Tesla Model Y Sells Out

No side mirrors on Teslas, Tesla and Samsung, Model Y Sold Out Again, Model S Delivery Updates, Powerwall Demand, and more!

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  • Kama Kairade
    Kama Kairade7 timmar sedan

    What is the replacement duty cycle on the HEPA cabin filter? What is the cost of replacement? How does that cost compare to the stock filter?

  • BizzMRK
    BizzMRK13 timmar sedan

    replacing rearview mirrors with cameras is nothing new. The BMW i8 Mirrorless already has this feature which was shown off in 2016.

  • CookiesAwait
    CookiesAwait17 timmar sedan

    How do i get the vin number ?I order model y if I go to my account ask me proof of insurance…how can I get the proof of insurance i don’t have the vin yet?

  • Cerina Eyraud
    Cerina Eyraud5 dagar sedan

    What the hell is happening with the prices? There’s a used 2020 Model Y listed on the Tesla site for $83,900. Long range base, black on white with a tow hitch. No way it’s worth $84K?

  • Andreas Klossek
    Andreas Klossek6 dagar sedan

    I still doubt the 4680 will be in power walls. more like the LFPs.

  • Andreas Klossek
    Andreas Klossek6 dagar sedan

    6:57 The first production car that what? Did you missed certain models that already are in production and got rid of the side mirrors long ago? I have to relisten to that part some times.

  • Andreas Klossek
    Andreas Klossek6 dagar sedan

    The cam deal, can be very well, just a cam deal. I mean, the CT will need a lot of them, because.... not that easy to overlook ^^

  • Andreas Klossek
    Andreas Klossek6 dagar sedan

    Tesla was the first to implant, remove and stuff... .but steering on CT, 2nd, Side mirrors exchanged with cams, 2nd (at best 2nd, probably way lower).

  • Andreas Klossek
    Andreas Klossek6 dagar sedan

    My cheap dumb car, got a HEPA.... (more or less standard)

  • Landon Jaclyn
    Landon Jaclyn6 dagar sedan

  • Willi Ott

    Willi Ott

    6 dagar sedan

    Wow👏 I'm shocked you mentioned and recommend Brian Trading services, I thought people don't know him well enough to know that investing is the key to grow their finances

  • Jaclyn Antonia

    Jaclyn Antonia

    6 dagar sedan

    he has proven to be trustworthy; He has changed lives and guided many through financial hurdles.

  • Rachael Conlon

    Rachael Conlon

    6 dagar sedan

    It's exciting to see others who made move. I'm currently on my 7th trade with him and my portfolio as increased.

  • Alessio Spaziani

    Alessio Spaziani

    6 dagar sedan

    i would advise traders and newbies to work with his strategy

  • Mariam Kasandra

    Mariam Kasandra

    6 dagar sedan

    What actually guarantees financial security is having multiple streams of making consistent massive income.

  • Brian Farley
    Brian Farley9 dagar sedan

    Cybertruck w/o side mirrors: Sure that sounds cool and looks great, but I can't be the only person thinking about driving in the snow and the cameras get covered during your drive. Any thoughts?

  • Dave Black
    Dave Black10 dagar sedan

    Many European heavy goods vehicles (Semi in the US) don't have rear view mirrors. they use external cameras and internal screens.

  • Tedacules
    Tedacules10 dagar sedan

    Thanks great video!

  • J B
    J B10 dagar sedan

    When I first got a HIPPA filter model X I thought I would never really need that. Then those big fires kicked off in nor cal and I was very happy it was there. I think I will get this added to my Model Y when it's available.

  • Mallory Varrone
    Mallory Varrone10 dagar sedan

    The bumpy height neurologically wish because second formally list amid a vulgar valley. obsolete, debonair gondola

  • Wayne G
    Wayne G10 dagar sedan


  • Kyle Ngo
    Kyle Ngo11 dagar sedan

    thought on the full self driving subscription Tesla just released? please make a video about it Ryan!

  • bluejackscanada
    bluejackscanada11 dagar sedan

    "TESLA MODEL Y SELL OUT" Why wouldn't they??? They didn't make very many!!!! SMH!

