Tesla Cybertruck Leaks Crab Mode

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  • Ryan Shaw
    Ryan Shaw21 dag sedan

    Model Y T-Shirt Available Here! bit.ly/3ezyCVP

  • Diego Falcon

    Diego Falcon

    20 dagar sedan

    @Christopher Bailey yup, they are there. but it's not just the rubber. You also need a tool to lift up the plastic little door before you can grab the release. Not great, but it's in there

  • IHaveMyCrayons


    20 dagar sedan

    How is this a leak when Elon straight up tweeted about it, are you an idiot?

  • AHetaFan


    21 dag sedan

    My 2021 also has rear door emergency releases but the owners manual says it doesn't and to be fair reality is in-between because to access them you need a tool like a small flatblade screwdriver to open the access cover. You would never see or know about these emergency releases without prior knowledge and that's very unlikely unless you educate anyone who sits in the back seats. My test of these releases was done on a car with power but I believe these are manual releases that would function without power. I performed my tests with the window fully lowered so I wouldn't risk damage to the car by opening the door with the window fully up. My instructions for using: Lift the front of the rubber liner at the bottom of the rear door bin and peel back to reveal access cover. Using a small screwdriver push it under the edge of the cover midway between left and right sides of the cover. Push in or pry up until it pops open. Under this cover you will see a release cable wrapped in white material. Grab it with two strong fingers and pull on the cable then push door open. If desired you can put the rubber liner back in place while the cover is open so only the liner covers the opening.

  • Christopher Bailey

    Christopher Bailey

    21 dag sedan

    Model 3 and Model Y do have manual rear door releases, located at the bottom of the door bins (under the rubber). Not a great spot, but they do have them. Confirm your assumptions before putting stuff in your videos, unless you state it’s speculation.

  • Joe Trapp
    Joe Trapp2 dagar sedan

    It leaks?

  • jason booger
    jason booger6 dagar sedan

    it's really difficult to get over your grammatical errors. do you trial run your videos?

  • Frank McGinness
    Frank McGinness10 dagar sedan

    Even a low est. 10 mile/day solar charge will handle most of my driving errands in SF.

  • Frank McGinness
    Frank McGinness10 dagar sedan

    Cheat on views of the cybertruck, please allow viewers a moment to get a sense of what they’re looking at (so many dark screenshots) and critical wonder. Frustrating given no opportunity to sink teeth and drool.

  • gary simon
    gary simon10 dagar sedan

    This is a future politician talking.

  • Oscar Anderson
    Oscar Anderson11 dagar sedan

    Thanks for the update. A lot of hard work goes into it we appreciate all of you behind the scenes

  • AdamR
    AdamR12 dagar sedan

    My father's 1990s Toyota had 4 wheel steering.

  • EES
    EES13 dagar sedan

    Has anyone considered thatva Taxi let alone a RoboTaxi should not have handles that require instructions for entry ? AND Certainly not hidden handles for emergency evacuation ? It seems to me a high bar for education just to get in a cab, especiaĺly drunk.

  • Cool Ant
    Cool Ant14 dagar sedan

    Hopefully the hyperloop will be running soon, so we can travel through those wormholes.

  • Kia F
    Kia F14 dagar sedan

    3 mins into the video and he is just reading Elon's tweets about FSD. Maybe, in the future, start the video with a breakdown of what you're going to talk about.

  • James
    James15 dagar sedan

    I feel like a lot of youtubers don't understand this, so I'll explain it. When you put something in your title that catches my interest (e.g. "Cybertruck crab mode"), I come to the video wanting to see *that thing.* I find it irritating and uninteresting to see a bunch of other stuff when *that thing* that grabbed my interest is in the forefront of my mind. I am now minutes into the video without any mention of the thing in the title, so I am clicking away from the video and am less likely to click on videos from your channel again.

