NEW Tesla Model Y | 400 Miles of Range?

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New 400 Mile Model Y? Model X News, Cybertruck Timeline Updates, Telsa Bot, FSD Beta, and more!

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  • Ryan Shaw
    Ryan Shaw29 dagar sedan

    Join me on Wren and start offsetting your carbon footprint today! We'll plant 10 extra trees for the first 100 people who sign up!

  • Frank E

    Frank E

    28 dagar sedan

    @Anonym You mean paying for indulgence. Bless me father for I have sinned. 3 hail Marys 2 our fathers 1 novina or 30 dollars on the collection plate My carbon footprint was a few tenths lower then the UK. I live in the big american city. Willing to bet I do better then many american Tesla owners... My secret: live small, walk everywhere and take the train to work. Don't own a car.

  • Anonym


    28 dagar sedan

    @Tesla Plaid Baby 🇺🇸 This carbon offsetting websites are just like catholic indulgences.

  • Tesla Plaid Baby 🇺🇸

    Tesla Plaid Baby 🇺🇸

    29 dagar sedan

    Keep up the great work 💯 love your vids

  • Strode 66
    Strode 667 dagar sedan

    The SPACEX ROADSTER SHOULD BEAT THE RIMAC EASILY and if not TESLA better get their act together and make a four motor variant.

  • N R
    N R11 dagar sedan

    Model Y 400 miles range possible ? May be in 2023 ?

  • Kamau
    Kamau12 dagar sedan

    About time they’ve moved to all black wheels lol. That silver just looked silly

  • harry woods
    harry woods13 dagar sedan

    I think the magic there’s not in the mechanical parts of the robot but in a training by Tesla dojo computer🤔

  • J Foster
    J Foster14 dagar sedan

    12:20 the order fee is a line item charge. Look at your purchase order. It doesn’t come off the price of the car.

  • Robbie Surfer
    Robbie Surfer16 dagar sedan

    Why people give up comfort for bigger wheels is just crazy

  • Reddylion
    Reddylion16 dagar sedan

    i dont want anything chinese but looking forward for super long range awd y etc.

  • P C
    P C17 dagar sedan

    Bots, eliminate more American jobs

  • dwighttbp
    dwighttbp19 dagar sedan

    Ryan- on your recommendation to order now to get in line for the Tesla we want, does that apply to next Gen Tesla Ys coming out of gigafactory Texas? In other words, if we jump in line now before the next Gen Y is available, can we delay the order until the Texas-made Ys are available or are we getting in line for the currently available, Y built in Fremont only? Thanks for any clarification you can offer!

  • L
    L19 dagar sedan

    The plaid is the safer, quicker, easier to drive, almost a no maintenance car that can drive itself, run 9.24 and is still getting better through OTA updates. And is still not fully unlocked yet from factory.

  • Matthew Case
    Matthew Case20 dagar sedan

    I saw the 19in tempest wheels recently on a red model s with the yoke. Didn’t see it it was plaid or long range

  • George Hawley
    George Hawley21 dag sedan

    The MY awd weighs about 278 pounds more than the rwd MY. That’s about 7% increasing the road resistance piece of energy per mile from about 150 wh/mile to about 160 wh/mile. The EPA equivalent for air resistance of about 100 wh/mile is the same. Therefore the difference in EPA mile ratings is only about 4%. Actually it is a little less than that because the awd version has a little less internal energy consumption due to the front + back drive current split.

  • George Hawley
    George Hawley23 dagar sedan

    Another fast paced presentation, well organized and delivered. Big question for Tesla. If you bought a car with FSD and Hardware 3.0, will you get a complimentary upgrade to HW 4.0 when it becomes available?

  • Miguel Nicolas
    Miguel Nicolas23 dagar sedan

    You can't compare those 2 cars or race them because one is 4 doors one is 2 doors.... just wait for the roadster and then you can race them case closed!!!

  • David Veloz
    David Veloz24 dagar sedan

    50 extra miles? Is my math screwy because that looks like 30 extra miles not 50.

