Did Tesla Make The Model 3 Worse?

Tesla drops radar, Tesla V4 charging, Solar Cybertruck, Tesla Model X Plaid, and more!

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  • rubbers3
    rubbers315 dagar sedan

    I don't trust any promise that says "You'll only have to endure this for two weeks". The good old times when it was just 14 days to slow the spread...

  • Dan
    DanMånad sedan

    Remove hardware and limit current software features, while increasing the cost of the car. Good move Tesla...NOT! Solar on the Cybertruck doesn't make sense because solar panels just don't generate that much power for the cost, on a vehicle. So they'd hardly make a dent at filling up the battery pack. And solar panels have a limited lifespan and once they stop producing, then that entire rollup cover would need to be replaced, if you wanted to keep solar.

  • Joe O
    Joe OMånad sedan

    Worse refers to it being bad in the first place! Thumb down for that

  • Bryan Ragland
    Bryan RaglandMånad sedan

    I wish they would keep radar

  • Andreas Klossek
    Andreas KlossekMånad sedan

    25,000 charge points, do 30,000 and around 2,000,000 cars of Tesla on the road ^^ (if not more ^^)

  • Andreas Klossek
    Andreas KlossekMånad sedan

    Not saying 100% reliable, not saying wide available, but there are chargers out there, that can perform PR numbers of up to 350 kW, right now. That means, Tesla is only closing the gap of what others already can do... rare case it seems ^^

  • Andreas Klossek
    Andreas KlossekMånad sedan

    Be honest, V3 is not even close to be rolled out and they came up with V4. Consumers need volume, no matter if V3 or V4. There yet even black holes on the landscape.

  • Big Bob
    Big BobMånad sedan

    I made a comment a few weeks ago about how Tesla will likely need to change its operation to capture the next group of customers and the recent announcements play directly into this. Until recently the majority of Tesla customers are tech oriented and accustomed to dealing with firmware development and other issues and are for the most part accepting of delays. I believe we are seeing the beginning of the next generation of customers that want tech products, but do not want to be on the bleeding edge and deal with slips, bugs etc. Recent comments from customers who expect to get what they ordered are balking at unannounced deletions. As an innovative outside the box company Tesla has not had to interact with these customers before and may have difficulty keeping the excitement going. The activity level on You Tube ( FSD Beta) is a weather vane.

  • Karma Comment Chameleon
    Karma Comment ChameleonMånad sedan

    Just a small thing, but the 3/Y are being delivered without passenger lumbar adjustment too. Now there's a blank on the passenger seat and honestly it makes the car look cheaper.

  • IamPrimitive
    IamPrimitiveMånad sedan

    This is BS. I ordered a car in May under the understanding I will have full autosteer functionality. Yet my car might be delivered without features promised?

  • Bin Qian
    Bin QianMånad sedan

    Tesla probably want to max its margin so to offset the ugly sales report for 2Q. I am pretty worried

  • Michael Cianciulli
    Michael CianciulliMånad sedan

    Picking up my Model 3 without radar tomorrow. Radar wasn’t a deal breaker for me but I do wish they held off on doing this for orders that were pending. Are they going to disable radar on cars prior to May 2021 in an update? That also seems lame to remove a feature that someone already has been using.

  • I've Lost My Mind
    I've Lost My MindMånad sedan

    If youre reading this and are thinking about buying a tesla, as a current tesla owner i can strong suggest looking at customer complaints about build quality and poor customer service in handling these issues. you will be treated like trash. very weird for a company selling premium 50k+ cars.

  • Steven DeLuca
    Steven DeLucaMånad sedan

    So should I not order my model 3? I was going to order this week or next ?

  • Augústo Williams
    Augústo WilliamsMånad sedan

    Are ultra sonic sensors different from radar? I feel like I’m missing something here.

  • Augústo Williams

    Augústo Williams

    Månad sedan

    @SuppenDfg okay thank you! I was definitely missing something

  • SuppenDfg


    Månad sedan

    The main difference besides the technology itself is their range. Good radar sensors can have a range of 200m+ while ultra sonic is limited to 5-10m.

  • Brantley May
    Brantley MayMånad sedan

    I have a new Model Y with no radar and it works great! I see no issues. Besides, they are turning off all radars anyway, so radars on old cars will be dead weight.

