LA Drivers Hate Tesla Autopilot on the Model Y

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Putting Tesla’s Autopilot to the ultimate test in my Model Y: Bad Los Angeles Drivers! LA drivers are notoriously bad. They drive fast, get distracted easily, and are always trying to get everywhere faster than everyone else. Tesla’s Autopilot is cautious, and sometimes feels like a student driver, so how does it stack up?
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I recently got the Full Self Driving or FSD update for my Tesla Model Y and Tesla Autopilot. Today, I’m putting it to the test. I drove across Los Angeles going from East LA to West LA with the purpose of putting Navigate on Autopilot to the test.
Tesla advertises Navigate on Autopilot as having the ability to drive you from freeway onramp to offramp all on its own. It has its quirks, but overall this feature does a great job with Auto Lane Changing doing especially well.
In this video I walk you through some of the good edge cases and the bad edge cases that I experience in my drives with Tesla Autopilot in LA.
You’ll see times when the Model Y does Phantom Braking. Times when the Model Y takes merges incredibly slow and angers drivers behind and around me. Also, there are a couple really close calls where Autopilot nearly gets in an accident, and I take over entirely. I’m glad it wasn’t an accident in one of those “Autopilot Accident” videos, and overall I’m glad that in general, Autopilot seems to do incredibly well.
Tesla’s Full Self Driving package includes:
Auto Lane Change
Navigate on Autopilot
Recognize and Respond to Traffic Lights and Stop Signs
And soon: Autosteer on City Streets.
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  • Ryan Shaw
    Ryan Shaw10 månader sedan

    If you're curious, here's the camera I used for the 360 shots! GoPro Max 360:



    24 dagar sedan

    Gopro's are cool

  • Bob Nelson

    Bob Nelson

    3 månader sedan

    How did you get autopilot to drive 75 in a 55?

  • matt prior

    matt prior

    3 månader sedan

    I think that NY will upset you more !

  • Guided Meditation

    Guided Meditation

    4 månader sedan

    Tesla will create a new explosion in road rage.

  • Nikki Cornelius

    Nikki Cornelius

    6 månader sedan

    All the times I saw you mention phantom breaking or steering - you were passing under a large sign. This seems to be a known issue- bridges and interstate signs seem to confuse the Tesla’s auto pilot at times and cause this

  • Shawn John
    Shawn John3 dagar sedan

    Perfect for the average person who get a car to simply to get from point a to point b. As a car enthusist, its hard not to take over and really drive the car. I understand having it for long trips and annoying traffic, but how about drving up and down curved roads on a mountain pass?

  • T M
    T M17 dagar sedan

    I guess Musk sells autopilot in the 'LA driver' version vs. the 'soccer mom' version.

  • inequil1026
    inequil102618 dagar sedan

    Pretty accurately summarizes my experience with 'autopilot'. Yes, I need to speed up on autopilot more often than I need to intervene with braking. TAutopilot is very cautious. I actually thought that the car handled situation at 8:08 pretty well. 10:45 is a typical situation. I suspect that the reason for the slow speed here is that humans can look all the way through the curve by simply turning your head, while the camera's on the car are fixed and cannot look further than their viewing angle. This might be a fundamental limitation of the camera-based system. Ryan, as always, very informative and useful. Love your blog and your work!

    BTG BEAST19 dagar sedan

    2:10 penske truck was crossing the lane markings so the tesla braked

  • Kerrick Bumpers
    Kerrick Bumpers22 dagar sedan

    How is making your way through traffic trying to get to where you're going faster than others make you a bad driver? I'm in the military so unlike regular work, there are absolutely zero excuses for being late and or not showing up at all and hold ridiculous consequences. With that said I want to safely weave in between traffic to get to where I need to be in a timely manner then I will but that by no means at all regardless of what anyone thinks makes an individual a bad driver at all. That was by far the most ridiculous statement I've heard about the way people drive as you as a driver have no idea what's going on. All you see is a Fancy expensive vehicle and think wow you bad cocky driver.

