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  • Jr W
    Jr WDag sedan

    Placed my order for my Y last month. Tesla said January 2022. I went ahead and opted for Tesla finance. Got approved and my delivery date got pushed up to ending of next month. The sales rep said it’ll put me ahead of people who don’t finance and just places the order.

  • Perris Cole
    Perris ColeDag sedan

    Ordered a Model 3 long range about 2 weeks ago. Delivery estimate between Nov 3 to Dec 3.

  • Oscar Miranda
    Oscar Miranda2 dagar sedan

    Ordered mine august 26, first it said my order would be read December 5 - January 6 now it’s says November 5 - December 6 😅

  • Lukas_MaV
    Lukas_MaV3 dagar sedan

    Just ordered model 3 performance.. will come in December 🥲

  • Paine Plays
    Paine Plays5 dagar sedan

    I’m confused, why don’t you mention everything Doug said about the vehicle? He started off by knocking the quality then taking it for a drive and was impressed with the acceleration. Tell the whole story, not just the positives. Transparency.

  • Jason Scott
    Jason Scott6 dagar sedan

    Yeah well I ordered my Tesla four months ago and still nothing. Maybe choose a different company

  • Christina Swindell
    Christina Swindell6 dagar sedan

    How long will they let you wait before the order gets canceled?

  • Vijay Visweswaran
    Vijay Visweswaran8 dagar sedan

    M3 SR+ is available within 1 week in Australia. LR is 2-4 weeks. We get it from Shanghai.

  • That Dude
    That Dude9 dagar sedan

    I wont have the money till next summer sadly

  • jimmywang100
    jimmywang10011 dagar sedan

    If you put your order now, do we still get the tax rebate when is deliver next year 2022 ? For US is the rebate $7500 or $12000 ?

  • Matthew LeBreux
    Matthew LeBreux12 dagar sedan

    Hi there Ryan. What does that mean you can delay delivery, can one delay their order a day or a week or longer? If one delays delivery of their car, will another car be offered later? Thank you

  • Davis Lia Vang
    Davis Lia Vang14 dagar sedan

    I recently saw in the news, a guy attentionally jump in the back of a Tesla while it backing up. He told the authority that he was hit by a tesla and fled. He got arrest after they find the tesla. Because the tesla camera records the moment where it happens. So Tesla needs to investigate every accident because most case peoples will say that it was the tesla that was at fault.

  • Don B. Puryear, Jr.
    Don B. Puryear, Jr.14 dagar sedan

    I thoroughly enjoyed your posting. Question I'm ready to purchase that I'm willing to wait, should I move forward with a 2021 which is available now for me, or wait for the 2022 which will have the expanded Battery Technology?

  • fiveironbrad
    fiveironbrad15 dagar sedan

    Umm, I put in the order reservation and they said I can't delay it farther than January... so I'm gonna be out $250 since I'm not quite ready financially to start the payments, so I'll likely need to cancel. Should have read the fine print. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

  • Rodrigo Dantas
    Rodrigo Dantas15 dagar sedan

    Thanks for all the good info you provide, I am referring you on my model Y order

  • sseltniop
    sseltniop15 dagar sedan

    i can't i only have 80 quid

  • Mark O'Connell
    Mark O'Connell16 dagar sedan

    I love the slow down and stop feature before turning off. Unlike Toyota which is disengage driving but not cruise control so that it will end in one spectacular car crash.

  • PFlip Quezada
    PFlip Quezada16 dagar sedan

    Who in the world would drive in a car and not pay attention to the road while driving? Today’s evolved Americans?

  • Thomas Jin
    Thomas Jin17 dagar sedan

    If our family were to buy a Tesla Model Y today, and the estimated delivery time was set for January 2022, would we end up getting the 2021 version, or the newest 2022 car?

  • Sarcasm Much
    Sarcasm Much17 dagar sedan

    Tesla started forcing order completions ,The put on hold feature has its limitations

  • Jerry Archer
    Jerry Archer18 dagar sedan

    Good, maybe it will drop gas prices.

  • Ted Kidd
    Ted Kidd20 dagar sedan

    They should allow chademo and ccs charging. Claim of liability there is pretty dubious.

  • Given Entertainment
    Given Entertainment21 dag sedan

    They need to stop calling it FSD until its actually achieved FSD. Right now it's assisted driving at best.

