Tesla Keeps Removing Features

Tesla removes radar, and now even more features on their premium cars, Tesla partners with AMD, delays the Model S Plaid launch, and more!

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  • Dash Perú
    Dash Perú13 dagar sedan

    PS5 is indeed approx 10 Tflops so yeah this is on par with a PS5

  • Calmdown.
    Calmdown.27 dagar sedan

    I wish theyd add a feature that makes it so where when I turn the tempurate down and the fans up, it knows i want it colder instead you have to click AC and AUTO and by the time I navigate to those tiny buttons on the touchscreen I'm upside down in a ditch

  • John DiCesare
    John DiCesare27 dagar sedan

    Who messes with lumbar after it’s set? Of course no one uses it.

  • Samuel
    Samuel29 dagar sedan

    Partner with In and Out. It would be amazing!

  • Ryan Campbell
    Ryan CampbellMånad sedan

    Send me your referral link, I’m buying two model ys fir my business

  • Raj Ramaswamy
    Raj RamaswamyMånad sedan

    Tesla Model S and X owners get the meat. Model 3 and Y owners get only the bones.

  • Tisrok
    TisrokMånad sedan

    With the chip shortage it makes sense. If you can't get chips for certain things in any reasonable time, you can build the car, and you can't sell it to make money. The chip shortage is expected to continue for possibly years at this rate. Tesla isn't the only one cutting back some features on cars. Ford and other big names are doing the same for the sake of staying above water. Improvements and features on cars are going to stifled, but man you all just wait for 2023/2024 when all the new semiconductor manufacturers are open. We're gonna see some CRAZY technology improvements in just about everything.

  • James Hoffman
    James HoffmanMånad sedan

    I didn’t know the lumbar button existed before the story about the passenger side deletion.

  • topsofwow
    topsofwowMånad sedan

    Super pissed about the removal of radar. 100% buying used now.

  • Sanahas Kuranage
    Sanahas KuranageMånad sedan

    I wish I could add radar for more money

  • John Wang
    John WangMånad sedan

    this is what happened when PR dept. was eliminated, lol..

  • Panzerkeks 85
    Panzerkeks 85Månad sedan

    My god who cares about gaming? I want a car, not a gaming console! No one will buy a Tesla because of its “gaming capabilities” - what a joke.

  • Ryan Conklin
    Ryan ConklinMånad sedan

    So I’m confused? Is my new Model 3 not going to Autopilot?

  • Betazero
    BetazeroMånad sedan

    Stick a PS5 or Xbox in there. Dont hire software engineers and crap. I think the biggest fail of Tesla will be when cars drive themselves, people will want Apple, Goggle, Sony, Nintendo or Microsoft for the games not the 3 games Tesla will have. Meanwhile most cars will have Android Auto and/or Apple CarPlay and once they allow all their apps on cars that drive themselves, they will be a world above Tesla games and apps. It will be like the difference between using car manufacturers Nav Vs using Google or Apples FAR superior Nav.

  • Warren Hall
    Warren HallMånad sedan

    Less refers to volume, as in less coffee. Fewer refers to anything that can be counted, as in fewer features.

  • TecnamTwin
    TecnamTwinMånad sedan

    I used to be a Tesla fanatic but over the years, Tesla has slowly eroded my trust. I wanted a Model Y but now I'm probably going to get a Mustang Mach-E or maybe the Rivian R1S. It seems that Tesla doesn't understand what their customers want anymore. I don't care about gaming in my car. I have other devices for that. I do however want as many comfort and convenience features as possible in my vehicles. Most of the other automakers understand this.

  • Justin
    JustinMånad sedan

    This is my favorite channel to get unbiased Tesla news. 👍

  • Alex Stark
    Alex StarkMånad sedan

    What console do you play on? Tesla…

  • theguy inhiscar
    theguy inhiscarMånad sedan

    5:57 your bumper color and fender color does not seem to match

  • Andrea Brown
    Andrea BrownMånad sedan

    The perfect dugout enzymatically program because ice annually queue as a heavenly heavy hellish nylon. nasty, disgusting factory

  • Trevin Beattie
    Trevin BeattieMånad sedan

    I’m disappointed that autopilot seems to be increasingly reliant on normal visual input, as it seems that getting data from infrared, radar, and other signals outside of the human range of perception would make autopilot safer than humans in weather conditions that reduce visibility like heavy rain, snow, and fog.

