Hacker Leaks Tesla Self Driving Software

New Plaid Model S Records, Tesla FSD Beta Leaks, Tesla Supply Shortages, Laser Windshield Wipers, and more!

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  • Canadian Anvil
    Canadian Anvil5 dagar sedan

    I imagine the issue with the yoke is for people who are trained to drive 10 and 2, and hand over hand when driving - like taught in general safety driving school.

  • Gaming-Zombie13
    Gaming-Zombie135 dagar sedan

    Tesla Model S is very fast and Looks Great...

  • Daniel Dayan
    Daniel Dayan6 dagar sedan

    Smart people never trust certain typical fake humans... TYPICAL

  • Edouble03
    Edouble036 dagar sedan

    So they will give you a garbage build and you have to be happy about it? That’s unacceptable for a company to abuse its customer base like that.

  • Edouble03
    Edouble036 dagar sedan

    Perspective, never has a car with so much power gone so slowly around Nurburgring. It’s not an impressive time at all when a car with half its power is over 30 seconds faster. That car is the new 992 gt3.

  • Raphi 154 Farel
    Raphi 154 Farel6 dagar sedan

    Almost all are studies since years are featuring yoke steering wheels but nobody was so bold to introduce this into series actually.

  • Stefanos Pap
    Stefanos Pap6 dagar sedan

    A true innovation from Tesla would be to position a screen or even better use projected imaging/holographic tech in a seamless way so that it doesn't get in the way of the steering wheel... the yoke is a stupid downgrade, It's just not as comfortable to use no matter how much you try to get used to it. This isn't a concept supercar, its a sedan... Also, blocking the screen is an issue that is not gonna be here for the longer term because screens wont be necessary in that position so I can guess that the yoke was probably a result of confused direction and rushed production. I am going to have to agree with Edmunds review. Why would I care about having insanely fast acceleration? Cars are utilities for most people. Not racing toys. I'd personally prefer lower pricing, higher battery capacity, better quality, more meaningful services etc. Everyone should be critical on TESLA. They really fall short in most areas. But hey, the plaid accelerates like its about to fly..., until it slams into a truck. (Happened numerous times with previous tesla models, google it). What were they thinking?!

  • Project Pegasus
    Project Pegasus7 dagar sedan

    yolk would be fine if the steering was made to not need 2 full yolk rotations to do a u turn. instead of 720° make it 30° bc my legs are in the yolks way. i think that's called Progressive Steering

  • BetterLife exe
    BetterLife exe7 dagar sedan

    I would expect 25k tesla in late 2024 or 2025... (and likely will be gobbled up by businesses and teslas own self-driving services, keeping it out of your hands) thoughts people? PS: probably won't be 25k either, getting a price boost for including the fsd package, closer to 30k?

  • Azazel Lopez
    Azazel Lopez8 dagar sedan

    Guarantee it was bezos

  • G M
    G M8 dagar sedan

    Is it a good time to buy the FSD package?

  • Daniel Stehura
    Daniel Stehura8 dagar sedan

    White interior is so Liberace!

  • 165luna
    165luna8 dagar sedan

    Thank you. I likes your vid werry informative👍

  • Damalia Marsi
    Damalia Marsi8 dagar sedan

    Yoke is unsafe when doing turns and ugly as sin. Sometimes things that work just work and a round steering wheel is just one of those things that just works. At the very least they should give options and that is why I will never buy a Tesla. That and batteries are crap.

  • Amir Moradi
    Amir Moradi8 dagar sedan

    Shout out to Carlsbad!

  • Rudolf Wickond
    Rudolf Wickond8 dagar sedan

    The autopilot software is predominantly trained nets. This is not something that can be reverse engineered, it needs vast amounts of R&D and data to train. And a direct copy is not possible for car companies (easy to detect).