  • E Bear
    E Bear22 dagar sedan

    American manufacturers GM/Ford can not move new cars because of their reliance on China. Tesla... hold my beer. GM/Ford have a bigger issue than China and they better not look for another American government bailout as they lose ground with Americans making the switch.

  • DaveDuzzit
    DaveDuzzit23 dagar sedan

    My Model Y performance is coming Sept. 7th-30th. Couldn't be more excited. I've been waiting for the right time since the Model 3 was first announced.

  • DaveDuzzit


    22 dagar sedan

    @anne chaitu White with white leather interior, I ordered it about a month ago. The performance model being a less demanded trim level because it's expensive had a far less wait time of like 6-8weeks.

  • anne chaitu

    anne chaitu

    22 dagar sedan

    When did u order and which color ?

  • Niya Jackson
    Niya Jackson23 dagar sedan

    Question: so if can put my order in for $250 now and then when it’s ready I can still hold off until I’m ready? Can you go into further detail with that I’m wanting the model 3 and it puts me at November but I might want to wait

  • Zato
    Zato25 dagar sedan

    Do you think the Model 3 will eventually get the 4680 batteries and a few other improvements or even a face lift? I want to pull the trigger on a performance model 3 but I am hopeful for the 2022 iteration.

  • Alejandro Garcia
    Alejandro Garcia25 dagar sedan

    I ordered a model 3 standard range plus with a scheduled delivery for end of the year but after I received the email about them having available model 3s with the battery pack I went ahead and got it. I’ll be taking delivery this coming weekend. Maybe you could do a review on the battery pack?!

  • Alejandro Garcia

    Alejandro Garcia

    21 dag sedan

    @Ryanguyw yeah you can’t move from that step until they assign you a VIN. After I called the sales person and he switched my order I basically had a VIN the next day and then I added it to my insurance and uploaded the insurance card and payed my payment. So it all happened within last week. I got my loan check Friday which I’ll be taking it Saturday. Have you checked online to see if there’s any in stock in your area?

  • Ryanguyw


    21 dag sedan

    @Alejandro Garcia how far along did you get after purchase. I just accepted my terms on my loan and it’s prompting me to upload proof of insurance. I don’t have a VIN to obtain coverage on so I’m stuck there.

  • Alejandro Garcia

    Alejandro Garcia

    21 dag sedan

    @Ryanguyw I’m in North Carolina and yes, it said January when I first placed the order and after completing some steps it moved to November 14- December 14. Then I got the email that they had some in stock with the new battery and I changed my order to one of them. So, I’ll be picking it up this Saturday. I couldn’t wait months since I totaled my car in July and needed a car ASAP. So I guess I got lucky.

  • Ryanguyw


    21 dag sedan

    Where are you located? Jersey here and after ordering my SR+ with a estimated delivery in January, they moved it between nov-dec. curious if that option is location based

  • DLN David Life
    DLN David Life25 dagar sedan

    I think that with driver inattention the car should pull over to the side of the road instead of just stopping. That could be very dangerous on a highway

  • xJoshykinz
    xJoshykinz25 dagar sedan

    Ayeee uncle rich got a shout out

  • Jake
    Jake26 dagar sedan

    The real transportation solution for people who refuse to drive is called public transportation. You sit in a seat and have someone else do it for you.

  • Chris Smith
    Chris Smith27 dagar sedan

    Awesome blossom!!

  • Joel Lisenby
    Joel Lisenby28 dagar sedan

    My Tesla group has been getting their Tesla Model Y's months earlier than the given estimates, actually. With that plus the new factories coming online next year I think it's not necessary to order now, unless you want one asap, possibly this year or early next year. This news from my Tesla group kind of tells me that the supply shortages for various components are being mitigated more and more quickly.

  • General Zaphod's Universe
    General Zaphod's Universe28 dagar sedan

    Great reporting Ryan!!!

  • Outsider217
    Outsider21729 dagar sedan

    Salvaged cars should not be allowed to supercharge, it's certainly a safety issue, no on wants a patched up vehicle by third parties on the streets! It's simply not safe for the rest of us.

  • Milo
    Milo29 dagar sedan

    Yes, we all know autopilot is so shitty it's scary. Why do we pretend otherwise? You don't need a stricter driver monitor system. You need an autopilot that doesn't fucking hit parked emergency vehicles. Don't forget Doug also ripped the build quality 👍 Gyah these simp Tesla channels are so baaaad

  • Jake


    26 dagar sedan

    The real solution for "self-driving" transportation is called a bus, an Uber, or a train. You can look at your phone without endangering the lives of others cause you aren't driving.

