Tesla Is Just Getting Started

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Tesla's newest valuation, and everything that could lead to it. Full Self Driving, Tesla Cybertruck, New Factories, Model Y, Model 2, $25,000 EV, Tesla Energy and more!

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New Model S


  • Ryan Shaw
    Ryan Shaw5 månader sedan

    Head to squarespace.com/ryanshaw to save 10% off your first purchase of a website or domain using code RYANSHAW

  • Pete N
    Pete N2 dagar sedan

    Can’t wait for the cyber truck

  • Blue14
    Blue145 månader sedan

    Very exciting to think Tesla stock could increase to those levels. It would be amazing. One side note, take it as you like. I’ve had Tesla solar on my last home.. it was a nightmare when trying to sell the house. Possibly the most difficult customer service I’ve tried to contact ever. The house closed late because of Tesla being nearly impossible to get ahold of. I spent hours and hours on the phone waiting just to talk to Tesla Solar. No joke. If Tesla energy is going to thrive, it’ll need to prioritize customer service, real customers who have maintenance needs on the products they rent or purchase from Tesla Solar. Tesla can NOT Just Focus On Selling Products.. They will always need to be available for your customers needs.

  • theMoneyManGreen
    theMoneyManGreen5 månader sedan

    Where is the cybertruck?

  • Infinus the Dark
    Infinus the Dark5 månader sedan


  • Tomas Tylecek
    Tomas Tylecek5 månader sedan

    polce will have many new cyber trucks

  • Jovan Draganescu
    Jovan Draganescu5 månader sedan

    Well... I always wanted to be Batman So I guess I’ll get this! 😂😂😂

  • Mereb Hayl
    Mereb Hayl5 månader sedan

    Thanks for not recommending to another video. I wouldn't have ben able to resist though I had other works. really 😂

  • Bo McGillacutty
    Bo McGillacutty5 månader sedan

    I think the subscription FSD *should* be based on mileage, or even just miles using FSD. That way someone who doesn't drive much might still afford it while a robotaxi would pay and profit much more for it.

  • Bo McGillacutty
    Bo McGillacutty5 månader sedan

    "Probably within a few months" was probably a hasty mistake--meant for a different thread.

  • Eric Randler
    Eric Randler5 månader sedan

    You didn't mentioned Starlink.

  • Vishnu vardhan reddy DUGGIREDDY
    Vishnu vardhan reddy DUGGIREDDY5 månader sedan

    25k USD tesla will sell like crazy in countries like India because of tesla brand and Tech

  • roguedogx
    roguedogx5 månader sedan

    0:58 that's a number to keep an eye on. hypothetically the Model S and Model X should benefit from the "fresh bread effect", where sales of a product spike just because it's the model. Normally the greater the improvement the greater the effect, so we'll see coming up how strong the effect is. Given what I know about the changes to the Model S, I'm not sure what to expect. But the closest thing we have to a yardstick is the Model S's peak sales. I don't expect the car to achieve those numbers thanks to new market forces and options, but I would expect at least a small spike.

  • Production Junction
    Production Junction5 månader sedan

    Do you think Tesla has to go full self driving or they won’t make it? Seems like everything is going great but they can shit the bed with all the good will they could lose rushing it.

  • Sergiy Markutsya
    Sergiy Markutsya5 månader sedan

    6:23 Is the only one available at that price (at $25,000). It is not clear what you are talking about. Look at the Xpeng G3 with the price tag in China from $21,000 - $29,000 right now. If you mean "the only one available in the US", then say so.

  • Alan B
    Alan B5 månader sedan

    I don't think Apple has a factory in Cupertino. Lots of offices though.

  • Quint de Gourd
    Quint de Gourd5 månader sedan

    The difficulty for FSD lies getting through age-old congested cities like in Europe. Never seen an FSD vid in Manhattan, they show ONLY broad Californian roads in fair weather. Get fog in London city and turn on FSD. I would like to see a Tesla going around Arc de Triomphe and then to Place de la République and back in rush hour. 100% chance it will crash into other cars, cyclists, pedestrians and sidewalks. FSD looks like a Californian or American thing.

  • M Doc
    M Doc5 månader sedan

    All sounds exciting. I know Tesla has much on its plate but I would love to see them get into the HVAC industry sooner than later.