  • Hector Keezy
    Hector Keezy15 dagar sedan

    I’m betting my meagre savings, on Tesla delivering. They have brilliant mind working, on new ideas all the time, and if they need extra brainpower, they call Space-X for more. 😂 🇩🇰🙋🏻‍♂️🪐👩🏻‍🚀🇺🇸

  • Jonathan McGaha
    Jonathan McGaha15 dagar sedan

    "no handles on the cybertruck; rad!" said by people who have never started wrestling a car door open at 6:00 in the morning after an ice storm

  • frank hernandez
    frank hernandez16 dagar sedan

    I don’t want my car to drive itself.

  • Darren
    Darren16 dagar sedan

    Tesla should be forced by law to have clear instructions on how to operate those manual door releases permanently marked in every car .

  • Grant Lauzon
    Grant Lauzon16 dagar sedan

    All Wheel Steering will help with parking. Though it’s the same size as an F150 it has a longer wheelbase than one.

  • Picasso Black
    Picasso Black16 dagar sedan

    Keep that cybertruck drip feed going . It is most delicious

  • JayVal90
    JayVal9016 dagar sedan

    If it doesn’t have the toughness of a Hilux, bust.

  • Jason Goldfarb
    Jason Goldfarb16 dagar sedan

    Hi Ryan, You should do a video on Nano One Materials Corp. in Vancouver, Canada. They are revolutionizing the cathode materials process with their "One Pot Process". Making cathode materials for batteries much cheaper, safer with more power as well as much quicker to process all the elements into applicable forms. Look them up!

  • freeman Geiger
    freeman Geiger16 dagar sedan

    Don't think he talking full rear steerer. That would take a total re-engineer of the rear suspension and would impact the whole chassis and add months of development time. I think it'll be more of slowing the inside wheel and overdriving the outside wheel creating a steering effect.

  • Randy Ratcliff
    Randy Ratcliff17 dagar sedan

    Will the CyberTruck come with instructions?

  • mrshankj
    mrshankj17 dagar sedan

    I like the yoke.

  • Carlos Ruiz rivera
    Carlos Ruiz rivera17 dagar sedan

    You should definetly put time stamps en tha video so we can see waht we enter for to the vid

  • Otavio Oliveira
    Otavio Oliveira17 dagar sedan

    Is it Tesla-sponsored content?

  • JerSeattle 07
    JerSeattle 0717 dagar sedan

    Ugly truck that will cause more accidents and lost lives than save the environment

  • Merk Ridge
    Merk Ridge17 dagar sedan

    Who are these self driving engineers that are laughing to themselves. What work have they’ve accomplished that Elon aspires to achieve?

  • Edgar Hernandez
    Edgar Hernandez17 dagar sedan

    I got a standard range mondel y back in feb thru a tesla gallery/dealership

  • Brian Bradley
    Brian Bradley17 dagar sedan

    I tried to order a Model Y "Off-Menu" and they told me no... I ended up getting a M3... However, maybe I should have pressed harder? It's obvious their customer support is absolute garbage.

  • RL Days
    RL Days17 dagar sedan

    EV will be the future. Not because people will buy them more (Even though we will) and not because it is far superior to Hydrogen (No idea if that is the case) But because car companies will figure out they need far fewer parts to make their cars, A battery pack, a couple of electric motors, suspension and the body and that's it. No motor with 1000's of moving breakable parts, no fuel system, no radiator, just a couple of garage door openers and away you go. Far less stuff that can go wrong. Less maintenance also means fewer warrantied parts.

  • RL Days
    RL Days17 dagar sedan

    I don't think any car company would be happy about cancelling a full production run because one of the cars caught fire. But then a lot of manufacturers have had to have worldwide recalls for certain defects after cars were already sold for years. The latest I have heard of was from Kia. So it happens.

  • Dice Flawless
    Dice Flawless17 dagar sedan

    Why do people put random circles in thumbnails? You're not even circling anything lol

  • Paul Duggan
    Paul Duggan17 dagar sedan

    Never trust what an attorney says, especially when they play it in the press.

  • J Thum
    J Thum17 dagar sedan

    Nice but I have been waiting for months to get my MYLR. Can I get the car I ordered?

