Tesla Model Y Sells Out

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Tesla Model Y Sold out, Tesla HVAC, New Model Y from Texas, Plaid Model S, Tesla Yoke, Model S Efficiency, Cybertruck updates, and more!

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  • Ryan Shaw
    Ryan ShawMånad sedan

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  • Victor Svendsen

    Victor Svendsen

    Månad sedan


  • Eddie G - Debt Free

    Eddie G - Debt Free

    Månad sedan

    I sold mY 2021 Ford f150 to buy a Model Y

  • Zim Gir

    Zim Gir

    Månad sedan

    Currently building a second line for model Y,

  • jimbo Halsey

    jimbo Halsey

    Månad sedan

    Mercedes has that concept with no steering wheel only a small dial in the center armrest that is wildly awesome and futuristic

  • jimbo Halsey

    jimbo Halsey

    Månad sedan

    Tesla should have made an almost square steering wheel. Or played around with different shapes or curves. But not remove a piece of it

  • Emil Santiz
    Emil SantizDag sedan

    I got one, and the Yoke is not a problem for me at all during sharp turns. I used before and still use now, two steering balls, one at eight o'clock on the left and one at four o'clock on the right, and on the Tesla, I am using them on the same fashion, one on the roght corner, and one on the left corner, so i don't see the whining when you can do that, even less for when we get the FSD.

  • Mark C
    Mark C12 dagar sedan

    Another hyped

  • Ryan Ritter
    Ryan Ritter13 dagar sedan

    Do you think the price of the model Y will go down with the new production process?

  • D Turtle
    D Turtle15 dagar sedan

    Is the Model Y driver’s seat area wider vs the Model 3? Which one has more elbow room?

  • Arthur Rodesiler
    Arthur Rodesiler22 dagar sedan

    I won't be a gina pig for any of this new stuff. There is FEW MORE BETTER OPTIONS OUT THERE THAT WELL KILL THE ELECTRIC CAR.

  • Nathen Mixon
    Nathen Mixon29 dagar sedan

    The only reason why I want the model y is because it has a hitch

  • snaplash
    snaplashMånad sedan

    Can you find the yoke buttons without looking at them or activating them accidentally as you feel for them?

  • Doug S
    Doug SMånad sedan

    ordered our MY last week for Sept delivery...yahoo!

  • Anastigmatix
    AnastigmatixMånad sedan

    Just put a spinner on the yoke.

  • Kevin Xxx
    Kevin XxxMånad sedan

    Today I saw a Model Y for the first time and test-drove it. Of course I LOVED it. September seems a long way off.

  • D Momcilovic
    D MomcilovicMånad sedan

    From the U.K. a new model S or X is now 20 months lead time !! Deal breaker

  • Pablo Collins
    Pablo CollinsMånad sedan

    unsubscribed. so tired of in video ads. already pay for youtube. bye!!!!

  • Estanislao Ramirez
    Estanislao RamirezMånad sedan

    Hey recently came across your channel as I’m patiently waiting to take delivery of my model y performance between July 4-24 and was looking to get those 1,000 supercharge miles how can I use your code if my order has already been placed? Love the content!

  • Andy P!
    Andy P!Månad sedan

    Nah, any sort of advertising even informational, could put a dent in the mystique. They have a website for unlimited information. If they include it there...I have no clue. Haven't looked.

  • Emil Santiz

    Emil Santiz

    Dag sedan

    You are right, but maybe Tesla can put the new added features on their exhibition saloons like "New addition to your car" stuff...

  • Bipul Bohara
    Bipul BoharaMånad sedan

    The plaid logo actually says plaid if you see closely.

  • Ian Nicklin
    Ian NicklinMånad sedan

    "Sold out" is a really bad sign given the supply shortages. Tesla will be the first to go bankrupt from being unable to keep up with inflation.

  • Andy P!

    Andy P!

    Månad sedan


  • Ed Ozz
    Ed OzzMånad sedan

    You should really buy a car from a guy who also builds rockets.

