from all manufacturers will become cheaper as more products enter the market. Patience!

  • TheArmenianMamba24
    TheArmenianMamba24Månad sedan

    Ordered mine March 15th and got it March 20th idk how I got so lucky but 🤷‍♂️

  • J. Corona
    J. CoronaMånad sedan

    Too late for what? China and more domestic competition? Or it’s that you like being a slave to your car?

  • Argarciar2006
    Argarciar2006Månad sedan

    In Spain we can't even buy the tesla model Y (well you can buy it but until the end of 2021 you won't have it) :(((((((((((

  • Scott Yamamoto
    Scott YamamotoMånad sedan

    I think the price is going up just to the chip shortage making the cars artificially expensive. It will be cheaper once the chip makers catch up.

  • Scott Yamamoto

    Scott Yamamoto

    Månad sedan

    I also prefer a 4680 equipped vehicle. I wish they would let us lease a car for cheap while we wait on the cybertruck.

  • Me
    MeMånad sedan

    Do you think tesla would release model y with updated longer range anytime soon?

  • Hadtobe
    HadtobeMånad sedan

    Prices were supposed to come down over time with cheaper batteries. More hearsay together with the FSD.

  • Smokin Joe
    Smokin JoeMånad sedan

    13:00 a bird in the hand is worth two in the bush. 😂 🤣

  • Homer Cuts
    Homer CutsMånad sedan

    Interesting Tesla has the patent on the 4680 so it'll be up to them not Panasonic whether other automakers can have it.

  • Robert Paul Guidry
    Robert Paul GuidryMånad sedan

    I see working as an executive for E. Musk as a challenge. You are at a level where your ideas and motivation drive the ship and then comes Elon with his idea that supersedes yours. Your ego gets in the way of his vision and you decided you have to go to be the big honcho on the hook with your own ideas and direction at some other company,. Sad really, just suck it up and be part of a once-in-a-lifetime corporate opportunity...

    RKGSDMånad sedan

    They're not climbing any faster than Ford's Mach E, etc.

  • Steven Sevieria

    Steven Sevieria

    Månad sedan

    Exactly, inflation is taking off.

  • KAOS
    KAOSMånad sedan

    $270 Million? I would cash it in as well and travel the world without stress or worries...simple! Also I'm waiting for the "Enron" moment when they get caught!

  • Ghosty Boi
    Ghosty BoiMånad sedan

    Just wait a year or two if you don't really need it.

  • why so serious
    why so seriousMånad sedan

    hello guys! believe or not nomatter im came from future.. T$LA price info : DEC 2021 - 1204$ / DEC 2022 - 2096$ / DEC 2025 -7789$ so just hold.. plz take chance of your most great opportunity

  • Norm Baker
    Norm BakerMånad sedan

    Yea right. Everyone else are buying other electric vehicles.

  • Snake Eyes

    Snake Eyes

    Månad sedan

    Like me once I can afford it. I have never had a Tesla on my wanted list and I never will.

  • Pugmaster
    Pugmaster Månad sedan

    I sold my 2020 Model 3 Performance just this past weekend. No better time to sell a used Tesla than now in my opinion.

  • Keyboard Warrior

    Keyboard Warrior

    Månad sedan

    Have the same car and must agree ;D

  • Rocky Ugsod
    Rocky UgsodMånad sedan

    Meh.. I'm a huge fan of Tesla but this just sounds like a marketing strategy.

  • Robin Somers
    Robin SomersMånad sedan

    Pladd Model S Availability: US = June, UK = “End of 2022”

  • Chris Pirillo Is Eboola

    Chris Pirillo Is Eboola

    25 dagar sedan


  • Florencio Vela
    Florencio VelaMånad sedan

    I LOVE SPACEX.!! we visited the the site last was so awesome.. i've ordered the tri motor fsd ct & i can't wait for it to get here!! I may buy the S or the Y in the mean time..i got lots of solar & back up battery system as well.😀💚😀 HAPPY BIRTHDAY ELON.