  • Brandon Roberts
    Brandon Roberts25 dagar sedan

    640km is 397 miles NEDC which is about 340 miles epa based on current model ratios… not much more than now

  • Nick Roosevelt
    Nick Roosevelt25 dagar sedan

    Huh. Almost $16k to offset my life on Wren.

  • Neville James
    Neville James25 dagar sedan

    Great job with this update. I look forward to the next one.

  • FattiApples
    FattiApples26 dagar sedan

    I put down $100 earlier this year. How long can I delay?

  • djcoote68
    djcoote6826 dagar sedan

    What are the implications for AI Bot to SpacexX?

  • Peter P
    Peter P27 dagar sedan

    I want to see the Rimac against Tesla Roadster

  • Matthew Huszarik
    Matthew Huszarik27 dagar sedan

    Cyber Truck or Toyota Hybrid PU with at least a six ft bed which ever comes out first.

  • Matthew Huszarik
    Matthew Huszarik27 dagar sedan

    The only reasons selling Shanghai in Europe make since is if either demand is down in China or profit margins are better in Europe.

  • Matthew Huszarik
    Matthew Huszarik27 dagar sedan

    They really need to add AC out as a killer app for all Teslas not just the Cyber Truck.

  • Matthew Huszarik

    Matthew Huszarik

    25 dagar sedan

    @IncognitoTorpedo That option is the single biggest reason I am waiting for the Cyber Truck Vice getting a Model Y.

  • IncognitoTorpedo


    26 dagar sedan

    For a second there I thought you were asking for Air Conditioning delete! Yes, vehicle to load would be huge.

  • Eduardo Kostetzer
    Eduardo Kostetzer27 dagar sedan

    All of this for extra 25 miles? Just do a tweet... 25 extra miles is 7.7% extra... Tesla has become a cult... No real criticism...

  • Jason Raduenz
    Jason Raduenz27 dagar sedan

    The 19s are being delivered. It started a few days ago.

    MA LUISA EVANS27 dagar sedan

    Do you see prices going up? I want one but not sure if I should wait.

  • Steve Lowry
    Steve Lowry27 dagar sedan

    Grate vid UNTIL you started in on CARBON FOOTPRINT ... ALWHORS FAVORITE CA$H COW !!!

  • Scott Rawdin
    Scott Rawdin27 dagar sedan

    Hello, thank you for this video. I have a question that I cannot find an answer for, perhaps you have the answer ? Tesla model 3 : how can I keep a log history each time I recharge the batteries? I need to pay the kW that the car uses at our multi-family home so I need a precise kW value which a simple counter on the electric board will not be able to give me (friends of friends coming over and charging...) So I need an app or access to the Tesla charge log by GPS location (home). Do you know of a way to do this easily ? (I know about TeslaFi - 50 USD/year ; is there a free app to do this?)

  • zynzy4u
    zynzy4u27 dagar sedan

    Take a really stupid idea and make it worse with a larger battery. Electric cars do not reduce carbon footprint due to the FACT making that battery has a huge carbon footprint, the electricity to charge these stupid cars comes from largely combustible fuel fired power plants and, the infrastructure to deliver a charge for these stupid cars must be expanded to accommodate the production and delivery of that electricity must be greatly expanded to complete that task. Electric long range cars are as stupid as it gets.

  • Ja Ndiga
    Ja Ndiga27 dagar sedan

    That wren looks like a scam, right?

  • Angry 305
    Angry 30527 dagar sedan

    Used Tesla warranty drops from 4 years to just 1.....big confidence booster for long term ownership😞.

  • Alex McKenna
    Alex McKenna27 dagar sedan

    Famous author Sparky McWheels says: "Your Next Car Will Be Electric"..

  • no name
    no name27 dagar sedan

    Just got an email about the tesla model 3 with the LFP battery packs from China. Can you go over the pros and cons vs the current battery packs. Much appreciated

  • Brett Mciver
    Brett Mciver28 dagar sedan

    German factory slowed again by 800+ complaints, beauocracy at its finest, in other words paid legacy auto shills doing all they can to slow tesla down.

  • Damir Majer

    Damir Majer

    27 dagar sedan

    Germany Europe unfortunately nothing strange

  • Miles in AZ
    Miles in AZ28 dagar sedan

    Wren sounds very interesting….

