Secret Tesla Model S Refresh

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New secret Tesla Model S from Tesla, Model S Refresh Delivery Dates, Tesla Hackers, Ford F-150 Lightning, and more!

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  • Ryan Shaw
    Ryan Shaw4 månader sedan

    Thanks to Keeps for sponsoring this video! Head to to learn more and get 50% off your first order of hair loss treatment.

  • Andrew Doolittle

    Andrew Doolittle

    4 månader sedan

    "The future of performance is electric" yes absolutely.

  • xXPurpleGamerXx


    4 månader sedan

    your bald....

  • Battosai Jenkins

    Battosai Jenkins

    4 månader sedan

    I dunno man. If Elon is so passionate towards dogecoin then why doesn't he accept it as payment instead of btc ? Explain that...

  • Oscar Martinez
    Oscar Martinez4 månader sedan

    I don’t know where you got $70,000 starting price for f-150 lightning .. but on the Ford website starting price is 40k...

  • messi jr
    messi jr4 månader sedan

    At least you're saying refresh and not new. Tesla hasn't produced anything new since 2010

  • Joseph Peluchette
    Joseph Peluchette4 månader sedan

    I currently own 4 Ford f150s and am switching to electric cuz of price on cybertruck the savings is king if Elon raises the price he loses a customer period

  • Ken Whitman
    Ken Whitman4 månader sedan

    Ford you are still ten years behind.. bet they’ll take a loss but biden will bailout your ignorance for the last ten years

  • Henry Farkas
    Henry Farkas4 månader sedan

    What I want to know about the Model S refresh is how that control yoke works. It seems to me that a yoke like that should turn only 90 degrees in each direction in order to get the front wheels all the way to the stops. Is that correct?

  • Pei Shao
    Pei Shao4 månader sedan

    sponsor is ironic haha

  • Dawn
    Dawn4 månader sedan

    I love that Tesla uses the skills of hackers - it shows how seriously they take code security and safety. As someone who has worked in the IT industry for over 30 years, I can say without a doubt Tesla has some of the best coders in the industry, but it’s always good to have outide help to proactively find those pesky vulnerabilities.

  • David
    David4 månader sedan

    Dude this video was more about F-150 than Model S

  • JDMEXforme
    JDMEXforme4 månader sedan

    How will you be able to go offroading for a weekend get away. Charging stations wont be in the wilderness as governments want to keep wildlife preserved. With a petrol engine you can carry an extra tank of fuel which everyone does.

  • Kryojenix
    Kryojenix4 månader sedan

    I got an ad for Taycan at the end. 2 minute ad. Very revvy for an EV...

  • scuzzer99
    scuzzer994 månader sedan

    Excited to see more & more EVs come to market!!

  • Jolly Nox
    Jolly Nox4 månader sedan

    1:30 is slow in comparison to gr3 times cars can set in GT Sport. I hope they make a GT competitive spec

  • Blue Lounge Social Club
    Blue Lounge Social Club4 månader sedan

    Getting a bald person to promote keeps is low key hilarious.

  • David Kendall
    David Kendall4 månader sedan

    Elon has indicated he prefers the Model B as it fits: B SEXY (Model B, S, 3, X, and Y)

  • APT 69
    APT 694 månader sedan

    Hi Ryan! Great to see your videos, as usual. Just one thing to consider, you start to talk like cnBS and others in relation to other EVs, those are not competitors to Tesla, not in technology, nor in volumes, but rather competitors to ICE cars, from which every EV sold is taking actual market, including the one of those same brands like the F-150, Mustang, ID.3, ID.4, etc. Just as a tip to reflect on (consider) when writing the script for the next videos 😉

  • Not Mentally Broken
    Not Mentally Broken4 månader sedan

    saying four-door sedan is like saying ATM machine. The word Sedan already refers to a 4 door car.

  • Conor Richard
    Conor Richard4 månader sedan

    Thoughts on 2021 Model Y LR vs. 2014 G63 AMG?