  • ꧁RadicalRick꧂
    ꧁RadicalRick꧂8 dagar sedan

    *_Tesla Self-driving Software is Open Source! Even I can take a full look at their programming. That's no secret! It's the multitude of API that is the backbone of the company's proprietary program. Elon explained that individual cars can be hacked (not the API stuff) and be made to do other things but the system network that is connected to every Tesla can't be. Good Luck in hacking those. Tesla pays hackers all over the world to try to hack their FSD systems in order to make sure it is very secure against such attack._*

  • Justin Di Paola
    Justin Di Paola8 dagar sedan

    Tesla has fanboys like Apple 😂

  • mluu510
    mluu5109 dagar sedan

    edmund is right. yoke is a joke

  • SneakDeBeef
    SneakDeBeef9 dagar sedan

    cant drive a yoke with your knees

  • SneakDeBeef
    SneakDeBeef9 dagar sedan

    you wait until hackers stop all ev's in their place in the future and hold the government to ransom

  • Gito McDuff
    Gito McDuff9 dagar sedan

    Congrats on picking up the Plaid model S. I remember when you still had I think the Nissan Leaf before you got the model y. Glad to see the channel grow so much while putting out great content.

  • Vierendeels stéphane
    Vierendeels stéphane9 dagar sedan

    Taylor is wack! check out video off MacDo' ice cream taylor machine...

  • usbgus
    usbgus9 dagar sedan

    Change for change's sake is the definition of a gimmick. The steering yoke is a joke

  • Eric Anderson
    Eric Anderson10 dagar sedan

    note about sentry mode. It does not work along with Dog mode.

  • TheSlimeyLimey
    TheSlimeyLimey10 dagar sedan

    I really want to see someone do a full on emergency avoidance with a yoke. For example, when someone turns left right in front of you and there is not enough space to stop so your options are either steer around or hit them. That has happened to me in a Miata when a left turner turned right in front of me and stopped blocking half my lane. It was a full on brake/release/swerve situation with hand over hand steering input required and I just can't imagine being able to do that with a yoke. Perhaps we live in a new era of defensive driving where the only tool in the toolbox is applying the brakes and hope?

  • TheSlimeyLimey


    8 dagar sedan

    @FracturedPixels I have never seen a Tesla perform an emergency avoidance maneuver by automatically steering around something but I have seen numerous videos of them driving right into things on the highway they couldn't see.

  • FracturedPixels


    8 dagar sedan

    They likely haven't considered the driver's ability to apply low-percentage, high-difficulty defensive driving to a split-second life or death decision, because the car can probably do it faster and more accurately.

  • Jason Neal
    Jason Neal10 dagar sedan

    Tesla should call the 25k car the Tesla DAB💜

  • Aby Abraham
    Aby Abraham10 dagar sedan

    I ain't a crazy tesla lover or a fan, instead i just love what they do and their ability to drive future further with new inventions. adding samsung to their list seems that they have a pretty good base to buildup on, on software related matters, as you know or don't samsung is a type of company witch pushes the limit of science as much as possible as they could by inventing new new mind bending technologies and developments. As for Mercedes, i don't think so they could make a car that gives the value of owning an electric car any time soon. as software is the main component of an electric car, they are still far behind tesla to make a competitive product or a product that can satisfy the customer, also genuinely i really don't like Mercedes designs for their electric cars as compared to tesla's. I wish companies like Mercedes won't rush to make electric cars with basic ideas. No offence just my thought.

  • Buddy Reynolds
    Buddy Reynolds10 dagar sedan

    Edmunds is full of legacy bought and paid for ad writers.

  • David Wollpert
    David Wollpert10 dagar sedan

    Well, the yoke is a joke. No real reason for it. No, it's not safer. It's Elon being different for the sake of being different.

  • Clint Caldwell
    Clint Caldwell10 dagar sedan

    UAW hacker im sure lol

  • Brad Lisoweski
    Brad Lisoweski10 dagar sedan

    Thanks for doing a video without the repetitive shots of the new batteries flying around!

  • Dave Nico
    Dave Nico10 dagar sedan

    "for the channel" (read write off depreciate)

  • cwill
    cwill10 dagar sedan

    Hint: The yoke makes perfectly good sense in flight. He is preparing for the future.

  • Davy Lauchnor
    Davy Lauchnor10 dagar sedan

    no - the nobody injured part isn't what's great - its that the scamming POS didn't get away from it and went to jail....

