Tesla's new Tesla Bot revealed at AI Day along with Dojo Computer, and much more!

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  • Maxwell Bown
    Maxwell Bown26 dagar sedan

    Tesla should upload cam footage of Teslas to google earth

  • Paul Dionne
    Paul Dionne27 dagar sedan

    thee concepts for on with what really can be done now is way cool thee bot can be surpris ing for on what be able to do for all kinda shit like dive deep in ocean to fly with out ship to space land any where to search safe ly to may be walk on thee sun for charge up oh yeah bot go ing to be one for to be all bots are one each of own bot for so learn more that way know ing still one is bots civil will be safe for all human also think ing thee movie with Jackie Chan thee tuxedo suit could thee dojo work like that also or iron man suit or space suit like ya make those movies come true would like to try but got no money yep head filled with all kinda stuff to make hap pen yep take money though for some reason again see just give you more now for free be nice for see hear a thank you at least shit man come on what what what what what what

  • Yan N
    Yan N27 dagar sedan

    So, at this point in time musk could walk on stage, cap a squat and dump a stinking turd right then and there, zip up his pants and call it a revolution in fertiliser technology. Fanboys would clap and hail musk as a god amongst men....

  • Mahatma King JU
    Mahatma King JU27 dagar sedan

    A lot of hot air. Where's the live robot footage? Re-hashed bunk!

  • Gary Carkeek
    Gary Carkeek27 dagar sedan

    "A prototype on stage" ???? - There was a fracking MANNEQUIN on stage. Nothing else, except a human dancing!! Next year ?? Not even in 2030!!!!!!

  • Gary Carkeek

    Gary Carkeek

    27 dagar sedan

    @Delicious memes yep

  • Delicious memes

    Delicious memes

    27 dagar sedan

    that was not a human, that was the robot lol

  • Matthew Burwell
    Matthew Burwell27 dagar sedan

    You are subscribed. You get a like. Is that all the videos you do is tesla? Im addicted to tesla

  • Jim Mcginnis
    Jim Mcginnis27 dagar sedan

    I think the bot is going to be for the moon base and the Mars exposition.They go up first and do the manual labor for habitates for work/live...etc...when human's do arrive their living quarters will be done.Much easier to get out of the rocket and move right in their hab's.Let's just hope they (bots) don't become TERNIMATORS!lol😎🚀

  • Cappy Thumper
    Cappy Thumper28 dagar sedan

    What's going to happen when roads become obsolete, no roads are required anymore and cars don't have wheels anymore?

  • Delicious memes

    Delicious memes

    27 dagar sedan

    more space to build other stuff i guess

  • Liam Live
    Liam Live28 dagar sedan

    this is so dumb

  • mehmehmeh las
    mehmehmeh las28 dagar sedan

    Right...so Elon is gonna making landing rockets, make self driving cars, dig tunnels, make hyperloop and now this. Meanwhile, Boston robotics folks are scratching their heads at this. Of these things, he has only delivered a glorified version of cursing in a car. Not sure how people aren't seeing through this sham. He is pretty much going to die and his self driving car still won't be able to function in a country like India. Forget about other projects even panning out

  • Peter Anderson
    Peter Anderson28 dagar sedan

    this is typical musk garbage i dont want his UXBs anywhere near me

  • JAY_CEC and games
    JAY_CEC and games28 dagar sedan


  • hendrsb33
    hendrsb3328 dagar sedan

    I'm still trying to figure out what dangerous tasks I need a robot for...

  • baby barca
    baby barca28 dagar sedan

    bet boston dynamics are shitting themselves !

    WAYNES WORLD HOBBIES29 dagar sedan

    I can guarantee you that robot is already been made just a final product is what they’re working on

  • Marutan Ray
    Marutan Ray29 dagar sedan

    Tesla bot is already dancing and behaving like a human in a spandex suit. And Tesla has just started working on the spandex suit colors. Imagine all the greatness that Tesla will build when they work on what is inside the spandex suit. And the competition is barely able to stand up or walk. Elon Musk is a genius.

