Tesla Model Y Issues Aren’t Going Away

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Let’s talk about Tesla quality control on the Model Y and how it keeps affecting customers buying Model Y’s.
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I’ve already made two videos talking about my process with quality control issues. The first was about all the issues that Tesla couldn’t seem to fix on my Model Y. After that I made another video about how Tesla was able to fix my car, but still there were a couple issues they were waiting on parts to fix, and at this point everything has been fixed after 4 service appointments.
It seems like there are two camps with these issues, and I sit somewhere in the middle.
The first group of people think that quality control issues mean that Tesla is a terrible company who makes terrible products. End of story.
The second group of people think that quality control issues are blown out of proportion, and it’s just a bunch of whiny babies who want to criticize Tesla, and get views on videos. They also tend to think that Tesla is literally the best company in the history of planet earth and can do no wrong.
I’m somewhere in the middle, along with most Model Y buyers, and reviewers that I’ve seen. These quality control issues are bad, and there is no excuse for them. They are something Tesla absolutely needs to remedy, but for the time being, it’s what Teslas come with, and what to expect when buying one, but overall the core functionality of the car is solid, and worth it.
Even Marques Brownlee (MKBHD), one of the biggest tech reviewers out there was given a review Model Y by Tesla with plenty of issues. He pointed out that Tesla knew it was going to be reviewed by him, had a chance to look it over before giving it to him, and still it came with large panel gaps, a loose sun visor, misaligned hazard button, uneven front trunk lip, and a loose spoiler.
This is a gamble on Tesla’s part because every service center will be different, and could provide a very negative experience for customers. On top of this, with no other car are you expected to schedule service immediately after delivery. Like you paid for it, and now you need to get it up to the standard of other car companies by taking it in for service yourself.
That’s a gamble because you’re hoping that the customer finds the car worth that struggle.
So let’s get into this gamble a little. I wanted to see how other customers feel when getting their cars delivered, and dealing with issues. Do they still love the car? Do they feel like they wasted their money?
All of the issues in my car were pretty simple fixes, besides the Model Y Rear seat alignment. As you’ll see, nearly every model Y delivered has this flaw. The rear seats just don’t line up, and in turn they rattle.
The main issue I had that affected the driving of the car was the front trunk bug. This is pretty common on the Model Y, but not as widespread as the rear seat alignment. Basically it thinks the front trunk is open when it isn’t. In turn it flashes at you constantly, and if you’re in autopilot, it forces you to take over.
This brings us to the Model Y owners I spoke to who all had many different issues. It seems that almost everyone needs a Model Y service appointment right after delivery for varying degrees of issues. Overall, most have been taken care of well by Tesla service, but in some cases, it has been a nightmare.


  • Ryan Shaw
    Ryan Shaw8 månader sedan

    My Favorite Tesla Model Y Accessories: bit.ly/3cFR3Gg

  • Michael J. Lees, ABD

    Michael J. Lees, ABD

    6 månader sedan

    Ryan - what is the VIN number they are on now for the Model Y? Where do you find that information?



    8 månader sedan

    Will Tesla ever replace the vehicle? Mine has airbags problems and it’s been in service 3 times

  • Al Wong
    Al WongMånad sedan

    Putting up with American made vehicles, $70,000 car with defect is ridiculous, is there any quality control person?

  • Victor Burnett
    Victor BurnettMånad sedan

    Tesla owners are like a bunch of stockholm syndrome victims.

  • eric golden
    eric goldenMånad sedan

    I want a Tesla but see so many quality issues.

  • eric golden
    eric goldenMånad sedan

    How can Tesla refuse to fix an issue under warranty?

  • rufftuff95
    rufftuff952 månader sedan

    Most recent issue that seems to be prominent in cold weather climates in that the heat pump loses its heat, leaving you in a cold cabin in the freezing winter. Both the Model 3 and Y’s are affected. I have a 3 and I have scheduled a service appointment for this issue.

  • Joey Smith
    Joey Smith2 månader sedan

    Typical American made JUNK.

  • Joey Smith
    Joey Smith2 månader sedan

    If it’s made in America, expect a lousy product. Period.

  • Joey Smith
    Joey Smith2 månader sedan

    There is no quality control at Tesla. PATHETIC.