  • Mohammad was illiterate
    Mohammad was illiterate29 dagar sedan

    *How many ICE cars crashed in that time period?* *DRUNK lol those can be removed straight away, and not having driver pay attention.*

  • Daniel Puente
    Daniel Puente29 dagar sedan

    I ordered my long range model y in June . My original estimated delivery date was in October. A few days ago it changed to December-January 2022. I checked again last night and it’s back to October.Hopefully I’ll get it soon.

  • Lightningsrt4
    Lightningsrt4Månad sedan

    So the camera facing the passengers isn’t already a monitoring system. Come on man stop suck toes

  • Peter Helander
    Peter HelanderMånad sedan

    Tesla already has a monitoring camera...due to this!


    Wait for the model Plaid S + which was cancel. Musk did not think that the model S will be use to compete with the Nevera Remac...Just remember that the Plaid S is only 3 motors an it is a 4 doors Sedan. and according to Musk the new motor can be adjusted to spin at higher rpm to produce more power.. ...After Plaid model S+ if ever produce ..the ROADSTER which is more the equivalent of the Nevera Remac ..

  • Adrian
    AdrianMånad sedan

    How do you postpone delivery in the Tesla website? I ordered a Tesla Plaid initially estimated Dec/Jan. Now it says estimated delivery Sept 11-sept 30. But I want to take delivery around March/April . How can i do this? I dont have money yet but I will by next year. Thanks.

  • Sakthish Rajendran
    Sakthish RajendranMånad sedan

    I wish Tesla comes up with a cheaper roadster for 60-70k. If they can give 0-60 3.1 for a mode 3 performance then for a lesser wait roadster I am sure the it could come to 2.5-2.7 seconds.

  • cdelve3125
    cdelve3125Månad sedan

    Odds are if you are buying a Tesla, you have the means to make it a year without a Tesla.

  • Docteur Dré
    Docteur DréMånad sedan

    Only fucking speculation to make sure the price go up

  • Jimmy Huang
    Jimmy HuangMånad sedan

    Lol you missed the part where rich said oh the model s plaid "is leaking oil"

  • Dennis Oliphant
    Dennis OliphantMånad sedan

    The reservation price is $250 now. I just placed mine on Sunday.

  • Sickpencil Art

    Sickpencil Art

    11 dagar sedan

    @NurseCarnivore same like dam did i miss the 100 dollar reserve by a few days or what lmao

  • NurseCarnivore


    28 dagar sedan

    yep same!

  • The Cool Factor
    The Cool FactorMånad sedan

    Cool, now the Roadster 2.0 has to beat the Rimac Nevera, Oooooh, exciting!

  • Mimmi Kylemark
    Mimmi KylemarkMånad sedan

    But w Tesla opening up charging for everybody I hope this will include salvaged Teslas as well.

  • danb1a
    danb1aMånad sedan

    I ordered my 3, it read that I will take delivery in Nov. Now they update to first week of Sept. Of course that could change, but it has been hovering around first week is Sept. for the last three weeks.

  • danb1a


    Månad sedan

    @IMAPOTATOZ I just my VIN # today and it reads delivery Sept 4 to 6.

  • danb1a


    Månad sedan

    @IMAPOTATOZ Mid June, a long range.



    Månad sedan

    When did you order and what Config? I ordered an SR+ On July 1st, and has me on the last week of sept.

  • Jesse Hinson
    Jesse HinsonMånad sedan

    I ordered my Model 3 Standard Range Plus on July 29th and actually received it after only 3 weeks.

  • Johnny Boy
    Johnny BoyMånad sedan

    People not paying attention is NOT something no you can fix! It happens in all vehicles. People will text with one hand on the wheel and still crash. You can’t code that out.

  • Alexi Barroso
    Alexi BarrosoMånad sedan

    My model S just got pushed back to February does that mean it will be a 2022 or still a 2021?

  • Stephen Losey
    Stephen LoseyMånad sedan

    Wait for the factories to get finished and the chip shortage to end. Cheaper and plenty of new vehicles!

  • J Piceno
    J PicenoMånad sedan

    Tesla’s make mistakes sure.. But there the best car you can drive now a days.. Tesla’s are Bad ass and it’s a blessing to drive one

  • Grant Guy
    Grant GuyMånad sedan

    When can they deliver my tri motor cyber truck!!!