  • Natas Diablo
    Natas Diablo29 dagar sedan

    Jaykee the Wolf: hey, luis. two questions. Luis: shoot Jaykee the Wolf: 1. remember when tesla had nothing to show but a model car that would only turn on and they would not even move forward, backward and ALWAYS tried for one to put in an order for one of their vehicles? Well, mr. musk had jack and shit for capital and those advance orders surely helped him put his company together. 2. now. for this tesla bot, they only have a drawing. Luis: so. mr. musk is going to start taking advance orders and nothing to show?? will there be a sex bot with huge knockers and that can also cook? Jaykee the Wolf: i guess you can put in your order, braahh..one last thing. I CANNOT wait until lightning strikes near any one of these cars or future bots and the EMP throws a monkey wrench into the whole equation. Luis: ? yeah..you are right. i wonder if the tesla team has figured this one, itty, bitty detail out. EMP's do tend to turn all things electronic: "OFF".

  • Morbid Man Music
    Morbid Man Music29 dagar sedan

    You narrated the wrong weight, yet it's listed in the video. Simple things....

  • Zerobrine
    Zerobrine29 dagar sedan

    "I'm warning you, A.I. is very real and very dangerous" Two days later: "Check out this humanoid robot I'm making."

  • Derek Heckley
    Derek Heckley29 dagar sedan

    Disappointed...the should have called it Marvin.

  • Lachlan Kidd
    Lachlan Kidd29 dagar sedan

    I like the idea of a humanoid robot but usually, it ends up really ineffective for example remember in the 80's everyone thought in the future they would have humanoid robots holding their vacuums vacuuming their homes but now what we have got is robots that are the vacuum cleaners eg a Roomba. Wouldnt it be better to have a dozen different robots centered around the AI but made for different use cases than just one ineffective robot design. I think it is just going to be a fun novelty.

  • Darusdei
    Darusdei29 dagar sedan

    like the neuralink cofounder stated. elon musk doesn't have a clue what he is talking about. self driving cars? they couldn't do it even in a test environment. hyperloop? didn't work. electric trucks? didn't happen. and now... i'm supposed to believe that they are building a prototype humanoid robot to be ready next year? mate, if you want to see robots, go look what the boston dynamics are doing(way ahead) and talking about AI? tesla isn't even in the top 15companies who have done AI reseach for YEARS and if you're going to say something about batteries i'm going to flip. the batteries are made by PANASONIC. so i don't know what the fuck are you even talking about, confirmed? jeesus fucking christ...

  • Ed Van Meyer
    Ed Van Meyer29 dagar sedan

    AI should be no where near a humanoid robot. If that gets connected to a standalone AI Robot, humans are finished.

  • Swede Speed
    Swede Speed29 dagar sedan

    I don’t understand how making a humanoid robot from this technology is the next logical step. If there is a dangerous or tedious task, I would imagine a robot made specifically for that purpose would be much more efficient. Meaning, if the task is to put the same screws into a product all day, having a robot with a screwdriver arm would make much more sense than trying to recreate the human hand. Never mind making it bipedal. I don’t know, I just don’t see the true purpose.

  • Swede Speed

    Swede Speed

    29 dagar sedan

    Even if the government wanted to use these humanoid robots as foot soldiers; would it not make more sense for the robots to be on wheels and just have guns for arms? 🤣

  • JSignal
    JSignal29 dagar sedan

    Honestly, the huge elephant in the room… but it has to be talked about… what about that color way/palette…. That has a huge negative potential for our people.

  • steel ssstu
    steel ssstu29 dagar sedan

    This sounds crap, I would imagine some folks might want sex organs fitted so they can have their own special tesla experience,, and if Eon you use my idea and you sell tesla shag bots please send me a big fat cheque 🤔👍

  • Brian Wilson
    Brian Wilson29 dagar sedan

    I can’t wait for this to succeed like the cyber big rig, high speed tunnels, trip to Mars……wait what?

  • __Darknite
    __Darknite29 dagar sedan

    Fantastic, so while a self driving car hasn't even been perfected, lets skip that sh*t and just try and build something that is trillion times more complex! yaaaay that makes perfect sense (SARCASM)

  • Ken Pappas
    Ken Pappas29 dagar sedan

    Strange when Elon himself told us that AI is bad and will be a threat to humans. He must now see $$$ in it.

  • Isla the wild beast
    Isla the wild beastMånad sedan

    Well this is about to be avengers age of ultron

  • Marcus Aurelius
    Marcus AureliusMånad sedan

    These robots are just more vapourware from Elon the con.

  • Rich
    RichMånad sedan

    more Tesla fraud: Semi, Vegas Loop, Ventilators, Cybertruck ...........all fake.............Tesla solar roof shingles.....all hopeless or expensive or dont exist.