  • James Kirk
    James KirkMånad sedan

    My '21 Tesla M3P autopilot works fantastically in extremely heavy rain, but it has radar. Will vision only work the same?

  • SuppenDfg


    Månad sedan

    Do you have an old smartphone? Try taking a picture in bad weather and/or darkness. That's what Tesla's cameras can see.

  • TypeTuber
    TypeTuberMånad sedan

    Yes, humans don't need radar in most situations. Speaking for at least this human, I would feel great knowing radar was looking through dense fog when it's impossible for me to do so. Also, good luck seeing 250 kW charging rates unless you are the only person using the entire station.

  • pihi42
    pihi42Månad sedan

    And we should stop listening that the 'new vision system is just as good as the old one with radar'. It should be BETTER!

  • pihi42
    pihi42Månad sedan

    And IMHO they were not 'working on radar removal'; they were just as surprised when they found their neural networks cannot handle radar correctly. The simplest is of course just dropping the radar (and the cheapest), but certainly not the best.

  • pihi42
    pihi42Månad sedan

    This is just a fail of the neural net development. Poor sensor fusion IMHO. I suspect it won't last; expect recalls of radarless Teslas in the future.

  • Big Doug’s Commentary
    Big Doug’s CommentaryMånad sedan

    Who gives a shit what anyone speculates if they AREN'T Tesla engineers. And NO, you don't NEED to drive 80 mph in California. Those people are the ones who show up on Wham Bam Teslacam

  • Big Doug’s Commentary
    Big Doug’s CommentaryMånad sedan

    One of the dumbest videos done on this subject.

  • Maticz
    MaticzMånad sedan

    Elon is a fraud /:

  • LexaPr0
    LexaPr0Månad sedan

    The yoke steering wheel is an awful idea. Safety and comfort - these are a damn near deal-breaker. Negativity aside, I really like your channel. It has a chill, to-the-point vibe. Keep it up. This is my go to Tesla news channel.

  • Harry Aldieny
    Harry AldienyMånad sedan

    radar-less models should be sold for $5k less.. even though, i wouldn't buy coz i don't buy a Tesla just to cheap out on tech

  • D. P.
    D. P.Månad sedan

    Crash cams get ready for action 😂

  • Jamie Brown
    Jamie BrownMånad sedan

    Get rid of middle dash computer. It’s crap

  • Domino Lehmann
    Domino LehmannMånad sedan

    "Never ever buy a tech product based on the promise of future updates" Means don't buy tesla because that is what they're doing for a long time now. Transition to ap2.0, ap3.0 or even fsd. Their timeline never adds up. It' just like duke nukem forever. It's done when it's done

  • Mark Kahn

    Mark Kahn

    Månad sedan

    Yes, which is not at all what your initial comment said.

  • Domino Lehmann

    Domino Lehmann

    Månad sedan

    @Mark Kahn yeah don't buy tesla because you want anything at all because it get released tomorroq or in 2 years..not only a fsd thing. :)

  • Mark Kahn

    Mark Kahn

    Månad sedan

    No, it means don't buy it based on the promise of a future update. Teslas are still the best cars on the road, and they keep getting better. But don't buy it *because* you want full self driving.

  • iMrmltr
    iMrmltrMånad sedan

    Tesla is stripping its radar system from the Model 3 and Y only, while the S and X are undergoing their biggest renewal ever. You have to be a real fanboy, to not see the contradiction. It‘s most likely just a way to spend less money producing the cheapest models of the brand, as almost every decision they made. The same story as for the Model 3 not having a proper drivers dashboard - Tesla claims it is innovative, but every 14 year old gamer could explain, why it‘s just a bad design decision and only in to reduce cost of production.

  • Austin Lu
    Austin LuMånad sedan

    How can you tell if the car you get has the radar sensor?

  • Robert
    RobertMånad sedan

    Not worried at all. Stopped at the Tesla store today and talked with the associate that is assisting with our Model 3 Long Range purchase. This issue has the greatest impact on those that purchased the self driving option. I'm waiting on a subscription option for that anyway. I test drove a May Model 3 just for the heck of it and I did not notice anything different from my wife's 2020 model Y.