  • Julio Torricelli
    Julio Torricelli18 dagar sedan

    It is like the Bible , Elon says something ( ambiguous enough so nobody would know in what direction is he hinting) and every body come with his version " Musk said ". Le me tell you the story of my Tesla 3 . I have 2019 ( I waited for it from 2016) rear, single motor I got it at the lowest possible price . I keep it in my garage all the time. Last month , it was a heat wave , I parked my car in ful sun And want to leave after an hour in full sun , I come to the car I cannot put in back gear. I try this and that, on the screen comes gibberish . I want to readjust the mirrors, my right mirror locks in the closed position. I left the car a bit to rest and I touch the back of the monitor, and it burns my hand. I remembered to "reboot" the car so I did it . I reboot the car and everything went back to normal after a few minutes I spent all in all something like 15 minutes almost until I was able to put it in reverse and be able to leave. Now I want to repeat the conditions ( excessive heat from the Sun) to see what happens , however I lost the trust in my Tesla 3. I wanted to go cross country but no more. I worked in electronic industry and I know that componenets are reliable between certain ranges of temperatures . When you exeed those temperatures the components get destroyed or go berserk I don't know how Tesla Motors tested its PC boards, but to me it seems that they did not put the boards and test their functionality at the limits of the range whatever that is. I don't know what the temperature that monitor can reach in the full sun but I did not see any special cooling system to keep it between -20 F to 160 F . I know in my attic the temperatures reach 140 F and it is not exposed to sun directly. Anyone has the same problem ?

  • Andrew Saint
    Andrew Saint18 dagar sedan

    Take the best ideas of your own and the best ideas of your competitors and incorporate everything in one product. Winner. Worked for Apple.

  • YubaSutterDroneGuy
    YubaSutterDroneGuy18 dagar sedan

    Rear wheel steering is not the same as “Crab”. “Crab” mode the wheels turn together in the same direction to allow the vehicle to go side ways. “Rear Wheel Steering”, the wheels testing opposite directions to tighten up turns and make parking lot maneuvers easier. Not sure if you can have both systems together. I believe it’s one or the other.

  • RL Days

    RL Days

    17 dagar sedan

    The old 1990 Honda Prelude had all wheel steer and it did both. In slow speed tight turns it would turn the back opposite to the front but in higher speed lane changes etc it turned the back with the front. It was known for having the wiggle because when you first start steering it would try to go reverse lock and then realize you wanted it to go the same lock. It was only a very minute shift but unsettling until you got used to it.

  • Bradford Robnett
    Bradford Robnett18 dagar sedan

    Early reports suggest that the Plaid's pitch rate is still somewhat lacking.

  • Sandra Jonathan
    Sandra Jonathan18 dagar sedan

  • YM th

    YM th

    17 dagar sedan

    This is so amazing 🤘📈 i will contact Randy to know more about his daily signals and also invest💓

  • Jay P.
    Jay P.18 dagar sedan

    Just don't price me out of my new cybertruck and we'll be fine...

  • Jeremy Parvin Real Estate Investing
    Jeremy Parvin Real Estate Investing18 dagar sedan

    What mic do you use? Your audio is always like butter…so smooth.

  • Arcadius Hakim
    Arcadius Hakim18 dagar sedan

    Ryan, really liked your review of the Model 3 features video. Well done!

  • BeyondWrittenWords
    BeyondWrittenWords18 dagar sedan

    People can drive, it's not a problem, I don't want my car to self drive. What EV's still need badly is better batteries, lighter with more energy, faster to load.

  • James6874
    James687418 dagar sedan

    Just more computer crap to fail. No thanks I guess nobody remembers the blue screen of death or the Mac bomb screen. I don’t want either at 70mph in a corner on a highway

  • Patrick Graham
    Patrick Graham18 dagar sedan

    how am I going to buy - or even want - the FSD package if the pillar cameras cannot cope with low sunlight, darkness, rain or mist...? These have been faulty since day one and I am totally fed up with the "pillar camera blocked or blinded" messages every trip between August and April.