  • Dario Molina
    Dario Molina28 dagar sedan

    Only 0.62 difference in speed trap times equals a win for a car worth millions less. Period.

  • Jeffrey Bleaman
    Jeffrey Bleaman28 dagar sedan

    Just saw my Model Y long range was pushed back from December to January. Tesla keeps slipping its delivery date

  • Kris Anderson
    Kris Anderson28 dagar sedan

    Elon the con man

  • Gary Hooker
    Gary Hooker28 dagar sedan

    I still have my MY LR RWD FSD order with a $2500 deposit from 2019 showing “prepare for delivery”. Maybe from Giga Texas next year with 350+ mile range and 4680 bats.

  • Don Tannenbaum
    Don Tannenbaum28 dagar sedan

    Hi Ryan, do you know if anyone has done a true range test in real world driving on the new model S LR? I am wondering if the car can make it to Las Vegas from Burbank without stopping and averaging between 75 and 80 mph assuming summer weather. I just went with a friend in his model 3 performance and of course we were getting much less range than the stated range. It just seemed to be a much bigger difference than I would have thought. I have a 2018 S 75D and also get much less even in typical LA driving. It would be great if there was a chart showing typical reduced ranges in different driving scenarios for people planning weekend getaways.

  • DC Ren
    DC Ren28 dagar sedan

    Germans chasing made in China cars, how the time has changed!

  • Hadley Contractor
    Hadley Contractor28 dagar sedan

    When are they expecting to bring the 400 mile y to the US.? The stimulus Bill killed the tax rebate option but hopefully end of ship shortage and gigs factory’s to be up and running that these should get substantially cheaper Also read about the gmc hummer. It’s garbage. 10 mins for 100 miles first bit of charge and 30 hours for 20-80% Thats verbatim the report I read. No good for anyone

  • kevin williams
    kevin williams28 dagar sedan

    Do the maths 1900HP vs 1000HP its only obvious💁‍♂️🇹🇹💯

  • Dirk Kruisheer
    Dirk Kruisheer28 dagar sedan

    I strongly suspect that Giga Shanghai has already implemented the front die-cast in the Model Y.

  • charlie shafer
    charlie shafer28 dagar sedan

    Practical people want a practical car. A car which gets appx. 500 miles between charging ( 30% to 80%) in 5 minutes or less. What you speak of is just smoke and mirrors. May your following continue to enjoy the hype.

  • Kapitalize
    Kapitalize28 dagar sedan

    If you are luck to get one, our model was postponed twice already.

  • Walter Wong
    Walter Wong28 dagar sedan

    Elon having the second fastest car won't sit well. He'll ensure the Roadster will be the fastest. If they ever produced the Plaid +, it'll be a lot closer if not faster.

  • Brett Mciver

    Brett Mciver

    28 dagar sedan

    Both the nevera and the plaid are pushing the traction limits as it is, won't get too much more out of them until ya put mickey Thompsons drag tires on them.

  • SL twentyeight
    SL twentyeight28 dagar sedan

    you don't have to worry about being beaten by a rimac if you own a plaid.

  • Tom Mckinney
    Tom Mckinney28 dagar sedan

    We can estimate the conversion factor between NEDC and EPA, but you may have been generous. In any event, I think the model Y will approach 400 EPA miles when 4680 batteries hit the scene, assuming Tesla uses the same physical size battery pack. They could make a smaller physical size battery which would have less range, and be cheaper to produce.

  • K lake

    K lake

    28 dagar sedan

    @Tom Mckinney range is an overrated metric. Cost is what’s keeping people from buying EVs not range. It is important but I can’t spend $50k on a vehicle that I drive 25~ a day when I have an ICE for the wife’s car she drives less than I do.

  • Tom Mckinney

    Tom Mckinney

    28 dagar sedan

    @K lake cheaper to produce is what's needed. more real range is also needed

  • K lake

    K lake

    28 dagar sedan

    Less range and cheaper to produce is what’s needed.

  • Arcadius Hakim
    Arcadius Hakim28 dagar sedan

    'full' self driving is Level 5, Everything else should be called Self Driving Level 2 ,3, or 4. Tesla is Level 3 in 2021.

