Tesla Model Y: True Cost of Ownership After 9 Months

► UPDATED 1 YEAR TRUE COST VIDEO: seblacks.info/cold/video/f5uls5Bli6Ofhpg.html

Breaking down exactly what I've paid to own my Tesla Model Y over the course of the last 9 months. What's the true Model Y cost of ownership? What should you expect to pay? Let's get into it.

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  • Ryan Shaw
    Ryan Shaw6 månader sedan

    ► UPDATED 1 YEAR TRUE COST VIDEO: seblacks.info/cold/video/f5uls5Bli6Ofhpg.html

  • chefgav1


    6 månader sedan

    You failed to mention long term maintenance which is ridiculous. Very Average warranty and high cost of parts is eye watering. There is a story of a blogger who reportedly had to replace a light globe at a cost of $2000 who complained which got the attention of Musk who reportedly apologised to him personally and provided it at cost. Good luck if your just an average person who needs parts

  • openureyes2thetruth1


    6 månader sedan

    You forgot to mention that german suvs especially BMW, Mercedes depreciate "MASSIVELY" in comparison to Tesla and they become nightmare to maintain. I LOVE BMW, Mercedes and Audi but this is just a cold hard fact. Having bought and sold many and having family in the auto industry...

  • MacLife 805
    MacLife 8052 dagar sedan

    500 for Honda Fit wtf

  • Edouble03
    Edouble034 dagar sedan

    FSD doesn’t transfer. You should know that. Tesla screws the new owner for the full 10k

  • TheSuave101
    TheSuave1014 dagar sedan

    I think a good comparison to tesla would be a Prius vs BMW. BMW are terrible for average car consumers. You know imported parts and stuff. Very over priced. But still informative video. So for me I would go for tesla just yet. Still eyeing the Prius.

  • aron turøy
    aron turøy6 dagar sedan

    Often you can charge for free. 😀

  • Kemal Choudhury
    Kemal Choudhury6 dagar sedan

    Tesla is like driving in a glass. When it gets broken throw it in a trash

  • Jim Gill
    Jim Gill7 dagar sedan

    Well Done ! Thank You for taking the Time to produce this informative video !

  • Nate
    Nate7 dagar sedan

    Wait, a 'good' mpg for a gas *car* is 30mpg? Small cars and sedans have been getting 30/40 city/highway mpg since like 2013 though. That's literally the EPA mpg for my 2014 mazda 3 hatch.

  • Jim M.
    Jim M.7 dagar sedan

    I see you traded in a Honda Fit. How does the ride quality compare. I’ll be going from a civic to model y LR

  • Jeet Patel
    Jeet Patel8 dagar sedan

    Coal powered cars aren't zero emmision cars

  • Jandra Elune
    Jandra Elune9 dagar sedan

    In Michigan the insurance rate for EVs is triple that of a gas car and double that of EV rates in other states. That alone makes EVs in Michigan more expensive than gas cars. Need to pressure the state congress to reduce those rates.

  • jakeman0x0
    jakeman0x014 dagar sedan

    Gas vs electric was insane amount of money? Seriously? It still shows absolutely no savings here. You spent shtty designed small compact EV for over 60k. I'll rather just drive gas guzzling bare pickup and drive around for next 10yrs for lot less

  • David Amendola
    David Amendola14 dagar sedan

    I’m about to call out a lot of you on here. Stop being so cheap, whether you have the money to pay it off completely, or choose to pay a debt to further build your credit report, either option is fine. A penny or a billion dollars, money is money. I know I’m definitely not afraid to build my credit. Glory to GOD. And I hope none of you are also. This isn’t everyone though. “Jesus is LORD” 😌

  • Im A Fanboy
    Im A Fanboy15 dagar sedan

    So much money for a car that won't be worth nowhere near as much when you finish paying it.

  • Derek R
    Derek R16 dagar sedan

    Work commute alone my truck is $550/mo on gas. If you include my weekend adventures and some nights at the bar. It's almost $1000/mo on gas lmao. 10mpg ftw. A Tesla looks amazing right now.

