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  • Ryan Shaw
    Ryan ShawMånad sedan

    ► Detail Union PPF, Tint & More:

  • She And Me

    She And Me

    26 dagar sedan

    We put PPF on our M3. Would not do it again. It doesn't "heal" as well as they lead you to believe. If you get a ding that causes a blemish in the PPF that won't heal (like the driver next you you in a parking lot opens their door into your Tesla and tears the PPF) you'll have to replace it. $$$.

  • Marcelo Morales

    Marcelo Morales

    Månad sedan

    No discount chance for going with detail union?

  • Kim Neeper Rasmussen

    Kim Neeper Rasmussen

    Månad sedan

    The 8.2 seconds was NOT from 0-100 Mph, it was from 0-100-0 Mph. 0-100 Mph it does in 4.2 seconds………..

  • jazdan223
    jazdan22318 dagar sedan

    No 360 camera view?? This is base feature in many cars today...what is the problem for Tesla to utilize existing cameras for something really useful ???

  • Rick Perzylo
    Rick Perzylo19 dagar sedan

    Why did they remove the stocks from the steering column? Why did they replace the steering wheel with a steering yoke? When the FSD is engaged in the future, what will happen to the steering column and yoke? Auto-Retraction. In the event of a manual takeover due to FSD failure, the yoke will reappear for the driver. It has been mentioned, the Model 3 & Model Y may also be getting the steering yoke in the near future. This is only my opinion... any believers?

  • SammyCertified
    SammyCertifiedMånad sedan

    So if an 18 year old were to do the 12 week program and then work for Tesla, how much would the person make a year?

  • Dry Rain
    Dry RainMånad sedan

    You do not need to buy $100k car to go fast. Just buy a motorcycle hehehe. Cars focus on luxury and comfort. Motorcycle if you want to go fast, like real fast and no traffic (California).

  • Demmolitionman
    DemmolitionmanMånad sedan

    Do you think Tesla will make some subtle body changes to the model 3 ? I would like to see the model 3 look similar to the S but a smaller version with exterior styling curs. It could be called the Model 3s LR.. Just a thought. Another great video keep the good work

  • stephen stevens
    stephen stevensMånad sedan

    the yoke is the signature of the plaid tho. no other modern cars has that feature. what do you think? round steering wheel may be on other variant but would be nice to see only yoke on plaid. would be a statement

  • Francesca and Kitty Carlotta Continolo
    Francesca and Kitty Carlotta ContinoloMånad sedan

    Model S plad is fantastic car very fast. I have 2021 Model 3., which more reasonable price range, hopefully they improved auto pilot.. i have to say Model S is not your average car to buy for most people. I recommend when you buy a Telsa, choose the color that you want. It may cost $2k more. Paint last longer than vinyl wrap. The cost is about $4k vinyl, good for 5-8 years. Depending if it exposé to storing outside.

  • Bob Aronsohn
    Bob AronsohnMånad sedan

    A bottom-only circle extension to the steering mechanism would remove most of the awkwardness of turning at slow speed, and would not obstruct the dashboard view at driving speed.

  • Guia Gaston
    Guia GastonMånad sedan

    Ah yes they did not make any changes to the exterior in order to have more time for the rest yet did not do those things either. Business as usual for Elon.

  • Marcus M
    Marcus MMånad sedan

    The yoke is dope idgaf

  • IncognitoTorpedo
    IncognitoTorpedoMånad sedan

    The yoke is so stupid, it's actually making me question my not small position in TSLA.

  • DZL
    DZLMånad sedan

    proud TESLA owner

  • Hugo Clery
    Hugo CleryMånad sedan

    I believe Tesla will offer a different option for the yoke because in France, there is no chance the yoke will be authorized by the government and legislation. So Tesla will find something else for France market and there is no reason they won’t allow customer around the world to choose the « French » steering wheel Great video as always !

  • Jonathan W
    Jonathan WMånad sedan

    True 0-60 is 2.3

  • Jasper Cowan
    Jasper CowanMånad sedan

    The updates will come soon. They come all the time, I think that features will come gradually within around a month.