  • BigPhilGaming
    BigPhilGamingMånad sedan

    Model 3 long range version is now over Canadian Dollars $62,000.....

  • Don Russell
    Don RussellMånad sedan

    My car doesn’t have lumbar support in ANY seat :(

  • Christchurch Trader
    Christchurch TraderMånad sedan

    Well a week has gone by and the Plaid Model S has been released. It seems to me they have run out of ideas as they can not bring several vehicles in to production because the 4680 is not ready and they keep delaying FSD beta. How do you think morale is inside Tesla now? To me it does not look too good now with the loss of Jerome Guillen. So they have reverted back to the only winning thing that they can deliver - the best quarter-mile and 0-60 times.

  • Leon Setyakarya
    Leon SetyakaryaMånad sedan

    I just ordered the Model Y and still waiting for delivery. I paid more for the car but get less lumber support, radar and what is next?. The care manufacturers cut the spare tire, this was not a good idea at all. I am an engineer and I do not understand why Tesla released incomplete product(s), especially with Tesla Vision. Tesla does not even fix the quality issues and now It introduce Tesla Vision. This is the era of selling products fast without quality . I am hoping Honda and Toyota will come out with EV soon. I am sure they can make better EV cars.

  • elftax
    elftaxMånad sedan

    Why aren’t people concerned that Tesla is gathering minute info from their cars? Why is the lumbar use logged? How much more info is Tesla collecting? Is it also recording voice and video from the car?

  • Andrew L.
    Andrew L.Månad sedan

    Great video! I like how honest they are...

  • Reader Of Speaks
    Reader Of SpeaksMånad sedan

    The only reason I bought a Tesla is cuz I thought FSD was real. Little did I know dat I got duped da house!

  • Richard Park
    Richard ParkMånad sedan

    Waaahhh! So, if you don't like it, buy a BMW or a Benz. Then live with it.

  • Richard Park
    Richard ParkMånad sedan

    Waaahhh! So, if you don't like it, buy a BMW or a Benz. Then live with it.

  • Starrynova
    StarrynovaMånad sedan

    I swear if they take away one more thing I’m canceling my order and demanding my 100 dollars back

  • Andre B
    Andre BMånad sedan

    Tesla fans: We like Tesla, but a lot of us think they should seriously improve their build-quality, as it's sorely lacking. Tesla: Downgrade the car and charge higher prices, you say? Got it!

  • Kamal LB

    Kamal LB

    Månad sedan

    Blind Tesla fanbois: hail lord Elon. He said it, it's correct.

  • praphan yaphom
    praphan yaphomMånad sedan

    The judicious xylophone sequentially nest because orchestra kelly tug underneath a wacky output. public, fancy cauliflower

  • Gil Yee
    Gil YeeMånad sedan

    So disappointing to see Tesla go down the tubes. Musk is starting a restaurant! Best idea ever said nobody ever!

  • Dan Bradley
    Dan BradleyMånad sedan

    I can never get enough limbic resonance. what in the world does that mean?

  • Adam Murphy
    Adam MurphyMånad sedan

    Ryan, love your channel! Thanks for all the updates. I ordered a model Y yesterday.....guessing I probably wont get the version 2.0. Would i? Hope so.

  • twitch streamer Vigamortez
    twitch streamer VigamortezMånad sedan

    In and out please

  • William Arrington
    William ArringtonMånad sedan

    I swear to god they have my phone bugged. I had the drive-in movie idea months ago for a charging destination. 1.5 hours on a 150kw dc fast charger and you get to watch a movie.

