Tesla Model Y Review | One Year Later

The Model Y has been out for one year, and I'm breaking down my experience owning the car for the past year.

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  • Ryan Shaw
    Ryan Shaw6 månader sedan

    Model Y True Cost: seblacks.info/cold/video/fWd6yZWFgpiIlaA.html

  • ward robinson

    ward robinson

    15 dagar sedan

    @August Coen p

  • hazel rigby

    hazel rigby

    Månad sedan

    it’s just uu

  • Justin Marden

    Justin Marden

    5 månader sedan

    @skyflyers6 depends on which version you have, but recently Tesla has not included auto lane change with the standard Autopilot.

  • skyflyers6


    6 månader sedan

    You said in video you had to disconnect autopilot to change lanes. With auto pilot on, Just signal the lane change all the way to stop and car will change lane when safe. No need to disconnect autopilot

  • Building Project Tesla

    Building Project Tesla

    6 månader sedan

    I live in Seattle Washington

  • slade willson
    slade willson2 timmar sedan

    I hope Elon watches this …

  • Bob Stone
    Bob Stone9 dagar sedan

    Excellent job. You speak well, smoothly, and don’t throw in a lot of useless words as some people so.

  • Max Flight
    Max Flight11 dagar sedan

    20:00 ? I’m curious , I thought there was no lumbar adjustment on the Y ! This is great news

  • Max Flight
    Max Flight11 dagar sedan

    Your car looks fantastic in Red. It’s a shame it’s additional cost.

  • Amzo Tall
    Amzo Tall13 dagar sedan

    Someone needs to explain to me the reason why this car has such a ridiculous price here in Sweden. 720,000kr for the long range that amounts to pretty much $85,000. You can pretty much buy two cars in the US with that amount. 🤯

  • Anton Emil
    Anton Emil18 dagar sedan

    I’ll buy a model 3 when the Berlin factory opens and I know it’s coming from there, with the longer lasting iron batteries and with the structural battery pack

  • Jake Vo
    Jake Vo20 dagar sedan

    this kind of review will make people to buy Tesla right away :D

  • Jon Van Natta
    Jon Van Natta24 dagar sedan

    The wheels are easily repaired. Costs about $150 and you can not tell that the wheel was damaged when they are done. In the Portland area, Wheel Kraft can do the job--they come right to your door. Takes maybe a half hour. I'm sure there are other mobile wheel repair companies in any big city.

  • Les Profiteroles
    Les Profiteroles24 dagar sedan

    Hi, can you tell me how about the seats? As i know Teslas dont have any genuine leather or fabric. Are you sweating on the seats?

  • Scruffy
    Scruffy29 dagar sedan

    Best review out there. Straight to the point. You mentioned that you are a musician and have no intro or background music in your video. You can't imagine what a plus that is.

  • maria cornwallis
    maria cornwallisMånad sedan

    I live 5 miles from a hydrogen gas filling station. I have just orderd a Toyota Mirai, stuff your EVs.

  • doug hilson
    doug hilsonMånad sedan

    How can I get a referral code from you?

  • Ryan
    RyanMånad sedan

    Booked that test drive and I’ve got a savings plan

  • Donna Vello
    Donna VelloMånad sedan

    Ryan, I am so worried about the very small back window as I use my rearview mirror a fair amount. How long do you think it will take to get used to that? I found that looking at the screen is distracting. Thank you.

  • John Breaux
    John BreauxMånad sedan

    The door handles look like they should be the opposite layout. Thumb to the left, handle to the right. And if they had a 360 camera you'd probably not hit the wheels. You could literally see the curbs!

  • Paul Reed
    Paul ReedMånad sedan

    Great review, really well presented

  • lou guerra
    lou guerraMånad sedan

    great info about the y model THANK YOU

  • gannetripple
    gannetrippleMånad sedan

    Very useful but not a single mention of the environmental aspects of EVs. Should be a top reason for buying electric - or not.

