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New Tesla Model 3 for the US, Tesla Bot Updates, Model X Testing, Plaid Model S Timelines, Standard Range Model Y and more!

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  • Ryan Shaw
    Ryan Shaw27 dagar sedan

    Go to to get 15% off your order! Brought to you by Raycon.

  • JoeKingMan


    26 dagar sedan

    When is the app going to be updated

  • Gene Phipps

    Gene Phipps

    27 dagar sedan

    Ryan, how is the latency on these? I have tried high end wireless headphones and the latency / lag was too much for gaming or watching shows.

  • Jerry Le Roy

    Jerry Le Roy

    27 dagar sedan

    Hey buddy, I’m in West Virginia I would like to see Tesla trying harder to get gasoline cars off the road. By taking more risk on our gasoline cars We would gladly trade in our 2014 Chrysler 300 to have a Tesla

  • Jarret Fink

    Jarret Fink

    27 dagar sedan

    The new app is not out for Android. I tried last night- nothing. And I wish you could turn off the charge door touch sensor so when you wash the car it doesn't open and close.

  • Chad Bednarczyk
    Chad Bednarczyk4 dagar sedan

    Not sure title of this video perhaps you should of specified if you got the email you mentioned? I ordered a tesla model 3 is about 6 - 8 weeks out after I ordered it a week ago. White long range AWD, pretty excited..

  • Techsterz
    Techsterz7 dagar sedan

    What if you are only keeping the car for 3 years who cares for the battery long term

  • Andy Z
    Andy Z9 dagar sedan

    Thanks for informational video! I have 2021 model 3 coming in a week. Would I be able to subscribe to FSD for $199 a month? Is installation of FSD computer required? Thanks!

  • P H
    P H15 dagar sedan

    I loved Rich Rebuilds comment about how it’s a white robot in blackface 🤣🤣🤣

  • Hamish McLean
    Hamish McLean18 dagar sedan

    Vehicles made in China (we have them in New Zealand, Australia, etc) have a better build quality. So while LFP can be considered an small advantage, the quality/lack of ‘gaps’ is a huge plus

  • YANG MU55A
    YANG MU55A19 dagar sedan

    I've been wondering why Ryan looks familiar...I got it now...Charlie puth 👍

  • J S
    J S20 dagar sedan

    Imagine replacing the engine in the Nissan Frontier and keeping the entries body and frame the same but calling it new.

  • E. V.B.
    E. V.B.21 dag sedan

    All robots should be designed after the R2-series.

  • Meatpunch
    Meatpunch21 dag sedan

    They announced the Roadster HALF A DECADE ago, and it's still nowhere to be found. Now a robot? SURE. Elon has become mad and a liar. This robot won't happen for 10 years minimum.

  • Carmen Slayners

    Carmen Slayners

    19 dagar sedan

    …the roadster been out?

  • George Hawley
    George Hawley21 dag sedan

    We are quite satisfied with our 3.5 year old Model 3 LR. re: alt battery pack for the std. range 3: you made no mention of comparative charge rates. Again, I am very satisfied with the pace, organization and coverage of your presentations. One comment: I would not be so sanguine about the 100% charging of the iron phosphate pacs.

  • Strode 66
    Strode 6621 dag sedan

    2:35 robots for fire rescue which will have a faster pace than 5 miles per hour and can calculate quickly on the go for jumping spans etc to get to a human in danger then retrieve and escape with the victim will be on someone’s wish list . I also wonder how fast will a military robot run and what weapons the military will undoubtedly want to make in built to help or even take the lead in action. They will probably fly as well.

  • Chris Fleig
    Chris Fleig22 dagar sedan

    Standard Range works for 95% of driving? Except that not everyone drives in sunny SoCal, so the AWD that comes with Long Range is handy where it snows or heavy rains on a regular basis.

  • Jared's Vlogs
    Jared's Vlogs22 dagar sedan

    I ordered my model 3 performance 3 days ago, eta is next month 14th to 30th

  • my surly trucker
    my surly trucker22 dagar sedan

    The LFP battery pack is also supposed to last longer, ie long term besides the range is not much different.

    BEATSONFILM23 dagar sedan

    I ordered the 3 sr+ and used your link! :) I should be getting it in about a week!

