Tesla Model Y: True Cost After 1 Year

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Breaking down exactly what I've paid to own my Tesla Model Y over the course of one year. What's the true Model Y cost of ownership? What should you expect to pay? Let's get into it.

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  • P L

    P L

    Månad sedan

    @David Beppler you were talking about 0-60

  • David Beppler

    David Beppler

    Månad sedan

    @P L plz specify to what you are commenting? 0-60? Or 66% safer, or 100+mpge?

  • P L

    P L

    Månad sedan

    @Kingsley Sun What I tried to say is some cars need less maintenance than most people think. Dealers ask you to do many things just to make money.

  • P L

    P L

    Månad sedan

    @David Beppler That is for hype sales, virtually noone use it in day to day driving

  • Gabriel Colon
    Gabriel Colon7 timmar sedan

    Dave Ramsey does not agree with your monthly payment!!!

  • Edouble03
    Edouble034 dagar sedan

    Paying 3X the rate of commodity rate of electricity ⚡️ isn’t cool in the least.

  • Jandra Elune
    Jandra Elune9 dagar sedan

    In Michigan the insurance rate for EVs is triple that of a gas car and double that of EV rates in other states. That alone makes EVs in Michigan more expensive than gas cars. Need to pressure the state congress to reduce those rates.

  • Tom Kathy
    Tom Kathy13 dagar sedan

    Yikes! The payments 🥴3.5% definitely not for everyone! DMV Renew fee 🤑

  • Z71g
    Z71g14 dagar sedan

    Thanks for the break down im in nor cal so this break down helped alot. I’ll definitely be saving more for my lrmy

  • Z71g
    Z71g14 dagar sedan

    Where can i get that sweater?

  • Jude Luhrs
    Jude Luhrs19 dagar sedan

    when you are presenting costs that are in the tens of thousands you really don't need to mention the numbers after the decimal point ... for example, just round to $63,180 which will make it easier for you to articulate, but more importantly will cut the monotony that the listener has to endure

  • Julian Gen
    Julian Gen20 dagar sedan

    Evs make no sense. Maybe 10 years from now

  • Empire image
    Empire image26 dagar sedan

    Great video ! On point !

  • Motivated K9
    Motivated K927 dagar sedan

    16k in a year?? Whoa, I'm in sales I do that in a month.. 😂

  • Levon
    Levon27 dagar sedan

    No thanks. Even the upcoming 25k Tesla is too much for the average Joe. Greay cars out there for 15k.

  • gimmieboy
    gimmieboy29 dagar sedan

    Can't you guys spread the love for these referrals. Should be a way to connect more people to this. Great video though

  • Pow Bam Zing
    Pow Bam Zing29 dagar sedan

    Been looking at getting a Model Y or Mach-E. After seeing this video I'm going to keep my gas car for a looong time.

  • Jason Barker
    Jason BarkerMånad sedan

    66k for a car, i like EVs but they are out of my price range even at the 40K other EV cost

  • Abhishek Rawat
    Abhishek RawatMånad sedan

    What if you spent half of that money in dogecoin when it was 1 cent :) ?

  • jcharais
    jcharaisMånad sedan

    Rav4 cost around 40k, 20k in gas will take you a long, long way and gasing up takes a lot less time than charging an electric vehicle. (Time is money) Not thanks, I will never buy a Tesla.

  • Jacob rep
    Jacob repMånad sedan

    I guess it would possibly be cheaper if Tesla's were built independently off wind and solar, but nah....... the giga factory still connected to the grid.

  • CIamajdovsky PvP
    CIamajdovsky PvPMånad sedan

    Hello, now compare the purchase cost of this Tesla with cheep Toyota RAV4. This will be huge difference and then look how many years this difference will cover this savings you mention in your video. :)

  • iAm MadMaxs
    iAm MadMaxsMånad sedan

    Which is best to buy? a Tesla cash or finance 🧐

  • Rutherford Contracting LLC
    Rutherford Contracting LLCMånad sedan

    Don't forget in your cost of ownership to include the increase in equity in the vehicle, if you're making payments. You paid $8k in principle over those 12 months, depreciation will eat some of that, but it still lowers your cost of ownership substantially.