  • jiykauu
    jiykauuMånad sedan

    When electro cargo truck seemed to good to be true, this beats by a lot - way to good to be true. For Musk cult only

  • Brandon Simmons
    Brandon SimmonsMånad sedan

    Head shaped like a Model Y. Love the content!

  • MR_Koko20
    MR_Koko20Månad sedan

    *Detroit: become human intensifies*

  • Bear Merica
    Bear MericaMånad sedan

    I used to live in Silicon Valley, I watched a lot of testing of autocar tests. I rather have humans keep control of driving.

  • I'mBlue
    I'mBlueMånad sedan

    Detroit become human

  • The Big Picture
    The Big PictureMånad sedan

    One minute Elon is warning the world of the dangers of AI...the next he's building AI robots. When people have decided they trust someone and like him...they will let him get away with anything. "The road to hell is paved with good intentions."

  • Terrace Walker
    Terrace WalkerMånad sedan

    I don’t want auto pilot Mr. Musk. I enjoy driving. If I need an auto pilot, I’ll call a cab or take a bus or train. I’d like a cheaper EV with long range that I could enjoy driving, auto pilot free car please.

  • Tech Maestro
    Tech MaestroMånad sedan

    Ryan has a talent for making complex topics understandable.

  • Mr. J
    Mr. JMånad sedan


  • David Strong
    David StrongMånad sedan

    Not even a prototype yet just the promise to have one. but value just increased by a couple billion. Nice!

    AWARHEROMånad sedan

    I don't get it... Elon in previous interviews: "A.I. is dangerous" Tesla: Makes a I Robot .. (Pun intended) Facepalm. Dojo training... Tesla should name it's bot Mr. Miyagi.

  • conceptualize
    conceptualizeMånad sedan

    Elon is extremely smart

  • Anne stewart
    Anne stewartMånad sedan

    I have been trading for about 6 months now and just about every trade backfires and slaps me in my face. Nearly impossible for me to catch more than a few points . I try to do top down analysis but it doesn't work for me . I say to myself, clearly I'm in the 90% that lose money, so I open a demo account, do my analysis, then take the opposite of what I would normally take and get the same result. I'm starting to feel hopeless, any advice for a struggling trader?

  • Liam McCarthy

    Liam McCarthy

    Månad sedan

    @robert anderson I think I have seen this name on a trading forum before, on discord one time, is she really that good ? And how may I contact her if that isn't too much to ask.

  • robert anderson

    robert anderson

    Månad sedan

    @Anne stewart I know of one lady though, she is not a mentor per-se, but she is freakishly good at trading. From what I've gathered she used to work for a proprietary firm till she retired. Met her at one of those conferences, got to know her and we exchanged emails. Since she helped me, I've been making about $1000 bi-weekly. What I'm trying to say is the 5% of traders in the world that are consistently profitable are not on SEblacks, they are just random/lowkey people no one even expects . Her name was Sarah Alderson by the way.

  • Anne stewart

    Anne stewart

    Månad sedan

    @robert anderson You're correct, I don't lose money every single trade, but my main problem is trying to let my runners run. Very rarely do I catch big moves . Instead they go a few pips in my direction, then go against me if when I try holding them. Also my entries could use a lot of improvement. A mentor would be amazing, but getting one is easier said than done. If it's not too much to ask, do you know any legit ones?

  • robert anderson

    robert anderson

    Månad sedan

    @Ray smith Don't listen to him, don't give up. Trading takes time(months, even years) to master, even the pros learn everyday. Never the less, if you lose money no matter which side you take, maybe you need to look at how you are managing active trades rather than how you are entering them. My advice, find a mentor . And also, try incorporating the use of oscillators, Bollinger and pivot points into your strategy. And most importantly move to higher TFs(4h or 1D preferably), you'll thank me later .

  • Ray smith

    Ray smith

    Månad sedan

    Your problem could be your stop loss is too close or you're watching your trades too much. Place it and walk away. Or you could just give up, trading isn't for everyone.

  • Don Russell
    Don RussellMånad sedan

    So this Bot can be installed as a driver of any car to make it FSD??

  • Don Russell
    Don RussellMånad sedan

    But what’s to stop it being weaponised? 😳 😟

  • Byronjva
    ByronjvaMånad sedan

    if tesla starts to make gaming consoles or phones, im buying

  • Torque
    TorqueMånad sedan

    The Tesla Bot is a brilliant idea! It seems like an ideal candidate to go to Mars with, or perhaps ahead of, a human crew.