  • Scott Montgomery
    Scott MontgomeryMånad sedan

    Ryan, TESLA service is a mess. I ordered a Model Y Longe Range in April. Support promised the car June 15-30 for the last 6 or 7 weeks. Then on Monday it is now saying SEPTEMBER. That is not 2 months that is 5 MONTHS! New buyers beware they have not clue what is going on...

  • SolidAir54321
    SolidAir54321Månad sedan

    Why advertise when demand is more than you can supply?

  • Alishba Yousaf
    Alishba YousafMånad sedan

    Is there any deal from Tesla for 4th July???

  • Buba Dukuray
    Buba DukurayMånad sedan

    I’m sooo proud of this Channel 💪🏾💪🏾

  • Rod
    RodMånad sedan

    Where is Gordon genius Johnson ? “Tesla has no demand” lmao …hahaha

  • Russell Henning
    Russell HenningMånad sedan

    Love your videos! 😀

  • Joe Teague
    Joe TeagueMånad sedan

    Regenerative braking takes a small bit of time to get used to also, but people will get used to the yoke in the same way.

  • AzureWave


    Månad sedan

    Does it change the way brakes feel for the driver?

  • Tamas Harshegyi
    Tamas HarshegyiMånad sedan

    FYI, delivery dates are more desperate in europe. In Denmark Model 3 LR has a delivery date in November, SR+ has August.

  • KonisGONE
    KonisGONEMånad sedan

    well fuck

  • Solexx X
    Solexx XMånad sedan

    Y is overpriced.

  • roguedogx
    roguedogxMånad sedan

    3:14 how would advertising even work with Tesla? They axed their PR department, who's going to handle it, the lawyers? Furthermore "just playing the automotive magazine" game, making cars available for things like Best driver's car, lightning lap, and just normal comparison tests would go a long way. Of course the flip side is that those journalists tell it like it is (often to a fault) so if they think the taycan is better, they are going to say so.

  • roguedogx


    Månad sedan

    @M4D AL3X no. There is a fine line to walk, but manufacturers (generally) have the cars to loan, and magazines have the credibility manufacturers need. There is a hype stage, before the car can be actually reviewed, where there is usually nothing bad is said, just the stats. But once it's a review, balanced comes into play. The good, the bad, and the ugly all get reported. Brian Cooley of CNET for example is known for really not holding back. His famous, or infamous if you ask VW, "ugly is included at no extra cost" is a great example of this. Yes, too harsh, and access can get cut. Subaru and ford cutting access for TFL and Chrysler for top gear are great examples. But because it's rare enough to be a scandal it generally backfires on the manufacturer.

  • M4D AL3X

    M4D AL3X

    Månad sedan

    I always felt like these auto magazines are basically ads paid for by the industry. never trusted their opinions

  • Just Your Regular Cool Ferrari
    Just Your Regular Cool FerrariMånad sedan

    Guys who wants tesla to race their model s plaid against the rimac nevera?? Cause I do

  • Just Your Regular Cool Ferrari
    Just Your Regular Cool FerrariMånad sedan

    Guys who wants tesla to race their model s plaid against the rimac nevera?? Cause I do

  • Keith Carter
    Keith CarterMånad sedan

    The cynical teaching distally skip because territory contrastingly connect worth a jolly jaguar. vagabond, elfin quartz

  • David Zollars
    David ZollarsMånad sedan

    Thanks Ryan, We just took delivery of our Model 3 . Best car ever we just love it.

  • 786otto
    786ottoMånad sedan

    So what is the price of a car filter?

  • Tyler Durden
    Tyler DurdenMånad sedan

    It's not sold out, it's just a longer delivery time.

  • webcomment
    webcommentMånad sedan

    Isn’t the main issue not high sales, but lower that planned production due to supply chain issues? They can’t build at high volumes because parts they need aren’t available.

