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  • Ryan Shaw
    Ryan ShawMånad sedan

    Go through my link: to support my channel and get PIA VPN for less than $3 a month and 2 Extra Months for FREE, only $2.08/Month and 83% off!

  • Daveyk021


    Månad sedan

    Isn't the E150

  • Victor Victor
    Victor Victor15 dagar sedan

    They should’ve called it the Proton or Neutron.

  • brich2929
    brich292917 dagar sedan

    Tesla needs to get off this $25k car bs and get cracking on the Cybertruck

  • mrspeigle1
    mrspeigle122 dagar sedan

    I will say for the record that I will not under any circumstances purchase a car manufacturer in China. World needs to decouple is economy from China not continue to to invest in that regime.

  • Bad Hombre
    Bad Hombre24 dagar sedan

    You’re crazy if you think Elon will pass up the opportunity to complete the chain: 2 s3xy

  • JadendayZero
    JadendayZero28 dagar sedan

    question is, whats the range of this smaller car? i would assume about 270 mil of range?

  • The Last Ninja
    The Last NinjaMånad sedan

    so it will be even crappier than the model 3 ?

  • Valleyberg
    ValleybergMånad sedan

    S3XY S(emi) U C(yberTruck) R(oadster) - model U it is

  • vivek menon
    vivek menonMånad sedan

    Model Y Mini would get Tesla in to trouble with actual mini Cooper as they have trademarked it long back.. Lol, mini sounds old and boring.. and i think it is Ryan's finding 🤣 ..

  • TheEzserg
    TheEzsergMånad sedan

    In my opinion this car is very ugly, I would not pay even $ 10,000 for it.

  • EclipseMints08
    EclipseMints08Månad sedan

    Elon Musk MSRP means that 25K is really the 35K. I'll wait for the 15K elon musk car to pay the 25K price.

  • Matt P
    Matt PMånad sedan

    I just dont see how the compact tesla will come out anytime soon when they are sold out of model y and 3 for this year and the x and s are months out on deliveries and the cybertruck has been pushed back again and has millions of preorders.

  • brich2929


    17 dagar sedan


  • AM ‘
    AM ‘Månad sedan

    They should just call it micro x

  • ProjectEnergy
    ProjectEnergyMånad sedan

    They should just make the model 3 cheaper and be done. Make it $25k base and $40k max

  • Strode 66
    Strode 66Månad sedan

    I’m hoping the small $25,000 car has an attractive sporty front design which I think the model 3 lacks greatly.

  • rez rezax
    rez rezaxMånad sedan

    2 more years to go guys

  • james pong
    james pongMånad sedan

    I didn't know Tesla still exists... Didn't they go bankrupt?

  • Jennifer Eisenberg
    Jennifer EisenbergMånad sedan

    I’ll probably end up with a Tesla I’m just pissed that for all their talk about being green that they solid their carbon footprint allotment to other businesses, giving said business the ability to pollute more.

  • Les Brewer
    Les BrewerMånad sedan

    Tesla has been promising a 25,000 electric car since the beginning and hasn't produced one yet. This recent iteration is most likely to small for most families and is doubtful it'll be 25,000. I'm sure like the rest of their fleet it will rely on government subsidies to bring down the cost without the subsidies it'll probably be closer to 30-35k. per unit or more.

  • Magnets Travel
    Magnets TravelMånad sedan

    I think Name Model M (Mini)

  • James Collins
    James CollinsMånad sedan

    If the US Model Y Mini is made in China I would not touch it with a 10 foot pole.