  • Jack Waters
    Jack Waters28 dagar sedan

    I really don't know why people are so high strung about distance and EVs. Most their cars are 250-300 mile range. There are now EV charge stations every where. Oh that's right people run out of gas even with a Light to tell them its getting low. SMH

  • David Beppler
    David Beppler28 dagar sedan

    People are finding it hard to believe that Boston Dynamics is about 10 years behind Tesla at this point. For those who don't believe it, where are the Boston Dynamics robots driving cars? Oh.. because driving cars is hard? Yea, 10 years behind. Dumb bot.

  • S Dreaver
    S Dreaver28 dagar sedan

    I get that Musk went away from SR model Y in US. But it seems like it would be quite viable in the EU.

  • KWatt-Engineer
    KWatt-Engineer28 dagar sedan

    For me , 400 miles is the magic number. Keeping in mind the 400 mile rating is not 400 miles of range after you consider parasitic load, heating, AC, charging cycle, etc. The actual range would be more in line with my real world needs with a decent reserve to avoid panic due to unplanned driving needs. I am waiting for the 4680 + giga casting before ordering.

  • KWatt-Engineer


    25 dagar sedan

    I have had a lifetime policy of not leasing. Besides a leased Tesla would not a have a 400 mile rating. I can be patient and wait for the real deal. The savings of not leasing can help pay for the new one.

  • Gordon Reiher

    Gordon Reiher

    26 dagar sedan

    ...or, you could get a 2 year lease and get a 4680 MY afterwards.

  • Hadley Contractor

    Hadley Contractor

    28 dagar sedan

    I agree. Now you can realistically go 300 miles between charges. At that point I am happy to get out and move around for 20 mins. Every 200 miles is too short

  • Pierre Blattner
    Pierre Blattner29 dagar sedan

    They start delivery in Switzerland too. I saw it, fine quality!

  • Emma fuentes Baltazar
    Emma fuentes Baltazar29 dagar sedan

    Thank you all people god bless

  • afmemphis
    afmemphis29 dagar sedan

    You lost me with the climate change mess. Of course I believe the climate it changing, but does man have a big impact on that? When Obama and Bill Gates both bought ocean-front propertes for millions, I knew they were full of crap.

  • Ahmed Yehia
    Ahmed Yehia29 dagar sedan

    I'm so happy how your channel grew Ryan! Keep up the great work! We need more EV content maybe Rivian, Lucid, Others.

  • Rob van den Assum

    Rob van den Assum

    26 dagar sedan

    There is an awesome rivian channel. They mostly talk about the R1T as that should be starting delivery next month, but they also nicely cover the R1S and adventure trail charging network being built for Rivians.

  • TheCoolcoke
    TheCoolcoke29 dagar sedan

    Wonder if this model Y has the 4680 battery cells.

  • Nicholas T

    Nicholas T

    28 dagar sedan

    No, definitely NOT. 4680 cells will not be available before mid 2022, at the very earliest.

  • TwinTurboChi
    TwinTurboChi29 dagar sedan

    They could just use the Model Y Performance Battery pack which is over 82kWh and just refine the tune to act more like a long range and viola there are your extra 25 miles of range. You’re over thinking it.

  • Laura S.
    Laura S.29 dagar sedan

    Elon is apparently on Mars time. A Mars year is 687 earth days. So a Tesla bot prototype might be unveiled about 687 days from now.

  • John Poldo
    John Poldo29 dagar sedan

    If PRC can produce a MY with 400 mi range, surely Austin can do same.

  • Raju Felix
    Raju Felix29 dagar sedan

    You're cool

  • Richard Ruscitti
    Richard Ruscitti29 dagar sedan

    Hi Ryan, do you know if I preorder a Tesla model 3 and I later delay the purchase. Does Tesla locks me at the price of the preorder or at the price of when I’m ready to accept delivery?

    TNT BLOWER MAN29 dagar sedan

    I saw a white model s plaid about a week ago on my way to the pool

  • shumbi11
    shumbi1129 dagar sedan

    The Tesla Roadster will smoke the Rimac and cost a fraction of its price.