  • Richard Modling
    Richard ModlingMånad sedan

    USAA is now offering a 1.89% rate with a .25% discount if you sign up for autopay.

  • lunabird89
    lunabird89Månad sedan

    Haha 50k for an ev. No thanks get your self a nice Honda for 25k and consider the other 25k for gas . 😂

  • Michael Bergantzel
    Michael BergantzelMånad sedan

    This was a good honest review. I did my own math for a Cybertruck purchase, and found that the total cost of ownership on a Cybertruck over 10 years will not exceed what my actual costs were for a 10 year cost of ownership of my VW GTI. It's just the up front buying costs of an EV, rather than the distributed cost of owning, fueling, and maintaining a gas vehicle. Some people just can't afford an 800/mo car payment for the first 6 years.

  • Joey Donaldson
    Joey DonaldsonMånad sedan

    The reminiscent panties virtually deceive because bonsai feraly chase plus a historical cultivator. scarce, present diving

  • Duy Do
    Duy DoMånad sedan

    Jesus almost $1000 a month for a freaking car stretching over 72 months. Guess I’ll keep driving my paid off car then.

  • Otis Kopp
    Otis KoppMånad sedan

    Looks like the base price with the same specs has gone up about $5K… I just priced one with the upgraded wheels and paint and it was $60,990… :(

  • Make&FixitYourself Projects
    Make&FixitYourself ProjectsMånad sedan

    Gas is usually around 2$ a gallon here, also no super chargers, and the cheaper price of a gas car that will last 20-30 years…. To each their own…

  • Al Pepitone
    Al PepitoneMånad sedan

    Very helpful. Camry for me please.

  • Stealthy Sloth
    Stealthy SlothMånad sedan

    The off menu is a straight up lie. I tried to get a standard range they would not sell it to me. LIE LIE LIE.

  • DJ Deckard Cain
    DJ Deckard CainMånad sedan

    I'll go with the guy who owns a taxi service for an airport and only uses Teslas. 240k miles on some of them with less than $3500 spent on each. Some still have the original brake pads. TLDR; Teslas aren't expensive. Anecdotal experience isn't evidence.

  • Don Hargraves
    Don HargravesMånad sedan

    Add to that the fact that the RAV4's 31 mpg would likely be on the highway (when you're doing the Supercharger) and probably closer to 21 mpg in the city (when you're fueling through your home and more fuel efficient with driving), your fuel savings were probably much greater.

  • NickSak
    NickSakMånad sedan

    Great video, Ryan! Out of sheer curiosity, where did you get that awesome red hoodie?

  • Michael Dolan
    Michael DolanMånad sedan

    My next car (3 years to go) will definitely be Electric. In Montreal electricity is $0.06 USD/KWh and federal and provincial rebates can go as high as $10,350 USD depending on the car. Thanks for your video, very detailed and useful.

  • Chris Banana
    Chris BananaMånad sedan

    @12:54 So i believe you drove 18k miles in a year? So about 1$/mi ouch.....

  • Owen Lee
    Owen LeeMånad sedan

    going from luxury gasoline cars msrp 45k to 65k or v6, v8 to tesla will save money for sure. many comments here saying tesla does not save money are owners of cheap cars msrp 25k to 40k.

  • Owen Lee
    Owen LeeMånad sedan

    4 months ago the gas price in LA was 3.47 and now its over 4 dollars. Keep in mind, gas price will never go down below 3.50 anymore.

  • luthermike1
    luthermike1Månad sedan

    Wow, so much I disagree with after owning a M3 for 2 years. My costs are much less, and the way he handles many issues are just not bright.

