New Tesla Cybertruck Features Revealed

New Cybertruck Features, FSD Subscription, FSD Beta, Tesla LTE, and more!

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  • Rob Beedle
    Rob Beedle9 timmar sedan

    I could see it now “new car $9,999, service plan varies but starts at $349 a month plus taxes, fees, fees, and some fees”

  • BizzMRK
    BizzMRK11 timmar sedan

    Mirrorless car designs are nothing new tbh. BMW showed of a BMW i8 mirrorless in 2016 already and the Audi e-tron Quattro can be equipped with a mirrorless design which is already streetlegal in germany,

  • Chris Hovis
    Chris Hovis23 timmar sedan

    Brah, I really want to watch this... but you really need to get your facts straight....0:50 in.... saying Tesla is recalling all affected MCU1 and upgrading them to MCU2 isn't accurate at all. IF THEY DEEM YOUR MCU1 TO HAVE THE SYMPTOMS SPECIFIED IN THE RECALL, AND ONLY THE SPECIFIC SYMPTOMS, they will upgrade your memory chip in your MCU1.. it's not a full upgrade to MCU2.

  • Sarah40M
    Sarah40MDag sedan

    Tesla garbage!

  • FaultLine
    FaultLineDag sedan

    8:21 is pretty much a stupid illustration, that big of a gap won't require to use that feature lol

  • zippyspeedmonkey
    zippyspeedmonkeyDag sedan

    Tesla need to up their interior designs. The minimalist thing is neat, but I’d prefer an option to bring more features to the interior ( a drive column display, maybe a HUD, etc. )

  • Kyle Woodard
    Kyle WoodardDag sedan

    I bet you that the no door handle feature is going to be standard going forward. Having the ability to only open the door for validated people would easily help with my car driving to the corner to make me money.

  • manamedia
    manamediaDag sedan

    Am I the only one who thinks the Cyber Truck is the most hideous vehicle ever?

  • Mackan70
    Mackan702 dagar sedan

    Bold but ugly

  • Chris De Christophe
    Chris De Christophe2 dagar sedan

    Cybertruck might be popular in the USA, but it will not sell much elsewhere. Like most American car companies Tesla not so good at designing cars for nonUS market. Model Y is probably a better fit, but currently not sold in most of world, and too expensive anyway. Its a shame as I think tesla is doing great things popularising evs, but struggling to expand outside USA.

  • Chisoxfan V
    Chisoxfan V2 dagar sedan

    What’s the advantage of cyber truck over F150 Lightening? No Ford dealer to “deal” with.

  • Solexx X
    Solexx X2 dagar sedan

    lol 31 mph.

  • D J
    D J3 dagar sedan

    Door handles - Cutting holes in stainless for the handles would be costly and creates a weak spot that could be exploited in an apocalypse.

  • Matias Claviji
    Matias Claviji3 dagar sedan

    Cybertuck design -1.

  • chazzico
    chazzico3 dagar sedan

    I believe the mcu 1 to mcu 2 is false

  • F D
    F D3 dagar sedan

    I’m sure gm will be the only vehicle with “crab walk” Unless Tesla wants a lawsuit

  • Ying N Yang

    Ying N Yang

    3 dagar sedan

    GM didn’t invent crab walk. It’s been in aircraft towing for almost 50 yrs Edit: there’s not gonna be any lawsuit. Just like rear wheel steering is in many vehicles

  • Steven Allen
    Steven Allen3 dagar sedan

    I love my model s raven. 2020. Shit is dope son !

  • BigBwoyTing
    BigBwoyTing3 dagar sedan

    No more blind spot with cameras why must the USA always have to be behind the rest if the world

  • Tetsuo The Great
    Tetsuo The Great3 dagar sedan

    This hits the same way the Chevy SSR does for me

  • ChaosZombie999
    ChaosZombie9993 dagar sedan

    Will Tesla bring Enhanced Autopilot BACK to the US market? I noticed that it was a thing on UK market cars (not sure about all of Europe though)

  • Chris De Christophe

    Chris De Christophe

    2 dagar sedan

    Not as long as Americans continue to waste their money on 'full self drive'

  • TheJustinKelsey
    TheJustinKelsey3 dagar sedan

    Very little of this video focused on the cybertruck and if you are tired of seeing this guys videos just downvote. Or block channel.

  • C Dun
    C Dun3 dagar sedan

    They really need to change this stupid truck design.

  • NW Fishing Secrets
    NW Fishing Secrets4 dagar sedan

    Paused video once I heard the Cybertruck design was being kept as is, then ordered one. Thanks!