  • Nicholas T

    Nicholas T

    28 dagar sedan

    If it’s ever built ! 🤷‍♂️

  • Aves Raggiana
    Aves Raggiana29 dagar sedan

    Great. A row of guys in t-shirts with their arms crossed. At least you didn't play a clip Elon Musk speaking. He's irritating to listen to, so thank you for that.

  • bushuobushufusiji Union
    bushuobushufusiji Union29 dagar sedan

    why the model y delivery is sooooooo slow in the States?

  • Bill Ruocco
    Bill Ruocco29 dagar sedan

    If I am taking delivery of a model y next week can I still use your referral code

  • Christopher Henson
    Christopher Henson29 dagar sedan

    Charming chap! Subscribed...this is the only Tesla channel I'm interested in watching. Well done. Tesla is 10 years ahead of all other car manufacturers. Re. Their software. :)

    R DOTTIN29 dagar sedan

    Model s is a sports sedan. Rimac should pick on a Roadster it's own size😉

  • money G
    money G29 dagar sedan

    This is the beginning of I ROBOT lol

  • Kay Content
    Kay Content29 dagar sedan

    Gotta snatch it up quick. Tesla and inconsistency are like 🤞

  • J
    J29 dagar sedan

    The $250 order fee is a fee, and it raises the price of the vehicle by $150. Try ordering one and see.

  • Joseph Sanon
    Joseph Sanon29 dagar sedan

    Any way you slice it the model y needs more range. I bought model y long range and I drove from Boston to DC and I had to stop twice to charge. In my Nissan Cube although be it a 4 cylinder I would only stopped once to fill up on that trip.

  • arun antony

    arun antony

    29 dagar sedan

    I agree , my model Y long range with the 20 inch wheels doesn't give the best range possible. Defintely needs more range

  • Michael DeSanto
    Michael DeSanto29 dagar sedan

    Where did you find the Stark Industries shirt?!?

  • Hadley Contractor

    Hadley Contractor

    28 dagar sedan

    I bet he got it on the Internet Either that or pepper Potts

  • Erik Moore
    Erik Moore29 dagar sedan

    The rainforest loves co2. Actually the whole planet does, it's pretty much only humans that don't like it.

  • C H
    C H29 dagar sedan

    Roadster will crush it !

  • Peter Wakeman
    Peter Wakeman29 dagar sedan

    Thinking Tesla has so many orders they could seek maximum cash flow from orders wanting certain rather than rushing Cybertruck before battery volume is possible

  • Scott Mackey
    Scott Mackey29 dagar sedan

    Mercedes claims to have a hands free system as well.

  • Scott Mackey
    Scott Mackey29 dagar sedan

    $250 X 100,000 = $25,000,000 is a good reason to increase the deposit fee.

  • Peter Wakeman
    Peter Wakeman29 dagar sedan

    New Zealand Tesla website shows delivery for Plaid or S X end of 2022 Model Y not possible to order yet

  • Ryv Mutsu
    Ryv Mutsu29 dagar sedan

    5:23 Why title "400 Miles" if it was referring to the NEDC standard? Please do not mislead... it turns people awy from otherwise valueable information.

  • Ryv Mutsu

    Ryv Mutsu

    27 dagar sedan

    @Nicholas T Some incredible creators in the Tesla space and I enjoy much of Ryan's content, also being relatively informed Tesla futurist, though this specific video drew my ire out of principle for seeming misleading. It likely remains true that it is Tesla's world and we are merely living in it.

  • Nicholas T

    Nicholas T

    27 dagar sedan

    I agree! This whole 400 mile model Y story is a red herring! It’s typical of Tesla fans finding some obscure snippet of “information” and then wildly extrapolating it to be a fact! Just like these wild predictions that have just surfaced this week, about Musk planning to send these Tesla robots (the design of which does not yet exist!) to Mars in advance of the human SpaceX mission (to prepare for the colony) !!

  • Zenny U Tran
    Zenny U Tran29 dagar sedan

    I ordered my model y just on 8/20 and now my delivery is 9/13-9/30, a total surprise😅

  • Uyen Zenny Tran

    Uyen Zenny Tran

    29 dagar sedan

    @John Smith I'm in WA

  • John Smith

    John Smith

    29 dagar sedan

    Zenny, where are you located? US, what State?

