Tesla Cybertruck Spotted In Texas

Cybertruck Updates, $25,000 Tesla Updates, More Model S Delays, Tesla Settlement for Battery Throttling, AI Day, and more!

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    LANCE HESS11 dagar sedan

    I just want my deposit back on the cyber truck not only did they lie about time frame but the truck is ugly as hell there now are so many ele trucks that look way better and they are available Elon Musk just used all of our deposits for other investments just like his bullet proof glass couldn’t hold up to a rock let alone a bullet Major Scammer

  • Zedd YT
    Zedd YTMånad sedan

    Finally a truck can I draw

  • Travis Leach
    Travis LeachMånad sedan

    Has anyone received the full update from Tesla yet? I got an update, but it was 12.25 with the new languages and a new game. I have a 2021 MY.

  • Bill Tcheng
    Bill TchengMånad sedan

    Do you have any info on the new Tesla App? Thank you

  • iLikeTigerz101
    iLikeTigerz101Månad sedan

    Texans wouldn't want them, they'll still see them as a Prius and roll coal on them.

  • Athena Cinca
    Athena CincaMånad sedan

    I came here to see what is this Cyber Truck that my bro inlaw pre ordered. I am impressed.

  • David Hayes
    David HayesMånad sedan

    The cyber truck is soooooooo ugly! Elon, please give it some style.

  • john weber
    john weberMånad sedan

    This is the second time in my life I can't wait for time to fly. The first was when I wanted to turn 16 so I can drive, and now I can't wait for this truck to come out.

  • Energy
    EnergyMånad sedan

    take the pink wire behind your monitor and ground it. Then you can watch your movie driving😉

  • Paulry Barczyk
    Paulry BarczykMånad sedan

    if it's the stainless-steel design that's allowing Cybertruck to be so inexpensive compared to Tesla's S or X, it seems like Tesla should be considering a similar design for it's $25K model, if not others as well.

  • torben JENSEN
    torben JENSENMånad sedan

    So they literally patent something they copied from decades old designs?

  • Plug NextDoor
    Plug NextDoorMånad sedan

    Hey guys I seen a parking lot full of plaid model Tesla’s in a Jacksonville FL. Parking lot ?? ?? Who knows why but they look great !

  • eXdXgXe4life
    eXdXgXe4lifeMånad sedan

    There's more than one cybertruck prototype. They have at least two. The broken windows one, and the test drive one from later that night.

  • S K

    S K

    Månad sedan

    It’s the same car

  • Casey Kittel
    Casey KittelMånad sedan

    ryan shaw; where can I rent a plaid model S?

  • David Harshfield
    David HarshfieldMånad sedan

    I am always impressed with how well engineered Tesla are ... I think their cars and SUVs will continue to be strong hits and do even better in sales as production and cost reduction further kicks in ... however, in my opinion only, the Cybertruck is really cool and definitely borderline funky, my guess it will sell as well as the GMC Hummer and likely not much more. I look at Ford and Toyota leading electric trucks (I like the simple tech and similar design to existing models) - it seems to me F & T will build very broad market acceptable trucks and likely lead in "mass production". With Rivian and others in the lurch, they are more traditional designs - who knows about performance? - BUT one technical or production or design glitch and I suspect they will drift off to "has beens" ... Where oh where are GM and Ram (Dodge)?? Unless they come out with massive appealing product, etc. I think they will play massive catch up to F & T. Again, Tesla are really impressive EVs - the Cybertruck, maybe just not my cup of tea?! Tesla are making everyone be MUCH better at design and manufacturing, which is good for us all! (Disney TV in my car? What??)

  • Mark Davis
    Mark DavisMånad sedan

    I want bi-directional charging on my cyber truck. Let’s not let Ford beat us on this one!

  • John Hooten
    John HootenMånad sedan

    I can't wait for my cybertruck! I've wanted a DeLorean when I was little and it's just not practical by the time I could afford it. I need a truck for work, I'm wanting to go electric, and I love how it looks like if the Delorean manufacturer made a truck. Big WIN on all accounts!

  • Fly WV
    Fly WVMånad sedan

    Think they're going for ugliest truck possible. And succeeding

  • Steven Wann
    Steven WannMånad sedan

    My biggest complaint with my Tesla is the phone system. It doesn’t understand names and has to many bugs.