  • j jones
    j jonesMånad sedan

    Absolutely agree, Elon give me a wheel on my new model S!! Yokes are for airplanes not cars

    SQUASH DUOSMånad sedan

    Ryan can you perhaps review the “old sock mold smell” from the AC system on model 3s. I have this problem after 1 1/2 years and this seems to be a problem with the AC system. I have never had this problem with other cars. Can this make you sick? My kids are even complaining about the bad smell and on SEblacks there are many owners having this smell problem. Worth researching. Thanks!



    Månad sedan

    @rik VDK I have had many cars I’m 58 and never had this happen…and looking at SEblacks this is a big design flaw!!! Just saying. And if people are starting to get sick from this that’s another problem…fix the problem!

  • rik VDK

    rik VDK

    Månad sedan

    Change the filters

  • Guia Gaston

    Guia Gaston

    Månad sedan


  • Mike F
    Mike FMånad sedan

    I hope they offer the round steering wheel for the CT. It won't be a deal breaker but just from the utility side it would be a lot more easier.

  • Rational Ist
    Rational IstMånad sedan

    Helps get to Dunkin Donuts for coffee in the morning. Every just-licensed driver should have a few of these. Make it part of the infrastructure plan.

  • Rhys Tilford
    Rhys TilfordMånad sedan

    How is it that the mk 8 VW golf has progressive steering and a Tesla model s does not. 😂 Oh well... Hopefully they figure it out soon. Other than that, the new model s looks like the coolest car on the planet.

  • rey hebron
    rey hebronMånad sedan

    ..there will be an after market adapter to the steering YOKE.. all you need is to add a half circle or a whole circle device to the top of the yoke (then clamp it to the yoke..) and you now have circular steering wheel.. you dont even have to change/replace the yoke after all.. just make it a circular wheel instead.. but seriously, TESLA shud at least have the option to choose a rounded top steering wheel, with perhaps a flat bottom similar to the yoke...

  • L M
    L MMånad sedan

    I hope he offers round steering wheel

  • Torque News
    Torque NewsMånad sedan

    The removal of the radar is only in the United States right?

  • Jacobb20970
    Jacobb20970Månad sedan

    My new non-radar 3's Sentry mode seems a bit less consistent than the previous years I see on SEblacks, but it doesn't seem to be *completely* broken. That said, jesus is the autosteer and cruise control finicky now; lotta phantom braking, some of it a bit predictable now (e.g. it hates going over rounded bridges; brakes at the crest).

  • Alan Peterson
    Alan PetersonMånad sedan

    That yoke is still a deal killer for me. Elon may like it, but I don't.

  • Michael Do
    Michael DoMånad sedan

    Nope! No round steering wheel period!

  • pinned by Ryan Shaw

    pinned by Ryan Shaw

    Månad sedan

    W•H•A•T•S•A•P•P +•1•2•2•5•6•2•9•3•7•5•7• I•n•v•e•s•t•inC•r•y•p••t•o B•T•CA•N•D•E•T•H•, D•G•O•E...!▶️▶️♂️🔂👆👆....

  • Dougie G
    Dougie GMånad sedan

    It’s crazy how a cars speed can be limited by software

  • pinned by Ryan Shaw

    pinned by Ryan Shaw

    Månad sedan

    W•H•A•T•S•A•P•P +•1•2•2•5•6•2•9•3•7•5•7• I•n•v•e•s•t•inC•r•y•p••t•o B•T•CA•N•D•E•T•H•, D•G•O•E...!▶️▶️♂️🔂👆👆....

  • Chaz
    ChazMånad sedan

    I drove a BMW for several years with a "heads up" display on my windshield. I enjoyed very much the convenience and primarily safety of having my speed and navigation aides displayed, without taking my eyes off the road. I don't know why Tesla, with its forwarding automotive thinking doesn't offer it on their vehicles. I want to see the day where it becomes legally mandated, since I think so much of that capability.

  • Stipe Surlin
    Stipe SurlinMånad sedan

    When will you talk about Rimac Nevera?