  • FireBatRed
    FireBatRed2 månader sedan

    they should have a sku number for each part assembled which are ID scanned by employees as they installed these parts. That would increase the accountability of the employees. I owned 3 American made cars over the past 5 yrs. I don't know if it's just a coincidence but they all sucked from a Ford sedan (rattling and electronic Issues) , GM crossover (AC, and allignment issue) and Camry that is made in America (plastic rattling & transmission) such a disappointment. Even my current BMW X5 made in South Carolina is having issues (Tail gate opens while driving, seats not alligned) My wife's VW Tiguan. which is now made in Mexico surprisingly is holding up with 50k miles now not 1 problem.

  • flight2k5
    flight2k52 månader sedan

    So it’s a typical American made car. Got it.

  • William Piccione
    William Piccione2 månader sedan

    The constant reminders to click the button below makes me click the thumbs down.

  • Wayne Barringer
    Wayne Barringer2 månader sedan

    EM needs to hire a cadre of retired military (US Naval and US Marine Corps) quality control personnel To augment his quality control program.

  • Tib Syy
    Tib Syy3 månader sedan

    Those Teslas should be made in Germany and not from the USA!

  • Alex Xela
    Alex Xela3 månader sedan

    How can you call a car with these many issues "amazing"? This is ridiculous.

  • NatureNPlayz
    NatureNPlayz3 månader sedan

    This is what you get when the CEO picked quantity over quality.

  • Emanuel Unite 4K
    Emanuel Unite 4K3 månader sedan

    Its not a BMW or Mercedes what did you think you get quality Made in Germany?🙄

  • Prius Driver
    Prius Driver3 månader sedan

    i am in the camp that i don’t have time for appointments to fix a brand new car. I don’t have an assistant to do this.

    ANKITKUMAR PATEL3 månader sedan

    People buy this Tesla and face all these quality issues which should not be there at the price which is being paid for them. It is laughable when they say they will buy it again and they love the driving experience with all those rattles. It is a complete joke.

  • Eric Fisher
    Eric Fisher4 månader sedan

    I suspect the willingness to accept continual quality issues is due to the fact that until now there were no real alternatives. But just like the big three automakers found out in the 70's once there is competition the market can shift incredibly fast. Just as the car market moved from entirely American manufacturers to Japanese and German cars. As we see real EV competition emerge, these quality defects will result in customers looking elsewhere.

  • Marlon Morales
    Marlon Morales4 månader sedan

    The 2021 Model Y didn't have any faults after a week with it I've gone through it with a fine tooth comb. I am picky and I would say that I'm a professional critic. So till now all's well!

  • Xavier
    Xavier4 månader sedan

    I guess if you have the money to buy a Tesla in the first place, these repairs wouldn’t be too big of a dent in your wallet. But still, why should you be expected to repair your brand new Tesla that you’re paying up to around $70k?? At such high price points you should expect near perfection. You never really hear things like this happening to Lexus for example. If the fanboys stopped excusing Tesla for all these problems, maybe Tesla would improve QC.

  • tanhouzer
    tanhouzer4 månader sedan

    If you can spot an issue on the outside of any product, it is possibe that there could be dozens hidden inside.

  • 국화맛
    국화맛5 månader sedan

    manufacturing qualities are severely bad.

  • Wayne Barringer
    Wayne Barringer5 månader sedan

    It looks to me as if Tesla needs to bring in a bunch of retired military quality control people.

  • jesse heise
    jesse heise5 månader sedan

    Should of asked the owners if they were share holders or not lol

  • Eric Schaffer
    Eric Schaffer5 månader sedan

    Well I hope production problems and QC are worked out by the time I get my Cyber truck . It would be unfortunate if I became frustrated and end up hating it. Everyone I know will be looking at it and the last thing I want to do is listen to everybody's criticisms.

