Tesla Model S Plaid Review + Reactions

Launch reactions, full review, and more with the new Tesla Model S Plaid! We check out the interior, screens, yoke, 0-60 launches and much more.

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  • Ryan Shaw
    Ryan ShawMånad sedan

    Top 15 Tesla Model Y Accessories: #1: 2 Bucket Wash Kit: geni.us/8YNrK #2: Green Works Pressure Washer: geni.us/eJn6 Foam Cannon: geni.us/5GoH #3: Tezlab: Tezlab.app/RyanShawTech #4: Speed Wipe by Chemical Guys: geni.us/Pd7FO Soft Microfiber Towels: geni.us/6tRE Inner Clean Interior Cleaner: geni.us/HDCV8J After Wash Waterspot Remover: geni.us/hOmkr VRP Wheel and Vinyl Protector: geni.us/U9BDt #5: All Weather Floor Mats by 3D Maxpider: bit.ly/383MPGQ #6: Elon Accessories Screen Protector: amzn.to/2PVDTep - bit.ly/2FjVB9q Abstract Ocean Screen Protector: bit.ly/2Y1eCnH #7: Teslacam 500GB SSD: bit.ly/340fSv3 Teslacam USB: bit.ly/3gX0WBu Samsung 500GB SSD: geni.us/aM4D #8: Jeda Dock/Hub: bit.ly/3bJPSUY #9: Quick Bandit Front License Plate Mount: bit.ly/3fFZpOJ #10: Interior Console Wrap Bundle: bit.ly/2Y3ilB1 Front Console Wrap Only: geni.us/MC7OT #11: J1772 Charger Lock: etsy.me/31VESRl #12: Tesla NEMA Adapters: bit.ly/3iIaUY1 #13: Power Inverter for 12V: geni.us/n0Owep #14: Steering Wheel Tray: geni.us/v3r7 #15: Model Y Tow Hitch: bit.ly/2yc5Idp

  • choski76


    Månad sedan

    I think paint protection like a ceramic coating is important. I've seen new teslas w bugs spalttered and paint chips on the front fascia. Immediately drops the wow value and premium look

  • Jeff Bachmann

    Jeff Bachmann

    Månad sedan

    BTW, your links #1 and #2 are NG

  • Pico
    Pico9 dagar sedan

    I find it funny that people complain about Tesla changing everything they know about cars as if they haven't been doing that already for the last 10 years.

  • Pico
    Pico9 dagar sedan

    Imagine overtaking a Lamborghini with a sedan that has 5 people in the car

  • Elton only good tracks
    Elton only good tracks24 dagar sedan

    The worst wheel driver ever..

  • Kenny Groth
    Kenny Groth27 dagar sedan

    The build quality of that of a $30,000 car. This is a problem.

  • Coldride k
    Coldride kMånad sedan

    Okay, go to 7:44 and look at how fast they accelerate from the black car in the back window. Jeez

  • gwsparry
    gwsparryMånad sedan

    Do you think Tesla will soon come up with a version of the Model S with 2480 batteries?

  • Lars Jørgensen
    Lars JørgensenMånad sedan

    0:59 is the door trim almost 1 cm out of alignment? The mix of leather, fabric, shiny alu, boat style wood and plastic is a bit much for me on the inside door. It is a bit funny that the outside shiny things have been toned down, but the inside has been toned up instead. I would need a foil kit or something for the fake wood trim, I am really not a fan and there is no choice it looks like. Is the "Door open" lit up but the window controls are not? I am missing the ability to move hand positions on the yoke, looks like there is only really one position available.

  • Lukijy10


    21 dag sedan

    Uuhh... Thats bad. You're right

  • Sailing Chloe
    Sailing ChloeMånad sedan

    Anyone know if the Cargo liners fit the new plaid? Is the truck a different size? Also the trunk liners? Will a 2020 fit a 2021 ?

  • Nichlas Stahlhut
    Nichlas StahlhutMånad sedan

    Drag racing in a residential area? What an idiot.