  • Tony Martin
    Tony MartinMånad sedan

    I think Cybertruck is silly, and I don’t think it will sell well. The new Ford 150 will trounce it.

  • Jonathan Adami
    Jonathan AdamiMånad sedan

    I wanted to run my car to the ground before getting a Tesla, it looks like I will have to! lol by the time that truck is out and available in Australia, I might even have to get another car in between. Oh well ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

  • Klyde VillaLord
    Klyde VillaLordMånad sedan

    The purpose of AI day is to hire and recruit people.

  • Elementsor0
    Elementsor0Månad sedan

    We get a real truck for the first time ever! Lol

  • Jason Brannan
    Jason BrannanMånad sedan

    The cyber truck is the ugliest fucking thing I have seen I will never bye a electric car ever I will stick to my diesel truck rolling coal

  • Bernhard Scholler
    Bernhard SchollerMånad sedan

    Just used your referral code for my my Tesla Modell Y which comes from China to Austria.

  • DJ Love Tap
    DJ Love TapMånad sedan

    I’m more hyped on the Mega Packs taking out big oil inch by inch wiping out Texas’ fossil fuel infrastructure and replacing it with clean Texas solar and wind and cheap (~$1MIL) individual megapack investments popping in to take bites out of the evil dirty energy moguls in Texas!! 😀

  • Nick McCain
    Nick McCainMånad sedan

    Thats cool. Good thing they dont paint it. Cause they dont know how :)

  • Neil Weiner
    Neil WeinerMånad sedan

    I have not received 2021.24 yet, should I be concerned?

    JONXDMånad sedan

    Can't wait to hear more about the cybertruck. Keep up the good work, Ryan!

  • Pip
    PipMånad sedan

    You seem to forget that both the Wu flu and the delays in Berlin have greatly effected production, not to mention the worldwide shortage of electronic parts.

  • Sarah Irons Baker
    Sarah Irons BakerMånad sedan

    Car wash mode will be life changing.

  • H8speech 1984
    H8speech 1984Månad sedan

    So happy they put Disney on the infotainment. Not sure how I would survive without that. Sheesh

  • C. Nile
    C. NileMånad sedan

    Sheesh, Teslas owners are such a whiny mob squealing that they were robbed temporarily, of performance & range while Tesla sorted out the battery fire issues. What's the alternative, leaving you to drive a potentially dangerous vehicle so that you maintain your bragging rights of outrageous performance & range? Now they're paranoid that Tesla could slyly slip in a software downgrade anytime while prices are still going up. Every car manufacturer is struggling with the chip shortage, & I doubt that Elon's happy about having cars that are all but ready to move onto the buyers standing outside in the weather. 🙄

  • BlackHat
    BlackHatMånad sedan

    7:11 this wall of text looks like it belongs in the turbo encabulator user manual

  • blackvr4tt
    blackvr4ttMånad sedan

    Model 2 - I posted this on another video but I think it's worth repeating... I think it's time we stop calling this the $25k model because the price won't be that low. Similar to the $35k Model 3 which sells for $5k more, the base Model 2 will be closer to $30k. They will offer a dual motor option in the high 30s. So across the board the Model 2 will be $10k cheaper than the Model 3. Similar to their other 2 platforms (Model X/S and Model Y/3), they will offer two models on the smaller platform, since they're very costly to develop. It will be a smaller crossover (where sales have surged), and a hatchback instead of a sedan that will sell really well in Europe and Asia. This would perfectly fill out their vehicle lineup and have massive demand.

  • Gospel of Thomas 77th Pearl: The Perpetual Tree
    Gospel of Thomas 77th Pearl: The Perpetual TreeMånad sedan

    By the sounds of things Australians will get the Cybertruck in 2035 😂😅😬😔

  • Palm Beach Ketoers
    Palm Beach KetoersMånad sedan

    I haven't received the update yet 😔

  • Ramon Punsalang
    Ramon PunsalangMånad sedan

    Looking forward to the first true prototype using castings The Cybertruck used in the reveal actually employed a subframe.

  • Peter S
    Peter SMånad sedan

    I can’t wait for the CyberTruck! It’s gonna be amazing when it comes out in 2025!

  • Martin


    Månad sedan

    It could be looking passé by then. The first angular Toyota MR2 looked amazing, but now old fashioned next to it's rounder subsequent models.

