Is Tesla Making The Model S Quad?

Tesla Model S Faster Than Plaid, Model Y Production in Berlin, FSD Updates, AI Day, and more!

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  • Kowan011
    Kowan01125 dagar sedan

    If Plaid was Tesla's sport branch like AMG and Audi S, then Plaid Line would be a thing.

  • Mark Boyce
    Mark Boyce28 dagar sedan

    I'll comment in about 2 weeks.

  • Paul Todd
    Paul ToddMånad sedan

    "Two Weeks" isn't this just an indication that Elon is a big fan of Arnie's film "Total Recall"?

  • RabbiFPV
    RabbiFPVMånad sedan

    Speaking of Quad, where’s our CyberQuad?

  • Salih Kamar
    Salih KamarMånad sedan

    I mad for this car

  • Salih Kamar
    Salih KamarMånad sedan

    Love from india

  • Dustin Meier
    Dustin MeierMånad sedan

    Elon has stated in the past that the reason a single motor is used in the front instead of dual motors up front is to avoid severe torque steer. It's a safety concern for Elon.

  • KiwiM3P
    KiwiM3PMånad sedan

    Yes please for M3 Plaid. Dual carbon wrapped motors, front and rear casting and 4680 structural battery pack. 80kW, 800hp, 1500kg kerb weight. Available in 2 weeks.

    A DAY WITH SAMMånad sedan

    Model a faster than plaid with quad motor & 4680 cells will be great package.

  • Sergio Pedroza
    Sergio PedrozaMånad sedan

    Tesla wanna go faster and I wanna go further with one charge. It seems priorities are totally flipped.

  • Mark Brand
    Mark BrandMånad sedan

    Meh. No point in an S quad. Roadster quad maybe, to compete with nevera. But even with quad the S will struggle to compete with nevera.

  • Surfer Dude
    Surfer DudeMånad sedan

    Have you ever seen the movie "The Money Pit"? It will help you to understand the meaning of "two weeks". In any case, I do believe that real FSD will be available within the next couple of months.

  • Sailing Chloe
    Sailing ChloeMånad sedan

    any idea of the lead Time for a model s plaid? Seems like no one knows....

  • FraiseVache
    FraiseVacheMånad sedan

    I live in Europe and preordered a model y right after battery day guessing they would be made using the new 4680 batteries. When it was confirmed I was super happy. There is no way I'll take delivery of a 2170 legacy model y. I'm sure a lot of people that are in the waiting list are thinking the same thing. I'm ready to wait more for the real deal. Plus it would probably create a lot of confusion if Tesla started production with the legacy design. If I was Elon, I would make sure to deliver what I announced at this point. I highly doubt they would build model y based on 2170 after they repeatedly said they would go straight to 4680.

  • Gaming-Zombie13
    Gaming-Zombie13Månad sedan

    Tesla Cop Cars is cool as heck

  • Off-road RC Addict
    Off-road RC AddictMånad sedan

    Can I get a coffee? Yeah, 2 weeks 😎👍

  • Matyas Gaspar
    Matyas GasparMånad sedan

    So if they build the Model Y in Berlin with two different batteries can I just choose which one I want when ordering? Or they just send me randomly one of them. It’s not good if you want to be sure which type of battery is in your car.

  • W H E E Z Y B O I
    W H E E Z Y B O IMånad sedan

    At this point, we can't even underestimate Elon or Tesla.

  • Teit Poulsen
    Teit PoulsenMånad sedan

    Based on the original Plaid+ expectations with same tri motor setup. The current Plaid is limited to 1020hp based on the maximum energy that can be pulled from the battery pack. A 4680 based pack with more kwh. Would allow the motors at least 1100hp. I think Elon claimed max output for the carbon sleeved motor is 400. So 1200hp theoretical max for tri motor setup with a battery pack suited. Quad motor has some applicability in offroad environment. But for track and road use. The trimotor with torque vectoring on rear axel is a lighter and very well balanced approach.

  • Vladimír Šára
    Vladimír ŠáraMånad sedan

    their fsd is not years away, just listen to the head of ai and his interview from this week...from those 2K VIPs few of them drive on autopilot to work and home without interventions.

