NEW 2022 Tesla Model Y

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  • Elevate LA Homes
    Elevate LA Homes4 dagar sedan

    I want to have the new model Y with the new battery etc. when do you think I should place order?

  • Bass Monk
    Bass Monk8 dagar sedan

    Dude I hope your drum chops are as good as your speaking skills....

  • jin cha
    jin cha12 dagar sedan

    I ordered my LR last march & am still waiting for mine….

  • Kyle Hill
    Kyle Hill13 dagar sedan

    Why the red circles on the thumbnails?

  • Justin Turner
    Justin Turner17 dagar sedan

    Just ordered a Model Y last night... hopefully it will be here by January

  • DeepEastCA
    DeepEastCA17 dagar sedan

    Dope hyperdrive shirt bruh.

  • Valentino Devincy
    Valentino Devincy19 dagar sedan

    Great news. Thanks

  • Kate Reese
    Kate Reese26 dagar sedan

    Ordered my Y last week. EST delivery is January, I know it’ll be worth the wait! Great video Ryan!

  • Michael Damico

    Michael Damico

    20 dagar sedan

    Me to! Can't wait! Lol

  • Kyle Zill
    Kyle Zill27 dagar sedan

    my MY just got delayed from Dec 1st to January .. *sad face*

  • Preston Collins
    Preston CollinsMånad sedan

    Seriously though… How long until the model Y has ventilated seats?

  • Pasquale Pisani
    Pasquale PisaniMånad sedan

    Very informative video. Thanks for putting this together. If you have any influence, please have Tesla give the model Y a digital dashboard and ventilated seats. These are the only 2 features that are keeping me from pulling the trigger. A heads up display would be more frosting to the cake. Thanks again.

  • Preston Collins

    Preston Collins

    Månad sedan

    Totally agree, especially in regards to the ventilated seats.

  • Richard Tidd
    Richard TiddMånad sedan

    Does Tesla recycle battery backs from crashed Tesla’s?

  • Michael OBrien
    Michael OBrienMånad sedan

    As of yesterday deposit on Y order is $250!

  • Jimu
    JimuMånad sedan

    My delivery date is coming Sept 15~30. Do you think it would be 2022 Tesla Y or 2021?

  • JoeK
    JoeKMånad sedan

    So does this mean that auto pilot has to be engaged for the safety features to work?

  • deeka
    deekaMånad sedan

    Torn between a model y performance or 2022 bmw x3 m40i….

  • Cody Ethan
    Cody EthanMånad sedan

    Huh, Model Y. Y are you the way you are?

  • She And Me
    She And MeMånad sedan

    I take Elon's statement re improved build quality with a grain of salt.

  • DFWald
    DFWaldMånad sedan

    Congrats on being so successful here to be able to order a Plaid Model S!

  • joe michele
    joe micheleMånad sedan

    We should talk about the enviromental impact The ICE has from start to finish & from the mining of the 0il to refinement to shipping & the burning of it in the ICE engine ..

  • RL Days
    RL DaysMånad sedan

    I watched a video where a business is replacing the old 60-mile range Nissan Leaf batteries with new 160+ mile range V4 batteries giving the older Nissan Leaf a whole new lease of life. Still not as long a distance as people are looking for but it helps to stop the car from becoming part of a landfill. The batteries are sourced from wrecked Nissan Leafs in the UK and around Europe and checked for degradation before installing to make sure they still have over 80% useability in them. The old batteries are then rejigged as power walls of the sort because a power wall does not need the full Amperage all at once. (I am not an electrician but that is what I took from it) Basically, the battery packs are reused. So again, no wastage and not acids being put into the ground to leach into the water supply. I can see someone much smarter than me starting up a business that takes wrecked Teslas and takes the battery packs out and puts them into still running Teslas with old battery packs and swapping them out and then using the old packs to make power walls to sell on. This whole talk of using a Tesla until it breaks and throwing it away does not take into account human ingenuity. The same argument could have been said for the Model T: You use it until it breaks and then throw away the motor and hook a horse up to the front. But we know that isn't what happened.