  • Andrew L.
    Andrew L.18 dagar sedan

    It's amazing to see how a small unknown company with only 2 factories was able to not only take control of the market but also dictate the future. Imagine how afraid all the other companies are when Tesla goes full throttle next year. Except Honda, Toyota... They don't care.

  • Andrew L.
    Andrew L.18 dagar sedan

    Rimac Nevera. Nice name. Except it means fridge in Spanish.

  • Andrew L.
    Andrew L.18 dagar sedan

    12:36 - 12:38 WTH?

  • Bootstrapper
    Bootstrapper18 dagar sedan

    You trust these guys that cant even get body panel gaps correct with FSD? Seems risky...

  • pobembe1958
    pobembe195818 dagar sedan

    I don't understand why Tesla has to cram a yoke down people's throats. Grandma can drive, but she can't drive a yoke. I can see lawsuits down the line.

  • Andrew Donald
    Andrew Donald18 dagar sedan

    Very interesting high-quality content. I'll be back for more.

  • Wasupwitdat1 Mofiki
    Wasupwitdat1 Mofiki18 dagar sedan

    Just bring back the Dodge Caravan and I'll be happy.

  • Derek Derek
    Derek Derek18 dagar sedan

    The yoke is a joke. Please provide quality! Sell tesla to a company who knows what they are doing like Audi or Mercedes

  • Derek Derek
    Derek Derek18 dagar sedan

    Teslas are an embarrassment to the car industry.

  • Derek Derek
    Derek Derek18 dagar sedan

    So excited to test drive a tesla!....worst, silliest fucking car I've ever touched..easy pass... I'll go with the audi.

  • な だい
    な だい18 dagar sedan

    The icky belgian interestingly bounce because caption peroperatively sin failing a superb stitch. tacit, blue football

  • DragonsREpic
    DragonsREpic18 dagar sedan

    Engineered Frame Shift Drive!

  • Dave March
    Dave March18 dagar sedan

    Sorry to say, Elon, but, well, duh.

  • 김헨리
    김헨리18 dagar sedan

    Tesla = " The Company who kills people for better cars "

  • Pretty Neat Stuff
    Pretty Neat Stuff18 dagar sedan

    🔴🔴🔴🔴🔴🔴🔴🔴 I must have watched 20 SEblacks videos today. This software is going to get someone killed. It's getting worse with each update. No chance in hell that this can drive better than me. It's a complete embarrassment. It's like me selling someone a hot water tank that only warms water to room temperature, and may one day get water hotter. YOU DON'T SELL SOMEONE SOMETHING THAT IS NOT COMPLETE. IT'S SHAMEFULL. ONLY SUCKERS WILL END UP BUYING IT. Give the people their money back NOW !!!!!! And shut it down until it is fully baked !!!!!

  • John Gordon
    John Gordon19 dagar sedan

    Elon won’t release FSD until it satisfies all of his criteria, because he can’t forget SpaceX and it involves lives, that he can’t get even a little bit wrong! However it’s release will be as soon as possible. There is nobody even near to his goals set for it. He has more or less said to throw Waymo out, as it is just a very expensive waste of money and time. By the way he is probably going into insurance too!

  • FancyCaveGaming
    FancyCaveGaming19 dagar sedan

    Elon could shock the world with the "Cyber Truck Auxiliary Drone" that projects a remote image from above on the central and/or driver's display. Could you imagine?

  • Ashton Marten

    Ashton Marten

    19 dagar sedan

    From recent CT patent application: "In some embodiments, a drone may be stored in the vehicle. The drone may fly from the vehicle and perform a mapping operation of surrounding terrain. For example, photogrammetry techniques may be used. This information may be provided to the vehicle, and used to render the representation 504. In some embodiments, the vehicle may render the representation 504 using, at least in part, simultaneous localization and mapping (SLAM) techniques."