  • Ricto Ectol
    Ricto EctolMånad sedan

    Having AI Bots complete utterly dangerous tasks that humans are at risk doing would be helpful. Industries would be the biggest seller. Life assistance bots with a mate setting would be next.

  • Shenzo Sasagayo
    Shenzo SasagayoMånad sedan

    Can a tesla bot drive a *tesla*

  • Caserio Studios
    Caserio StudiosMånad sedan

    i see in my crystal ball they will send this tesla bot to mars and star working on oxygen generation machines so the first humans will have the work kick star for them

  • Radek Mojžíš
    Radek MojžíšMånad sedan

    and you believe him... after all this time... has anything he ever promissed actually worked out?

  • Scoots 007
    Scoots 007Månad sedan

    Pertaining to the robot, when I’m shooting at it to protect my family, is there certain weak spot I should be aiming at? Probably using a 12 gauge at close range....

  • The Rev
    The RevMånad sedan

    why the fuck would you design it like a fucking horror movie bot???

  • The Bed Doctor
    The Bed DoctorMånad sedan

    The biggest issue I see in self driving is construction zones and weird lane markings because I think they follow lane markings right?

  • Mr. Solo Dolo
    Mr. Solo DoloMånad sedan

    iRobot coming soon!

  • Chian Yee Lee
    Chian Yee LeeMånad sedan

    Tesla is an amazing company

  • Icu
    IcuMånad sedan

    I legend0.0

  • Justin Cruz
    Justin CruzMånad sedan

    I'm not currently a gun owner, but I have seen Irobot and that's enough for me to be excited for a world where Tesla Bots exist, but also advocate more heavily for gun ownership lol If this all somehow goes south, I saw we put will Smith in charge to clean this mess up 😂🤣

  • h0len
    h0lenMånad sedan

    You shouldn't talk about it as if Elon is the person making the AI... Elon only has enough knowledge to discuss about AI and make normies convinced he knows something, it's not like Elon is implementing AI models or building them, I doubt he understands how an LSTM works, or the dangers of LSTM's vs GRU and so on

  • Dupa Jas
    Dupa JasMånad sedan

    Humanoid might be a surrogate for human mind uploaded by neuralink, that would halo with space travel due to radiation and human body limitations. 🤯

  • El Chapo’s exciting adventures
    El Chapo’s exciting adventuresMånad sedan

    I wonder if it will be able to see parked ambulances and police cars.

  • Za Maltas
    Za MaltasMånad sedan

    Still waiting on the tesla roadster. They say its coming out in 2019!

  • sweiland75
    sweiland75Månad sedan

    There will never be a AI that is smarter than a human.

  • ED
    EDMånad sedan

    "you can outrun it if something goes wrong" 😂

  • B B
    B BMånad sedan

    i'll be more impressed if they made a 8ft t800

  • Crypto ICO
    Crypto ICOMånad sedan

    Tesla bot... roll out

  • That Disney Mom
    That Disney MomMånad sedan

    I guess our military is going to be replaced with robots one day.

  • Dukens Red
    Dukens RedMånad sedan


  • Mikey Woe
    Mikey WoeMånad sedan

    Wonder who would get the ticket if the vehicle gets pull over and the bot is driving 😂😂💀

  • Rohit Mohite
    Rohit MohiteMånad sedan

    Yes robot wearing executioners mask . That's totally non threatening

  • Zach Poffenbarger
    Zach PoffenbargerMånad sedan

    why don’t they work on getting the cyber truck and roadster out before working on something civilization doesn’t need

  • Simon Rook
    Simon RookMånad sedan

    So will the robot be available to the public before or after the promised for 2018 Full Self Driving, the 2019 Semi, the 2020 Roadster2 or the 2021 ModelX and 4680cell? It’s a dancer in a suite, it was NOT robot, don’t be silly by trying to claim it is, Tesla is way way behind in robotics, meanwhile Daimler has there level 3 self driving product in market while Tesla is at level 2. And Dojo won’t be ready until 2022 Elon time, so probably 2023-24, then it will finally (maybe) solve FSD so that won’t be until 2024-2025, so at least 6 years late on a 2 year timeline, 300%. On that basis anyone who still believe any of Elon’s claims really needs to take a long cold hard look at themselves.

  • Jason 2828
    Jason 2828Månad sedan

    Jobs of the future will most likely be practical work maintaining all these machines...and higher level stuff will be hard core coding. It looks like the free ride in office's is coming to an end

  • Le Anh Nguyet
    Le Anh NguyetMånad sedan

    A sign of the new normal empowerment , the step # .... very friendly and emotionally .