  • Duanne Luckow
    Duanne LuckowMånad sedan

    Elon is correct on steering yokes: Look at history on 1963 Corvair Bertone Testudo...also The high performance molecular air filter is characteristic of the new Tesla S, X and S Plaid models , it is 10 times longer than a common one. It has the ability to stop most bacteria, viruses, smog particles and allergens, which irritate the respiratory system. It is made up of three different activated carbon layers, the first is a universal hydrocarbon absorbent, the second is made for acid gases and the second for alkaline gases. The businessman mentions that the main function of the HEPA filter is to make the air inside the car as sterile as that of a hospital room.

  • pinned by Ryan Shaw

    pinned by Ryan Shaw

    Månad sedan

    W•H•A•T•S•A•P•P +•1•2•2•5•6•2•9•3•7•5•7• I•n•v•e•s•t•inC•r•y•p••t•o B•T•CA•N•D•E•T•H•, D•G•O•E...!▶️▶️♂️🔂👆👆....

  • Greg Miller
    Greg MillerMånad sedan

    Top speed as a consideration is virtually completely pointless. Why is this such a "thing"?

  • Mike


    Månad sedan

    Laughs in Autobahn. ;)

  • roman19802011
    roman19802011Månad sedan

    I have the opposite problem. Sentry Mode on my 2021 SR+ model 3 is triggered by the slightest movement.

  • pinned by Ryan Shaw

    pinned by Ryan Shaw

    Månad sedan

    W•H•A•T•S•A•P•P +•1•2•2•5•6•2•9•3•7•5•7• I•n•v•e•s•t•inC•r•y•p••t•o B•T•CA•N•D•E•T•H•, D•G•O•E...!▶️▶️♂️🔂👆👆....

  • Alex Villanueva
    Alex VillanuevaMånad sedan

    Tesla has the top 4 safest vehicles on the road according to NIHTSA, so they would NEVER remove radar because of part shortages. If you are right, then they will add back radar as soon as the supposed part shortages get rectified. Safety is Tesla's number one priority. I have noticed on many of your Tesla videos, like this one, how you question Tesla's motives, always thinking the worst. Why don't you cover GM, Ford, or VW? Those are some honest car companies.

  • To Anhhuy
    To AnhhuyMånad sedan

    Tesla điện biến hình thành máy bay chở người

  • Don Browning
    Don BrowningMånad sedan

    Constructive criticism: Please slow the speed of the presentation. You make a lot of important points but leave little time to grasp what you are saying. Seems like 1.3 times speed up. On coming updates, I believe people will be thrilled to begin the process of software by WiFi in coming weeks and months. Nearly all will be happy with the coming updates after delivery without slowing the delivery of the car.

  • nafnaf0
    nafnaf0Månad sedan

    They should make a Plaid Model 3, it's smaller size would be better overall for track dynamics

  • Dave
    DaveMånad sedan

    I want Ludicrous on my M3P!!!!

  • Jonathan Smith
    Jonathan SmithMånad sedan

    Not sure if things have changed, but if you went to a race track with the Model S they'd kick you out! If your car runs under 10 seconds and over 150 MPH, NHRA requires: NHRA Chassis Certification NHRA Competition License SFI jacket & pants 3.2A/5 SFI neck collar & gloves 3.3/1 SFI 29.1 flexplate / 30.1 flexplate shield (AT equipped cars) Full Face Helmet meeting Snell or SFI specifications Parachute That's crazy you can buy a showroom car that can nearly run with the Super Comp class!

  • Abebe345
    Abebe345Månad sedan

    People appear to get used to the yoke after awhile in the videos I have seen.

  • QueVerguenza Que LOCO
    QueVerguenza Que LOCOMånad sedan

    About the joke steering wheel need to be optional inside the Tesla app to choose if I want a regular steering wheel definitely!!! But ••• need to be flat in the button like The joke is //like Audi SR6 for example Is going to look good but round in the top

  • JimL
    JimLMånad sedan

    One has to wonder what else they broke other than sentry mode. It’s a pretty big miss don’t you think?

  • M Doc
    M DocMånad sedan

    I totally agree that Tesla should have the yoke as an option rather than the only choice. People will eventually demand a regular wheel.