  • Gordon Lyon
    Gordon Lyon5 månader sedan

    Picked up AWD Long Range Y (65K VIN) last weekend and went over it with a long checklist inside and out. Some small alignment issues with frunk lid and 1 taillight, and some scuffs on the trim, all minor. Inside, the rear right passenger seat is misaligned and the head liner has a bunch of oily fingerprints, but again, easy fixes. The car doesn't have the model 3 updates, but it does have the double-pained glass and a pedestrian warning noisemaker. The mobile charging connector was faulty, but they swapped that for me at the service center. These minor issues aside, the car rocks. The only frustration is that I have to wait 2 weeks for an appointment at the service center, and that's just for them to go over the issues, then I'll need another appointment to get the actual fixes, so it'll probably take 6 weeks from pickup before everything is settled. That may just be because I'm in the San Francisco Bay Area, where it feels like every third car is a Tesla now. First world problems... ;-)

  • Michael Huang
    Michael Huang5 månader sedan

    Model 3 (late 2019) owner here. I was fortunate to have no issues on delivery and it only needed service after I did something stupid and bumped the back corner of my car onto the side of my garage...so that doesn't count. I have a "middle" position on all the QC issues. It's true that even small flaws should be unacceptable on a new car this expensive, and most auto manufacturers have figured out how to avoid these problems. The thing is, and I realize this makes me sound like a cultist, a Tesla isn't an ordinary car, not even an ordinary luxury car. It is still advanced and rare enough to be a statement of sorts, as well as a bleeding-edge tech gadget, produced by a company with not nearly the age and scale of the traditional automakers. Buying a Tesla is still kind of a statement of faith inn the future of EVs and the shape of automated driving, and for a lot of owners that outweighs the QC issues. The feeling that it gets the big picture right and that this is an extraordinary car makes up for it. It also happens to drive and handle extremely well. One day though, and that day is coming soon, Teslas will no longer be extraordinary. EVs will become the standard, and all the major automakers will have good ones. Tesla needs to get polished before that day comes, or they risk being overtaken quickly. And that is fine--competition is good for everyone, and the faster EVs become mainstream, the better for our planet. So I have some faith that Tesla's QC will improve, and that there will be lots more good choices for EVs on the market. (I, for one, would gladly go back to Toyota if they make a great EV--it's so odd to me that they are the most behind on EVs of all the major automakers. An EV with Toyota quality would crush it.) It's one of the few areas where things might actually get better in the world in the future, and we could use some hope in this dark time.

  • Ace
    Ace6 månader sedan

    "But would do it all over again" Yup.. sums up Tesla fans. Just gluttons for punishment

  • Anna Wei
    Anna Wei6 månader sedan

    Getting my LT MY delivered, end of this month. Dealer is not that close to me, I hope that my will be ok! Thanks for posting video. 🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻

  • Grey Phantome
    Grey Phantome6 månader sedan

    Seems like Tesla will never address the quality issues, it will put off a segment of customers

  • Jarret Fink
    Jarret Fink6 månader sedan

    Ryan, I've had my Model Y (57,XXX) vin for 2 weeks. The seats don't line up at all in back. I took it to service today, they said Tesla seats are not supposed to line up. Do you have any advice how to make them deal with it?

  • Federico Maisch
    Federico Maisch6 månader sedan

    Thank you, very useful information

  • Station 2Station
    Station 2Station6 månader sedan

    Tesla owners are abused by Tesla. So unfortunate. I wanted them to build amazing innovative cars but they are just like a cult; members covering up for the leadership (manufacturing) and taking the abuse in the form of excessive problems with their cars they paid luxury-level money for.

  • Gabriel Asante-Odame
    Gabriel Asante-Odame6 månader sedan

    Im not bashing Tesla but spending 60k plus on a vehicle and getting all these quality issues is just subpar on their part.. 20k cars dont even have such quality issues...

  • Vipul Gaddamedi
    Vipul Gaddamedi6 månader sedan

    I purchased my car on September 26th and noticed bunch of issues. They apparently said they fixed the issues but they didn’t go away! I picked my car from service yesterday and today noticed that when driving at 70 mph the car vibrates. I went to the service center and said estimated completion date is October 23rd. I’m frustrated that I had the car for only 1 day since the time I bought the car. Need suggestions ! Any suggestion is appreciated.

  • Willie Lu
    Willie Lu6 månader sedan

    That is reason why I will not buy a Tesla in the near future. You would not see this kind of quality problems with a Lexus.

