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Tons of Cybertruck leaks, Tesla Camera Driver Monitoring, Model Y and Model S Design Updates, Tesla Hackers, and more!

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  • Jimmy Penrose
    Jimmy Penrose4 dagar sedan

    Speaking of "Leaks"... I've been hoping to get a Cybertruck since they were announced but a few safety issues have started eating away at me as I learn more about it. I know it's an electric vehicle; but maybe it's a little TOO electric. As a person who does a fair amount of boating, the idea of a vehicle that has doors and windows that are completely dependent on electrical power seems just a little death-trappish to me. Especially when you consider that the windows also have shatter resistant glass. If you were to have an accident where you were to wind up in a river or lake, swamp or saltwater estuary; the vehicle's electrical system will instantly short out and you will be trapped inside. As the vehicle sinks you will be keenly aware of the fact that you're about to drown for at least a good three or four minutes before you take that final gasp. That seems like a genuinely horrible way to die; like being waterboarded to death. Even if you have one of those devices for shattering the windows - it won't work. Rescue from outside the vehicle would be just as hopeless: there's NO human-powered mechanism to open the door. Unless somebody at the accident site just happens to have the jaws of life ready to go, you're going to drown like a kitten in a cloth bag - quite possibly in water that would even be shallow enough for you to stand in. I guess maybe the delay to the marketplace isn't such a bad thing after all; I'm not sure that I - or they - have completely thought this through.

  • Mike Flanagan
    Mike Flanagan19 dagar sedan

    No closed captioning? Do you have something against people with hearing loss?

  • Grater Good
    Grater Good28 dagar sedan

    Then fucking plug it!

  • Iamthearash
    Iamthearash29 dagar sedan

    Body color matched door handles!

  • rsg1963
    rsg1963Månad sedan

    Paint matched handles FTW.

  • Torque News
    Torque NewsMånad sedan

    Looking forward to the Cybertruck. It would be really innovative to have no door handles.

  • TheGreatKimber
    TheGreatKimberMånad sedan

    The Giga Factory Berlin is not located anywhere near Berlin. Sorry guys...

  • TheGreatKimber
    TheGreatKimberMånad sedan

    Why do I need a "self driving car" if I still have to constantly control it? The deeper sense of a system like this is, that I can do something else like eating, catch some sleep etc because I do not need to drive the car. If I still have to do something every few seconds, I can drive this vehicle by myself. Driving cars with "self driving capabilities" bored me that much, that I switched off that mode to drive myself to have anything to do in this car.

  • Vengirni


    Månad sedan

    Because we will never have truly self-driving cars without those stages in between.

  • Rick De Michele
    Rick De MicheleMånad sedan

    Why in the world would Elon build a plant in a state that does not allow his vehicles to be sold in? I hope it ends up to be worth his efforts in the long run.

  • Rick De Michele
    Rick De MicheleMånad sedan

    I prefer the paint matched handles over the black. In fact I really prefer the chrome trim and handles that were originally on the cars.

  • Steve Baker
    Steve BakerMånad sedan

    It's unlikely that Texas will repeal the "dealership" laws - but what they MIGHT do would be to carve out a loophole for vehicles that are manufactured in Texas. That sounds a lot like a "pro-Texas jobs" kind of a law that the politicians could get excited about...but removing the need for dealerships across the board is unlikely to happen. It could be argued that it would cost jobs - and we know that those dealerships pay a TON of money in bribes....er ..."campaign contributions".

  • Steve Baker
    Steve BakerMånad sedan

    Patents don't really prove intent. In many cases, a patent is put up solely to prevent the competition from doing something. When writing a patent you always want to claim the maximum features - even if you have no intention of implementing them.

  • Kevin Bhasi
    Kevin BhasiMånad sedan

    (2:53) Ah yes, when you accidentally say GE (General Electric) instead of GM (General Motors)…

  • Melanie
    MelanieMånad sedan

    the handles should either be chrome or body colored. black looks so damn cheap.