  • masoncnc
    masoncncMånad sedan

    Supply glut will hit in 2023. Just wait

  • a1081042
    a1081042Månad sedan

    Keep raising prices and when I sell my stock I go to VW, not Tesla.

  • Michael M.
    Michael M.Månad sedan

    I'll just stick with my Cybertruck reservation with $7k FSD.

  • Keyboard Warrior

    Keyboard Warrior

    Månad sedan

    Good deal if you remove your FSD, since it dosen't....well you know....FSD ;D

  • Sujith K Jagini
    Sujith K JaginiMånad sedan

    I think the price increase is due to the imminent federal tax credit, its actually better to wait for 4680 (Texas factory) and tax credit to happen, buying now is a mistake.

  • Peter Gazdik

    Peter Gazdik

    29 dagar sedan

    Is the tax credit idea still alive? Wasn't it just left out of the deal?

  • Nina


    Månad sedan

    This is my thought process

  • Enticing Eats
    Enticing EatsMånad sedan

    I thought Elon's goal was to be able to sell his vehicles cheaper so he can sell to more people

  • Enticing Eats

    Enticing Eats

    4 dagar sedan

    @Keyboard Warrior I know, but it wont happen by selling 100k + cars or even 35k plus cars. He needs to get in the 25k market. Hopefully with the Chinesse making smaller Teslas and selling them there, it will kick start it and people can star buying those small cars here in this continent.

  • Keyboard Warrior

    Keyboard Warrior

    Månad sedan

    Tesla's mission is to accelerate the world's transition to sustainable energy.

  • ghostslayer30
    ghostslayer30Månad sedan

    Waiting for solid state batteries before buying an electric car

  • Kevin Xxx
    Kevin XxxMånad sedan

    I ordered my Model Y last week; I hope the price won't increase more before delivery.

  • no name

    no name

    12 dagar sedan

    J R haha good for u

  • J R

    J R

    22 dagar sedan

    It won’t go up but you do have to worry about the delivery time changing. I ordered 2.5 weeks ago and I had a 7/5-7/25 delivery date. This morning, it changed to 7-11 weeks. 😭

  • Jovaaay


    Månad sedan

    Why do you care? Aren’t you locked in the price?

  • Tom P
    Tom PMånad sedan

    If its not a big deal, Ryan can you provide segments on your video so we know where one topic starts and one topic ends?

  • Nate Dotson
    Nate DotsonMånad sedan

    Awesome video, Ryan! One brief ask: Mind implementing chapters on your videos? That would help tremendously!

  • Jambay
    JambayMånad sedan

    2 weeks was the regular quote for development schedules when I was a software developer, besides it's a quote from "Total Recall" that goes along with Tesla/SpaceX product plans.

  • Salvador Barreiros
    Salvador BarreirosMånad sedan

    Tesla is slowly building in future tax credit

  • Mud Plugging
    Mud PluggingMånad sedan

    Is the Model 3 really that bad that owners want to sell them after only a year or two?

  • J R

    J R

    22 dagar sedan

    Many are selling and buying brand new ones. That’s what a friend of mine just did.

  • Keyboard Warrior

    Keyboard Warrior

    Månad sedan


  • Bruce Johnson
    Bruce JohnsonMånad sedan

    Robo-taxis never made any sense to me in an electric car. Taxis need to operate continuously, without needing to be charged every few hundred miles.

  • Keyboard Warrior

    Keyboard Warrior

    Månad sedan

    Taxi drivers need to eat and use the restroom. That's how long a tesla take to supercharge.

  • James Ferrari
    James FerrariMånad sedan

    To be perfectly frank; I don’t believe Tesla is out to make the cars more affordable.. the recent changes have indicated that they are seeing how much they can charge under the guise of the parts shortages. I doubt these costs will lower once the supply chain has been corrected

  • The Cisco Kidd
    The Cisco KiddMånad sedan

    There are other options besides Tesla, and more to come.