  • Per Eldh
    Per EldhMånad sedan

    I do believe the roadholding has nothing to do with the bodyshape, but with the new suspension.

  • S Willams
    S WillamsMånad sedan

    How can you be so stupid as to blatantly speed in a residential neighborhood with cars all around you, toddlers that could dart on to the street after their ball, etc? How? Because you're an idiot, that's how. Of course you COULD have taken them to a street where there are NO toddlers, little other cars, and done it 1000 times more safely with actually better reactions because then you would have gotten a reaction of the speed they were experiencing whereas this way its a mixture of that and a fear of dying. A very real fear of dying because they knew a total idiot was behind the wheel. I hope you can charged with reckless driving and have your license suspended for several years. People like you should not be let anywhere near a steering wheel.

  • Mike Ovanes
    Mike OvanesMånad sedan

    how long can i drive it at 100mph before the battery needs charge?

  • iowa_don
    iowa_donMånad sedan

    Oops, quickest production car ever - under $2.4 million. Who the heck is renting a Plaid?? From the manual: "NOTE: The horn also sounds when you cover all buttons on the right side of the steering yoke with your hand".

  • John Carpenter
    John CarpenterMånad sedan

    If you want to be woke, love the yoke. Just don’t drive it fast on mountain roads- it’s dangerous.

  • Bill Kerr
    Bill KerrMånad sedan

    notice how much time arms spend across the air bag. Not ideal.

  • Scott Erickson
    Scott EricksonMånad sedan

    Who drives with two hands? Isn’t the normal driving position for most people your left hand at the top of the steering wheel and right arm resting?

  • Kane T
    Kane TMånad sedan

    Your reverse on the three point turn did not include checking side-to-side for traffic and looking over your shoulders, is the backup cam that good?

  • Kane T
    Kane TMånad sedan

    dude. That's a residential road you are driving down at 60mph.

  • weebleman6


    29 dagar sedan

    Can't believe I had to go this far down to see someone comment about this. It's pretty damn ridiculous and dangerous

  • Wilbert Cedeno
    Wilbert CedenoMånad sedan

    7:11 I literally laughed out loud. That's hilarious! 🤣

  • Joshu
    JoshuMånad sedan

    Was this all being done in a neighborhood?

  • Matt B
    Matt BMånad sedan

    If Tesla makes the yokes full turn radus less than one rotation i'd be ok with it. More than one turn...nope.

  • Emma fuentes Baltazar
    Emma fuentes BaltazarMånad sedan

    Thank you

  • Emma fuentes Baltazar
    Emma fuentes BaltazarMånad sedan

    Love you so much all god bless

  • eduardoig17
    eduardoig17Månad sedan

    The only reason that it is "instinct" hitting the center of the steering wheel for the horn is because that is how it has pretty much always been

  • Julius Brandt
    Julius BrandtMånad sedan

    black white brown blue.. Too much going on. Remove the wood and it would look much cleaner.

  • Danny Winget
    Danny WingetMånad sedan

    Was that Rich? Haha. Awesome video man.

  • All_in_tech
    All_in_techMånad sedan

    7:36 it looks like she about to have a baby 😂

  • choski76
    choski76Månad sedan

    Great job Ryan. Lov the reactions. Why can't voice commands become the dominant system to controls? It keeps your eyes on the road and off the screen. And AI would learn your dominant patterns and help anticipate conditions and needs

  • pjdambra
    pjdambraMånad sedan

    I’m afraid once the Government gets it’s regulatory hands involved. Expect limits to be downloaded in the future. 😔

  • pjdambra


    19 dagar sedan

    @Brett Kavanaugh We are already being ripped off for Road Taxes at the registry with a EV Tax. It’s a totally fair Tax in a lot of states by charging more than double that of a Gas car under average yearly mileage. I hope they drop the gas tax altogether and replace it with a yearly Road Tax we’re everyone pays their fair share.