    D.O.N MUZIC10 dagar sedan

    This is my first time coming across your channel. But I’m glad I did. You provide a lot of information and your videos flow really well…especially the b roll. Great stuff

  • Soniel Elica
    Soniel Elica10 dagar sedan

    Still waiting for tesla's Xiaomi/android like competitor 🙂

  • SlykeThePhoxenix
    SlykeThePhoxenix10 dagar sedan

    Anyone who thinks you can reverse engineer a neural net doesn't understand what machine learning is.

  • S D Birse
    S D Birse10 dagar sedan

    Steering wheels are safer - and you are going to break your thumbs driving like that.

  • Tom Markz
    Tom Markz10 dagar sedan

    How about 1 year in jail for falsifying a police report

  • tld8102
    tld810210 dagar sedan

    A "yoke" design seems universally worse off for people with disabilities

  • tld8102
    tld810210 dagar sedan

    It sounds like "fan boys" are dismissing some valid concerns

  • Kent Lee
    Kent Lee10 dagar sedan

    The yoke is not a new technology its just a half thought last minute thing with bad ergonomy for the blinkers and other signals, even Tesla can be wrong, lets be objective

  • John Gordon
    John Gordon11 dagar sedan

    I’m sure other car manufacturers will make traditional steering instrumentsit doesn’t matter if you can’t steer or affect the vehicles speed or even look out the front of the car anyway. Tesla could imbed the software into AI chips so try to hack it thrugh a closed system.

  • Andreas Klossek
    Andreas Klossek11 dagar sedan

    One moment, so.... This Model Plaid S got a track mode.... which no other has ^^ Ja, nit picking ^^ But not as it comes from Factory ^^ (despite of 2nd screen ^^)

  • Andreas Klossek
    Andreas Klossek11 dagar sedan

    If Tesla is dead confident to come around with FSD (Done), why not build in a Yoke that could be retracted.... would even less block anything i would do, when the car drives for me ^^ (Next step, would be to let me turn my seat backwards ^^) Those two things, are forwards thinking ^^ Yoke? Forward thinking? More like backwards looking :P

  • Noah Boddy
    Noah Boddy11 dagar sedan

    These legacy companies are coasting on their names. They introduce underperforming cars at premium prices. PT Barnum was right.

  • Dean McManis
    Dean McManis11 dagar sedan

    This was my response to the biased Edmunds review: The hypocrisy of so many seasoned automotive writers is that their experience, personal preferences and biases often get in the way of an objective view. Tesla is the fastest gun in the West. And so traditional journalists work double time to find fault in this Tesla Plaid halo car. It used to be that they would say that the electric cars had no usable range, and they were dog slow. Which was true at the time. But the Plaid's superior acceleration means that they cannot fault it in a straight line. The Tesla is never going to make a natural engine noise like and internal combustion engine, but then it also doesn't produce any smog or much noise either. Do I think that the yolk steering is a gimmack, like Falcon doors, bio defense air filters and bullet proof glass? Yes. But as opposed to this reviewer, it is not a deal killer at all for what the Tesla does bring to the party. He didn't like Autopilot, but he didn't mention that it was free. "Full Self Driving" is certainly NOT worth $10K in it's currently unreleased state, but it does have the potential to be far better than any rival's commercial safety product. And again, you don't have to buy it, or even use it. Admit it, if this speed capability, combined with frugal economy, smooth and quiet driving, super clean operation, low maintenance, practical design, and technical innovation was wearing a Ferrari, Lamborghini, or European performance car badge, and priced at $130K, there would be no end to your praise of the car. Even if you were reviewing a huge European SUV, that also weighed 4,800 lbs and cost $130K, you would have made excuses for the SUV when comparing against other performance vehicles. To be fair, much of the review was reasonably done, if tinted with a combination of prove-it-to-me doubt and some distain. If you prefer the better fit, finish, and materials of the Taycan S (not the "Turbo") over the efficiency and unrivaled price/performance of the Model S Plaid, then that says more about your personal preferences than the real world capabilities of the Tesla. Dismissing all of the Plaid model's capabilities and achievements because on the whole you would prefer a different (gas powered) European car is disingenuous. The review left me with the feeling that your end goal was really to try and deflate the media hype surrounding the Model S Plaid, and that was done at the cost of any counterpoint opinions. I have to add, regarding his comment "really it's only good for one thing. Drag racing" : Tesla Model S Plaid official full lap time of 7:30.909 at Nürburgring. Which is quicker at that racetrack than the BMW M5 Competition (F90), Lexus LFA supercar, Bugatti Veyron, Ferrari F458, etc.. Some marketing exercise?

