My $10,851.33 Tesla Model Y Repair

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Getting my Tesla Model Y Repaired after an accident on Turo.

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  • Fast4oward
    Fast4oward8 dagar sedan

    How much did ur insurance go up as result of an accident,or multiple accidents? U did not discuss this....usually insurances charge much more wo a clear record.

  • TJ Amos
    TJ Amos11 dagar sedan

    That's a ruined tesla

  • DM Cooper Johnson
    DM Cooper Johnson14 dagar sedan

    I am in the process of working with AAA for their insured hitting my Y. Are you able to explain to me how to handle the "Diminished Value" issue in more depth? Is it as simple as to go to JD Power and complete a form? Then, does AAA give you discouragement in this area? Big fan from the time we both were waiting for our deliveries.

  • choochootrain64
    choochootrain6414 dagar sedan

    I went to the same shop when my S got busted! Great service.

  • Lyfan Deth
    Lyfan Deth15 dagar sedan

    Isn't Omaze just datamining, gathering our demographics so they can sell them to advertisers and spammers?

  • Ivan Drusc
    Ivan Drusc15 dagar sedan

    It's just a car get over it. Cost of business 🙄

  • Eric
    Eric15 dagar sedan


  • Cesar Abraham
    Cesar Abraham16 dagar sedan

    Interesting that you brought the Audi, My dad use to have the model Y performance model, Hates the Ride Quality and Noise, very scrappy bumpy ride, yes the tesla model Y, He sold his Audi Q 5 before he got the tesla, Sold his model Y last week and bought a Q5

  • Ching Chieh Wang
    Ching Chieh Wang17 dagar sedan

    Actually after accident, The car will NEVER be the same. You will start enjoy some RATTLE, and then A lot of RATTLE LOL

  • M M
    M M18 dagar sedan

    Charlie Brown

  • SRB
    SRB18 dagar sedan

    Self-inflicted wound 👎

  • Canyon Racer
    Canyon Racer21 dag sedan

    Sounds like just another day as a business owner😎

  • Daniel Busk
    Daniel Busk22 dagar sedan

    Thank you for sharing, Quick question, since you are located in California, what made you decide to not go with TESLA Insurance. looking into insurance quotes from other insurance companies, I was hoping at the time that I can afford to buy one, TESLA insurance will be available nation wide.

  • Chris Ose
    Chris Ose23 dagar sedan

    The only person that gets to drive my $65k Tesla is me. End of story. Lol

  • Cory Hurst-Thomas
    Cory Hurst-Thomas23 dagar sedan

    What coverage do you use on Turo? 75 plan or another?

  • Melanie
    Melanie24 dagar sedan

    $7.4k for a minor repair?!!?!!? just buy a new car

  • ElroyMcDuff
    ElroyMcDuff25 dagar sedan

    That sucks! I learned to stop getting too attached to vehicles after I was nearly killed last year thanks to an 80 something year old driver... When shopping around I considered renting from Turo but the Tesla dealer let me take one home overnight. =D

  • David McCormack
    David McCormack25 dagar sedan

    Ryan - i drive a 2019 Q5 currently and am seriously considering migrating to a 2022 model Y. What specifically, were you either liking or disliking about your experience driving both of them? Like you, I also see both good/bad with both. Thanks for your videos and feedback!

  • airheart1


    22 dagar sedan

    Just my 2 cents.. the biggest advantage you will find is an EV is the single gear gearbox. The responsiveness of a good EV became such a big thing after living with it, I simply cannot stand to deal with a conventional car and transmission.. even great ones with dual clutches fail to get anywhere near the responsiveness of a good electric power train. Even a non performance one feels like a whole different realm of responsiveness. And it’s REALLY hard to go back. As for tech.. that’s subjective to what you like.. but the tech is also a marvelous improvement. For some, it’s to much and they don’t want that tech immersion.. but if you enjoy a smart phone.. you will love what a Tesla can do, and even more so how it improves over time. Nothing else comes close to that. As for ride and quality and sound.. yeah the German cars are more refined.. but it’s so much less important than you think.. at least for me it was. I wouldn’t go back if they paid me.