  • Soda Fountain To The Stars
    Soda Fountain To The StarsMånad sedan

    The Model S's that are all parked in a big lot with no explanation is almost certainly due to a computer chip issue. It's happening with virtually all auto manufacturers. Cars fully built, but can't be shipped.

  • Soda Fountain To The Stars

    Soda Fountain To The Stars

    Månad sedan

    @The Dragon Slayer I couldn’t agree more that the dealership model is dying. It’s one of the MANY reasons I’m trading my Acura RDX for a Model Y and not looking back.

  • Soda Fountain To The Stars
    Soda Fountain To The StarsMånad sedan

    It's crazy that Tesla has to pay $625 to all these Model S owners for simply trying to protect their batteries from blowing up while they investigated issues. I would have no problem with them doing that, instead of my family possibly burning in a battery fire. Even if it was all for nothing.

  • Yvette
    YvetteMånad sedan

    What is the name of the song you play at the beginning of your videos?

  • ISHAK Abdulkareem
    ISHAK AbdulkareemMånad sedan

    Add up on Snapchat daddy's she got contents you gonna love it. Starrjayden3

  • Turro
    TurroMånad sedan

    F Disney

  • Bryan T
    Bryan TMånad sedan

    Click baited af. Good video though 😂

  • GoCoyote
    GoCoyoteMånad sedan

    Not wrapped Cybertruck bodies, but steel door frames. One pallet wrapped the same way was unpacked.

  • OJ Simpson
    OJ SimpsonMånad sedan

    Damn I cannot wait for the cyber

  • A Ranting Culinarian Pastor
    A Ranting Culinarian Pastor Månad sedan

    25k Tesla is about as unlikely as the dual motor Cybertruck costing only 49,990$. Not a fud just a realist.

  • Guy Cocoa
    Guy CocoaMånad sedan

    I’ve been a Tesla shareholder for a long time, but the act is starting to get a bit wearing. Introducing vehicles four years in advance and still not being able to manufacture them is showing an inability to deliver. Not knowing when an accepted order is going to be produced and delivered is ineptitude. Having vehicle software that is supposedly going to pay the owner of the vehicle multiples of the price paid for the vehicle, but not being able to deliver that functionality demonstrates an inability to be practical. By that I mean that if FSD is going to allow vehicles to become robotaxies and make their owners $70,000 per year (70/30 split with Tesla of $100,000), then why not just hire human watchdog/drivers for $40,000 per year to sit in and manage each FSD vehicle and then split the remaining $60,000 70/30? I’d take $42,000 per year now instead of $70,000 sometime (years) in the future.

  • Tram Nguyen

    Tram Nguyen

    Månad sedan

    Please sell all Tesla stocks and don’t buy Tesla again . Thank you.

  • Eric Nicolson
    Eric NicolsonMånad sedan

    Everything about Tesla is crazy! The battery life, the tail lights, the interior etc. Tesla stocks is the best of them all! I have always hoped to invest in Tesla stocks one day but the thought of doing so without enough knowledge of the stocks market makes the whole thing less attractive to me. One cannot afford to lose any money in this pandemic era

  • Louis S.W

    Louis S.W

    Månad sedan

    Testla will only be a niche product for the upper middle class. When they treat their car parts like apple does computer parts, how is your local mechanic Dale supposed to fix it at an affordable price? Fuck testla, sweet looking cars, but a Chinese company is gonna crush them in the market when they release their mini cube electric cars at %10 of the price of a model 3

  • SuperNovaUFO


    Månad sedan

    @Eric Nicolson her consistency is top notch, my portfolio averages a 12% growth every month. you can check her out online if you care to get in touch with her. Her name is *Lena* *Marian* *Nebel*

  • Eric Nicolson

    Eric Nicolson

    Månad sedan

    @SuperNovaUFO thats sweet profit mate. Happy you bounced back! Please how do I get in touch with the broker that assisted you? Is she consistent

  • SuperNovaUFO


    Månad sedan

    True! I made this mistake some years back. I was sure I had learnt the DIY ropes, invested all by myself and lost thousands of dollars. It was the saddest year for my journey to FI but after much persuasion from a relative, I decided to give stocks a try again. This time, with the help of an investment broker I came across in a cnbc interview. Made $245,000 in profit within few months of investing and recovered my losses

  • Seraphina


    Månad sedan

    its really scary investing at this time and youtube to me feels like an echo chamber

  • Super Nova
    Super NovaMånad sedan

    WOW....Great Vid...…. If I you are correct... Is Tesla a Major corporation out to make money like Apple. And if so, will they throttle there batteries and will they stop giving updated to certain older model cars like the Apple iPhone 5s. I don't know... I think I will now stay away .... I am still a fan ... just not the same as before.