  • John Staples

    John Staples

    6 timmar sedan

    @Obie Cano That's why God made insurance, jackanape.

  • Obie Cano

    Obie Cano

    20 timmar sedan

    The ugliest vehicle on the road. You will probably have to take out a second mortgage to fix that windshield when it gets cracked.

  • John Staples

    John Staples

    Dag sedan

    @Taterkaze troll much?

  • Yuichi


    3 dagar sedan

    @Taterkaze lol. so much effort

  • Taterkaze


    3 dagar sedan

    Because Tesla had demonstrated world-class performance in product quality, service, and product support? Hahaha, no. Tesla is the worst-performing auto manufacturer in every category. Bonus: Tesla is also legendary for forcing unreasonably expensive repairs, refusing to supply parts needed to repair crashed cars, refusing to support pre-owned vehicles, and forcing software updates that create new problems. So good luck. You might want to check out the Rich Rebuilds channel before signing anything.

  • niacal4nia
    niacal4nia4 dagar sedan

    Uglier than a Pontiac Aztec.

  • Hobojo153 alt
    Hobojo153 alt4 dagar sedan

    I seriously doubt the jump to V10 and 11 will take as long as the jump to V9 did. The vast majority of that time was spend sidetracked with going vision only.

  • 22vx
    22vx4 dagar sedan

    Ugh can't stand the crappy noise you continually make toward the end of every sentence. Wish you'd just speak instead.

  • iCon_xB2Gen Rich
    iCon_xB2Gen Rich4 dagar sedan

    I don’t care people thinks I love Tesla cyber truck for life

  • Gauge Buseck
    Gauge Buseck4 dagar sedan

    I am very glad automakers are leaving Tesla’s vertical display behind and now going for the horizontal one… the mache e followed Tesla with a vertical display and ram has one too and it very much disagree with their thought… it is just dumb

  • Lucas Giles
    Lucas Giles4 dagar sedan

    With Color!!!

  • z244824
    z2448244 dagar sedan

    How do you open the door when it's covered in 1/4 inch of ice? Can't pull on a door handle to help break the ice.

  • plmn93


    3 dagar sedan

    Same way you open their current pop out door handles in ice. You wait for the weather to warm up. I don't understand Tesla's insistence on doing at least one stupid thing on each and every vehicle they make.

  • Joe Capo

    Joe Capo

    3 dagar sedan

    Move to a nicer place and you don’t have to worry about it…. 😂

  • Manuel Barkhau
    Manuel Barkhau4 dagar sedan

    Cameras and a display are not a good replacement for a mirror. It takes a few hundred milliseconds to adjust your focal depth when you switch between looking out front on the road to looking at a display that's close to you. With a mirror, you don't need to refocus. If a camera based system is to work, it will have to be more than just a picture of what the camera can see, rather it will have to be some kind of computer generated top down view that is in the display above the steering wheel.

  • Trace zach daniels
    Trace zach daniels4 dagar sedan

    SO SHWEEEETTT...much love Tee with LIONS NAMED LEO.[the music worldwide} SOOOOOO COOL...I AM SO lovin ALL the new stuff.!

  • Chuzz Bot
    Chuzz Bot4 dagar sedan

    F*Ck subscriptions . Cybertruck? Gimme one!

  • Fish Santiago
    Fish Santiago4 dagar sedan

    Cell companies are so scummy.

  • Bruno Matarelli
    Bruno Matarelli4 dagar sedan

    im buying a tesla with yours referential code +D nice work

  • Enermax Stephens
    Enermax Stephens4 dagar sedan

    Iphones only become too slow after a few years because apple designs them that way. So you'll buy a new one. Look up planned obsolescence, and why it's illegal in some countries. Apple can't do that to people in France. Shady companies and their shady practices.

  • elck3
    elck34 dagar sedan

    news != rumors

  • clmcm400
    clmcm4005 dagar sedan

    Incorrect information. I have a model S affected by the recall. They definitely do NOT give you a free MCU 2 upgrade. They offered that to me for like $2,000. What was covered by the recall was a flash swap or something. I am not 100% clear if they swapped my whole unit out, or replaced a board, or just a component. However, post-repair, I guarantee you its 100% still MCU 1. Also, as I was told by the dealer, the LTE upgrade is separate from the MCU 2 upgrade.

  • Stuart Fox
    Stuart Fox5 dagar sedan

    I would go for the Tesla cyber truck but I would want dual wheels such as the Ram 3500.

  • nicholas ellis
    nicholas ellis5 dagar sedan

    Aliens from the future in 1983. Though I do also love that retro futuristic style.

