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  • Dean Richard
    Dean Richard23 dagar sedan


  • Andrew L.
    Andrew L.23 dagar sedan

    Your right sleeve x my OCD

  • Ryan Shaw

    Ryan Shaw

    23 dagar sedan

    Me too to be honest

  • Andrew L.
    Andrew L.23 dagar sedan

    4:30 What an ass...

  • Vincent Chang
    Vincent Chang25 dagar sedan

    I just picked up a Model 3 Performance and I had a VIN removed from my account because financing didn't get approved in time. Tesla literally removed the VIN and gave the car to someone else 10 minutes before I was approved and I had to wait another 2 weeks to find one. Financing was done through Tesla and all they had to do was call the bank.

  • Jay
    Jay26 dagar sedan

    YP owner.. Tesla should have option to choose between left or right for child safety door lock and 360 degree camera or at least front parking camera.

  • Byron Bergman
    Byron Bergman26 dagar sedan

    I really don't care about how many cars Tesla can "push out" at the end of a quarter. I DO care about Tesla being honest and sticking to a delivery commitment when they give me a VIN for a car in production.

  • Aldo Zeni
    Aldo Zeni26 dagar sedan

    Hi,Tesla must have a special Team of techniciens yo revise the cars and give support yo the new drivers that have no idea about such a lot of software un the cars, thanks.

  • BLM gear
    BLM gear26 dagar sedan

    Did you guys not get the Honda E in America?

  • Tim A.
    Tim A.26 dagar sedan

    Recalls sound scary to people who don't own cars perhaps. Cars don't actually get recalled as such, what happens you just get notified to go to a dealer to get something fixed sometime, probably while it's there for regular servicing. If you don't make a booking, when you get a service you'll have the work done anyway. It's not a big deal. I've had it a few with cars I've owned.

  • superbad0415
    superbad041526 dagar sedan

    Great video. I received my model y performance like 2weeks ago. The smart summon and sentry mode were not working. Today with the new update I got to finally used the smart summon. However the sentry mode now works but it not fully working 100%. I turned off the sentry mode at house but it turns on a lot of times. 😂

  • IncognitoTorpedo
    IncognitoTorpedo26 dagar sedan

    Well crap. Someone said the yoke was "Plaid only". Now I see it in the regular S. I'd like a new S, but I don't want a yoke.

  • Nick Green
    Nick Green26 dagar sedan

    When taking delivery of my Model Y I had vehicle assigned to me with VIN and everything. I was unable to pick it up on the day they had available so it was assigned to someone else. This was the end of Q3 2020 so I understood why. I was out of town and didn't have a choice. Luckily for me when I was back in town they had another one ready to go. If you're unable to pick up your assigned vehicle on the day it's ready I don't see a problem with tesla doing this. If they give you a date, assign you a vin then pull it that's not cool. I would hope the reason for them doing that is because the vehicle didn't pass QC and putting you back in the queue would be faster than you waiting for whatever needs to be done.

  • Bing Hyong-bae Bang
    Bing Hyong-bae Bang26 dagar sedan

    A radar probably takes a large portion of the neural net, and the time to train them. It looks like dumping the radar has been the right move, but we'll have to wait a while before making the final call.

  • NativeTexas Lady
    NativeTexas Lady27 dagar sedan

    Needed is a loud noise outside the car when backing up. 🚶‍♂️ are idiots. No one walks behind the garbage truck or any other large vehicle that makes backing up sounds.

  • Rob Miller
    Rob Miller27 dagar sedan

    I love my Tesla's, I received my Plaid S last week and I have to say Tesla makes the best cars in the world but also is the worst communicator in the world. They don't tell you anything, they are impossible to communicate with and they will not tell you anything. But I love their cars/tech, I am waiting for my Plaid X and of course, we have no idea when that will come, they tell us nothing. I ordered the Plaid X last December thinking ok the car will arrive in April as stated so I sold my old X in March, to my surprise the X has still not arrived and they say now on the site Jan/Feb deliveries, the salespeople will tell you they think around Sept/October those of us who ordered last year might see them start to show up. I was happy to see the S plaid show up the week after the first 25 deliveries, but I had no idea that was coming. I hope that Tesla starts putting enough resources into communication to at least let customers have some idea of what is happening and timing.