  • 4x4TechTalk
    4x4TechTalk6 månader sedan

    its a shame, my MY has all kinds of little panel gap issues. As my first Tesla, sadly it may be my last. Rivian, Hummer, F150 options coming that better suit my needs.

  • Bill Baker
    Bill Baker6 månader sedan

    So the takeaway is Tesla has no incentive to improve their quality control until one of the competing manufacturers forces them to address it. That's the beauty of a free market. Unless or until Elon's customers or the competition force him to build a better product "just good enough" will always be good enough. What a shame.

  • Zaki Wasik
    Zaki Wasik6 månader sedan

    It takes a special kind of masochism to be a Tesla owner :D

  • Jack Mason
    Jack Mason6 månader sedan

    I'm sorry but if you're spending 60k on a car you have a right to expect it to be perfect. Would rather have a Polestar.

  • Simmer Pete
    Simmer Pete6 månader sedan

    The prices need to be slashed until they fix all issues. But Elon is money hungry and don’t care. To many are being sold to kids that know nothing about cars. Over $50k for all this. Dealerships have Y’s sitting on their lots so demand is affected.

  • TurtleProPlayz
    TurtleProPlayz6 månader sedan

    Do you think they will have this fixed by 2030

  • nanashimara
    nanashimara7 månader sedan

    Have we not seen any improvement yet with later VINs? What was your VIN?

  • Redge Ciccone
    Redge Ciccone7 månader sedan

    Tesla fans are like kids who want a toy and while it isn't 100% functional, they're going to love it because they want it so badly. But people should complain to Tesla and not accept it because the car is great. Since the Tesla is Industry, the model 3 is made 24 hours a day without interruption, they won't stop production for a defect. Tesla makes 41.6 car / hour, every 1 minute 44 seconds a car is made then if they stop the production 5 min they lost over 100K. I work in this kind of industry and they won't stop the line for that, at the end of production a quality control team checks the car. Flaw problem may appear after the car is taken out of the prod line because the car is moving and plastic may move etc.

  • Greg D Brown
    Greg D Brown7 månader sedan

    I took my Model Y in for service the 2nd day I received it, all fixed. Good Service. Has anyone had any issues with the key card? Just today it would not work with a Valet. Alarm went off and he had to chase me down. Any issues with the key cards to report?

  • Josh P.
    Josh P.7 månader sedan

    You should NEVER expect quality control issues from a 50+ thousand dollar car...

  • Mark
    Mark7 månader sedan

    Ryan, you mentioned one key phrase near the end of your video, business model. The key for the survival of Tesla as a company is rapid expansion. Keeping up speed of production and raise the Gross income is the only way to prevent the company from going under. If you look back, they developed the 1st gen roadster to show case what plug in EVs can accomplish, they did that to attract attention from both consumer and investors. Then they made the S & X, high end but can be mass produced, again, trying to raise capital, not just investors, but also actual profit from selling product to that 1%. Then they made the 3 and Y, affordable and officially entered the mainstream market. The company needs so much cash flow to just stay above water, they spend so much on R&D and infrastructure, if they were to take their sweet time to do all the tiny cosmetic QC, their capacity to deliver would be reduced significantly, hence less cash coming in, the company would just kick it. For those who hate Tesla and refuse to consider to purchase one for the poor cosmetic QC, and ignore the core tech, safety and general driving experience, that's OK, don't buy one, you're not their target consumer, at least not at this stage of the business. Most likely, they'll one day catch up on the QC front, just wait until then to consider getting one. Another thing is, all these talk about their poor QC also creates a talking point for the general public, in a way, it's a part of their marketing strategy. My delivery appointment for the Y is on the 25th, fingers crossed.

  • GLR
    GLR7 månader sedan

    they look like amateurs, even my 10k KIA is of a higher quality..... what a joke tesla still is, I thought they are better than this....

  • Mark Levine
    Mark Levine7 månader sedan

    I don't think I'll buy a tesla, what if the quality issues is something that I can't see without taking the car apart and causing safety issues. I might buy one when it's fully self driven and only use it for Uber.

