Tesla Model S Launch Event Recap

Tesla Officially Launched the Plaid Model S, and we break down everything unveiled at the event, and more!

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  • Ryan Shaw
    Ryan ShawMånad sedan

    ► Model Y T-Shirt Available Here ➡️: bit.ly/3ezyCVP

  • Whacked


    Månad sedan

    @Ryan Shaw Just wanted to say tht unbox therapy watches your vids

  • Building Project Tesla

    Building Project Tesla

    Månad sedan

    Also there are tesla controllers

  • KrKyoutube


    Månad sedan

    11:48 Elon allready confirmed that the top Cybertruck will have over 620mile range.

  • jimbo Halsey

    jimbo Halsey

    Månad sedan

    Personally I'm out. I have 90k saved up that was going for my CT. I'm canceling my reservation and putting in the Tesla page cancel it's because they're lowering the range.

  • jimbo Halsey

    jimbo Halsey

    Månad sedan

    Tesla is just making excuses to cancel the 500 plus range on the CT. I hold a CT reservation. Remember 400 mile range doesn't mean you get an actual 400 mile range and so on..

  • Linyu Liu
    Linyu Liu21 dag sedan

    I hope playing 2077 in Tesla won't cause bugs...

  • Dave Graham
    Dave GrahamMånad sedan

    I prefer the red calipers.

  • Robin Ferrier
    Robin FerrierMånad sedan

    Can you comment on the safety ratings of Tesla cars? I can’t seem to locate stats from nhsta that approximate what is quoted. In fact, I’m seeing Elon getting in trouble for confounding the safety specs. Don’t get me wrong, I love Tesla; I just can’t find evidence to support this claim.

  • Terry Forth
    Terry ForthMånad sedan

    Agree with your assessment that the presentation was underwhelming (especially from an investor’s perspective) due to the lack of surprises. In particular, that they canceled plaid+ because plaid was fast enough, along with the $10k price increase, had a lot of people feeling that they were going straight to plaid+ specs 😔.

  • Chris Young
    Chris YoungMånad sedan

    If like see one of these as a police car in a chase scene in a movie - or real life. Tesla could produce a police cruiser without all the entertainment systems yet outfitted for police

  • Preston Tucker
    Preston TuckerMånad sedan

    waypoints is a hard thing to implement. They're not going to lower the cybertruck mileage. Guaranteed.

  • JamiTV
    JamiTVMånad sedan

    To be honest the Mercedes Benz EQS has the lowest drag coefficient of any production car 0.2 sharp, not Tesla. Go check that out.

  • Charles Dinwyn
    Charles DinwynMånad sedan

    Back seats - still sitting on the floor with knees in the air ?

  • Andrew Otoo
    Andrew OtooMånad sedan

    The real reason the plaid+ is canceled is because lucid motors isn't looking forth coming.

  • Steve
    SteveMånad sedan

    I want a "PLAID" version of the new model "B" with the new batteries. and a 700 mile "PLAID" version of the new "DELIVERY VAN" with the new batteries ... so I can go Camping/Skiing for a week and still out run the PoPo. 🙈 🙉 🙊

  • Duanne Luckow
    Duanne LuckowMånad sedan

    Red calipers with Founders series using Glasurit paint 🎨 colors.

  • Bryan and Sarah K8 Milam
    Bryan and Sarah K8 MilamMånad sedan

    Incredible car all around.

  • John Kinsfather
    John KinsfatherMånad sedan


  • aiGeis
    aiGeisMånad sedan

    They canned the plaid+ because they were unable to deliver on the promised range, pure and simple. Why do Tesla sycophants always act like there's some extenuating circumstance?

  • David R
    David RMånad sedan

    The red brake calipers is the main reason i want an M3P. Looks so cool. Black calipers are boring and seems like a downgrade. I don’t get it.

  • Abebe345
    Abebe345Månad sedan

    I can understand for the uber fan it may have been underwhelming, but for me, and I follow Tesla pretty closely, it was very informative and just focused on the product of the day which I feel is needed.