  • Mark Zoppolato
    Mark Zoppolato11 dagar sedan

    factual presentation like it,,side mirror cameras ,,having the monitors mounted in the doors wears your neck out,,I am thinking about driving my X,,,rather have camera pods on the dash in front of the steering wheel ,,,you drive with your eyes on the road ,a little glance down left pod right pod cameras ,,,maybe school for zoom to see what type of car is in the distance,,then back to the front view ,,no rubber necking,,,,,

  • rams y
    rams y11 dagar sedan

    Price increase changes before corona and right now .-video

  • Wyatt G
    Wyatt G11 dagar sedan

    I ordered the Long Range Y and was told October but got an update it will be mid-September to end of September.

  • Mark Man
    Mark Man11 dagar sedan

    newsflash...everything is sold out... LOL

  • Emma fuentes Baltazar
    Emma fuentes Baltazar11 dagar sedan

    God bless Ama

  • Walker Atkinson
    Walker Atkinson11 dagar sedan

    You’re going to get a Plaid Model S for “the channel”. Riiiiiiiiiight

  • Duf
    Duf11 dagar sedan

    Maybe that is why Vroom paid me 10K more than I paid for my Model Y SR?

  • Duf


    10 dagar sedan

    @HuskyNoob 49k

  • HuskyNoob


    10 dagar sedan

    they paid 50k?

  • eurekalogic
    eurekalogic11 dagar sedan

    They need add on mirrors for wide loads like trailers. All major trucks have mirror mods so you can extend them out 12 inches or more just to get a peak around a trailer.

  • EV Grandpa
    EV Grandpa11 dagar sedan

    I hope Tesla avoids using LG Chem. Both the battery in my Chevy Bolt and home solar back up were affected by recalls. GM bought back my 2018 Bolt. My LG chem solar back up stopped working last year. It was only 2 years old. It took 3 months to get it replaced. 7 weeks ago it was placed in an idle state because the batteries were catching on fire an burning down homes. Lg Chem = garbage. Im getting rid of it.

  • Steve Moore
    Steve Moore12 dagar sedan

    Cadillac showed side mirror cameras many years ago on the 2000 Imaj concept.

  • Cesar Abraham
    Cesar Abraham12 dagar sedan

    Chip shortage is the contributing factor, will wait mid next year, will be a bargain along with competition also having cars to sell

  • dani t
    dani t12 dagar sedan

    Delivery time for model y October

  • Danny Bechamp
    Danny Bechamp12 dagar sedan

    I don't like the idea of removing side mirrors unless the cameras are extremely high resolution, with a high refresh rate. Furthermore, they needs to be screens in the same place as the mirrors. Finally, and most important, the cameras MUST be self cleaning.

  • Carlo de Guzman
    Carlo de Guzman12 dagar sedan

    8:41 hey hey that looks like the vw XL1!

  • dexterous187
    dexterous18712 dagar sedan

    I saw a Lucid Air vehicle in Sacramento today.

  • Pastor Richard Allen Farmer
    Pastor Richard Allen Farmer12 dagar sedan

    Ryan, at 6:58 you speak of “…renders of the Cybertruck”. The word you want is “renderings”.

  • Frank Parsons
    Frank Parsons12 dagar sedan

    Solar shingles not good. I like having solar panels floating above the shingles. Keeps sun from directly heating the roof.

  • J . P Goodwin

    J . P Goodwin

    11 dagar sedan

    The Solar tiles are hydroscopic, repel water. This means with snow it just slides off and does not build up on the roof or tiles allowing the tiles to keep working (As happened in Texas recently, plus unaffected by that recent hailstorm). Panels above the tiles provides for a snow and ice build up

  • Jackyl Smith
    Jackyl Smith12 dagar sedan

    Hello. The VW XL1 was already produced with no mirrors. It used cameras. Tesla again is just copying other manufacturers. No surprise.

  • Frank Parsons
    Frank Parsons12 dagar sedan

    dirt and mud? Add a Bolt style camera cleaning water jet.

  • Jake Chow
    Jake Chow12 dagar sedan

    I need his intro song lol.

  • Sc 05
    Sc 0513 dagar sedan

    Ryan, Can you send me your referral code? I already ordered a model S plaid (Picking it up Sunday!!!) but they'll still let me use a code. I've consumed so much of your content leading up to buying this car I'd like you give you some credit. I didn't realize I had to use the code to buy the car. If you see this message send it, Tesla will still let me use it. If you don't see this in time, no problem. Love your content!!!