  • Jared Bohan
    Jared Bohan11 dagar sedan

    Literally is not possible on HGTP which Tesla will be run on.

  • richbl1
    richbl111 dagar sedan

    Great job thank you. ps "the legacy cars are still inferior to TESLA."

  • Wes C-W
    Wes C-W11 dagar sedan

    Or Tesla could support right to repair...

  • Y Derek
    Y Derek11 dagar sedan

    F1 racing cars are using a yoke as well

  • Peter Wakeman
    Peter Wakeman11 dagar sedan

    Does any Tesla new Technologies require new laws?

  • Peter Wakeman
    Peter Wakeman11 dagar sedan

    Edmonds review in minimum words gets clicks?

  • Louis Anon
    Louis Anon11 dagar sedan

    Edmunds? They're still in business? I haven't heard anything from them in years!

  • John Kilpatrick
    John Kilpatrick11 dagar sedan

    Also they have a long way to go to get best time at the Ring. Stock GT3 is sub 7.

  • John Kilpatrick
    John Kilpatrick11 dagar sedan

    The yoke would be fine if it didn’t have capacitive buttons. It’s layout sucks combined with those buttons.

  • Austin Idehen
    Austin Idehen11 dagar sedan

    Ryan when is the remodeled Model X Plaid coming out, i am looking to upgrade my Y

  • Anhnole
    Anhnole11 dagar sedan

    typical car editorial being paid off by ICE companies lol

  • John Young
    John Young11 dagar sedan

    I think the Edmunds statement was telling when they used the word "aging". Their reason for existing is reviewing NEW cars and talking about changes to new year models. Tesla is changing that by having the same body style for an extended period of time. If all OEMs follow this, the need for Edmunds goes away in large part. They NEED the new-year/new-model paradigm to continue.

  • Jack Greenstalk
    Jack Greenstalk11 dagar sedan

    congrats on your plaid pickup! happy for you and your family 💚

  • E. Camilo
    E. Camilo11 dagar sedan

    Tesla is amazing and I am a huge fan of the company, but as a computer engineer I’ll tell you I am taking this FSD Elon talk with a huge grain of salt. Unless they know something academia doesn’t, I hardly doubt FSD will be as near what they promise, at least for the foreseeable feature.

  • Rad School Review
    Rad School Review11 dagar sedan

    It is possible that the laser will be utilized to remove moisture or condensation that accumulates inside the camera compartment, not for a window wiper. The internal compartment for the camera is not hermetically sealed and cannot operate effectively with variable moisture. Just a thought👍🏻😄

  • David Elliott
    David Elliott11 dagar sedan

    Rolls Royce and Bentley (owned by VW and BMW) have completely missed the boat on EVs. Anyone with the money for one of these cars really won’t want clunky old ICE engines.

  • David Elliott
    David Elliott11 dagar sedan

    Lasers would be good way to remove bug splatters as they smear and can damage wiper blades.

  • David Elliott
    David Elliott11 dagar sedan

    The next stage will be variable rate steering that gives normal feel around normal steering angles but gives full lock near end range without spinning the yoke.

  • David Elliott
    David Elliott11 dagar sedan

    The Edmunds Model S review is superficial and looks planned to come out badly for Tesla.

  • Andrew Church
    Andrew Church11 dagar sedan

    tough timing, but legal releases of FSD V10 have been reviewed by Rob Maurer or Tesla Daily, Dirty Tesla and Hyperchange …. around 20 hours ago…. for me EST Australia, UTC+10, and LA and NYC are -17 and -14 UTC respectively …. so about sometime early Sat afternoon for you guys in USA

  • Ron L
    Ron L11 dagar sedan

    If Tesla produces a $25000 car without steering wheel or pedals I wouldn’t even look at it. The number one reason I purchased my model y is the driving experience, take that away and I might as well be riding a bus!