  • Jacob Holloway, MSA
    Jacob Holloway, MSAMånad sedan

    No thank you! There are no charging stations where I live. Tesla cars are just for the urban elitists who think that they know everything. There is so much arrogance around electric vehicles and not so much practicality nor utility. I'll keep my combustion engines! At least my cars and trucks will run when the grid is down!! Tesla owners will be left with vehicles that are useless in an emergency situation!!!

  • Paul Winter

    Paul Winter

    28 dagar sedan

    You do realize I'm sure that when the grid is down gas pumps ARE ALSO DOWN, no electrify NO GAS.

  • Erkin Goksel
    Erkin GokselMånad sedan

    Hi @Ryan Shaw! I just ordered my M3 with using your referral code! Thanks for making these vids! I work in automotive industry and TEsla is my customer and still I can't have all these trends you have. How do you catch up with the breaking news of Tesla faster than anyone? :) Really admire, huge fan!

  • marax
    maraxMånad sedan

    I am waiting for giga berlin to see what kind of quality will come out once made.

  • A Ranting Culinarian Pastor
    A Ranting Culinarian Pastor Månad sedan

    Couldn’t afford one 4 months ago, can’t afford one now. Oh well, I guess I’ll just keep waiting.

  • Lemon
    LemonMånad sedan

    Tesla really shouldn't make their cars any more expensive. They already lack alot of common luxury features and the gap will only grow. A friend got himself an Ioniq 5 instead of a Model 3 but honestly after looking at the Ioniq 5 I can understand this. Even though the Ioniq 5 isn't really my taste in looks, it's abesloutly blasting in features :/

  • Keyboard Warrior

    Keyboard Warrior

    Månad sedan

    Slow af. :/

  • Christoph Leitl
    Christoph LeitlMånad sedan

    "Hopefully next week" and "two weeks" should be interpreted as AE. Yes, that's one astronomic year.

  • Abdalla Babikir

    Abdalla Babikir

    28 dagar sedan

    what's an astronomic year

  • Superduty F350
    Superduty F350Månad sedan

    opening up the superchargers to other brands will be a pain in the a**. longer wait times. I don't think its a good idea until there are way more superchargers.

  • EV Grandpa
    EV GrandpaMånad sedan

    Tesla has offered up their charging network to other auto manufacturers. They are unwilling to agree to the terms of the contract they would have to sign to make that happen. Personally I’m against them opening it up.

  • Gaming-Zombie13
    Gaming-Zombie13Månad sedan

    Hopefully in 2023 or 2024 will be better about the chips...

  • Frank Wiersma
    Frank WiersmaMånad sedan

    I am in the IT business for a long time and trust me, once a company start rewriting their whole software system you know something is wrong. The idea that you can rewrite years of work and improve things is an illusion. What it basically means is that a company wanted to throw in the towel but that their software engineers came up with a last resort rescue plan in order to save project.

  • Frank Wiersma

    Frank Wiersma

    Månad sedan

    @Serj Levonyuk I think it is possible, but it wont happen within the next 10 years.

  • Serj Levonyuk

    Serj Levonyuk

    Månad sedan

    May be it's just impossible to create FSD with current Ai technologies, but Elon don't want to give up.

  • Richard Chapman
    Richard ChapmanMånad sedan

    I wish we could! Model Y is still not available for sale in Australia and there’s only been one Supercharger built in Western Australia in 2017 with a 1,300 mile gap to the next one. Unless Tesla are going to bring out a Plaid++++++++++ with 1,300 miles range this needs to change.

  • Brian Conrad
    Brian ConradMånad sedan

    Sure seems like Elon is positioning to get the federal contracts for the new nationwide charging network.

  • Bruno
    BrunoMånad sedan

    Supercharger availability to public in Norway is linked to public subsidies received by tesla for a few specific supercharger. In the subsidies related contract the concerned supercharger would have to be openned to public by 2022. At last news, only these supercharger will be public.