  • nycameleon
    nycameleon4 månader sedan

    Can't wait for the sludgehammer test on the F150 Lightning, and the steel ball test... where's Franz!

  • Mark D
    Mark D4 månader sedan

    trivial? noticed, first shown prototype red plaid (chrome door trim), driver side rear door misaligned

  • Robert Curry
    Robert Curry4 månader sedan

    Paid by Tesla

  • HQsound
    HQsound4 månader sedan

    It's not a spoiler, it's an adaptive wing.

  • Per B
    Per B4 månader sedan

    KEEPS :D

  • TheYuriG
    TheYuriG4 månader sedan

    Jesus christ, the Lightning image flashes ruined me LOL

  • Gui Massanga
    Gui Massanga4 månader sedan

    U are looking great ,shouldnt worry about hairloss

  • m Jerome
    m Jerome4 månader sedan

    This guy🤤😍

  • Lindy Edwards
    Lindy Edwards4 månader sedan

    Ford: “we totally ripped off Tesla and now we’re stoked” But Ryan, are you really following up with the energy consumption of the currencies when Ford and their two Big Three brothers are the reason for our current 90 billion dollar backend cost of fossil? Btw, believe it or not, every electric car with a decent battery pack can power a house during an outage (postcard from 2009 .....)

  • Lindy Edwards
    Lindy Edwards4 månader sedan

    Omg, it is COVID right now and somehow Elon must transcend governmental/supply chain restrictions and deliver when everything else is on hold? I mean, I think the Tony Stark thing is somewhat fitting, but producing post pandemic in a quoted timeline is bs

    BETHEL BHG-TV4 månader sedan

    I ordered my Model X in April. My delivery was June, then August, then November, and now January 2022. No refund I was informed.

  • Beach & Rivers
    Beach & Rivers4 månader sedan

    Right , blinding other drivers just total assholes

  • Gaston V
    Gaston V4 månader sedan

    Warning - Teslas burn at minimal impact.

  • Jonathan M
    Jonathan M4 månader sedan

    No $25,000 tesla next year, sources say

  • A Patel
    A Patel4 månader sedan

    Ford looks so old after looking at Cyber Truck . Cyber Truck is going to be a big Hit

  • Bumper2Bumper
    Bumper2Bumper4 månader sedan

    Ryan, you do a great job. Totally appreciate your style and excellent/simple presentation style.

  • Lindy Edwards

    Lindy Edwards

    4 månader sedan

    Paid little puppet

  • Ryan Mclean
    Ryan Mclean4 månader sedan

    Did you realize he changed shirts 3:35

  • Bomi
    Bomi4 månader sedan

    Ryan, your video titles are becoming misleading. You spoke about the S for a fraction of the total video time.

  • Rando Calrissian
    Rando Calrissian4 månader sedan

    Prius was a game changer and ushered helped spark the transition towards electric. I leased three Toyota hybrids before getting a model Y

  • John Varghese
    John Varghese4 månader sedan

    How is it you seem to know more than anyone else and more than Tesla publishes?

  • Eter
    Eter4 månader sedan

    Blablablabla, Tesla is expensive.

  • enoch1680
    enoch16804 månader sedan

    It appears that Ford is setting themselves up for trouble with supply chain. They need a management shake up. It appears that they are not taking control of their battery supply chain. They will pay a steep price for this as lithium supplies get squeezed in coming years.

  • enoch1680
    enoch16804 månader sedan

    I agree with you, Ford is smart to acknowledge the Model 3, unlike GM's arrogance and hope of pretending they started the EV revolution. Ford is inviting Tesla into the club, good on them.

  • Niall
    Niall4 månader sedan

    Glad to hear some folks are hearing of delivery dates in June. Ordered Model S 1/28/2021, and our estimated was pushed from March to July, now August just the other day... Hopefully that gets moved up! Thanks for the updates.

  • stickersadd20hp


    4 månader sedan

    You won't be disappointed. Tesla is the only automaker that production vehicles are better then the prototype.