  • Krishanan Merdono
    Krishanan MerdonoMånad sedan

    The event impressed me so much man, this list of crazy innovations just went on and on!!!!

  • Mo Uddin
    Mo UddinMånad sedan

    I guess I'm holding onto my ice car a bit longer :( I drive 400 miles a day sometimes and needed that 520 mile range.

  • Johnny Lee
    Johnny LeeMånad sedan

    For someone that lives in South America and have only seen 3 chargers in my city, I really hope of getting the Plaid+ or the tri-motor cybertruck.

  • Hiking Lang
    Hiking LangMånad sedan

    Who cares about all these impressive specs, how big is the frunk?

  • Christopher Connors
    Christopher ConnorsMånad sedan

    Succinct as always Ryan, thanks for the great event summary!

  • Neil W
    Neil WMånad sedan

    Model s has been and will be , if not more, a tough sell. The exterior while not ugly is so underwhelming , even worse now as it’s so outdated

  • Josiah Holsey
    Josiah HolseyMånad sedan

    I, an idiot, bought a few Tesla call spreads thinking the stock would rise after the event because I was hoping for an Apple level “next big thing” only to watch the event and realize that I’d made a mistake😭

    IAN BLADUELLMånad sedan

    Great car finally out for delivery but the rest of it it was so disappointing not even worth talking about

  • Kacy's Kastle
    Kacy's KastleMånad sedan

    I won't consider a Tesla until the charging time is close to a regular car or the mileage per charge is a +1000 plus. Owners biggest issue is taking Tesla on long-distance drives. Fix that and I'm in.

  • station240
    station240Månad sedan

    So still nothing released with 4680 cells, I have to wonder what all the cells being produced at the preproduction plant are going into. Only things left are Roadster 202? and Semi, wonder which comes out first ?

  • Jostin Yanes
    Jostin YanesMånad sedan

    Will there be new model s and x plaid die-cast because on the website it says “last chance” And if so should you wait for it or get it right now (I’m getting one for my birthday so that’s why I’m asking)

  • A Daughter of Refugees
    A Daughter of RefugeesMånad sedan

    Wouldn’t the extra original mileage also help with driving in colder conditions which make your miles drop?

  • Andrew Diamond
    Andrew DiamondMånad sedan

    11:45 Tri motor Cybertruck needs above 500 because that will drop to 200-250 while towing. Anything less risks making it difficult to traverse supercharger to supercharger reliably.

  • brad lambert
    brad lambertMånad sedan

    You asked for an opinion on the calipers. I prefer red or yellow over black. They need to make a couple of options available to give it some flare. I’ve ridden in the Porsche Taycan and with their Ice Grey color and yellow Calipers, it’s sharp looking.

  • Don Lake
    Don LakeMånad sedan

    Before the S launch yesterday my order site showed a delivery in June. Today it shows a delivery in August for my Model S LR. To say the least I am very angry. I ordered it in Feb. 2021. Who knows if that date will be true. Seven months to order a car is insane. Probably will cancel and get a new Mercedes S class. Well over half the Tesla owners I speak to are very unhappy with the repair and service of their cars. My Mercedes dealer just repaired my S Class in one day and I got chocolate chip cookies with valet parking.

  • iowa_don
    iowa_donMånad sedan

    Here is my question. SEblacks Channel Tesla Fremont Flyover had a video from 6/8 and I counted about 456 Model S cars in the Fremont temp Lot. What the heck are they? Long Range (only 22-30 miles more than the Plaid 🤣) or what? If they are Long Range only, that is about $36.5 million in inventory just sitting there. Why are they not shipping??

  • Jack is not in the box
    Jack is not in the boxMånad sedan

    Why the fk would you wanna play Cyberpunk

  • Bill Beckham
    Bill BeckhamMånad sedan

    People are confused as to why the 10K increase in price. Margins. With the new 10K EV credits coming soon, it protects their profit margins. They had to do it now before the credits kick in.