  • Brett Kavanaugh

    Brett Kavanaugh

    19 dagar sedan

    Some how these EV’s will have to be tracked so they can pay there share of road taxes. I’m willing to bet no regulation on speed until the accidents happen in large amounts

  • Mimmi Kylemark
    Mimmi KylemarkMånad sedan

    You seldom see so many people expressing pure joy in a car! 😍👍🏼

  • C Bromley
    C BromleyMånad sedan

    I want one Ryan...sod the paintwork! ;)

  • James Hoffman
    James HoffmanMånad sedan

    Is that the same SoCal blue Plaid Model S that Doug DeMuro reviewed? I like yours better.

  • mauro volpe
    mauro volpeMånad sedan

    Mr Musk will have no competition, with his intelligence and stubbornness he will be able to beat the competitors and only a matter of time, little time left to the competition.

  • xmightyxquinnx1
    xmightyxquinnx1Månad sedan

    Your friend with the beard and white shirt was amazing, he almost looked offended at the start of launch, like he didn’t believe reality lol epic vids as always

  • Jestronix Handerson
    Jestronix HandersonMånad sedan

    I laughed my ass off in the P100D, what’s going to happen in this ?

  • damonstr
    damonstrMånad sedan

    "Build quality quirks" If you mean a paintjob worse than a 20 year old Renault, sure

  • Steven Hamerlinck
    Steven HamerlinckMånad sedan

    Most off these launches made me think of a Homer Simpson Episode: "Whohoww, look at the blubber go ..." Tnx for the detailled review though !!!

  • mg19cal
    mg19calMånad sedan

    My daughter gets occasionally carsick the way I drive my Model 3 She'd need a barf bag at ALL times if I had the Plaid

  • saplife
    saplifeMånad sedan

    I will never understand the censoring culture of the US.

  • john weber
    john weberMånad sedan

    I can see an aftermarket part to make the yolk into a wheel for those not liking it.

  • lanceoa
    lanceoaMånad sedan

    You’re ruined for life! No other car is going to give you that excitement 😜

  • Jeffrey Tsay
    Jeffrey TsayMånad sedan

    You totally just drove by the San Marino fire station that I work at! Love your videos! Keep them comin!

  • John Poldo
    John PoldoMånad sedan

    As a model s owner for 4 years and a LR on order since early January, I feel this is the best review to date. Expressions on friends and family faces was thrilling. Thank you for pointing out weaknesses such small button for horn, turn signal buttons, and moving certain screen windows. Frankly, NHTSA should criticize the small button used to blow horn while in a panic. Others reported, pressing all buttons with right hand activated the horn, but Ryan demonstrated that is false. We didn’t see a demonstration of automatic selection of forward/reverse from park.

  • Phillip Temple

    Phillip Temple

    Månad sedan

    Is it false, or as another commenter said, he hadn't enabled it in the options menu? Would be interesting to know. Before going crazy and trying to get the authorities to shut down Tesla. Phillip.

  • Teo
    TeoMånad sedan

    I really appreciate this video, thank you, great coverage of many items and expectations. I was most curious about acclimating to the yoke steering wheel and am mostly relieved learning your experience. I believe I will find it accommodating in many ways but particularly in one I will have to adjust: Though I habitually hold a wheel at the 8 and 4 positions on straights/slight turns/curves, I “crab” the wheel to avoid arm(s) “crossing over center” on sharp turns/u-turns. “Crabbing” may be a bit tricky with a yoke. I’m averse to crossing forearm over center because I routinely envision the various outcomes if one were to wreck at the worst possible moment with the airbag deploying when a forearm is between face and the wheel: Dislocated shoulder, broken arm, arm impacting face, etc, from airbag deploy, not to mention how the airbag cover/trademark (emblem - usually rigid chromed plastic or metal) may injure the skin of a forearm? I can’t shake it. On another point you mentioned how passively resting one’s thumbs upon the L & R control surfaces can cause accidental engagement of a command. An inner thumb grip pattern also tends to cause the heel of one’s hand(s) to migrate over/rest on the wheel surface instead of being a bit off to the side. Again, out of habit and envisioned outcomes (here I go again), I routinely rest my thumbs on the outer circumference of the wheel as I’ve seen X-rays of broken thumbs, wrists, radii/ulnar bone(s) as a result of thumbs curled within the inner circumference of steering wheels. If not a severe enough frontal impact causing injury as a thumb/wrist (or two) is forced out of grip to migrate around to the side of the wheel, an even lighter side impact causing the wheel to spin inside one’s grip with a wheel spoke may snag an unsuspecting thumb and flex/break it in a most unintended way.