  • Blake Griffin
    Blake GriffinMånad sedan

    great review

  • jada detorres
    jada detorresMånad sedan

    The brash avenue consecutively melt because man unlikely step given a domineering archeology. hurt, descriptive book

  • Vladimir Mitrovic
    Vladimir MitrovicMånad sedan

    Genraly is good car. You pay 60 000 $ + 10000 for autopilot . And after many fixing u can drive. U have to get use to rettling. Constant charging . Winter drain. On cold wait to warm up.. mostly is ok

  • Dean Zellman
    Dean ZellmanMånad sedan

    where can I find a link to the charging referral?

  • Wackelpudding 0_0

    Wackelpudding 0_0

    Månad sedan

    In the video description

  • Jason Barker
    Jason BarkerMånad sedan

    thanks for the informative video and info about the drive quality

  • Edward LeBeau
    Edward LeBeau2 månader sedan

    Ryan, I don't know what kind of a channel you have to communicate with Tesla, but I am hoping you could pass along a suggestion. The Model Y has a nice audio system (not great) but very enjoyable. It has a short coming that could be addressed with a software change. You may be old enough to remember audio receivers (a combination radio and tuner/amplifier for a stereo system). Because of the inherent power curve in these devices, they never sounded as good at a low volume as they did at a higher volume. It takes a disproportionate amount of power to make the high and low spectrum adequately and appropriately balance in volume. So on the receivers they would have a loudness button or boost button that altered the internal equalizer to raise the volume on the ends of the sound spectrum. I think it would be great for Tesla to put a button on the equalizer that would boost the volume on the low and high spectrum and low volumes. What do you think?

  • Ted Pert
    Ted Pert2 månader sedan


  • Wackelpudding 0_0

    Wackelpudding 0_0

    Månad sedan


  • Jamie Steiger
    Jamie Steiger2 månader sedan

    Could you be more boring? You could put Elon Musk to sleep with this review.

  • simplelife4213
    simplelife42132 månader sedan

    By far the best Model Y review on youtube. Straight to the point with pros and cons. Great work.

  • Travelocation Films
    Travelocation Films2 månader sedan

    Thank you for an honest review.

  • daily driven H2
    daily driven H22 månader sedan

    nice video the model y long range price has gone up a bit in just a few months as of june 2021 is at 52990$

  • J A
    J A2 månader sedan

    Ryan, have you any indications of when the Model Y will receive the 4680 battery pack?

  • Malu Snediker
    Malu Snediker2 månader sedan

    Excellent review. Very helpful!

  • Huy Nguyen
    Huy Nguyen2 månader sedan

    Tesla is having trouble in China. Building factory there is a mistake. China always interferes to favor local companies and steals your tech. Should’ve built somewhere else.

  • Jaysean Cornelius
    Jaysean Cornelius2 månader sedan

    Ryan shaw I know you are chef crouton\agent peters\leader peters

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    dan olson3 månader sedan

    whats your referral code to order my tesla y?

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    coffeephish3 månader sedan

    You nailed this!

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    Rob Mack3 månader sedan

    Great video!

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    wajdynasser3 månader sedan

    Do you have a video about all the credit we can apply for? Pls put in a link

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    Steve Clark3 månader sedan

    Best most objective view I have seen. thank you.

  • Wackelpudding 0_0

    Wackelpudding 0_0

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    @Rуап Shаш scam

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    Thanks for watching, for more investment tips W...h...t...s...a...p...p +1...2...7...0...3...1...0...5...2...7...5,

  • Starrynova
    Starrynova3 månader sedan

    Auto lane change should be in default autopilot, even Hyundai Elantra has this feature now for gods sake, in a car that costs 25K!

  • neojng
    neojng3 månader sedan


  • Alan Freeman
    Alan Freeman3 månader sedan

    Sound system by "Bong and Olafson"? I'll have some of whatever you're smoking! 😉

  • Jacob Earl
    Jacob Earl3 månader sedan

    Bro there was a van in the system that got way to close

  • Gary Morrison
    Gary Morrison4 månader sedan

    I gather you’re a drummer (true)? Can you fit you trap set in the Model Y?

  • Ryan Shaw

    Ryan Shaw

    4 månader sedan

    Yep! Incredibly easy with rear seats folded.

  • Woodrow Monte
    Woodrow Monte4 månader sedan

    All the good reviews are from places with no winter.........Tesla does not work in the cold.

  • Scott Delinger

    Scott Delinger

    2 månader sedan

    Tell that to all the folks with them in Canada.