  • Kerrick Bumpers
    Kerrick Bumpers22 dagar sedan

    Man I love Tesla! So inspiring.

  • 3rxor
    3rxor22 dagar sedan


  • 3rxor
    3rxor22 dagar sedan


  • butterbrod
    butterbrod24 dagar sedan


  • EddieK0027
    EddieK002726 dagar sedan

    I was tailgating behind a Tesla Model 3 today in my BMW X5, I was probably maybe two hundred feet behind this Tesla and then the Tesla/Driver turned on the brake light, the funny thing was that while the Tesla Brake light turned on the vehicle was still accelerating, which makes me think that the driver had Autopilot feature on, perhaps the PDC and rear view camera will activate the rear brake lights as its trying to keep a safe distance from the front car it’s following and my car. So my whole thing with Autopilot is that it’s programming should offer a feature where you can override the accelerator part of it, Tesla will offer OTA software updates but yeah still kinky. I know with BMW with Drivers Professional Package it has Automated Active Cruise Control which is ok, but not like Tesla, the Lane Departure warning is based on the reflectors on the ground, if it’s snowing, or covered with debris it might not pick it up or if it’s raining based on weather elements it won’t be 100% functionally, for example if BMW AACC in conjunction with Lane Assist will show on the speedometer two white lines, indicating that the system didn’t find any solid lines within the lane (most of the time in suburb streets), now freeway driving the marking will show green lines as the lane markings a clearly marked with not just painted lines but square lane reflectors. With BMW Drivers Professional package you can have AACC is on with a set speed limit, but after two minutes the steering wheel will light up orange indicating the steering wheel be unsecure, if you put your hand on the steering wheel it goes back into the AACC mode.

  • One Time
    One Time27 dagar sedan

    i think phantom breaking was the shadow of the overhanging sign, i have heard manholes can set it off as they are sometimes confused at an object on the road.

  • CH Steele
    CH Steele28 dagar sedan

    Are you in Orlando Florida driving around?

  • buddy bynum
    buddy bynum29 dagar sedan

    Every mistake it made has one common thing, the overhead signs. Quite obvious....

  • Isaiah Johnson
    Isaiah Johnson29 dagar sedan

    1:37 the car is stopping be signs that it's passing under, which confuses it a little Btw that's not full self driving, full self driving doesn't make you slightly turn the wheel too know your still there. Also the screen showing the cars would be way different if it was full self driving, look up full self driving telsa

  • Justin bartley
    Justin bartleyMånad sedan

    Envious losers.

  • Julian Saiz
    Julian SaizMånad sedan

    I think from a drivers test kinda perspective I’d have to say the tesla made the better choice to break than to swerve away from the Penske truck

  • coodd Zhu
    coodd ZhuMånad sedan

    how tesla driving is exactly how I am driving right now. and my coach would say the exact thing you complained to the tesla LOL

  • X-Poker Ph - Asia
    X-Poker Ph - AsiaMånad sedan

    This kind of comments makes tesla looks bad.. oh my goodness

  • X-Poker Ph - Asia
    X-Poker Ph - AsiaMånad sedan

    I drive here in manila, before i pass a truck i always break and look at the truck wheels. So FSD is doing a Great Job

  • Psalm 3713
    Psalm 3713Månad sedan

    Curious if TESLA'S automatically pull over to the right and to the curb if an Emergency vehicle is coming up behind or not.

  • Psalm 3713
    Psalm 3713Månad sedan

    IF the Tesla would have went into the other lane, to avoid the Penske Box Truck, it would freak people out and they would be complaining about it for certain. They would say just the opposite....."Why couldn't it just slow down to see if that Box Truck was gunna come into my lane or not"? hahaha

  • Psalm 3713
    Psalm 3713Månad sedan

    Not really "phantom" Braking when you can see that the Penske Box truck was on the LINE.