  • jadrie eirdaj
    jadrie eirdaj16 dagar sedan

    Annual dmv is 20.00 in Georgia 😊

  • Savings Minus Debt
    Savings Minus Debt18 dagar sedan

    Financed Teslas don't save money on gas. Tesla Payment - Tesla Balance = Money saved on gas.

  • Bruce B
    Bruce B18 dagar sedan

    would you still buy this car if you lived in an apartment and could not chaRGE AT HOME?

  • monsoon888
    monsoon88819 dagar sedan

    A lot of haters in here. Comparing your used car that is how old and has how ever many miles on it that you bought for $2000 doesn't make sense. If the guy wanted something like that he would have kept his Honda. The man wants to drive a nice car and the Tesla is definitely a nice car. If you haven't already, I suggest you give it a test drive. It was a whole lot better than I expected it to be. For reference, I live in Toronto, Canada. Here's the way I see it when I look at my current situation. I am in the market for a new car and everything I am looking at, ICE or EV is in the same price range of the MY. So that being said, all these cars will cost roughly the same monthly assuming they all have comparable rates, give or take a few bucks. So to me, savings on gas($1.34/L reg & $1.44/L premium @ Costco) + maintenance compared to the EV's on my list is an absolute factor when deciding what I eventually purchase. Off peak electricity rate is $0.08 here so I expect to save ~ $200/month just in gas vs electricity. This doesn't include any regular scheduled maintenance. I currently get ~ 500km from an $80 full tank with my 2010 XC60, which I am replacing. It is estimated that the EV's on my list(MY & i4 M50) should do ~ 500km for something like $8 - $10. If this number is anywhere near accurate, that's bananas. Edit: I drive about 120km/day which equals to 31200km/year just for work only.

  • Tommy W
    Tommy W19 dagar sedan

    $500 value trade in on a Honda Fit. Dude you dont even realize you are getting hosed

    SAPPY22 dagar sedan

    I just leased a Model Y Performance. I wouldn’t want to own one.

  • crypticmind
    crypticmind22 dagar sedan

    Biggest thing the average person cares about is cost of the vehicle, ie... payment to bank every month, not gas price or cost to charge said vehicle. Everyone wants to talk about overall cost of vehicles... well that’s not the case for 80% of buyers. It’s actually bank notes and insurance cost that matter, not gas or charging rates or even the rebates some states give you. I would like to see an apple to apple comparison without any tax rebates or down payments. Straight up 50k Tesla vs 50k other vehicle 2 year ownership. No trade in or other fluff. True cost. Bought said car and use it for work.

  • Rick Nash
    Rick Nash22 dagar sedan

    If only Tesla made car bodies like the X3.

  • J C
    J C24 dagar sedan

    Lol 9 cents. Allow me to introduce you to con Edison which in total is higher kWh than a charging station

  • Mo Mo
    Mo Mo25 dagar sedan

    That more that my Mortgage payments 😂but is nice car.. I pay 2021 Toyota Corolla hybrid.. $25k out the door, pay $25 gas for last 2 weeks … 600 miles a tank gas … I really tho about modern y …is that worth it ???

  • Kngjoe A
    Kngjoe A26 dagar sedan

    Just pay cash.

  • Matthew Moselle
    Matthew Moselle29 dagar sedan

    Doesn’t seem worth the investment by any means. Glad I passed on a Tesla.

  • Dallen9
    Dallen9Månad sedan

    .......... Elon Musk telling lies again... He produces some of the Cheapest cars to produce anywhere and then Says they're too expensive to produce..... mmmhmmmmm The Idea of R&D is you suck an egg to make a bigger payout over the next 5-20 years. Still his how to build a car company model is how you pretty much have to do it. Start by making a desirable luxury sports car then make an executive preferenced vehicle then make an SUV(if you haven't yet) then make an Economy priced vehicles for the masses. then you make commercial grade vehicles to lock in the steady money. Tesla's how you start a car company is just the way you have to do it. Everyone else so far has failed simply cause they didn't create a desire for people to want the brand. The whole automotive industry is built on desirability. Now why Tesla is against making easily excisable spare parts does baffles me to no end.