  • Taurus
    Taurus24 dagar sedan

    Tesla will 100 % test and iterate that humanoid bot on their assembly lines to the point of the bots being friends of sorts to the workers. Then they'll release a consumer model that can handle some simple tasks and a couple of party tricks.

  • Geoffrey Platt
    Geoffrey Platt24 dagar sedan

    I don’t think there is a super long range Model Y from China, they just use NEDC for range in China. Exaggerated range claims are normal in China.

  • Shane Pancio
    Shane Pancio24 dagar sedan

    Ordered my model 3 LR a few weeks ago. It initially stated estimated delivery was in November but it shot up to Sept 6-24. Should I expect that to change again?

  • Bao Truong

    Bao Truong

    21 dag sedan

    The delivery date changes A LOT. I had estimated times of 7-9 weeks then 11-16 weeks and then 6-8 weeks. Then I got a text from them saying my car arrived and to pick it up in two days lol. I also got the model 3 LR (I love it btw)and waited exactly 5 weeks. The Tesla guy said I probably got mine early because the person who ordered the exact same car either updated their preferences or push out their delivery date. So I would just wait for a text or email from them rather than monitoring the estimated delivery dates.

  • World Wonders
    World Wonders24 dagar sedan

    Man I do like watching your videos, but I feel you are repeating too much info from video to video for a fanboy that watches every single video, and then it gets annoying and I start skipping your video... Please reconsider how often you repeat stuff in your videos, thank you

  • David Morris
    David Morris24 dagar sedan

    App not upgraded for us with an older Model S, 2013.

  • Mad Guru
    Mad Guru25 dagar sedan

    I got in the queue in June and did not receive this email. Just got an email today though that my delivery date is pushed to January.

  • Fish Santiago
    Fish Santiago25 dagar sedan


  • TheRealNigelUno
    TheRealNigelUno25 dagar sedan

    Great video! If you ordered a custom SR+ already and waiting for October delivery, How do you change your order to the lfp? Do you have to do your trade in and finance process all over?

  • Avimech 85
    Avimech 8525 dagar sedan

    I ordered a Tesla Model 3 standard range less than two weeks ago, for the first two days my estimated delivery date was January. Since then it’s been saying that I’ll be getting it between September 19th to the 30th!! Perhaps someone else with the same configuration canceled their order?

  • Xpeng Fangirl
    Xpeng Fangirl25 dagar sedan

    china will be angry if you order hydrogen toyota, so we trust you will make the wise choice, and order your tesla now

  • Xpeng Fangirl
    Xpeng Fangirl25 dagar sedan

    on behalf of china, we thank you for the speedy purchase, enjoy FSD, this will help us with data and innovation, avoid hydrogen products, we are grateful for the west paying the 10 billion debt, and feel free to order the bot

  • Samuel Y
    Samuel Y25 dagar sedan

    Mine was delivered in 2 weeks!

  • TheYoungwet


    24 dagar sedan

    How u like it so far ?

  • Arrowlog Productions
    Arrowlog Productions25 dagar sedan

    If I were ordering a new Model 3, I’d stick to the US built batteries

  • Ricky Vecranges

    Ricky Vecranges

    23 dagar sedan

    I repect your opinion. I absolutely love my M3 SR+ MIC LFP battery. Paint & build is fantastic with a battery that can be charged to 100%. Just what l was waiting for. Each to their own. :-)

  • Neville James
    Neville James25 dagar sedan

    Great job! Would you know when the updated Tesla app would be coming to Android phone users ?

  • maria cornwallis
    maria cornwallis25 dagar sedan

    Lets see what happens when every car is an EV fighting for a charge point when they are all occupied.... lets see what happens when all the lithium and other rare minerals for use in the making of the batteries are all used up. Your batteries will not be getting any cheaper. You may be fortunate in having your private charge point but millions of others around the world live in tall blocks of apartments or rows of terraced houses where they cannot get their EV within 100 yards of their home.... They are the ones who will be crying "Help".... How far do you think an electric truck can travel on a full charge? Lord Bamford (JCB) has stated that they can only be used for 4 hours before being charged up for more than 12 hours... He is now manufacturing all his diggers and cranes etc to be powered by hydrogen engines.. I may be in the minority for the next ten years or so but EVs are not the future , Musk has fooled the world's politicians and car manufacturers. BREAKING NEWS :-- ELECTRIC CARS ARE CAUSING THREE MILE QUEUES BACKING UP FROM BRITAIN'S MOTORWAY SERVICE STATIONS AS THEY WAIT FOR A VACANT CHARGING POINT Lets hope they are not on a smart motorway where there are no hard shoulders to sit on...