  • Gautam Kakani
    Gautam Kakani4 månader sedan

    Hi Ryan...since you mention the global chip shortage and how Tesla moved to new semiconductor chips and microcontrollers, are you aware the delays in releasing the newly manufactured model Y/3 are on hold as Tesla doesn’t have the firmware for these chips yet? My model Y along with 40+ others that were manufactured at end of April, are sitting on the lot at my local Tesla store, because Tesla will not let these vehicles be delivered since firmware is not ready.

  • Nick Losardo
    Nick Losardo4 månader sedan

    Excellent review

  • Ron Sexton
    Ron Sexton4 månader sedan

    The performance package doesn't seem to give you a choice on the tires. Is this true?

  • Suzanne Friedline
    Suzanne Friedline4 månader sedan

    Ryan, love your channel and videos. Do you know if we can move the seat warmers to the outside of the screen? I live in Florida and am accidentally turning seat warmer on when trying to tap the AC up or down. Can we move the seat warmer icon to far side of the screen? I never need those and I’m accidentally tapping them way too often. Thx!!

  • Douglas Martyn
    Douglas Martyn4 månader sedan

    Only saw this video today for the first time and it’s amazing how many of your ‘annoying ‘ features which I also experienced on my U.K. 2019 model 3 have now been fixed over air. How about an update? We are still waiting for model Y here and I think I’ll change to it just for the higher driving position and ease of getting in and out. Haven’t seen a Y in real life but it does seem to be just an ‘overweight’ ( can’t say fat anymore) model 3 and I doubt if it’s as pretty. ( neither car is really beautiful) but in 54 years driving; the model 3 is the best driving car I have ever had.

  • Kunal Kalra
    Kunal Kalra4 månader sedan

    100% accurate review. Owned the car for around 8m but no longer drive it because of the horrible suspension. I upgraded to Unplugged based on his other review but still very choppy

  • Chris Wood
    Chris Wood4 månader sedan

    Questions only pertinent to me: Can I fit a stand-up double bass in the back?

  • Rave Reviewer
    Rave Reviewer4 månader sedan

    Really enjoyed your video. I am expecting my first electric car, the model Y in a couple of days. Now I am a little nervous that I ordered the 20 inch induction wheels… But they look so nice!

  • Rave Reviewer

    Rave Reviewer

    4 månader sedan

    @Main Stream Digital absolutely. Received my Model Y with NO issues!!!! Love it! I know that you will too!

  • Main Stream Digital

    Main Stream Digital

    4 månader sedan

    Well... Should I get one?

  • IndyStry
    IndyStry4 månader sedan

    5:13 "...confidence in that the car knows what is around you" TESLA: I think that's not a minivan on the left, I think its a sedan. Hilarious timing.

  • Daniel Mears

    Daniel Mears

    4 månader sedan

    Wouldn't want to crash into either

  • jammer117
    jammer1175 månader sedan

    how about the reliability?..I heard so many issues plaguing tesla.

  • a.joseph
    a.joseph5 månader sedan

    Does Tesla deliver the car to your house on a new purchase?If so is there a Tesla tech there to explain all of the car features?

  • Rascha
    Rascha5 månader sedan

    Volkswagen ID.4 has been crowned World Car of the Year 2021... E. Musk left the chat

  • Bill Klatte
    Bill Klatte5 månader sedan

    Thank you. Ryan! Your videos on the Model 3 and Y were the best I've ever seen. Clear. Unbiased. Very helpful as I decide about getting a Tesla. I have now subscribed to your channel. Thanks again. Bill

  • Rуап Shаш

    Rуап Shаш

    3 månader sedan

    Thanks for watching, for more investment tips W...h...t...s...a...p...p +1...2...7...0...3...1...0...5...2...7...5,

  • royland walker
    royland walker5 månader sedan


  • Muhammet Kılıç
    Muhammet Kılıç5 månader sedan

    There must be display in the front. That’s the only thing I dont like

  • Lisa B
    Lisa B5 månader sedan

    Your videos are very informative and helped cement my decision to buy a Model Y. I would love to see a video or get your opinion on the need for paint protection film. Other Tesla owners talk about Tesla’s soft paint and I’m debating getting a partial wrap on the front of my car.