  • Owen Lee

    Owen Lee

    Månad sedan

    what issues are you talking about? financing? or others? i think his apr is pretty high and in terms of gas price in LA ppl are going to save more since the price is now well over 4 dollars. I just bought m3 and incentive programs are all on waitlist so cant get anything very sad

  • The Anime Nerd
    The Anime NerdMånad sedan

    The one thing that tesla car owners never do is show how long they spent waiting for the car to charge, at home or at super charger. Like that is a key problem, and Tesla youtubers never show this. SUS. Time is money

  • Eric Guo
    Eric GuoMånad sedan

    I love your soothing voice

  • Joshua Herrin
    Joshua HerrinMånad sedan

    You spent $1030.12 for a year on charging for the tesla, if fuel for a year in a rav4 would cost $934.94 a year, then you didn't save any money

  • Owen Lee

    Owen Lee

    Månad sedan

    what u talkin about? hes comparing the price of gas and charging based on the total mileage of around 16,000. He charged his car half 8,000 miles with Super Charger and the other half 8,000 miles with home charging. He saved nearly 900 dollars total and the gas price in LA now is well over 4 dollars per gallon so ev will save lotta money in long term

  • Authentic or hybrid recipes
    Authentic or hybrid recipes Månad sedan

    most of that I paid with my gas car too

  • Country Livin
    Country LivinMånad sedan

    if "keep telling yourself that" was a person. I don't see how this car is a good deal for anyone

  • First Last
    First LastMånad sedan

    conclusion at 16:38

  • It’s just Me
    It’s just MeMånad sedan

    So bottom line is, it's way cheaper to own the RAV4 , at nearly half the purchase price

  • Jon Limbird
    Jon LimbirdMånad sedan

    you are escaping State and federal road use taxes that will need to be addressed as EV's become more common. Allocation for those your savings on gas will decline drastically especially as it is forecast that Ca will be facing increasing energy costs.

  • BlackhawkPilot
    BlackhawkPilotMånad sedan

    You are looking at a TCO of ~$1/mile for the first two years. Very similar to my experience with a Mercedes B-Class electric with a Tesla drive line at three years of ownership.

  • David Bullock
    David BullockMånad sedan

    These cars are over priced 😂

  • Matt Schroeder
    Matt SchroederMånad sedan

    my gas car was 13,000$ just saying

  • Zizhdizza Bagus
    Zizhdizza BagusMånad sedan

    U probably really fun at parties)

  • Rio Bautista
    Rio BautistaMånad sedan

    3:49$ what year

  • P L
    P LMånad sedan

    Good comparison but you left out some other things. You spent 63k for that car, if you get similar gas car you would pay about half of that. So you save 600 per year on gas, it would take you 50 years to make up the 30k that you spent on the Tesla. Taking out, say maintenance around 15k, you still have 15k to make up, which is 25 years.

  • Robert Shabkie
    Robert ShabkieMånad sedan

    Why did you have to get new tires after just one year?

  • Aimee D
    Aimee DMånad sedan

    Nice video. That’s not much of a savings at all. I was hoping it would be a lot more. Not sure I’m very excited about EV’s anymore.

  • Annie Kim
    Annie KimMånad sedan

    Thanks for the awesome video!

  • Robin
    RobinMånad sedan

    Where is the link to use when you buy a Tesla?

  • jcheck6
    jcheck62 månader sedan

    So Ryan how much do you make a year so we can put your new car buying in perspective, ie are you doing the right thing?

  • grayeagle
    grayeagle2 månader sedan

    60,000 for this car. Tell me, do you feel even a little bit like a glorious fool, OR are you blinded by your ego and your current affairs and position that you don't even know what the hell I am talking about?

  • binlee68
    binlee682 månader sedan

    Wait, how do u include the sales tax into the financing? I am at Tesla ordering page, and there's no option to roll sales tax under financing cost.

  • Hank Channel
    Hank Channel2 månader sedan

    Leasing the car is cheaper.

  • Steve Smith
    Steve Smith2 månader sedan

    Most People buy cars out of impulse and enjoyment . Most people don’t break out a binder and start calculating tax breaks and such… I have been a car Salesman for 6 years.