  • Ricky Vecranges
    Ricky VecrangesMånad sedan

    Great video . Is your homecharger setup single phase 32 amps? Thx

  • my surly trucker
    my surly truckerMånad sedan

    Tesla the only way forward at present moment, excitement for sure .

  • JJ
    JJMånad sedan

    Maybe Elon should stop overselling ish 🗣

  • Bo Burnem
    Bo BurnemMånad sedan

    Is Tesla gonna ever update their mobile app??

  • Bo Burnem
    Bo BurnemMånad sedan

    I got my model 3 for $500/month in March. It’s $570/month now (15k miles) Go me!

  • MrAndreybond
    MrAndreybondMånad sedan

    I’m a big fan of Tesla and own a MY with FSD. If Tesla drops radar, my next vehicle would be anything but Tesla. There is absolutely no way cameras could replace radar capabilities in a rain/snow weather like we have at North West, making the FSD useless.

  • JRAF 1
    JRAF 1Månad sedan

    Those usage reports are a little disturbing. If they can retrieve such detailed info like lumbar seat usage it makes me wonder what else exactly are they collecting that we don't know about. Also, a potentially $70,000 "luxury" car that's supposed to be competing with BMW and Mercedes but has no lumbar support makes ZERO sense.

  • Tesla Model Ydaho
    Tesla Model YdahoMånad sedan

    I want a Tesla restaurant so bad!!

  • Scott From Maryland
    Scott From MarylandMånad sedan

    Is Tesla stripping down the Model 3 to be the $25,000 car?

  • Geordie K
    Geordie KMånad sedan

    My wife uses lumbar support every time we are in the car, because she doesn't ever adjust it they call that not being used? Like you said set and forget. They could at least replace with a manual option, which would seem more set and forget than anything.

  • David Hilvers
    David HilversMånad sedan

    Thank you for the updates. What is on the Tesla Horizon for 2022 Model X : 1. Accessibility to AM radio stations? 2. The navigation system to show “multiple” route selection and “up-to minute” traffic conditions. 3. Latest on “range: for the 2022 Model X and will there be any technological improvements to main battery.

  • Abe Dillon
    Abe DillonMånad sedan

    This is almost certainly about parts constraints. Other automakers are removing features too. The Model S and X are not made in the same volume as 3 and Y.

  • Jorge Ferreira
    Jorge FerreiraMånad sedan

    I would like the radar and cheaper car instead of infotainment and game console on weels... it is useless and power hog hardware and more surface to hack... Simply i do not believe that vision will replace radar because of dirt and rain...

  • Scott Smith
    Scott SmithMånad sedan

    Electric vehicles have a long way to go before everybody will want one it takes longer to charge them the software constantly needs to be upgraded what's an internal combustion car it takes five minutes to fill up and the software never needs updated

  • Fireball AZ
    Fireball AZMånad sedan

    Ryan, love your reporting and YES, Tesla needs to communicate communicate communicate which has been their down fall from the beginning! Tesla is to good of a company to let this happen! Keep telling everyone as your voice is important!!

  • Me
    MeMånad sedan

    i wish they would offer lifetime free charging again... then I'd trade in my trd 4runner like right now

  • Henry Cruz
    Henry CruzMånad sedan

    Taking lumber support from the passenger is taking it away from me when I switch seats when my wife and I switch back and forth on very long drives (MA. To Fla.)

  • Reedie
    ReedieMånad sedan

    I just got my model Y ... how do I see if it has radar or not?

  • Martin Leclerc
    Martin LeclercMånad sedan

    Got my new Model 3 last week: no more heated steering wheel either 😞

  • Vestlen


    Månad sedan


  • Richard Wiehrdt

    Richard Wiehrdt

    Månad sedan

    That’s too bad. If you have ever had a vehicle with a heated steering wheel you would NEVER own another vehicle without it! Seriously

  • Asbestos Flake
    Asbestos FlakeMånad sedan

    Radar will be rendered useless. That’s why they took it away.

  • Matthew Kopf
    Matthew KopfMånad sedan

    I’ve been really turned off by Tesla’s transparency when it makes changes to consumer’s cars and even more so by the price increases which I attribute to Tesla trying to pocket more money if a tax credit comes back. I’m staying away for now.

