New Tesla Model Y For 2021

Tesla had a lot to announce at their Q1 2021 Earnings call including updates to the new updated Model Y, Model 3 as the best selling luxury sedan, $25,000 Tesla, FSD Beta, and more so let's get into it.

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  • Ryan Shaw
    Ryan Shaw3 månader sedan

    Model Y T-Shirt ➡️

  • Kristy Kwong

    Kristy Kwong

    2 månader sedan

    Yes, please make a Model 3 t-shirt

  • Nick Scaia

    Nick Scaia

    3 månader sedan

    now that you have a model 3 you should make a 3 outline shirt. I would buy for sure

  • Pete De Feo
    Pete De FeoMånad sedan

    You show the cyber truck when you are talking about the model Y you need to coordinate things better.

  • Sean Holdom
    Sean Holdom2 månader sedan

    tesla a load of crap

  • James Duffy
    James Duffy2 månader sedan

    I am in uk and waiting on a right-hand drive in 2022 Have you any idea when Giga Berlin will produce this In SEblacks I saw the Giga Factory uk 🇬🇧 in Somerset speculated on Wonder when that will happen? I shall keep saving and waiting for 2022

  • Jason Hua
    Jason Hua2 månader sedan

    I really want to know when to expect the 4680 battery Model Y coming. Also adjustable suspension.

  • Smoking with Alex
    Smoking with Alex2 månader sedan

    Putting random red circles in the thumbnail lol

  • kenyon4us
    kenyon4us2 månader sedan

    When is this version of the model y coming out?

  • Max Hoenicke
    Max Hoenicke2 månader sedan

    ordered a tesla model Y from berlin. on the german Tesla webside it still shows the old modely Y interior

  • Pete Galindez
    Pete Galindez2 månader sedan

    Not sure why everyone keeps taking Elon’s tweets or “official Tesla” reports as anything but pie in the sky…for example, Gigafactory Berlin just announced at least another 6 month delay, and the rollout of FSD Beta (or Beta Beta)….promised back in December….then, almost there in January…then in next few weeks…then it was February…March…and here we are in May…still nada…nice video and information, but really just here’s what might be coming at some point in the future at some point including some hypothetical stuff being developed that might or might not work as promised by Elon…

  • a1an
    a1an2 månader sedan

    Are you a Tesla PR? No? Tesla stockholder? Well, good luck! 😉

  • Steven McCrorey
    Steven McCrorey2 månader sedan

    Got a good friend I was navy with who works for Tesla now, he told me he has saw and test driven new Model 3’s and Y’s with new refresh screens and MCU. He also said the older models are deemed too slow at this moment for the refreshed new V11 software update

  • Who the f are you
    Who the f are you2 månader sedan

    Tesla { TSLA } Bombshell earnings going up no good tree can have bad fruit. 1,799 $$$$$$$

  • Roy Gardiner
    Roy Gardiner2 månader sedan

    Your volume is consistently low Ryan. Otherwise great videos, thanks.

    ASH MOH2 månader sedan

    Elon says a lot of stuff and we know from experience not all of them will come true so a $25k car will be more like $35 k start And $40k with good options

  • Cynthia Silva
    Cynthia Silva2 månader sedan

    I am looking on buying Tesla- coomparing model 3 vs model Y. As a mom I pretty much did some research on possible cars/SUV I am getting. Safety is my concern and I know Tesla is one of them. However maybe I missed reading or watching- but would you happen to know how to open doors manually for passenger’s side for both model3 or Y in case the car mechanism stops for any unavoidable circumstances. I have read reviews here in youtube but it seems the only models who have emergency latched to manuallly open the doors are model 3 and X. For model 3 and Y, I only have the front seats. Thank you i really do appreciate your input and research.