  • Snake Frumpkin
    Snake FrumpkinMånad sedan

    Crap...i just ordered my model 3 yesterday

  • Baldry Devon
    Baldry DevonMånad sedan

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  • Tommy Yang
    Tommy YangMånad sedan

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  • QuantumX
    QuantumXMånad sedan

    Ayy june 3rd is my birthday!

  • ken90017
    ken90017Månad sedan

    There are 104 weeks in 2 years. More seriously I recall when they changed autopilot it wasn’t as good as original for like a year.

  • Joe Ees
    Joe EesMånad sedan

    I'm curious how in the black of night with San Francisco bay thick fog and Californias burglar/rapist/murder friendly street lighting - is a camera going to beat radar? I understand that millimeter wave radar isn't slowed or stopped by the aforementioned. Visual cameras OTOTH...

  • PRedY
    PRedYMånad sedan

    Do you think Elon Musk doesn't know what he is doing. Do we think Tesla is going to ruin their own product. Does that make sense to you

  • Václav Pekař
    Václav PekařMånad sedan

    It seems like I will buy Xpeng instead of Tesla, as soon as available. I am not terribly confident about dropping radar.

  • gary bean
    gary bean2 månader sedan

    another user with a dead M3. At third week of driving, an alert showed up saying "OK TO DRIVE. PLEASE SCHEDULE SERVICE VISIT. Vehicle speed and power may be limited" -- Car slowed to 65 mph while traveling 75 mph in the fast lane; requiring immediate lane change to avoid becoming a hazard. Top speed was then limited to 65 mph by the associated fault response programming. At dealer was informed of diagnosis that oil pump issue had been sent from car to Tesla Main data receiving HQ. Subsequent firmware update --- reportedly necessary when significant components of the car are replaced -- failed - repeatedly. Car is now inoperable and awaiting examination by Tesla engineering; as I understand the issue is beyond the scope of the dealer technician to resolve. Car initially (my very FIRST entrance to car) had an issue where the touchscreen would turn grey on the right 2/3rds, becoming unresponsive to any touches, auto reboot after approx. 1 min, then work for some time only to fail again and again later.

  • Lunnaris01
    Lunnaris012 månader sedan

    I do hope that they will have everything already ready now. I honestly would have prefered them to have the non-radar system working in place with lots of data to back it up, rather than how it currently looks to me, which is kinda them bringing this out because they no longer build in radar and it's not really insanely clear if it is up to the level of the previous system right now. Will see how it works out.

  • Tanishq das
    Tanishq das2 månader sedan

    I doubt Tesla vision. More types of sensors will help cross reference and make better quality decision, the human vision analogy is flawed in the sense we don’t just use vision for navigating but sound, orientation, peripherals to combine and give us true sense of our surroundings even then it’s not perfect. This is simply using software to reduce hardware cost, they should be focusing on improving their production quality.

  • LednacekZ
    LednacekZ2 månader sedan

    California has a flow of traffic at 85 mph? Good for you. Every picture of California I have seen is just huge traffic jams. But it seems a bit weird as the maximum speed limit is usually at 65 mph.

  • Mark Brisec
    Mark Brisec2 månader sedan

    I've never had any issues with electric cars regarding their range since my daily driving ranges rarely exceed 20 miles, maybe sometimes 40 miles. So home charging would be ideal for me. And as far as road trips go, I'm not traveling anywhere cause I have no money or need to do so. So for me EV cars would be great. There's just one little snag, I can afford to buy a new car every 5 years or so.. And by new I mean new for me, the car is of course used. And since my limit is around 5-7000$ I seriously doubt that I'll be driving any electric car before my retirement. They are not a poor's man toys. They're not even an average guy's toys considering all the stuff one has to buy and pay for to survive.

  • Mark Brisec
    Mark Brisec2 månader sedan

    I think that Porsche has an 800 V charging capability which is beyond anything Tesla can handle now or in the near future with the upgraded Models S and X. I'm not sure about the wattage but the max power of electricity capable of flowing in Tesla is well below 800 V.