  • Thomas Banks
    Thomas BanksMånad sedan

    It will be revealed but actual launch delayed

  • Autoshine & Tinting
    Autoshine & TintingMånad sedan

    ooh little Tesla hatchback equivalent. They will be super popular here in the UK. i saw a cool video on TikTok and the owner had his Tesla in Satin black with gold detailing it looked soooo good!! We see alot of Tesla coming through our doors. We do lots of modifications on them plus paint protection film. If you would like to check it out and leave us a comment it would be greatly appreciated. Always looking to improve our channel and hear feedback :)

  • George Vavoulis
    George VavoulisMånad sedan

    New $25,000Tesla looks very similar to a vehicle made by SEAT subsidiaries car company in Spain . Please look up electric vehicles by SEAT

  • Cristian Reyes
    Cristian ReyesMånad sedan

    Starting at 25k, but the lowest available for purchase will be 30k. We know how Tesla rolls.

  • Aplua


    Månad sedan

    And if they stay on Tesla schedule it will be available in 4-5 years. Maybe. Perhaps.

  • bingbongsauce
    bingbongsauceMånad sedan

    eh i dont know how i feel about a hatch looking car. but that’s just me personally

  • DUF Makes It
    DUF Makes ItMånad sedan

    What about the power grid. Won’t all these cars put a drain on the grid?

  • Jonathan Dilin
    Jonathan DilinMånad sedan

    what is the intro music???

  • 88888888anonymous
    88888888anonymousMånad sedan

    i just want a tesla version of my honda jazz/fit the teslas are marked up too much here in australia its hard to justify the purchase when i don't need such a large car.

  • Göran Karlsson
    Göran KarlssonMånad sedan

    What about rumours that Tesla are buying blade batteries from BYD?

  • Kenny G
    Kenny GMånad sedan

    I'd like to see the new car named Model AF.

  • Alex


    Månad sedan

    Or Model R S3XY-R

  • Albert Dolkun
    Albert DolkunMånad sedan

    Aug 19th is my birthday and I'm turning 22!

  • Romanos Lophitis
    Romanos LophitisMånad sedan

    Why don’t they call it Tesla model 2 or model 1. Make a different model

  • no_dissasemble
    no_dissasembleMånad sedan

    The picture of the sheet over the $25,000 Tesla looks like a dirty diaper.

  • Gene Goodwin
    Gene GoodwinMånad sedan

    Ryan, I do not own an EV, I am just looking at them a lot on you tube. My next car will probably be an EV, especially if Tesla has a $25,000 Model 2 or Model Y mini. But I have questions. My biggest question is can a Tesla be charged at other charging stations like EV go, Power point, Electrify America? The reason I ask is because the closest Tesla Supercharger is 80 miles away from where I live. I know that most of the time I will be charging over night at home, but still I have questions.

  • Eric Kessler
    Eric KesslerMånad sedan

    I'm praying for Model 2... 2-door hatchback with 400+ mile range. I hope to place order soon.

  • Francisco Ribeiro
    Francisco RibeiroMånad sedan

    Would look like a Mercedes B class

  • todd boucher
    todd boucherMånad sedan

    If im looking for a budget EV and I'm. Speed means little, if I can get 0-60 around 8 sec. and 250 miles, I will be happy very happy. Thats why im waiting on a 2020-21 Bolt because i'm waiting for this. The Aptera seems good for the same price but I want a back seat, even if small.

  • Deleted
    DeletedMånad sedan

    I'll believe it when I see it. Real world miles may vary, yeah sub 200 for 25k not a deal. America won't switch to electric until it's equal or cheaper. Plus when you go to make a car on Tesla's site the price may start at 25k but when you want self driving ect it ends up being way more. Used cars are always going to be a better deal heck my prius cost 13k used and I can go 500 miles on a tank getting 50+ mpg and the cost of repairs has been almost nothing in 8 years. Only a small percentage of Americans can afford an electric car so a lot more has to change.

  • B M
    B MMånad sedan

    Tesla Y looks like an old Honda Jazz

  • Mimmi Kylemark
    Mimmi KylemarkMånad sedan

    Very interesting with the new patent for recycling batteries! That is such an important issue to make EVs as environmentally friendly as possible.