  • r3drift
    r3driftMånad sedan

    sometimes i dont want to go to walmart, and have everyone know im at walmart.. im form a small city. so i would stand out so much lol

  • Jeff Bachmann
    Jeff BachmannMånad sedan

    Elon Musk saying people don't need 500 mile range is disturbing. We don't want to stop when you want us to stop Elon. There are many things we " don't need" that we want. I don't know anyone that doesn't want even more range than 500 miles if possible

  • Jake
    JakeMånad sedan

    Tesla = 🤮

  • Bill Whitley
    Bill WhitleyMånad sedan

    Do you have any videos showing you playing drums

  • Kenny Fordham
    Kenny FordhamMånad sedan

    Oh right. Tesla will NEVER use the inside camera against you. 🤭

  • We Ok Simulations
    We Ok SimulationsMånad sedan

    Automotive industries and people in general need to learn how aviation deal with any sort of automation and autopilot

  • Jay Trock
    Jay TrockMånad sedan

    Telsa is the new apple. Great invention, but lets competition catch up. The only thing saving them for the moment is the battery technology. Don't think that will last to long. Telsa needs to do a hybrid capacitor battery system.

  • Gerry McFaul
    Gerry McFaulMånad sedan

    I sure hope they keep the 500+ range for the top Cybertruck. If you use it for towing, and use only 80% of the true battery life, you get knocked down to 250 miles or so pretty fast. In north Idaho, Montana, etc., there aren't as many charging opportunities yet. In fact just drop the 3rd motor for all I care but keep the range for someone that wants to tow with an EV. NO reason for my pickup to have a 0-60 speed in 3 seconds.

  • Et Mount
    Et MountMånad sedan

    Texas is stupid with their stupid laws. Get with the program Texas!

  • Ken Kruchkow
    Ken KruchkowMånad sedan

    Electric vehicles don’t leak! :O

  • Scott Alexander
    Scott AlexanderMånad sedan

    After the amazing Ford Lightning preview I don't think Tesla had much choice. This is not much real information on a real truck. Lot's of guesses on add ons, the rest is expected. Likely over 100k.

  • redxsage
    redxsageMånad sedan

    My... _'Preference'?_ I prefer the original chrome door handles. I could live with them being body- colored instead.

  • Todd Bissell
    Todd BissellMånad sedan

    So you can maximize full out put. Solar panels should be portable on cyber truck. Fold out from the tonneau cover to your roof. inlets on front and back Three, three quarter Hitch mounts on front and back. Wind power is another option

  • Nora Berry
    Nora BerryMånad sedan

    The straight rat summarily saw because malaysia desirably hang via a macho voice. cagey, taboo umbrella

  • Jasper Cowan
    Jasper CowanMånad sedan

    So excited for our next Tesla!

  • Malinda Miami
    Malinda MiamiMånad sedan

    Successful people don't become that way overnight. What most people see at a glance-wealth,a greater career,purpose is the result of hard work and hustle over time

  • Lewis Howes•YOUTUBE•

    Lewis Howes•YOUTUBE•

    Månad sedan

    Most intelligent word I've heard.

  • Pinned  by The Ramsay Show

    Pinned by The Ramsay Show

    Månad sedan

    Great video! Trading now should be in every wise individual list in some months time you will be ecstatic with the decision you made today.

  • Thomas Martin

    Thomas Martin

    Månad sedan

    Nice video !!very engage from beginning to end . Nevertheless business and investment are the easiest way to make money irrespective of which party make it to the oval office.

  • Steven Brain
    Steven BrainMånad sedan

    I didn't think the truck had side mirrors?

  • Ricardo Averion
    Ricardo AverionMånad sedan

    Ryan Shaw, at 2 minutes and 50 seconds, you referenced GE as the other auto maker. It is not GE. It is GM.

  • Qubit 711
    Qubit 711Månad sedan

    Been driving two years with auto pilot and FSD now with over 36k miles. I personally think the cabin camera monitoring and the increased safety crap sucks. It is my first major disappointment with the company and decision process. If you feel or think this is needed answer me this…why has it not been needed since 2012 or why now when the software and autopilot are the best they ever have been? We are right around the corner of the car driving itself fully and just NOW we need this safety? The dude in the back seat not even driving the Tesla is driving better than 95% of the people around him I guarantee you that!!

  • James Ambrecht
    James AmbrechtMånad sedan

    Wonder what it’s towing range

  • Justin W
    Justin WMånad sedan

    Amazing. According to the picture, it can tow a 20k lb trailer 610 miles. I find that unlikely.

  • ma theo con
    ma theo conMånad sedan

    The cute handball inherently pump because goat suddenly wander astride a maddening narcissus. painful, difficult brandy

  • Marco Mugnatto
    Marco MugnattoMånad sedan

    If I had the money I would buy it right away

  • Gilles de Brouwer
    Gilles de BrouwerMånad sedan

    Rearview cameras NOT MIRRORS for the Cybertruck!