  • PatalJunior
    PatalJunior27 dagar sedan

    11:14 I disagree , radar could bounce waves under the car to see the next car and it would know before hand if it would know, a thing cameras just can't do.

  • Brian Reed
    Brian Reed27 dagar sedan

    I was a victim of not having my vehicle delivered as promised by the 30th. My VIN remained the same, but my car was never loaded onto a delivery truck, and it remains in Fremont today. The worst part is they drafted the full funds for the car from my bank account on the 29th. As it stands today, my vehicle isn’t expected until the 5th. So, they will have had my money while holding my car for 6 full days. Horrible customer experience.

  • Russ Veith
    Russ Veith27 dagar sedan

    Saying that a defect like the airbag issue would most likely have been caught before delivery is very generous at best. I have bought more than a half dozen new Teslas and the all have been delivered, with as far as I could tell, zero prep work at final delivery. Most still had bug debris from transportation, dirt, misaligned panels, loose trim and many other simple items that were apparent from more than 10’ away. One car at the end of 2020 was so bad I refused delivery because my tradein Tesla was in so much better shape than the new one. In Teslas defense, other than my first couple new Teslas, they were delivered at their busy end of quarter rush but still not even a quick wash or vacuum before delivery. Tesla quality control was significantly better years ago at least at the delivery point.

  • Russ Veith

    Russ Veith

    26 dagar sedan

    IncognitoTorpedo I have 3 Teslas currently and have cycled through them since 2016 when we bought our first Model X. Currently I have 2 Performance S’s that I bought last year and a Long Range Plus Model S I just bought this January. I’ve had all S’s except for one X P90D and one Performance 3 last year. I’ve taken delivery at 3 different Tesla locations and the delivery prep was always extremely poor which was the reason why I said I’d be surprised if they caught something at delivery

  • IncognitoTorpedo


    26 dagar sedan

    Sounds like your Service Center isn't real good. Tesla is trying to do a better job getting them staffed to meet demand. It used to be better before the days of the 3 and Y. I'm trying to wrap my head around you buying more than a half dozen new Teslas. What do you do with them? That's a lot of Teslas.

  • magolf1
    magolf127 dagar sedan

    Ryan, thanks for your concise, thorough, timely, and frequent Tesla updates. Stellar quality reporting.

  • Gun welds
    Gun welds27 dagar sedan

    Did they ever figure out why that Tesla crashed in the back of a fire truck on auto pilot

  • Kiwi TV
    Kiwi TV27 dagar sedan

    Typical Musk dodgy shenanigans... I wouldn't buy a chocolate bar off him

  • Miguel Gonzalez
    Miguel Gonzalez27 dagar sedan

    I just accepted my 2021 Model 3 a few days ago and the car still came with radar censors. Not sure if I got lucky or what?

  • Klaus Even Enevoldsen
    Klaus Even Enevoldsen27 dagar sedan

    I got two words for you: Honda E

  • Robert Curry
    Robert Curry27 dagar sedan

    Why can’t the richest car company have better exterior design?

  • IncognitoTorpedo


    26 dagar sedan

    Better than the S? It looks great.

  • Robert Velasquez
    Robert Velasquez27 dagar sedan

    Just got my Y and my first VIN disappeared as described but my Tesla rep told me the issue was that the car didn’t actually match my config (tow hitch + performance edition) and I ended up not getting a new VIN for another week!

  • SRYEV China
    SRYEV China27 dagar sedan

    I own a China MY and just received the update. It literally has had no impact either way and I can’t even see what the update has actually done to the software.

  • George Spalding
    George Spalding27 dagar sedan

    The best deal is the model S long range. I don't need to spend $50,000 to beat my quarter mile time by 1 second.