  • lizzy Church
    lizzy ChurchMånad sedan

    Currently waiting for my 2021 model Y to come in now debating if I should just cancel my order and wait for the 2022 since mine won’t be in til late October anyway 😅

  • Travel With Me
    Travel With MeMånad sedan

    You talked all good and status updates about all tesla models. So why title is 2022 model Y 🤔. Can u please make right titles so I can spend my time on right videos. I am seeing your videos for long time, hope you respect your viewers time rather than creating hype with titles like all othe SEblacksrs.

  • Smarter Than You
    Smarter Than YouMånad sedan

    I think its time for the government to stop giving any incentives to tesla. They have a big lead everywhere and other companies need help to avoid a monopoly

  • kevin k
    kevin kMånad sedan

    Need help! I ordered MYP do I need to cancel it for new Y? But no idea when will can get the next generation I mean the 4680 battery 🔋 I’m a little bit rush for waiting for my MYP as a daily drive

  • Big Pqpa
    Big PqpaMånad sedan

    Order my model y in late April and still waiting to take delivery, here in Alberta. Anyone else that order around same time experiencing the same thing?

  • Larry Dugan
    Larry DuganMånad sedan

    Where does the electricity come from? Fossil fuels?

  • Larry Dugan

    Larry Dugan

    25 dagar sedan

    @Marz hey Marz. People charge their cars at night when they get home. Did the class where solar doesn't work at night. Then of course there is that nasty statistic that solar only represents 2.3 percent of US power. So your electric car fantasy is coal powered. Ouch!

  • Marz


    25 dagar sedan


  • Pistol2040
    Pistol2040Månad sedan

    So.... Electric Semis are heavier, thereby going to damage the roads even more than current semis and are not paying ANY gas tax used to fix roads. Anyone else see a problem? One current semi does about as much damage as ~10,000 cars. Heavier semis will destroy roads barely designed to hold current weight semis. They should be taxed 10,000x as much as cars!

  • Beezy B
    Beezy BMånad sedan

    Damn Ryan, didn’t know you were upgrading to a Model S? Congrats and nice come up!🤪

  • Gaming-Zombie13
    Gaming-Zombie13Månad sedan

    Voice console would be Awesome...

  • Grim Fandango
    Grim FandangoMånad sedan

    When a Tesla catches on fire, it might be in your garage, where ICE car fires usually occur on the road. Tesla battery fires are nearly impossible to extinguish, so bye bye house, and maybe bye bye sleeping family.

  • Romeo Chhut
    Romeo ChhutMånad sedan

    imagine being able to afford a plaid; that would be so amazing! Man, I hope your shipment doesn't get pushed back too far!

  • Chris Liclican
    Chris LiclicanMånad sedan

    So, I just placed an order in July, with expected delivery in November. Should I wait for this redesign?

  • nakfan100
    nakfan100Månad sedan

    Structural battery packs will probably be quite labour intensive / difficult to tear apart for recycling I would guess...

  • nicholas stowe
    nicholas stoweMånad sedan

    There’s a chip shortage most likely because of the economic tensions between Korea and Japan. And a lot of them are manufactured there

  • No need to know
    No need to knowMånad sedan

    if some one get MY on 2020 after sept/oct , will they get 2022 model or 2021?

  • Michael B
    Michael BMånad sedan

    if you have e. g. 350.000 cars like a small car company like Tesla on the road vs. 50.000.000 Ford cars, of course there's less traffic accidents involved. Americans get your facts right.

  • Danielle Henderson
    Danielle HendersonMånad sedan

    I want a Tesla so I don’t have to drive

  • Evapors Tesla Racing
    Evapors Tesla RacingMånad sedan

    Enjoying racing my 2021 Model Y Performance on my channel! 🔋🔋⚡️⚡️

  • Jason Phillips
    Jason PhillipsMånad sedan

    First one will be delivered in 2026!!!

    DNL DNLMånad sedan

    Today model Y long range AWD says delivery in January

  • C W
    C WMånad sedan

    Does anyone know at one point in the year they become 2022 instead of 2021.

  • Ryan
    RyanMånad sedan

    I’m getting a Model Y starting to save now 🍃☀️☀️☀️🤩🤩🤩

  • Giuseppe Santangelo
    Giuseppe SantangeloMånad sedan

    I’ve been silently watching your videos since before you received your Model Y and I must give credit where credit is due. I initially subscribed, but found your Tesla reporting superficial and your Model Y accessory reviews lackluster since all seemed to be done in a vacuum or for promotional purposes, so I unsubscribed. I continued watching your content off and on, but sometime around when you ordered your Model S Plaid I noticed the length, content, and quality of your videos increased dramatically. I don’t know how you’ve changed your creative process, but your videos now provide more insight and seem better structured. Great job and here’s an upvote to go along with a new subscription.