  • D Wnright
    D WnrightMånad sedan

    Ryan - just subscribed. ex. presentation/post. keep it up.

  • Red October
    Red OctoberMånad sedan

    The Yoke's big drawback when turning sharp or backing up, you know not all of us drive in races every day, some of us actually drive in the real world. Do not want it on my Cybertruck, imagine trying to back up a trailer, hell no.

  • Mister Berns
    Mister BernsMånad sedan

    Thanks Dude!

  • Nu Wave
    Nu WaveMånad sedan

    Ryan, came across your channel, great content. I just received a Model Y recently. It's awesome. Just curious if you come across owners who have noticed when backing out the blind spot monitoring system doesn't alert you of oncoming traffic. I almost got side swiped twice. Surely it would be easy to incorporate a change detection feature for the side looking cameras, that way an audio alert can be generated.

  • Rodney~Łamar
    Rodney~ŁamarMånad sedan

    The yoke steering wheel you either turn with one hand or you have to shift you hands who tf turns with their hand I a fixed position locked on the steering wheel anyways that’s weird y’all are being unnecessary about the wheel

  • Gard-Agario
    Gard-AgarioMånad sedan

    This video was great!

  • Fred Salter
    Fred SalterMånad sedan

    4:05 "perception" not "perspective" :-P

  • Adam Adam
    Adam AdamMånad sedan

    the car bodies were seen by drones many days ago, they are not casted on site

  • jotun asd
    jotun asdMånad sedan


  • daily driven H2
    daily driven H2Månad sedan

    sister in law ordered her model y last sunday the 13 she took delivery yesterday friday the 18 . there was one around the area that we figured someone must order and not liked so we got it right away since her original delivery would of been september .. now all i have to do is wait for my cyber truck

  • Lakers #1
    Lakers #1Månad sedan

    How does sold out delay till September translate to earning?

  • Poppie
    PoppieMånad sedan

    Wife and I were in Asheville NC 2 days ago and saw a brand new Model Y. We took a closer look, and then looked at each other, and just shook our heads in disgust. Too bland in our opinion. She loves her new 2020 Cadillac XT5 and I love my old 2006 SLK350 drop-top convertible Mercedes. I wouldn't trade either for the Y, and my old car has 95K miles on her, but runs as well as the day I bought her 12 years ago. And yes - I have owned TSLA stock for years and no plans to sell. They will succeed and be the best at EV's, but they all appear too bland for me. My son owns one of the first Model X (2016) and my niece owns an S. I have driven an S and liked it okay, but have no need for it. Personally, I hope Tesla stock goes to the moon. I just don't like their cars and the truck is beyond ugly.

  • dalholland


    Månad sedan

    Forgot to mention that I am saving $2000 a year in gas while paying $400/ year on at home charging (.07/ kWh) with free Supercharging on trips

  • dalholland


    Månad sedan

    Have to say I humbly disagree. Have owned a Model S for 4 years and would not consider owning anything else. The interior may not be tricked up like some luxury brands, but this car is a blast to drive. It has the most comfortable seats of any car I have owned and I look forward to having “performance” cars pulling up next to me at traffic lights.....no contest. Also, in the four years and 75000 miles that I have owned the car I have spent zero dollars on maintenance and I mean zero. No brakes (one pedal driving), no tuneups, no oil changes, no nothing...not even wiper blades. In fact, just ordered second Model S LR and can’t wait to take delivery in October. I will admit Tesla’s may not be for everyone, but I will never own an ICE vehicle again and won’t own anything but a Tesla until there is a brand that has a charging network that can come close to competing with the Supercharger network.

  • Wednesdai
    WednesdaiMånad sedan

    I test drove a Y today then watched the f150 lightning unveiling and changed my decision

  • Wednesdai


    Månad sedan

    @snaplash I adjust my seat to sit up high and straight. Hopefully that solves the problem for me, or maybe I'll end up in a Tesla camper.