  • Sc 05

    Sc 05

    11 dagar sedan

    @Ryan Shaw Thank you sir!! I'm told it's been applied. I'll confirm when I'm there tomorrow. I don't think you live near me but if you wanted to do a second video on the Plaid mine will be available to you!! You mentioned getting one for the channel in this video.

  • Ryan Shaw

    Ryan Shaw

    13 dagar sedan

    Here it is! Thanks for the support and congrats! ts.la/ryan51525

  • ganymede3141
    ganymede314113 dagar sedan

    It's not the Model Y that sold out. It's Elon.

  • Joey Tesla
    Joey Tesla13 dagar sedan

    Our Model Y is expected to arrive next week. I sure hope it has Bioweapons Defense Mode. Seems unlikely.

  • Joey Tesla

    Joey Tesla

    9 dagar sedan

    @Prime L last Thursday we reactivated an order that we had put on hold.

  • Prime L

    Prime L

    9 dagar sedan

    When did you order?

  • Michael Sinz
    Michael Sinz13 dagar sedan

    The Cybertruck is the last place I would want to remove mirrors from - why? Other than it being already rather massive and drag from mirrors will be rather small relative to the rest of the vehicle, the real reason is that when towing you want not just side mirrors, but mirrors that are even further out from the vehicle. For towing our horse trailer, we have towing side-mirrors that stick out an extra 8 inches from the truck than normal mirrors and have two layers - the main mirror plus a lower, wide-angle mirror (both vertical and horizontal wide angle) such that, especially when backing up or driving through narrow areas, I can see the wheels of the trailer and the back corner of the trailer. With mirrors at the normal location, you can only see the front edge of the trailer unless you are bent to that side. PS - when towing, the mirror drag is really zero compared to the extra drag of the trailer, even for ones like ours that are aerodynamically designed. They are 9+ feet tall plus wider than even our large 2500HD truck. (The horses stand up in there, so, you can imagine the size)

  • Grant Botto
    Grant Botto13 dagar sedan

    Really enjoy watching your updates. We are waiting for our Model Y.... SEPTEMBER !!

  • Erin Nicole

    Erin Nicole

    9 dagar sedan

    October for me!

  • K RIFF

    K RIFF

    9 dagar sedan

    Ordered a MY Performance 10 days ago and was told 7-11 weeks. FL delivery. Hope it’s sooner! 😄

  • Prime L

    Prime L

    9 dagar sedan

    Same here, bro. Ordered last week. Date is the end of September. (East coast buyer)

  • john t
    john t13 dagar sedan

    Exceptions are currently being given for select manufacturers to test side cameras in semis. The cameras have more advantages than aerodynamics. They also handle blinding lights and rain better.

  • J Mack
    J Mack13 dagar sedan

    Order the Plaid Ryan…stop thinking about it..

  • Kingsley Sun
    Kingsley Sun13 dagar sedan

    Well, why don't Elon and Tesla build its own chip Fab with all the money they have on hand?

  • Kingsley Sun

    Kingsley Sun

    12 dagar sedan

    @Joey Tesla , hey, that is the only way to handle supply issues of chip for tesla without tsmc, or samsung to choke tesla up with sudden price increase, right?

  • Joey Tesla

    Joey Tesla

    12 dagar sedan

    Chip foundries are astronomically difficult and expensive. So, someday

  • Elementriel
    Elementriel13 dagar sedan

    Thanks man. By the way I ordered the cyber truck tri-motor. You’d be welcome to review it if I get it in time for you to do so.

  • michaelfink64
    michaelfink6413 dagar sedan

    "But Tesla has a demand problem" - ha, ha!

  • JK Curti
    JK Curti13 dagar sedan

    I suggest that there will be no side mirrors on the cyber truck because the side Fender cameras serve that purpose. There is no logical Argument for putting side mirrors on there's an since cameras are the same effectively

  • Midori Schaaf
    Midori Schaaf13 dagar sedan

    Is the price of the cars going up because of demand, or because of inflation raising the cost of materials?

  • jazeboy69
    jazeboy6913 dagar sedan

    I think the mirrors will show on display when indicating.

  • Alf M.
    Alf M.13 dagar sedan

    These filters are actually on Model Ys born after July 8th.

  • Avoiding Trees
    Avoiding Trees13 dagar sedan

    Chinese model Y tends to make me kind of worried.