  • Weezing818
    Weezing818Månad sedan

    I just used your referral for buying my model Y a couple of days ago! Safe to say this will be a 2022 model correct?

  • Imran Iqbal
    Imran IqbalMånad sedan

    any idea if build quality has improved? a co-worker got his like 3 months ago.. he still has huge panel gaps. and uneven front hood

  • No. 1
    No. 1Månad sedan

    Why all version like to gather 😒😒😈😈

  • Poly Reviews
    Poly ReviewsMånad sedan

    I noticed the performance version doesn't have red brake calipers on the tesla website. Do you know anything about this?

  • R Klis
    R KlisMånad sedan

    I wish Tesla would include a Heads up Display (HUD) for M3/Y - It would 100% cement the experience and make it the perfect car :D

  • pinkeye00
    pinkeye00Månad sedan

    "... letsgetintoit ..." - every youtube copycat ever

  • Stealth Mode
    Stealth ModeMånad sedan

    Co2 emissions do not matter, if you want to make a difference demand a Government and media that won’t lie. Stop just believing the propaganda it’s very dangerous. Also stop giving up all your freedoms.

  • Castor Pérez
    Castor PérezMånad sedan

    Bryan, big Tesla fan here, holder of a M3 reservation. But you must be careful with the comparations you make. Let's take the fire comparation: How old is the Tesla fleet, and how old is the rest of the fleet? What happens if you compare with the Audi's and BMW's? (in the same price segment). The same goes for accidents and autopilot. What's the death rate in highways, where autopilot is mostly used? What's the death rate in >$60k other cars? Those geberal comparations are not fair, and I would like to see apples to apples comparations, to better know what we are talking about.

  • VanCityCanuck
    VanCityCanuckMånad sedan

    My model y is slated for Nov 7-24...what to do... Hmmm

  • Occonner Wilderness
    Occonner WildernessMånad sedan


  • Geert Bosch
    Geert BoschMånad sedan

    The killer feature of HEPA filters in these days is removing coronavirus from the air. Just as in airplanes, which are similarly equipped, the active air circulation and constant cleaning means that your chance of acquiring COVID-19 in a Tesla are much less when traveling with an infected person compared to a regular car. We traveled back home from a trip to a cabin in Vermont for 7 hours with a kid who somehow acquired COVID (we didn't know at the time) and none of the 4 other family members tested positive several days later. It's still early days, but active safety feature include HEPA air filtration as much as automatic emergency braking.

    REIGN'S TALKMånad sedan

    Thanks for the info man

  • Nino Mendoza
    Nino MendozaMånad sedan

    Awesome as always

  • Sam Brar
    Sam BrarMånad sedan

    So I just ordered a Model Y with estimated delivery in October. Should I wait for these new models even though it might end up taking til early 2022? Or will it not be a huge enough improvement to warrant the wait and I should I just get the version that I get in October? Quite conflicted on this. I live in Canada by the way.

  • Eric Luke
    Eric LukeMånad sedan

    I’m trading in my Model 3 for a new Y Performance next month. Should I wait for the new batteries?

  • Adithya Chennamadhavuni
    Adithya ChennamadhavuniMånad sedan

    Only thing I want is option for better suspension and less road noise!!!

  • George Vavoulis
    George VavoulisMånad sedan

    How about car demographics what cars appeal to what people

  • Susan Kornblut
    Susan KornblutMånad sedan

    Thanks Ryan for a great and very informative video always enjoy watching them!

  • J Mack
    J MackMånad sedan

    Who wouldn’t believe the cost of the Y will go down- after both castings and 4680 packs are implemented…? If true though, that would make for some very upset Y buyers that bought just before…

  • Kona


    Månad sedan

    @Smarter Than You that's what people thought about 2017 first year Tesla model 3. See what it sells for today! There are too many variables that are difficult to predict. Bottom line - Teslas will still hold their value.

  • Smarter Than You

    Smarter Than You

    Månad sedan

    Lol cars are depreciating assets. Let them cry into their $7 lattes

  • barebare


    Månad sedan

    That’s always the case with everything.