  • Kevin P
    Kevin P7 månader sedan

    I am due to have a Y delivered soon so thanks for the video. That said, we are the ones paying it forward to future Tesla owners and to the Company. Owner's tolerance and patience upon delivery acceptance is key to the success of Tesla as long as it stands behind its cars and fixes the issues. Eventually, quality will take a higher position, but at this stage it's all about scale as that feeds every other aspect of the Company.

  • Rick's Account
    Rick's Account7 månader sedan

    Luxury prices with Yugo quality. Hard to believe people are willing to make excuses for their lousy product while laying down their hard earned money to buy one. I think they are just embarrassed and rationalizing their purchase.

  • Gowtham V
    Gowtham V7 månader sedan

    TESLA is focusing on delivering as many model y and 3 as they can because they don't want to disappoint wall street. TESLA has changed to a wall street machine rather than providing a properly built car.

  • G Howard
    G Howard7 månader sedan

    Funny how some non-Tesla owners are so jealous.

  • Hello World
    Hello World7 månader sedan

    First world problem🤷‍♂️

  • C.
    C.7 månader sedan

    It's like someone being in love with a total tramp, "sure she does cocaine, crystal meth, steals and lies. But I still love her" lol.

  • A B
    A B7 månader sedan

    I’m seeing a lot of these videos. I’m leasing mine, would dream of buying one in the first year of production.

  • Black Birdie Golf
    Black Birdie Golf7 månader sedan

    I'm buying one next hear and I rather it be cosmetics then electrical. land rover and jaguar are horrible cars. Lol I'm on my second prius and I had no issues other than the trunk not unlocking. I have 118k miles on it.

  • glacier activity
    glacier activity7 månader sedan

    As European - what American car-company has rolled out a decent quality car in the last 40 years compared to...Germans (I am not german). If we go by nation - UK car companies - they crashed heavily back in the 70s and hardly anyone has dared to buy a British car ever since unless it was an Aston Martin with a Ford Fiesta wiper handle. The Italians? We all love the way the overheat and cost an annual salary to service. The French? They stopped caring back around 1980. The Swedes - they did care. So obviously they both went bankrupt and are now owned by the Chinese. In SAABs case after being owned by GM running the American idea - max profit for what one can get away with (as you did with Aston Martin too). Of course, Tesla is shit build quality. It is an Am-car after all. So let us look at the Germans. Anybody remember the Mercedes 190E? Or the BMW 325 iteration of the 80's? The only good thing we can say about the Germans is that they did break the fall because Asia said "hello" in the 1980s and delivered a lot of bang for the buck that felt as if someone actually did bother. Can anybody tell me about an American mass-produced car since the 1960s that felt if somebody cared at all when putting it together? It is American culture to put together a shitty car (I was sad in ca 1990 - driving a Trans-Am famous from the Smokey and the Bandit films I grew up with in the 70s - it had a 6-litre engine (?) that made what...160 HP? while falling apart around me as a decade-old car). Remember, nobody buys anything from USA and hope for great build quality. Even a pair of Levi's are hopefully made in Asia these days with hope of some quality. Tesla is an am car. We expect shit build quality. I owned an IBM laptop back in the days FFS. USA is so bad at build quality that my current Mac (made in China to American specs) has the worst keyboard I ever encountered with the American "good enough for profit" attitude to quality.

  • nowjustanother
    nowjustanother7 månader sedan

    Fundamentally, Tesla sees itself as a tech company that produces a tech product that rolls on four wheels. Tech companies' approach to quality assurance (considering agile development processes, etc.) is often vastly different from more traditional companies. A legacy OEM, like Ford or Toyota, would never dream of letting its Customers play the part of their QC department, and the market would never stand for it (neither would investors). For now, Tesla can get away with it because they're the "cool kids," and their Customers don't punish them for these unforced errors. Eventually, the "cool" factor may go away, like it eventually did for the iPhone, and Tesla will be forced to deliver products from the factory that have initial quality in line with the expectations of the prices they command for their products.

  • Robin Miller
    Robin Miller7 månader sedan

    After watching only two minutes of this video, I can tell you I’d absolutely be upset with any 70k auto investment with these kinds of QC issues. I will be holding off my Model Y purchase until I hear that Tesla Fremont has their act together. Very disappointing.