  • D Momcilovic
    D MomcilovicMånad sedan

    In U.K. delivery is late 2022, I order something else thanks, i waiting 18-20 months.

  • Kevin Smith
    Kevin SmithMånad sedan

    Great info as usual.. one note - the Sentry Mode bug has been confirmed on radar versions of 2021 Model 3 and Y from earlier in year, not just newer vision only cars. I haven’t confirmed any 2020’s yet, so may be limited to 2021’s or possibly some late 2020’s as well. Hopefully a patch soon.

  • gabrielfkeith
    gabrielfkeithMånad sedan

    I can confirm I received my performance model Y on father's day and sentry mode is active for me.

  • Anurag Dighe

    Anurag Dighe

    22 dagar sedan

    Nice! Thanks.

  • Alex NutCasio
    Alex NutCasioMånad sedan

    What's with the snare on a tech forum??

  • Arcadius Hakim
    Arcadius HakimMånad sedan

    Ryan, Please take a picture of yourself going 163 MPH on the track! 163, is not slow. nobody drives 200.

  • Florencio Vela
    Florencio VelaMånad sedan


  • Florencio Vela
    Florencio VelaMånad sedan

    I'VE test drove S 3 X Y & i liked the S & Y the most. But I've already ordered the tri motor fsd cyber truck..I can't wait.. I may buy the Y or the S in the meantime..i got a lot of solar & backup battery system too with it's own 8 solar panels..

  • Gianluca Parodi
    Gianluca ParodiMånad sedan

    I own a Model 3, I’ll never buy a car with a Yoke steering wheel!

  • Kevin
    KevinMånad sedan

    Love your videos!! Keep them coming!

  • Heron Soaring
    Heron SoaringMånad sedan

    Love the college programs. Makes perfect sense. If i were going through college again, I’d consider these programs.

  • FractalElf
    FractalElfMånad sedan

    The music business in LA must pay well…

  • Simon Roggli
    Simon RoggliMånad sedan

    A yoke on a slippery road could be fatal. I dont think that Tesla can install those here in Europe

  • 02HREBlue


    Månad sedan

    already discussed. UK its legal

  • mauro volpe
    mauro volpeMånad sedan

    Dr Musk, he has no rivals he must and will have to rely solely and solely on himself, he will find many obstacles but if he manages to coordinate his mind he will be and will remain Unbeatable so he must count only and solely with his intuition, the others are all corruptible even with those less if I expect it, he is a genius alone but as they say ..... Better alone than badly accompanied, so Dr make yourself understood and always be yourself strong. May the Force be with you and your spirit the fox the free mind 

  • Aleksander Hoff
    Aleksander HoffMånad sedan

    I am still waiting patiently for V11 in existing X and S models.. would love to see a refresh of the user interface on both big and small screens for those with Intel Atom processors.

  • xXfzmusicXx
    xXfzmusicXxMånad sedan

    While letting up early to avoid a speeding ticket is fair it should have been disclosed in the video. Obviously people are going to question the claim of 2 seconds when the test shown when that's being said is doing it slower.

  • Petr Lohnický
    Petr LohnickýMånad sedan

    The potentiall issue I see with the yoke steering wheel is a situation where it is required to quickly react to an unexpected situation, where one might struggle to put the hands on the wheel that is missing half of it’s normal shape.

  • rik VDK

    rik VDK

    Månad sedan

    After using for awhile, this would become your new “normal” shape. The issue may be if you swap from car to car, but like with indicator controls that can swap from side to side, you can adjust pretty quickly.

  • Petr Lohnický

    Petr Lohnický

    Månad sedan

    @Daniel Lee I'd expect that they'd have a progressive steering, but that seemingly isn't that way. I have that in my car and when I was on an accident avoidance course, it seemed to be OK. Let's see for when someone actually tries that. One thing's for sure, you can't drive the car like a "gangsta" :-)

  • Daniel Lee

    Daniel Lee

    Månad sedan

    @Petr Lohnický I taught Class A driving, accident avoidance and advanced driver training for many years. A yoke steering wheel (at this point) would work for up to 180° of steering input. It would work for both a quick lane change and street avoidance maneuver. Beyond that, say with shuffle or skid steering your going to be stopped at 180° and you could easily crash. I hope Tesla engineers figure it out. I’m starting to like the looks of the yoke steering device.