  • Keith Spiro
    Keith Spiro25 dagar sedan

    Had the exact hit yo my P3D. 1 question. Did you file a DVC against guy who hit you. It got me a Check for #9.6k ask me how. That's after car was completely repaired.!!! Cha ching..!!

  • Shane Algarin
    Shane Algarin26 dagar sedan

    This is why I'm holding out for the cybertruck. I want a Tesla that is indestructible

  • Aves Raggiana
    Aves Raggiana26 dagar sedan

    $10,000 is nothing. Try $48,000 for our Model X100D that got hit by someone running a red light. It took fourteen weeks to get our car back.

  • P Von
    P Von26 dagar sedan

    Hi Ryan Glad things worked out. In your video did I see the rear Tesla Badge was black. Did you paint the silver one or after your PPF did you get a replacement. If so where?

  • Wayne Russell
    Wayne Russell26 dagar sedan

    Regarding Turo, based on the difficulty I had getting approved to rent cars, and the incompetency of their reps in handling the matter, I wouldn't work with them ever.

  • Joshu
    Joshu26 dagar sedan

    Kinda weird the accident cost car and the non accident cost car have the EXACT same mileage. Something seems fishy...

  • Victor van Dyke
    Victor van Dyke27 dagar sedan

    I have a 2021 Model Y with the FSD as well as the $2000 performance update with a tow hitch and ended up spending $65,000! Must say, it's by far the best car I've ever owned. I have solar and a Tesla Powerwall and charge at home for basically free. Waiting for my Rivian soon in Sept 2021. Going electric all the way, including Nobe! I have an early order for my Nobe as well.

  • Declan Dux
    Declan Dux27 dagar sedan

    Hello Ryan, how do you do direct rentals without Turo? Do you advertise on Craigslist or somewhere else? Please elaborate. Thank you.

  • Jamie Renee VonTeez
    Jamie Renee VonTeez27 dagar sedan

    I donated $150 to your Omaze link btw! I hope to win the “Plaid”!

  • Jamie Renee VonTeez
    Jamie Renee VonTeez27 dagar sedan

    Learned so much from this video about diminished value loss and claims that I did not get from my Turo camero rental accident. I did not get that in April. Thank you!

  • Chris Liberti
    Chris Liberti27 dagar sedan

    After hearing a friend’s experience with turo I would never use them. She had an owner try to get her to pick it up in a location other than agreed, which was in a bad area of Detroit. She found out the person was not even the owner and when she refused the person began to harass and threaten her. She found out that the person is an ex con who has been accused of fraud on Turo before. Turo refuses to remove them from the platform or do anything satisfactory to her.

  • Andrew Awakened
    Andrew Awakened27 dagar sedan

    That's insane...that kind of damage would be $1k to $2k on a normal car and you'd get it back in a few days.

  • Matt B
    Matt B27 dagar sedan

    This is why independant repair is so important. $10K for a moderately damaged bumper on a car that sells new for $40k-$60k? Over 1 mo wait? Those stats are complete insanity. I would like to get a Tesla but these kinds of stories for even minor to moderate repairs put a full stop to that. One wreck and I'm at the mercy of insurance companies for massive coverage claims and weeks of waiting.

  • Applebestapps
    Applebestapps28 dagar sedan

    Stop renting then

  • Evander B
    Evander B28 dagar sedan

    Man that’s crazy, the experience I bet is going to really help you down the line. I have multiple Tesla reservations, I like the idea of using a car sharing platform like yourself. They’re in strong demand where I live in TX. I prefer to do it when I have 2 vehicles so I don’t have to bothered with loaners in the event of an accident. Highly unlikely both will end up an accident at the same time.

  • David H
    David H28 dagar sedan

    Can anyone explain how to calculate the diminished value using the JD Power site? I can't figure out how to do it similar to the screenshot Ryan shows here.