  • Bruce Miller
    Bruce Miller7 månader sedan

    I'm glad SpaceX rockets are not built on the same line.

  • Jackson Brown
    Jackson Brown7 månader sedan

    Yeah at 70K I’d be disappointed with most of these flaws. I still like where it’s going.

  • Eric P
    Eric P7 månader sedan

    Is this proving that Tesla owners are like Jeep owners. They know it's riddled with issues, but still buy it.

  • [ ]
    [ ]7 månader sedan

    Basically, don't be an early adopter if you don't want to deal with these issues.

  • Osimmac
    Osimmac7 månader sedan

    2:10 the customer IS the quality control ! :0 gud way to save money

  • Joe Vento
    Joe Vento7 månader sedan

    For this price point it should have the quality control of a LEXUS!!!!!!.....NO EXCUSES.

  • Mike Messiah
    Mike Messiah7 månader sedan

    These Tesla customers shown here are the problem of the society. Their hard-on for Tesla is whats causing problems for all future Tesla owners.

  • Kuya Arbee
    Kuya Arbee7 månader sedan

    I don't even have a Tesla Y but a Volvo XC40 :P But you make watching the Tesla Y reviews very informative and very technical! very enjoyable to watch! glad to see that you're not afraid to critique the car etc. You are right about the first and second groups lol the second group is the worse! those that see Tesla cars as THE BEST! just because they're fully electric........ I'm glad with your unbiased reviews and opinions on your car! you have an amazing vehicle!

  • James Velvet
    James Velvet7 månader sedan

    Remind anyone else of early computer adopters? All kinds of software/hardware issues but in the end, they still sold boatloads. Tesla is an infant when it comes to vehicle production. Give them another decade and (hopefully) their lack of any quality control will be fixed. Or, they can do the smart thing and stop building car bodies and sell the drivetrains to companies that know how to assemble a vehicle. Think Tesla/Lexus love child ;-)

  • Fabio Bermudez Pippo
    Fabio Bermudez Pippo7 månader sedan

    wait for the roadster

  • Z M
    Z M7 månader sedan

    For a 60k car, I'd drive this into the middle of the service center and would leave until I had my $$$ back.. any other manufacturer would have a class action lawsuit against them already. Absolutely unacceptable

  • Fred Drake
    Fred Drake8 månader sedan

    Living 185 miles from a service center I can’t bring myself to consider a Tesla until they build a service center near me. Who can drive 185 miles five times to get initial quality issues fixed? That would be a true fan of the vehicle.

  • Michael Fagan

    Michael Fagan

    7 månader sedan

    Mobile service can fix many issues in your driveway

  • Stealthy
    Stealthy8 månader sedan

    Imagine what kind of quality issues there are under the hood

  • CosmicMicron
    CosmicMicron8 månader sedan

    Just humour me for a second. Change the word Tesla with any of these words (House,Car,Boat,Cabin) in the following sentence: '' I bought a brand new Tesla but i had to immidiately do some repairs. It is totally fine even though i did not have a Tesla for a few weeks after i got it but i am really happy with it. It is the best Tesla i could have even though i am still not done with all the repairs and the producing company does not wan't to fix all the issues. But it is ok because they just started 9 years ago to make Teslas so i do not blame them at all. In fact i think it is impressive to deliver a brand new, quite expensive Tesla with so few mistakes. '' You people are crazeeeeeeeee...... Bugs Bunny got nothin on ya..... like some other guy said under, you are being EXTREMELY soft on Tesla to avoid triggering the Tesla fans... that is not ok.

  • MJM
    MJM8 månader sedan

    I really really want a model Y but don't know if I should wait a few months or even like 6 month for time to go by to see if these issues go away. I know they will its just a matter of time. I love Tesla a lot that I can't wait to get one its just these issues that hold me back a little. I do have a car right now so its not like I need one, but I just want a Tesla ever since I heard about the company in 2013 cuz I just don't want to pay for gas any more and why get an ugly electric car like a Prius or a leaf or volt or something like that when can get a Tesla for the design and simplicity and autopilot especially that's the main selling point I thing. anyway having said all the what do u guys thing does waiting make sense or? would like to hear from the community and current Tesla owners. THANKS

  • Dennis Ferrara
    Dennis Ferrara8 månader sedan

    I have been pretty happy after delivery in mid-May. My rear seat is slightly misaligned, my driver's door mirror wouldn't hold the setting, there was a rattle in the driver's door, and the windows don't roll up over rough road surfaces. The mirror was replaced, and the door rattle was a loose bolt in the roll up mechanism and was fixed. Other than that no other issues have materialized. I am still eagerly waiting for the software update where I can open the glove box via voice control.