  • Apparently my comments are nothing

    Apparently my comments are nothing

    Månad sedan

    Well I’m my opinion this goes for all self driving cars I think it’s years away I think Tesla could get the basics of self driving this year they have made progress

  • Gerhard Kutt
    Gerhard KuttMånad sedan

    Why would TESLA need to add yet another motor to an already amazing car? Tesla seems like a smart company - and don't like superfluous add ons which don't do anything or which could not be designed out of existence. It would be much better to just add gas boosters for the boost acceleration which they are planning on doing for the Roadster and probably trying out as we speak. When TESLA gets up to speed, they tend to switch off motors and run on smaller motors to maintain speed as momentum carries the car quite nicely when wind resistance matches momentum and speed. I think what is cool is TESLA's ability to accelerate whilst running to increase speed for overtaking - which never seems to be mentioned - but which is perhaps more impressive than even 0-60 ... not to mention acceleration on a upward slope - no matter how steep!

  • Tameem osama Hassan harfoush
    Tameem osama Hassan harfoushMånad sedan

    The 13 year old : ya I got a Tesla His dad : no you are not old enough

  • Guia Gaston
    Guia GastonMånad sedan

    A yes "Elon usually delivers even thou he takes a little longer" Ever went to the website elonmusktoday?

  • jtland
    jtlandMånad sedan

    I believe the reason Tesla does not have a Quad-motor Model S is because the batteries would either be unable to keep up, or the extra wear placed on the batteries from the extra strain would be too much.

  • That Aakarsh
    That AakarshMånad sedan

    I think they should reserve the speed for the Roadster, a large city sedan doesn’t need more speed. In other countries where superchargers don’t exist, improved range would be better. FSD is obviously something they’re working on. Improve build quality and defects.

  • James Matthews
    James MatthewsMånad sedan

    Space X is flying people to Mars in 2 weeks.

  • Eric White
    Eric WhiteMånad sedan

    I watch everything related to Tesla that doesn’t suck. You rock dude.

  • tim herrington
    tim herringtonMånad sedan

    Quad plaid

  • Niall
    NiallMånad sedan

    Tesla time makes island time look like on time by the second. Great cars, maddening business practices. Still waiting since 1/28/2021 ordering date for refreshed Model S.... delivery estimate of March at ordering time, pushed to June, texts received this week say estimated July now... All the Tesla news and speculation for the future is cool, just want my car!

  • Matthew Boyd
    Matthew BoydMånad sedan

    Tesla doesn't like changing production lines, the Model S didn't get the 2170s so them having a 2170 and 4680 cell line, I think one will be the higher end model, and the 4680 will be the inexpensive model because they are cheaper. They might switch everything to 4680 but might take a long time or not fully happen if it doesn't make sense/cost to benefit isn't there. (Think about how long the Model S refresh took)

  • John D'Amico
    John D'AmicoMånad sedan

    I can appreciate the need to get Berlin running ASAP but building a production for 2170 and the immense costs that would imply only to have to retool it all over a later date...I don't know. How do you price a 2170 model next to a 4680 one? Same problem will arise in the US where Fremont produces a 2170 when Austin starts with 4680. Everyone will want the 4680 for the tech so the only way to convince people to buy 2170's is to lower the price for a car that costs more to build by comparison?

  • Arnaud Heymann

    Arnaud Heymann

    Månad sedan


  • Steven Hensley
    Steven HensleyMånad sedan

    Ordered my Model S Long range with Arachnids on Feb19th. Throughout June the website indicated an August delivery. Was notified today and confirmed delivery for next Tuesday June 29th. I’m in Salt Lake City.🤫

  • Axezazel
    AxezazelMånad sedan

    Police gettin teslas gon be a problem

  • Bruno
    BrunoMånad sedan

    is there any other source about this story of 2170 line in Berlin ? only one tweet looks like speculation at this time, no ?

  • Matthew Boyd
    Matthew BoydMånad sedan

    FSD: A beta you buy to improve the speed of which it becomes FSD and it's already impressive safety for emergency avoidance improves while also donating a good profit margin to Tesla to accomplish their main mission. To accelerate the transition to sustainable energy (and robo taxis means less production needed to do so). That pretty much sums up FSD and it's cost.