  • S. Thompkins
    S. Thompkins5 månader sedan

    I honestly feel like the cyber truck is just all hype. I dont ever see that thing going into production

  • S. Thompkins

    S. Thompkins

    5 månader sedan

    @Philip Brodie ok........good for him

  • Philip Brodie

    Philip Brodie

    5 månader sedan

    Jay Leno are ready rode around in one

  • S. Thompkins

    S. Thompkins

    5 månader sedan

    @Xploration Ma'am, excuse me?

  • Xploration


    5 månader sedan

    Are you high?

  • Jay Bee
    Jay Bee5 månader sedan

    great segment man. my only question is: who are the 23 fuds who gave down thumbs? lmao. tesla rocks. love my model Y, love my tesla solar w/storage.

  • Peter Lou
    Peter Lou5 månader sedan

    In Musk we trust! Go Tesla go!

  • Steve Walsh-Balshaw
    Steve Walsh-Balshaw5 månader sedan

    How many are actually on the road now?

  • John Brown
    John Brown5 månader sedan

    ====> Boycott the anti-free speech Cultural Marxist company called: Apple

  • Shant K
    Shant K5 månader sedan

    people getting happy while range getting higher for Model S but when you check. the price how much increasing year by year it's crazy !

  • Andrew Henshaw
    Andrew Henshaw5 månader sedan

    I'm shorting it!

  • Peter Howell
    Peter Howell5 månader sedan

    South Australia represent aha 😁 I can’t wait for Tesla to be more affordable. I’d love one but with the conversion rates. It’s closer to $63,000 AUD for the standard Tesla model 3, and $78,000 AUD for the long range. I’ll be looking more at the model 2 depending on its size when it’s productions announced I recon.

  • Sas Beach
    Sas Beach5 månader sedan

    All this seems fine and dandy Until you realize that lithium production is not Limitless, and the destruction that it does is the same as coal mining

  • Trent Lyon
    Trent Lyon5 månader sedan

    Compelling... and well done as always Ryan. Thank you!

  • Shepherds Knoll
    Shepherds Knoll5 månader sedan

    Ryan , everyone assumes, including yourself, that if other manufacturers produce electric vehicles that will decrease sales from Tesla. There is no evidence of this in the numbers. You may have a neighbor who says, “I thought about a Tesla, but bought a Mustang instead “. The truth is , by numbers, Tesla sells all that they make, they are not demand constrained. A more correct attitude towards other manufacturers is that their production will diminish and take market share from internal combustion engine models.

  • Arcadius Hakim
    Arcadius Hakim5 månader sedan

    Ryan, you hit it mid cast, the 25k e vehicle with 300 plus range, thats not a sub-compact. Thats the game changer. You need to talk more about that.

  • Fearsome Beard
    Fearsome Beard5 månader sedan

    All I want is my CyberTruck.

  • mark totton
    mark totton5 månader sedan

    I can't help thinking a lot of defense companies would be very interested in getting their hands on the full self driving software!

  • mark totton

    mark totton

    5 månader sedan

    @Robert McAleer Because Tesla has millions of miles of driving data from all its cars feeding a neural network that no one else has. Google does not have this tech, and has no self driving capability that I am aware of, unless you can produce some stats!

  • Robert McAleer

    Robert McAleer

    5 månader sedan

    @mark totton Google already has this tech and has been operating vehicles on public roads for some time now. Not sure why you think Tesla is the leader in self driving.

  • mark totton

    mark totton

    5 månader sedan

    @Robert McAleer But it will be!

  • Robert McAleer

    Robert McAleer

    5 månader sedan

    Why? It isnt Full self driving. Tesla admited it was only Level 2.

  • Chobaca
    Chobaca5 månader sedan

    You didn't mention the semi. Won't that have a big impact täyou think?

  • Incredible Sushi
    Incredible Sushi5 månader sedan

    Its not a matter of will but when we no longer need to pay for a car and car insurance. Tesla will take over the roads

  • Warren Gibson
    Warren Gibson5 månader sedan

    What’s the difference between a price and a price point?

  • Reggy Cheuk A Lam
    Reggy Cheuk A Lam5 månader sedan

    Koenigsegg Gemera 1.9 sec/100km fastest production car

  • Rizwan Tariq
    Rizwan Tariq5 månader sedan

    I am still in the red lol

  • T Hill
    T Hill5 månader sedan

    Man I ordered my tri-motor cybertruck in June of 2020. I really hope I don't have to wait years before I get it 😭

  • T Hill

    T Hill

    5 månader sedan

    @Michael Nguyen well that's good. If I can get it in 2022 or 2023 would be nice

  • Michael Nguyen

    Michael Nguyen

    5 månader sedan

    @David Carlson I ordered mine Dec 2019. I wish we could see the list on where we stand in terms of position. But also, despite having over a million pre-orders, more than half will fall off and not move forward with their reservation.