  • Abhinav Plays
    Abhinav PlaysMånad sedan


  • David Pulido
    David PulidoMånad sedan

    I hav an reservation on a TriMotor cyberTruck but I probably won't get it until end of 2022. Is dat too late ? 🤔

    IAN BLADUELLMånad sedan

    A bet sales of the FSD for 10,000 are slowing down to the point that he’s about to switch out the subscription before people stop buying FSD

  • Mykola Rieland
    Mykola RielandMånad sedan

    All of time is now and you are entire humanity

  • Rusty Roquet
    Rusty RoquetMånad sedan

    Delivery schedule for tomorrow for my model 3 SR+ so pumped! Thanks for the referral code Ryan 😎

  • Rusty Roquet

    Rusty Roquet

    Månad sedan

    Picked it up today, so blessed to own a Tesla 🙏

  • unknown138
    unknown138Månad sedan

    hmm... not a big fan of overcrowding of superchargers, but once cars can charge close to the speeds of being at a gas pump there really shouldnt be any issues. also id say.... you'd have to work at the actual company to fully understand.

  • savagecub
    savagecubMånad sedan

    Ryan, great job on another very informative video.

  • Rob Chiste
    Rob ChisteMånad sedan

    So this vision only thing almost caused me to get into a wreck today. It saw a car on the opposite side of the road and slammed on the brakes. Causing the car behind me to almost hit me. Definitely not using that again until more updates come out.

  • Keyboard Warrior

    Keyboard Warrior

    Månad sedan

    I turned that off. My 2013 Mercedes had emergency braking and slammed on the brakes while I was switching lanes between cars, almost bit the dust :O

  • Keith A.
    Keith A.Månad sedan

    I like Tesla cars, but I wouldn't want to work for Elon Musk. He drives people nuts, kind of like Steve Jobs............

  • Bart L.

    Bart L.

    Månad sedan

    Necessary to create a revolutionary changes...if it wasn't for Steve Jobs you will be stuck with shitty Microsoft Windows phones.

  • Ricky Ticky
    Ricky TickyMånad sedan

    Well ford or Honda are coming up with electric cars. By than electric car prices will go down

  • youxkio
    youxkioMånad sedan

    semiconductors and chip foundries are from Asian countries which have a different culture in respect to vacations. They do not sacrifice or reduce production in spite of summer vacations. On the other hand, we may see western downstream suppliers reduce their production because of summer vacations which may help to re-establish the supply of chips to normal levels in October or November. By that time companies such as TSMC will be ramping up their production and meet the demand for chips. This chip shortage is not something to worry about in the mid-term.

  • Steven Sevieria

    Steven Sevieria

    29 dagar sedan

    @youxkio saw an interview with the Director of one of the largest chip making facilities in Taiwan. He pointed out they can’t change their capacity and that anyone that wants to build a new factory is looking at many billions of dollars and several years to even get started. I’d like to know what makes you think the chip production shortage will be temporary.

  • youxkio


    29 dagar sedan

    @Steven Sevieria I understand your point of view about CH /TW which is a "kids rant" going on for decades. But you may also infer that war threats from CH may have other intentional impacts on the TW economy in trying to distrust TW to the rest of the world. I would also like to know where do you get your inferences to your opinion about the chip shortage for the long run?

  • Steven Sevieria

    Steven Sevieria

    Månad sedan

    Oh, I’m not worried but on the other hand I disagree with your evaluation. The chips will continue to be in short supply for quite a while to come, and if there’s any crisis between Taiwan and China they could be excruciatingly short in supply. This will apply to all cars not just tesla.

  • Ben Daulton
    Ben DaultonMånad sedan

    Uh hell no. If a bunch of idiots are face farting about it then it's time to sell.

  • Carlo de Guzman
    Carlo de GuzmanMånad sedan

    the other EVs need to match teslas capabilities for the superchargers. some crappy ones only have 7.2kw charger.. wicked slow.