  • Guia Gaston

    Guia Gaston

    Månad sedan

    Please tell me you know that their main goal is making money and by that logic you are gifting your money to a billionaire not actually helping the world.

  • Matthew Boyd
    Matthew BoydMånad sedan

    Quad motors would only make sense for turning and if they do they would probably reserve that for the extra performance Roadster (SpaceX? They haven't said much about the roadster in a while)

  • Jeremy Carter
    Jeremy CarterMånad sedan

    Model S Plaid Max? (Mad Max referreance)

  • t3hpwninat0r
    t3hpwninat0rMånad sedan

    if they're doing a quad, it should be a model X.

  • Make Asylums Great Again • 10 years ago

    Make Asylums Great Again • 10 years ago

    Månad sedan

    Model Z

  • deg3363
    deg3363Månad sedan

    Great explanation on how Cameras Only Vs Radar work. People have been talking about it but you EXPLAIN it. Thank you for always giving thorough Telsa Content. Quality Content 👌🏾👏🏾👏🏾👏🏾

  • Don Tannenbaum
    Don TannenbaumMånad sedan

    I don’t think it is worth the time and effort to build a quad motor Model S. Elon has already shown that electric is better than internal combustion in terms of performance and efficiency. A quad motor might be worth it for heavy duty vehicles for more practical purposes.

  • Alan Cobbin
    Alan CobbinMånad sedan

    Total Recall “Two Weeks” lol ,great video Ryan 😉💪👍

  • Frankillz
    FrankillzMånad sedan

    I got a model 3 for my wife and now I don’t want to drive my explorer 😢

  • 555 kw

    555 kw

    Månad sedan

    Just offer to drive her any chance u it's ok honey, let me drive i know you must be exhausted..(zooooooom)

  • vettetax06
    vettetax06Månad sedan

    Great episode Ryan, nice work!

  • James Copeland IV
    James Copeland IVMånad sedan

    i got 200,000 on the chipotle giveaway. THE HIGHEST SCORE IS 22,000,000 i cant believe it. Someone really wants that tesla!

  • Turre Tuntematon
    Turre TuntematonMånad sedan

    Damn. Looks like 4680 will only be coming in 2022 ☹️

  • PJ Tos
    PJ TosMånad sedan

    Ryan, love your videos. FYI - my MSLR delivery is scheduled for 6/26 in Kansas City. I think they are ramping up quicker than people are aware.

  • 8 W
    8 WMånad sedan


  • MrGamer43
    MrGamer43Månad sedan

    You should be a teacher

  • vlkaz
    vlkazMånad sedan

    FYI: The police force of Basel City, Switzerland uses Model Xs as their main patrol car… There were some issues re: data security at the beginning, but apart from that they are a success and as a Basel citizen, I‘m stoked to see them on the street!

  • Hermy Halloween
    Hermy HalloweenMånad sedan

    great videos. please add timestamps.

  • Roku
    RokuMånad sedan

    Is there a differential in the back? Are the two rear motors connected?

  • EV Grandpa
    EV GrandpaMånad sedan

    I'm hoping for a plaid version of Model 3 in the 2.4 range of 0-60. I agree with you on the autopilot issues. I bought the enhanced version last year when they offered it for 4,000. When I get my next Tesla I won't pay for it. I'm positive Tesla will get to level 5 before anyone else but it won't be in a couple of years. But then who knows for sure.

  • Ralph Quinones
    Ralph QuinonesMånad sedan

    Another good video, thanks. Congratulations on your SEblacks channel success.

  • Dan GR
    Dan GRMånad sedan

    Autopilot is not 100 safe so I don’t recommend to anyone to use it yet! I experienced the car slows down or speed up for no reason. In 2021 autopilot is still not safe! Self steering on small roads are dangerous as well! If you don’t like to drive a car hence you want autopilot then don’t drive any vehicle, because you are putting yourself and others at risk. I love Tesla cars btw I own a Model S and I am over the top with it!