  • starchild5477
    starchild5477Månad sedan

    I was looking to order a Model 3 and the order fee is now $250. Is this a new change and permanent?

  • Nellie S
    Nellie SMånad sedan

    If I order one now, model 3 long range, will I get the 2022 car or 2021?

  • Ian Nicklin
    Ian NicklinMånad sedan

    Lead time on raw materials and components has increased to up to 40 weeks for aluminum/steel parts. "Sold out" just means "we actually can't build anything". RIP shareholders who don't see the 90% drop coming :)

  • Jim Dandy
    Jim DandyMånad sedan

    Tesla is the perfect car for retired people and beta males

  • 3ArtiCh0kes
    3ArtiCh0kesMånad sedan

    250 bucks for deposit now!! Elon running short on cash? lol

  • Curacars
    CuracarsMånad sedan

    Smart idea, fortunately I made my CT reservation during the presentation. Otherwise I would have ordered one today.

  • Edward Im
    Edward ImMånad sedan

    Isn’t it already sold out lol

  • Sphinx681
    Sphinx681Månad sedan

    Never mind their FSD they can’t even get production right… 2021 model with paint issues ..door handle ! A door handle that is off ..panel door gap! Investigate that! Lol

  • kent ma
    kent maMånad sedan

    this is just to make hype to push people to buy more tesla, actually, many automakers are building ev cars and better wait and see what they come up with, Tesla might even have to lower its price to compete. high prices are the result of this kind of hype that puts all buyers at a disadvantage and makes corp richer as result. Most youtuber getting paid or incentives from automakers to create fake high demand, look at PPE in stores (masks and wipes) selling with a high discount because no longer people buy them crazily therefore you can get them at 50% or higher discount, wait and see I would say, don't let someone manipulate you

  • Joschua
    JoschuaMånad sedan

    Sell out? Nah i think you got elon confused with someone else remember its elon we talk about

  • N Lee
    N LeeMånad sedan

    Restore super charging for salvage Tesla’s

  • Quantum
    QuantumMånad sedan

    Im about to pay of my 2011 combustion vehicle, kind of driving that for a while I want to buy a Tesla in like 3 years when I have money saved up

  • Collin Tan
    Collin TanMånad sedan

    🥱 🥱 🥱 🥱

  • Drew B
    Drew BMånad sedan

    Great update as always. First with the news.

  • Klyde VillaLord
    Klyde VillaLordMånad sedan

    I think Tesla can still use the fastest car. Rimac has the fastest supercar. HEHE Also, Tesla Plaid is a 4 door sedan and the other is not so yeh. Rimac is designed for lux and speed while Plaid is for comfort.

  • niacal4nia
    niacal4niaMånad sedan

    My neighbor bought a Tesla so I bought extra home insurance.

  • TwinTurboChi
    TwinTurboChiMånad sedan

    I’ve got a 2021 MYP for sale😳

  • wuthering1234
    wuthering1234Månad sedan

    Why do fanboys get offended when NHTSA opens an investigation on Tesla? buu huu huuu huu I want my mommy!!

  • Elizabeth Terry
    Elizabeth TerryMånad sedan

    Just ordered a 3 with the estimated delivery of Jan but it updated to Nov 24 hours later

  • J B
    J BMånad sedan

    Why do we need FSD again? This seems pointless. People need to drive their cars. Period. A safety backup system makes sense. FSD doesn't.

  • David Dwyer
    David DwyerMånad sedan

    Thing is Tesla on there site shows it’s sold out for 2021 but if you order a Tesla it’s likely your delivery will be moved up inside 2021.

  • David Dwyer

    David Dwyer

    Månad sedan

    Source. I ordered and my delivery date moved to November from January.

  • windsir6
    windsir6Månad sedan

    The numbers tell the tale. Less than 001466666% cars. What’re the numbers on the rest of cars sold

  • Edgarunreal - Finanzas y Viajes
    Edgarunreal - Finanzas y ViajesMånad sedan

    Interesting video. I want to order the Model 3 standard, but I have a silly question: If the model 3 standard is expected to be delivery on January, that means would be 2022 model (with updated features if any?). Or it will be simply the Model 3 2021 DELAYED? Can anyone explain this? Thank you so much in advanced.

  • Akmal Abdullah

    Akmal Abdullah

    17 dagar sedan

    See I’m wondering this because I ordered mine and it’s the same delivery month of yours

  • George Hawley
    George HawleyMånad sedan

    Comprehensive report, well delivered.