  • Bela Sziklassy
    Bela Sziklassy2 månader sedan

    The subscription model is intriguing to me, but only if I can pay for a month (hell, possibly even less) at a time and cancel at any time. By this, I simply mean that it would be nice to pay the sub for our cross country road trips, or when we go on vacation. For everyday stuff, our commutes are quite literally under 5 minutes, so I see much less value in paying the full $10k. Of course, this will also depending on what the sub looks like. Much north of $100 a month I don't know that the value propostion makes sense for me.

  • Dave Schaber
    Dave Schaber2 månader sedan

    Appreciate the information. One opportunity for improvement would be to eliminate the ad which interrupted your presentation. Placing them all upfront would be ok.

  • Sam T
    Sam T2 månader sedan

    Very informative.

  • s y
    s y2 månader sedan

    Guyssss new model 3 long range or mode y long range? Help meee decide

  • Tetiana Lee
    Tetiana Lee2 månader sedan

    We ordered model X a month and a half ago and it still says June. So hopefully, Oct-Nov is only for the new orders 😅

  • Dylanasauras Rex
    Dylanasauras Rex2 månader sedan

    Just ordered my model Y 3 days ago!! So excited!!!

  • Dylanasauras Rex

    Dylanasauras Rex

    Månad sedan

    @M Faulk June 13-30 (still no VIN) Black on Red, just ordered about $2,500 worth of aftermarket parts today!

  • M Faulk

    M Faulk

    2 månader sedan

    Have you gotten a delivery date yet?

  • Jay Chu
    Jay Chu2 månader sedan

    Model y needs air suspension otherwise I won’t buy another one....

  • Arcadius Hakim
    Arcadius Hakim2 månader sedan

    6:58, you said Under the Hood, LoL , ICE takes a long time to Melt from our speech

  • Eric
    Eric2 månader sedan

    TESLA Fremont shut down today May 1, a few days

  • Timothy Hughbanks
    Timothy Hughbanks2 månader sedan

    “Under the hood, it will look completely different...” Since directly under the hood is the frunk, actually no. ;)

  • 99wcguy
    99wcguy2 månader sedan

    now if only they could get collision damage repaired faster. Here in San Antonio TX I've been waiting 2 months for my repair, and I still wont have my model Y fixed for over another month (assuming it doesn't get pushed back again)

  • Jason Andoy
    Jason Andoy2 månader sedan

    My delivery day for my standard range model y is this Friday! I’m thinking I’m getting one of the last ones. Rep said it was just built last week.

  • Adde
    Adde2 månader sedan

    It's really annoying that they had a interest rate at 0.25% for vehicles delivery before Q2. Two week in Q2 they lowered the price with 3000$ so if u have TM3 for 3y it's about the same money.

  • dalton knox
    dalton knox2 månader sedan

    I already told Tesla to hold my Y order until a Berlin spec car is available in California.

  • R Evans
    R Evans2 månader sedan

    I hope the 4680 come sooner than later otherwise the Osborne effect could really hurt their Model Y numbers in 2021/2022.

  • Will Thomason
    Will Thomason2 månader sedan

    Please increase the audio on your videos. I have to crank it up to max on my treadmill on the last few videos where before it was only about 3/4. Keep up the good work! I look forward to all of your new videos!

  • Chris Tann
    Chris Tann2 månader sedan

    Currently leasing a model 3 performance 🙋🏻‍♂️ waiting to buy a 4680 Berlin Y

  • _ MySilentBlue
    _ MySilentBlue2 månader sedan

    I just stumbled across you channel, very good presentation... subscribed!

  • wilbert gonzalez
    wilbert gonzalez2 månader sedan

    I hope this all comes soon as the new factories are built. Model Y specifically is overpriced IMO for its given range of 260 real world miles given it’s highly recommended to charge to 80% unless you’re taking a road trip and even then you don’t get the rated 326 miles... Not good enough for 50k+ car before options or tax and fee’s. Might be good enough for most who don’t care as much but there’s a huge amount of Tesla fans who want to purchase but just don’t think the model Y is worth it at this moment. Model y NEEDS to be closer to model 3 LR range. Which model 3 is also overpriced. But at least the spec’s are a lot better but you just miss out on the extra space.