  • ST. 01
    ST. 0111 dagar sedan

    it does look like mercedes will be dead soon.

  • Glenn Luker
    Glenn Luker12 dagar sedan

    Friend ordered a Model Y Performance on Aug 23rd. It’s being delivered on Wednesday, 24 days isn’t too bad.

  • parodyislandpictures
    parodyislandpictures12 dagar sedan

    3:43 Why were you doubtful that they'd beat the record with the yoke? That's literally the one thing the yoke is great for. The race track.

  • parodyislandpictures
    parodyislandpictures12 dagar sedan

    4:46 The VW ID Life is not a render. It is a built concept car. You can see Matt sitting in it on Carwow

  • Omaer 1
    Omaer 112 dagar sedan

    Very Nice!

  • taobuddy91
    taobuddy9112 dagar sedan

    The yoke does look good and for regular driving I’m sure work good enough, just wonder how well we can adapt for other situation like: backing up with trailer where you can have to do large increments of quick turn without looking at the steering which work well with round steering wheel where you can grab anywhere, may be not so much with the yoke??? Or I wonder how dangerous it can become in slippery condition if the car ends up drifting and you have to make quick emergency readjustment with the steering, with a round wheel you can grab anywhere fast and adjust quick which is good, with the yoke there’s only a few place to grab to make major adjustment and if you end up in there empty space or slip your screw And I know for myself on long trip I always change position of my body and hand on the steering wheel for comfort, sometimes the top sometimes the side sometimes the bottom, I guess still doable with the yoke but the top position not so much or way less safe if you do

  • BrokeMalone
    BrokeMalone12 dagar sedan

    Hey Ryan just got a blue Model Y performance from Tesla Palm Springs. Used your referral and sent it to my Tesla rep. Says I take delivery end of September 🤞🏽. I ordered a day before deliveries got pushed back to November. So 🤞🏽🤞🏽

  • dustin hatch
    dustin hatch12 dagar sedan

    Hellofa write-off...

  • The Electric Man
    The Electric Man12 dagar sedan

    Tesla should hire the person that hacked their softwear

  • Travis Odette
    Travis Odette12 dagar sedan

    My delivery date keeps getting moved up. Ordered Model Y with white interior in the end of July, original delivery date was December 10-29, then moved to November 10-29 and now it is at October 29 to November 10th.

  • Dan Paul Tesla
    Dan Paul Tesla12 dagar sedan

    That Edmunds review is literally just an opinion, to be taken with a pinch of salt.

  • Klaus Haunstrup Christensen
    Klaus Haunstrup Christensen12 dagar sedan

    I simply don’t get the yoke steering wheel. What are the advantages? Claimed, imagined or real? I tried to look it up online and it seems like the main benefit should be visibility of instrument panel and out of the car. Well since I got my driving license 42 years ago I have not driven a car where the steering wheel blocked my outside view, and with adjustable steering wheel column looking at instruments has never been a problem as well. I Tesla really want to improve the view to the surroundings they should go for narrowing the roof A B and C pillars, plus increasing the size of the rear window , not making the steering wheel into a yoke! Yes I know there are safety issues with slimming down the pillars everything in life is a trade off.

  • iMike Solo
    iMike Solo12 dagar sedan

    I got another 8 weeks for my Model Y LR. It got pushed back a month but hopeful the wait will end soon. So excited

  • John Branch IV Photography
    John Branch IV Photography12 dagar sedan

    Great video as always. I love the information you share. I’m a little sad about your report of Tesla’s being delayed. I ordered a Model Y in Mid July and the date keeps getting pushed back. It’s not lat October to mid November. 😩

  • Muka Zero
    Muka Zero12 dagar sedan

    I like Yoke but still wish those touch button was physical button instead. May be 3rd party will release some mods that could help

  • The Wizard Of Noz
    The Wizard Of Noz12 dagar sedan

    “Bit biased” Understatement of the year. 😅

  • Paweł Fiett
    Paweł Fiett12 dagar sedan

    Well, if FSD manages to drive Ukrainian roads it's clearly ready to be released!