    IAN BLADUELLMånad sedan

    All I want is the phantom broken to be fixed please

    IAN BLADUELLMånad sedan

    I take Elon tweets as I believe it when I see it. he’s overpromising and under delivering when it comes to lots of those tweets. Things are not always as easy as they sound to make a reality



    Månad sedan

    @FireCraft Entertainment i got you. True too

  • FireCraft Entertainment

    FireCraft Entertainment

    Månad sedan

    He doesn’t under deliver, it’s more so a delayed deliver. They seem to run into so many challenges

  • Alan Wu
    Alan WuMånad sedan

    If the new EV tax credit passes which takes effect beginning 12/31/2021 at end of this year, when should I place my order for the Tesla Model 3 to get the credit?

    MOPAR2UMånad sedan

    Stopped at my (N.Y.) Tesla dealership to inquire about the new model S and what a treat I got, in the back behind closed doors the new Model S in all the colors except red all the cars were sold but what surprised me was that they all had the yoke steering wheel which looked cool especially in black on black but there is no option for a round steering wheel which is a deal breaker for me so I will order a model S when a standard (round) steering wheel becomes an option but the refresh is beautiful in person great content.

  • Freedom Finance
    Freedom FinanceMånad sedan

    Probably not, saving it for the Roadster

  • QuickScopingPerk
    QuickScopingPerkMånad sedan

    I think they are trying to go all out with the roadster and increase the price of it too. But I think they really want to shred the fuck out of everything

  • GoodKingMody
    GoodKingModyMånad sedan

    I have a question, will the price for the FSD package go down? And is it possible to add FSD to a non-FSD Tesla? Thanks!

  • Gurli Larsen

    Gurli Larsen

    Månad sedan

    Elon has stated very explicitly, that FSD price will go up significantly as FSD is becoming a reality. Question is whether your money is best invested in a FSD-package or in a number of TSLA shares as both probably will increase in value as FSD goes into production.

  • Roger West
    Roger WestMånad sedan

    Ordered my Y on 5/5. Got it 6/14. In Maryland. Typical timeframe? I don’t know, but was within what they originally told me. Love it!

  • ecorp13
    ecorp13Månad sedan

    Chipotle game is rigged I say RIGGED

  • Joey Tesla
    Joey TeslaMånad sedan

    If there will be a tesla faster than Plaid, its drivetrain should be called Nothing. After all, Nothing is faster than Plaid.

  • Brett Mciver
    Brett MciverMånad sedan

    I so want to see a quad plaid or plaid quad drive Hmmmm plaid quad drive I like it ( say it in your head in doom guys voice) , that's my trade mark Elon you can use it for the small price of a rhdrive plaid quad drive. Moahahahha

  • Florencio Vela
    Florencio VelaMånad sedan

    I'VE test drove S 3 X Y & i liked the S & Y the most. But I've already ordered the tri motor fsd cyber truck..I can't wait.. I may buy the Y or the S in the meantime..i got a lot of solar & backup battery system too with it's own 8 solar panels..i also love Space X!

  • joe michele
    joe micheleMånad sedan

    I'm guessing that's a Ludwig Supraphonic Snare drum in the back ground ....The most Recorded Drum in history ..

  • James Hoffman
    James HoffmanMånad sedan

    Model Y + current FSD capability is well worth the $8k I paid. Auto steer works almost everywhere roads have markings.

  • kang vang
    kang vangMånad sedan

    What is the link for the Chipotle game?

  • James Hoffman
    James HoffmanMånad sedan

    Quad motor is a gimmick. For launching, towing, etc the main torque is needed on the rear axle. And torque vectoring on front axle is a fetish.

  • James Hoffman
    James HoffmanMånad sedan

    Yanked passenger lumbar to cost Q2 deliveries? I doubt it.

  • Fernando Galue
    Fernando GalueMånad sedan

    Who told you they dropped radar because of supply issues? Elon has been talking about pure vision for almost a year now lol

  • Leon612
    Leon612Månad sedan

    Mr. Elon needs to bring back the silver metallic color. Let’s goooo!

  • Todd Fraser
    Todd FraserMånad sedan

    I say "Liquid Swarts" is faster than Plad

  • Charles T
    Charles TMånad sedan

    “AI is the future” tag

  • carholic1336


    Månad sedan

    AI is already the present

  • PissMyAss Lynch
    PissMyAss LynchMånad sedan

    Correction: it's the fastest vehicle they had the chance to test. Go watch Rimac Nevera doing quarter mile on ordinary tarmac runway in 8.62s. Even with quad-motor setup, 4*340 Hp wouldn't be able to compete with the 1900 HP monster.