  • Barbatruco
    BarbatrucoMånad sedan

    The best car is something like this Liquid piston engine charging a battery pack and the new electrical yamaha motors moving the wheels.

  • Aaron Pomeroy
    Aaron PomeroyMånad sedan

    sounds like someone has tesla puts

  • firebir11
    firebir11Månad sedan

    Tesla’s doesn’t enjoy federal tax subsidies, so they’ve resorted to selling carbon tax credits to other manufacturers. They’re anticipating that running out so they’re cutting costs and raising prices. The margins for profit in any car manufacturer is very slim 2-3%, when they’re no government subsidies involved. That’s why he’s brainstorming these mega-burger charge stations.

  • Starch Wreck
    Starch WreckMånad sedan

    This is why Elon has been gaining weight. He’s just testing out the burger joint recipes. Good man.

  • Mrtweet81
    Mrtweet81Månad sedan

    Why are you constantly winking at me 😉?

  • Zech Merquise
    Zech MerquiseMånad sedan

    2007 Apple: we removed all useless and unnecessary features on your phone. Its called an iPhone. Public: Ohhh!!! Ahhh!!! 2021Tesla: we are removing useless and unnecessary features on your car Public: WTF!!! I’M TRIGGERED!!!! Great video. Because the reasons why the changes are happening were included in this video. Subscribed

  • Tom Karren
    Tom KarrenMånad sedan

    Ditching radar seems like a bad idea. Very concerned about this.

  • DFWald
    DFWaldMånad sedan

    The removal of radar and passenger lumbar support is enough for me to not purchase a Tesla. No way going to pay that amount for safety performance worse than a Honda. Shame on Tesla.

  • Robert VanZant
    Robert VanZantMånad sedan

    What else is been deleted under the skin of the car ! Not what I want to hear as I’ve been in the fence about buying one . I don’t buy this lumber logic ! Most people adjust it once and leave it alone ! No wonder it’s showing no usage logs .

  • digitalrampage
    digitalrampageMånad sedan

    What’s with the power frunk on the 3 in your videos? 🤔

  • erasemelater
    erasemelaterMånad sedan

    evolving company issues

  • Stephen Davies
    Stephen DaviesMånad sedan

    You'll be having to buy your own battery next

  • Koli Haa
    Koli HaaMånad sedan

    same like Apple smartphone...removing.. (geniues..america...thinking)

  • NitroReviews
    NitroReviewsMånad sedan

    Just like Apple

  • falcosparverius1
    falcosparverius1Månad sedan

    When road conditions are hazardous, cruise control should be turned off. Cruise control is working properly.

  • hbkatc
    hbkatcMånad sedan

    The price of the 3 is back to former base price of $39990 the Y is still $1000 below 2020 price of $52990 so look for that to go back up to $52990 soon. The price of materials in many industries have skyrocketed so these price increases were not surprising. Also most customers don’t even use the lumbar feature.

  • Gaming-Zombie13
    Gaming-Zombie13Månad sedan

    👍😎✌👊 Will Tesla make Vans too?

  • Matthew Huszarik
    Matthew HuszarikMånad sedan

    Looking less and less likely I will be buying a Tesla in the future.

  • Matthew Huszarik
    Matthew HuszarikMånad sedan

    Tesla must be struggling with profitability. Why else would you decontent your product.

  • Chris Lemfors
    Chris LemforsMånad sedan

    Goodmoren even though i just ate lunch?8888

  • Steven Priefer
    Steven PrieferMånad sedan

    Received Model Y less than a week ago. On a two lane highway with some curves and rolling hills my autopilot will slam on brakes just because there is a car in the other lane. Perfectly clear day.

  • Slynell1
    Slynell1Månad sedan

    I would love to play next gen games in my Tesla.

  • Shawn Holcomb
    Shawn HolcombMånad sedan

    tesla movie screen should feature 20-30min short films. hell they could even show rerun tv series. seinfeld, friends. etc, but it would be a vehicle for NEW 20-30min short films to be made.