  • Philip Thomas
    Philip Thomas25 dagar sedan

    Wow , you could buy a Tesla and get a free "bot" thrown in to work as your chauffeur and car mechanic.

  • Deep Value Investing
    Deep Value Investing25 dagar sedan

    Amazing video

  • kp
    kp25 dagar sedan

    Tesla bot = another distraction for shareholders to think they are delivering and progressing. Just deliver those cars/ trucks/ utes/ coups already…

  • Thomas Riddell
    Thomas Riddell25 dagar sedan

    I have a question about FSD. Are Tesla cars aware of other Tesla cars on the road, there are many stories out there about cars being safer to drive when in auto mode as they are aware of other cars within a set radious (round blind corners/speeding etc) with the help of like 5G etc. We know that Tesla have data on all their cars ?? but if i was driving a tesla would it know if i was driving behind another tesla ??

  • rolf johansen
    rolf johansen26 dagar sedan

    now portray 100.000 of these with a machine gun and with the ability to run fast

  • John Kinsfather
    John Kinsfather26 dagar sedan

    BYD blade batteries

  • Andrew Arredondo
    Andrew Arredondo26 dagar sedan

    Does anyone know how temperature sensitive LFP actually is? I'm from Illinois and can get well below 0 in mid winter

  • Dylan Strive
    Dylan Strive26 dagar sedan

    Remember guys, every human creation does have weakness. I mean human ourselves is not perfect, then how is our creation are gonna be perfect ? Perfection is belong to God.

  • Wilber
    Wilber26 dagar sedan

    Gee, I dont agree it is "a ton of change" under the hood. There are plenty of things 'under the hood' besides the battery. LFP sounds like a fine option to me.

  • Ted Kidd
    Ted Kidd26 dagar sedan

    Also, seem like you don't have to choose car, which IS a huge improvement. Both y and 3 are same colors, but y interior shows as black... 🤷‍♂️ Neat that new app will be showing correct interior soon

  • Joshua Rosen
    Joshua Rosen26 dagar sedan

    If you live in California the LFPs are a no brainer. The effective range is longer because you can charge them to 100%, the batteries last longer and they are safer. If you live in Maine or Minnesota you'll want NMC batteries. Reports from Europe last winter were that the cold weather charging speeds were awful, basically level 2 speeds at a Supercharger. Tesla has supposedly made it better but if you live in a cold state you'll be happier with NMC. Of course if you live in a cold state you'll also want AWD and those cars use NMC.

  • TJ
    TJ26 dagar sedan

    do a video explaining what the "chip shortage" is all about, I dont understand the logistics of this

  • TJ


    26 dagar sedan

    @TheYuriG already did hehe :D was curious to hear his take but I get it now 🙏

  • TheYuriG


    26 dagar sedan

    there are plenty of videos out there that you can look up

  • jayrodathome
    jayrodathome26 dagar sedan

    1 week! I just got mine it took 3 months!! Lol

  • armand sant
    armand sant26 dagar sedan

    yeah the bots will figure everything out at Mars before we colonize it

  • Nuff Said
    Nuff Said26 dagar sedan

    I'D get one and have it drive me around in my 1918 Caddilac

  • Jim Myers
    Jim Myers26 dagar sedan

    The new app is only for the iphone at least for now.

  • Jim Ave
    Jim Ave26 dagar sedan

    I was messing with a Tesla rep yesterday and I asked if these SR+ with the Chinese batteries were made in Fremont or China and she said they were made in Fremont. She confirmed that the batteries are from China.

  • Jeremiah Russell
    Jeremiah Russell26 dagar sedan

    For my Model X long range my delivery month is October; that most likely WONT happen but it has not changed since I ordered it 2 weeks after the refresh was announced. So I guess we’ll see

  • OH
    OH26 dagar sedan

    Great reporting Ryan; I would like to support you on Patreon, but can’t find a way. QUESTION: Can the LFP battery packs (as well as being routinely charged to 100%) be routinely deep discharged to say 10% or even 5% without decreasing the life of the pack? This would really help level the playing field.