  • ihisatake
    ihisatakeMånad sedan

    I ordered my Model Y LR here in Hawaii 4 days ago, it says delivery in January 2022, but the Tesla employee said it could be as late as March 2022. All good things come to those who wait.

  • acpreciado


    6 dagar sedan

    You’re getting a 2021 model in 2022 🤔 you should get a 2022 model

  • ravenululani


    Månad sedan

    hi! I also live in hawaii and was thinking about ordering the model Y LR as well. Which dealership did you go to?

  • Cameron Hall
    Cameron HallMånad sedan

    Tesla is being investigated for 11 accidents while there are around 6,500 ambulance accidents each year in the U.S. Nearly 60% of ambulance

  • Mac Richardson
    Mac RichardsonMånad sedan

    I don’t care about autopilot. I will never trust it.

  • Doug Golde
    Doug GoldeMånad sedan

    I don't understand the glass patent. The Cybertruck doesn't need bent glass. That's an advantage.

  • Garrick Moskowitz
    Garrick MoskowitzMånad sedan

    If I order today the Model Y delivery day is January. What are my chances of the new battery? I also went to Tesla and they told me I can delay delivery 2 times before it is canceled . Anyone know how long it takes if I delay a delivery?

  • Scott Breseke
    Scott BresekeMånad sedan

    Tesla has fulfilled their claim that Full Self Driving doesn't work, just like they said up front.

  • Scott Breseke
    Scott BresekeMånad sedan

    Are the drivers of these Teslas which hit emergency vehicles clear on the fact that it's only a beta incomplete version of Autopilot they're using?

  • Tanner C
    Tanner CMånad sedan

    I heard tesla is usually the top bid on salvaged teslas...

  • crypto Hulk
    crypto HulkMånad sedan

    Great Stuff. I started watching your videos last year as a beginner before giving stock market a trial. I was able to make $972,000 within 3 Months with a capital of $200,000. keep it up!

  • Ev Z

    Ev Z

    Månad sedan

    He wasn’t, because it’s a scam

  • crypto Hulk

    crypto Hulk

    Månad sedan

    @rub tyson Despite the fact that I take glory for the achievement, I honestly have to tell you, i was guided by MORLEY PERCY a broker i found through a news blog. She aided me achieve that.

  • rub tyson

    rub tyson

    Månad sedan

    Wow. That's Impressive! How were you able to make that?

  • Joe Swanson
    Joe SwansonMånad sedan

    Meanwhile the Ford electric mustang already cut 10% into Tesla sales and every review online says nothing but good things about it

  • Erik van Ravenstein
    Erik van RavensteinMånad sedan

    Tesla is aware of the apocalypse we are in. Some promises they make, they know they won’t keep. The tricksters are delightfully duping

  • Scott Breseke

    Scott Breseke

    Månad sedan

    Tesla ought to call it "Not Full Self Driving". That would stop some investigations and lawsuits right away, wouldn't it? That way, right up front, there is the Tesla promise that it's NOT Full Self Driving.

  • Joe L
    Joe LMånad sedan

    This must be a sponsored video

  • William Mann
    William MannMånad sedan

    Would like a Tesla but the lack of $7500 Federal Tax credit had me buy a Volkswagen ID4 instead. No chance of me buying a Tesla except my early order for a cyber truck that will have a federal tax credit but despite ordering with 48 hrs of Cyber truck release I doubt any chance of getting it till 2024. Tesla is not going to mass produce cyber truck if their cars are back ordered. If that is the case then will probably get my order in for the F150 Lightning I put in within 24 hrs or release. Tesla is losing a large number of orders if other companies can provide demand earlier especially if included Federal tax credit. Also heard 20% of Tesla purchasers in CA would not buy another EV again. What is up with that?

  • F. D.
    F. D.Månad sedan


  • Robb Groves
    Robb GrovesMånad sedan

    The roadster will smack the rimac

  • eoe6270
    eoe6270Månad sedan

    Classic CNN

  • Jack Brooks
    Jack BrooksMånad sedan


  • CGagnon5
    CGagnon5Månad sedan

    Cybertruck is the dumbest shit ever made

  • Moises
    MoisesMånad sedan

    I am very glad that I order my Tesla weeks ago so that I don’t have to wait this long.

  • Ei Ei
    Ei EiMånad sedan

    If I ordered Tesla model 3 this year and its delivery estimated next year, will I get 2021 or 2022 model?