  • Johnny 34
    Johnny 3419 dagar sedan

    With the rear-wheel steering, 510 mile range, and advanced suspension for off-roading, how on earth could the cybertruck still be in the $39,000-$69,000 range? That does not add up.

  • mao gore

    mao gore

    17 dagar sedan

    @Johnny 34 you’re right I’m super surprised at this price because he’s marking everything else up so high but we will see

  • Johnny 34

    Johnny 34

    17 dagar sedan

    @mao gore okay but now plenty of pickups are $90k and up, and the hummer electric is well over $100k. I’m just wondering how Elon can do all this and remain profitable at $70k. Any other manufacturer with these options would have to charge well over $90k to make the build worthwhile

  • mao gore

    mao gore

    17 dagar sedan

    @Johnny 34 because when Mercedes did a truck nobody wanted to buy a 90k truck to do everyday work situations

  • Johnny 34

    Johnny 34

    18 dagar sedan

    @Danish Khan what the Cybertruck appears to be offering, is something that should cost north of 90k easily when choosing the top options. The fact it’s maxing out at $69k doesn’t make sense

  • Danish Khan

    Danish Khan

    18 dagar sedan

    What do you mean?

  • OniMetsuki
    OniMetsuki19 dagar sedan

    The crab walk feature is great for traversing steeply sloped, but narrow, trails without having the tail end slide down and off. Really looking forward to getting my hands on my Tri Cyber :)

  • Ryan Kibler
    Ryan Kibler19 dagar sedan

    What is the possibility of an aftermarket semicircle wheel attachment that converts the yoke to a "standard" wheel? An idea for any entrepreneurs out there. I'm gonna miss resting my left arm on the top of the wheel.

  • Mike Flanagan
    Mike Flanagan19 dagar sedan

    Why is there no Closed Captioning on this video?

  • YB
    YB19 dagar sedan

    This truck looks like a box of shit! Maybe his youngest son designed it.

  • joe michele
    joe michele19 dagar sedan

    The Yoke is an "Unsafe Joke" ..

  • tech 52
    tech 5219 dagar sedan

    112784xxx, CT3-FSD, checking in!

  • Aydin Atavash
    Aydin Atavash19 dagar sedan

    v9.0 is here!

  • Shionell Williams
    Shionell Williams19 dagar sedan

    Think this will be torque vectoring and not wheel turning. Could be wrong.

  • Dom
    Dom19 dagar sedan

    Drove with a yoke. I want one bad. Can’t wait for my cybertruck yoke. But I’d buy one to upgrade my X. Hope that’s coming

  • Brooklyn Nguyen

    Brooklyn Nguyen

    19 dagar sedan

    Just bought a M3 but going back and forth every day with myself about getting a cyber truck. My husbands getting one so I tell myself I can just “drive his sometimes” 🤌🏻

  • ganymede3141
    ganymede314119 dagar sedan

    Crab Mode... stolen directly from the electric Hummer. Tesla is years behind the competition.

  • Divyang Malvi
    Divyang Malvi19 dagar sedan

    Elon himself said about crab mode.. that's not leak..

  • Christopher Ledo
    Christopher Ledo19 dagar sedan

    Doors open in 1/2 second manually. Complete BS!

  • jdear97
    jdear9719 dagar sedan

    These 0-60 times are going to cause problems on normal roads. Most drivers can't deal with this much power and acceleration.

  • Imola ZHP
    Imola ZHP19 dagar sedan

    I believe the tweet from 2018 is referring to software version V9, you know, before V10 and V11 that we are all patiently waiting for. V9 FSD would be a different V9, it is probably easily confused.

  • Robt The Good
    Robt The Good19 dagar sedan

    Will the rear wheel turning make it easier or harder to back up a trailer or towed vehicle? Guess it'll be easier to parallel park.

  • HewFoE
    HewFoE20 dagar sedan

    The new steering wheel is horrible. For FSD I can see it being awesome to have more space in the drivers seat, but for actual driving it doesn't allow for natural steering like letting the wheel turn through your grip or hand over hand

  • Matthew Connor
    Matthew Connor20 dagar sedan

    The emergency door release is super obvious. First time I rode in a Model 3 I thought it was the normal handle.