  • Stormspark
    StormsparkMånad sedan

    The 0-60 that they achieved with the Roadster and Plaid is the limit. You cannot accelerate any faster with a drivetrain, because that's the limit of tire traction. The only way to exceed this is to use thrust of some sort (which is what they are doing with the Roadster and its cold gas thrusters).

  • max -Timothy - lev
    max -Timothy - levMånad sedan

    I really enjoy your channel. A few comments: 1) How is it we don’t see or read anything about the ambient interior lighting for the new Tesla’s, 2) Is the chip issue a non-issue if I order my new Tesla today?; and finally, How is it on the configuration/order page for the Tesla’s the downward arrow doesn’t go anywhere when you have made a selection regarding how you want you new Tesla configured? Thanks

  • Michel M
    Michel MMånad sedan

    I am a positive person and I rarely post comments... but please Mr. Shaw if you can be a bit more foreseeing or at least start your videos on a positive note and not the other way around... it's already amazing to have a proven electric car that here in the cold weather of Quebec makes sense!

  • Tesla Porn
    Tesla PornMånad sedan

    If Tesla is to keep growing, it makes sense not to have too many similar models in production. I.e plaid plus and plaid models. I think it’s a very good move. Nobody ever complained when the cars were 250miles and now it’s 400miles with way faster charging. Tesla doesn’t need the manufacturing complexity and the resources depletion of the plaid plus. Not if everyone who ordered is to get their car ASAP. These are the other ways to view the no plaid plus decision

  • Nate Cannon
    Nate CannonMånad sedan

    0 to 60 (with rollout*) :(

  • Scrilla the Kid
    Scrilla the KidMånad sedan

    Tesla didn’t have commercials. I like your channel, but I’m not going to watch commercials to hear your opinion of a car you haven’t driven. But maybe you have. Less commercials please

  • Tom Clifton
    Tom CliftonMånad sedan

    I personally like the red brake calipers

  • Jonathan Sage
    Jonathan SageMånad sedan

    30 superchargers in a week feels underwhelming. 52 × 30 = 1560 chargers / year. If they already have 25000 chargers, it would take the 16 years to get back to that same capacity. Are they slowing down the rate of supercharger deployment?

  • saifeddine ALOUI
    saifeddine ALOUIMånad sedan

    I would like to see someone playing syberpunk 2077 on a cybertruck.

  • Roger Todd
    Roger ToddMånad sedan

    Who cares about Model S. “Tesla only still makes Model S and Model X for sentimental reasons.” - Elon Musk to shareholders

  • Ash
    AshMånad sedan

    I can’t believe you can play Cyberpunk in a Model S. That was just for demonstrating the compute power right? Does the car have an actual graphic cards built in? Like a RTX 3080 or something similar? If yes, why does it need such a strong GPU? After all the UI is pretty basic. Or is the graphic being computed by not a GPU, but another component which the Tesla has? It makes no sense to me how that works. If someone could explain, that would be great.

  • Matthieu Regnauld
    Matthieu RegnauldMånad sedan

    11:38 Couldn't agree more

  • Peter Helander
    Peter HelanderMånad sedan

    Red calipers are way cooler!!

  • Nine2Nine
    Nine2NineMånad sedan

    So happy that they are finally admitting that a range above 400 miles per charge is silly. It only benefits a very small number of people but jacks the price for everyone else who will likely never take advantage of it. Even though I can't afford this car if they apply this logic across their product lines going forward we should start to see cheaper prices in the not-so-distant future.

  • Shawn Wise
    Shawn WiseMånad sedan

    +1 red calipers. Gives an awesome performance look!

  • Dan Bonifaci
    Dan BonifaciMånad sedan

    If 400 miles of range actually meant 400 miles of range, it would be a non-issue.

  • Shadow IV
    Shadow IVMånad sedan

    Huh... so the only way to get a "PS5" is to buy a new Model S. Interesting.