  • brandonB2B
    brandonB2B2 månader sedan

    Lesson Learned: Do not buy the Model 3

  • Suge212
    Suge2122 månader sedan

    Not sure how I feel about using cameras for autopilot. I don't know a whole lot about where these cameras are located but if they are anything like my backup camera, then most of the time (especially in winter) they are covered with dust, mud, salt etc. and need to be cleaned off. In the winter you simply can't keep it clean at all.

  • SuppenDfg
    SuppenDfg2 månader sedan

    If you want to improve the results for your neural network, you want data from more sensors, not from less. I can see only three reasons why someone would remove sensors: a) the sensor was crap and didn't provide any useful data, b) saving money c) not enough computing power to make use of the additional data. In this case I don't believe that a) or c) are the reasons. That would leave b). I don't think that it's a cost-reducing measure per se, but more a supply problem. They don't want to reduce/halt production so they removed the part with the supply problem. Now they have to develop a software workaround, but you shouldn't expect camera only to be as good as camera+radar. That would only be possible if the "autopilot" had flaws in the handling of the radar data that would be removed together with the sensor itself.

  • terrulian
    terrulian2 månader sedan


  • Andrew H.
    Andrew H.2 månader sedan

    Tesla sucks. Paid 10k for full self driving and will probably sell the car before ever getting to try the feature. All the 'autonomous' features are super glitchy, auto lane change does not work unless on highway (used to work everywhere). Autopark stopped working 8 months ago. Tesla serviced the car, installed new cameras, still nothing. Sentry mode will record 1000 events in one night. (Parked in a 1 car garage) The cars are only good on paper, in reality the technology is fragile and flawed. I don't want to go back to gas cars, but Tesla is not the answer. 0/5 stars!

  • Xouki Long
    Xouki Long2 månader sedan

    great video

  • CanadianDronePilot
    CanadianDronePilot2 månader sedan

    A huge concern here is in varied climate countries such as Canada - snow can block vision sensors - and what about fog or heavy rain - would radar not be a GOOD advantage to add in these case scenarios ? Cheers

  • SuppenDfg


    Månad sedan

    Radar can "see" through fog, rain and snow, cameras can't and no software can change that. The planed software update could make it work better, but it can't make the cameras "see" more when visibility is bad.

  • To bi
    To bi2 månader sedan

    So. Don't buy a model 3 atm?

  • Tom55data
    Tom55data2 månader sedan

    The last update changed my autopilot and made it very touchy. I had learnt the necessary hold on my steering wheel over the past year and suddenly after the update not only does need a change of force but you get little warning and it locks out. Over the past year I never got locked out of autopilot, but on a week vacation I got locked out about 6 times. Very annoying

  • Scasc
    Scasc2 månader sedan

    The fastest charging network in Europe is Ionity with 350kW, the fastest charging cars in Europe are Porsche Taycan and Audi Etron GT with 270kW, Tesla is good second but just second... Then, Tesla has probably the best power train overall but a Tesla is not the best car for everyone. For example, until now Tesla has failed to produce a car shorter than 4.5m while other brands succeded in this task; being able to do so is an enabler to allow using the car in many european cities. The reason is obviously the energy density of the batteries and the subsequent obsession of Tesla for the car efficiency. This fact inhibits Tesla to build a compact SUV like Peugeot e2008 (model Y is a compact SUV only in America, in reality it is a large crossover), closing for Tesla the possibility to enter into the most important segment in some european countries. So, the Tesla supposed domination still has big holes to close...

  • mrmichrom
    mrmichrom2 månader sedan

    @Ryan Shaw nice video. The company is pronounced “Fast Ned” because it’s from the Netherlands, “Nederland” in Dutch.

  • James Guan
    James Guan2 månader sedan

    Can you do a video on how cities (and states) are going to keep up with the surge in electric demand? My electrician mentioned something to the effect of that the grid demand of charging one Telsa is like adding 2 more homes in the same block? In the absence of private solar roofs, how are cities going to keep up? And do you recommend solar panels for your Tesla? (Sorry if you've already done the video before).

  • Paul Leopardi
    Paul Leopardi2 månader sedan

    A suggestion. Please review your scripts to find all the places where you implicitly assume that the US situation is the default, or applies globally, and insert "U.S." to see if the script is more precise and still makes sense. I live in Australia and it is an effort to sift through your content when you continually say something that seems to apply to me only to realize that it applies to the US only. You don't need to report on everything in the world, but please don't appear to assume that the USA is the world.