  • Aves Raggiana
    Aves Raggiana4 månader sedan

    NEVER, EVER trust the Mainland Chinese.

  • Andrew Doolittle
    Andrew Doolittle4 månader sedan

    There's no "chip shortage" *per se* but a shortage of *QUALITY* microprocessor/controllers. Since Ford will be going all in on pure FADEC for the new F150 that should eliminate the chip shortage period on legacy Das Auto in the USA as non-aircraft grade components are hardly a premium market with limited supply offerings. Anyhow my understanding from a press release by Ford is that they source their silicon from Japan which if true means the report of "no at issue" would be valid. If moving towards programmable logic processors that might explain specifically what is at issue here.

  • Wally Blackler
    Wally Blackler4 månader sedan

    Having Joe Biden going out to the fuel for regular vehicles it’s not the way to get it done and telling everybody that you’re saving the planet by running a electric vehicles and going to get it done is either you just have to tell everybody these vehicles are better and they work better. Stop trying to push the new green deal

  • Tuhin Mia
    Tuhin Mia4 månader sedan

    The natural digital ideally place because bag accordantly offend on a talented drill. milky, clumsy kettle

  • Chicken Crackling
    Chicken Crackling4 månader sedan

    Great informative videos, unfortunately in the UK very little is relevant. There’s still no such thing as a Model Y here, and ask any dealer when we will get a refresh Model S and they will laugh you out of the room. My M3 is 2.5 years old and as much as I want to remain brand loyal, my choices are little to none. I refuse to go VAG, so the Polestar is my only realistic option.

  • mauro volpe
    mauro volpe4 månader sedan

    and a kind of speculation don't get dazzled by the results only tesla, Musk is an admirable and human man not interested in money only success in world innovation q don't be dazzled meditate ment sana in corpore sano the fox

  • U.S.Slave
    U.S.Slave4 månader sedan

    Wanna be trapped in a burning car fire fighter can't put out for 45 minutes well tesla is your dream car

  • lotsanerv inLA
    lotsanerv inLA4 månader sedan

    If Tesla had to source chips for 4+ million vehicles, they'd be in the same boat as Ford.

  • S. M.
    S. M.4 månader sedan

    When will Tesla announce that it will make their own chips, sidestepping future production holdups?

  • Gideon Buiting
    Gideon Buiting4 månader sedan

    Ford: F150 lightning will disrupt the market Cybertruck: Im about to end this mans whole career

  • Company Work

    Company Work

    4 månader sedan

    Ford will beat Tesla to market on a truck. Tesla is notorious for giving dates and never meeting them. But, Ford is no angel! The Bronco is 12+ months behind original dates already. Plandemic then became everyone's get out of jail free card! So, it's off to the races to see who really starts real production first. Not just putting out 1 or 2 to "win the race".

  • Hiking Lang
    Hiking Lang4 månader sedan

    The Cyber truck is the best looking truck. It took Tesla to bring us the best looking truck.

  • IFlyinBaconI
    IFlyinBaconI4 månader sedan

    Saw ee video on the plad 0 60 , why do they include roll out ? Makes no sense and is miss leading , if other car makers did that then fine but tesla doing it is kinda dumb and just there to miss lead

  • quoctuan ngo
    quoctuan ngo4 månader sedan

    The useful port enthrallingly bubble because work ganguly connect lest a broken balloon. dashing, physical amount

  • James Hoffman
    James Hoffman4 månader sedan

    5:45 Who's the target demographic for the electric F-150? Apparently African-American teens.

  • James Hoffman
    James Hoffman4 månader sedan

    1:47 "... and would have enabled them to expand to another 200 to 300 [THOUSAND] cars made per year"

  • Deans n LiPo
    Deans n LiPo4 månader sedan

    I’m currently looking for a used M3 in the central Texas area. Just a few weeks ago there were a few from several different sellers including Tesla. Now I can’t find any. :(

  • Patrick Weigel

    Patrick Weigel

    4 månader sedan

    I sold my M3 a few months ago using Carvana.