  • Wayne G
    Wayne G5 månader sedan

    Needs a HUD!

  • petropzqi
    petropzqi5 månader sedan

    No talk about robotaxi?

  • Status1200
    Status12005 månader sedan

    Until they convert every gas station in the country to have at least one supercharger I don't think this is going to be adopted by the mainstream. But I don't understand is why Tesla doesn't make a deal with every McDonald's and put at least one at every site. They should think outside the box to get more people to buy these because range anxiety is very real.

  • Gicheol Lee
    Gicheol Lee5 månader sedan

    Hi Ryan, super helpful videos. Thank you! Quick question: Does the non-refundable order fee $100 not go towards the car purchase price in the US? (So basically, it's not used as a deposit, correct?)

  • sherdog1602


    5 månader sedan

    It goes towards the purchase of the car

  • Michael Milian
    Michael Milian5 månader sedan

    Can’t you use the turn signal to change lanes in auto pilot?

  • Ryan Shaw

    Ryan Shaw

    5 månader sedan

    Only with “auto lane change” included in the FSD Package

  • Rigo Ibarra
    Rigo Ibarra5 månader sedan

    Do you have any information as to when and if the Tesla Model will have a 400 mile range? I think I want to wait for that range since that certainly would get rid of my range anxiety. By the way, I love your reviews!

  • Hugh Huang
    Hugh Huang5 månader sedan

    The auto pilot software might cost $100,000 USD in the future, so if you can afford it, you should get it now.

  • 7210690
    72106905 månader sedan

    Tesla is a crap car with excellent commercial strategy if we can call this contraption a car.

  • Sweet Boxers
    Sweet Boxers5 månader sedan

    I knew I heard that stunning sound system before “Audi’s Bang & Olufsen” .... love it! Love my Tesla Y

  • Taky Akhnoukh
    Taky Akhnoukh5 månader sedan

    Please tell people that Tesla model my very bad car you can buy, bad body, side camera loosing. But I thin that is business to lie

  • Steve Walsh-Balshaw
    Steve Walsh-Balshaw5 månader sedan

    Home electric is prohibitly expensive in the UK

  • Lasana Twyman
    Lasana Twyman5 månader sedan

    On a road trip,how do you drive more than 2 hours without stretching your legs or using the bathroom or getting something to eat?

  • MrBeantrees
    MrBeantrees5 månader sedan

    I'm confused by Tesla's website. How can they get away with so little information to their customers? For example, I've learned from SEblacks that the Model Y uses a heat pump to save energy (whereas previous models do not use a heat pump). Yet, Tesla does not provide this data anywhere in the specs. How is a consumer to make an informed decision?

  • Gaming-Zombie13
    Gaming-Zombie135 månader sedan

    Tesla Model 3, Y, S, & X are Amazing EV Cars...

  • Travel David
    Travel David5 månader sedan

    One should not be on the road for several hours, without taking a break for 30 minutes. This is Safety, not for you, but for all people around. I like that charging takes like 40 minutes and costs 8$, instead of gasoline for 80$. We live in a world that's full of stress it's not good to be driving for 5 hours straight

  • Joe F
    Joe F5 månader sedan

    No shame in curb rash..but good point on sticking with stock wheels

  • Pavlos De Jesus
    Pavlos De Jesus6 månader sedan

    Am sold. Getting my MY in December..thanks man.

  • Pavlos De Jesus
    Pavlos De Jesus6 månader sedan

    Well done mister! Thanks from NYC.

  • Michael Rudowski
    Michael Rudowski6 månader sedan

    I drove from TN to IN in my model 3 (standard).....what would be a 6 hour trip in a gas car ended up being an almost 9 hour trip in the Tesla...had to stop 3 times and each stop was about 45 min each..not to mention the charging station locations were a little sketchy..I would not do it again and would rather go with a car rental...tesla as a road trip car is a no go for me at this point.

  • Anton Vanhoucke
    Anton Vanhoucke6 månader sedan

    I like the quality of your video! Do you use a teleprompter?