  • mark
    mark8 månader sedan

    Hey serious question, is the model y glass roof sunburning your head? I was always worried about that

  • Roberta Conroy
    Roberta Conroy8 månader sedan

    haggling with Tesla now about fixing a paint bubble on my Y about the size of a small fingernail which was identified by them at delivery. Car now has a bit over 1k miles and Tesla told me that I needed to come in before 100 miles or it is not covered! uhmmm...

  • Mick Mick
    Mick Mick8 månader sedan

    While people accept - that they are the quality inspectors, Elon will happily let you do it.! The worry should be, if this is how sloppy their quality control is on things you can see - what is the state of the things you can not see ....Scary thought, could be some expensive fixes for the customer further down the line - maybe - maybe not ?

  • Veselin Nikolov
    Veselin Nikolov8 månader sedan

    That’s not reality, BMW cars spend on average 3 months in for service the first 5 years

    OMG my SPLEEN8 månader sedan

    As an auto technician at the Fremont factory working on these vehicles every day off the line, I can tell you that what you guys are seeing doesn’t even scratch the surface of issues we see fresh off the line. Firstly, the Y is built in a damn parking lot tent assembly line with no A/C and overworked/Undertrained associates. Second, We’re talking about hundreds of cars with no brakes, no coolant due to negligence during assembly causing damage to the hoses, broken bolts for just about anything (as simple as an aeroshield to major like a subframe/motor mount) interior leaks in the high voltage batteries, loose suspension, brake calipers not bolted on, and vehicles with major chassis/party CAN issues preventing the vehicles from driving entirely. Most of these issues take hours or sometimes even days to diagnose let alone resolve. On top of that there are so many messed up cars in our repair queues that we have no room to park them anywhere so they’re scattered along the factory, collecting dust, aging and at risk for damage. All the lines care about is the number because that’s what they post. “Oh we build 600+ cars a shift” but the reality is only about 60% have made it out the door right away with only a few minor issues. Quality is not a motivator anymore. It hurts me to see it.



    2 månader sedan

    @Daniel Pánek trust me, I know it’s the people running the business. The product itself is really good but they’re just focusing too much on numbers while letting QC slip.

  • Daniel Pánek

    Daniel Pánek

    2 månader sedan

    I think this is not problem of brand, but problem with people in this brand. Specialy management who cares about employee and should watch them how they do their job. If this happen often (as you say probably does) they should fix this. Quality first!

  • Prius Driver

    Prius Driver

    3 månader sedan

    @Jay Lybik the ones built in China actually do have quality.



    3 månader sedan

    @Robert Frank I totally understand why they are doing it. It’s just painful for me and the fellow employees to experience. I will say this though, whatever comes into our shop, we put extensive care into every repair we make to be sure the vehicles are safe for the public. It makes me feel good at least when I bring a car from borderline undrivable to roadworthy. They are very cool cars and extremely nice to drive but as said, we need more factories to relieve this pressure and bump up QC.



    3 månader sedan

    @Ken Duong it’s frustrating. Favoritism and greed runs these companies

  • Kashparrot
    Kashparrot8 månader sedan

    I'm curious what's the ownership history for these anecdotes. $60-$70k can get you very nice luxury cars where these quality issues would be unacceptable.

  • Another Tesla
    Another Tesla8 månader sedan

    Elon Musk can make rockets land and reuse them but he can’t make panels align on a car?

  • Eddy Beaupré
    Eddy Beaupré8 månader sedan

    What scare me is, if so many visible defect pass QA at the factory, what about less visible ones? Coametic issues won't affect the car useability in the long term, but what about over/under tork bolts, or misaligned composants in more critical parts ou the vehicle? And if your nearest service center is 650km away, fixing theses issues can be a real headache...