  • Harald Koch
    Harald KochMånad sedan

    This guy sounds like a democrat and his government spending plans 10 years hence. Sixty-five thousand four hundred and thirty seven dollars & seventy eight cents. Plus taxes which are... unless you cut the the red paint which means you'll save two thousand six hundred and twenty seven dollars and twenty-three cents. Bla Bla Bla. Are you taking notes? What a waste of time. Did you save anything on shoe polish? 1,ooo deductible? Insurance is 2 grand a year? My insurance is 1000 a year. Deductible is 200.00. Tesla will soon be a broke company? Can you buy Tesla car parts? NO.

  • Adam Orick
    Adam OrickMånad sedan

    Rear wheel drive is for people who don't understand mechanics. Front wheel drive is far safer

  • Justin
    JustinMånad sedan

    Electric cars just aren't gonna be had y vehicles, anytime soon. The creation of the vehicles batteries create more pollution in a year, than a gas vehicle creates in 8 years. And what about the fact that a Tesla vehicle charges $1500 for vehicle servicing

  • Raccoon Willie™
    Raccoon Willie™Månad sedan

    lmfao... how much money would this guy be worth now if he just had a $400/month car payment and invested the other $400/month in stocks?

  • Rawandi
    RawandiMånad sedan

    the fool and his money..

  • John Son
    John SonMånad sedan

    how much is registration fee

  • Nils
    NilsMånad sedan

    You have great content, but please please also give metric values for all of us non-Americans. :) Keep up the good work.

  • Petteri Bergius
    Petteri BergiusMånad sedan

    What would be a resale value of that BMW after 9 months and 14,000 miles?

  • Willaim Higgins
    Willaim HigginsMånad sedan

    Telsa are way out of my price range. My real question is that they charge you an extra $2,000 just for a certain color of paint. Never in my 60 plus decades of buying cars have I ever been asked to pay extra just for a certain color. I can make 9 months of my lease payment for that money.

  • Brandon Lee
    Brandon LeeMånad sedan

    Can’t wait when these things really start breaking down in a few years. People will feel stupid putting all their money into these pos vehicles

  • Brandon Lee
    Brandon LeeMånad sedan

    Just like Mercedes and other stupid luxury brands, this is just a name people wanna buy to impress other individuals. It’s sad really. I’ll be in my 4runner passing all the broken down pile of junk Tesla’s that are bad for the economy

  • Brandon Lee
    Brandon LeeMånad sedan

    I really don’t understand why people would wanna pay 3 times more to own an unreliable expensive vehicle to save a little bit of money on gas lol these pieces of junk will never be practical

  • Birdy Flying
    Birdy FlyingMånad sedan

    Funny video, buying a super expensive car on a loan of 60K with high interest to save 500 $ on fuel because you make You Tube videos for Tesla. Elon is truly a genius to get that kind money out of your pocket!

  • Learn Bitcoin
    Learn BitcoinMånad sedan

    I'm good with my 96 Honda CRV. rugged, reliable good on the juice, 600km per tank. It goes where i want and if it rolled off a cliff i wouldnt worry about it. :-) I'm a doctor and can afford alot more...but why? to show off? I dont get it...I'd rather invest and not work. What about the interest on the HP? would you not be paying interest on what the car is actually worth too...meaning your fuel savings are swallowed by your interest..Crazy.

  • Robert Kattner
    Robert KattnerMånad sedan

    It probably costs $15,000 to make, seing body all plastic. Same as a cell phone, $50.00 to make , $1,000 to buy.

  • Kelsey Campbell
    Kelsey CampbellMånad sedan

    You can buy 2 really nice classic cars for $68,000! The classics will not go down in Value! The math on Tesla cars makes 0 sense! I see why Elon is so wealthy! Selling overpriced EV cars to people who want to be cool and hip!

  • Mach-Eness
    Mach-EnessMånad sedan

    Great video

  • Ralph Spencer
    Ralph SpencerMånad sedan

    Terrible Honda?

  • anthony alvarado
    anthony alvaradoMånad sedan

    Still depreciates...but not as bad. Still recommend saving and buying it outright

  • Yon
    YonMånad sedan

    You should have soold the honda fit on Craigslist.