  • Smarter Than You
    Smarter Than YouMånad sedan

    If there were actually 1M cybertruck orders it would take precedence of the Y LOL

  • Authentic or hybrid recipes
    Authentic or hybrid recipes Månad sedan

    Dojo sounds like Mojo

  • alencaru
    alencaruMånad sedan

    The green wrapped thing is definitely not CyberTruck, the triangular shape appears only on one side.

  • Deb Lynne
    Deb LynneMånad sedan

    Wow, great updates! Thank you

  • Craigo87
    Craigo87Månad sedan

    I would bet that the Model 2 will have the new Sodium-Ion battery in development by Tesla’s battery partner CATL in China. That would explain why they will all be produced at Tesla Shanghai.

  • Matthew Boyd
    Matthew BoydMånad sedan

    Even if they make the compact a year early (2022) we should still expect either delays or ramp up time to take about a year before we see it in America (Tesla is known for shipping locally and expanding out) And some people who will be buying their first new car might not be ready if it comes early.

  • Bonding Solutions LLC
    Bonding Solutions LLCMånad sedan

    Received my S long range on 7.30... With 21 inch wheels.

  • John Phillips
    John PhillipsMånad sedan

    What keeps China from nationalizing the Giga factory?

  • George Stewart

    George Stewart

    Månad sedan

    They would not kill the 'golden goose' !!!! The country is not 'communist' but works in the interests of the elitist leadership. (Not the people!) As bad as America where capitalist neoliberalism works in the interests of the rich!!! (Read 'THE DEFICIT MYTH' - Stephanie Kelton.)

  • Phillip Probst
    Phillip ProbstMånad sedan

    There are other shots in the giga Texas videos showing one of these stacks of parts unwrapped next to the green wrapped examples ... making it clear these are not CT body shells ... not saying there aren't CT body shell somewhere on site ... just that these are not them.

  • The Urban Ape
    The Urban ApeMånad sedan

    The $25,000 Tesla really needs to be the “Model A” so Tesla can make S.3.X.Y. C.A.R.S. !!! (Model S, model 3, model X, model y, Cybertruck, model A, Roadster, Semi)

  • The Urban Ape

    The Urban Ape

    Månad sedan

    Ooooh, I didn’t think of that!

  • AIchemy _

    AIchemy _

    Månad sedan

    Yeah that or the atv

  • Jacob
    JacobMånad sedan

    15:38 Apple throttled old iPhones for the same issue as Tesla… battery longevity. Is an old iPhone wasn’t throttled, it would tamely shut down due to poor battery health. And throttling only occurred once the onions unexpectedly shut down

  • Kawaii M4A1-S
    Kawaii M4A1-SMånad sedan

    Oh lord won't you buy me, a cyyybertruck.

  • Mark D
    Mark DMånad sedan

    car wash mode sounds convenient, however, the place I go has users turn on wipers during ‘stage 1’ hand wash, and then off for brushless machine wash and dry

  • Devin Heaps
    Devin HeapsMånad sedan

    They should name the new model “!” To make fun of apple’s i product line, but call it “bam” when discussing it. Who says Tesla can’t rename the exclamation mark to fit its purposes?

  • Es1911sumware
    Es1911sumwareMånad sedan

    NO PROBLEM in waiting, as so far we have seen Tesla's ideations FOR QUALITY, and not quantity. I can't help but wonder WHY/HOW this guy made this video w/o listening to the recent earnings report call?! SO much of his FUD content is actually directly been addressed in that call. Hmmmmmm, related to Trevor?

  • Adventures With Duncan
    Adventures With DuncanMånad sedan

    That’s one app I will delete is the Disney app. I plan on only using apps I want.

  • Mr P
    Mr PMånad sedan

    This truck is an ugly sight.

  • Baum Inventions
    Baum InventionsMånad sedan

    0:55 thats electrochromic glass . its used in the car industry over 20 Years.