  • Kevin Ayers
    Kevin Ayers5 dagar sedan

    They need to get rid of the yoke steering wheel ASAP.

  • Mark Cole
    Mark Cole5 dagar sedan

    Pretty Good Video, it is very informative. I do have a statement/question. Have you or any other viewers notice that information about the Cybertruck Frunk and Side Storage Bins is non-existent? I hope the Cybertruck will have the frunk. The next thing is, I have not seen anybody talk about the Cybertruck in their vidoes that mentions the frunk.

  • Ethan Dawson
    Ethan Dawson5 dagar sedan

    Will this ever be allowed in Australia 🇦🇺 cos I want one 😂?

  • ArizonaPoet
    ArizonaPoet5 dagar sedan

    Tesla could purchase product lines from Boeing out of Bankruptcy?

  • R Arizona
    R Arizona5 dagar sedan

    No door handles and then they don't open

  • R C
    R C5 dagar sedan

    The cyber truck looks more like a third grader learning geometry designed it not aliens. The aliens would make something that looks much better than that abomination.

  • R C
    R C5 dagar sedan

    Good god man!!! $200.00 per month subscription??? Is Elon smoking hunters crack pipe!!! It’s stupid things like this that make Tesla suck along with no repair shops. Parts wait times so long you age 10 years before the repair is complete. Well…. I get it, like Jeff “Putin” Bezos someone has got to pay for your toy rocket project. But I can tell you…. You’d make more money selling cars if weren’t such a greedy “bass turd” 💩

  • Justin Fliss
    Justin Fliss5 dagar sedan

    For people doubting FSD you need to know how AI works. You need massive data sets. Google can tell you how long its going to take you to get home with google maps because there are hundreds of millions of devices feeding information to google. Tesla's data set is limited to the number of cars they currently have. Thats why apple maps sucks and thats why other companies can't catch up to Tesla, their cars aren't sending them the DATA!

  • Electech
    Electech5 dagar sedan

    LTE upgrades for MCU1 have been available for years and most already have it done. The VCM upgrade recall will not upgrade 3G to LTE, the modem and the EMMC are completely separate boards.

  • Carl Hopkinson
    Carl Hopkinson6 dagar sedan

    Here's amother leak: It leaks.

  • Cam Mando
    Cam Mando6 dagar sedan

    That rivean truck looks like a fat squat Baymax. Not a good look

  • TJ
    TJ6 dagar sedan

    QUESTION: Im waitlisted for a Cybertruck but it occurred to me for SAFETY what happens in an accident that SUBMERGES the Cybertruck since the windows are unbreakable? or fer that matter hwo do you get out of a car that has all automatic doors & windows when you become trapped in an accident? can anyone help answer this? 🙏

  • TJ


    3 dagar sedan

    @Timothy Lamothe ugh is there a way to search fer comments that leaves out the FUD, Im looking for legit answers not clowns

  • Timothy Lamothe

    Timothy Lamothe

    3 dagar sedan

    Most people say they love their Tesla's so much they would like to be buried in them. Well good news! The tombstone feature comes standard on all Tesla's. Cremation service is a free feature too!

  • Bill
    Bill6 dagar sedan

    Ugh, brave new world. I will lose, but I vote no.

  • wrohr15309
    wrohr153096 dagar sedan

    I'm not sure I want a car that doesn't have door handles. How does it open when emergency personnel come long to try and get you out of the car, I'm curious how that works.

  • Hugo


    4 dagar sedan

    There is an emergency handle their not dumb 🙄

  • Hugh Mungus
    Hugh Mungus6 dagar sedan

    A leaking shit? so diarrhea ??

  • Quint de Gourd
    Quint de Gourd6 dagar sedan

    Americans are unaware that the Cybertruck is too large for most European roads and cities. America has something it may not be aware of and that is space. Until about 1800, cities used to be built in a compact form, as many buildings on a fixed site as possible. America started to build cities long after and because of the immense space, its cities could feature wide roads. So we see FSD and Cybertruck being developed for the wide roads of American cities and suburban sprawls and freeways. In my city, the cybertruck would have a hard time driving through the center, let alone parking anywhere without bumping into other cars or things. I would like to see a video of a Cybertruck on FSD mode in Paris. Everything else is low-tech.

  • chris ulloa
    chris ulloa6 dagar sedan

    Why. Must pay taxes or upgrade same shit. I don't over pay. Is my problem to make the Ritch richer

  • chris ulloa
    chris ulloa6 dagar sedan

    Who's a puppet ? The government took over tesla don't buy don't support

  • steven.luong
    steven.luong6 dagar sedan

    Can’t find where Tesla is replacing affected vehicles with the 8gb eMMC from mcu1 to mcu2…they are only replacing the 8gb eMMC to 64gb eMMC while still keeping the NVDIA Tegra infotainment processor.