  • Ferid K.
    Ferid K.Månad sedan

    Man , my 2014 Toyota Camry is worth like 5000 $ I should trade it for McLaren🤣🤣🤣

  • Jersey Style
    Jersey StyleMånad sedan


  • Country Livin
    Country LivinMånad sedan

    damn where's Dave Ramsey when you need him

  • David Marler
    David MarlerMånad sedan

    Tesla tire repair kit destroys the tire when it is used to stop a leaking tire. I had to spend almost $400 to replace the tire on which I used the tire repair kit. I could have avoided this problem if the kit instructions or Tesla moble service personnel had warned of this problem. Use the tire repair kit air compressor only to inflate flat tire and drive to a tire store or the nearest Tesla Service Center. The tire sealer destroys the sound deadening foam inside the tire rendering the tire useless. I have discussed this with 3 Tesla reps in the last three months with no response from Tesla. I really like my Model Y but serve is lousy.

  • John Cahill
    John CahillMånad sedan

    As a longtime Tesla Model 3 owner I got 5 secs into this video before I had to stop it...this guy is lying to you. He starts out with "Teslas are expensive" and says even Elon Musk says so. And he shows you prices, but not for a normal, basic Model 3...he shows you prices for a long-range or performance model. Fact: average vehicle price in America in 2020: $38,960. Price of a normal, base Model 3: $39,990. And...electricity for that model 3 per mile will cost you between 1/3 and 1/6 of what you're paying for gas (depending on the car you're currently driving). And...that Model 3 drivetrain and battery pack will last you at a minimum twice as long as any gas car you want to name (fleet cars are exceeding 500,000 miles service life). And...maintenance on a Tesla is way less than too. You pretty much pay for tires and windshield wiper blades (and air filters if that matters to you, I mostly skip them). Even brakes last a whole lot longer since you rarely even use the brakes on a Tesla (it's designed to regenerate electricity when you ease off the throttle...it will even come to a stop without touching the brake pedal when you get used to it). If you want to watch the rest of this video knowing you're being deceived, enjoy!

  • luemas art
    luemas artMånad sedan

    I bought my truck for 25000 last year. it is a 2013. I spent 10000 on the down payment and payed 16000 (roughly) to pay it off this year in bulk payment for 1 year. and 25000 was the exact amount. 16000 is rough estimate because the loan ended up being so short. That puts me roughly 40000 dollars less that what you bought your tesla for. even at 17 mpg I can drive it a long time before I spend 40000 dollars in gas and oil changes. Not to mention you will need tires the same time I do because of your cars weight. Don't get me wrong, I have nothing against electric cars, but nobody mentions the cost difference of how much longer I could drive a cheap car that gets 30 mpg before I match the price you paid just to buy your tesla.

  • Boomerino Kripperino
    Boomerino KripperinoMånad sedan

    Don't be talking smack about Honda Fit though. That's a great car, solidly built and I get 35 mpg combined even after 125k miles.

  • Tamon Yanagimoto
    Tamon YanagimotoMånad sedan

    Great video thank you. WA state has no EV rebate for Tesla’s specifically. I was able to get a charging credit though

  • Eric Linneman
    Eric LinnemanMånad sedan

    Your charging costs do not factor in the loss of power through conversion. The values for the supercharger and your home charging will be different.

  • TheDroneScene
    TheDroneSceneMånad sedan

    10K in tax? Wtf! How much are taxes in Cali? % ?

  • KG
    KGMånad sedan

    Wow I could of bought your Honda fit for 750 or a grand lol Could of sold that for probably 1.5k or 1.7k

  • Pat
    PatMånad sedan

    Just wait until you have to buy 4 $$$$ new tires😂🤣🤪

  • Riley 1955
    Riley 1955Månad sedan

    Yeah I think right now the best vehicle you could buy would be a hybrid.

  • Danrich driving and more
    Danrich driving and moreMånad sedan

    U can't trake rebate off price and expense

  • Chris S
    Chris SMånad sedan

    What about the cost of all the car washes???