  • AutumnLizzyRae
    AutumnLizzyRaeMånad sedan

    Phantom breaking is scary. My dads Tesla does it all the time and he gets really pissed of. He has to constantly turn it off but it’ll turn itself back on.

  • Funtime Freddy boissss
    Funtime Freddy boissssMånad sedan

    I’m just

  • Zotah Z
    Zotah ZMånad sedan

    The auto-pilot is all base on lines, so no way this going to fly anytime soon.

  • Me You
    Me YouMånad sedan

    Autopilot only for elderly or mental incompetence.

  • Alberto Jimenez
    Alberto JimenezMånad sedan

    Tesla’s are cool but not really reliable cars.

  • Wojciech Bigaj
    Wojciech BigajMånad sedan

    You can set it to be closer to other vehicles.

  • Chalen Yee
    Chalen YeeMånad sedan

    Seems like the car is doing its job.

  • Mathew Keith
    Mathew KeithMånad sedan

    I have FSD also and the most severe phantom braking I see is actually when the car sees a light for freeway on-ramp regulation or the overpass. Really frustrating.. and a lot more severe. It stops 65 to 50

  • Tedacules
    TedaculesMånad sedan

    I hope your giving feedback to Tesla....

  • Javier Marquez
    Javier MarquezMånad sedan

    TFW Autopilot beeps at you because it needs emotional support to merge.

  • pauld315
    pauld315Månad sedan

    How much of what you were showing is Autopilot that is standard on cars vs FSD ? There is a lot of confusion everywhere by people and reporters talking about Autopilot when it is actually an FSD function and vise versa

  • Archer
    ArcherMånad sedan

    The car breaks when ur about to go under a bridge or a sign. If u watch the video the car breaks near exactly every time he passes under something. It has problems identifying stationary objects at times and probably thinks the signs are cars.

  • Dan P
    Dan PMånad sedan

    What I’ve noticed is that my Teslas (S and X with FSD) lane center so well that anyone around you not centered in their lane seems really close as you pass. When driving, we naturally give ourselves a cushion by also drifting from the center of our lane, but the autopilot doesn’t, so it seems like people are too close to you quite often. I’ve just learned to trust the car and monitor. Also, since my cars were upgraded to HW3, that lane centering on merging lanes seems to have been addressed.

  • Curious Minds Defines
    Curious Minds DefinesMånad sedan

    It's still learning aswell!! Every intervention and report is sent back to Tesla to fix.

  • Ballas George
    Ballas GeorgeMånad sedan

    It looks like the first phantom break, at 1:30, was for the bumpy road patch. You can see the cars bounce.

  • Howard Kuo
    Howard KuoMånad sedan

    This is the current Autopilot, not the FSB beta right?

  • Howard Kuo

    Howard Kuo

    Månad sedan

    @Ryan Shaw Thank you Ryan, good to know.

  • Ryan Shaw

    Ryan Shaw

    Månad sedan

    Yeah. This is what is available to customers at the moment

  • Bill Kerr
    Bill KerrMånad sedan

    I think the excessive caution needed by any autopilot system will lead aggressive drivers to take advantage once more vehicles are autonomous. They can be pretty confident autopilot will always let them in no mayyer how tight the traffic is.

  • Mike Goyette
    Mike GoyetteMånad sedan

    So - Let's take 3 hours of footage of YOU driving the same route... and look at it and see who drives better... Hmmm... Any bets?

  • Chris Chung
    Chris ChungMånad sedan

    The car has rear-facing cameras so I'm pretty sure it won't brake hard if it is being followed closely

  • Sean Fyodorovich
    Sean FyodorovichMånad sedan

    Glad all you techbros get to hold up traffic with your "self-driving" toys.

  • Sean Fyodorovich

    Sean Fyodorovich

    Månad sedan

    @Ethan Robbins Here's a techbro now. You probably stand in front of a busy store using the summon feature regardless how many people it inconveniences, right?