  • snaplash


    Månad sedan

    I wish the F150L had a sloped hood option for better visibility and aerodynamics. I'd gladly give up half the frunk space for this.

  • Andy Zi Li
    Andy Zi LiMånad sedan

    Funny how the VW ID4 advertisement was playing before the video starts.

  • Duanne Luckow
    Duanne LuckowMånad sedan

    Simply awesome 😎 presentation and News 😁🗞️ update captured.

  • Duanne Luckow

    Duanne Luckow

    Månad sedan

    Justice ⚖️ is out of this world 🌍.

  • sirjames26
    sirjames26Månad sedan

    The word Plaid is Scottish Gaelic and means blanket. Tartan cloth aka Plaid was exported to the States from Scotland as blankets. Before the modern kilt which is stitched together a kilt was just a blanket held together by a waist belt -the belted plaid.

  • Ted C
    Ted CMånad sedan

    Tesla will build more Giga factories in other Chinese cities.

    BIG BEEFMånad sedan

    Tesla's next motors will be cryogenically cooled in a vacuum sealed liquid helium cryo vessel, just like an MRI

  • Dave K
    Dave KMånad sedan

    If you haven’t noticed everything is sold out. New Ag tractors out until Mar. 2022, new combines are farther out; only 2 new Fords on my local dealer’s lot; 8 new Toyotas on the lot today...

  • Dana Pearson
    Dana PearsonMånad sedan

    Enjoy your vids but why are you showing OLD footage of Giga Berlin while talking about Tera Texas?

    QWERTY FYMånad sedan

    i am willing to go deep into dept and be miserable but own a cybertruck, yes i am crazy 🤪😅

  • Raymond Kent
    Raymond KentMånad sedan

    Ryan buddy, educating the public is not the job of Tesla. That is why you and at least 3 dozen other Tesla Channels exist. And then there are Elon's tweets, which reach a really broad and diversive audience. Jay Leno used to interview people on the street either going to college or graduated from College, and rarely could these college people answer the simply questions they were asked. And they where positive that they were right, even after they were proven wrong, most of the time. Then you now have a large section of the US, which lives in a fantasy world, about 30 percent. So, Tesla trying to educate the public is completely useless, and a waste of time and resources.

  • Up Skill Or Die
    Up Skill Or DieMånad sedan

    My biggest issue with electric cars isn't about the distance, I know they can go fairly far, it's the fact we can't charge them fast enough to make them viable. It will create the same exact anxiety everyone already has about their phones not being at 100 percent all the time. There's maniacs out there who like to live life daringly at less than 10 percent battery life on their phones and I am so not one of those people lol

  • eincan 13

    eincan 13

    Månad sedan

    @dalholland i am happy that Tesla has come so far, but as you have a 2014 I am sure you have good memories as well of those early days. There weren’t many of us and it was like a little family. Also the superchargers were pretty empty. It is amazing how much they have grown as there were times I wasn’t sure Tesla was going to survive.

  • dalholland


    Månad sedan

    @eincan 13 ditto... have a Model S 75 with 75,000 miles on it and charging has not been an issue. After first two long range trips, range anxiety is zero. Just ordered Model S LR and will drive it on trips with only stops for bathroom or food stops, which we would have done any way. Biggest issue, and it wasn’t a problem early on is wait times at certain Superchargers because of increased number of cars. Tesla drivers need to be more considerate when charging and move car when charge is achieved to get to destination.

  • Phillip Temple

    Phillip Temple

    Månad sedan

    @eincan 13 It gets to the point where it is "good enough" for a lot of people. I have to use an underground public parking and there are no charging points around. However there is a Supercharger 10 mins drive away in a commercial centre. I use the car around town so recharge once every 3 weeks or so. Even then 15%-90% doesn't even leave me enough time for my family to relax and have a milkshake. I'll arrange a good long roadtrip sometime. Every route I try seems pretty easy with the Tesla charger network, apart from the Baltic States and Ukraine. Phillip.