  • Dee Plato
    Dee PlatoMånad sedan

    the drag race launch seems like a novelty that is getting a bit tired maybe?

  • Stephen Thompson
    Stephen ThompsonMånad sedan

    Wish Elon / Tesla would just make a BEV and stop trying to be different just for the sake of being different. Every new "feature" convinces me to never buy a Tesla.

  • hardnoc2000
    hardnoc2000Månad sedan

    Ryan, I just received my model S refresh 5 days ago here in San Diego. I love it, but I too, realized that doors need to be closed with some force to actually close. That is the only real issue I have with the car. I will put in a service request at some point, but I’m enjoying the car so much that I’m gonna deal with it for awhile. Note: I originally ordered the LR w/19” wheels, but change to 21” after my sales rep told me that Model S’ w/19” will not be delivered until Dec at the earliest.

  • 640
    640Månad sedan

    No option for a normal steering wheel would be a deal breaker!

  • Pablo Picaro
    Pablo PicaroMånad sedan

    Jerk: change in rate of acceleration. Rates of change with time (Position, Velocity, Acceleration, Jerk, Snap, Crackle, Pop)

  • Pablo Picaro
    Pablo PicaroMånad sedan

    Upstaged by Rivian Nevera 1/4mi in 8.58s & 167.5 mph

  • Gaming-Zombie13
    Gaming-Zombie13Månad sedan

    That is Awesome

  • Jackal 43 Gaming
    Jackal 43 GamingMånad sedan

    Man I can't wait to get myself one of these!

  • The Last Ninja
    The Last NinjaMånad sedan

    rather get an EQS than this fancy go cart

  • Theo C
    Theo CMånad sedan

    can suspension be adjusted with voice commands?

  • Alex G.
    Alex G.Månad sedan

    Can you say something about the volume when driving? Is it much quieter than the previous Model S? ANC is not activated so far?! Love your videos!

  • J.Steezy
    J.SteezyMånad sedan

    How to buy a Tesla: Step 1: Wait for how ever long you are told + Elon time Step 2. Wait for build quality issues to iron out Step 3. It's been a while, might as well wait longer for next generation or model of Tesla Step 4. Repeat Step 1

  • Eamon Stack
    Eamon StackMånad sedan

    "Fun fun fun", to quote Joan Armatrading. Great video, thanks

  • Morphic Monkey
    Morphic MonkeyMånad sedan

    I’m interested in Tesla, but I would have trouble stomaching there myriad of build quality issues. I am still thinking that Tesla might be my car after next, so probably 5-8 years away. Hopefully by then we see a big improvement on the build quality front.

  • Morphic Monkey

    Morphic Monkey

    Månad sedan

    @Phillip Temple I totally get that point, but I don't think I'm being super fussy here. I just have reasonable expectations for vehicles of this price range. I mean, what I'm suggesting here isn't equivalent to waiting for the 4680 cell or whatever - I'm really just talking about basic build quality stuff (like not having lots of scuffs/scratches, panel issues, loose or ultra tight doors, etc...) I get the impression that maybe Telsa are a generation or two away from achieving that basic level of luxury car quality - and when that happens, I'll be here for it!

  • Phillip Temple

    Phillip Temple

    Månad sedan

    Don't get cutting edge anything ever if you are like that. In 8 years, the new one out will be the same. The Model 3 now has amazing build quality. I read about some people waiting for the new, 4680 cell and single piece casting. Why? Always be a year behind the curve if you are one of those super fussy and picky buyers. Phillip.