  • cesar ortiz
    cesar ortizMånad sedan

    The magical pantry obviously burn because nose descriptively wave pro a regular united kingdom. ceaseless, upbeat lake

  • JK Curti
    JK CurtiMånad sedan

    Great information. Particularly on the Hackers. They are criminal thieving scum and should be treated as such. The people backing them are even worse, being of the lowest forms of humanity. I hope they will see the error of their ways and instead be part of progress. The paint is still a problem. Should Nevada and the Federal Govt of US remove some of the ridiculous standards limiting VOCs for factory produced vehicles it would allow companies to produce products that lasted much longer. Of course some cultures intentionally design their products to fail so that customers might return, that is not historically the mode of true American companies and their philosophy (i.e. Tesla Motors)!

  • Alex Atreides
    Alex AtreidesMånad sedan

    I would rather take the e-Hummer

  • Trace zach daniels
    Trace zach danielsMånad sedan

    SO SHWEEEETTT...much love Tee with LIONS NAMED LEO.[the music worldwide} AND WOW...SOOO COOL...AND ANYONE HERE SEE THE MOVIE ''upgrade''.....remember the newer cars in it..??.....and how easily they could be taken over..?.

  • Ted Kidd
    Ted KiddMånad sedan

    Paint matched

  • Johnny Boy
    Johnny BoyMånad sedan

    People gamed the system and are slowly ruining the experience for all of us.

  • LouisChiaki
    LouisChiakiMånad sedan

    Now I start to worry... can other cars that used radar see Cybertruck?

  • Alan Rogers
    Alan RogersMånad sedan

    Matched paint on the Model S door handles. BTW, maybe take a page from the Cybertruck book and lose the door handles all together. I was told that the Cybertruck would not have any door handles, probably self-opening as the car senses the fob as you get closer. All Tesla's should have this. The Ford Mustang Mach-e comes closest with push-button door openers.

  • RAF Fly
    RAF FlyMånad sedan

    Door handles, body color for me !

  • Liberal Larry
    Liberal LarryMånad sedan

    Love the black handles

  • Mark Davis
    Mark DavisMånad sedan

    Is the cyber truck going to have bi-directional charging?

  • Knight Gabriel
    Knight GabrielMånad sedan

    On all screen shot temp is 84* farenheit 610miles and time is 12:05 nothing to speculate on

  • Frederick Thompson
    Frederick ThompsonMånad sedan

    whats amazin is that out of every one of the images showing the cycbertruck dash saying 610 and 110 or whatever, no one notices that the temp is always 84 degrees and the time is always 1205 pm no mater where the truck is \

  • 1sheinz
    1sheinzMånad sedan

    I sure hope that the CT will have available SELECTABLE LOCKING DIFFERENTIALS. They really are one of the MOST important aspects of a true offroader. CHEERS Steve h.

  • Dan Fox
    Dan FoxMånad sedan

    Actually NO HANDLES ! That would be the GO !

  • Robert Polkamp
    Robert PolkampMånad sedan

    My new Model S is awful and for sale.

  • Duck Norris
    Duck NorrisMånad sedan

    Aren’t we coming up on the five year anniversary of when a bunch of people were saying the personal vehicle would be dead in five years?

  • S. Hendrixx
    S. HendrixxMånad sedan

    Yeah no thanks on cameras for my private driving... for the ppl using weights if they get into a wreck let that be discovered and let them be liable. They specifically say not to use it. Dont do me any “favors” by videoing me while I’m driving for my “safety”. I will just not use auto pilot FSD or whatever if that is required

  • Billy Miller
    Billy MillerMånad sedan

    I wonder if the trailer itself contains a battery that can hook into the cyber truck to Increase the vehicles range while towing. I noticed of one of the screen shots showing the 20,000lbs of trail weight being towed and the cyber trucks range was displaying 610 miles. The trailer was way heavy, the range was way far….had to be a external battery in that trailer

  • Christian Sjøgreen
    Christian SjøgreenMånad sedan

    I know there are lots of patents like this, but still... A patent for a touch UI with a map, a calendar, a steak timer and more. Ridiculous!