  • web2yt
    web2yt27 dagar sedan

    What a pos that guy was

  • Daniel Filippus
    Daniel Filippus27 dagar sedan

    You better Buy Your Tesla Before It’s Too Late

  • Matthew Huszarik
    Matthew Huszarik27 dagar sedan

    The recall is a recall. The vast majority of recalls are no more significant than the Tesla recall. The issue is the it wasn’t right before they sold it. Every manufacturer has an occasional recall and in and of itself it isn’t a huge issue, but in conjunction with the other issues Tesla has had with fit and finish it is a worrying trend that needs to be addressed.

  • Matthias Fritz
    Matthias Fritz27 dagar sedan

    nobody should watch videos on TikTok

    CYBRLFT28 dagar sedan

    By that definition it’s not a recall. It’s a country lacking enough common sense to know when they do or don’t activate cruise control lol Hmm no stalks looking smart. And that LR s is no joke. It may be 3 second 0-60 but it’s so much more. The new motors and thermal system leave it a far superior car to the old Long Range S. It doesn’t stop pulling lol. Fully agree with its value proposition.

  • pinned by Ryan Shaw

    pinned by Ryan Shaw

    27 dagar sedan

    W•H•A•T•S•A•P•P +•1•2•2•5•6•2•9•3•7•5•7• I•n•v•e•s•t•inC•r•y•p••t•o B•T•CA•N•D•E•T•H•, D•O•G•E...!!▶️▶️🔂

  • Interior Transmission "PLUS" Auto Repair
    Interior Transmission "PLUS" Auto Repair28 dagar sedan

    Fake news is becoming totally ignored buy most stock holders due to their wise investigations to defunk the FUD news channels are spewing! 💎🙌😎TESLA. P.S. THANK GOD FOR SEblacks!!!👍

  • ShaRk.
    ShaRk.28 dagar sedan

    I just still don't get it. Why on Earth did they remove radar? I know they reasoning behind this decision from Elon but from a technical standpoint it's kinda dangerous to do that. Vision doesn't always work so why rely on it? Cameras can get dirty and stuff so every time it rains/snows heavily you'll run into some problems.

  • abbatis34


    27 dagar sedan

    A little bit of research will explain why it was removed right on SEblacks here. It was not as reliable as the vision system and under some conditions did not act the way it should. Vision is most reliable, if it was not we humans would see like a bat maybe which is similar to radar concept.

  • Chris Yan
    Chris Yan28 dagar sedan

    Ok. My Windows 10 PC is RECALLed every f**king week

  • Wendell B.
    Wendell B.28 dagar sedan

    Yeah, "huge recall" to add a chime when cruise control is activated. FUD at its best.

  • Bent
    Bent28 dagar sedan

    It's not Honda's first EV, they have been selling the Honda e for a year or so

  • DVS
    DVS28 dagar sedan

    70 mph is the fastest you are allowed to go in Australia so 80 seems good enough but do you guys have roads at 90? That's sweet as mate.

  • Joseph B

    Joseph B

    28 dagar sedan

    I've seen 85 mph and I've been across most of this land. Never 90mph

  • Douglas Owens
    Douglas Owens28 dagar sedan

    Where can you drive 80mph!?! I’m moving there!

  • Matthew Huszarik

    Matthew Huszarik

    27 dagar sedan

    @Brittney Whelihan Irwin We are talking posted speed limits. I don’t know anywhere that people don’t exceed the posed limit by at least five to ten miles an hour. So in Texas with posted limits up to 85mph the traffic is probably doing at least 90mph.

  • Brittney Whelihan Irwin

    Brittney Whelihan Irwin

    27 dagar sedan

    In FL, 80mph is slow…or at least that is how some drivers will make you feel on the highway lol

  • Matthew Huszarik

    Matthew Huszarik

    27 dagar sedan

    Try Texas, Montana, South Dakota, Utah, Wyoming.

  • Del Spiva
    Del Spiva28 dagar sedan

    Summon never really worked for me with radar.

  • Joey Tesla
    Joey Tesla28 dagar sedan

    Despite the incorrect headlines, the Model S with the alleged disconnected airbag was not a Plaid. Even in the video the car's sticker says it is a Long Range.