  • alansmith888
    alansmith8882 månader sedan

    When is the model Y coming to Hong Kong? I guess the delay is because we are right hand drive?

  • Cosmin Mihai
    Cosmin Mihai2 månader sedan

    Tesla model y Berlin delivers q1 2022, 2 weeks construction stopped, illegal water pipes new approbation needed. Why nobody mentions this problem? Greetings from Germany.

  • netsrac cjf
    netsrac cjf2 månader sedan

    I wanted to buy a new Model 3, but I will not if it comes without a radar ! That idea is totally stupid ! I have been in my friends Tesla and as soon as the weather gets bad, the sun shines on them in an inconvenient angle or the cameras get covered up, it's say goodbye to Autopilot, so how on earth is this supposed to work ? They can do a lot with software, I get that, but they can't OTA update the cameras to suddenly clean themselves !

  • Michael Luu
    Michael Luu2 månader sedan

    Hi Ryan! Do you the percentage of fsd being sold among all Tesla number of vehicles? Thanks!

  • Pete Fraser
    Pete Fraser2 månader sedan

    If they had them tomorrow, Tesla could sell 5 million Model Y’s in Europe, no doubt.

  • Allan Smith
    Allan Smith2 månader sedan

    Ryan this was last announced last year in the battery day nothing new here

  • William Ryan
    William Ryan2 månader sedan

    RYAN. I stumbled upon your TESLA offerings. (Uncertain l can afford one but they're great. My son owns an S ? He and Andrea love it. These info-videos are beautifully produced. You must have been well-trained and challenged. Looks like you're doing just grand. You were one of my finest students. Appears you still are! Go Ducks. Hugs from Duckville, Prof Ryan

  • Paolo Petrozzi
    Paolo Petrozzi2 månader sedan

    Another one with the "TweNNy-tweNNy" problem...

  • a1081042
    a10810422 månader sedan

    And their stock crashed. Not such good news after all.

  • Joseph
    Joseph3 månader sedan

    i think elon is sandbagging the production of the 4680 cell

  • BakaOppai
    BakaOppai3 månader sedan

    funny tesla started out looking better than all the other shitty looking elec cars and now they're looking more and more like them

  • cnewt00
    cnewt003 månader sedan

    Tesla is a tech company that dabbles in cars on the side

  • mlhm5
    mlhm53 månader sedan

    Not interested into the Y until the 4680 batteries and frame improvements are available in the USA.

  • Qin Ouyang
    Qin Ouyang3 månader sedan

    Like you videos so much. One question - if you don’t purchase “ full self driving” , do you still have autopilot function with model Y?

  • Qin Ouyang

    Qin Ouyang

    3 månader sedan

    @Ryan Shaw Great! that’s enough for me right now!

  • Ryan Shaw

    Ryan Shaw

    3 månader sedan

    Yep! You have basic autopilot which includes adaptive cruise control, and land keeping. I use this basic feature 90% of the time.

  • James Hoffman
    James Hoffman3 månader sedan

    RoadRunner 4680s not being available doesn’t mean 4680s won’t be available. All of Tesla’s battery suppliers have announced plans to make 4680 cells, presumably using tabless architecture. The DBE process will likely distinguish Tesla’s cells from LG/CATL/Panasonic.

  • Swingleboxa
    Swingleboxa3 månader sedan

    Do you think Model Y SR will come back?

  • mark nelson
    mark nelson3 månader sedan

    The new battery comes with its own set of problems. The new batteries require greater care when building them The new batteries are harder to heat and cool because of their size

  • Andrew Feinstein
    Andrew Feinstein3 månader sedan

    Do I understand correctly that you expect the Model Y to start being delivered from Berlin next year? I am trying to gauge when the Model Y is likely to be available in the UK

  • BillRey


    3 månader sedan

    Elon said end of 2021, which is THIS year. But production will ramp up, so I suppose it's quite unlikely you'd be able to get one in 2021.