  • Ньюстори
    Ньюстори28 dagar sedan

    My new Dodge Challenger was an accident during Turo rentals twice. Turo paid for recover it, but it took 4 month, and got nothing for diminished value. I bought car for 44k and sold just for 20k after 1 year :-(

  • Gino Radzik
    Gino Radzik28 dagar sedan

    Great advice - as usual Ryan. Appreciate you sharing the level of details of handling an insurance claim and personal experience with Turo, as well as the potential for future considerations of "extending the fleet" as a business opportunity. Wow! the detail on the Diminished value, and loss of income, etc. is unbelievably thorough. Awesomely valuable! Kudos to your dad as well!

  • Joseph Marrero
    Joseph Marrero28 dagar sedan

    Great video thanks for the information.. I would just trade it in and start over and keep all the extra money. I would not pay to put anything extra on the car for next one I would just get it from the dealership and put it Turo for rent. Don't waste time and money putting stuff on the car just get it and put to rent so you can make that money right away

  • racekar80
    racekar8028 dagar sedan

    Why anyone would rent a car they actually want to have is stupid. No one takes care of a rental car.

  • Jonathan Kroiss
    Jonathan Kroiss28 dagar sedan

    My dad has dual pane glass never noticed road noise

    SANTIAGO SANCHEZ28 dagar sedan

    Ryan since you're up to date with alot of Tesla information I just saw a video explaining out of warranty costs and it's scary! I'm suppose to get my Model 3 next month but now I'm in question of doing so....advice Ryan. Thanks

  • CryptoWarrior
    CryptoWarrior29 dagar sedan

    Hey Ryan it sounds like the squeaky issue with the suspension in you Y my ve an upper control arm. Bjorn Nyland just did a video on his channel of a Model X with the same of similar issue. Glad you got you car back. Glad it wasn't you in the accident and glad everyone involved is OK. Yeah, $10,000 seems like an expensive lesson to keep your car off that service.

  • Matthew Mitchell
    Matthew Mitchell29 dagar sedan

    I'll never use Turo. They only payout what their estimators deam, not what the Tesla shop quotes. Sleez balls.

  • Shanu Sharma
    Shanu Sharma29 dagar sedan

    Ryan, this car is a critical part of your you tube business, IMO I don’t think it’s wise to rent it away to strangers on Turo. Instead get an electric car like leaf with less half the price of Y and rent it out, if you really want to do it. Sometimes making few extra bucks are not worth the headache they might give you in the end.

  • Rebecca Smith
    Rebecca Smith29 dagar sedan

    They were far away from you. They would have been an hour late even if they didn’t get in a accident. How much does Turo charge for late returns, or is it up to the host?

  • Jonathan M
    Jonathan M29 dagar sedan

    Is the suspension noise the upper control arm bushing?

  • LaWanda AN
    LaWanda AN29 dagar sedan

    do you have AAA insurance?

  • David Chao
    David Chao29 dagar sedan

    Doing ppf at the rear is a total waste of money

  • Tooloose lowtreck
    Tooloose lowtreck29 dagar sedan

    what is PPF?

  • Michael Lydon
    Michael Lydon29 dagar sedan

    Ryan, Excellent report on Turo, Tesla repairs, and rentals beyond Turo. You kept the over-arching issues in play, while also delving into the details. Kudos to you, sir. Thank you. Question: how does one find Turo fleet owners (i.e. Turo mentors) in one's area?

  • Eshel61
    Eshel6129 dagar sedan

    Nice videos Ryan. I didn't count but the term PPF is mentioned several times. Should everyone know what PPF is? I don't.

  • Mark Mendoza
    Mark Mendoza29 dagar sedan

    How much are you grossing and net income from Turo?

  • 臺灣是國家臺灣是國家
    臺灣是國家臺灣是國家29 dagar sedan

    “I was very unlucky”….Personally I think you were very lucky in so many ways. You me Dad’s insurance experience, the fact that the driver that hit your car admitting 100% fault & the list goes on…..yes inconvenience but welcome to owning a vehicle. An expensive car usually = expensive repairs. Just the way the cookie crumbles. I think this could have been so much worse than what it was for you Ryan. 🙏🏻☺️

  • Gaming-Zombie13
    Gaming-Zombie1329 dagar sedan

    In I had a Car I'll never Rent it to anyone...