  • Harinder Missan
    Harinder Missan28 dagar sedan

    tyota and honda recalled more than few million cars recently... nobody mentions.. this clearly shows that either companies are playing this against tesla or people are just jealous

  • Gallifrey Falls No More
    Gallifrey Falls No More28 dagar sedan

    Trying to hit the delivery numbers is something that is frustrating for the people bumped sadly as much as tesla tries to say they do t care about wall street this is really down to trying g to meet or beat wall street targets I suspect over tine ot will go away as tesla number rise rapidly so they have plenty of padding in the numbers.

  • James Hoffman
    James Hoffman28 dagar sedan

    It's almost as if Tesla is willing to sacrifice some roughness in the delivery and service experience in its ruthless pursuit of the mission. As a customer and shareholder, I'm OK with that. As just a customer, I can imagine it's not quite the same.

  • James Hoffman
    James Hoffman28 dagar sedan

    I got jerked around a bit in my Model Y delivery (last-minute change of venue to Fremont) and they hit me up for a big down payment on the loan, but, being a shareholder, I'm OK with this mild customer abuse in service of the mission. In all, I'm thrilled to be the reason Tesla pulled off 90,650 deliveries in pivotal 20.Q2, and wouldn't trade the fit-n-finish flaws for anything -- in the future there will be 10s of millions of perfect Model Ys, and I'll have a rare early Y in the rough.

  • David WS
    David WS28 dagar sedan

    I bet the Model X will have a much larger refresh like the 4680 cells and larger battery size around 130 kwh, and V to L or V to G. This would be great for towing a RV and using the V to L to power the RV.

  • DoubleD Prospecting
    DoubleD Prospecting28 dagar sedan

    I have a 2021 model 3 and around June 14th my car stopped recognizing my trunk being closed. This disabled a majority of my safety features including the ability to lock the doors. I had a service appointment yesterday that was canceled because 2 weeks wasn't enough time to ship the part. I'm stuck with a lemon until they can finally fix it. Very poor service.

  • DoubleD Prospecting

    DoubleD Prospecting

    27 dagar sedan

    @abbatis34 what would you call it? It's a brand new vehicle! Still love my tesla, I'm just not sugar coating it like some tesla fan boys out there do.

  • abbatis34


    27 dagar sedan

    A lemon!!! Interesting…..

  • DoubleD Prospecting
    DoubleD Prospecting28 dagar sedan

    Lol he ain't purchasing a tesla! He made all that shit up.

  • Gordon Tyler
    Gordon Tyler28 dagar sedan

    Honda waiting for 2024 is not the problem; it’s them waiting until 2040 before all their cars are electric. There will be several US states where they can’t sell ICE cars long before then. Many states have a deadline of 2035 and some are even trying to set it at 2030. Guess it’s hard to let go when you make probably the best ICE engines in the world - from lawnmowers to SUVs.

  • ReigningAnt TTV
    ReigningAnt TTV28 dagar sedan

    The VIN swap happened to me today. My model Y was supposed to be delivered today! And I work for the company smh

  • Savas Arslan
    Savas Arslan28 dagar sedan

    Wait a second. Something just happened earlier today and watching this made me suspicious. I have been waiting for my delivery day for a while. It has been changing and finally got a message stating that my car is going to be ready on 6/30/21. But all of a sudden they changed it to drop off to my home instead of picking it up from their delivery location. I was like that is fine even I prefer to pick it up on my own instead of somebody driving my car over 25 miles to my home. This morning I am waiting for my car at home and got a call from Tesla deliver stating that my car was damaged when they were unloading from truck and keep saying it is a major damage. They asked me if I want to wait for repair or new car. Of course everybody would say a new car. Who wants a repaired car. they said they can get a new car in 1-2 weeks. after waiting 1.5 months i have to wait another 2 weeks. After that all of a sudden VIN was removed from my account. Now after watching this video I feel like they gave my car to somebody else and keep me waiting. anybody has any issue like this?

  • Grizzy Bear
    Grizzy Bear28 dagar sedan

    yoke and touch buttons are bad

  • Gary Palmer
    Gary Palmer28 dagar sedan

    If I received a VIN and it was pulled and given to another buyer I would not take it lightly. I would be on the phone and internet trying to get the answers I believe I deserve. That practice is terrible customer service. I have an S on order, this better not happen to me.