  • mahadevovnl
    mahadevovnlMånad sedan

    My 2016 VW Golf has adaptive cruise control, lane assist, and can recognize traffic signs. Oh, and has a range of 500+ miles. It goes from 0 to 60 in about 5 seconds. Total costs? About €18k or $21k USD (including taxes). I have no idea what Tesla is doing, but it's hardly innovative.

  • Mr.X


    Månad sedan

    Haha your comment brings tears of joy to my face. VW is an old dinosaur whose death is unstoppable. Anyone who is a little familiar with today's automobile market knows that VW nowadays only sells cheap scrap at high prices to blind customers.

  • A- lX S
    A- lX SMånad sedan

    I’ve said it before, best YT channel for Tesla news… Professional on every point : structured lecture, dynamic transitions, excellent news (verified) and good conclusions. I’ m in France and I have to say it’s thanks to you I’m aware of the latest news about Tesla. Can’t recommend you enough around me here.

  • equarg
    equargMånad sedan

    😳A 25K electric car?! Ok. I may be able to afford that. 🤔……Just not out of China. I can wait till they are made in the USA….or at a minimum Germany.

  • darthjump
    darthjumpMånad sedan

    Fine with me, i haven´t even got the cash right now to buy a CyBeRtRuCk

    BM RBCAMånad sedan

    We won't see the cyber truck till 2023. Too much needs to happen for them to start production

  • Christan larsen
    Christan larsenMånad sedan

    I own a MS P85, and Tesla still haven’t fixed the charging and range issue the introduced in 2019. When I supercharge it’s still caped to 72kW and my battery can only store 63KWh which is far less than I could back in 2019

  • Wrong Time Weeder

    Wrong Time Weeder

    Månad sedan

    That's because you need to call Tesla, not the local mechanic!

  • Lucas Marcilio
    Lucas MarcilioMånad sedan

    Where did u rent the plaid?

  • Albert Ta
    Albert TaMånad sedan

    Well in Australia, the estimated delivery dates for the new Model S/X is the end of 2022. Definitely seems like they're getting swamped.

  • Nicholas T

    Nicholas T

    Månad sedan

    No, I suspect it’s the engineering requirements for the RHD version we need here in Oz.

  • niacal4nia
    niacal4niaMånad sedan

    Uglier than a Pontiac Aztec. lol

  • Brendon Ayanbadejo
    Brendon AyanbadejoMånad sedan

    Great updates ryan!

  • Nicholas T
    Nicholas TMånad sedan

    Ryan, you quote Elon saying that he thinks the Cybertruck will be their best product ever. And yet Musk recently tweeted that he thought the Cybertruck had the potential to be a “flop” !! Could you kindly give us your thoughts on these 2 contradictory comments, both from Musk himself.

  • Ranger Trails
    Ranger TrailsMånad sedan

    Waymo beat Tesla to the robo-taxi game by a long shot. Impressive self-driving autonomous ride sharing services already in use in Chandler Arizona. Although they beat Tesla I'm still excited to see what Tesla has in store for autonomous ride sharing.

  • Martin


    Månad sedan

    Mobileye also testing robo-taxis in New York City.

  • Gregory Perkins
    Gregory PerkinsMånad sedan

    Cant be under 70,000 dollars when a ford lightning loaded is 90,000

  • Smarter Than You

    Smarter Than You

    Månad sedan

    @Nicholas T if theyre too cheap than I hope they do sell 1M of them

  • Nicholas T

    Nicholas T

    Månad sedan

    AND ALSO Gregory, when (effectively) the same Cybertruck plaid tri-motor platform sells for $129,000 in the Model S plaid! If Tesla can make the Plaid tri-motor Cybertruck (with 500miles of range) for $69K, what does that say about the HUGE profit margin in Model S Plaid (with 100 miles LESS range) selling for $60,000 MORE at $129K?? Or, will the Plaid Cybertruck be TOO CHEAP and a loss “leader” ??

  • Gerg C
    Gerg CMånad sedan

    Looking forward to your video about renting the plaid.

  • Gregory Perkins
    Gregory PerkinsMånad sedan

    Tesla said they cant make the truck for a long time because the batteries would cost to much and the truck would cost a million dollars. So when the truck comes out its gonna be way over the price they quoted.

  • RJ 8U
    RJ 8UMånad sedan

    So Tesla from now on should not push update to their cars where additional ranges were gained or increase to there cars 🙈 otherwise they will get sue 💩.