  • eincan 13

    eincan 13

    Månad sedan

    You make a fair point and I thought the exact same way, until I owned one. Bought a Model S back in 2015 and charging has never been an issue for me. I charge at home the vast majority of the time. On trips, it takes a little more thought and time but not a big deal at all. I plan the my stops so I never get below 20%, so no anxiety at all. I can drive a few hours before needing to charge, which is in-line with needing a break or food etc… The Superchargers are typically at shopping centers or malls so super easy. I also think the rate of charge will continue to improve which will make stops shorter. It has already improved drastically since 2015. Maybe not viable for some just yet, but it is getting closer and really is more a mindset change than anything else.

  • Phillip Temple

    Phillip Temple

    Månad sedan

    You buy something that suits your lifestyle. I bought an expensive phone as I work in real estate and a lot is currently being done via video-conferencing. I can't afford for the battery to die. On the flip side I don't need a car so much, so I bought a SR+ Telsa where the range is plenty. Once every 3 weeks I can go charge it at a Supercharger and that will be fine for me. My local one is by a supermarket, and it goes from 10%-90% before I'm even half way through my shopping. Not sure what you mean about people keeping their mobile phone at 100% all the time. I don't know anybody that does that. Phillip.

  • Cesc Fabregas
    Cesc FabregasMånad sedan

    its not sold out... its we produce to slow...

  • Shane
    ShaneMånad sedan

    Tesla should just hire you to make 30 second factual advertisements.

  • PJ Collazo
    PJ CollazoMånad sedan

    So I assume the "firmware fix" is going to be utilizing the cabin's speakers to do active noise cancellation?

  • Let's Go animate

    Let's Go animate

    Månad sedan

    I don’t even know what to say

  • Eddie G - Debt Free
    Eddie G - Debt Free Månad sedan

    Picking up my tesla Today ! will film the process!

  • replied: by Money purse •

    replied: by Money purse •

    Månad sedan

    W•H•A•T•S•A•P•P +•1•2•2•5•6•2•9•3•7•5•7• I•n•v•e•s•t•inC•r•y•p••t•o B•T•CA•N•D•E•T•H•, D•O•G•E...!!♂️▶️▶️♂️,👌👌..

  • Marvin Maida
    Marvin MaidaMånad sedan

    I've recently ordered a model y long range do you think I should cancel my order and wait for the improved battery tech model y but I do need it within 3ish months would I be able to get my hands on one or unlikely?

  • Marvin Maida

    Marvin Maida

    Månad sedan

    @André S that's what I was thinking

  • André S

    André S

    Månad sedan


  • achilles dick
    achilles dickMånad sedan

    This model looks like a frog

  • J More
    J MoreMånad sedan

    Great video thanks Ryan!

  • Chin Chang
    Chin ChangMånad sedan

    I have yet to see Tesla disrupt the Taxi or insurance industry. Now, EM is trying to disrupt the air-con industry? Just the other day, I saw another video abt Tesla trying to disrupt the food industry. All these false hopes are getting sickening.

  • Random Rud
    Random RudMånad sedan

    Here in Denmark, they are apparently shuffling demo model 3s around to have something in stock. :) I have also seen inventory in Denmark where the location of the car was southern Europe and they went fast.

  • partner net
    partner netMånad sedan

    What are your thoughts on waiting to purchase a Texas-made Y? Seems like the body and battery updates would be worth waiting for, despite the higher price? (probably subjective)

  • Gary Fritz

    Gary Fritz

    29 dagar sedan

    That’s what I plan to do - order my Y next spring for delivery in the summer. That way I’ll be sure to get supercasting and 4680 batteries. Not sure how to guarantee that it’s a Texas model though. The tax credits made it out of committee on a straight party line vote. I really doubt they will be able to get it through the Senate.

  • John M

    John M

    Månad sedan

    Remember the possible EV tax credit $10K.

  • Mike N

    Mike N

    Månad sedan

    The Austin model Y will be better - but a long wait? And whenever you buy will be outdone by later models.