  • Alexander Carnathan
    Alexander CarnathanMånad sedan

    Tesla is paired with google now. They talking about that damn camera fuck google and Tesla’s cars idd rip the camera out or break it

  • james bruce
    james bruceMånad sedan

    The jaded pvc endogenously tick because taurus externally discover absent a tacky zone. broad, rural pumpkin

  • Charlie Devine
    Charlie DevineMånad sedan

    The only thing more ugly than the Cybertruck is the Cybertrailer.

  • S Smith
    S SmithMånad sedan

    1:46 Ahh a car masker

  • Rebellious Rainbow Unicorn
    Rebellious Rainbow UnicornMånad sedan

    Handles match the color of the car.

  • Mac Richardson
    Mac RichardsonMånad sedan

    Hey handsome ! what about final features on the truck, what was the final decision on side mirrors and steering wheel shape heated/cooled seats? rear seat functions?

  • Steven Priefer
    Steven PrieferMånad sedan

    I like the door handles the same color as the vehicle.

  • Tuomas Holo
    Tuomas HoloMånad sedan

    No way I would want to be video monitored while driving. It will be used against you.

  • emmgeevideo
    emmgeevideoMånad sedan

    I’ve seen that the mileage rating of the Ford Lightning is with a 1000 pound load. Maybe the leak shots are with no load and therefore higher than the announced ratings - if Tesla does theirs similar to Ford. The Lightning looks like it is designed to be a truck, i.e., something used for work that requires a lot of heavy stuff in back. Something tells me that the Tesla truck is designed to be a status symbol.

  • Crumpred
    CrumpredMånad sedan

    It's amusing that they feature a lone driver who is wearing a mask ... who is in control? Ai

  • Michael Flanagan
    Michael FlanaganMånad sedan

    App store: Apple Car Play?

  • ElroyMcDuff
    ElroyMcDuffMånad sedan

    I would gladly take either paint matched or matte black over ANY chrome on a vehicle. Chrome looks ridiculous and reflects sunlight into other drivers' eyes.

  • the pandeslar
    the pandeslarMånad sedan

    Did Tesla generate the chart shown at 4:00? I'm very curious to know what Automatic Emergency Breaking is, and what is getting broken during these automatic emergencies? I was a Contracts Reviewer; if I flagged similar words to my leadership team, the company that wrote them would automatically come under careful scrutiny regarding anything they produced or supplied.

  • Tyvern Overlord

    Tyvern Overlord

    Månad sedan

    @the pandeslar I always have suggested the idea of 12 rather than the 7 we keep, because you are more than right: Karen and her insipid ilk commandeer the carts and don’t let those who absolutely need to use them, use them. But I keep getting told it’s a non-issue...

  • the pandeslar

    the pandeslar

    Månad sedan

    @Tyvern Overlord Thank you for your reply -- but I humbly suggest you missed the point: 'Breaking' vs. 'Braking' -- damaging vs. stopping. My wife and I are in our eighties, and don't get a chance to use any of handicap electric carts at Costco because they all seem to be commandeered by Karen and her ilk.

  • Tyvern Overlord

    Tyvern Overlord

    Månad sedan

    Handicap electric carts at Costco and most stores these days have AEB. You step off the gas going forwards or reverse, and the system automatically brings the cart to a swift stop with minimal jerk. Its just a system that stops you NOW rather than coming to a stop.

  • aphern
    aphernMånad sedan

    It's great that the cybertruck can tow between 14 to 20k lbs. I really hope the braking is adequate. I haven't heard much about the braking system.

  • RickitySplitz
    RickitySplitzMånad sedan

    Horrible looking.

  • B Case
    B CaseMånad sedan

    Could Tesla add a "Dealership" on the factory's lot?

  • Dave Haller
    Dave HallerMånad sedan

    I checked the Tesla site every so often to see if test drives are available for the Model S. Today, I see that you can schedule a test drive at their Sunnyvale CA. Anyone scheduled a test drive in the NORCAL area?

  • Steven Sheffey
    Steven SheffeyMånad sedan

    Don't mind either way on handles but would love for them to have a light highlighting the handles edge. Great when your car is in the dark.

  • Scott Leon
    Scott LeonMånad sedan

    your intro makes me dizzy

  • NY Professional
    NY ProfessionalMånad sedan

    matched handles

  • Braveheart
    BraveheartMånad sedan

    I am buying a model Y and the website says they will reach out to me but the dates for delivery change move forward every day. This has been happening since last Friday. Is this a regular part of the process? Thank you Ryan your videos are always informative and I enjoy watching them.

  • Norman


    Månad sedan

    Yeah, Tesla usually isn't very clear. You'll you get your VIN and your delievery date soon I'm sure!