  • stickersadd20hp


    4 månader sedan

    Keep looking. You'll find one soon and fill that joy void.

  • stickersadd20hp


    4 månader sedan

    Not easy getting rid of tesla. They are some of the best vehicles is not literally the best. IMO.

  • HD Remdog
    HD Remdog4 månader sedan

    The only good thing to happen to Bakersfield

  • Ray Spencer
    Ray Spencer4 månader sedan

    Tesla Daily May 13 @ 3:30. Rob di-sects the ARS article Elon referred to in his tweet. The plant has been retrofitted to utilize natural gas. Not perfect of course, but not the image a a coal burning dragon the article portrays.

  • Fhhuo Ghikhh
    Fhhuo Ghikhh4 månader sedan

    "Retractable Spoiler" Will be awesome

  • sarcasmo57
    sarcasmo574 månader sedan

    I think electric trucks are a left wing plot, so when I come home from driving mine I burn a few drums of gasoline in the back yard.

  • Jake Baja
    Jake Baja4 månader sedan

    👍content; 👎👎👎👎👎hair loss REALLY? UNSUBSCRIBING

  • Brittney Whelihan Irwin
    Brittney Whelihan Irwin4 månader sedan

    I ordered my refreshed model S in Jan. They took away my original delivery window, which I was wondering why or when that would come back. After watching this video, I logged in to check, and I have a window! 6/1-6/30. Fingers crossed this actually happens!!!!

  • eddieair23
    eddieair234 månader sedan

    The Keeps Sponsorship made my day!! 😂😂😂 Hey, Bald is Beautiful & I had my hair when I needed it!! 😂 Keep the great videos coming!

  • Johnny Bravo
    Johnny Bravo4 månader sedan

    Secret? They literally said they put 500 mil into the s/x refresh

  • The Fish
    The Fish4 månader sedan

    All these folks who think Tesla won’t have serious competition in the electric car market are kidding themselves.

  • Turre Tuntematon

    Turre Tuntematon

    4 månader sedan

    Well. Every car will be electric.

  • Scott Breseke

    Scott Breseke

    4 månader sedan

    Tesla doesn't follow the standard business model. Elon actually wants other car manufacturers to have some success with their electric vehicles. Tesla is actually already sharing information with the other car manufacturers.

  • Daniel Capson
    Daniel Capson4 månader sedan

    You're a Tesla Homer...

  • Daniel Capson
    Daniel Capson4 månader sedan

    Tesla is going to get stomped... Their manufacturing is shoddy and their quality is poor. Tesla has operated in a competitive free market... that's about to change in a big way. Historically, first to market manufacturers usually die out... I see this happening to Tesla especially with Solid State and Lithium Metal batteries kill tesla's batteries. And there is new motor technology coming to market sans the rare metal magnets that will blow Tesla out of the water. Again, they haven't made a dime selling cars. No profits means death in a competitive market. Bye bye tesla...

  • Daniel Capson

    Daniel Capson

    4 månader sedan

    @Turre Tuntematon 100% agree. Elon has pushed us into the non-ICE world quicker. But like many early to market manufacturers he may not survive the competitive onslaught. We'll see. He hasn't made a dime selling cars and that will come back to haunt him.

  • Turre Tuntematon

    Turre Tuntematon

    4 månader sedan

    @Daniel Capson Well, every car manufacturer could have done the same. They didn’t. Even if Tesla would get crushed it’s thanks to them that all old ICE manufacturers are pushing out EVs currently. That’s the only thing that matters to me.

  • Daniel Capson

    Daniel Capson

    4 månader sedan

    @Turre Tuntematon what you don't acknowledge is that Tesla has been operating in a competition free market and now people are jumping in, now it gets tough. Again, he hasn't made a penny selling cars, just selling carbon credits. Please address that. Harvard battery tech has been peered reviewed and has something like 10,000 cycle capability. This isn't pie in the sky.