  • StiX
    StiX8 månader sedan

    Tesla owners are like Apple owners. - There are more people in the Apple store for repairs then there are for buying the product, but people are so into the cult they will overlook all their shortcomings

  • Excell Puget Sound
    Excell Puget Sound8 månader sedan

    The business model of which I am reminded is that of Microsoft windows, where Microsoft continually released software with the expectation that customers were their quality control process and that software issues would addressed over time. It is one of the reasons I chose an Apple. Up to now, I have experienced all these youtube videos as whiney obsessive compulsive early adopters. Your video is making think long and hard about whether I should take possession of the Model Y I ordered.

  • Pedram Ghahremanloo
    Pedram Ghahremanloo8 månader sedan

    Correct! I totally feel you. I have had a list of 12 minor issues on delivery (VIN 15K) - Some of them were taken care of. - I have some noise rattlings that haven't been taken care of yet. - And a minor 1mm dent I gave up on it because of inconsistencies on repair strategies from Service Center and my concern about discoloration. - Three Appointments so far. - Booked one more and I still love the car. I am working to make it right as the car I want. - I will probably buy Tesla again but next time a used car. (Whats the point of new if you have imperfections?) [List of issues: 1- Panel Gap and Doors alignment, 2- Rear Light Alignment, 3- Rattling Drum-kit Noise on rear seats/or/trunk ? (They haven't fixed it on previous appointment) 4- 1mm dent on door, 5- Condensation in Rear Light, 6- Scratch on Exterior Door Trim, 7- Coat Hanger issue, 8- Air Bubbles in the Mirror, 9- Rattling Seat Belt, 10- Scratch on Clear Coat on Frunk Lid, 11- Dirty Interior Trims 12- Dead pixel on backup camera] - Did not decline cause - (1) I did not want to wait for another 2-3 months - (2) No guarantee the replacement had no issues as you said - (3) I did not notice all these issues on a hot sunny pickup day in front of factory. I just wish this part of the process end, and I don't need to visit Service Center anymore during this pandemic.

  • Richard Piper
    Richard Piper8 månader sedan

    Tesla needs to really focus on their quality deficiencies if they are to meet their long term ambitions. There is too much inconsistency which is going to start stalling sales once they need to sell beyond early adopters. They will not make progress in Europe until they can at least start to get close to VW, Audi, BMW and Mercedes Benz standards. Hopefully the Berlin produced cars will prove a turning point.

    DEEREMEYER18 månader sedan

    Why should they go away? Teslatards keep putting up with the "issues" and worshlpping at the altar of Elon The Icon.

  • Ken Ing
    Ken Ing8 månader sedan

    By the way the model y it's a sports coupe not a SUV and you're wasting your time those who have drunk Tesla's Kool-Aid cannot be persuaded

  • United Federation of KFC
    United Federation of KFC8 månader sedan

    If cars sold at 15 to 20k have excellent quality Tesla has no excuse.

  • littleAZN248
    littleAZN2488 månader sedan

    As the owner of a model 3 I love the cars tech but the build quality and part quality is laughable. Coming from an SQ5 which is in the same price class ($65k), the model 3 does disappoint. However, once you start driving all that stuff fades away. I do question my model 3’s longevity though.

  • SpAceX Fan
    SpAceX Fan8 månader sedan

    If another car company sold the same technology just think how much it would cost.

  • Matej Hećimović
    Matej Hećimović8 månader sedan

    It would literally make me crazy... few years old car is in beter condition... 😔

  • dave mitchell
    dave mitchell8 månader sedan

    How you telsa owner guys put up with this rubbish is beyond me ..seriously !

  • dave mitchell
    dave mitchell8 månader sedan

    if you've got shit quality on the outside you can see...whats hidden that you cant !

  • Anthony HT
    Anthony HT8 månader sedan

    I guess Tesla buyers are accepting this load of troubles because the competition isn't nowhere near to offer such a good product as the Model Y for the price, but when that changes, sympathy might disappears.

  • Rick Lyon
    Rick Lyon8 månader sedan

    I don't think I could spend $50k+ on a brand new car and have so many QA issues. It's almost insulting that they weren't caught and fixed prior to to leaving the factory.