  • Matthew Campbell
    Matthew CampbellMånad sedan

    Upgrading your insurance probably cost you more money over next few years then that $1k deductible

  • seraph512
    seraph512Månad sedan

    I sure am glad that instead of buying a new Tesla, I bought a 2008 Honda Fit for $5000 lol

  • Andrew Saulnier
    Andrew SaulnierMånad sedan

    If you have to ask how much it costs, you can't afford it. I have 2 Teslas to buy back some time. Time wasted at gas stations and time wasted for service compared to ice cars. If the lowest total cost of ownership is your main goal, buy a 20 year old Toyota corolla.

  • Holy Gucamole
    Holy GucamoleMånad sedan

    yep its plain stupid to switch to a tesla i own a model 3 and am selling it because the price after owning it for 3 months i cannot justify, the savings in electricity is not good enough for me to pay a whole extra 50k to switch from petrol to an electric. its better to just buy a prius in fact the extra cost can buy you 3 priuses.

  • J NanceLvr
    J NanceLvrMånad sedan

    All I read are salty people talking about too expensive or not a feasible purchase. For your average person probably not a smart buy honestly, even a model 3 is more than any individual should buy unless they make a good amount of money. If you have money for the payment to come out comfortably and already have a house/mortgage its up to you. No difference to V8 owners were they pay $800 a month plus another $1000 in gas to daily drive it.

  • kenneth schmølker
    kenneth schmølker2 månader sedan

    Love my velomobil questxs,

  • Alvaro Fernandez
    Alvaro Fernandez2 månader sedan

    The key point is the Tesla competes with a BMW or other high end luxury car. And arguably buying one of those cars is never a sound financial decision either. :-) Bottom line, if you'd never consider buying a high end BMW or Benz gasoline vehicle, buying a Tesla currently doesn't make financial sense, even factoring in gas costs and the excellent depreciation. That doesn't mean no one should buy a Tesla. People buy BMWs all the time. But one shouldn't buy Tesla thinking you're going to end up saving $. It's interesting to think about the emissions reduction. If you're charging with hydrocarbon based utilities, you might still be better off carbon-wise, since hydrocarbon plant efficiency goes up with scale. A kWhr gleaned from the distributed energy output of a large hydrocarbon plant can be more efficient than the energy output of your little IC engine...

  • ISS
    ISS2 månader sedan

    By superchargeing frequently you'll most likely kill your battery. It is going to cost a lot

  • toastopia1
    toastopia12 månader sedan

    He would of been better off getting a engine rebuild and just drive his car! Total waste of money!

  • H2Dwoat
    H2Dwoat2 månader sedan

    Hi, if it was a software upgrade for the self driving functionality which isn’t valued very well for resale can you transfer it to a new Tesla if you choose to sell.

  • M
    M2 månader sedan

    Thank you. I’m going to keep my Outback. That is until the solterra comes out.

  • 3071
    30712 månader sedan

    Why do a monthly payment on a car. So confused.

  • Lane A
    Lane A2 månader sedan

    68,000 depreciation to 53,000 Kelly Blue book value over 9 months "isn't that bad"?

  • Hamborgor
    Hamborgor2 månader sedan

    Big yikes but reminder this is how most Americans get their $60,000+ pickup trucks etc... nothing abnormal.

  • muddyriverdogz
    muddyriverdogz2 månader sedan

    If you would have bought a $25,000 toyota you would be good to go for the nexct 500,000 miles ! No waiting for charging, bursting into flames or being electricuted to death. Calculate that.

  • Jgburch
    Jgburch2 månader sedan

    You're right. The numbers really work best when you're comparing a premium car of the same comprable price to the Tesla. Honda fit's are going for around $16,000 now. That's a big difference. Also you'd save a little bit uninsurance. Hopefully one day they will have an affordable electric car for the masses.

  • OyGuttnhimmel
    OyGuttnhimmel2 månader sedan

    No-one is benefiting including the planet from owning a Tesla. Only Elon Musk is benefiting. Buy a Mitsubishi Mirage! Dirt Cheap 45 miles per gallon. You buy a Tesla because it's luxury and because of vanity. Stop the masquerade!