  • GolderiQ
    GolderiQMånad sedan

    Me: You know, I'm quite big under the belt Her: I don't believe you Me: 4:15 Her: 4:23 Me: Told you Her: 4:28

  • TheYuriG
    TheYuriGMånad sedan

    My favorite character development arc is Ryan going from a Yoke hater/non-believer to a lover/fanboy. You love to see it!

  • Runner's Life
    Runner's LifeMånad sedan

    The aww man *eyeroll* fckin ended me 😂😂😂

  • Jack O' Lantern
    Jack O' LanternMånad sedan

    Regarding thumb position, did Tesla not do usability studies or just not care?

  • Socc
    SoccMånad sedan

    The guy at 7:39 as a Sir Elton John thing going.

  • Kevin Hawthorne
    Kevin HawthorneMånad sedan

    Good video

  • Ra Denney
    Ra DenneyMånad sedan

    2nd fastest production car available.

  • Sebastian O
    Sebastian OMånad sedan

    Need help with model 3. How can I keep the car ON (screen and AC) when I step away from the car, while the kids are in rear seats. I had to go back to my house to pick up something we forgot, I left my phone inside the car thinking it will keep the car on. I found out that wasn't the case. Screen and AC turned off as soon as I closed my door. Any suggestions will be really appreciated.

  • Danijel Hrup
    Danijel HrupMånad sedan

    So Rimac broke Tesla by a second

  • C. Nile
    C. NileMånad sedan

    I used to be a petrolhead & regularly went to drag race meets, but it makes no sense to me that the Plaid is street legal. Show offs buying it for bragging rights put themselves & the community at risk. As for the build quality issues, it's inexcusable for body panels & paint, the exterior hasn't undergone a radical change.

  • Eric S
    Eric SMånad sedan

    7:57 Louis Cole, yeh man, you have a great musical taste 👏👏

  • Practical Guy
    Practical GuyMånad sedan

    Nice car but the front and rear is starting to look dated. They should have refreshed it for 2021.

  • dingmah
    dingmahMånad sedan

    Not cool that you’re doing Plaid launches on roads where people live. At least do it in an industrial park on the weekend or after hours.

  • Tricksandbeats
    TricksandbeatsMånad sedan

    Thank you so much for this review!

  • Emaratilfy
    EmaratilfyMånad sedan

    Are you guys seriously fine with those QC issues mentioned? And at that price?

  • qUantUmpants
    qUantUmpantsMånad sedan

    Comparing the yoke to charging like you do is so incompatible. One thing is that the yoke is a hassle to drive with but its in a emergency maneuver that the difference comes to show. Try handling a huge skid on snow with the yoke… its just stupid. I bought a model 3 in 2020 and i liked it but the quality issues and cabin noise made me sell it. It doesnt help that tesla is going this direction with its newest cars that just makes med not wanting to go back to tesla even more.

  • tomble womble
    tomble wombleMånad sedan

    The build quality issues are so dissapointing

  • BlueDream556
    BlueDream556Månad sedan

    6:48 that guy laughed like chucky

  • Kelvin Tan
    Kelvin TanMånad sedan

    hugh jackman is your friend

  • BizzMRK
    BizzMRKMånad sedan

    the steering yoke still is a massive design flaw but mainly because they went with touch sensitive buttons instead of physical ones. Touch sensitive ones are much easier to hit on accident and harder to find just by feel, since they have no feedback. Other than that you can still use the stokes which remain in the same position no matter the orientation of the wheel, which you can't do on this yoke. This would become especially annoying ina roundabout for example. They basically have created another problem nobody had which I am sure they will fix over time via software or slight changes like pressure sensors, but this is not innovative as people make it out to be. This is purely the rule of cool taking control of the design philosophy at the cost of functionality. Unconventional designs are never a bad thing as long as they serve a purpose and make stuff easier, which I simply can't see on this one. Getting used to it won't be a problem and is just a matter of time but what exactly does this yoke do better than a regular steering wheel? If anything this could be a safety hazzard if you have to manually avoid an obsticle and need to make very quick adjustments.