  • Ethan Robbins

    Ethan Robbins

    Månad sedan

    A comment like this makes you sound like a hillbilly that refuses to give up your Johnny Carson recordings.

  • Doinikins V
    Doinikins VMånad sedan

    Drivers are getting pampered for this autonomous cars. Asking for more .maybe its better to drive manually if you still can.engage it If sleepy or in emergency situations.

  • Pop smoke Fan
    Pop smoke FanMånad sedan

    Tesla is ugly

  • Cheesecake
    Cheesecake2 månader sedan

    The phantom braking at 5:40 was probably because of the sign overhead.

  • Sunny01331
    Sunny013312 månader sedan

    Phantom breaking seems to happen a lot when going under overpasses or interstate signs

  • Solid Rock
    Solid Rock2 månader sedan

    As a professional coach bus Prévost driver, not sure I would put my confidence on this technology.

  • A M
    A M2 månader sedan

    Self driving and auto pilot are the equivalent to having a teenager or old person driving your car. It's the dumbest thing ever when 99.9% of everyone else isn't on an self driving system.

  • Gary Inman
    Gary Inman2 månader sedan

    Nice video. I lived and worked in LA for 31 years. I moved to Texas in 2005. It's fun for me to see streets and intersections that I recognize.

  • R B
    R B2 månader sedan

    Time to pay up for FSD if you want self-driving to work on city streets.

  • L.A.E Diving Solutions
    L.A.E Diving Solutions2 månader sedan

    It phantom breaks cuz idiots cut you off so I’m sure it just is being safer then sorry!

  • Stephen Leverich
    Stephen Leverich2 månader sedan

    It dropped to 71 from 75 and it was called 'slammed on the breaks'.

  • J. Ngonono
    J. Ngonono2 månader sedan

    Cars are more careful drivers than humans. Most of your criticisms are based on the idea that the Tesla should drive like the human idiots, or accomodate their bad driving. I disagree. When 90% of the cars on the road are using AP you'll understand what I mean... roads will be way safer.

  • J. Ngonono
    J. Ngonono2 månader sedan

    5:13 I feel for that Mercedes driver. Slow vehicles must just move to the slow lane and keep the faster lanes clear. Driving slow and populating the road sparsely leaving huge gaps just slows down traffic and forces others to have to weave to get by.

  • N S
    N S2 månader sedan

    Hi Ryan - love your vids, and going to buy a Model Y when my BMW i3 lease is over later this summer. I know this comment is late by a lot, but I hope you see it. I’m pretty sure that the unexpected braking/decrease in speed you experienced on the freeway interchanges is due to the legal speed limits on those interchanges (even though people take them MUCH faster than the the legal (and usually posted) speed limit. I think the Autopilot system always needs to abide by the legal speed limit or risk not getting approval from regulations. For example, at 10:50 (when you’re going from the 101 to the 405 S using that very circular interchange) you pass a sign on the left showing the curve/circle ahead, and a with big “20” smack in the middle (meaning that, technically, the law says you’re entering a 20 mph zone and supposed to take that curve around the circle at 20 mph....even if nobody in real life actually does that). I can’t imagine that Tesla is allowed to program the autopilot to travel faster than the posted speed limit in most cases, or else regulators may disapprove (or delay approval) of the FSD system. I’m not sure about the slow acceleration when coming out of the interchange, but maybe there was nothing showing the actual end of the 20 mph zone, and so it could be that Autopilot sped up slowly in order to get up to normal freeway speed by the time it merged back into regular freeway traffic? Anyway, keep up the vids...I look forward to each one!

  • Gerardo Sosa
    Gerardo Sosa2 månader sedan

    The reason why it's breaking it's because of the big signs

  • David Elze
    David Elze2 månader sedan

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  • A. V. F.
    A. V. F.2 månader sedan

    I wonder, is there any difference in the quality of autopilot when comparing a model Y to a much more expensive Model S?