  • blacka whita
    blacka whita28 dagar sedan

    I'm buying it how about dat.

  • Brent Weaver
    Brent Weaver28 dagar sedan

    Enough Plaid news. We need a sub $20 k EV. The west coast is frying!

  • Private
    Private28 dagar sedan

    Melinda Gates to Elon: we now own your software patents, go onto your knees!

  • Private
    Private28 dagar sedan

    Jeff Bezos bought all the radar units and now Elon must go to Amazon to buy them back....

  • Marco
    Marco28 dagar sedan

    Hi Ryan, love your videos! However 5:57 this over the air update was to install a feature, _not_ a fix. They updated the sound when you engage autopilot after a complaint autopilot could be engaged unnoticed. That is a feature install, no fix because nothing was broken or malfunctioning. It was not even a safety issue, since autopilot often manoeuvres the car better than humans do. Cheers ✌🏻

  • Slight Nature

    Slight Nature

    27 dagar sedan

    are you serious..

  • Mike Fede
    Mike Fede28 dagar sedan

    I think it’s fair to say that the people that would believe that TickTock story are not among the people who would be purchasing a Tesla. I’m glad to see you addressed this in your video.

  • Paul
    Paul28 dagar sedan

    All Tesla models there design of the exterior of there cars are getting very long in the tooth I'm starting to See a lot of dirty beat up ones On the street Admittedly I was never Impressed with its design a little bit to 1960 70 jetsons and I grew up. They will never become a timeless 911 If you have a new one in your driveway you know it. I remember at one point hummers were the car To see in your driveway

  • Michael Cianciulli
    Michael Cianciulli29 dagar sedan

    The new update fixed sentry mode in my 2021 M3

  • Doc DuMont
    Doc DuMont29 dagar sedan

    Any other name brand car has a safety issue or quality issue or a recall... "Ho hum" says the Media and FUDmongers. (Should be FUDI - add 'Ignorance' to the mnemonic). But if there is a rumor that someone maybe had an issue with a TESLA, we hear the tocsins of the FUDmongers: "STOP THE PRESSES! SAVE ME THE FRONT PAGE!" "IT'S TESLA AGAIN!..." "SOUND THE ALARM!" "WE'RE ALL GONNA DIE!" "TESLA WILL KILL US ALL!" "SET CONDITION PANIC ABOARD SHIP!" "HIDE THE WOMEN AND CHILDREN!" "CIRCLE THE WAGONS!" "DUCK AND COVER!" Shit. It is just astounding how TESLA has the other manufacturers, dealers, petroleum companies, Luddites and self appointed World Savers in a blind panic. Westinghouse had the same problems since their Alternating Current system (superior) meant financial problems for Edison. And the original automobiles meant financial problems for buggy whip manufacturers. Only thing different is we now have all the "xpurts" in the news media. X - The Universal mathematical symbol for an unknown. "Spurt" - a drip under pressure. Draw your own conclusions while I spend less than $ 0.33 to drive to work and another $ 0.33 to drive home, instead of the price of two gallons of gasoline, currently about $2.85 per gallon. And spend about $30 a year on maintenance. Those windshield wiper blades are sooo expensive! And the water for the windshield washer - what shall I do? Oh my God! I might have to sell one of the children to keep my TESLA running!

  • Jonathan M
    Jonathan M29 dagar sedan

    I want a cruise control chime too!!

  • Saeed Ahmad
    Saeed Ahmad29 dagar sedan

    I received VIN and delivery date but did not get delivery on that date and now still waiting, Disappointed.

  • kenneth moeller
    kenneth moeller29 dagar sedan

    Another incident where a small little issue and someone is trying to dramatize something........... I think more and more people just want to see the truth.

  • Jason's Place
    Jason's Place29 dagar sedan

    I took delivery of my Model S yesterday. I’m a previous owner of early vin Model 3 long range and early vin model Y performance. Tesla has made great progress on quality. Paint, panel gaps, misc rubber seal issues, rattles, thin paint. None of those issues are present in my Model S. A panel wasn’t all the way snapped in, a quick push and all was well. The model S long range is incredibly under hyped in the shadow of Plaid, the 670hp, drag strip mode and launch control is awesome! Way faster than is needed for public roads and once you drive one the desire to spend an additional 50k is diminished.