  • Språkdoktorn
    Språkdoktorn13 dagar sedan

    Further, it would be a cool and safety enhancing feature to have side-front images projected on flexible screens on the A pillars, making these virtually transparent!😇

  • Språkdoktorn
    Språkdoktorn13 dagar sedan

    Why have only one back camera? Why not have one on each back corner? They could have many uses. Eg for side mirror projections. And providing the AI with stereo images of rear-ending incidents, FWIW.

  • TheYuriG


    13 dagar sedan

    they have 2 side mirrors on each side, one forward and one backwards. there are essentially 3 cameras pointing backwards already, there is no need for more

  • Т1000 Youtube
    Т1000 Youtube13 dagar sedan

    Justin Y

  • Т1000 Youtube
    Т1000 Youtube13 dagar sedan

    15 hours ago, oh no, also 283rd, yay

  • Ernest Z
    Ernest Z13 dagar sedan

    To paraphrase Ferris Bueller, “(The Model S) is so choice. If you have the means, I highly recommend picking one up.”

  • Trace zach daniels
    Trace zach daniels13 dagar sedan

    hey ryan do you play drums..??.

  • Trace zach daniels
    Trace zach daniels13 dagar sedan

    SO SHWEEEETTT...much love Tee with LIONS NAMED LEO.[the music worldwide} YES...I AM SO lovin ALL the new stuff..!!

  • Arcadia
    Arcadia13 dagar sedan

    I wonder how much do they save on range with cameras instead of mirrors? The cameras and the screens for them will draw constant energy from the battery.

  • TheYuriG


    13 dagar sedan

    those are already on anyway regardless, it's required for crash prevention. there will be literally 0 power increase from this

  • Sludog
    Sludog13 dagar sedan

    The new Hyundai EV Ioniq 5 also has camera side mirrors but only available in South Korea and is not legal in the states. A few reviews I saw said they did not like the Ioniq camera mirrors despite the beautiful OLED screens on the door panels.

  • Paul McGreevy
    Paul McGreevy13 dagar sedan

    I ride a bike, the air quality is just fine.

  • DB Welder

    DB Welder

    13 dagar sedan

    Especially if riding in any area with wildfires, near a dump or behind a diesel truck.

  • Huan Nguyen
    Huan Nguyen13 dagar sedan

    Love all your videos. Great voice!!!

  • Pierre Huguet
    Pierre Huguet13 dagar sedan

    Side mirrors on the main screen keep our eyes looking ahead and if even triggered by lane change signals or by auto detection of lane change, it can only be safer and make us better drivers.

  • carholic1336


    13 dagar sedan

    Wrong, side mirror are mostly used for precise/parking....

  • Ekeng Jr
    Ekeng Jr13 dagar sedan

    There are different production cars without a side mirror, a very recent example is the McLaren Speedtail

  • Abebe345
    Abebe34513 dagar sedan

    Great delivery and preparation.

  • Abebe345
    Abebe34513 dagar sedan

    People remarking on Tesla's share of the EV market falling since LY miss the point imo. It's Tesla's share of the the overall market and premium segment that matters.

  • deluxeh0
    deluxeh013 dagar sedan

    Mine is coming in October. Can’t wait!

  • Brandon Fouts
    Brandon Fouts13 dagar sedan

    US last to allow even headlight upgrades in the past. So as some EU allowing - US soon? e-tron cameras.

  • Randy Cook
    Randy Cook13 dagar sedan

    Anybody else notice a FSD illegal lane change at an intersection at 11:26 on this video? If I remember right a lane change in California must not be done within 150 feet of an intersection. Am I right? (This is so the car entering the roadway from the right perpendicular road doesn't get T-boned!)

  • Eric Anderson
    Eric Anderson13 dagar sedan

    First side mirrors will be near where they are now but eventually they will be over the steering wheel.

  • TheYuriG


    13 dagar sedan

    not on Teslas, no. they will be in the actual screen with everything else

  • DeilGrist
    DeilGrist13 dagar sedan

    I feel like the discussion of Tesla being the first to release a car without side mirrors ignores that the Honda E already does this, but they don't have permission to sell it in the US.