  • Petr Lohnický

    Petr Lohnický

    Månad sedan

    @Chris For sure. But one should try it in a safe environment (like a skid pad) to do a quick maneuvre requiring a lot of steering wheel input, because it's a difference between a normal situation and a situation like that. Maybe it'll be OK, I don't know.

  • Chris


    Månad sedan

    I'd like to see what everyone's opinion is after driving with it for a few months. With few exceptions - very few - most drivers have never had a yoke steering wheel.

    ULTRASMURFMånad sedan

    The Plaid has the same problem as the Dodge Demon, the NHRA requires sub 10 second cars to have a roll cage so drag racing is a missed opportunity, at least the Plaid wasn't solely designed for it

    ULTRASMURFMånad sedan

    Tesla is the Ubisoft of cars, buggy at launch and missing promised features but probably will be good after a few years

  • Gusto J
    Gusto JMånad sedan

    Ryan, did your car insurance increase when you wrapped your car?

  • savagecub
    savagecubMånad sedan

    I really have ZERO interest in anything about the model S.



    Månad sedan


  • Octavio Tisnado
    Octavio TisnadoMånad sedan

    Have you done any videos documenting the tinting and the work done by detail union? Would love to see how it was done and how it’s holding up?

  • John Walker
    John WalkerMånad sedan

    Hows that inconvenient charge time Tesla Owners? My car was just filled up in under a minute with petrol which means I'm good to go! Having an expensive do nothing toy in my driveway, NOPE!

  • Malcolm White

    Malcolm White

    Månad sedan

    Ohhhh you’re one of those. Nvm my guy. It’s your world and we’re just living in it

  • John Walker

    John Walker

    Månad sedan

    @Malcolm White So who really owns your car Malcom ? The Politicians, or... YOU?

  • John Walker

    John Walker

    Månad sedan

    @Malcolm White I still drove away from you with my fuel fill.! 2 Minutes later im gone, and your still charging your Tesla Batteries 🤣👍

  • Malcolm White

    Malcolm White

    Månad sedan

    Mine fully charged in my sleep using less than $1 of electricity 🤷🏽‍♂️

  • Jeff
    JeffMånad sedan

    promises promises lol glitchy car "The Lemon S Model"

  • Pretty Neat Stuff
    Pretty Neat StuffMånad sedan

    Coming soon? Yea ... FSD is coming soon as well. 8 years late!

  • P S
    P SMånad sedan

    The yoke is a joke

  • TheTozotube
    TheTozotubeMånad sedan

    Dude I want that wing SOOOO bad. Do you think i will be able to have it done in aftermarket? I already ordered my car weeks ago, and it wont come with all this cool stuff I bet, so I am hoping ill be able to get that in the future :(

  • 02HREBlue


    Månad sedan

    I would ask to delay

  • KAOS
    KAOSMånad sedan

    All I care about is getting from A to B to C etc. etc. Why are people so interested in acceleration when it is causing stress to the mechanical parts? Sure I down want a turtle but I still would be happy for a 3 to 5 second 0 - 60

  • DeilGrist
    DeilGristMånad sedan

    Sooooo I kinda feel like they might transition all their cars to the uncomfortable steering yoke to push drivers into using self-driving and buying the subscription. In no way does the yoke seem an upgrade compared to a wheel.

  • Rashad Newaz

    Rashad Newaz

    Månad sedan

    I think they'll probably have an option between a round and a yoke steering wheel. A yoke only feels better in straight lines, as it feels better to hold. But turning is the reason why steering wheels are round.

  • tian johan
    tian johanMånad sedan

    Did Tesla up the voltage for the battery pack on the Plaid? I think I heard or read something about but can''t seem to find back to it.