  • Fly Eagles Fly

    Fly Eagles Fly

    Månad sedan

    @raventhorX I understand that consideration, it is hard to border creativity vs competition. Tesla will always never put themselves at risk to be overcome by other competition so “owning” the technology to recycle batteries (if the patent is true) is just so big for them.

  • raventhorX


    Månad sedan

    Don't patents make it so that no one else can use that idea without getting a license from the patent holder of which costs money? While the idea is awesome I see it as a bit of a dirty tactic to put such an idea behind a paywall when right now we need to get as many people as possible onto this deal regarding climate change. Correct me if I'm wrong though please.

  • Trebors Tactics
    Trebors TacticsMånad sedan

    Man I was just about to buy a Volkswagen GTI… I might hold out a bit longer and buy this Hatchback.

  • russell egan-wyer
    russell egan-wyerMånad sedan

    It is probable that BYD will make the small car on its skateboard platform with its own blade battery but with the motor drive from Tesla.

  • megahuntinsocke
    megahuntinsockeMånad sedan

    Looks like the BYD EA1 Dolphin to me😅

  • ronin4580
    ronin4580Månad sedan

    Good ol' Elon. Over promise and under deliver.

  • James Howell
    James HowellMånad sedan

    As soon as the $25k Tesla gets released I’m selling my car and ordering one. Just hope it comes in the next couple years. I want a Tesla so bad I can’t stand it.

  • Matt P

    Matt P

    11 dagar sedan

    @Daniel Kraus Exactly. So even if they start these at $25k that would probably be a single motor with a very small battery pack and low range and by the time you add two motors and a bigger battery and any other options itll be closer to $40k I bet. Not to mention Tesla keeps raising the base prices to their models so even if they got a $25k model out within a few years theyd raise that base price after a while

  • Daniel Kraus

    Daniel Kraus

    12 dagar sedan

    @Matt P the price has been increasing as the demand goes up. When I first saw the Model 3 they were selling the base model for 30k and FSD for 7k.

  • Daniel Kraus

    Daniel Kraus

    12 dagar sedan

    @Levon but there is a tax incentive close to 10k. So around 20k then.

  • Daniel Kraus

    Daniel Kraus

    12 dagar sedan


  • Vis85zx V

    Vis85zx V

    24 dagar sedan

    I'd buy a Tesla for $25k especially the way everything is we need it hope it happens

  • MK
    MKMånad sedan

    This repetitive dude has cured my insomnia. Thank you

  • Luckytime


    Månad sedan

    multiple uploads per week, 15 minutes each. That's the grindset babeeee

  • Learn Progress
    Learn ProgressMånad sedan

    Love to buy the small one , hatch back hoping

  • Luckytime


    Månad sedan

    Hatchback is the most aesthetic bodytype

  • wf fw
    wf fwMånad sedan

    The enormous environment symptomatically like because buffer gergely scream underneath a auspicious bamboo. fallacious, confused cloth

  • chonk
    chonkMånad sedan

    A Tesla rwd hot hatch would be lots of fun

  • chonk
    chonkMånad sedan

    They should absolutely call it the Model A, for "affordable". The lineup acronym can be S3XY CAR (Cybertruck, Model A, Roadster). I know it's Ford's name, but maybe they should give it a try

  • bulb97


    Månad sedan

    Maybe a way around the Ford name is calling the $25k Tesla the Model Alpha so it still fits that acronym. But if they count the ATV (which maybe not since they haven’t said anything about it since the Cybertruck event), they could call the car Model 5 to make it S3XY CAR5

  • wasup fool
    wasup foolMånad sedan

    Will be closer to $30,000 by the time it hits the market, Tesla never hits their targeted price, bet it will be close to 40 in Canada

  • Alan Day
    Alan DayMånad sedan


  • Kye JT-R
    Kye JT-RMånad sedan

    6:31 I think the name that works is the Tesla model Z

  • Klyde VillaLord
    Klyde VillaLordMånad sedan

    Maybe a good name for the "Model 2" is Model Q HEHEHEHHEHHEHEHE for those who short Tesla. This is not my idea though just forgot who made this call.