  • Good Knight
    Good Knight26 dagar sedan

    Disappointed you didn’t detail the reason that LFP batteries have issues w. ambient temperatures (or link to another video that does). So much of the US has harsh winters and other parts hellish summers. Will have to go elsewhere to find out why this occurs with this chemistry and how much it will lower battery range further.

  • Zeyu Li
    Zeyu Li26 dagar sedan

    LFP does not need Nickel and Cobalt, where cannot be ethnically sourced. I vote LFP.

  • A- lX S
    A- lX S26 dagar sedan

    These batteries are great ! We got them in EU since April and got my M3 since June and it works perfectly ! Charged at 100% 3 times a week, got a great range also. Can’t wait to see how it works in the winter 😎

  • tallbrownie8109
    tallbrownie810926 dagar sedan

    Is this applicable to Canada too

  • Ivy Tan
    Ivy Tan26 dagar sedan

    I know this may be irrelevant but I must bring it up, Afghanistan all girls robotics team landed in Mexico, any chance Tesla hire them or get them involved in some ways in robotics related projects? They must be very young, this is good exposure for them, might also earn them some income, get them settled somewhere. They’re talents.

  • Gaming-Zombie13
    Gaming-Zombie1326 dagar sedan

    Tesla app sound fast and cool as heck...

  • Brodey Sheppard
    Brodey Sheppard26 dagar sedan

    In AU store, our model 3 plaid has an option for cream interier, has this always been the case?

  • Brodey Sheppard

    Brodey Sheppard

    26 dagar sedan

    Shit, I meant Model S Plaid.

  • Mimmi Kylemark
    Mimmi Kylemark26 dagar sedan

    I watched your review of model 3 yesterday and you talked about wanting to be able to only pay for lane changes etc. Seems like we have that option in Sweden. Just looked at the model 3 and I was given two choices. 1. Upgraded autopilot (navigation, lanechage, summon, smart summon, autoparking) $ 4110 2. FSD $ 8200

  • Andrey Alekseev
    Andrey Alekseev26 dagar sedan

    10 miles diff in range or 100% charging every day)) for me it’s clear what to choose) but in Europe the lfp version comes with Chinese production quality…

  • Andrey Alekseev

    Andrey Alekseev

    26 dagar sedan

    @aktor82 that is true,all reviews praise chaise quality))

  • aktor82


    26 dagar sedan

    Isn't that good? Shangai factory has better quality than Fremont

  • Paul McGreevy
    Paul McGreevy27 dagar sedan

    It shouldn’t really be a feasible scenario for Tesla to have supply shortages now since they’re are about to open two very large high production factory facilities in the coming weeks. If they have shortages now they’re going to be screwed in about 8 or 12 weeks time.

  • Probe
    Probe27 dagar sedan

    My coworker bought a new Tesla Model 3. They allowed me to ride along and view the interior. I think I’m sold in getting one in the future 😳

  • AdventuresWith C

    AdventuresWith C

    23 dagar sedan

    I still haven't gotten the chance to be inside of one but it is my dream to own one hopefully soon I'm the future 😭

  • James Hoffman
    James Hoffman27 dagar sedan

    I see the Tesla cult splintering into the Nickel faction and the Iron faction, long after the self-destruction of the F/GM fossil cults, not to be confused with the FGM of islamic cults.

  • ibelikewhatda
    ibelikewhatda27 dagar sedan

    My MY LR got delayed from Dec 1st to January. Sad face I hope it gets the new LR battery from the same LR model in China. 400+ miles per charge

  • James Hoffman
    James Hoffman27 dagar sedan

    Tesla is probably getting huge margins from the LFP packs, which, despite representing a significant portion of unit cost, are a small fraction of volume and shipping logistics. Apparently the LFP pack fits in the same enclosure as the NCA pack (where even the existing 3 and Y LR packs leave significant space) so can be swapped in without any structural changes. LAM OEMs are probably unable to access such economies of LFP due the bulk of their packs. In the Mach E, the pack is embarrassingly thick, destroying the ground clearance. In the HummerEV, it's a double-decker. From the way GM's Lyriq tries so hard (like Mach E) to look thin, I suspect it has a BMI problem as well. It looks like, in the next few years, Tesla will dominate the low end on price with LFP, manufacturing efficiency, and operating leverage; and dominate the high end on performance and range, Nothing will be left but niche markets and ones shaped by central governments like the PRC.