  • David Carlson

    David Carlson

    5 månader sedan

    I ordered mine at the unveiling in 2019.

  • Peter


    5 månader sedan

    Did you like your own comment?

  • Randy Ratcliff
    Randy Ratcliff5 månader sedan

    Most analysts are nothing but peanut and jealous sandwiches when it comes to Tesla stock. They won't buy any because it does not meet their standards...haters.

  • Mário Ferreira
    Mário Ferreira5 månader sedan

    I finaly invested in Tesla a few days ago, (i Follow them closely since 2016) what made me do it was Self driving , if they are Able to do it it Will be many many times over more important than their car/Hardware sector and will be the Biggesr company by market cap

  • Demultiplex Dfunc
    Demultiplex Dfunc5 månader sedan

    In distant future, there is a greater than 0% chance Elon will be worth more than the GDP of Japan. This is mind bending and insane to think about but underestimate a guy who send astronaut to space in his second job and allow a monkey to play Pong at his third job, at your own risk.

  • Robert m
    Robert m5 månader sedan

    when elon posted that Tesla was over priced, he was referring to the 5 to 1 stock split. Notice the tweet was posted on may 1st. 5/1.

  • Xploration


    5 månader sedan

    Which is also 4:20, LoL.

  • Big bad bear
    Big bad bear5 månader sedan

    The marketcap doesn’t really mean anything. They can never make as much money as their market cap

  • Big bad bear

    Big bad bear

    5 månader sedan

    @Xploration not really, no matter how high the marketcap goes it will never influence the quality of their vehicles as they never get to actually spend that money, it’s all in stocks and shares.

  • Xploration


    5 månader sedan

    That’s just ignorant.

  • Keyser The Red Beard
    Keyser The Red Beard5 månader sedan

    extremely good video Ryan Shaw. I killed that thumbs up on your video. Always keep up the terrific work.

  • Matthew Boyd
    Matthew Boyd5 månader sedan

    Tesla surpasses Apple Apple comes out with EV supercar, then robotaxi bus, then $25,000 EV in 2023 or later Elon laughs then applauds them for their efforts because of Teslas main mission

  • Bogdan Popescu
    Bogdan Popescu5 månader sedan

    Ryan, you are excellent. To the point, clean, in perfect understandable English. Keep up the good work.

  • Domonkos Baranyák
    Domonkos Baranyák5 månader sedan

    Most important?? CYBERTRUCK!!!!

  • Bill B
    Bill B5 månader sedan

    It's been said energy storage could be bigger than the cars. Long term looks good for Tesla to become the largest company.

  • Mangar
    Mangar5 månader sedan

    Thumbnail - 1 million cyber trucks Reality - 0 cyber trucks

  • Ademola Adelekan
    Ademola Adelekan5 månader sedan

    Do you read from a book? You're soooo good at this.

  • jayden kosmo
    jayden kosmo5 månader sedan

    The model y is cheaper yes!!! Soon I can buy it

  • Soy Waz
    Soy Waz5 månader sedan

    I don’t think Tesla will even come close to overtaking Apple

  • robert atkins

    robert atkins

    5 månader sedan

    U joking. Ten years 100x apple. Does apple grow at 50 to 100 percent per year. Can’t wait till the Tesla phone comes out that will really be awsome

  • Lado k
    Lado k5 månader sedan

    That's one good episode!

  • armand sant
    armand sant5 månader sedan

    yo Ryan I follow you the most for Tesla news anyways today we ordered our model y 7 seater and we used your referral code. i wanted to give you 1000 supercharging miles. thanks for all the content you give us all!! much appreciated!! 🤜🏼

    EUC RYAN5 månader sedan

    Why have a 25k vehicle if FSD will cost 20k by then?



    5 månader sedan

    @Ryan Shaw Seems like we geeking out on the tech which is Amazing, but for the everyday family who just wants the affordable EV to take kids to school and go to work. Having your car as a robotaxi is a risk. The human equation is not being talked about. People place cars on Turo usually don't have that great of outcomes. Cars will get damaged. The goal used to be to make EV affordable for everyone, but $25k is still expensive for most families, then add 10k to 20k for FSD. Everyone will be car broke. I just don't see how FSD has value unless running a robotaxi fleet other than being amazing technology that I want.

  • Ryan Shaw

    Ryan Shaw

    5 månader sedan

    To drive?