  • Edgar Joaquin
    Edgar JoaquinMånad sedan

    So close to sticking to the MY, but went with the Mach E at the last second. So happy with it! These MY vids still show up on my feed lol

  • Mr. Nurse
    Mr. NurseMånad sedan

    Thanks bro. You keep me informed!!

  • 2 S3XY
    2 S3XYMånad sedan


  • G. Richardson
    G. RichardsonMånad sedan

    The battery longevity info is reassuring for those of us with older Tesla’s.

  • Toes Tech
    Toes TechMånad sedan

    I'm loving these Tesla update videos!

  • Jay Skeetor
    Jay SkeetorMånad sedan

    Ryan. I wonder if you would know the answer to this question. If I am scheduled to take delivery of a model Y in November (early to late) and if production for the 2022 model Y starts before that, would I get a 2021 or 2022 ? If the 2022 starts in say.....October and has time to ramp up will there be some cross over from Freemont and Texas or will both facilities begin producing the new 2022 at the same time ?

  • Deion Webb
    Deion WebbMånad sedan

    Something awesome to share is that I placed my order for a Model 3 at the end of July. At the time, I was given a delivery time frame of late November. Now my account shows delivery of September 3- September 30. So the delivery thing saying on December is probably a worse case scenario type of thing

    TAKZ IIMånad sedan

    Just casually cruising to orbital launch mount with elon musk in a tesla that's driving itself via full self driving

  • 22tbond
    22tbondMånad sedan

    I will take any version of Model Y. Just waiting on that tax credit.

  • 22tbond


    Månad sedan

    @SullenJones yeah $40k doesn’t cover many new EVs so I don’t see that happening. If it does expect Tesla to get creative as they have done in other countries. I just hope both bills land on the presidents desk by October. I’ve had my order on hold since February so I’ve already saved $4k with the price increases.

  • SullenJones


    Månad sedan

    Newest government tax incentive caps applicability to EVs which cost less than $40K for buyers earning less than $100K per annum. (I assume AGI but you never know.) Hopefully price cap rises to at least $60K given the cost of most long range EVs today and the next few years, inclusive off safety package trims.

  • Paul Reed
    Paul ReedMånad sedan

    Great review again 👍

  • Ernest Z
    Ernest ZMånad sedan

    Hmmm… Interesting that “build quality” at Fremont CA is never talked about. This facility has produced nearly all of the Tesla models heretofore. (My 2021 M3 SR+ was made there.) The scores of thousands made there (and SOLD) are essential to Tesla ramping up production at Berlin et al, but never talked about.

  • Autoshine & Tinting
    Autoshine & TintingMånad sedan

    Great video thanks for the updates!! Cant wait to start watching videos on the cyber truck when it comes out ! Be interesting to see how many people in the UK buy it. We do a lot of work on Tesla especially the model 3. If anyone wants some ideas on some of the mods or the work we do with paint protection film etc check out our latest video!

  • LoadOfCrabby
    LoadOfCrabbyMånad sedan

    That is 100% a CGI cybertruck in the video.

  • Foster Vann
    Foster VannMånad sedan

    Damn I just bought a model Y lol. Kinda salty

  • Brng
    BrngMånad sedan

    How is the manufacting co2 emissions calculated? It's weird that the manufacturing part changes depending on do you use solar or grid. If you use solar in personal use, the emissions are higher than using grid personally. Shouldn't the manufacturing emissions be equivalent in both, solar & grid, since the power source is only used after manufacturing?

  • PFlip Quezada
    PFlip QuezadaMånad sedan

    The Hyundai EV’s are more efficient in actual road tests. Of course Tesla is going to say their cars are more efficient.

  • Roger Workman
    Roger WorkmanMånad sedan

    For me, the biggest thing is something better than the black or all white interior. You know like the interior of the Model S. Thank you for your videos. Roger

  • jarmadax
    jarmadaxMånad sedan

    Does anyone have any idea when the 2022 Model 3 will be announced?

  • Paul Hsu
    Paul HsuMånad sedan

    Any news on the matrix headlights on model Y? It seems only the performance model Y gets the matrix headlights?