  • Raphael Andrea Winter
    Raphael Andrea Winter3 månader sedan

    Is it sure, that the berlin modells will have the new battery 4680 right from the beginning?

  • Turre Tuntematon

    Turre Tuntematon

    2 månader sedan

    I have the same question. Just speculations so far.

  • Zaza 23
    Zaza 233 månader sedan

    I think you can't compare tesla with bmw or mercedes. BMW and mercedes are luxurious tesla is not. But tesla is still the best EV available right now.

  • Kevin Smith
    Kevin Smith3 månader sedan

    Great content as always, and I can confirm the note about proper wheels and tires being required and coming later was there on initial reveal.

  • CMW
    CMW3 månader sedan

    I want a GigaBerlin Model Y with FSD that hasn't gone up in price too much. Right now I'm praying for delays to FSD and for GigaBerlin (and if I had the wish the 4680s) to be ready ahead of schedule. Anybody else thinking the same and put their order in or waiting?

  • Last Lion
    Last Lion3 månader sedan

    Whith all these new suppliers and the increase speed of assembly. Do you think its a parts fail situation? Why would he lower the price? He could do that now. (huge profits) He will just reintroduce the RWD Y or promise the $25,000 car. Then that will be more like 30

  • MyTechnotube
    MyTechnotube3 månader sedan

    How does the Tesla air conditioning perform in hot weather? Does it compare the the cooling of a Toyota?

  • rvdlaar
    rvdlaar3 månader sedan

    Thanks for the video Ryan, exciting times for Tesla.

  • Alvin Cruz
    Alvin Cruz3 månader sedan

    Lol my plaid model x does say it will be delivery around October-November 😒😔😭😭😭

  • Steven Cheek
    Steven Cheek3 månader sedan

    The capitalization of “Tesla Vision” feels like the introduction of a new product who’s TAM is far beyond driving cars.

  • Jinho Moon
    Jinho Moon3 månader sedan

    자막 자동 완성 기능을 열어 주시면 한국에서도 보다 더 시청이 가능할 것입니다. ^^

  • Bill Baker
    Bill Baker3 månader sedan

    Wow it's a Nissan Leaf with a better battery,

  • James Guan
    James Guan3 månader sedan

    I'm 6'0 205 lbs. What size tshirt should I get? ;-) And what is the tshirt brand?

  • Deke Rivers
    Deke Rivers3 månader sedan

    If we're being brutally honest, this was a real stretch for Tesla to proclaim. I don't think anyone would honestly classify the 3/Y series as "premium", the price would suggest a premium car but the 3 and C class offer much more, drive smoother, are quieter, etc. Don't get me wrong I love the 3/Y but the X/S are premium. I like the changes and will definitely wait for the new ones to start arriving. Let's hope the quality consistency get's sorted out. I know in the past the recommendation has been to give Tesla a few months to iron things out, not that always works but is probably a good approach??

  • Michael Santiago
    Michael Santiago3 månader sedan

    How soon do you think the refreshed Y will come out? I have a Y on order, but am considering cancelling and waiting.

  • BillRey


    3 månader sedan

    production starts end of 2021, but mass production might be 2022, so you'd likely have to wait roughly a year

  • roguedogx
    roguedogx3 månader sedan

    7:53 I'm curious to know exactly how they plan to regulate the heat gradient in such a large casting. Even on small parts the timing of the cooling jets in a die being off even slightly can ruin a part, a bigger part makes this problem much bigger. there's also the small issue of controlling porosity in such a large part, although the dry environment could help with that quite a lot.

  • faceclutch
    faceclutch3 månader sedan

    FSD is a scam by Tesla

  • Eduardo Kostetzer
    Eduardo Kostetzer3 månader sedan

    Humm... Not much about the "New Tesla Model Y for 2021"... Video is all about earnings call, supply chain, factories all over the world, batteries, etc. I would expect a walk around the "new model Y". Ryan, may be you could change the tile to "All things Tesla Q1/2021".... Not that is wasn't informative. Just a little misleading from the title

  • Bert Hogendoorn
    Bert Hogendoorn3 månader sedan

    The big issue with the new structure pack with 4680 battery is serviceability, unlike the current 2170cells, can be serviced if cells are bad, so I understand why Tesla has to assure there is 99.998% quality and performance level of the 4680 battery when using it in this way.