  • Kirk Barrett
    Kirk Barrett5 månader sedan

    Thanks Ryan.

  • Jack Fogg
    Jack Fogg5 månader sedan

    A successful company, but will always be niche. Stock has a long way to fall once the reality sets in.

  • Jack Fogg

    Jack Fogg

    5 månader sedan

    @Saad Khalid They are a LONG way off from level 4. That requires no human intervention at all (but a human can still take over if they would like to).

  • Robert Graham

    Robert Graham

    5 månader sedan

    @Jack a sure you do how do you power it ? You are overly optimistic ,you may be bi-polar

  • Saad Khalid

    Saad Khalid

    5 månader sedan

    @Jack Fogg yes it it's level 2 for now because the want to go straight to level 4

  • Jack Fogg

    Jack Fogg

    5 månader sedan

    @Thos Oz Yes, and Tesla is only at level 2 (you can read their own documents which say so)

  • Thos Oz

    Thos Oz

    5 månader sedan

    @Jack Fogg Level 3 FSD The Society of Automotive Engineers (SAE) defines 6 levels of driving automation ranging from 0 (fully manual) to 5 (fully autonomous). These levels have been adopted by the U.S. Department of Transportation. Level 3 vehicles have “environmental detection” capabilities and can make informed decisions for themselves, such as accelerating past a slow-moving vehicle. But―they still require human override. The driver must remain alert and ready to take control if the system is unable to execute the task. Just watching a few SEblacks clips should convince you they have nailed this. You may disagree, but from my perspective they have come so far, so fast, its astounding. Tesla, with 1.5 million cars gathering data now, will continue to move ahead in leaps and bounds. Once fully realized, everything changes. I don't think many understand the implications. You will have a chauffeur thats lets you work or sleep as your travel from you (cheaper) house in the country. Long distance trucks won't need seats, windscreens, doors, etc to get a vehicle from depot to depot. There is a tsunami coming for the transport industry, at the moment the tide is running out, and people don't understand what they are watching.

  • Mimmi Kylemark
    Mimmi Kylemark5 månader sedan

    And we haven't even discussed the Semi which could really do wonders for lowering emissions.

  • Mimmi Kylemark

    Mimmi Kylemark

    5 månader sedan

    @John Brown I am convinced it still will be better than today's diesel trucks. And it is, of course, important that the energy for producing and driving it comes from clean sources.

  • John Brown

    John Brown

    5 månader sedan

    But...is the Tesla Semi "Greta Approved"...there is a great amount of pollution created in the manufacturing of batteries and other components in this huge truck!

  • Ira Albucher
    Ira Albucher5 månader sedan

    if Tesla does hit the targets for selling cars. Where do people charge up should they live in a apartment complex? It's great for private home own/renters, but living in a highrise complex, makes owning an EV a dream for many. As for the cybertruck - I don't believe it fits in a regular private home garage. I do have my order in for one, so I guess one day I will see for sure. Elon to me is our modern day Edison - I love the SpaceX story and the stock as well. Thanks for your video

  • Randall Moore

    Randall Moore

    5 månader sedan

    Ask your apartment complex to install chargers. When we reach parity with ICE cars, they will want to compete with other apartment complexes by offering them.

  • Jack a

    Jack a

    5 månader sedan

    Eventually, everywhere we currently buy gasoline, will have charging station plus gas pumps. Large apartment complexes, shopping e centers

  • Richard Mason
    Richard Mason5 månader sedan

    Interestingly Tesla’s biggest issue could be competition commissions. They could easily command 90% plus of the car market in 10 years.

  • Richard Mason

    Richard Mason

    5 månader sedan

    I bought stock at 190 and 390 thinking it’s too much. This week I gladly bought at 700. (3500 equivalent!). Why? Because I understand 🤔😃 Yes there is risk but after a year watching the Tesla beaters fail to even match my car the future has crystallised.

  • Jack a

    Jack a

    5 månader sedan

    As a Tesla shareholder.....I like this possibility.

  • Jason De Muro
    Jason De Muro5 månader sedan

    The back to the future joke was hysterical. I was picking up what you were putting down.

  • Robert Curry
    Robert Curry5 månader sedan

    Tesla will be nothing in a couple of years. For now it’s up but it’s not for long

  • Casper Hansen

    Casper Hansen

    5 månader sedan

    If you truly believe that you should certainly short TSLA.

  • Jack a

    Jack a

    5 månader sedan

    HA! HA! Best joke of the day.