  • Eric
    EricMånad sedan

    Full autodrive robotaxi 2 lifetimes. It will never happen, suppose an error by the car or even an accident caused by another cars fault, and gee there is no driver in the car. What if the police want to pull it over and the car doesn't stop? Robotaxi or full autodrive sounds good but things break and circuits burnout, there are too many what ifs.

  • Robert
    RobertMånad sedan

    I want to see a plaid model 3 one day 🙏

  • Raymond Kent
    Raymond KentMånad sedan

    So, a thirteen old boy does wins the Model 3, and of course he can't drive the car, and he understands, but anxiously awaits turning 16. The car is left parked in one of the two guest spots, and the boy is given the key card, so he and his friends can sit in the car and dream. At first, nothing goes wrong and the thirteen old boy seems to be acting completely responsibly. But then, the boy turns 14 and his pier pressure to joyride the car escalates. Finally, the boy can't take it any more, he and three of his friends decide to go for a joyride, as his parents are out of town. It is about 7pm, a peek time for Chipotle when the boy flies around a corner losing control. He panics and accidental floors it, instead of hitting the break. The car finds its way to the center of the front of a Chipotle, a weak spot for stopping the approaching vehicle. The result, 2 dead, a dozen wounded, 3 people permanently disabled, and many broken bones. What the hell is Chipotle thinking.

  • John Ingram
    John IngramMånad sedan

    Do they make a 2 door that’s mid price, for us regular folks?

  • Lil Yeet
    Lil YeetMånad sedan

    No they are not, simple

  • wpte
    wpteMånad sedan

    I have a model y ordered from Berlin and I'd be pretty disappointed if it didn't include the new battery pack. Then for me it's the final nail in the coffin to cancel it and go for a car like the Hyundai ioniq 5, which offers a more luxurious car, similar specs otherwise for a much lower price. For the model Y we're still paying an absolute premium as if it was imported from the US. In comparison if you take the base model y long range, you'd be spending 25k dollar more in Europe, it's rediculous. And all that is before government benefits that I don't get living in the Netherlands BTW. But I suppose if they'd use a 25k cheaper price they'd absolutely destroy the model 3 sales, which lost ev benefits this year as well because the price is too high (the rich people buying ev's don't need extra funding, so only cheaper cars have more benefits)

  • Kartboarder22G
    Kartboarder22GMånad sedan

    First off will the quad motor setup make a faster model s The answer to that is yes would a 6 motor Tesla model s with 6 tires make a faster model s The answer to that is yes but going back to doing a quad motor with four tires you run into an issue and the first issue is by having a motor at each tire in the rear and a motor at each tire in the front The vehicle does not know when a tire is slipping. With a tri-motor setup the vehicle knows when there is tire burnout why because in the front is an open differential so empower is sent to that open differential which then powers the front two tires the tire with More traction will rotate at the speed that the vehicle is running in neutral which gives the computer of the Tesla an idea what the other three tires can push. When you go to a quad motor setup you don't have that luxury and now you have to rely on radar to get the information of the movement of the vehicle and relativity to the tire rotation in essence when a car goes to drag most of the force gets sent to the rear it's having two tires in the rear help it there for traction My belief is the open differential up front is desirable on a street car. Now for an off-road vehicle a quad setup is definitely beneficial

  • Pretty Neat Stuff
    Pretty Neat StuffMånad sedan

    🔴🔴🔴🔴🔴 You know how fast Tesla is ... this should be coming out in 2040

  • swhbpocl
    swhbpoclMånad sedan

    The key to total success and dominance, 4680, still lack substantial data and forecasts on delivery Worries me more and more. Those relative Battery day figures have been analysed, speculated on and extrapolated in all possible ways for the last 8 months now and still, no official specifications. All we know is the physical size…

  • Nick Roosevelt
    Nick RooseveltMånad sedan

    Seems like it's all about what you mean. If you set the standard that we need to get to the point where most people never have to intervene with their autonomous vehicle - one intervention every million miles, that is not going to happen any time soon.

  • R. Brown
    R. BrownMånad sedan

    Ryan, did Chipotle sponsor this video?