  • Turre Tuntematon

    Turre Tuntematon

    4 månader sedan

    @Daniel Capson If I would get a dollar everytime there is ”a breakthrough” by someone in batteries I would be rich. Inventing and being able to scale is quite different. Bye bye!

  • Daniel Capson

    Daniel Capson

    4 månader sedan

    @Turre Tuntematon the difference now is the competition is coming fast and furious and Harvard just created an industry grade Lithium Metal battery that puts Elon tech one generation behind the holy grail... bye... bye...

  • Daniel Capson
    Daniel Capson4 månader sedan

    THE SKI issue has been resolved... Where are you getting your news. Even when it wasn't resolved SKI had 4 years of production before they had to cease and desist. That's not happening now. The batteries were too important to Ford and Volkswagen so the Feds got involved. Please update your info

  • Daniel Capson
    Daniel Capson4 månader sedan

    F150 - not one of the most popular, it is the most popular vehicle hands down. It's been #1 for more than 20 years...

  • Gaming-Zombie13
    Gaming-Zombie134 månader sedan

    👍😎👃✌👊 That answers my question about Hackers Thanks Ryan...

  • Daniel Capson
    Daniel Capson4 månader sedan

    The retractable Spoiler operated to deploy once the car reaches a specific speed. There are many cars in the world that have this feature. Downward force is the name of the game.

  • Matthew Brown
    Matthew Brown4 månader sedan

    I just received a text stating that our model X will be delivered by the end of May and our Model S in June.

  • Paul Winter
    Paul Winter4 månader sedan

    I thought that the 2 battery companies had made a 10 year agreement to continue producing batteries.

  • Frederick Stirnkorb
    Frederick Stirnkorb4 månader sedan

    SK settled with LG already.

  • roguedogx
    roguedogx4 månader sedan

    1:00 no, if the model is not even announced it is not "coming next year." Tesla can't even get minor model changes out the door on time, much less whole new models. Yes, they did manage to get the Model Y out on time, everything else has had a delay of between 6 and 18 months if my memory serves me. The good news is, the product works when they ship it, but it also means don't trust any release date. Couple that with the Cybertruck, model S/X, and Roadster all in line before it, I would bet 2023 at the earliest.

  • roguedogx


    4 månader sedan

    4:49 makes sense. the Model S's original top speed was around 130 MPH and while the speed is significant it's not "adjustable downforce and drag required" fast. as speeds go up small imperfections in aero become big quick, so this was probably required to keep the car on the road, and out of the wreckers.

  • QuickScopingPerk
    QuickScopingPerk4 månader sedan

    four years before ban.... bro come on lmao

  • ElroyMcDuff


    4 månader sedan

    Seriously WTF?!? LOL

  • Don Lake
    Don Lake4 månader sedan

    Just check my Tesla account. Shows delivery for June 1-June 30. Interesting. I expect delivery at the Burbank, CA location. We will see if that date comes true. It would be nice to be able to do a test drive of one prior to mine arriving. I am going to call my rep to see what he knows. Thanks

  • Tom in Puerto Rico
    Tom in Puerto Rico4 månader sedan

    Sorry, too many long ads for me.

  • Justin Flint
    Justin Flint4 månader sedan

    Will the F150-Lightning sell for a profit? Also, what do you think, 65K - 85K starting price?

  • The Biker Bug
    The Biker Bug4 månader sedan

    Joe won’t understand why he is there, he doesn’t know what day it is. Glad Ford is moving to the electric Truck Market, I have 2 Tesla CyberTrucks on order and 1 R1T, really hoping for them to show up.



    4 månader sedan


  • Steak
    Steak4 månader sedan

    I just realized at 7:12 there is a TESLA coil in a FORD ad is this a coincidence I THINK NOT

  • f0t0b0y
    f0t0b0y4 månader sedan

    Have other car manufactures as long as is the model S as far as Design goes? Same looking car. Design something new.