  • Black Orchid
    Black Orchid6 dagar sedan

    I literally called it in the past how dumb Tesla owners are to buy FSD.

  • Michael Holliday
    Michael Holliday6 dagar sedan

    The Mach-E did that at 31 MPH and were hypermiling.... That is like when Shell Oil use to brag about a car going 1,000 on a gallon of Shell gasoline...

  • Steven Gilbert RC
    Steven Gilbert RC6 dagar sedan

    Wow Tesla doing a retrofit... I mean GM said they would update the OnStar hardware on my 2001 monte Carlo for around the same price too, nothing new

  • tony green
    tony green6 dagar sedan

    If the Cybertruck is really made to go off sealed roads then they need to offer an alternative way of using the touchscreen. Speaking from experience when on rough off-road tracks in my Toyota Hilux, it is not even possible to change the radio station on the touch screen . Even steering wheel controls can be hard to use when you’re busy shuffling it. I’d like to see an optional plug in control module that locates between the front seats and has the form of a rotating dial which you press to select a function. Making it optional would keep the cost away from those that don’t want it, but quite frankly if this thing is to live up to the hype, then it needs to have this feature. And a proper steering wheel.

  • TastyBrownie
    TastyBrownie6 dagar sedan

    Hey Ryan, all you need is a hair transplant, Finasteride, and Minoxidil and you won't need a Tesla. You'll be kicking ass at the bars and on dating apps!! Forget about million dollar cars bro! Focus on your health.

  • TR Mon
    TR Mon6 dagar sedan

    Where do you think the EV's ranges will be in about 5 years?

  • Eiji T
    Eiji T6 dagar sedan

    日本語訳があるのでいつも見てます。 ありがとうございます。

  • Animal Crossing Tips & Tricks
    Animal Crossing Tips & Tricks7 dagar sedan

    pizza planet!!

  • Time Keeper
    Time Keeper7 dagar sedan

    is that a Ludwig (lm400) Supraphonic sitting on the counter to your left ??? I know...has nothing to do with tesla lol...its only because i just got a new supraphonic and it caught my attention!!!

  • Ryan Shaw

    Ryan Shaw

    6 dagar sedan

    Haha it’s actually a Gretsch chrome over brass! But a supraphonic is a great choice!

  • Ace
    Ace7 dagar sedan

    really a subscription. come on

  • Jace Longnecker
    Jace Longnecker7 dagar sedan

    I would like manual handles. There. I said it. :P

  • Nick Roosevelt
    Nick Roosevelt7 dagar sedan

    I keep thinking that the 4-wheel steer on Cybertruck and Hummer would be great for trailering - specifically backing up - but it doesn't seem like anyone mentions that.

  • Hamza Naser
    Hamza Naser7 dagar sedan

    I like when you said “ if lvl 5 autonomy comes” not “when” Because honestly it seems tesla will never achieve FSD

  • DJ IC

    DJ IC

    4 dagar sedan

    I disagree strongly

  • Joel Martinez
    Joel Martinez7 dagar sedan

    I can’t wait to see the first idiot in my area to get one of these.😕😕😕😕😕 thats the face I’m gonna have when I see it.

  • Phillip Evans
    Phillip Evans7 dagar sedan

    Ryan, you mentioned that the Model X does not have automatic doors, when actually it does when adjusted in the settings, it recognizes the driver/key fob and opens the driver door.

  • Andrew Saint

    Andrew Saint

    5 dagar sedan

    There's a clip of Jeremy Clarkson being gobsmacked by it.

  • Josh Prowse

    Josh Prowse

    6 dagar sedan

    Yep, but this was an added feature you had to pay for. Is it included automatically in recent years?

  • wasup fool
    wasup fool7 dagar sedan

    There's a big chance it will fail, and it dont look like it was designed by aliens, it looks like it was designed by a 6 year old with a ruler. And 90% of the people who put their $50 down and pre ordered one will never actually buy one

  • NavigatorAir
    NavigatorAir7 dagar sedan

    whats inside owns half of those reservations lol

  • John S
    John S7 dagar sedan

    No Door Handles ....... ermm 12v failure ?

  • mgabrysSF
    mgabrysSF7 dagar sedan

    Given the number of Cybertruck pre-orders / reservations - I'm not sure how 'flop' can even be applied. Off roading in the presentation was mentioned specifically on ground clearance both on the incline and peak (aka entry and exit).