  • Paul Leopardi

    Paul Leopardi

    2 månader sedan

    E.g. "deliveries will start on June 3rd" -> "U.S. deliveries ...", "Tesla's web site" -> "Tesla's U.S. web site ..." etc.

  • JKgaming1
    JKgaming12 månader sedan

    i get my 2021 tomorrow with FSD

  • WirableCrown
    WirableCrown2 månader sedan

    Wow.... This is a huge step backwards.... Optical cameras are only so good, I really hope they add another sensor of some sort for more accurate data. Perhaps LIDAR instead of RADAR.

  • Matthias Fritz
    Matthias Fritz2 månader sedan

    Radar doesn't work when Snow, Ice or Dirt covers the front. This is in the Owner's Manual. Makes it just logic why they remove it.

  • Matthias Fritz

    Matthias Fritz

    Månad sedan

    @Josh M you've not driven in snowfall much obviously.

  • Josh M

    Josh M

    2 månader sedan

    Logical fallacy much?

  • Paul Webster
    Paul Webster2 månader sedan

    Terrible that radar is being removed. Why buy a Tesla with less functionality.

  • fwaynedavis
    fwaynedavis2 månader sedan

    The argument about buying future updates might be valid, but not with Tesla, they already prove they do more, faster and better than most anyone. I doubt the limitations will be a factor in weeks.

  • WillN2Go1
    WillN2Go12 månader sedan

    I think the NHTSA issue is that in whatever Tesla's current filing with them is it includes the radar. So radar is not a NHTSA requirement, the requirement is if you change something we've agreed to you need to then sort out the new configuration.

  • Spuddy
    Spuddy2 månader sedan

    Personally telling everyone that the reduced Autopilot functions are due to software limitations is s2pid. There is currently a world wide shortage of tech chips being manufactured at safe facilities. All of which are affecting the legacy car makers world wide. I honestly believe that TESLA will sell their cars without the RADAR CHIPS because Full Self Driving is not yet legal or even affecting their software in any detrimental way. According to Sandy Munro of that famous company that dismantles cars and technology to offer us all a better understanding of tech advances, can be Quoted as saying "He believes that OF ANY SOFTWARE he trusts. TESLA's software is the ONLY one he trusts ultimately." Anyone that says that and has a company that takes vehicles down to their bare elements and shows us all the outcome deserves respect.

  • word 2
    word 22 månader sedan

    I don’t like this. I really think that if Tesla is serious about FSD they need to consider redundancy in their systems as a crucial feature, not an inefficiency… especially as it pertains to safety. Simple cameras no-matter how good are physically limited by their perspective and picture quality… things that are constantly eroded by weather and obstacles. Cameras are incapable of depth perception even with multiple views and clever mathematics… …especially while they themselves and the vehicles around them are moving…. and the neural network is not ready nor do we know if it is stable/fast enough to drive as well as a human using only visual cues… something humans with their actual eyes on the road can do very effectively… making very nuanced and complicated decisions constantly. I also just don’t think it is wise to put a majority of the crucial decision making up to software alone using only one type of data input (which has numerous limitations including being prone to errors) without having more physical sensors and methods of collecting real data of the car’s actual surroundings. I understand that humans drive using primarily vision…. so you’d think that cameras alone should be sufficient…. but humans make so many more nuanced decisions whiles driving and come in with a knowledge of how other people drive and their surroundings that the neural network is just not at yet. I love tesla and I trust my model 3 …..but I do not at all feel that autopilot or FSD are good enough as is!! Let ALONE without radar! This is a massive mistake and ai feel is more a reaction to supply chain issues than it is about “advancement”… tesla simply needs to get cars out and they’re trying to fool people into thinking the issue is a feature. I’d be cancelling my order if this applied to me and my family was literally weeks away from buying another model 3. We may not now. Tesla can’t be so cocky thinking that AI and software will solve all their problems…. you do not put all your eggs in one basket and rely on incomplete/unperfected tools to be the driving force behind your entire system. Soon we will see Tesla break FSD / Autopilot into different tiers with “Visual” being the lowest tier… mark my words.