  • Steve Smith
    Steve Smith2 månader sedan

    Why do people that buy Tesla’s think they are smarter than everyone else. I use to sell cars for vroom and Everytime a Tesla customer called they just talked about there car and tried to ask you questions to see if you knew as much as them lol. Shit was so annoying

    TITLES2 månader sedan

    and add in the time you spend at the supercharger. Easily waste $50 of time. Time is money.

    TITLES2 månader sedan

    no power company is charging 16 cents per kwh. There is also power supply charges then a shitload of fees and taxes. Comes out to around 25 cents per kwh.

  • Jestronix Handerson
    Jestronix Handerson2 månader sedan

    Want cheap? Nissan Leaf, 9000, 700 insurance, 300 for 15,000 miles electricity. Done. battery is 85% and covers everything in the city, second car is our little Mazda for long trips. Don’t worry I’m buying a Tesla , just not yet, waiting for the massive price drops inbound in one or two years as competition closes in. it’s a gamble the old leaf, but have a track record of insane reliability. Discount the early models with the shit battery chem. Buy 2015 onwards. I so wish the model 3 had a hatch like the Y though.

  • James Hartel
    James Hartel2 månader sedan

    How do you insure a 60k car for less than $200/mo? $1,787/yr seems like a steal.

  • Andy Bribi
    Andy Bribi2 månader sedan

    Good job on the math but you forgot to add the $20k premium you paid for the Tesla lol On average I can get a gas car averaging 30mpgs for $30k in some cases for only 20k if am smart

  • We Run Guns
    We Run Guns2 månader sedan

    Great video, but I would have mentioned the significantly lower base cost of the RAV4 when doing your comparison. It’s so much cheaper to purchase that over the lifetime of ownership it’s still going to be more economical. Tesla’s are still way cooler and feature packed. Great job and I subbed to your channel!

  • White
    White2 månader sedan

    They're ugly vehicles

  • VADER The Kitten Channel
    VADER The Kitten Channel2 månader sedan

    WOW! 💵💵💵💵💵💵💵💵💵💵💵💵 🚘 There should be lots of rebates to buy something that’s GREAT for the environment. 🤷‍♀️

  • J R.
    J R.2 månader sedan

    Just got my model 3 LR for 56k 🥴

  • Leslie Dugger
    Leslie Dugger2 månader sedan

    Houses used to cost this much

  • Rebecca Smith
    Rebecca Smith2 månader sedan

    Wow. Subbed.

  • Mark Morton
    Mark Morton2 månader sedan


  • James Rodrigo Nash
    James Rodrigo Nash2 månader sedan

    Solar panels on the roof = 0 cost at home.

  • oraclewizard77
    oraclewizard772 månader sedan

    I drive many miles on a used Prius. I paid $ 1,300 per year and get 50 miles per gallon. However, my used Prius cost only $ 12,000. and financing is just $ 225 per month.

  • r3drift
    r3drift2 månader sedan

    who else is here looking at this because they are hoping for amc to make them moolah to buy one of these?

  • lberhold
    lberhold2 månader sedan

    Wow, California has many more fees than my state.

  • john trollston
    john trollston2 månader sedan

    why do bald people always have tesla's? maybe its the extra 100 dollars a month on not getting a fade

  • tonyLA24
    tonyLA242 månader sedan

    This is no way cheaper than a Rav4 when comparing total cost (sale price, payments, gas, insurance, maintenance, repairs). The Model Y is less expensive on gas and maintenance but it's more expensive in every other category. Compare the model Y to a competitor like the BMW X3 xDrive30e.

  • J R
    J R2 månader sedan

    Great video! My MX is coming in Jan. 2022 and it’ll cost $115K.

  • MyMagnetic GT
    MyMagnetic GT2 månader sedan

    Sadly that’s almost exactly what I paid for my 2019 loaded Mustang GT. Should’ve got a Tesla.

  • Alaska907
    Alaska9072 månader sedan

    Jesus Christ, almost $6,000 in sales tax is robbery. So glad there's zero sales tax in my state. Why not just order it to a state without sales tax then drive it to your state?