  • Eric Haynes
    Eric Haynes29 dagar sedan

    Here's my last 40 months of car ownership: 1. Bought a 1 year old Civic Si Salvage (with 5K miles) in 2018 for 15K 2. Monthly gas = $100 3. Monthly Ins = $60 4. TOTAL maintenance over 3 years = $120 for new battery 5. ZERO other problems, car still runs great so fun to drive a manual too.

  • John Canalese
    John Canalese29 dagar sedan

    Here in Australia, you would lodge a claim with your own insurance company after having gathered all details from the guy who hit you! Then the two insurance companies work out the all the financial issues. Is it different in America? Why did you as the driver “not-at-fault” have to do all all the legwork and have to negotiate with the offending parties insurance company? Are you not insured yourself? Have you informed your insurance company that your a leasing out your car as a business? ( this drives up the premium). Also, over here Police will not attend the scene of an accident unless someone is injured or any of the vehicles is not able to be driven away from the scene of the accident - so there’d be no police report in your case.

  • William Mykura
    William MykuraMånad sedan

    Don’t believe it cost so much! A competent bodyshop could fill & fix that and restore paint to original for a less than one thousand.. I see why our insurance premiums are so expensive...

  • Neil Barratt
    Neil BarrattMånad sedan

    As always an excellent video. And while I think you speak just a little too fast it is very easy to understand what you are saying.

  • genron187
    genron187Månad sedan

    Hey, what insurance do you have for your Tesla? I want to do Turo but I’m not sure on handle these incidents

  • Bulletstopper
    BulletstopperMånad sedan

    You mentioned your car squeaks. We might have the same problem although I stopped the squeak with a simple fix. Where is the squeak coming from or what are you doing when it squeaks?

  • andrew payan
    andrew payanMånad sedan

    Ryan, seems like a relatively smooth experience. My model S has been in the body shop for over 4 months because a few parts have been on back order. Apparently, this is a common issue because of the pandemic. Have you heard about that? The shop said they have another model S that’s been waiting for 5 months on a part. Can’t get a rental because the person that hit me doesn’t have insurance. Currently exploring my options with Tesla to see if they can provide a loaner car.

  • Kabish
    KabishMånad sedan

    Not just Tesla's, all the EVs have INSAINE repair costs which is why insurance is so much more expensive. 100% should always get a lawyer when dealing with those shark insurance companies unless you have some good solid help. The insurance companies are NOT looking out for your best interest, they are looking to settle for the least possible amount regardless if you get screwed over.

  • Peter Lou
    Peter LouMånad sedan

    Great video!

  • Mavin Swapp
    Mavin SwappMånad sedan

    I keep hearing that Tesla model Y's are sold out until next year but I just ordered a long-range model Y and they gave me a delivery date of December 1, 2021.

  • Santosh Nair
    Santosh NairMånad sedan

    It's a bad idea to put an expensive, luxury car on Turo. What are you achieving? Its not worth the huge risk to get some money to covering your car payments. Dont buy a Tesla till you are comfortable owning it and making the payments. This time you were very lucky but sooner or later, you will run out of luck and pay huge in damages which wont be covered by Turo.

  • rob
    robMånad sedan

    what a nightmare.. the one thing we all have in common is limited time.

  • Arth Denton
    Arth DentonMånad sedan

    This is a good illustration on how... NOT WISE it is to imagine that private individuals would actually 'make money' allowing their cars to turn into Robotaxis.

  • Paul Nelson
    Paul NelsonMånad sedan

    THI IS NOT HOW INSURANCE WORKS. Triple A DOES NOT OWE YOU THE DIFFERENCE IN VALUE. 1st of ,you let someone barrow it. Awe well. 2nd the policy info clearly states what is covered and what is not covered and you still use the service and signed the paperwork. 3rd. There is a thing called GAP Coverage for this exact things if a car is totaled then GAP coverage pays off the difference of the LOAN NOT THE VALUE. No insurance ever has covered depreciation after repairs. That's not a thing.