  • Soda Fountain To The Stars
    Soda Fountain To The StarsMånad sedan

    I think you’re being a little ‘too’ critical of what you find underwhelming. At the end of the day, it’s the car that matters. Not some one day, “grand unveiling.” The longevity and creativity of these cars is what matters. And I’m blown away with what they’re doing, especially with the tech inside of these cars. Tesla keeps amazing me…

  • Sofa King Good
    Sofa King GoodMånad sedan

    My model 3 delivery date in June 19th. Siked!

  • sal08ly
    sal08lyMånad sedan

    Coloured brake calipers are VERY yesteryear

  • Mr. Google87
    Mr. Google87Månad sedan

    They still want people to buy roadster.. So no plaid+

  • Mr. Google87
    Mr. Google87Månad sedan

    Thanks for the video.

  • X_Ben
    X_BenMånad sedan

    With the cw-Value ... what about the new S-Kalsse Mercedes ... ot the VW XL-1 ???

  • Wojciech Muras
    Wojciech MurasMånad sedan

    I'm much more impressed by the new Model X Plaid. There have been performance sedans before. But a minivan doing Nürburgring faster than a McLaren P1? That's ludicrous!

  • Redsaturn
    RedsaturnMånad sedan

    I was hyped at the Model 3 now Elon has officially blown my mind and I'm not happy about it.

  • Ryamole
    RyamoleMånad sedan

    The excuse I've seen from them for not giving a 500 mile range car because "superchargers are close enough for 400 miles, we don't need 500.." and "most people won't make it past 400 miles without stopping anyways" is so stupid because who wants to stop frequently to sit at a supercharger.. If I could make it to my destination without having to charge I'd take it. Yeah I'd still have to stop to go to the bathroom, but thats like 2-3 minutes rather than 30 at a supercharger..

  • rnsflores
    rnsfloresMånad sedan

    If cybertruck doesn’t have 500+ mile range I don’t think i will be getting it

  • Stewart Abel
    Stewart AbelMånad sedan

    Thanks for the video. This covers alot. Very useful. Thanks!

  • Aaron Odongkara
    Aaron OdongkaraMånad sedan

    Appreciate your video Ryan! Well done!

  • Edouble03
    Edouble03Månad sedan

    I just wish they talked about the suspension and brake performance and specifications.

  • Robert Caruso
    Robert CarusoMånad sedan

    I wonder what he didn’t say. I think there was another announcement that was canceled for now

  • francisco Guella
    francisco GuellaMånad sedan

    2:56 is the most interesting part ... tesla is still in good track

  • Joe Golike
    Joe GolikeMånad sedan

    This is the first Tesla event I’ve seen, and it was painful to watch. Does Elon always just get up on stage and wing his presentations? It looked like he hadn’t prepared and was waiting to see the next slide to figure out what to say.

  • World is one
    World is oneMånad sedan


  • Nelson Mei
    Nelson MeiMånad sedan

    Maybe there is not enough preorder for the plaid+ version.

  • Scott Gelow
    Scott GelowMånad sedan


  • Scott Gelow
    Scott GelowMånad sedan


  • Sam G
    Sam GMånad sedan

    Surprised not to see anything about the main screen rotating side to side like was rumored. Maybe this will be a future feature?

  • Kermit26297
    Kermit26297Månad sedan

    Great recap Ryan.

  • Steve B
    Steve BMånad sedan

    They need to add more functions for voice commands. Oughta be able to change entertainment functions like tune the radio.

  • Cyprian Skiba
    Cyprian SkibaMånad sedan

    Underwhelmed? You have to be kidding me!

  • John M
    John MMånad sedan

    I woke up today and realized I missed the event.. I almost watched it but then I thought.... fuck it. I'll just watch Ryan's recap.. and here it is! Thanks dude. :)

  • mbaum4613


    Månad sedan

    You're better off. It was a bit painful and it was like watching a high school presentation at times.

  • Aves Raggiana

    Aves Raggiana

    Månad sedan

    Elon Musk is a complete dud as a public speaker. I prefer to watch Ryan Shaw’s recaps too.

  • Bert Rich

    Bert Rich

    Månad sedan

    the event was cool though. i loved the interaction of Elon with the crowd about the new navi software.