  • MrBazsi888
    MrBazsi888Månad sedan

    5 mph max speed won't be that relevant if this thing learns to drive the cybertruck... we are in big trouble.

  • Docteur Dré
    Docteur DréMånad sedan

    All this just to make sure the new generation stay lazy and keep looking there’s navel and do nothing. Instead of creating things that make people idiots like self driving cars, robot and trying to send people on mars. I don’t know but if you look on earth there’s are problems huge need to be fix. Like water crisis all over the world. I guess it’s not lucrative for him.

  • Tera Nelson
    Tera NelsonMånad sedan

    If they cant get autopilot to work in a closed system like the Vegas loop, i have little hope of seeing it on the streets any time soon and even less hope of seeing these robots actually hitting the market at all.

  • RL Days
    RL DaysMånad sedan

    Elon Musk: "And mark my words, AI is far more dangerous than nukes. Far. So why do we have no regulatory oversight? This is insane.” Oh, and here is the robot I am building.

  • justin
    justinMånad sedan

    All this tech and modern science can't fix my hemorrhoids Fix hemorrhoids before humanoids!!!

  • spacedevice47
    spacedevice47Månad sedan

    The bot will go the way of the hyperloop and the robo taxi network. He has 2 very good companies without needing to promise fantastical bullshit.

  • operator six
    operator sixMånad sedan

    ryan finally gets to buy a friend,... ..im clling mine elon.

  • mrix
    mrixMånad sedan

    Give up watching as the title of the video is Tesla AL Robot CONFIRMED but you talk about the tesla cars for 4 minutes of a 11 minute video.

  • Ben Reed
    Ben ReedMånad sedan

    Why would you literally just throw away depth data? Yes, computer vision will eventually be fully operational and effective on its own. But, we are far from this. LIDAR has dropped tremendously in price and would make FSD so much more reliable in the meantime.

  • Dexter
    DexterMånad sedan

    Hyperloop, solar panels still haven’t come to fruition, neither will Tesla bot

  • Dexter
    DexterMånad sedan

    Oh it has ssd hard drive big deal, so has my computer

  • PowerKings PowerStroke
    PowerKings PowerStrokeMånad sedan

    Now all they have to do is name the new company cyberlife and we’ll all be living in the game

  • Robert Curry
    Robert CurryMånad sedan

    Toyota has done one and it’s just more superficial smoke

  • Ty m
    Ty mMånad sedan

    The stock price is a steal right now

  • Alex Johnson
    Alex JohnsonMånad sedan

    Yay the age of autonomous robots is here! I’m so excited and kinda nervous cuz we’ve seen all the shows both new & old of the robots doing good and bad for humanity, but I’m only focusing on the good and to that I’m glad to be here to see the first true AI robots become a reality ✌️😁

  • QueVerguenza Que LOCO
    QueVerguenza Que LOCOMånad sedan

    the best idea to send the Teslabot a few one and leave it on the moon and Mars to build the structures and bases to which humans arrive. Everything is going to be ready for us before arrive Air /food/ supplies/ etc •••••••• Elon musk is the best

  • Vervito United
    Vervito UnitedMånad sedan

    Are you kidding me so all this information is going to be stored in a Humanoid form, and we shouldn't be worried?. Remember it's not only information regarding the vehicle that this Bot will have, but information regarding Humans behind the wheel, how we react, what we talk about, what we think about, everything. This is not a Joke, they already have these things in production. When they tell you that it's for the future, it's already here.

  • Jacob Smith
    Jacob SmithMånad sedan

    Is that robot in black face? Cancelled in 3 2 1...

  • Crypto ICO

    Crypto ICO

    Månad sedan

    100% LOL

  • danrob91
    danrob91Månad sedan


  • Waffle Horse
    Waffle HorseMånad sedan

    But Elon musk hates A.I you sure this is true he’s saying he’s warning people that there bad

  • Tlu SkeeryxDBZ
    Tlu SkeeryxDBZMånad sedan

    well elon musk just begined a war

  • Joschua
    JoschuaMånad sedan

    The Tesla Bot will be slow enoth to outrun... Me picturing a bot calling in Tesla cars around the area jumps in and bam youre roadkill

  • YokaiByte
    YokaiByteMånad sedan

    Cleaning and cooking would be amazing. If it could do those two things I’ll buy one tomorrow 😄

    GERALD AMånad sedan

    Elon is at it again. All I want is my next tesla not to burn my home again not some damn human robot.