  • TezzyWes
    TezzyWesMånad sedan

    I wish I could show my documents, a guy t-boned me and the repairs came out to $39k with a 2 month wait before our only 2 Tesla certified body shops could even look at it, then wait an additional 3 months for the repairs to be completed. Long story short they reached out 2 weeks later and said they’ll just write it off, now I’m waiting on delivery with a window of 9/7 - 9/22

  • Eleven Eleven
    Eleven ElevenMånad sedan

    Where can I find direct rental listings? The thing about Turo is that it makes it easy as a customer to find cars to rent without messing with bot ridden websites like Craigslist.

  • Ben Dungee
    Ben DungeeMånad sedan

    How’s paint supplies an hourly thing? Hmmm.

  • tc
    tcMånad sedan

    Thanks for the details. What did you say to get the insurance company to agree to pay up on diminished value?

  • Flightgamer
    FlightgamerMånad sedan

    I can't just factor in the cost of my time but the cost of my anxiety. No renting out cars or houses for me. I'll keep sticking with boring 30 year index funds.

  • Hallgurd Dizaye
    Hallgurd DizayeMånad sedan

    There should be a diminished value for turning your car into a rental. I wouldn’t pay top dollar to buy from Hertz Rentals, nor would I pay top dollar for a vehicle rented out on Turo

  • tsab thoj
    tsab thojMånad sedan

    This is America, land of litigations Don't bother Turo'ing unless you have set up a LLC or whatever to protect yourself (as the owner) from being sued up the ass (even if it was someone else driving your car)

  • iAlfaEric
    iAlfaEricMånad sedan

    Ryan Shaw, with all due respect, if you have to rent your car to pay for it, you shouldn't buy it.

  • James
    JamesMånad sedan

    Dad's got a schluter hat on! is he a tile guy?

  • Richard Scully
    Richard ScullyMånad sedan

    No insurance?

  • AtlantisLion
    AtlantisLionMånad sedan

    You weren't happy with the Buick? Man. If I were to try to go to Enterprise right now and rent anything at all, they would have no cars on their lot. If the same thing were to happen to me right now, I would be without a ride for the duration of the repair. No joke.

  • Dawn
    DawnMånad sedan

    One of my big gripes is the lack of EV options for rentals whilst your EV is in the repair shop... I live in Sweden, and my insurance company gives a very limited list of rental companies to choose from. I had my MX in a repair shop for four days and refused to rent a car during that time because all that was available were ICE. It's a principle thing more than anything else. I just couldn't bring myself to do it.

  • Jim Myers
    Jim MyersMånad sedan

    Thanks for some great information. I didn't know that you could claim diminished value after an accident. I wish I had known. My Model Y was backed into from a diagonal parking spot and damaged the rear passenger side door. The person took full responsibility as I was just sitting there stuck between the cars in front and behind me while I watched her back into me while I honked my horn repeatedly. Had just over 2500 miles on the car.

  • Ryan Dieu
    Ryan DieuMånad sedan

    Hi Ryan, can you talk more the diminished value claim? How long does it take? and how does it pay out? Thank you.

  • Noobmaster 69
    Noobmaster 69Månad sedan

    8:42 where the tesla logo at?

  • Kristoffer Koster
    Kristoffer KosterMånad sedan

    Wow that was an expensive repair. I had a tree fall on the roof and front windshield of our M3 and then it rolled off onto the hood and continued to scratch up the side of the car. In total however repairs in PR were just $3675. So half as much as California with twice the damage. I had two pieces of glass replaced the windshield, and the roof front panel, along with the entire side of the top metal piece which was bent and crushed, the hood, and sides of the car were scratched and the side mirror damaged.

  • Rick
    RickMånad sedan

    Yea, I chose not to PPF my Tesla. Wrapping it in plastic seems not very green to me. That PPF was on Ryan's car for 2 months and is gonna spend the next half millenium in the gound or the ocean.

  • jack kim
    jack kimMånad sedan

    This is why ppf is not worth the money

  • SCP Database
    SCP DatabaseMånad sedan

    Ah Ryan does live in the SGV. Thought you were bay side and came down to visit from time to time. Interesting.