  • William Bodine
    William BodineMånad sedan

    The problem with a 400 mile range is that it means you only get about 320 miles at most superchargers in under 30 min. I want a new long range S, but want it with front and rear one piece castings AND the structural 4680 battery pack.

  • Rick Kay
    Rick KayMånad sedan

    love seeing the insanity in that sustained torque curve WITHOUT a gearbox. Taycan is officially spanked all the way to the top.

  • Rick Kay

    Rick Kay

    Månad sedan

    @iowa_don Yep, I did see that, was just trying to calc using max kw and cd derivation. insane hp

  • iowa_don


    Månad sedan

    Horsepower curve, not torque. Look at the axis label.

  • Katelyn_Kpoppotato
    Katelyn_KpoppotatoMånad sedan


  • Evku Her
    Evku HerMånad sedan

    Love your channel

  • Todd R. Lockwood
    Todd R. LockwoodMånad sedan

    Ryan, the stock footage of 4680 cell production could be misleading. Tesla has not yet used the new 4680 cell in a production vehicle. The 4680 cell may still be undergoing proofing and chemistry tweaks.

  • logan george
    logan georgeMånad sedan

    Wait, are the tesla logos in the wheels weighted? they did not look like they moved and 2:40

  • Sunil Timalsina
    Sunil TimalsinaMånad sedan

    Nobody reading fine print inside 1.99s claim and going with it?

  • BaddaBing BaddaBang
    BaddaBing BaddaBangMånad sedan

    The complaint I always hear is the "fear" about range anxiety, Elon quashed the fear with an option of the Plaid+; then as anxiety was waning..... The switch-up, no long-range Plaid+.... What in the actual F*CK... smh

  • BaddaBing BaddaBang

    BaddaBing BaddaBang

    Månad sedan

    @ymcpa73 Somewhat true, but some people travel to places where a plane ticket is prohibitively expensive, (NO major airport[s]) and driving with even a gas vehicle is "cheaper", much less an EV. I understand this is an edge case, but I was looking forward to the Plaid+, sold a car to bank cash to put $$$ down... now I'm screwed. I travel like this several times a year, now I have to think about getting another ICE vehicle... at inflated prices if available due to the electronics shortage.

  • ymcpa73


    Månad sedan

    I'm curious how often a person who can afford a Model S Plaid actually goes on really long road trips. I'm willing to bet the vast majority fly and would never consider a long trip. THat is why so many Model S and X are sold with low mileage. The owners don't really drive them on long trip. The range anxiety is more for the average person who will drive to save on the cost of plane tickets for the whole family.

  • Aves Raggiana
    Aves RaggianaMånad sedan

    The reason why Tesla events are so underwhelming is because Elon Musk insists on speaking at them. Also 390 miles of EPA/Tesla rated range equals about 270 miles in real world, no-$hit-you-really-need-to-charge-now range.

  • ne0nZchr0me
    ne0nZchr0meMånad sedan

    9:49 NO, IT IS NOT. Next gen ps5 & series x run 4K at 120FPS ... Tesla's interface isn't even as fluid as my galaxy s21 ultra SHAME ON YOU AGAIN TESLA NERFING YOUR SOFTWARE... this may have been great in the 2010s but NOT the 2020s with all the new amazing tech as STANDARD

  • VampireOnline
    VampireOnlineMånad sedan

    The app icons are just terrible. I wish Elon could present better. So hard to listen too.

  • Chunbelievable
    ChunbelievableMånad sedan

    So why do you think there was a week delay for nothing new or nothing that was determined in a week?