  • Tristan Coleman
    Tristan ColemanMånad sedan

    the model 3 department in the fremont factory is single handedly the most situational ironic sight you’ll see

  • ironqqq
    ironqqqMånad sedan

    12:42 Hong Kong QRE store again

  • Quan
    QuanMånad sedan

    Just ordered the Y. Won't come in til Dec/Jan.

  • ironqqq
    ironqqqMånad sedan

    9:07 that's Rancho Cucamonga, CA Supercharger parking lot. rear of that house faces Church Street. That house number is 12655 Elk Cove Ct., Rancho Cucamonga. For street view search Rancho Cucamonga Supercharger see the street view on Church St.

  • Russ Vague
    Russ VagueMånad sedan

    Where can I get that T-shirt?

  • Byrne Degrandpre
    Byrne DegrandpreMånad sedan

    Great report, Ryan.

  • Harry Kane
    Harry KaneMånad sedan

    Great Stuff. I started watching your videos last year as a beginner before giving stock market a trial. I was able to make $972,000 within 3 Months with a capital of $200,000. keep it up!

  • Terry Pasca

    Terry Pasca

    Månad sedan

    @Harry Kane I just looked her name up on the internet and i got everything i need to know about her.

  • Harry Kane

    Harry Kane

    Månad sedan

    @Terry Pasca MORLEY PERCY search her on web, she is very popular

  • Terry Pasca

    Terry Pasca

    Månad sedan

    @Harry Kane How can i reach this broker lady?

  • Harry Kane

    Harry Kane

    Månad sedan

    @Terry Pasca Despite the fact that I take glory for the achievement, I honestly have to tell you, i was guided by MORLEY PERCY a broker i found through a news blog. She aided me achieve that.

  • Terry Pasca

    Terry Pasca

    Månad sedan

    Wow. That's Impressive! How were you able to make that?

  • SetTheCurve
    SetTheCurveMånad sedan

    Don’t tell me that Tesla is going to start that stupid trend of selling cars by year, the future year no less.

  • blaise johnny
    blaise johnnyMånad sedan

    ❤️ Thank you 😉

  • Bill Conlon
    Bill ConlonMånad sedan

    Ryan is awesome!!!

  • John Moses
    John MosesMånad sedan

    I hope the refreshed MY includes improved suspension. Current Y too bumpy for 53K.

  • Oh Well

    Oh Well

    Månad sedan

    A vehicle’s ride quality is subjective. Some like soft and bouncy or mushy, some like stiff and firm and some like somewhere in between. Tesla adding an adjustable suspension to the 3 and Y would be the best way to please everyone’s individual ride quality taste… otherwise they can’t make everyone happy

  • Cappaco


    Månad sedan

    Unfortunately because they're so heavy the suspension needs to be stiffer to reduce massive amounts of roll around corners

  • Diego Z
    Diego ZMånad sedan

    Do yall think the model 3 will have the new battery cells? Also, do yall think the tax credits will pass?

  • Steve Bloom
    Steve BloomMånad sedan

    My S Long Range just came in today. I pick up on Saturday !!!

  • Cam C
    Cam CMånad sedan

    Your channel must be doing pretty well to afford a plaid - congrats! Hope the wife is cool with it, lol. I remember your early days… few subs but always great content.

  • webcomment
    webcommentMånad sedan

    The fire comparison is disingenuous. Teslas and EVs in general are much newer than the average age of cars on the road. The ICE fire statistics are thrown off by old cars catching on fire. Try comparing fire rates of EVs to fire rates of ICE vehicles of the same age and then get back to me. 🤨

  • TheChairman
    TheChairmanMånad sedan

    When is Roadster!!???

  • Dan Farrand
    Dan FarrandMånad sedan

    I would never buy an electric car to reduce emissions. I would buy an EV if its a better car.

  • BizzMRK
    BizzMRKMånad sedan

    I am thinking about getting a Tesla M3 Perf for now and replacing it with an MY Perf in 6-12 months once the Giga Berlin starts pumping out the 4680 cell cars. At the moment I feel like the Model Y is massively overpriced for what it is. It is basically a 18cm taller M3 with a hatchback, but with a lower speed and smaller range, yet it costs 10.000€ more than the M3 here in germany. The HEPA filter is nice to have but honestly nothing you really need in europe (for now atleast). The new MY with 4680 cells certainly seems very promising and hopefully reduce the price of the MY atleast a bit but at the very least they certainly would justify the price gap a lot better.