  • TheGrateful108
    TheGrateful1082 månader sedan

    Getting electric bike is cheapest

  • Tesla Efficiency
    Tesla Efficiency2 månader sedan

    0:00 What will be in the video 0:45 The configuration that I went with 1:05 My opinion on Tesla's calculation on money savings 1:25 My order's pricing 1:58 Base price of Model Y 2:16 The off-menu standard range Model Y 2:35 Taxes and fees for my purchase 3:22 Rebates and incentives 4:29 Charging costs 6:39 Cost comparison with equivalent gas car 9:21 Net savings 10:15 Maintenance cost 10:29 Insurance cost 11:14 How I paid the car? 12:21 My first year payment details and what yours will probably be like 13:30 What if I didn't seek better interest rates through refinancing 13:44 How are Tesla cars valued overtime 14:04 How much would my Model Y be priced if I trade it after 1 year? 14:15 FSD cost (I purchased it after delivery) 14:44 What payments are next for me? 16:31 Last words from me for this video

  • Arthur Silva
    Arthur Silva3 månader sedan

    Hybrids are the way to go for now. Should FSD ever become a reality, then I’ll consider investing in a Tesla

  • Arthur Silva
    Arthur Silva3 månader sedan

    At this point, FSD is nothing but a pipe dream….. or is it a scam? 🧐

  • Arthur Silva
    Arthur Silva3 månader sedan

    I wish gas was still $3.47/gl here in Orange County 😂 It’s almost $5 and it’s not even summertime yet!

  • Barry Baker
    Barry Baker3 månader sedan

    You left out the power lost during charging. The power that the car says you used is not what came out of the outlet. "Unlike conventionally fueled vehicles, electric vehicles experience a loss of energy during “refueling,” with an energy loss of about 16% from the wall power to the battery during charging"

  • Eric Leszkowicz
    Eric Leszkowicz3 månader sedan

    I don't consider the amount down and payments as a cost.....If you could sell the car for 95% of the value then those monies come back and didn't cost. Payments and down payments I consider only on the depreciation part. I didn't just buy a $50K car....I am paying a rental of about 10K to drive it a few years.

  • MissStateFan
    MissStateFan3 månader sedan

    I live in Mississippi. My state government won't do any incentives anytime soon.

  • Viktor Andreev
    Viktor Andreev3 månader sedan

    Yeah, but you can buy 2 RAV4 for Tesla’s price..

  • Matt Halpain
    Matt Halpain3 månader sedan

    Wow. This video really statistically breaks down the cost of owning a Tesla.

  • anthony disapio
    anthony disapio3 månader sedan

    Rav4 prime 54 mpg rage over 500 miles per tank

  • Jessica Quintanilla
    Jessica Quintanilla3 månader sedan

    The outstanding meal iteratively glue because cirrus explicitly scatter athwart a scattered packet. historical, knotty spy

  • David Regan
    David Regan3 månader sedan

    An alternative is to find a great RICH woman, man, or TRANSGERDER if that's what you want to RIDE!

  • David Regan
    David Regan3 månader sedan

    Modern Day Cowboy! Tesla ROCKS!!!

  • Mr1T2X1
    Mr1T2X13 månader sedan

    If you get your financing AND insurance from Tesla, I would think they would give you some upgrades at no cost. Jeez!

  • John
    John3 månader sedan

    If only Tesla recycled their batteries as efficiently as GMC. They're turning their used batteries into power walls, massive ones.

  • rip LunarBird CLH
    rip LunarBird CLH3 månader sedan

    I'll just buy used gasoline or diesel car (the engines from around 2000-2007 used to be solid enough, especially TDI), which in my country costs around 1120-2400 euro. Yes, some potential repairs there, but usually not that much if you're careful and avoid the usual traps (Audi, Volkswagen) and stick to the brand that are good and less popular (Seat, Skoda, Peugeot, FIAT, old Volvo). Yes, I'll be polluting the environment. And I don't give a fuck. Let those who CAN AFFORD IT worry about the environment.