  • RJ 8U

    RJ 8U

    Månad sedan

    @Nicholas T Tesla got sue because they throttle down the charging and battery for these cars due to a softwarw issue so just to be on a safe side they decided to side caution until further evaluation of the charging and batteru is further verify then after a few months they went ahead and updated the software to where the charging power and battery state is reinstated. Only dumb Tesla owners would think you they should get higher charging speed all the time while charging, while knowing there might be an issue with their cars software. These are the same people who cried about fit and finish 🙈. Go get your self a VW or Ford ev next time. What a cry baby 💩. It's ok you get something from Tesla, but she Tesla if they take something something from your care for safety evaluation. May be Tesla should charge customers for Sentry mode, Dog Mode, Camping Mode, Games because its not promised.

  • Nicholas T

    Nicholas T

    Månad sedan

    Sorry RJ, that’s just a stupid conclusion!! How can you even say that??? Tesla was sued because the charging performance/range of the affected owners DETERIORATED!!!! NOBODY, BUT NOBODY, is going to complain if a software update IMPROVES the performance of their Tesla!!! Mate, are you for real ???????

  • Patrick Bateman
    Patrick BatemanMånad sedan

    I’m pretty sure there are 2 cyber trucks that exist today. When they did the unveil and broke the window, there was no way they could have replaced the glass that fast shortly after to give rides in. My bet is that they have 2 prototypes and in the event something went wrong on the unveil that had a backup for rides.

  • wilson video
    wilson videoMånad sedan

    Try again chief, can you say Delorean

  • Tod Tod
    Tod TodMånad sedan

    I like how you just get to the information and not all do hoopla bla bla bla

  • CryptoWarrior
    CryptoWarriorMånad sedan

    I really didn't understand the settlement but wasn't too invested in it. To me Tesla was being cautious and informed everyone what they were doing, did it, then once they were satisfied everything was fine they sent out a software update to reverse it. No different then what they've done in the past right?....So why the complaints and have to settle?

  • Nicholas T

    Nicholas T

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    But wasn’t that the issue? They DIDN’T inform affected owners before the “throttling”? Owners suddenly discovered they could charge to the same range as previously. That’s how I understand it.

  • Frederico Düvel
    Frederico DüvelMånad sedan

    Can you download Netflix series/movies on a Tesla to make it play quicker or more reliably? Like on a smartphone

  • mark marco
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    Ryan is certainly on top of his game.

  • Ame M
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    Tesla is so freaking awesome

  • Wrong Time Weeder

    Wrong Time Weeder

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    Shame about Nikola, the (cough) automaker.

  • adrian nathaniel
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    Cybertruck 2030 or another 2 weeks?

  • chariel deleon
    chariel deleonMånad sedan

    So hyped for the cyber truck I can’t wait to finally be able to drive it

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    @Barrett I can be a real stinker

  • Barrett


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    @219toChi lmao

  • Levi Hiruy

    Levi Hiruy

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    @Craig Ruchman I heard on Reddit that you lock not only FSD but also the price for the truck.

  • chariel deleon

    chariel deleon

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    @219toChi I can tell your not very successful building these cars my dad used to always tells us successful people don’t worry about what others are doing maybe you should take that advice

  • 219toChi


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    @CozmicSaber's Opinions why wouldn't I care?

  • chariel deleon
    chariel deleonMånad sedan

    They not paying owners out of the kindness of their heart they paying owners because they was a lawsuit just saying

  • Jessy Chellakudam
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    Hi David

  • jerry kurata
    jerry kurataMånad sedan

    The Model S stacked up at the factory reminds me of the shots of the Ford F series trucks parked partially completed at a racetrack in Kentucky. Ford finished them as far as they could and parked them waiting for electronic components.

  • Shane Churilla
    Shane ChurillaMånad sedan

    Throttling shouldn’t be an issue. Apple can happily throttle because there is little iPhone competition and users will most likely buy a new iPhone. Tesla owners could be turned towards other brands.

  • Juston Preble
    Juston PrebleMånad sedan

    Ready to sell my 2021 FORD F150 and my wifes FORD Expedition for the 2 TESLA CyberTrucks we put deposits on!!! Garage is ready with 220 plug...

  • Smarter Than You

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    Lightning will be here before the CT

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