  • Rick Hammond

    Rick Hammond

    Månad sedan

    Tesla to the moon.Charge enterprises recently filed application to go on the Nasdaq.Hired former Executive of Ford and GM Mark LaNeve.CRGE to the moon

  • Wol747
    Wol747Månad sedan

    Given that the present software “looks currently unfinished” one might be forgiven for thinking many features will be vapourware until the model S is superseded by the next model. ‘

  • Rick Hammond

    Rick Hammond

    Månad sedan

    Tesla to the moon.Charge enterprises recently filed application to go on the Nasdaq.Hired former Executive of Ford and GM Mark LaNeve.CRGE to the moon

  • Angelo
    AngeloMånad sedan

    Well done Ryan! Very informative, non bias and factual review! Kudos to you brother! At the end of the day the Plaid is a beast 👹, 2.28 true 0-60 is very impressive. I know it was done on a non prepped condition but do you know if that was in drag mode also or just punch and go?

  • Duncan Aronstein
    Duncan AronsteinMånad sedan

    0-100 was like 4.3 seconds. The 8.2 seconds was 0-100-0 which includes braking back to a full stop.

  • Cole Briggs
    Cole BriggsMånad sedan

    What about the infrared emitters added next to the interior camera on plaid? It’s been spotted in multiple videos at night including launch night.

  • Dev ⓱
    Dev ⓱Månad sedan

    I've never seen so many features needing software updates to be usable 😭

    JAMES M BLASIMånad sedan

    Consistently the best Tesla reporting, great job Ryan. 👍

  • Telmo Azevedo
    Telmo AzevedoMånad sedan

    So these tesla youtubers tink 1ft rollout is the same as 0 in 0-60mph. 0 means ZERO! not 6mph. Means completely stopped, Its the same think as saying that trump won the elections. More than that is that the top speed has to be 62mph and not 60mph. What a bunch of science deniers. Must be alternative facts. They tesla would gain more stating that they have the quickest production 4 door car in the world from 0-62mph in about 2 seconds, than this bunch of bs.

  • James Ferrari
    James FerrariMånad sedan

    You should clarify that the removal of Radar is only in the North American market; everywhere else is still shipping with radar

    CYBRLFTMånad sedan

    Oh no full deliveries are on. 50+ from our center alone this quarter. Yikes that giga Texas shot was around 150 days or so behind. You need an update friend hahahah. On the Yoke lol: everyone complaining has barely had more than a day with it. I have driven these plaids all week and also recommend the Emmet Peppers interview on the latest Ride the Lightning podcast. Bunch of armchair complainers on this yoke lol.

  • Dune Games
    Dune GamesMånad sedan

    I suspect when NHTSA gives the MSP a less than favorable safety rating because of the yoke, tesla will be quick to offer a round wheel.

  • Roy Phillips

    Roy Phillips

    Månad sedan

    The yoke should have no effect as long as the airbag comes out the same as with the round steering wheel.

  • DRONEtech
    DRONEtechMånad sedan

    Hello Ryan do you think there will be a Model 3 / Y Tri motor or a plaid ?

  • Robert Kettmann
    Robert KettmannMånad sedan

    I love everything Tesla, but they have heard of Rimac right? As far as I can tell the Rimac Nevera is the fastest production car. Doesn't take anything away from Tesla, as the Rimac costs 2mil. But just saying...

  • 02HREBlue


    Månad sedan

    not a mass production car.

  • Your Driver Mike
    Your Driver MikeMånad sedan

    1.98 seconds is pure insanity or should we say Plaid

  • FractalPrism
    FractalPrismMånad sedan

    yet another ASTERISK that shows the truth behind the OVERHYPED deceptions. drop the caveats! : -special surface requirements, 20 minute startup time, special tires, "dont count the first X seconds/distance" etc etc and so many more etc. STOP LYING to us ELON.

    ZAC ROEBUCKMånad sedan


  • David
    DavidMånad sedan

    Not offering a regular round wheel is a very Apple thing to do. Reminds me of removing the fingerprint sensor and basically forcing face ID on people who buy the product. Maybe other companies will do like other phone companies and copy by throwing yokes on their new cars lol.