  • Kyli Millender
    Kyli MillenderMånad sedan

    I finally ordered my model Y yesterday!!

  • OG DA Starwalker

    OG DA Starwalker

    Månad sedan


    DNL DNLMånad sedan

    I wan t the cybertruck in my hands in 2022 no later

  • john weber
    john weberMånad sedan

    Well, it's clear now. The electric car has made it. The masses will now be buying these instead of gas engine cars. Tesla will obviously be the most attractive ones but there's going to be dozens of companies making electric cars.

  • Peter didn't pick a pepper. But 2.
    Peter didn't pick a pepper. But 2.Månad sedan

    how about a top notch wikipedia page. just info no marketing speak and ***

  • rockrocket54
    rockrocket54Månad sedan

    oh yes, Tesla, the company so good at designing HVAC my 3 LR RWD’s AC smells like a mixture of wet dog and mold whenever i turn it on 😬

  • André S

    André S

    Månad sedan

    Then change your filter.

  • Don Russell
    Don RussellMånad sedan

    Thanks Ryan - love your informative videos mate 👍

  • That One Guy
    That One GuyMånad sedan

    Ima get a model x

  • Kryojenix
    KryojenixMånad sedan

    1:04 Oh, so that's why Dyson tried to make an electric car - they felt threatened (but later gave up...)

  • Laughing Gravy
    Laughing GravyMånad sedan

    It seems every time I turn around, the price of the Model Y goes up. Maybe I should stop turning around.

  • Michael Campbell

    Michael Campbell

    Månad sedan

    Turn the other way will you please?

  • Yeya Bannz
    Yeya BannzMånad sedan

    Just got my Model Y today. I’m in love

  • John Gordon
    John GordonMånad sedan

    Tesla doesn’t expect sales of model S plaid should not equal the model Y because of the price differential. The narrator does not know as much about the Tesla vehicles that it’s designer does! So his opinion should be taken with a large bolder of salt.

  • Lynda Lee
    Lynda LeeMånad sedan

    The wooden pendulum informally follow because processing steadily squeal near a frightened frightening full fumbling functional result. instinctive, accidental destruction

  • hbkatc
    hbkatcMånad sedan

    We sold the Y at the original base price of $52990 until the pandemic. It’s been going back up in $500 increments over several weeks.

  • John Volt
    John VoltMånad sedan

    Bluetooth already only connects when someone sits in the drivers seat. That was part of an OTA update several months ago. I had to wait longer than I would have liked for my call to switch over when I got in the car to come home this afternoon.

  • wreckinball11
    wreckinball11Månad sedan

    There definitely needs to be more public awareness info. I was driving my Model 3 Performance today and at a traffic stop a homeless person argued with me that a replacement battery was $80,000. I assured him it wasn't, but got the feeling he was going to continue the misinformation to all that would listen.

  • Matthew Huszarik
    Matthew HuszarikMånad sedan

    Anyone can put a HEPA filtered air system in a home I already have one along with a heat pump.

  • 100_percent_bs
    100_percent_bsMånad sedan

    Thank you for the CT news. We are starved for it. Keep it coming.

  • Max1stMolar
    Max1stMolarMånad sedan

    Love Tesla cars, I got several of them, they are they best cars I’ve ever owned. Just curious if the mildew smell on my model 3 cause health hazards?

  • André S

    André S

    Månad sedan

    Troll brigade in action

  • Chad Forbes
    Chad ForbesMånad sedan

    Thing looks like a vw beetle or an old spray plane.

  • Brandon Huggins
    Brandon HugginsMånad sedan

    Ryan, you don’t want Tesla to advertise because it means less reason for us to check out your content. Elon is on your side sir. 😉😊

  • replied: by Money purse •

    replied: by Money purse •

    Månad sedan

    W•H•A•T•S•A•P•P +•1•2•2•5•6•2•9•3•7•5•7• I•n•v•e•s•t•inC•r•y•p••t•o B•T•CA•N•D•E•T•H•, D•O•G•E...!!♂️▶️▶️♂️,👌👌.