  • S. Z.
    S. Z.29 dagar sedan

    Ryan I met a dude at the Kennewick, WA Supercharger this Saturday that just received his Plain and it had the 19's on it.

  • Kahold Cheung
    Kahold Cheung29 dagar sedan

    In my opinion range is not the main thing if we can get a super fast charging on part with ice car is what matter. Think of it most gas car doesn't even drive 300 miles per tank but it's only take 5 mins to refuel vs 30 mins for 80%. so once the charging is on part with gas is truly bye bye gas

  • h gr

    h gr

    20 dagar sedan

    @Kahold Cheung wrong. NIO cars don't need battery swap because they can use superchargers and slow charging too. Search up Wright's Law and watch how production costs keep coming down. This means the cost to build battery swaps will keep coming down at a fixed rate too. Lithium ion batteries keep getting cheaper too so don't worry about not having enough batteries. Tesla is working on a AI that can do hard work and your telling me in the future we are going to still be using plug in chargers instead of automated battery swaps. Plus they are not sharing used batteries that don't have maintenance. Each swap stations has a lot of sensors and can detect degraded individual modules so the batteries can be taken out and repaired. Repairing the battery will mean repairing only the degraded module so repair costs are lower. Keep watching fake news, the big dogs are loading up on NIO.

  • Kahold Cheung

    Kahold Cheung

    20 dagar sedan

    @h gr battery swapping is an option sound like a good plan but not really, the number doesn't add up think of it, if nio sell 100k you need to have at least 3 time the number of batteries ready and ready to swap. put it this way if you have 20 cars and only 20 batteries that's mean if at 20 cars is on it's way to swap now you have to wait for the longer because the battery is not ready. the are already experiencing such of problem the wait time is longer than expected. plus tell would you paid for a full price of a car if you don't even own the battery and you are going to sharing a used battery. also those type of infrastructure is way too costly and much more chances of wear and tear compare to a non moving charging station. it might work in china because they don't drive as many miles as us in the US and majority of people do not have a place to charge at home. final point i would rather have charging station replace all of our gas station or be included in the same gas station, see you can choose gas, diesel, electric. i mean lets be real gas won't go away for a looooooooong time.

  • h gr

    h gr

    27 dagar sedan

    If you want an EV you might want to move to China. NIO already has a battery swap station that they plan to build 4000 stations of by 2024. In real world these swap stations aren't perfect, but when we no longer have ICE cars these swap stations will replace gas stations.

  • Richard Martin
    Richard Martin29 dagar sedan

    And Tesla bumped the Model S price up $5000 in August..

  • deluxeh0
    deluxeh029 dagar sedan

    I don’t see that happening until late 2022

  • The Electric Man
    The Electric Man29 dagar sedan

    I can't wait to order Model Y 2.0 with 4680 cells

  • Crito Philippatos

    Crito Philippatos

    29 dagar sedan

    Me too, new batteries and 350kW v4 supercharging is what I'm waiting for. Or I might get tired of waiting and buy an Ioniq 5 or EV6 instead.

  • Bryan Hauer

    Bryan Hauer

    29 dagar sedan

    Have a feeling we’ll be waiting a while. Maybe 2023.

  • charlesschirripa
    charlesschirripa29 dagar sedan

    What are the chances the model Y will offer ride height adjustable air suspension ?

  • CVille
    CVille29 dagar sedan

    I can see Elon sending a fleet of robots to Mars to build structures prior to human transportation.

  • Shadow X
    Shadow X29 dagar sedan

    Configurator is now open for Germany and est. Delivery is next month, that's huge. Can't wait until when test drives of the model y are possible and the quality increases...

  • Vermont's Own Boy
    Vermont's Own Boy29 dagar sedan

    Just drove a Mach E "premium" with Blue Cruise. The vehicle is ok for a first Ford attempt. Blue Cruise is mehhhh. You called it: keep your hands ready to intervene. When I asked the sales person precisely this point (who was riding along with me at my request), he couldn't answer. I presume it's Ford's intent to improve the system in a manner similar to Tesla improving its FSD. Nonetheless, in no rational world does the Mach E hold a a guttering candle to Tesla.