  • Cameron
    CameronMånad sedan

    3:33 - Not affordable? Please stop saying this nonsense. First of all the AVERAGE selling price of a car in the US is $38960. Additionally, the total cost of a Model 3 is a dead match for a well equipped (most sold trim) of a Toyota Corolla. You seriously going to try and make the argument that a Toyota Corolla isn't an affordable car?

  • Matthew Huszarik
    Matthew HuszarikMånad sedan

    Aptera if they reach production will deliver a $25,000 BEV car and a >500 mile range BEV.

  • Shawn Clemenson
    Shawn ClemensonMånad sedan

    Ryan, when do you think the model y will come down in price?

  • Raymond Avanthay

    Raymond Avanthay

    Månad sedan

    When demand slows....

  • Santill Brezon
    Santill BrezonMånad sedan

    This looks to be a great little car, ihope the car sells well. Good on Elon.👍😃

  • kevin k
    kevin kMånad sedan

    Tesla can’t rise price I may think the one reason is China has strong EV brands, not like North America, where is monopoly like Tesla has no component, but China market has it

  • John B
    John BMånad sedan

    Not a bad looking car. Looks like a sporty hatch a la the Toyota Yaris GR. I'd grab one if the price were sub $30K and had the range and power to back it up.

  • Name Name
    Name NameMånad sedan

    Could you make a video on recommended EV tires?

  • Amir Moradi
    Amir MoradiMånad sedan

    What Telsa did with the battery limits for safety is happening now with GM. They're only just not starting to replace cells in the 2017-2019 Bolt's and before the replacements they were limiting the charge states to 90%.

  • Robert Schmidt
    Robert SchmidtMånad sedan

    My question is if it is so close to production where is any evidence of the Gigacasting machines making front and rear castings?

  • hieroglyph321
    hieroglyph321Månad sedan

    $25k Tesla to be relased soon ... starting price $35k.

  • Guy
    GuyMånad sedan

    Unless the mini is missing creature comforts, the mini with 250 range, will be the Tesla (profit) killer.

  • Bill Rink
    Bill RinkMånad sedan

    Still to expensive for a depreciating asset

  • scorpion251970
    scorpion251970Månad sedan

    Wish a model 3 hatch was available. Affordable would be attainable if the back seats didn’t have heaters, clothe seats, metal roof, etc..

  • Patrick Carroll
    Patrick CarrollMånad sedan

    Lets me honest.. this is Elon, do you think he could passup having the "2 S3XY"

  • Tyler Fisher
    Tyler FisherMånad sedan

    calling it the Y Mini would be a huge L. really hoping its something a bit more creative than that

  • MaximGhost
    MaximGhostMånad sedan

    6:30 No ... "S3XY Mini" doesn't work ... makes it sounds like you're talking about a small weiner

  • f0t0b0y
    f0t0b0yMånad sedan

    6:11 or bloated model 3

  • f0t0b0y
    f0t0b0yMånad sedan

    I really hope they move away form the 2012 looking Model S look. The X is a fat S, the 3 is a small S, the Y is a fat 3. All tired designs. Cyber Truck meets VW GTi, that would be badass and a lot better looking than a Model S looking hatchback. 🙄

  • writer62951
    writer62951Månad sedan

    Will the Model Y also burst into flames like the other Teslas?

  • Len Gould
    Len GouldMånad sedan

    Won't a $25 k car damage Tesla in the luxury brand market where their customers all are now?

  • krazyphatz
    krazyphatzMånad sedan

    Sold out already and it's not released lol

  • krazyphatz
    krazyphatzMånad sedan

    Sold out already and it's not released lol

  • Shy Guy Mercedes Benz
    Shy Guy Mercedes BenzMånad sedan

    6:56 omgg!!! i actually want it to be called MODEL WHATEVRER!!!!