  • P S

    P S

    22 dagar sedan

    @Jason's Place thank you for the update. How is it missing the hand on top of the wheel style hold

  • Jason's Place

    Jason's Place

    23 dagar sedan

    Update: Yoke is growing on me for sure. It’s not awkward at all anymore. Making u-turns and parking, reverse parking etc. is no problem.

  • Jason's Place

    Jason's Place

    28 dagar sedan

    @P S I’m not in love with the yoke, only been two days so maybe it’ll grow on me. I like to rest my hand in top of the wheel and well… now the top is gone. Also, I keep touching the turn single when trying to skip a song. Y is taller, so more cargo and sitting position is very SUVish. I liked the Y a lot, but always wanted and S, finally got my chance. I’ve sat in X it’s big for sure! I like driving and the M3 and S sit low to the ground, and handle like sports cars.

  • P S

    P S

    28 dagar sedan

    How do you like the yoke? Have you driven an x? How is y size compared. Or the s to the x ?

  • Jeff Comeaux
    Jeff Comeaux29 dagar sedan

    "Assign VIN and then offer car to another customer." I would be furious! I have been patiently waiting since I ordered my Model S LR on January 28, 2021. I was provided 5 different delivery dates since then. I sold my 2017 Model S in March since I was expected delivery of my new car in March . HUGE MISTAKE! When I finally get a VIN - I expect to take delivery on that car.

  • Stewart N.

    Stewart N.

    22 dagar sedan

    @Mahyar Ghalandarzadeh same here. If it wasn't for the car being so great. no one would put up with this.

  • Mahyar Ghalandarzadeh

    Mahyar Ghalandarzadeh

    26 dagar sedan

    Dude, the same thing has happened to me! I purchased in February, obtained multiple dates, then nothing. All delivery dates have disappeared.

  • Phillip Probst
    Phillip Probst29 dagar sedan

    Don"t think they "removed" the radar ... just stopped installing it.

  • Allan Leedy

    Allan Leedy

    28 dagar sedan

    Removed from the BOM.

  • John Smith
    John Smith29 dagar sedan

    China just make trouble. They want to sell Nio instead Tesla. overall Tesla is the best company in the world.

  • Christchurch Trader
    Christchurch Trader29 dagar sedan

    my Demio is limited to 75mph because that is the best it can do. I don't normally push it so hard

  • Kolton Atwood
    Kolton Atwood29 dagar sedan

    I thought that the one UFC fighter receieved his Model X? Is that not true?

  • mluu510
    mluu51029 dagar sedan

    my brand new radarless model y was dented recently but sentry is broken so i didn't catch the culprit. Tesla, you have failed me

  • Bleach


    28 dagar sedan

    The update this morning fixed mine

  • M S
    M S29 dagar sedan

    crazy how bad toyota and honda are dragging their feet when it comes to EVs.

  • Andrew L.

    Andrew L.

    21 dag sedan

    @Matthew Huszarik that's why any BEV with less than 300 miles range is DOA Model 3 long range is $49k. $1,000 is a lot of money for me :-D Sorry, you were right.

  • Matthew Huszarik

    Matthew Huszarik

    22 dagar sedan

    @Andrew L. I don’t believe BEV are a fade, but I do think they have to be significantly more efficient than even Tesla’s are to ever be affordable for the masses. Aptera is an interesting company I still haven’t decided if it is really legitimate or not, but if it is I think they are the way BEV need to head. If Aptera is legitimate I will be a customer, because I believe that is what a BEV needs to be.

  • Matthew Huszarik

    Matthew Huszarik

    22 dagar sedan

    @Andrew L. I took those prices right off Tesla’s web site. You need to look again.

  • Andrew L.

    Andrew L.

    22 dagar sedan

    @Matthew Huszarik your prices are very off... Also, if they don't make any cars, prices will always be high... Here somebody already said, $20 Bi net profit in 2020. They are greedy. Just that. Hope both companies die. Only way to learn. Honda had no plans Suddenly now they have, some.