  • Ross Gressick
    Ross GressickMånad sedan

    I agree, the logic is flawed on why we don't need a EV that can do 500+ miles. 1: Not all Super Chargers are at locations where amenities are convenient. Being able to keep moving until you reach a more acceptable SC location or to go to a refresh stop of your choice without it hindering you drive is always more preferred. 2: Even though the 21 Model S has a improved HVAC system for both cold and hot weather, it will still have reduced range either way. When you factor in how cold weather can affect the range overall on A: energy used to power the HVAC B: Cold weather in general on teh batteries, then you could say that you may only have available range in the low to mid 400 miles. 3: Charge state buffer. Now, we all know that we do not go from 0% to 100% on every charge. The EPA range is when you COMPLETE drain the battery beyond the indicated 0%. This creates a false impression to users, especially when Tesla tries to keep you with the 10% to 90% buffer on trips for battery life. This would mean that on a average road trip, the car would only allow you to go about 412 miles before forcing a Super Charger stop. (if between 20-80, then only low-mid 300s). So yes, you do want a EV to have a 500+ mile battery for long drives because only then will you be able to drive the distance that a ICE vehicle would do on the same trip in reality. Tesla could do a 500 mile battery but software lock it to 400 creating a artificial upper and lower end buffer to help extend battery life allowing the end user to truly go to 0% and beyond without concern of killing the battery. This can also create the false impression that you can charge the quicker since the top end is lower than actual so it would appear that you can reach that 100% mark faster because it can push in electricity at a higher rate.

  • Jason De Muro
    Jason De MuroMånad sedan

    without that 500 mile range the cyber truck wouldn't work for me. I really hope they don't get rid of it.

    DAVID BRYANTMånad sedan

    I agree with your comment that the event was underwhelming and uninformative, except perhaps for the privileged few who attended in person.

  • BROis
    BROisMånad sedan

    There are still parts of the country where there aren't superchargers. I've had to deal with this a few times already when I get to the last supercharger on my route and have to charge fully to make the round-trip back to that same supercharger. What this means is I have to be more careful with mileage, concerned about battery drain (cabin overheat protection), etc. I wouldn't spend $150k on the Plaid+ just for the extra range, but to say that range doesn't matter is the opposite from Elon's previous messages. I suspect it was cancelled for different reasons completely. The Plaid+ will effectively be the Roadster and I'm cool with it. I like the look/size better than the S.

  • Laughing Gravy

    Laughing Gravy

    Månad sedan

    "640K [of computer memory] ought to be enough for anybody." - _falsely attributed to Bill Gates, 1981._ Gates never actually said this, but it did reflect the attitude of some short-sighted people in the computer industry at the time, and Musk's "400 miles is enough for anybody" quote is going to sound equally ridiculous some day.

  • Jonathan Sage

    Jonathan Sage

    Månad sedan

    I've also dealt with the round trip issue. Totally agree.

  • Danny Ruiz
    Danny RuizMånad sedan

    Dont care cant afford it

  • 99 Nation Videos
    99 Nation VideosMånad sedan

    Aptera already shattered the drag coefficiency so Elon is just being a classic billionaire ego. No one beats the Aptera range or drag coefficient

  • Ronald Lenz
    Ronald LenzMånad sedan

    Plaid is making my June '20 MS LR+ with 0-60 in 3.7s and 402 miles range and free SC for life seem like a real bargain!. That said I NEED >500 EPA range for AZ, UT, NM. OR more SC in state and national parks. I have a 600 mile Aptera on order. I hope it does stellar on NHTSA crash tests!

  • integra
    integraMånad sedan

    Over 400 miles makes sooo much sense because of owners that live in cold climates lose up to 40% range !!

  • JRG V
    JRG VMånad sedan

    anyone else think plaid+ will be a software add on like the acceloration boost in the model 3?

  • William Higgins
    William HigginsMånad sedan

    I really like the red brake pads. They look cool and the black ones look like any normal brake pads.

  • JRG V
    JRG VMånad sedan

    alright but like what if tesla partnered with like dodge or jeep for their trackhawk cars and said like: "hey I know you think this is good but what if we put some motors in it and then give it back and you let us know what you think". I know a lot of ppl like the design of tesla and so do I but my dad still hasn't switched because he needs a bigger car and a fast car cause...well yea...It would be cool for tesla to just come out with a full on suv and not worry about the range and just worry about the space. idk if that even made sense but it would be cool to see. also I know some ppl will buy this car just because of the ps5 level gaming system