  • Francesca and Kitty Carlotta Continolo
    Francesca and Kitty Carlotta Continolo2 månader sedan

    Hi Robert, do you think previous Model 3 with radar will be turn off and just camera.?

  • Rob Sandie
    Rob Sandie2 månader sedan

    Never got a warning before they tried to get me to take delivery. They admitted to it when I asked.

  • Scott Mackey
    Scott Mackey2 månader sedan

    I am deeply concerned that a “vision” only guidance system will not work properly or at all in foggy conditions. If you’ve tried to drive in dense fog, it is extremely difficult even for a fully functioning human. This needs to be addressed by Tesla. Radar “sees” through fog at least.

  • Mark Kahn

    Mark Kahn

    Månad sedan

    Agreed, this is just a horrible decision. Keep radar, keep updating software. If they ever get to the point where the radar data is just no longer used (and not using it doesn't harm anything at all), drop it *then*. They've actually said that they were going to be all visual since the early Model S days though, it's just in line with their long term goal of a $20k-ish car.

  • SuppenDfg


    Månad sedan

    @Zoltán Szeles That might be true for high end camera systems, but for sure not for the cameras that Tesla is using. The specs of the sensor they use in M3 reminds me of sensors in old smartphones (ON Semi AR0136A: 1/3" sensor, 1280x960 => 1.2MPixel, 3.75µm pixel size)

  • J.Steezy


    Månad sedan

    Same here, why not just keep radar but minimize it's influence and focus it for situations like this? Is that not possible? I guess I can see how the two would clash for decision making but damn, it seems dangerous to not have radar in fog.

  • Zoltán Szeles

    Zoltán Szeles

    Månad sedan

    @Rick Nash Cameras better than human eyes, and always pay attention. Also Humans crash cars in fog, because they are not choosing their speed according to visibility.

  • Zoltán Szeles

    Zoltán Szeles

    Månad sedan

    You can't rely on radar in foggy conditions, you have to choose your speed according to visibility even if you have radar. Also phantom braking and fog not a great pairing.

  • Sam G
    Sam G2 månader sedan

    Removing radar from S & X can be more complicated than waiting for stock to run out. Those vehicles were designed a long time before Tesla Vision was announced. Most likely there has to be significant hardware changes, some of which could be structural

  • Gary Morrison
    Gary Morrison2 månader sedan

    Regarding 350KW (or faster) SuperChargers, IIRC, no existing Tesla vehicles support charging rates higher than 250KW?

  • gjeannit
    gjeannit2 månader sedan

    Just a speculative question: Could it be have been calculated move to eliminate radar in Tesla in order to redirect the focus to the camera IA technology, used by Tesla, and to discourage investment into all other platforms using RADAR or LiDar? We know that there many other companies, developing and pushing them, with investors from leading and elite car manufacturers. Why limit features and reduce additional proven safety tools? If anything, embrace new technology and make Tesla more advanced and safety rich. Obviously their are safety concerns, causing Tesla to set a limit on how fast their cars can me driven, and adding a great following distance. Will the Camera based AI be sufficient to accurately predict sudden movements by other drivers cutting-in, take-overs, pushing-in, etc. Hope that pride is not standing in the way of advencement!

  • Gabriel L
    Gabriel L2 månader sedan

    Also, I love Elon and Tesla. I've learned to take a date from Elon with a grain of salt. I don't know why he still gives a time frame. I know if he says something it WILL happen but when is the better question.

  • Gabriel L
    Gabriel L2 månader sedan

    Any guess when v11 will be out.

  • C Bromley
    C Bromley2 månader sedan

    We don’t rush a fine wine. We shouldn’t rush FSD. It’ll come, and it will be immense in its significance.

  • C Bromley

    C Bromley

    Månad sedan

    @Casey Sly 😊

  • Casey Sly

    Casey Sly

    Månad sedan

    It will come, but after you ha e sold 3 cars that you have paid for it on, and can't transfer the product to the next car, and can't use what you have paid for in resale value.

  • John Canalese
    John Canalese2 månader sedan

    Welcome NA customers of model 3, you’re now the lucky beta testers of Full Vision!

  • Seabass Last

    Seabass Last

    2 månader sedan

    Ordered a model Y last week, not happy about this. Cost of the car went up even though radar is not in the car. Really disappointing.