  • Flash357
    Flash357Månad sedan

    It is pretty silly for them to make Model S quad when they are making Roadster2. Not sure what your point of making this video was, but I guess you are running out of ideas??

  • Bradikal
    BradikalMånad sedan

    come on man you do realize that most of the problems Tesla has faced were not a result of tesla's inability but outside influences like short sellers, supply shortages, the pandemic, et cetera.

  • Narinjas
    NarinjasMånad sedan

    Cybertruck with quad motor but the front 2 motors should have lower HP but way better efficiency at 60-100 MPH and the back 2 motors to be POWER for 0-60 mph for towing capacity up-hill is the DREAM car I wish.

  • Narinjas
    NarinjasMånad sedan

    I would love a Cyberquad from Tesla with at least 100 miles range on full power and 200-250 miles on maximum economy setting.

  • Senoow


    Månad sedan

    I think it will max have 500 miles

  • Jason De Muro
    Jason De MuroMånad sedan

    Thanks for keeping us up to date. Love the videos.

  • Tanuj Dua
    Tanuj DuaMånad sedan

    Elon literally said the plaid S is good enough so they’ll never need to release a quad motor or more than 405 miles range.

  • martin barlow
    martin barlowMånad sedan

    Why do you say leaving out radar was due to supply chain issues? Opposite to what Andrzej said.

  • David May
    David MayMånad sedan

    Concerning Tesla's supercomputers, this is a never ending growth area. No matter how good FSD gets by the time it is released, it will never be finished. Development for improved AI to continually improve FSD is also never going to stop. I can imagine that Tesla's AI research may eventually be the most important thing Tesla does and cars will become just an afterthought. Tesla AI might even develop into the first sentient AI of the world. Wouldn't that be interesting.

  • T K1
    T K1Månad sedan

    They have reached the theoretical limits of lowest 0 - 60 times, traction limited. A quad motor might get them a better 1/4 mile time. Need to get that range up to 500+ miles so the useful range is more like 400 miles.

  • Uncle Fool

    Uncle Fool

    24 dagar sedan

    4680 can get them better 1/4 mile time

  • izzad ibrahim

    izzad ibrahim

    Månad sedan

    I don't need insanely fast affordable car. I need affordable fast car with insane range and practical charging time/method.

  • PH


    Månad sedan

    @TK1 - totally agree on the range point. 500 on paper that plays at 400+ in real life is the right idea. would make a lot of people more comfortable and reduce the number of stops to charge on longer trips.

  • ElmarBon


    Månad sedan

    @carholic1336 but how does it then not run near 20.000 rpm at high speeds and it does at low speeds like you said? I dont understand

  • carholic1336


    Månad sedan

    @ElmarBon I know exactly how the tesla drive train works, no need to explain to me.

  • Pingu
    PinguMånad sedan

    They will 100% make the roadster quad motor, even if it's the founders editions with the rockets. It will just make sense as they want to make the most ridiculous car ever, 13xx hp will be a perfect match for the roadster

  • Senoow


    Månad sedan

    Will the car be in limited edition?

  • David P
    David PMånad sedan

    I'm sufficiently underwhelmed by the new Model S and lack of new battery tech for increased range, that I have decided to stick with my 2019 Model 3 Performance for another 2yrs and pass on upgrading for now. By then I'm expecting a 500mi+ range base Model S with sub-3sec 0-60mph. That'll do me nicely.

  • Francis Fukuyama

    Francis Fukuyama

    Månad sedan

    Best car in the world not good enough for you, then? ;)

  • M Doc
    M DocMånad sedan

    Why is "the paint shop" frequently talked about? With regards tot he Cyber truck everyone was so happy that there did not have to be a paint shop 2nd the the stainless sleet exoskeleton. Is painting a car that expensive, time consuming, or difficult to do?

  • Francis Fukuyama

    Francis Fukuyama

    Månad sedan

    Painting cars at scale requires lots of processes and hundreds of millions of dollars' worth of equipment.

  • zodiacfml
    zodiacfmlMånad sedan

    i like your statements on AI, FSD. i knew back then it is difficult, i dont know where Elon getting all the hype. It could work though in near perfect roads and areas

  • Greg Bailey

    Greg Bailey

    Månad sedan

    You clearly don't understand AI.