  • willyolio
    willyolioMånad sedan

    still think the yoke is dumb. If he wanted to get rid of stalks, ok, whatever, you can get rid of stalks and still have a wheel.

  • Horia Americanu'
    Horia Americanu'Månad sedan

    12:07 it is actually more faster when you turn the car with the yoke than the steering wheel. Personal i love it!

  • GG life
    GG lifeMånad sedan

    don't get me wrong i love tesla i love everything that elon is doing but , my personal opinion did you see how much you have to move to drive back or forward with that bullshit D and R on the screen and also not giving the choice to a normal steering wheel its arogand asf my opinion he fucked up whit this 2 problems, rest is just perfection i dream to own a tesla someday

  • Frank
    FrankMånad sedan

    Does the wireless phone charger work? I have a relatively standard iPhone XS and without my silicon case it won't charge reliably in my new M3. It moves across the charging pad and can't stay charging over longer periods. Also it's restarting charging all the time which makes the iPhones display light up.

  • Ivan Kuljis
    Ivan KuljisMånad sedan

    _Yep, Ryan_ _The PLAID IS RIDICULOUS_ _We can now all be a 'TECH_RODDER' _Take your family to the drags, bruise a few egos, then drive Home stopping by the Supermarket to pick up groceries!_ PLAID= THE WORLD'S BEST SUPER [MARKET] CAR!!!!!

  • Kingsley AGWU
    Kingsley AGWUMånad sedan

    How much did you pay for 48hrs?

  • mitchbu1977
    mitchbu1977Månad sedan

    @Ryan Shaw: Why does it have wood trim if it is the Plaid?

  • kpboix99
    kpboix99Månad sedan

    Yes, this is an excellent review of the Plaid Ryan! I hope you get the model S Plaid one day for the channel. You cover a lot of great Tesla information and deserve it with all the work you put into this channel.

  • Lee
    LeeMånad sedan

    That red Plaid delivered to a customer in 22:10 must have been furious! Did they fix it?

  • lizard0827
    lizard0827Månad sedan

    Like your review. It is always honest and unbiased.

  • Brett Mciver
    Brett MciverMånad sedan

    Will be very interested Innseeing the plaid with the OTA update that allows the 200 mile an hour speed and with the new wheels and tired required. Current hp output is 1020 but with the update its supposed to be 400 hp per motor for a total of 1200 hp Ohhhhhh bbaaaaby

  • Nemo PMo
    Nemo PMoMånad sedan

    Where did you rent it?

  • David MacPhee
    David MacPheeMånad sedan

    I lucked out and my First car was a 1965 Buick Wildcat with 445 foot pound's of torque and I had to drive my family everywhere at 16. Brakes were really bad then but it was really fast going long distance. Way over a hundred. Nobody noticed or asked. This car can get away with murder. I was nuts

  • Abdulquadri Olawin
    Abdulquadri OlawinMånad sedan

    7:09 Grandpa wasn't sure if he was dead or still alive haha

  • David MacPhee
    David MacPheeMånad sedan

    Harley Davidsons got popular for weird sensations caused in females. How do they get this? No vibes. No sound? Real hard pressure all over. All over in mere seconds! Do it again! I love it!

  • David MacPhee
    David MacPheeMånad sedan

    Getting people ready for heavy G force gravity's for Starship before becoming weightless in Space. What a toy! And feeling absolutely safe and easy!

  • Sam
    SamMånad sedan

    Fantastic Quality Vid

  • Michael Lionheart
    Michael LionheartMånad sedan

    Ryan, this was my a FAVORITE episode ever!!!;)

  • Melanie
    MelanieMånad sedan

    6:36 wow who is this?!

  • Frank Dutkiewicz
    Frank DutkiewiczMånad sedan

    The yoke makes me think of Knight Rider

  • J Rod
    J RodMånad sedan

    That guy at 5:20 sounds like he's never been in a modern car 😂