  • Greg And Karuna
    Greg And Karuna2 månader sedan

    So no Beta V9.0 FSD in 2 weeks 2 weeks ago?

  • Greg And Karuna
    Greg And Karuna2 månader sedan

    Is that Elon time frame to add in future?

  • martin_boy
    martin_boy2 månader sedan

    Elon is someone to aspire to, According to analyst, the higher stock price is somewhat self-fulfilling to (Tesla's) growth potential and that was made possible by Tesla's investments in the stock market, I’m right behind him on the “ROAD TO TRILLION" I’m happy to buy Tesla stocks but not the car. I’ll let some else do that.

  • hw burner

    hw burner

    Månad sedan

    @TheYuriG I wonder what they’re trying to do with the bots.

  • Mark Brisec

    Mark Brisec

    2 månader sedan

    I would buy those Tesla stocks to earn the money so I can buy a Porsche Taycan Sport Turismo Turbo S....

  • TheYuriG


    2 månader sedan

    another bot spam thread, nothing to see here

  • trung thach

    trung thach

    2 månader sedan

    Elon Musk is the Warren Buffett of technology.

  • Robert Williams

    Robert Williams

    2 månader sedan

    Just look up her name online to get all the vital info you need about her.

  • Robert Fox
    Robert Fox2 månader sedan

    Thank you!

  • Gary Morrison
    Gary Morrison2 månader sedan

    I’m failing to see anything improved in the new Model X interior. All I can see is an almost-unusable steering wheel with turn signals and gearshift that can’t be controlled by tactile feel.

  • Gary Morrison

    Gary Morrison

    2 månader sedan

    @Nicholas T, the original Model S & X looked pretty much perfect to me, the Model 3 & Y is a “hmm… well, maybe,” and this is “WTF?!”

  • Nicholas T

    Nicholas T

    2 månader sedan

    Totally agree Gary! I think the new interior is a mess, especially with the stupid and totally impractical half steering wheel and removal of the stalks! To be honest, I think the old interior looked far more integrated, although perhaps a little dated. I just can’t believe that some people are calling this new interior gorgeous????

  • mik3yl3
    mik3yl32 månader sedan

    do you know why in the last year, the model 3 autopilot has gotten worst? when im on autopilot , i find it braking a lot harder than when i first bought it in 2019. however, if im using cruise control and i steer myself, the braking is NOT so finicky and hard, it's a smooth brake. any thoughts? of course reboots have happened and im up to date on firmware.

  • Abdulla Al-Abduoli
    Abdulla Al-Abduoli2 månader sedan

    The plaid model S pushed back to 10th of June

  • Nicholas T

    Nicholas T

    2 månader sedan

    If you can even believe that update! Remember how many times the Battery Day event was rescheduled last year??

  • Nik4lo O_o
    Nik4lo O_o2 månader sedan

    Now we cant dodge dears at night

  • evilution
    evilution2 månader sedan

    Pure vision can't see the in front of the car in front of you. Radar would bounce off the road under the car in front and you and pay attention to the car in front of that. There are plenty of videos on SEblacks showing the Tesla braking before the car in front even reacts.

  • Khan mojo
    Khan mojo2 månader sedan

    My delivery date changed to 3-11 weeks after saying june7-15 wtf.....

  • CoffeeBreak
    CoffeeBreak2 månader sedan

    Yeah, I just got my VIN for the Model 3. I had to agree that I am aware that these features won't be available and that radar won't be installed. It's called New Vision. Also, am I missing all the Safety stuff??? If so, than I might cancel my order. This is the biggest reason why I am getting this car

  • Josh M

    Josh M

    2 månader sedan

    I strongly advise watching the videos and reading reviews of people using the new system in any sort of road conditions other than perfectly sunny. Additionally, the vision system is requiring people to have the auto brights feature engaged which is notoriously and almost universally maligned as a system. Bottom line is do your research. I refuse to even update my Y until all this is settled.

  • Jesse Seastrand
    Jesse Seastrand2 månader sedan

    I’m sure I could find this somewhere but how does tesla vision work in fog, heavy rain or snow? Wouldn’t radar be better when you can’t actually see that far ahead?

  • Seabass Last

    Seabass Last

    2 månader sedan

    Yes, radar=better.