  • HydratedOcean33
    HydratedOcean333 månader sedan


  • Mike Perrett
    Mike Perrett3 månader sedan

    Instead of a new model Y, how about getting the current one across to the UK

  • Neal Pitts
    Neal Pitts3 månader sedan

    I’m hoping the new MY will have a lithium-ion 12-volt or 48-volt battery as well, like the new S/X

  • Doug Neaves
    Doug Neaves3 månader sedan

    According to “sammobile” Samsung had to close the Austin, Texas chip production for a month. The damage cost over $270 million.

  • Paolo Panzarino
    Paolo Panzarino3 månader sedan

    What about LFP batteries for the Model Y made in Berlin? Aren’t they going to use those cheaper cells for the standard range model Y?

  • Neal Pitts

    Neal Pitts

    3 månader sedan

    We can hope they do, and the MY will be cheaper as a result. I thunk CATL may be their only supplier for LFP batteries?

  • Nicholas Kaufmann
    Nicholas Kaufmann3 månader sedan

    @Ryan Shaw Berlin-made MY reservation holder from Switzerland here. If you’re interested, you’re welcome to come check out the European MY later this year and compare to the US one. LMK

  • Matthew Boyd
    Matthew Boyd3 månader sedan

    Maybe with this 14% range increase they will sell the Model Y standard range at 250-278 miles of range (less range=lower price) and the structural design cost saving and new cell cost saving... Could we see a $35,000 Model Y? The elusive legendary Tesla price point

  • Dragon Sickness
    Dragon Sickness3 månader sedan

    Model y?

  • Williams Hobbs
    Williams Hobbs3 månader sedan

    I love this video, I bought my model y also not quite long....

    IAN BLADUELL3 månader sedan

    too pricey shirts and hoodies

  • dan kim
    dan kim3 månader sedan

    HEy Ryan, I Subbed... love your videos. I am in torrance, ca. so lot of videos are like.... hey., his at 101.. or 110. LOL. just got my Y . ordered 4/11 and got it 4/28. LR Silver. maybe I;ll bump into you on the road . (wait. no no. no bump... i dont literally mean bumb.. i mean see you... haha) keep the vids flowin' - best wishes

  • Spiff
    Spiff3 månader sedan

    So being from Denmark (in Europe), I really think A LOT of people are waiting for the Model Y right now. Especially because we expect the Model Y to come with increased range 600km+. Basically Tesla is expected to outperform all other brands in performance, range and price when the Y hits the market here. BUT if they fail to deliver on range, due to downscaling of battery size to match current Y production and range, I think the Model Y will be seen as “just another EV”... which would be a huge shame and a big loss of sales on this European market. Not saying it won’t sell, but just saying I doubt it will hugely outperform other well known brands focusing on EV atm. Personally I hope for and expect a Model Y with more range due to the 4680 battery from Tesla in Europe (Giga Berlin).

  • Johan Siverklev

    Johan Siverklev

    3 månader sedan

    Even though I would love the extra range, if they don't go down that road, but rather reduces the battery pack to accomodate the same range as today, it would mean basically halving charge times due to a much smaller battery pack, so either way, it's a win..

  • Mor - Gan
    Mor - Gan3 månader sedan

    Nice video!!! Very engaging from beginning to end. Nevertheless, businesses and investment are the easiest way to make money..

  • Joe Milliner

    Joe Milliner

    3 månader sedan

    Investments are the stepping Stones to success, Investing is what creates wealth.

  • starchild5477
    starchild54773 månader sedan

    Do you think the new BMW and Mercedes electric cars will be built any better than their gas compatriots?