  • DiGiTaLM4N
    DiGiTaLM4N27 dagar sedan

    My Tesla was projected to come in November. The main reason I ordered it now was because I would have enough to save for the down payment. But I just got a confirmation Delivery of August 30th to September 3rd. IT coming that soon really screwed my plans. Shame cause going from a 2012 Ford Escape to a Tesla Model 3 is like the dream upgrade for me. I will sadly have to decline the delivery :(

  • James Hoffman
    James Hoffman27 dagar sedan

    I never realized that the iconic image of a ship anchor looks so much like the Tesla logo (which depicts a segment of a motor rotor) before seeing Ryan's shirt.

  • James Hoffman
    James Hoffman27 dagar sedan

    Ryan is my Tesla anchor.

  • matt damon
    matt damon27 dagar sedan

    Every time people claim they only advertise for products the like I bring up ray cons.

  • dotmatrixxx
    dotmatrixxx27 dagar sedan

    Is it just me or anyone else , feel like u have way to many different stories/topics in 1 video. Would like to see you concentrate in less and these videos seem a tad long

  • Sully Saints
    Sully Saints27 dagar sedan

    I also chose to get the different battery back instead and am going to pick it up on Tuesday.

  • TheYoungwet


    24 dagar sedan

    Damn Sully u lucky let me know how it goes I changed my order also and it said Sep 3-13 can’t wait

  • Emma fuentes Baltazar
    Emma fuentes Baltazar27 dagar sedan

    Love you all people godbless

  • Emma fuentes Baltazar
    Emma fuentes Baltazar27 dagar sedan

    Thank you so much to all godbless

  • EV Addicted
    EV Addicted27 dagar sedan

    I am curious if Teslas LFP battery packs will have lower charging speeds since they are more sensitive to temperature changes.

  • A- lX S

    A- lX S

    26 dagar sedan

    From what I witnessed, concerning Supercharging, the LFP pre-conditions up to 45mins minimum instead of cobalt ones. So if we draw a conclusion from this, I guess it will a bit slower… Maybe not !

  • Jacob Robert Buske
    Jacob Robert Buske27 dagar sedan

    sir that says aug 26th not oct 26 lol

  • David MacPhee
    David MacPhee27 dagar sedan

    Ryan, I love women but I can kind of see what they can see in you. You must have a lot of Female Subscribers that can hardly focus on your words as much as your soothing, male voice and your really good looks! Tell him Gals! 133K Subs now and got there really fast! Mostly pretty girls? Is he a really cute guy or just a Hunk or only just a big teddy bear you want to hug?

  • Satoshi Millionaire

    Satoshi Millionaire

    26 dagar sedan

    I’m just glad you’re not a scammer

  • David MacPhee

    David MacPhee

    27 dagar sedan

    Note: All girls are sweet except the bully girls that envy you.

  • tora2k
    tora2k27 dagar sedan

    Ordered my car few weeks ago and i have an EDD of Oct 18 - Nov 7. Is my model 3 going to be LFP? or how will i know which battery will i receive? Thanks :D

  • MackyG


    26 dagar sedan

    If you ordered the m3sr+ only for now. These come with LFP. If not, you are getting the lithium ion

  • salocin911
    salocin91127 dagar sedan

    Does that mean these cars are produced in CHINA? Hmmmmmm.

  • R.o
    R.o27 dagar sedan

    Love it!

  • Garfield Wong
    Garfield Wong27 dagar sedan

    Fast forwarding years later, how do you determine if the M3 has LFP battery ?

  • Garfield Wong

    Garfield Wong

    26 dagar sedan

    @Satoshi Millionaire thanks, wouldn't had thought of that bud!