  • Dima Tkachenko USA
    Dima Tkachenko USAMånad sedan

    Ordered my model Y today! Hopefully will be here in September!!!

  • vadim marchuk
    vadim marchukMånad sedan

    We ordered Y long range on April 16 delivery has been pushed to September

  • replied: by Money purse •

    replied: by Money purse •

    Månad sedan

    W•H•A•T•S•A•P•P +•1•2•2•5•6•2•9•3•7•5•7• I•n•v•e•s•t•inC•r•y•p••t•o B•T•CA•N•D•E•T•H•, D•O•G•E...!!♂️▶️▶️♂️,👌👌.

  • Fish Santiago
    Fish SantiagoMånad sedan

    The only reason I don't have a model Y is every time I was ready to pull the trigger, the price went up too much.

  • Jonathan M
    Jonathan MMånad sedan

    its confirmed that Tesla will not be doing home AC

  • Haley Brock
    Haley BrockMånad sedan

    i ordered my model Y LR beginning of this month and the delivery date has changed so much so many times. i had delivery date for as early as june 29th then went to august 19th then it just said september for a while, and now it says july 27th. i guesss we will see :( i’m just way too excited and ready to have this car haha.

  • Jose Aguilar

    Jose Aguilar

    17 dagar sedan

    @gabriel cabrera yes, it’s valid for only 60 days. I ordered mine and did the cash option as payment. Your sales rep can later on change it to whatever financing you want!

  • gabriel cabrera

    gabriel cabrera

    Månad sedan

    Ordered mine in April and I’m still waiting. I called today and they told me first week of July even though the app says June25-30. What I’m most disappointed at is that I got approved for a loan through Tesla’s lowest rate program and that will expire tomorrow. My credit took a hit. For anyone planning to order wait until your delivery date nears and then apply for the loan. You’ll avoid two hard inquiries on your credit.

  • Haley Brock

    Haley Brock

    Månad sedan

    @SNKRDOUG yeah that happened to me too :/ then it jumped all around i hope you get yours tho!



    Månad sedan

    i ordered mine 2 days ago and it said delievery date june 22nd-30th . i was surprised lol but hey i’ll take it the sooner the better

  • Arlene Avila

    Arlene Avila

    Månad sedan

    Glad to know it’s not just me. Mine said middle of June when I first ordered in May. Now it’s saying September. We gotta be patient I guess 🥺

  • MondoTV
    MondoTVMånad sedan

    LOL - quoting Tesla range figures as if they bare any relation to reality. Please - lets devise range tests that won’t disappoint consumers. So do the EPA test but then take 20% off that because that is going to represent more of an average best case.

  • Carper Diem
    Carper DiemMånad sedan

    If they reduce the battery pack size for the X that will suck for those who chose to tow as those improved efficiencies will lose their benefit faster

  • Joe's Phenomenal
    Joe's PhenomenalMånad sedan

    Maybe a pressure sensor in the seat to initialize the bluetooth?

  • Michael Galindo
    Michael GalindoMånad sedan

    You can't advertise a sold-out product, it won't end well...

  • Joe's Phenomenal
    Joe's PhenomenalMånad sedan

    With Tesla's supercharging network being so good, not to mention how far ahead they are on so much of the tech in the car, I don't understand how anyone buys any other electrics. I personally really like the Ford Mach-E, but if I were to get one, I would pay more to get less tech with less range for more money... They do look nice, but geez...

  • QueVerguenza Que LOCO
    QueVerguenza Que LOCOMånad sedan

    Is good when Elon musk show us difference about some parts like car or fiber rotor and how works (((( why careful is because the competition is listen 👂 all other brands ••• teaching for free @ well anyway the competition always purchase cars from his competitor to complete overhaul and look what is inside to COPY and PASTE from the master 😂