  • Matthew Huszarik

    Matthew Huszarik

    23 dagar sedan

    @Andrew L. The problem is BEV are unaffordable for most consumers. The myth that they will continue to come down in price is just that a myth. Teslas except for the single rear wheel drive limited range Model 3 are all $50,000 and up. With self driving the killer application making them all $60,000 and up.

  • gui ll
    gui ll29 dagar sedan

    I wonder if the LR has a power curve as flat as the Plaid, any idea ? if so, i'll definitly order one

  • Jafer Noorani
    Jafer Noorani29 dagar sedan

    Great update man! Love the videos

  • Matthew Walters
    Matthew Walters29 dagar sedan

    I never get tired of watching these

  • Chris G
    Chris G29 dagar sedan

    After the .10 update my sentry mode started working again. was not being triggered before on .8 even with intentional tests. 4/21 build date radar-less model Y

  • Steve Givens
    Steve Givens29 dagar sedan

    Note that Panasonic is in the process of purchasing companies to strengthen their technology position. Coincidently the amount of the purchases is the same order of magnitude as the Tesla stock sale. Coincidence? Not likely.

  • DW
    DW29 dagar sedan

    If I waited for a few months to get my car and then was told 'MY" Tesla would be delivered next week and then found MY car was given to someone else, I would be VERY UNHAPPY!!

  • Allan Leedy

    Allan Leedy

    28 dagar sedan

    Your lawyer will tell you it isn’t yours until it’s delivered, accepted and paid for. I suspect you would reject it without a second thought for a cosmetic defect.

  • Preston Tucker
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    John Brown29 dagar sedan

    😂 What’s new Tesla = Over promise and under-deliver



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  • BlueToad
    BlueToad29 dagar sedan

    Cruise control activation is much the same as in other cars, have the Chinese also told BMW to recall? VW?

  • Jonathan M

    Jonathan M

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    not really in those cars you first have to turn cruise on, and then you set a speed

  • John Fragkos
    John Fragkos29 dagar sedan

    Honda already has an electric car the honda e

  • John Fragkos

    John Fragkos

    29 dagar sedan

    @Donald Johnson yeah but still its not their first electric car

  • Donald Johnson

    Donald Johnson

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    Not in the US

  • John Fragkos

    John Fragkos

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    @BlueToad its pretty good but for a secondary car because of range

  • BlueToad


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    Adam Davis29 dagar sedan

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  • Volcanic World
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  • Joshua Voss
    Joshua Voss29 dagar sedan

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  • Abdalla Elsheikh
    Abdalla Elsheikh29 dagar sedan

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    Jason Kempf29 dagar sedan

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  • Robert Whitaker

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  • M Doc
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    Panasonic needed the money for a new factory. What is the point of having $ in a bank/stock if one never uses it and in this case to expand Panasonics products. Its like Tesla having all that money and not building anymore Giga-factories. I don't have a big problem if my "VIN" car went to someone several days before I got a new one.

  • Ronald Lenz
    Ronald Lenz29 dagar sedan

    Ryan Shaw, or anyone else can you please help me? I have a June 2020 MS LR+. I understand that I have the FSD computer, even though I didn't buy the FSD software. As far as I am concerned my Autopilot is terrible...phantom braking for cars crossing the median that are 250 feet away in a 45 speed limit, etc. It's so bad I can't use it. Did Ryan say NON FSD software will get an update "soon" as long as I have the FSD computer? TIA.

  • Сёма Рыжий
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  • Edward
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  • Ernest Z
    Ernest Z29 dagar sedan

    Curious as to what, if any, plans there are for Tesla vehicles that have radar hardware (like my March 2021 M3). Will that hardware retain its current functions, or will it be disabled in some future update? If left enabled and functioning, will there be any future improvements via updates to it, or will it stay at its current level? If something goes awry with the radar, will Tesla fix it, or simply disconnect it? It’s great that the vision-only cars are getting improvements, and that their high level of safety is getting validated - just curious as to what is going to happen with the radar.