  • Shy Guy Mercedes Benz

    Shy Guy Mercedes Benz

    Månad sedan

    W, X, Y! W is for Whatever!!!

  • Erica Horne
    Erica HorneMånad sedan

    So good!! I'm HODLing my Tesla, not selling ever. This's the best shares for long run.

  • Erica Horne

    Erica Horne

    Månad sedan

    @Zoie Novah I have seen some good reviews about that lady somewhere on YT. Didn't take her for the popular type tho. Good 👍

  • Nadia White

    Nadia White

    Månad sedan

    @Zoie Novah Thanks for sharing. 😊

  • Zoie Novah

    Zoie Novah

    Månad sedan

    RachelMlage check her on Google lens okay. @ nadia white

  • Zoie Novah

    Zoie Novah

    Månad sedan

    @Nadia White RachelMlage, it will be a financial error to invest aggressively without any form of prof. advice or guidance, Anyways just google her and see what her services are like.

  • Nadia White

    Nadia White

    Månad sedan

    @Zoie Novah That's impressive, how do I reach him/her ? I have 10k do you think it's enough or should I start with $20k?

  • wakannnai1
    wakannnai1Månad sedan

    The $25,000 Model 2 will likely use LFP cells. Even now, the biggest cost is the battery cell which costs around $9000 without BMS. Cooling the cells also adds significant weight and cost. Taking both of those down will significantly drop costs.

  • Matthew Huszarik

    Matthew Huszarik

    Månad sedan

    @wakannnai1 That is what Nissan said about the Leaf as well. Any time you charge at high rates or discharge at high rates batteries get hot including LFP. This heat degrades the battery faster than it would without it. So no thermal management system no sale for me. Besides LFP batteries are now achieving energy densities that only conventional LiMCo batteries were achieving just a few years ago.

  • wakannnai1


    Månad sedan

    @Matthew Huszarik LFP Cells don't need a thermal management system. LFP Cells have much lower internal resistance, and can tolerate a much wider range of temperatures at the trade off of a much lower specific energy than the more energy dense Lithium Ion Cells used currently by Tesla.

  • Matthew Huszarik

    Matthew Huszarik

    Månad sedan

    No one will buy it if it doesn’t have a thermal management system. People learned their lesson with the Nissan Leaf.

  • Hyperdrive E
    Hyperdrive EMånad sedan

    Ok, Ryan, please no more naming car levels after iPhones. Seriously please just don’t. Please! ...............for god sake nooooooooooo😱😱😱 😉

  • Bruce of wayne
    Bruce of wayneMånad sedan

    So 2025

  • Mike Bailey
    Mike BaileyMånad sedan

    2 seat Model Y Design with the back seat section eliminated would be a fine design

  • ewizzle1978
    ewizzle1978Månad sedan

    Model Y mini would be terrible marketing. c'mon. Model 2 makes more sense to me. But the Tesla app update would be great, and yes please, add charging scheduling.

  • Kzn Nzn
    Kzn NznMånad sedan

    imagine Smart fortwo type of tesla which could be even cheaper lol

  • Zsolt Papp

    Zsolt Papp

    Månad sedan

    These cars exist already. For 4-5K usd in China. Teslas will never be cheap enough on internatinal markets.

  • Kzn Nzn
    Kzn NznMånad sedan

    i dont know how about you people, but tesla's looks mediocre at best, needs refresh of future inmo


    25k for bad model that's never available awd version long range plus 30k lol

  • LUpilot2012
    LUpilot2012Månad sedan

    There’s nothing affordable about Tesla.

  • Marius Meyer
    Marius MeyerMånad sedan

    Love some of the Fan Art on the $25K Tesla. This should however be for the base model but must be offered with extended options even if it will blend into Model 3 range.

  • TheLotw
    TheLotwMånad sedan

    What about the powerwalls, they do it there too. I have one and sometimes I wonder about it and I actually wish I could afford to get 1-3 more so I can have my house more off grid....For what I am allowed in my commie state of California.