  • Peter Ricker
    Peter RickerMånad sedan

    My MY was 3 months old when I got rear-ended while yielding at a rotary. $22K later I got my car back. Wish I had seen your video on depreciation!

  • Tom Allred
    Tom AllredMånad sedan

    I'm glad you were able to collect on your diminished value claim. You were fortunate. I hit a bear last year. (The bear had a death wish and jumped out in front of me on the freeway.) Because mine was a first party claim, State Farm didn't have to pay. Turns out there is a loophole in the law. There is no coverage when you make a claim for diminished value against yours own insurance but If someone hits you, you can go after their insurance for diminished value. Laws need to be changed.

  • C. Nile
    C. NileMånad sedan

    05:11 "Adheasive Promoter" is that Ameriglish for Adhesive Promoter? 😳

  • Tripping On Tesla
    Tripping On TeslaMånad sedan

    After waiting 107 days for my Tesla to get repaired I’m not sure I’d want to turo a Tesla, maybe a fiat 500 I don’t care about

  • MD
    MDMånad sedan

    Ryan, which site did you use to calculate diminished value? Thx in advance.

  • Bilgehan Onogul
    Bilgehan OnogulMånad sedan

    wow i didnt know about diminished value.good job

  • FuriouslyFurious
    FuriouslyFuriousMånad sedan

    I got rear ended in my 2018 rwdlr model 3. The damage looked the same. 13k worth of damage. The damage to my body...way worse. Herniated discs.

  • Mike Wazowski
    Mike WazowskiMånad sedan

    Wild people are spending thousands of dollars on PPF on a non luxury/collectible car… this is a car, or an iPhone.

  • V L
    V LMånad sedan

    I would think renting out your cybertruck could be a different story since it has a hard to damage body.

  • Lindsay Jelleff
    Lindsay JelleffMånad sedan

    Great video, but please Ryan, cut out the advertising!!

  • Dom G
    Dom GMånad sedan

    Lucky you didn't break glass. I been waiting over a month for a windshield for my Y. Crazy.

  • Scott Ewing
    Scott EwingMånad sedan

    Good video Ryan. Can you explain exactly how to calculate diminished value? Thanks.

  • Chris B. Marquez
    Chris B. MarquezMånad sedan

    It’s missing the Tesla Badge on the trunk lid. Just heads up.

  • jazeboy69
    jazeboy69Månad sedan

    If you’re going to rent the car out you need to remove any emotional connection including doing expensive customisation to the paint etc. it’s not worth it.

  • Samier-RN


    25 dagar sedan

    @James Peterson when you work in medicine, you think of things a lot differently. So yeah, always think the worse for when someone borrows anything they don’t own. Not worth!

  • James Peterson

    James Peterson

    25 dagar sedan

    @Samier-RN Omg! Didn’t even think of that side note of yours. Another great reason! 🤢🤮

  • Samier-RN


    25 dagar sedan

    @James Peterson LOL Yes, I am picking up FSD but only for myself...not for any taxi service. For example, Ryan's little fender bender would be in the back of my head every time I drive. I would be thinking to myself, wow...what was I thinking. Weird thing, I have seen many Tesla videos that show the car pull out or move from danger when a car might rear-end so something seems fishy. This is another reason why it is a bad idea, people is inevitable and no amount of money is worth it for something you are attached to. Just hope this shows people, find another way to make money if this is your only/loved car. Side note: I wonder how many people rip butt in the car seat and those lovely particles sit in there, mhmmmmmmmmmm ROFL!!!!

  • James Peterson

    James Peterson

    25 dagar sedan

    @Samier-RN Yup exactly. This is the most expensive car I have ever owned so I could never imagine just renting it out to any old person who is not going to treat like their own. That’s why when Elon mentioned using the Model 3 as a Robo taxi to make extra income I just had to roll my eyes. 🙄

  • Samier-RN


    25 dagar sedan

    @James Peterson and I’m the exact same. It’s why even if I had a fleet, those are still my babies. A Tesla really just isn’t a car but so much more that I still cannot explain it. Weird, I know but the experience is everything. I’d say if you really want a side job just invest in TSLA lol. Same amount of risk but I bet you will earn more.