  • john t
    john t3 månader sedan

    10% less weight of car or battery? If car, that is 400 lbs. That much lighter means a 5% smaller battery could give the same range with better performance and further lower price.

  • Adriano Viterbo
    Adriano Viterbo3 månader sedan

    How much do these cost savings add up to on the vehicle cost (MY)? 10,15,30% reduction coming in a couple years?

  • Steve Dowler
    Steve Dowler3 månader sedan

    Hey Ryan, thanks for your great channel, always something new to hear about on it. Question: why doesn't Tesla make a small battery that would fill those holes in the matrix of batteries? pardon this potentially dumb question but my math teacher always said there are no dumb questions. Cheers, S.

  • Raoul Nelson
    Raoul Nelson3 månader sedan

    Does FSD work when it is snowing or when snow is on road? My cameras often do not work.

  • 단이엘님
    단이엘님3 månader sedan

    I hope model 3 gets this update too

  • Kacey Green
    Kacey Green3 månader sedan

    The tires footnote was there from the paper launch

  • saiyanwei
    saiyanwei3 månader sedan

    note - new factory does not mean improved factory, rather, their will be a learning curve and ramp, so initial quality of units built will actually be questionable



    3 månader sedan

    Tesla never had quality issues at the start with the model 3 at Shanghai



    3 månader sedan

    Um no

  • Adam Selene
    Adam Selene3 månader sedan

    I am a washing machine enthusiast (a "washer guy"). To prove I am a washer guy, I modified my washer to be as loud as possible.

  • pauld315
    pauld3153 månader sedan

    Maybe I should cancel my order and wait for these improvements

  • Neal Pitts

    Neal Pitts

    3 månader sedan

    Might be beginning of 2022 at soonest for this MY “2.0”, though I’m really counting on mid 2022

  • Joey Tesla
    Joey Tesla3 månader sedan

    You make a lot of good points about Tesla's success, but Gordon Johnson keeps telling us Tesla is a busted growth story

  • Tai Nan
    Tai Nan3 månader sedan

    Could you talk about Chinese government paying for fake protest in China against Tesla? Thank you 🙏

  • B P
    B P3 månader sedan

    I wonder when air suspension will be available for the model Y?

  • Last Lion

    Last Lion

    3 månader sedan

    @Cam chen no 18 months is a long weight. and the price will be the same.

  • Cam chen

    Cam chen

    3 månader sedan

    Bought my MY back in feb and took delivery in March, wondering if I bought it soo soon

  • Neal Pitts

    Neal Pitts

    3 månader sedan

    I’m expecting “adjustable” suspension, but not not air suspension

  • Damian


    3 månader sedan

    I’d personally say never,even with all the possibilities and things we seen that it could be built.It’s 4 to 6 grand for air suspension. I see Tesla right “now” as an efficient and cost savings company.

  • Rusty Bakoyoyo
    Rusty Bakoyoyo3 månader sedan

    Yup true,I bought my model y 2 weeks ago,and it's awsome,love it ....

  • TruFit by Paige!

    TruFit by Paige!

    3 månader sedan

    @Last Lion it’s on my Tesla account

  • Last Lion

    Last Lion

    3 månader sedan

    @TruFit by Paige! How did you find the delivery date?

  • TruFit by Paige!

    TruFit by Paige!

    3 månader sedan

    You got it already?!? My delivery window was extended to June 9-29... praying it comes sooner lol

  • Lidl LOL

    Lidl LOL

    3 månader sedan


  • Miguel Campeau
    Miguel Campeau3 månader sedan

    Hi Ryan, you mention Elon's Tweet confirming FSD subscriprion will include upgrade of HW2.5 to HW3.0. I read it as we will have the ability to upgrade to HW3 ($?) so we will then be able to subscribe to FSD, so this Tweet is not clear to me. Anyone else have an opinion? I certainly hope Ryan is right!

  • Omaer 1
    Omaer 13 månader sedan

    Very Nice!

  • Soham From Techour
    Soham From Techour3 månader sedan

    Let's go!!! Can"t wait to see the silver play button