  • Unknown Samn
    Unknown Samn2 månader sedan

    I know that I don't want to have expensive cars because I would be scared of crashing or something...

  • TexasGreenTea
    TexasGreenTea2 månader sedan

    Sometimes phantom braking is obviously because the AI is averaging in the number of times the car in the next lane over has cut into your lane without signaling. AI picks up on things we don't see. For example, if the car in the next lane drifts 2 inches left, then 1 inch right, then 3 inches left, each a millisecond faster than the last, the AI may know that's the exact signature of a car about to cut you off 73% of the time. Meanwhile, our eyes have no idea those subtleties exist, so we read it as "the car pumped the brakes for no reason." No, it prevented an accident by the numbers.

  • lee
    lee2 månader sedan

    2:15 the truck crossed his line into yours so it checked to see if the truck was going to change lanes without signaling. People change lanes all the time without signaling and it's extremely dangerous, impressive the autopilot can predict that.

  • Shiro Surfer
    Shiro Surfer2 månader sedan

    11:20 the curve is the right speed. Lol this driver is too agresive annoying Chad who beeps at you for going at safe speed like a normal person

  • Shiro Surfer
    Shiro Surfer2 månader sedan

    This driver has poor awareness and is very aggressive good the car drives better than him

  • Shiro Surfer
    Shiro Surfer2 månader sedan

    1:35 it's obviously the black car on the right, it's at an angle were an aggressive driver would love to cut in trough It's a very correct feature

  • Turtato
    Turtato2 månader sedan

    I always find it funny when people go across lines and pass other cars and they end being at the same stop light as everyone else

  • Amaris Hyatt
    Amaris Hyatt2 månader sedan

    The righteous meat concordingly avoid because danger principally post for a one mandolin. homely, breezy pancreas

  • Anton Ferreira
    Anton Ferreira2 månader sedan

    "Really tricky situations". LMAO!!

  • Anton Ferreira
    Anton Ferreira2 månader sedan

    "He cut me off" "I slammed on the brakes" Nothing of the sort happened. You are hysterical, like most Tesla "drivers".

  • Private
    Private2 månader sedan

    You are not going to die for misbehaving Mercedes drivers? Don't be like Janis Joplin, Oh Lord won't you buy me a M/B....

  • LQQK49
    LQQK492 månader sedan

    Tesla recently got 5 Chinese authorities’ invitations to “have a cup of tea” talk. Anybody know why? Tesla was promised that they do not need to transfer technology to Chinese manufacturers, the problem is that, they actually DID NOT transfer it. China allows Tesla manufacturing in Shanghai, hoping that it will help elevate Chinese electric car technology. Instead Tesla is now killing the Chinese electric car market. Tesla drop the Model Y price, further worsen the situation. One of the Chinese authorities suspects that Tesla uses the US military technology to spy on the Chinese driver and send the location and even audio/video feed back to the US. This is a huge deal. SpaceX’s Starlink will eventually bypass 5G and enable people to access the internet from wherever on earth, this further irritates Chinese authorities, because this will eventually break the Chinese Great Wall of internet blockage. Tesla will become America’s edition of Huawei, but 100 times worse. And Elon Musk will be the next Meng Wanzhou. Do you know what happened to Jack Ma and Alibaba? Do you know what will happen, if you dance with a bear? I’m not talking about Winnie the Pooh.

  • Carlo J
    Carlo J2 månader sedan

    You saved me $10K. I'm not adding Full Self Driving Capability to my Model Y order. Thank you!

  • Bartosz Morończyk
    Bartosz Morończyk2 månader sedan

    1:29 This Phantom breaking is related to the detection bug with over the road signs, or entering's of a tunnel.

  • Igor Razumny
    Igor Razumny2 månader sedan

    Thanks s bunch! It was really useful!