  • Wesley Young
    Wesley Young13 dagar sedan

    Ordered on June 3rd had a delivery date for Aug 20th now it got pushed back to October as if I just placed my order

  • adrian nathaniel
    adrian nathaniel13 dagar sedan

    Honda E already use cameras as side mirrors

  • pelham lane
    pelham lane13 dagar sedan

    Any idea how to order parts from TESLA for Model Y. 2021(May - Red Color). Unfortunately I damaged my month old tesla in the Car Wash. Vehicle didnt go into Neutral and tire came out of the railing and hit the washing rod breaking bumper, headlight and passenger light. It was sad sad experience. Was wondering why car didnt go into Neutral. Have to get it fixed in CANADA. No TESLA body shop but preferred ones. They are suggesting in ordering parts and repainting in house. But I saw message related to pre-painted parts. Is it possible to get the pre-painted parts from TESLA.If yes, how can I order them?

  • bryle smith
    bryle smith13 dagar sedan

    Retrofit yay! :)

  • wpherigo1
    wpherigo113 dagar sedan

    A sacrifice to buy the Plaid for the channel! Hope you can!

  • James Horn
    James Horn13 dagar sedan

    The avantage of lithium batteries is largely weight. Surely another technology could be used for power walls and other stationary storage systems which might not put such a strain onthe vehicle battery supply.

  • James Horn

    James Horn

    12 dagar sedan

    @carholic1336 What I am saying is that the idea of the eithgt of lithium batteries being a disadvantage is ludicrous considering other battery technology out there And lead -acid was used in early early eloectric cars. to the best of my knowledge, no one has tried to use the nickel compounds for cars, though they were used in cell phones.

  • carholic1336


    13 dagar sedan

    @James Horn are you serious?! Who uses lead batteries or nickel metal hybride batteries for EVs?! No one

  • James Horn

    James Horn

    13 dagar sedan

    @carholic1336 A Lithium batterypack for a car may be heavy, but in comparison to lead=acid, Nickel Metal Hydride, Nickel=Cadmium or any other type in production it packs muchore power per pound, than other types in production. There may be something in the labs which is arginally lighter, ut there are a few other issues which make lithium ideal for cars. The others would be far heavier for less range.

  • carholic1336


    13 dagar sedan

    The disadvantage of lithium battery us definitely the weight.

  • P S
    P S13 dagar sedan

    I wish they did not pull the swing so bad with the cyber truck sledge hammer. it looks cheesy pulling the punch

  • Gustavo Martinez
    Gustavo Martinez13 dagar sedan

    I’ve been waiting for my Model Y since March it showed me delivery between July 11- July 26 now everyday I check it gives me an day later 😰 it’s no between July 17th - August 4th 😂

  • Gustavo Martinez

    Gustavo Martinez

    13 dagar sedan

    @Alisia I hope so 🙌 been waiting months to get behind the wheel of my dream car

  • Alisia


    13 dagar sedan

    Maybe you're in the end of the 3rd quarter rotation stock.🙏🏾 Hopefully you get your MY soon.

  • Francis Rivers
    Francis Rivers13 dagar sedan

    Yeah here in Socal model Y are everywhere. Can’t wait for the cybertruck.

  • bluejackscanada


    11 dagar sedan

    @Oncampus2k Exactly!!! And it is a shock they sold out. Really???

  • Oncampus2k


    13 dagar sedan

    In Tennessee… I’ve seen 2 others in the last 4 months.

  • Thomas Jacques
    Thomas Jacques13 dagar sedan

    I’m tempted to sell my 12 moth old Y given the offer I received from VROOM and order a new one, but I guess I’d need to be prepared to wait until Q4. I think I’ll hold off a bit to see when GIG Texas comes on line. What a crazy time to be a car owner.

  • zodiacfml
    zodiacfml13 dagar sedan

    13:52 Elon already mentioned/tweeted about this that they will continue to buy everything all their current suppliers can produce.

  • zodiacfml
    zodiacfml13 dagar sedan

    12:42 Based on the specs, I reckon the 4680 is best for the Powerwall however it also will have dry electrode tech which will make it as good performance of existing cells

  • Alex K
    Alex K13 dagar sedan

    Fun fact I just learned is that Cuba has a lot of Nickel and Cobalt mining activities and some of this ends up in Tesla batteries. Some of these companies are only made possible through a partnership with Canadian companies to skirt sanctions though. Very interesting…

  • zodiacfml
    zodiacfml13 dagar sedan

    9:17 politics could hinder change or require the industry to have dedicated displays. removing the side mirrors is no brainer for a car that already has a large screen, I reckon, also a huge cost saving for Tesla.