  • John Paul Garzaniti
    John Paul Garzaniti2 månader sedan

    A bottom line comparison of gas vs electric is not really offered in this video, but what is offered is the cost of acquiring, owning and operating a Tesla model Y. Why no bottom line comparison of the costs of acquiring, owning, and operating electric vs gas vehicles? The answer is still obvious. It's easy double the costs to ditch your gas vehicle and go to an electric vehicle. We need electric powered public transportation not individual electric car ownership.

  • Bob Schwartz
    Bob Schwartz2 månader sedan

    Good video . . . But, what about the battery pack replacement cost down the line? I'm talking about your want to sell after 8/9 years, but, now the batter pack has MUCH less range & a HUGE cost to replace! Will this factor not affect the resale cost at that time? Also, what about your time wasted waiting at super chargers?

  • Zahaid Rahman
    Zahaid Rahman2 månader sedan

    Yh but your paying interest, here in the uk most brands offer a 3 year interest free finance option, tesla doesn't do this so what ever we could save on fuel and other government discounts are going to tesla in interest!

  • Jaxs Hammer
    Jaxs Hammer2 månader sedan

    you got to love California math over 1000 a month to save 500 a yr

  • saferider10
    saferider102 månader sedan

    You lost me at software update.

  • Jason
    Jason2 månader sedan

    The wheels look like some autozone hub caps.

  • Patrick K
    Patrick K2 månader sedan

    Savings? 😂 by your math a hybrid toyota is more efficient

  • Larry Ding
    Larry Ding2 månader sedan

    This is a "feel good" car, don't get it with the intention to save $$. I am surprised no one mention anything about battery replacement cost. It is going to be ugly.

  • Nguyen Quyet
    Nguyen Quyet2 månader sedan

    Many car reviewers sugguest that TCO of BEV is lower than that of ICE over the car lifespan. If they are right, why dont people go buy EV right away, why EV makers like Tesla still try to lower their battery cost from current $140/kwh to

  • Brent Ritchie
    Brent Ritchie2 månader sedan

    Plus the disadvantage of resale value, and if electric cars really do become popular who do you think is going to have to pay for the power grids to be upgraded to support all the power demand. I can tell you those using electricity. A Powerwall is only useful if the sun is shining. It is very early days to compare the two technologies. Plus where you live in the world makes a huge difference to the costs and convenience. Even if cost is similar the inconvenience is just too painful if your away from a city.

  • Sam Verdin
    Sam Verdin2 månader sedan

    No wonder Eli Musk can afford all those rockets 🚀

  • Wainwright S
    Wainwright S2 månader sedan

    I thought full self driving was not transferable to another owner?

  • Markg330
    Markg3302 månader sedan

    My god that's ridiculous

  • John Nykiel
    John Nykiel2 månader sedan

    States are starting to jack up the price of plates since they're not getting their taxes from gas.

  • CSJ Rogerson
    CSJ Rogerson2 månader sedan

    Where are the maintenance costs (did I miss them) and dont forget when looking at the long term, the cost of a new battery?

  • Advanced Wild Animal Training - ACE in the WILD
    Advanced Wild Animal Training - ACE in the WILD2 månader sedan

    Once you can self rent your fsd Tesla....you may make money on it. You may end up buying a couple more. Rent it out and cover all costs

  • Advanced Wild Animal Training - ACE in the WILD
    Advanced Wild Animal Training - ACE in the WILD2 månader sedan

    With fsd... your car value may go up in value in a couple years

  • Nick Hines
    Nick Hines2 månader sedan

    With tax,or tt&l, that's over 60k, you must be rich, so where do you charge that thing when your in the middle of nowhere?

  • Gene Goodwin
    Gene Goodwin2 månader sedan

    I don't like a Tesla, I don't like the looks of the front end, (looks like it ran into a wall) and I think the dash is stupid looking. This video which shows how Tesla charges for their cars and their options I now know I will NEVER own a Tesla. I can buy TWO Chevrolet Bolt EUV's for the same money.

  • Angel Rivera
    Angel Rivera2 månader sedan

    Not if you own a prius. No such saving. In California great value. In Puerto Rico unfortunately does not come near your savings. I was considering getting the Y but economically does not ,are much sense. Keep my Prius way cheaper. Waiting until the price come down.