  • Ryd Scheer
    Ryd Scheer2 månader sedan

    The fanatical yard physiologically head because board distally fear round a thick end. skillful, sweet thread

  • The Noble Donkey
    The Noble Donkey2 månader sedan

    Well it hesitated probably because you weren’t car pooling. Most seats have pressure sensors

  • evil Bunny
    evil Bunny2 månader sedan

    you "testing" things on the open roads because you want to test autopilot should be suable. You admit to putting people in danger to stratify your curiosity about the testla .. it is sickening tbh

  • evil Bunny
    evil Bunny2 månader sedan

    wow so you condensed it down .... 15 mins on 150 mins .. so 10% was event full.. I will drive myself

  • Alpha T
    Alpha T2 månader sedan

    The slow down when attempting to merge into carpool Lane I noticed it was the overhead sign that caused the indecisive merge by autopilot

  • James Lam
    James Lam2 månader sedan

    If every car company do that,the road will be slow...i think.

  • James Lam
    James Lam2 månader sedan

    If the car behind you get too close,will it speed up.

  • The Tech Industry
    The Tech Industry2 månader sedan

    in India lanes are just road decorations 😂

  • Robel W
    Robel W2 månader sedan

    Good video except for the title.

  • C N
    C N2 månader sedan

    I love Tesla and I love autopilot FSD but I would NEVER EVER trust it in LA of all places. From the shitty drivers to the fucked up confusing roads that make no sense, no thanks, I choose life.

  • John
    John2 månader sedan

    I know this is from last year but cool to see how the autopilot works. I would be scared to have a car drive for me. Can you put in your location as to where you want to travel and then have it handle all the lane changes and freeway changes?

  • Bryan Sales
    Bryan Sales2 månader sedan

    Auto pilot still has a long way to become reliable especially the road presents tons of variables.

    MTHEGAMER2 månader sedan

    The only way auto pilot would work is if everyone has Tesla

  • A Bag Of Toes
    A Bag Of Toes2 månader sedan

    his eyebrows are too pretty.

  • Felan
    Felan2 månader sedan

    this phantom breaking can happen if you get close to a non movable objekt like a bridge or a sign that hangs over the road. this is more noticible in light curves.

  • teslacoiler
    teslacoiler2 månader sedan

    5:20 USA: so much faster than everyone else. Europe: the same car driving at the same speed shall be on the first lane (the slowest one) :-)

  • jaanu2222
    jaanu22222 månader sedan

    just drive on your own , no way i won't risk my life to a machine

  • Skjall
    Skjall2 månader sedan

    „Bad LA drivers“ or as everybody calls them, „LA drivers“… 😂

  • Mitchell Linley
    Mitchell Linley2 månader sedan

    Both the one at the beginning and the lane change to the carpool lane had a large interstate sign above you. That's what causing the phantom braking

  • Aniket Parbat
    Aniket Parbat2 månader sedan

    It’s probably braking when it sees the overhead road signs, does it happen when you go under a bridge too?

  • Tanaka Mwanza
    Tanaka Mwanza2 månader sedan

    For "phantom braking" it's sort of a system glitch everytime you drive under a bridge or cross under large roadsigns the sensors assumes theres a barrier so it slows down slightly before the systems realize theres no barrier and starts accelerating. Notice the correlation between the phantom braking and when theres an overpass or a roadsign that stretches over all lanes on the freeway

  • Goldy's Third View
    Goldy's Third View2 månader sedan

    I think its confused with shadows

  • Abidali Sarangwala
    Abidali Sarangwala2 månader sedan

    from other SEblacksr, I saw that it does phantom breaking when going under a bridge or signpost. In your video, it happens all the time near a signpost.

  • Yuriy Panchenko
    Yuriy Panchenko2 månader sedan

    Watching video I saw phantom breaking happens every time you passing under big road signs. That might be connected to slowing down for a sec

  • iPlayCod
    iPlayCod2 månader sedan

    Imagine complaining about your self driving car

  • Jaskirat Singh
    Jaskirat Singh2 månader sedan

    Swerving into the adjacent lane is better than slightly braking??? No that’s wayyy more dangerous...