  • Kevin Romero
    Kevin RomeroMånad sedan

    If I can’t get a Tesla soon I will just wait for the 25k Tesla coming soon in 3-5 years

  • Kevin Romero

    Kevin Romero

    28 dagar sedan

    @Mud Plugging oh okay and I guess you know Elon musk personally?? Lol this guy is just complaining about the numbest stuff possible

  • Mud Plugging

    Mud Plugging

    28 dagar sedan

    @Bryan P Hi there, apologies if appearing blunt, but have reduced it to a few points. 1)Tesla makes cars that Elon Musk thinks you want (mainly his fanbase). 2) Compare Cybertruck to F150 Lightning for conservative Americans where this will only ever be its market. 3) Tesla has moved into China to reduce production costs. With good DFM, he should not be looking at wage costs being a large factor/unit cost. 4) He is losing market position already in China despite ramping up production. 5) China's average income is $15,000, China's most popular EV is priced at $4500 (a whole car for half the cost of a Tesla battery). There are millions of buyers who for this figure, is acceptable. 6) By the end of the 2021, China will be exporting vehicles to Europe. They are already partnering/funding some of the major players. 7) Companies like KIA and Hyundai are producing better equipped products.

  • Bryan P

    Bryan P

    29 dagar sedan

    @Mud Plugging what’s your angle on the comment. Is it because you think of materials not being available demand being too high or life not existing all together I’m just curious why you would say there won’t be any for sale in a few years time.

  • Mud Plugging

    Mud Plugging

    Månad sedan

    There won't be any for sale in a few years time.

  • zodiacfml
    zodiacfmlMånad sedan

    well if one needs to buy a new car one year from now, then it makes sense to buy now. otherwise, car prices will go back 1.5-2 years from now + some inflation

  • Lil Yeet
    Lil YeetMånad sedan

    This is false, SAMSUNG are doing much better

  • Dev ⓱
    Dev ⓱Månad sedan

    As a low-income fresh highschool graduate, I won't be seeing a Tesla (let alone an apartment) for about a decade 😂

  • Dev ⓱

    Dev ⓱

    Månad sedan

    @Snitch K Not necessarily. I'm getting a degree in computer tech, I'll take off after that :D

  • Snitch K

    Snitch K

    Månad sedan

    Or ever on ur life

  • Kev Z
    Kev ZMånad sedan

    That would be cool if Tesla got a royalty for every 4680 battery sold to other companies.

  • Christian
    ChristianMånad sedan

    I don't even think Steve Jobs had the same issues holding onto key employees.

  • Tim Yarrow
    Tim YarrowMånad sedan

    RE Jerome's stock sale, under some stock vesting circumstances a person in Jerome's shoes would have an enormous tax liability from the vesting. If so, it would be most likely met by selling a portion of the stock to raise cash. In no way should his selling be viewed as a direct appraisal by Jerome on the wisdom of continuing to hold Tesla shares long. The sale was likely born of necessity.

  • SHERVIN SHARES - Optimize your Health
    SHERVIN SHARES - Optimize your HealthMånad sedan

    if you own a Tesla is now a good time to sell it?! makes some money? You should make a video on how to sell your used Tesla

  • jim
    jimMånad sedan

    We did place our order in early May. We both agreed the price would be going up. Makes good marketing sense. Delivery of our Model Y long range will be some time in August I guess. And this will be the first American made car for us in 12 yrs. Mostly we buy Volvo or Range Rover. With a Mercedes thrown in there somewhere. It’s because of the quality and safety . I feel good about buying American again.

  • Nicholas T

    Nicholas T

    Månad sedan

    Jim, be prepared for a huge drop in quality control and lack of features in your upcoming Tesla! (it doesn’t even come with a rear trunk cargo cover/shelf!!) If you’re used to European build quality, you’ll be sorely disappointed. On the up side, the driving experience is amazing!!

  • Brad Williams
    Brad WilliamsMånad sedan

    No surprise that people are leaving in droves. I worked for them in March and they do not appreciate quality people or their hard work. They see employees as expendable and won’t rehire seasonal advisors.