  • KezzaWezza
    KezzaWezza12 dagar sedan

    Why would the yoke affect lap times?

  • Name Last Name
    Name Last Name12 dagar sedan

    having the recipe for Coca-Cola doesn't make you the Coca-Cola Corporation 🤣

  • Purple Leaves
    Purple Leaves12 dagar sedan

    I’m pretty sure having your hands in the yolk position is a lot safer when going at high speeds instead of having one hand in the top middle of a steering wheel.

  • Ben Dover
    Ben Dover12 dagar sedan

    Not much big news this week

  • sharkflower123
    sharkflower12312 dagar sedan

    I have stopped trustingTesla. The ergonomics and convenience behind the steering wheel gets worse and worse...

  • Wooly Chewbakker
    Wooly Chewbakker13 dagar sedan

    Wow, the new tmS ! The new HUD looks really good, at last. The rear entertainment system with 10” screens for each passenger is great, especially the detachable touch screen controller. The electric blinds on the rear window and all rear door glass is great for privacy as well. I must say, the massaging seats are a great addition to this car. Finally, a sun glasses holder above the driver, I am really happy about that one. The pop up table that comes out of the rear fold down arm rest is great. The inbuilt fridge with the wine bottle holder makes for a pleasant evening in the car as well. Tesla has finally put in automatic opening and full soft closing doors, about time. I really like the fact that the rear seats are now fully electrically adjustable as well. Great idea putting the buttons in the back to allow the front passenger seat to be moved out of the way when no one is sat in it for more leg room. It’s good that Tesla has managed to get the rear seat space to give better support on the leg thigh - they’ve stopped the problem of the low seat height causing bum ache in the rear of the car. Oh, and finally putting in door pockets, took them a while to do it, but at least they are there now. Its great that the software now provides wifi hotspot in the car so the kids in the back can use the internet on their iPads. The full support for both Apple CarPlay and Android Auto now allows owners to use Waze for Satnav and have multi-waypoint routing, a great new feature that is now supported. Tesla are actually getting their act together and finally stopped churning out cheaply made skateboards that they sell at stupidly high prices and are now starting to make a car 🚗 😀

  • MRIGuy
    MRIGuy13 dagar sedan

    I'm not sure if I would like the yoke or not, but I am relatively tall in the torso and for me, almost every car blocks the view of the instruments with the top of the steering wheel. As far as Edmunds being put off by the accelleration, I suppose they are equally offended by every other car that has over 350 horsepower, which most every manufacturer offers on some models these days.

  • Artus Artischocke
    Artus Artischocke13 dagar sedan

    Self Diving bring us problems we dont got before. Tesla brings everytime just problems.

  • Kryojenix
    Kryojenix13 dagar sedan

    2:00 Okay Ryan, you've plugged Dugg enugh now. 11:30 Ryzen 5 3600X???

  • Vikash Singh
    Vikash Singh13 dagar sedan

    Good thing about a software driven system, and I don't mean the fsd system, I mean the whole car is a software system from brakes to speed to batter drainage etc is that it can be customised with Software to suit the need of the user at the moment. If you want to drag race go for that mode, if you want to conserve battery and go the longest distance go for it. Are you stuck in trafic, there is a battery conservation mode for that also. It's incredible how software driven Tesla is and how non software driven every other car company is.

  • Knights Templar
    Knights Templar13 dagar sedan

    That seems like some crap from Louisiana at the beginning.

  • George Vavoulis
    George Vavoulis13 dagar sedan

    Tesla is over rated . All I hear is they're perfect self thinking automobiles . Never ever anything about RELIABILITY or how EXPENSIVE it is .

  • skellington
    skellington13 dagar sedan

    The yoke does suck and the interior is blah, but it's a great car if you are left brained and value objective traits over subjective traits.

  • NicSD
    NicSD13 dagar sedan

    If you want a Tesla, get on Tesla chat and talk to the people, they usually have stuff available in the pipeline.