  • Sabber Ahmed
    Sabber Ahmed4 månader sedan

    Elon is Rocking yaar 😍

  • westerntui
    westerntui4 månader sedan

    Cyber truck is dumb

  • Green Drop Mobile Detail
    Green Drop Mobile Detail4 månader sedan

    Hey Ryan love your channel and I’m long time subscriber. I have a Ford Transit Connect cargo that I use for my car detailing company and I heard they will be electric next year or so. Can you make a video about it? Thanks man

  • Quix
    Quix4 månader sedan

    If the Ford EV Pickup is that much more expensive than the Cybertruck, it is going to be a hard sell.

  • Nicholas T

    Nicholas T

    4 månader sedan

    Not necessarily. I’m sure that Ford will be able to start producing and delivering their EV 150 in high numbers and very quickly, because it is a “regular” EV design. And I imagine that have totally devoted their best engineering teams to it - because it is their biggest selling category of vehicle, the electrification of which, is essential to the company’s future! The Cybertruck, on the other hand is a totally new, unproven, stainless steel chassis design. I suspect that Tesla is going to have massive problems ramping up the production numbers on the CT! ( just look at the delays in the Model S/X refresh !!) I’m not saying that Tesla won’t get there, but I’m sure that Ford will be selling many more 150 EVs, long before the CT is available in strong numbers! Many buyers will drop their CT deposit and switch over to the Ford ( or perhaps the GM?) because they won’t be able to wait - even if it does cost more. I also suspect that the “cheapest” $39k CT won’t be available for a very long time! Tesla has already announced that the first CTs off the production line will be the top of the range $69k version.

  • Boots Whitlock
    Boots Whitlock4 månader sedan

    I'm over it. Reserved.

  • Unrealized Gainz
    Unrealized Gainz4 månader sedan

    will these new battery cells be in next years model 3? should I wait before I buy one?

  • CarForce247


    4 månader sedan

    No, the Model 3 will not get the 4680s anytime soon. The first vehicle to get them is the Made in Germany Model Y, then the S/X Plaid, Semi Truck, Roadster etc.

  • Bo McGillacutty
    Bo McGillacutty4 månader sedan

    China showing it's toxic side to Tesla recently must influence investment decisions. It's a dangerous place to do biz.

  • rwdplz1
    rwdplz14 månader sedan

    'Keeps' not 'Get Back'

  • tjs114
    tjs1144 månader sedan

    LG and SK Innovations reached a settlement on the battery suit back in April 2021, negating the US International Trade Commission ban. Bloomberg published this April 10, 2021 with updates April 11th. Nearly a month prior to your posting. Please note the correction, as you are stating false information as of the date of posting.

  • Alykai
    Alykai4 månader sedan

    The Ford F150 Lightning sounds pretty cool, I am almost hoping that it will be better than Tesla.

  • iowa_don
    iowa_don4 månader sedan

    An Engineering Explained SEblacks video from 5/5/2021, "No, Tesla Can't Hit 60 MPH In Under 2 Seconds (Model S Plaid)" where he explains why a sub 2 second 0-60 is limited by tire technology. Is he correct? Time will tell.

  • Scott Breseke

    Scott Breseke

    4 månader sedan

    Well, Elon said that the Roadster will have rockets on it, borrowing some technology from SpaceX. The rockets will shoot out compressed air, not rocket fuel.

  • Vin Wiesel
    Vin Wiesel4 månader sedan

    200-300 more cars per year doesn’t seem like much.

  • jayden kosmo
    jayden kosmo4 månader sedan

    I seen you in a ad

  • Preston Tucker
    Preston Tucker4 månader sedan

    Tesla in a positive light? At the same time taking a dig at it.

  • Jon L
    Jon L4 månader sedan

    That spoiler would be so epic

  • Scott Breseke

    Scott Breseke

    4 månader sedan

    To show off the spoiler, you probably have to wait for it to activate whenever you drive over 100 mph.

  • K Bram
    K Bram4 månader sedan

    Not a chance Tesla beats earnings in August!