  • SquirrelsForAll
    SquirrelsForAll29 dagar sedan

    I wouldn't purchase a Model Y produced in China. The CCP doesn't need my money whilst US factories are keeping us employed.

    WJG GMT29 dagar sedan

    Range matters. The biggest single point raised by those not yet into the EV game is range. A 500 mile range should be very high up on Tesla's list of things to do. 270 is not nearly enough in the minds of most people driving ICE cars, considering the charging time.

  • Bryan Hauer

    Bryan Hauer

    29 dagar sedan

    Agree but not that many regular gas cars getting 500 miles to a tank either. The charging time is definitely a factor (I can attest to that) but most people charge each night at home and have a full charge the next day. That said, I would love to see a true 400 miles to a charge and vastly expanded charging network with way more 250 kW stations.

  • Ted Kidd
    Ted Kidd29 dagar sedan

    Range is a funny thing. I was perfectly happy with my standard range model y, even taking a 4800 mile road trip to Texas, until I started carrying bikes this spring. A performance why that I got to replace it is keeping me out of range anxiety and charging annoyance so far, but I haven't taken a serious thousand plus mile road trip yet.

  • Ted Kidd

    Ted Kidd

    29 dagar sedan

    @Bryan Hauer trick is to arrive at your next supercharger with 5-10%. More than that and you are waiting in taper for slow KWs you don't need.

  • Bryan Hauer

    Bryan Hauer

    29 dagar sedan

    @Ted Kidd I tend to have to charge regularly into the upper curve which makes for long charging sessions as some of my destinations have a pretty big gap between them. I’m probably not efficient enough with my stops and should really use ABRP app to its full capabilities. I can’t wait till the day comes when I can get an actual 350 miles from a charge. I imagine we’re still a couple generations away from that.

  • Ted Kidd

    Ted Kidd

    29 dagar sedan

    @Bryan Hauer can you stay in the bottom 1/2 of the battery, or are you forced to suffer into the taper curve? The SRY max charging was 140kw-ish, which we were able to deal with. It's the time below 100 that gets old fast.

  • Bryan Hauer

    Bryan Hauer

    29 dagar sedan

    I have a Yakima cargo box and have traveled over 13k miles in the last 3 months throughout the western US and feel your pain. My 2021 MYLR that I picked up at the end of April takes a 25% range hit with the box. I'm kind of ok with it, as I wouldn't be able to go on the camping trips I do now without it, but it really makes for long days driving when you have to stop at 4 or 5 Superchargers.

  • Patrick Searcey
    Patrick Searcey29 dagar sedan

    Disappointed with every new update with cybertruck. As someone who has a farm and pre-ordered the night of the announcement, it keeps getting less and less practical for people who live in rural areas, mountains, farming, etc… We need mechanical door handles that are easy to open, we need rear view mirrors since lots of time it is muddy and crazy weather that cameras could be unreliable, we don’t need full self driving, and we for sure need a easy gear shifter for moving trailers and getting around farm terrain. I hope I am wrong because I was pumped for a cybertruck and it’s becoming less likely of a farm/mountain truck.

  • Nicholas T

    Nicholas T

    27 dagar sedan

    I agree Patrick, and I think totally due to Musk himself. Musk is showing himself to be way less customer focused and almost dictatorial in the way he responds to customer requests. For example, when recently asked on Twitter whether there would be a circular steering wheel option, in addition to the standard yoke on the new Model S, he just bluntly replied “No”. I find that quite bizarre, considering that they stand to lose many sales to potential purchasers who have clearly stated that the yoke is a definite deal breaker for them. I really think that this mindless adoration from his millions of fans has actually gone to his head! It’s sounds like you might have to consider the upcoming Ford F-150 Lightning EV as an alternative choice. It very conventional and should fit the bill nicely!

  • Trebor Heminway
    Trebor Heminway29 dagar sedan

    The delays at giga Berlin are the primary reason for the change. They are indirectly pressuring the German gov to "shit or get off the pot".