    5 månader sedan

    You are wasting your time numb nuts!!😂

  • Tech guy

    Tech guy

    5 månader sedan


  • Dean Constantine
    Dean Constantine5 månader sedan

    Tesla paint is shit

  • lplt
    lplt5 månader sedan

    apple is king for a reason

  • Jack a

    Jack a

    5 månader sedan

    Correct and the reason Apple is king is because Tesla was not around. Game Over pretty soon appppple.

  • David Beppler
    David Beppler5 månader sedan

    GM Ultium day suggested Tesla could have closer to 60-65%% battery price reduction.

  • David Beppler

    David Beppler

    5 månader sedan

    @Jack a Not yet. But GM is burning cash and going bankrupt.

  • Jack a

    Jack a

    5 månader sedan

    Did you say GM? Thought they were out of business?

  • Vladimir
    Vladimir5 månader sedan

    I like that self driving but I think it's not going to be very popular outside of North America. Wide roads, grid layout...makes it easy, but It will be very difficult to use it here in Europe

  • Steve Martin

    Steve Martin

    5 månader sedan

    If it works, they're shooting to make it work ANYWHERE a human can drive. I assure you, Europe's roadways mostly fall comfortably in that category. 😜

  • Patrick Wu
    Patrick Wu5 månader sedan

    Thanks for the update! Good stuff coming down the pipe for sure. As a quick aside, “fastest” in the automotive world refers to highest top speed, quickest refers to shortest 0-60 time (or in some instances quarter mile time). Currently the fastest production car is Koenigsegg Agera RS at 277.87 mph (if we exclude the dumpster fire of a car that is the SSC Tuatara).

  • Jack a

    Jack a

    5 månader sedan

    Inconsequential information...Where can anyone drive 277 mph ??

  • Vikram Aggarwal

    Vikram Aggarwal

    5 månader sedan

    Just curious but why is the SSC Tuatara a "dumpster fire"

  • Ari
    Ari5 månader sedan

    If something ever happens to Elon Musk (dies/resigns), I feel like the Tesla valuation is going to sink. A lot of the valuation in my opinion is due to investors belief in him.

  • Ari


    5 månader sedan

    @Jack a true, but the electric car market is about to get very competitive. hopefully their charging network + self driving feature is what will keep their lead

  • Jack a

    Jack a

    5 månader sedan

    Many felt the same way about Steve Jobs. Check APPLE, they are still going well.

  • Fast Bill
    Fast Bill5 månader sedan

    The Chevy Bolt is a huge piece of shit.

  • ItsBrycieee
    ItsBrycieee5 månader sedan

    There should be a live 24/7 camera just documenting the progress of the giga factory in Austin from a distance so we can see the insane progress for ourselves in real time.

  • Bo McGillacutty

    Bo McGillacutty

    5 månader sedan

    PLENTY of daily drone coverage, hard to beat that really.

  • Sean


    5 månader sedan

    I drive by the new Austin plant 3 times per week...it is going up FAST.

  • John M Queripel

    John M Queripel

    5 månader sedan

    There are many, just go look, same for Berlin.

  • Αθηνά Στεριανάκου
    Αθηνά Στεριανάκου5 månader sedan

    Let's go for 100k subs

  • Roger Mouton
    Roger Mouton5 månader sedan

    The Tesla naysayers are looking a mite silly at this point.

  • Clark Little
    Clark Little5 månader sedan

    Thanks 👍 I appreciate your time and effort!

  • Robert Fox
    Robert Fox5 månader sedan

    Thank you!

  • Folli
    Folli5 månader sedan

    Always excited to hear some Tesla news from you. Btw it seems like you are hitting that 100K milstone in a few days, well deserved!

  • Robert Stepanovski
    Robert Stepanovski5 månader sedan


  • Sumathy Sakthivel
    Sumathy Sakthivel5 månader sedan

    Why no Tesla news and updates for a long time?

  • Slick Salmon
    Slick Salmon5 månader sedan

    If, if, if...

  • Dominic McNamara

    Dominic McNamara

    5 månader sedan

    hold shorts, hold shares or go elsewhere don't stagnate

  • 69


    5 månader sedan

    When, when, when...