  • Miguel Nicolas
    Miguel Nicolas20 dagar sedan

    That tesla drifting in the ice go harddddd 🥵🥵🥵🥵😡💥💣💣💣

  • Josh Garris
    Josh Garris20 dagar sedan

    The Crab Walk is SUCH a waste of time. 😂 at least for the examples they’ve shown. The truck literally would’ve had more space in that squeeze driving normal than in crab mode. Now, if the back wheels can turn opposite to give the truck a better turning radius, then we’re talking.

  • bloop


    19 dagar sedan

    it can. But crab walk is more of a party trick than something that you will use on a daily basis, same like the Tesla fart seats. Honestly, how many people are going to take they Hummer offroad, almost none

  • diniito toom
    diniito toom20 dagar sedan

    Does that mean they add steer by wire to cybertruck?

  • TheOffSZN (Thirst Squad)
    TheOffSZN (Thirst Squad)20 dagar sedan

    Ryan Shaw Thumbnails *let me just circle this and this for no reason at all

  • Kevin Buckley
    Kevin Buckley20 dagar sedan

    For those wanting the titled content 6:25

  • M Beliv
    M Beliv20 dagar sedan

    Men get real. This investigation is an all frame up story. Period.

  • John Brown
    John Brown20 dagar sedan

    Self driving is me . Take lessons at a defensive driving school and a racing school. Save yourself $10,000 or more and prevent the occurrence of you becoming subservient to AI (a computer)! Hal...Hal... give control of the Tesla back to me. Hal...Hal....

  • k g
    k g20 dagar sedan

    They are missing the biggest improvement , MID-GATE

  • WooHoo My Sim
    WooHoo My Sim20 dagar sedan

    If a 5 year old read this videos title, they would have no idea wtf is happening

  • Praveen Kumar
    Praveen Kumar20 dagar sedan

    What happened to the Tesla SEMI?

  • JackOfAllTrades
    JackOfAllTrades20 dagar sedan

    You're always late with barely any new info. Unsubscribed, gl

  • Jeffrey Anderson
    Jeffrey Anderson20 dagar sedan

    If I have to watch another VW ad I think I just might go insane

  • Jeffrey Anderson

    Jeffrey Anderson

    17 dagar sedan

    @Andrew Saint ahh funny, you know I haven’t seen a single Mach E ad on SEblacks, just VW and Volvo

  • Andrew Saint

    Andrew Saint

    18 dagar sedan

    It's mach E in UK at the moment. Every ad break on some channels.

  • D33S3R
    D33S3R20 dagar sedan

    The guy from Plaid on fire is fund manager and have positions on Tesla

  • Freddy
    Freddy20 dagar sedan

    I thought that the model s rolled down the street before catching fire.

  • lplt
    lplt20 dagar sedan

    model 3 and Y do have emergency rear release

  • Ulrich
    Ulrich20 dagar sedan

    Cybertruck makes the rubbish looking Tesla range look amazing by comparison.

  • Greg Esch
    Greg Esch20 dagar sedan

    Errmmm.. Rimac is certainly not a startup anymore.

  • codycast


    19 dagar sedan

    Errmmm.. okay

  • Radioactive channel
    Radioactive channel20 dagar sedan

    6:41 Ryan you got it rong that is not crabwalk what Elon is saying that the steering will turn in the opposite direction of agility

  • Radioactive channel

    Radioactive channel

    20 dagar sedan

    Oh sorry

  • Radioactive channel

    Radioactive channel

    20 dagar sedan


  • Taurus
    Taurus20 dagar sedan

    Could Tesla make a regular manual door handle on the inside which would have two steps: First small step would require light force and would open the door electronically, and a much greater force required for the second step which would be the emergency manual release?

  • FitForActing Reynaldo B
    FitForActing Reynaldo B20 dagar sedan

    You better make a video quickly on the $5k increase for Model S and X 🤩🤩🤩