  • Brett Mciver
    Brett MciverMånad sedan

    Any one actually have v9 with tesla vision without radar? I think most people having issues with the fsd side of the tesla equation don't have v9 so I think the complaints are worthless as v9 is designed from the ground up to work without the radar

  • dragonheat345
    dragonheat345Månad sedan

    Could play while you charge.

  • Insightful Shawn
    Insightful ShawnMånad sedan

    Good stuff here but first few minutes have nothing to do with tesla removing features

  • Matthew Lannoye
    Matthew LannoyeMånad sedan

    Our model y with no radar phantom breaks every few miles, cruise control is unusable

  • Fabian flores
    Fabian floresMånad sedan

    I would love to play my games in the car. Just imagine; being comfortable, seat warmer or cooler, AC hitting you keeping you cool, and playing on that giant display with the surround sound in a Tesla? That makes it the best gaming room.

  • Ron M
    Ron MMånad sedan

    Perhaps Tesla needs to employ a PR department (again)

  • Ron M
    Ron MMånad sedan

    Passenger Lumbar - gone, Heated steering wheel - added. Radar out, wrap around (unattractive) wood trim on the doors - added. Still feel like I paid more for less of a car

  • chefalbino
    chefalbinoMånad sedan


  • Jonathan M
    Jonathan MMånad sedan

    Tesla also adds features, like ppf, mud flaps, side dimming mirrors, better windshield wipers, better tail lights,, etc

  • Joe King
    Joe KingMånad sedan

    This guy didn't grow up, he just became a much bigger baby. LOL!

  • James Kirk
    James KirkMånad sedan

    Everyone who has Lumbar in their passenger seat: Make sure you adjust it a few times a month, gotta fix those logs!

  • Morfidus Mor
    Morfidus MorMånad sedan

    They remove range each day from their cars.. There is reason why BEVs where abandoned over hundred years ago.. The selfdriving though and the software they have is a huge step up to the sleeping car industry.

  • bedlambikes
    bedlambikesMånad sedan

    Elon shows a little conservative blood in his body and flaming liberals are now chomping at the bit to demean his company. Funny how that works.

  • God
    GodMånad sedan

    I remember when he had less than 10k subs and look at him now!

  • webcomment
    webcommentMånad sedan

    This is worst time to buy a new Tesla. Best plan is to wait a year for these parts supply issues to be sorted out plus likely get a new battery design with more range and faster charging.

  • webcomment


    Månad sedan

    @Krogzax Ants it’s not just about money. Even if the price were not going to go down in the future, if you buy now vs in a year, you will get a worse car.

  • Krogzax Ants

    Krogzax Ants

    Månad sedan

    @webcomment Yes best to wait if you care about money right now. But alot of people don't care that much, they just want a Tesla ASAP. The demand is still high. And more factories will open soon. And with every new factory opened their suply increase to meet demand = more revenue for Tesla.

  • webcomment


    Månad sedan

    @Krogzax Ants Doesn’t matter. There is low supply for most new cars and extreme demand for used cars right now. It’s still the worst time to buy a Tesla. 6 months ago the cars were $3K cheaper and had more standard equipment. Anyone who missed buying 6 months ago and still wants to buy a new Tesla will be better off just keeping what they have and waiting another 6 months for a better pricing, more standard equipment, maybe an improved battery and maybe a return of federal tax credit. Buying one of these decontented Model 3s or Ys right now is dumb.

  • Krogzax Ants

    Krogzax Ants

    Månad sedan

    My thoughts as well. But there is still huge demands right now for Tesla's.

  • Frankillz
    FrankillzMånad sedan

    I just ordered a model 3! I’m mad mine won’t have radar 😡

  • Wildz06
    Wildz06Månad sedan

    I ordered my M3P last Friday... man I was hoping for radar... what else can be stripped????

  • Adrian Collins
    Adrian CollinsMånad sedan

    As are most car manufacturers due to chip shortages that control many of these features.