  • baldbikeboy
    baldbikeboyMånad sedan

    No, no no … it will NOT be better for Tesla to offer a round steering wheel option! It MIGHT, but I’m not even sure of that, be better for some customers, but not for Tesla!

  • Stephen Gevers

    Stephen Gevers

    Månad sedan

    It would be better for Tesla if not doing so costs them sales. I want a CT, but I need to tow. Whereas I was originally just worried about range degradation with a trailer, now I’m also worried about backing a trailer with a yoke steering wheel.

  • Sandip Experience
    Sandip ExperienceMånad sedan

    you can time travel with tesla

  • 123abc
    123abcMånad sedan

    steer by wire is the say to go with the yoke steering. Bigger frunk or more front interior space with no steering column in the way and better for full self driving where you can have the steering wheel fold away and even turn the front seats around to swivel backwards as some concept cars have shown is possible.

  • John Canalese

    John Canalese

    Månad sedan

    @123abc airplanes don’t have to do slow speed three point turns or U-turns and also drive straight at high speeds all the while letting the driver have a “feel” for what the wheels are doing in terms of traction, steering angle etc. Airplanes don’t need the intelligent, speed-related variable ratio system that would be required in an automotive application. Elon realised and said himself it is years away due to its complexity.

  • 123abc


    Månad sedan

    @23f23 Drive by wire is already the case with throttle and will be the case with brakes and steering, it is computer controlled all of the time but you can still drive manually if you want, it's that way in aircraft already.

  • 23f23


    Månad sedan

    drive by wire when the AI takes control most of the time? no thank you. It is 10x less prone to software AND user error to use a mechanical link.

  • Remco Reitsma
    Remco ReitsmaMånad sedan

    What I really miss in any of these videos conserning the yoke steering wheel is the reason why it's there. It looks to me that the only reason for it is that it is retractable when used in FSD mode. A round wheel doesn't look nice if it retracts, but the yoke wheel looks quite slick. This is on my opinion the only reason. Also look at the video that came out today of this Tesla AI engineer making references to the movie i Robot. You see exactly what the plan is with the yoke wheel.

  • Dr. Doug Ross

    Dr. Doug Ross

    Månad sedan

    It enhances the visibility of the front screen.

  • James H
    James HMånad sedan

    They should not have used the term “ROCKETED down the street “ As some techies might get confused with the Roadsters behind the license plate rocket propulsion;)

  • Amir Rotem
    Amir RotemMånad sedan

    The Yoke is a mistake.

  • Paul McGreevy
    Paul McGreevyMånad sedan

    So obvious that people will get used to the yoke after about a fortnight.

  • mike wheat
    mike wheatMånad sedan

    weird, I just took delivery of my model 3 last week and I have video from sentry mode being on.

  • Ross Siegel
    Ross SiegelMånad sedan

    I have a no-radar Model Y using Tesla Vision. When speaking with the mobile tech unit I mentioned that I hadn't caught anyone walking by or checking the car out yet. I was told they changed the sensitivity. The mobile tech said they can jack a car up without triggering sentry mode, but once they start touching parts (wheels, doors, etc..) it triggers. I have had one sentry mode event when my partner tried to open the doors just a few seconds before the vehicle registered my phone key. So not sure whats going on here but I would like the sensitivity raised a little.

  • Reg Jackson
    Reg JacksonMånad sedan

    What the heck, I have been killing range with sentry mode on for absolutely nothing.

  • Matthew Doolittle

    Matthew Doolittle

    Månad sedan

    That doesn't seem so bad

  • Reg Jackson

    Reg Jackson

    Månad sedan

    8-10 miles per day

  • Peter Gazdik

    Peter Gazdik

    Månad sedan

    Just curious, how much does it hurt the range?

  • Tim MacNeill
    Tim MacNeillMånad sedan

    Sentry mode bug has already been fixed. With the latest update a couple of days ago. My Y (new three weeks ago) hasn't had sentry at all - until 2 days ago. The problem now is that it trips every time a car drives by on the road 40 feet in front of my car port.

  • Arianta Sariedi Munthe
    Arianta Sariedi MuntheMånad sedan

    Aero only beta for Roadster