  • Michael Ross
    Michael Ross2 månader sedan

    Did he say traffic flow in CA is 85 mpg? I'm calling bull, I live here, not so and pretty scary.

  • Kk Al
    Kk Al2 månader sedan

    all I can say is Tesla Vision better be superior to vision+radar in ALL conditions including, rain, fog, dust and around other cars where radar excels. If not, there are going to be alot of unhappy owners and will likely end up in court.

  • SuppenDfg


    2 månader sedan

    If cameras alone deliver better results than camera + radar then either the radar you are using is crap or your software.

  • Sludog
    Sludog2 månader sedan

    Consumer Reports just dropped the Model 3 from top pick status and lost the IIHS safety award when they removed the radar. Apparently they believe the cameras are not as safe as the Tesla Pure Vision. Clearly this is a step backwards.

  • Nick Vassallo
    Nick Vassallo2 månader sedan

    is that a DOGE on your shirt O_O

    ULTRASMURF2 månader sedan

    I want a model y really bad and I've been waiting for a $5k state rebate in July since February and every week tesla look less and less appealing. Price increases of $1800 putting me $10 short of max msrp, removal of features, supporting human rights abuses in communist China, data harvesting and the inability to opt out of data collection without losing the ability to update, older vehicles getting their battery capacity and charging speed decreased by software updates...

  • DennisCW - Tesla Tech Money Cars & Stuff
    DennisCW - Tesla Tech Money Cars & Stuff2 månader sedan

    Is it just me or who is more excited about the NEW Model X instead of the NEW Model S

  • Dr RK Singh
    Dr RK Singh2 månader sedan

    Removing the radar, I think, is a regressive step to save money. It will severly reduce it's functionality in poor visibility conditions like in fog and rain etc which limits humans and causes huge pileups on the highways.

  • Matthias Fritz

    Matthias Fritz

    2 månader sedan

    but in snow Autopilot will then work just fine.

  • Jenni Ludes
    Jenni Ludes2 månader sedan

    Was planning on buying a model 3 but with the radar delete and no software support/limiting features...I'll wait till the software catches up and someone can prove to me the vision only approach can do as well as the radar supplemented. I don't think it can in some situations...fog, dark roads etc. I disagree with the removal of radar regardless of the visual only capabilities.

  • Donald Johnson
    Donald Johnson2 månader sedan

    Just placed an order for a M3 LR in msm with white interior. Standard wheels as I’m planning on getting the rimtrix caps until I can upgrade down the road. So pumped. Used your referral code as well, thank you for all the content over this past year! You’ve helped a ton in my decision!

  • Donald Johnson

    Donald Johnson

    2 månader sedan

    @Mike Van Der Linde thank you Sir!

  • Mike Van Der Linde

    Mike Van Der Linde

    2 månader sedan

    Amazing! Have fun!!

  • NigglesSquiggles
    NigglesSquiggles2 månader sedan

    I'd love to see a test with and without rader where car in front of car in front slams on brakes. Cars in front could each be the dummy inflatable car. This would help settle my concerns.

  • Akira 28 Shima

    Akira 28 Shima

    Månad sedan

    @SuppenDfg If you think Elon’s all about making money, especially at the expense of peoples lives. I don’t know what to tell you. I am sure most if not all other CEOs are psychopath , narcissistic animals. Elon’s not one them.

  • SuppenDfg


    Månad sedan

    @Akira 28 Shima It's his company, that's exactly the reason why I wouldn't take his word for it. It could cost him billions if people would realize that removing radar makes the cars less save.

  • Akira 28 Shima

    Akira 28 Shima

    Månad sedan

    @SuppenDfg It’s his company!! Let you know you’re way smarter than him when it comes to radar. Or start a competing EV company and use radar.

  • SuppenDfg


    Månad sedan

    @Akira 28 Shima I'm sure he is completely unbiased.

  • Akira 28 Shima

    Akira 28 Shima

    Månad sedan

    @SuppenDfg Not smart enough. I am just a Tesla’s investor. I will have to defer to the smart guy in the room, Elon.

  • sheilsys t
    sheilsys t2 månader sedan

    I dont think it is fair that we in North America are getting the ones without radar!why??? It just doesn't make sense