  • TheLotw
    TheLotwMånad sedan

    I would buy that smaller car if I could afford it.

  • Eric Morgan
    Eric MorganMånad sedan

    Tbh "Model Y Mini" is one of the worst names for it that I've heard so far

  • kadie1414
    kadie1414Månad sedan

    Plus the battery is lower quality now in the lower priced Tesla’s in China

  • Craig Lopresto
    Craig LoprestoMånad sedan

    Just give me something the size of a GTI and a performance model for 36k and im all over it!

  • 20 21
    20 21Månad sedan


  • Ryan Baker
    Ryan BakerMånad sedan

    Still debating on getting a coffee mug

  • Andrew Brown
    Andrew BrownMånad sedan

    At $25 000 that is still out of the reach of over 70% of the population second hand prices will remain high until the market is saturated but that could take decades if tesla do not build another 5 full size manufacturing plants. I guess that the average person that can only afford a few thousand on a car are going to be looking at gas powered cars into the distant future, damn they might even get some decent cars that last a few more decades as people start dumping there ice cars on the market at major losses, i know i would buy a $10 000 Mercedes that originally sold for over 100 000 and has low mileage before i even thought about putting myself into so much debt to get a tesla..... Once tesla has the production capacity or another vendor starts selling similar, no not a killer but an average car with a few extras cos it is electric for $15 000 or even less with 250 miles range. Then it would only take a few years for them to hit very low prices on the second hand market, reaching under $5000 like the nissan leaf. Elon might talk the talk and achieve amazing things and i believe he has single handedly reversed the ice car lack of interest in electric cars or fight against electric cars. But until he can reach the numbers of new cars produced to at least over 5 million a year or even double that he is not achieving anything when it comes to stopping people driving diesel or petrol cars. Right now he has two factories being built the one in Gemany has serious problems with the green initiative, even though tesla's are reducing the overall pollution by trillions of tons a year right now...They sued cos he wanted to harvest trees that were planted for harvesting, they sued cos they said he was going to pollute the groundwater, they sued because they believe with no evidence that tesla should not start testing the equipment installed to manufacture cars,. Seriously they need to start thinking, England Poland Spain Norway, there are so many countries that would have handed over the keys to the treasury nearly for them to build in there country, now it is going to be tough to get those countries when Germany has by far the biggest factory in the EU, and competition for any other country is going to be massive from Germany...unless the green initiative forces tesla to flee the country.Just think for second, would you give business competitive rtes or no rates for a decade or other massive benefits for them to build a factory that only produces small quantities of jobs, and i mean in the hundreds not the thousands like in germany, would you give preferential treatment to tesla if you knew that hundreds of thousands of jobs would be coming from other manufacturers in the next 10 years and creating millions of jobs through the supply chain....i think not. Elon fucked this up and he will pay for it , not now not in the next 5 -10 years but when governments stop fossil fuel engines being sold and all the big manufacturers that over the last few centuries have stolen or purchased major technology when it comes to energy generation or storage.....yeh times are going to get interesting but i believe it is only going to really start being competitive for tesla in about 10 years. Maybe in 10 years teslas will drop in price and the model 2 or model 1 will be selling for hundreds of dollars after a few years of being sold,

  • Trippinthrough
    TrippinthroughMånad sedan

    Maybe if they “mini-fi” it, they would just need one gigapress frame. Same size frunk space to use more parts from existing lines.

  • Nicholas McmorrisDaye
    Nicholas McmorrisDayeMånad sedan

    I think we're going to see the same thing as the model 3 telling you you'r going to get a $35,000 car with over 200 miles and then the prices keeps going up to the point that you're wondering what the hell happened to that $35,000 car that was promised so now I'm looking at this $25,000 car I'm like okay so it's going to be $35,000 in the end

    PANDIMånad sedan

    If I were Elon, just to keep up the S3XY I would release the model 2 and call it the model A and later release a model F so it would be S3XY AF