  • C O
    C O13 dagar sedan

    I placed order in March, seeing this coming and got my MYLR car in June. Even then, they texted me, and I had to respond within a couple of days, otherwise, they were quite ready to give my car to another buyer if I didn't respond immediately.

  • bluejackscanada


    11 dagar sedan

    Yeah, cause they didn't make many of them. Hello!

  • Jess Blue
    Jess Blue13 dagar sedan

    I guess I waited too late place my order for a Model Y.☹️ Can’t wait for my test drive this weekend even if I can’t order yet, or should I place the order anyways?!

  • afmemphis


    9 dagar sedan

    @Alisia How much is the order fee?

  • Graham Rennels

    Graham Rennels

    13 dagar sedan

    i waited too long also :(

  • Alisia


    13 dagar sedan

    Place your order now so you're in the rotation! You can always cancel if you change your mind but your order fee is non refundable though.

  • Andrew Maddux
    Andrew Maddux13 dagar sedan

    Your eyes do not significantly need to change focal distance when glancing at a mirror ‐ not so with screens.

  • John Parsons
    John Parsons13 dagar sedan

    It'll be interesting to see where the headlights end up on the cybertruck

  • Ron Moreland
    Ron Moreland13 dagar sedan

    When I toured the Reno battery facility 2 years ago, I saw an area where they were working on the side mirror replacement. They even had several doors mocked up with a camera installed in place of the side mirror. Like you, I not sure how they will show the camera view inside the car.

  • Jason
    Jason13 dagar sedan

    No need to remove the side mirrors, just add the cameras

  • Jason


    13 dagar sedan

    @Nicholas T your absolutely right, totally missed that part.

  • Nicholas T

    Nicholas T

    13 dagar sedan

    Sorry Jason, the whole point of removing the side mirrors is to improve the aerodynamics of the vehicle, and consequently the efficiency and range !! So there’s no point in just adding cameras, if you don’t remove the side mirrors.

  • T Provo
    T Provo13 dagar sedan

    My 2017 Pilot had a side passenger camera that displayed on the infotainment screen and I loved it!!! I drove with it on all the time, now Honda stopped offering it.

  • Bernard Wei
    Bernard Wei13 dagar sedan

    I need to be able to use side mirror on-demand, otherwise I won't feel comfortable driving a car like that. I check side mirror quite frequent when driving, it gives me an up-to-date 360 perception of what's around me.

  • TheYuriG


    13 dagar sedan

    you will get used to it. not using side mirrors on purpose is a much of a skill as constantly looking them. after a month of driving, you will forget those ever existed

  • Heron Soaring

    Heron Soaring

    13 dagar sedan

    Perhaps a Tesla isn’t right for you. It’s ok.

  • CS
    CS13 dagar sedan

    i need t o wait until the texas plant opens before i commit , also waiting for bidens new ev energy tax rebate plan

  • The Cool Factor
    The Cool Factor13 dagar sedan

    Tesla needs to continue to disrupt the aged standards and introduce the new ones - yes to the removal of side mirrors!

  • Nicholas T

    Nicholas T

    13 dagar sedan

    As long as the replacement system is as good as, if not better.

  • Cocominga Handmade Cards
    Cocominga Handmade Cards13 dagar sedan

    I’ve had one (MY) in the queue since March 2020 and they keep putting it on hold for me. I’m planning on getting it in September, $48,990. I did add the rims so $50,990 and cannot make changes (outside color or white seats or they said they will add $4000 price increase and $2000 for color and white seats). For $6000.00 more, no thanks. So glad it’s been on hold. Yeah buddy!

  • Cocominga Handmade Cards

    Cocominga Handmade Cards

    13 dagar sedan

    @S Reyes I hope God is listening to your words because that would be fantastic.

  • S Reyes

    S Reyes

    13 dagar sedan

    If you get the energy deduction you will be balling!

  • Shea Evans
    Shea Evans13 dagar sedan

    First time watcher of the channel Was impressed with the full scope of recent Tesla News Very clear speaking voice Bravo!!

  • andreasbryn
    andreasbryn13 dagar sedan

    What ever happened to the LR RWD Model Y? Living in Norway and ordered this in Jan 2020, but not having high hopes this will even get made. What will happen to my order? AWD has risen in price since my order so its really annoying trying to save money might end up being a more expensive option since I might have to upgrade to a more expensive AWD..