  • Satoshi Millionaire

    Satoshi Millionaire

    26 dagar sedan

    Ask tesla

  • The Electric Man
    The Electric Man27 dagar sedan

    I'm ready for the new LFP batteries that can charge up to 100% everytime

  • Ricky Vecranges

    Ricky Vecranges

    26 dagar sedan

    Australian already has the 2021 MIC M3 LFP & we love it.

  • Amiel Halperin
    Amiel Halperin27 dagar sedan

    I live in Israel and i have tesla model 3 with lfp battery. I've been told by tesla to charge it at least once a week to 100%.

  • Cappy Thumper
    Cappy Thumper27 dagar sedan

    Order mine with no wheels, with the levitate function that lets me drive above the tree line and last 200 miles before charging is required. Thank you. ~*~

  • Stannis Baratheon
    Stannis Baratheon27 dagar sedan

    4:30 fewer...

  • Silk
    Silk27 dagar sedan

    6:06: In the words of Yoda: “…see, we will”🤨. I was expecting to hear a price adjustment.

  • Mr2 Reviews
    Mr2 Reviews27 dagar sedan

    I prefer LFP anyway. The fact that you can charge it up to 100% versus the recommended 80% for other chemistries actually give you more range. They're safer too.

  • Sean Yeo
    Sean Yeo27 dagar sedan

    Well if you cant charge to 100%, you would go less than 263 miles anyway, right?

  • TheYuriG


    26 dagar sedan

    you can charge to 100% on occasion, just don't do it by default because it hastens battery degradation

  • tb129tlh
    tb129tlh27 dagar sedan

    And seat adjustment from the app!!. Don't forget to add seat adjustment!!!! 6'0" husband vs 5'3" wife. I bump my head often when trying to get in her seat setting.

  • Rob Lehmann
    Rob Lehmann27 dagar sedan

    Ordered mine today! Delivery between 8/30 and 9/5.

  • Rob Lehmann

    Rob Lehmann

    24 dagar sedan

    @Teru Rumi Yes, 9/4 @ 3pm

  • Rob Lehmann

    Rob Lehmann

    24 dagar sedan

    @Teru Rumi Just got it. 9/4 @ 3pm

  • Rob Lehmann

    Rob Lehmann

    25 dagar sedan

    @Teru Rumi not yet!

  • Teru Rumi

    Teru Rumi

    25 dagar sedan

    Did u get the delivery date yet??

  • Rob Lehmann

    Rob Lehmann

    27 dagar sedan

    Model 3

  • no name
    no name27 dagar sedan


  • murilo
    murilo27 dagar sedan

    I picked mine up yesterday Model Y LR - my god it's incredible!

  • Tiernan Creamer
    Tiernan Creamer27 dagar sedan

    Picking up an LFP model tomorrow.

  • Tiernan Creamer

    Tiernan Creamer

    23 dagar sedan

    actually they moved it.. NEW LFP models needed an update before they would give the car to me :( should get it by Wednesday now

  • Hitesh Kalluru
    Hitesh Kalluru27 dagar sedan

    Just pointing out, you said October instead of August @9:32 but your videos are awesome! Thanks for all the info!

  • Melinda Escobar
    Melinda Escobar27 dagar sedan

    Made in China Model 3 coming to the US

  • Coisativo Azul
    Coisativo Azul27 dagar sedan

    Honestly… it seems like Elon is getting bored with car stuff(all the promises and little deliveries)

  • Rich Chrono
    Rich Chrono27 dagar sedan

    I did a double take looking back at the copy at 9:30 when I heard you say on October 26… I'm sorry. I'm really detail oriented. It's a curse

  • Omaer 1
    Omaer 127 dagar sedan


  • Debamit Dutta
    Debamit Dutta27 dagar sedan

    Also people who are concerned about cobalt in their batteries, LFP's are cobalt free. So when others start talking about cobalt mining you can shut them up.

  • M3P
    M3P27 dagar sedan

    Are we referring to the 12v battery or the big battery?

  • Sanitizer william
    Sanitizer william27 dagar sedan

    tesla should honestly change/ update the front design of the model 3, its honestly soooo UGLY, the model 3 and y are the ugly teslas with the model s being the best looking from the front

  • Raymond Kent
    Raymond Kent27 dagar sedan

    The transparent, transdimensional,. and translinear button will materialize before our eyes before we know it, or in two weeks, or waiting for Godot.