  • Dawn
    DawnMånad sedan

    I prefer chrome. But I’m old school.

  • Selftitled1985
    Selftitled1985Månad sedan

    The Tesla DMS system is so poor. The cameras that are being used aren't even infra-red so will not operate well in the dark. Seeing Machines offer the best DMS system (smart investors are getting in early while they are still unknown), they're starting being used in Ford, GM, Merc etc. They are fully tested during night-time driving and operate through sunglasses. Tesla could solve all of their driver attention issues by giving Seeing Machines a call.

  • Craig Phillips
    Craig PhillipsMånad sedan

    As far as the 600 mile range goes, never underestimate the possibility that Elon is just screwing with everyone... especially the competition.

  • irokatcod4
    irokatcod4Månad sedan

    I think the color matched handles look a lot better

  • Godstime Osarobo
    Godstime OsaroboMånad sedan

    Haha the irony of the attack on gigaberlin

  • ThisGuyColin
    ThisGuyColinMånad sedan

    I thought the Cybertruck went through a design change,... can anyone explain?

  • Jan Peter Bennett
    Jan Peter BennettMånad sedan

    Tesla App store? No thank you. You do not want script kiddies writing distractions and planting easter eggs in your car software. I understand you are confident it won't crash the electronics but distracting humans with novel entertaining apps -- oh... very hard to test and regulate. Don't go there.

  • Spuddy
    SpuddyMånad sedan

    Wonder what power building a TERA FACTORY in Texas really has over the laws in that state should the project not go as planned and state persons cannot buy a TESLA in Texas. Possibly Texas will get a wake up call and lose their employee base income should they refuse to change laws for acquiring cars built in their state. After all it's not like this is TESLA's only factory being constructed.

  • Trashkov
    TrashkovMånad sedan

    Ford's EPA estimate is based on a full battery and a 1000lb load in the bed. Tesla might be doing something similar?

  • Brantley May
    Brantley MayMånad sedan

    6:35 The Ford Lighting says EPA 330 mile range, but what they didn’t mention was that EPA rating INCLUDED 1,000 pounds of weight being towed. The real range was something like 460 miles. Cybertruck might be doing the same. 500 while towing some certain amount of weight, or more if not towing anything, or towing less weight. 500+.

  • Canadian Prepper
    Canadian PrepperMånad sedan

    This supposed "leak" looks like a concept drawing, its surprising people are taking it so literally

  • Joseph


    Månad sedan

    Tesla fanboys take everything seriously. Mostly everything that Elon Musk says is conceptual and isn't close to reality.

  • codycast
    codycastMånad sedan

    12:50 so stupid that Texas won’t let you buy direct from a factory. Wtf business is it of the government what process people buy cars?

  • Aaron W
    Aaron WMånad sedan

    Our Model Y we picked up last week came with the ppf.

  • aaron stratton
    aaron strattonMånad sedan

    i prefer black

  • Jeff Meyers
    Jeff MeyersMånad sedan

    If the 610 mile range is actually true, why would the image towing a 20,000 trailer also show the range at 610. That seems extremely unlikely.

  • Dave Brown
    Dave BrownMånad sedan

    I have had a model 3 since 2018 and had paint peeling behind the left front wheel. I thought this was a paint defect, but tesla informed me that it was due to stone chipping so I got it repainted at my expense. At the same time I noticed mud flaps for the front wheels and clear paint protector for the rear wheel flare (which had fine stone chips) in the tesla store. I purchased both- too bad they weren't available sooner- I would suggest purchasing them for both the model 3 and y.

    ACEROCKOLLA AMånad sedan

    Ugh, every video of yours makes me want to cancel my order.

  • Brian Bean & Tim Hardin - Dream Big Real Estate Team - Riverside CA Realtors
    Brian Bean & Tim Hardin - Dream Big Real Estate Team - Riverside CA RealtorsMånad sedan

    The Cybertruck screen leaks with differing mileage ranges also have exactly the same time on clock. Most likely not actual example of mileage.

  • Quinn Ready
    Quinn ReadyMånad sedan

    What happens if you want to wear sunglasses though

  • Pink Lover
    Pink LoverMånad sedan

    Your title indicates the truck itself is leaking.

  • Dennis Simpson
    Dennis SimpsonMånad sedan

    They should have added sleep detection. It already exists. And the car should not be operated unless someone is in the driver's seat.