  • Christian Worton
    Christian Worton7 dagar sedan

    Model X can also open the driver door by recognising you.

  • Michele Quici
    Michele Quici7 dagar sedan

    Technology advances, so like an Iphone you have to upgrade your Tesla car every so many years. You are driving a phone on wheels. LOL

  • Andreas Klossek
    Andreas Klossek7 dagar sedan

    62 or higher mph test would be great :)

  • Wrekte
    Wrekte7 dagar sedan

    If Rivian and Nikola make it to the streets first, I think Cybertruck will have some trouble.

  • UniTrader


    7 dagar sedan

    Didnt the deal between Nikola and GM fall through?

  • Pierre Nunns
    Pierre Nunns7 dagar sedan

    How many manufacturers offer an upgrade to their 6 year old car electronics when networks outside their control change - I’d venture zero

  • Daveyk021
    Daveyk0217 dagar sedan

    Can't get any tax credit for Teslas. I want the Ford E150!!! Much nicer truck.

  • Анатолий Ручка
    Анатолий Ручка7 dagar sedan

    Year 2021 . The global crisis is already affecting all spheres of society. Humanity has come close to a decisive choice: will we and our descendants have a future? On July 24, 2021 at 15:00 GMT, connect to the online broadcast of the conference “Global Crisis. This already concerns everyone. " Simultaneous translation into 72 languages of the world.

  • hieroglyph321
    hieroglyph3217 dagar sedan

    The leaks might be caused by the Tesla panel gaps ... hopefully this helps. Good luck.

  • John OneOfMany
    John OneOfMany7 dagar sedan

    My beemer unlocks the doors automatically every time I go near it... At first I though that was cool but now it just pisses me off. Turned that feature off in the end. Imagine how irritating it would be if the doors on the Cybertruck kept opening every time you walked past it! Aaargh!

  • Eddy Beaupré
    Eddy Beaupré7 dagar sedan

    Tesla has been force by NHTSA to issue a recall. Before that they where charging customer to fix an issue that is cause by Tesla. If Tesla want to log everything, they should include an SD card slot somewhere easy to access and log to that.

  • John OneOfMany
    John OneOfMany7 dagar sedan

    This subscription model BS being shoe horned into every piece of tech we own to suck money out of our pockets has got to be stopped!!!! I don't want to rent the stuff I buy. I wanna OWN it!

  • Jesse Moore
    Jesse Moore7 dagar sedan

    That truck looks sick!!

  • pensive introvert
    pensive introvert7 dagar sedan

    Tesla's styling is super ugly.

  • Add859 TankiOnline
    Add859 TankiOnline7 dagar sedan

    The whole paying for hardware debacle is weird to me. If you didn't pay for FSD then you don't get a right to get free hardware. Because you didn't pay for FSD. It's like renting a DVD and expecting a DVD player to come along with it.

  • T C
    T C7 dagar sedan


  • crashoverride93637
    crashoverride936377 dagar sedan

    Elon said he can't do planes of his head would explode

  • Oh Well
    Oh Well7 dagar sedan

    FSD not factoring into trade in with Tesla no way. Even if it wasn’t anyone that would trade in without that factored is dumb. And FSD is absolutely factored into resale value.

  • Cjoel7200 O
    Cjoel7200 O7 dagar sedan

    4 wheels turn? So the warthog? It kind of resembles it anyways so That so cool! 🔥

  • The-Mike_D
    The-Mike_D7 dagar sedan

    Geeze, screw subscriptions. If the vehicle has the ability then just push it. That's dirty.

  • mediatect
    mediatect7 dagar sedan

    Cybertruck is already considered a flop for those who laugh at it and are happy with the status quo. Yet, there are millions who think it's bad ass and super cool - which is why it won't be a flop.

  • Jose Guerrero
    Jose Guerrero7 dagar sedan

    Did Elon just admit he's an alien from the future 🧐. I think that's the bigger scoop here.

  • southpaw117
    southpaw1177 dagar sedan

    While I understand that cars are going to be very different in the decades to come, especially at the expense of the enthusiast, the sheer idea of buying a car and then paying more every month to not actually drive it sounds so silly to me. I know a lot of people see their vehicles as mere appliances and appreciate all these new screens, safety features and autonomous systems in the same way smartphones and internet connectivity are preferable to the Motorola bricks and pagers of the late 20th century (especially given how many people still don't know how to drive long after they've moved on from their instructor's base Corolla into a loaded 3-row SUV because "practicality"), but, for a driver like me, it would be like having my buddy sleep with my aroused girlfriend so that I can instead relax.