  • actionjh
    actionjh6 månader sedan

    My SCE rate came out to be $0.184/Kwh. $90.36 / 491Kwh = $0.184/kh (2/17/21 - 3/18/21) D-CARE rate. Would you mind checking your SCE bill again? $0.16/kwh sounded a bit low for the L.A. area. Please make sure you've combined generation cost + delivery cost or just divide the monthly bill by the kWh used. That's the most accurate per Kwh cost for home charging. Thanks for great videos. PS: I wished I could buy your Hond Fit for $500.

  • Niles Graham
    Niles Graham6 månader sedan

    The unknown aluminium preliminarily label because report radiographically miss sans a whimsical duck. acceptable, jumpy kidney

    ALB TROSS6 månader sedan

    that's it the rough ride did it for me

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    Schwaka6 månader sedan

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    Ryan “I’m a musician” Shaw

  • Ryan Shaw

    Ryan Shaw

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    www.ryanshawdrums.com/ instagram.com/p/CK9N0OCgxdO/?igshid=ifdgan5eocb5 instagram.com/p/B7Jp8FjgpHy/?igshid=xl9s2ztnegv4 www.gretschdrums.com/artists/ryan-shaw Enjoy.

  • voltron3015
    voltron30156 månader sedan

    You are right about waiting because of improvements and updates. I received my 2021 in December of 2020. Now the current newer 2021s have a improved center console! I am still satisfied with my car, awesome engineering. Once EV ranges improve to 400 to 500 mile range on charges, it will be mainstream by then.

  • Len Imbery
    Len Imbery6 månader sedan

    I just picked up a SR from inventory...glad that I got many of the recent upgrades like dual pane windows, new console, heated steering wheel etc.

  • randy K
    randy K6 månader sedan


  • Ty
    Ty6 månader sedan

    It needs air suspension!!! I was wondering why it was so bumpy on my test drive. Thanks for clarifying and letting me not feel crazy for thinking how harsh the ride was.... Beautiful review can’t wait for more videos *subscribed :)

  • Ty


    4 månader sedan

    @Kunal Kalra just drove the 2021, and yeah still bumpy (sigh) and with not being able to toggle the regen throttle, convinced me that it was a no go for the Y.

  • Kunal Kalra

    Kunal Kalra

    4 månader sedan

    Did you drive the 2021 one. I got the very first edition - wondering it’s better now

  • beilkster
    beilkster6 månader sedan

    16:26 "i wake up in the morning".... feeling like p ditty? NOPE, "and my car is charged up for the day". I really want someone to do a remix on this!!!

  • Jimmy Ngai
    Jimmy Ngai6 månader sedan

    9:56 switch to a smaller wheels, it should give you a better ride

  • Kirk Shalosky
    Kirk Shalosky6 månader sedan

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  • BigDJay
    BigDJay6 månader sedan

    2K VIN also! I just hit 23k miles today; no maintenance, no issues, no regrets! Cheers!

  • Anurag Dighe

    Anurag Dighe

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  • Ricardo Arias

    Ricardo Arias

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  • Eddie Marohl
    Eddie Marohl6 månader sedan

    What's cool is that I'm the only person in my family that can be used to regenerative breaking even though we have an atv that does the same thing

  • Yaish Matheen

    Yaish Matheen

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  • David Sims
    David Sims6 månader sedan

    Hey Ryan, I have watched several videos where you refer to your road trip video to Washington. I for the life of me cannot find the video. Can you drop a link to that video?

  • Vincent Roy
    Vincent Roy6 månader sedan

    You'll laugh, at 8:00 you tell us to schedule a test drive, and I was texting a tesla rep for this exact same reason !!! Great Job for the videos 🤙

  • John G
    John G6 månader sedan

    Is lane changing on autopilot REALLY only part of FSD? I didn’t think it was, and feel I’ve experienced otherwise!

  • J Biggs
    J Biggs6 månader sedan

    This is a great summary Ryan. I've been watching your channel since before you received your Model Y. Almost 90K subs. That's fantastic, and a testament to the work you've put into building your channel! Now it's time to order a Roadster 2 :)

  • Don Tannenbaum
    Don Tannenbaum6 månader sedan

    Is there a rumor that the Model Y may get air suspension? I have it on my Model S and it is much better than my first Model S. I was thinking of going to the Model Y for my next car but I really like a smooth ride.