  • Mr.supreme gaming
    Mr.supreme gaming5 månader sedan


  • dylanjake
    dylanjake5 månader sedan

    Reasons why you should buy a tesla: - software updates that make ur car better over time - Elon musk adds many fun features to your car that will enhance your experience - autopilot (even if you don't buy it you still get a few free features) - no emissions - spend less on electricity rather than gas - easy to use - high tech, but simple - high-quality modern interior - super clean and only has about 3 buttons - huge screen in the center which allows: - games - Netflix/youtube - special features - almost all controls are found on the screen A tesla is arguably the best car Once you get one, you won't get another car other than a tesla

  • Jack a

    Jack a

    5 månader sedan

    @tubetop123 Long list of things Tesla has that other EV makers do not have. Longer range, new battery developed by Tesla that’s denser, longer range, 1100 batteries per car vs 4500 old smaller batteries per car, faster charging, Tesla developed a new metal alloy of aluminum that does not hav e to be heat treated for strength like old aluminum, Over The Updates so a Tesla gets new technology, other EVs are 1 year old 1 year after purchase. Full Self Driving hardware on all Teslas included. Better resale value(3 yr old Tesla still 85-90%). Tesla is an ICE car killer and Nothing is a Tesla killer. All other EV makers 5 or 6 years behind. Yes, I did buy some Tesla stock. $$$$$$$$$$$$

  • tubetop123


    5 månader sedan

    @Jack a yes Tesla is the best right now I'm just saying all the points you listed are just benefits of an EV car compared to gas You should point out some features only Tesla has

  • Jack a

    Jack a

    5 månader sedan

    @tubetop123 disagree. MANY things are different and better in Tesla. All other EVs are dog food by comparison.

  • Jack a

    Jack a

    5 månader sedan

    @William Watts YES! Elon wants more people to be able to buy shares. When price reaches $1500-2000 a split (5 for 1) makes each share $ 300 or 400 and lots more come in . Last year at $2000 , we had 5-1 split. It will happen again. Price per share now $740, may be $1200 before Christmas which is why you need to buy NOW !!! (I have 287 shares, after next split I will have 1435) YEAH!! Get all you can.

  • William Watts

    William Watts

    5 månader sedan

    @Jack a you think another split is likely to happen?

  • F. Duarte
    F. Duarte5 månader sedan

    “If” Tesla achieves FSD.... I think you meant “when” 🚀🍾🥂

  • F. Duarte

    F. Duarte

    5 månader sedan

    @Robert Fohrman that sucks mate, hope they fix that issue in heavy climates like yours. I just believe we are very early in realizing the full potential on AÍ trained neural nets so today’s FSD failures will be laughable in the near future.

  • Robert Fohrman

    Robert Fohrman

    5 månader sedan

    @F. Duarte You're right I don't own a Tesla anymore. The features failed often enough this winter that I ended up trading it in. It had a very difficult time with black ice and in heavy snow. It really showed me that self-driving is only useful in certain areas right now. All I'm just saying good luck with self-driving My experience was bad and I think there's a long way to go if it's still possible to get true self-driving to work due to edge cases

  • F. Duarte

    F. Duarte

    5 månader sedan

    @Robert Fohrman I'm guessing you don't own a Tesla. I don't personally have have heavy snow where I live but have seen Teslas warming up and defrosting the car entirely with the temperature control systems. I'm sure there will always be challenges, but if it wasn't for Tesla we wouldn't have anyone pushing the envelop. While legacy OEM's are designing cars, Tesla is designing robots on wheels... yes no comparison.

  • Robert Fohrman

    Robert Fohrman

    5 månader sedan

    Good luck. Need good weather. Up north here it can't self drive if the cameras are covered in snow. For me at least. I'd rather have a electric car with good interior and exterior than a car that has its features turn off in the winter for me. Other manufactures are better in that space than Tesla due to years of design experience

  • Jason Co

    Jason Co

    5 månader sedan


  • Ranbir Bhatia
    Ranbir Bhatia5 månader sedan

    First... oh wait I’m late damn it

  • dylanjake
    dylanjake5 månader sedan

    5th comment yay

  • Alan Cobbin
    Alan Cobbin5 månader sedan

    Heard on the grapevine that talks are ongoing for a New UK Tesla Giga Factory in the West Country 😊👍

    AMELIA VLASTUIN5 månader sedan


  • Seldom Seen

    Seldom Seen

    5 månader sedan


  • Jörg
    Jörg5 månader sedan

    New? We were at 900$.

  • immad nayeem
    immad nayeem5 månader sedan

    When cybertruck comes out they definitely going up a couple spots

  • Production Junction

    Production Junction

    5 månader sedan

    @Robert Jonker agree...but the apes are still going to buy the stonk when the ct ships.

  • Robert Jonker

    Robert Jonker

    5 månader sedan

    Its already priced in. Tesla wont grow to apple's stockprice right now.