Tesla Partners With Everybody

Tesla partnering with other EVs, Cybertruck in 2021? Auto Shift for all cars, FSD Summon updates, and more!

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    MIA SUCKS AT LIFE😐Månad sedan


  • deg3363
    deg3363Månad sedan

    Always a superb reporting Ryan. Thank you. You must have a great Team. 👏🏾👏🏾👏🏾👍🏾

  • Gaming-Zombie13
    Gaming-Zombie13Månad sedan

    Hope Tesla think about making Motorbikes...

  • Fjau Ge
    Fjau GeMånad sedan

    They accelerate the semi because theyve changed feom battwry constrained to chip constrained y guess power packs will notice an increase too.

  • Schack G. Lystrup
    Schack G. LystrupMånad sedan

    You make great content dude, keep it up😎

  • Enermax Stephens
    Enermax StephensMånad sedan

    Partnering? I was kinda hoping we'd see a survival of the fittest blood bath. Where all these legacy manufacturers were made to pay for their complacency and lack of innovation. Where most of them died. And only the ones who could somehow manage to catch up, by the skin of their teeth, didn't go out of business. So like 3/4 of them just go under and disappear.

  • Aleksandr Medvedev
    Aleksandr MedvedevMånad sedan

    As a current Tesla owner, I am very disappointed by a decision to open up Superchargers to everyone. If it happens, my next EV is probably not going to be a Tesla. The only hope is that the promise is as real as the promise of FSD "by the end of the year" ;-)

  • Dev Derrick
    Dev DerrickMånad sedan

    Those outro poses that look alike haha

  • jabareo
    jabareoMånad sedan

    Tesla opening up their superchargers to other manufacturers could be a nightmare until charging is ~5 minutes.

  • Carl Stapleford
    Carl StaplefordMånad sedan

    one of the main reason I brought a tesla, was because tesla had dedicated chargers, but if it becomes free to tesla owner to charge, that would make me feel a lot better lol

  • John George Bauer-Buis
    John George Bauer-BuisMånad sedan

    I expect that Telsa will open up Superchargers in Europe first, and come to North America later.

  • Paul Round
    Paul Round2 månader sedan

    Wireless charging is so inefficient that it kind of negates the point of an EV in the first place. You are looking at coils separated by inches meaning that the power wasted is going to be in excess of 50%.

  • m Cave
    m Cave2 månader sedan

    IF Ford, Chrysler, and GM EV future buyers think they will build their own Charging stations guess again. When have you seen a chrysler gas station? YOU will pay Tesla for charging, no choice. Besides all these legacy automakers have to build a national network of charging stations? yeah right, they too busy spending money on advertisement.

  • Colin Noble
    Colin Noble2 månader sedan

    disappointed that in 2017 I paid $6,800 extra for FSD which at the time was called "enhanced" Which promised all the features of FSD. but now to actually get FSD I have to pay a further $5,300 (total 12,100 ) so much for buying early and giving up the use of the capital for 4 years... Should not be a fee for early purchasers

  • Billy Crutchfield
    Billy Crutchfield2 månader sedan

    In my Opinion when you Buy a very pricy Tesla All computer and software upgrades should be included for as long as you own the car .

  • DrThunder2004
    DrThunder20042 månader sedan

    With Elon's tweet, I don't think that means Tesla is working with other OEM's. They talked about making an adapter for other plug types and then connecting directly with the customers, rather than trying to go through the other OEMs.

  • Tjzhdicfh Getfjt
    Tjzhdicfh Getfjt2 månader sedan

    The capable morocco subjectively print because history muhly step abaft a soft diamond. thinkable, unusual pine

  • Jeff457
    Jeff4572 månader sedan

    Europe uses CCS2 Tesla chargers. So anything bar the Nissan Leaf could charge without problem.

  • Noah Boddy
    Noah Boddy2 månader sedan

    Switching from a horse & buggy to an automobile was strange, charging an EV by driving over magnetic coils, not so much.

  • Noah Boddy
    Noah Boddy2 månader sedan

    That hardware upgrade may qualify as fraud. If I bought a Tesla expecting it to have everything needed for FSD and had to pay more later to support FSD, I would pursue Tesla for fraud.

  • William Whitman
    William Whitman2 månader sedan

    The cost of driving an electric car will increase significantly in the near future. Electric utilities are planning on substantially raising rates for motive electricity consumption, and governments at all levels will be applying new taxes and fees to electric car users to cover the cost of maintaining infrastructure and supplementing general funds. Meanwhile, the cost to fuel hybrids and ICE-based autos will decrease as the supply of gasoline and diesel drives down prices. The sad thing is that because over 65 percent of electric power is generated by fossil fuels (a situation that is not changing soon), electric cars will not be delivering the promised freedom from dependence on coal, natural gas and other fossil fuel sources.

  • xxNATHANUKxx
    xxNATHANUKxx2 månader sedan

    Although I've never used it, I dont like the idea of the auto shifting feature. For the sake of a few seconds to do it yourself vs the potential annoyance of you car getting it wrong or the inconvenience of swiping rather that just using a shifter instead

  • vtwinbreed
    vtwinbreed2 månader sedan

    lol Indiana doing anything with their road.. That road is going to be full of potholes in less than a year.

  • Richard Chapman
    Richard Chapman2 månader sedan

    We don’t have a Supercharger network in Western Australia so Tesla are welcome to open the network up any time they like if it means they’ll actually build us a proper network.

  • iCon_xB2Gen Rich
    iCon_xB2Gen Rich2 månader sedan

    They’re trying to partner with Tesla because it’s hi-tech

  • 2riskis2live
    2riskis2live2 månader sedan

    Title is misleading.

  • Ron Stuurman
    Ron Stuurman2 månader sedan

    How about the big part of the cost of a Tesla , Musk stated himself that buyers pay extra for investing in building the Supercharchers but i don't hear something like money back since other EV's can use them without spending extra money for that

  • Manuel Barkhau
    Manuel Barkhau2 månader sedan

    They should introduce surge pricing on the chargers, based on time at the charger, rather than per kWh.

  • William Whitman

    William Whitman

    2 månader sedan

    I have already confirmed that this will be the case. Remember, that as an owner of a Tesla, you are a revenue source for Elon Musk to fund the colonization of Mars.

  • Makise Kurisu
    Makise Kurisu2 månader sedan

    Maybe Elon wants to share the cost of operating and building the supercharger network!

  • Grant Posell
    Grant Posell2 månader sedan

    One thing a lot of Tesla owners forget is that they can use Electrify America, Chargepoint, and EVgo etc. A lot of these chargers don’t see Tesla’s in Texas and across the country. That would reduce congestion for Tesla’s and allow others to also use the network as it opens.

  • Bryan Ferguson
    Bryan Ferguson2 månader sedan

    Should be $1,000 that converts to a credit to cover monthly fees

  • Mowens
    Mowens2 månader sedan

    Model Y appears to be missing from existing inventory searches on their webpage. (For me at least)

  • Hassan Mohamed
    Hassan Mohamed2 månader sedan

    those forms of energy transfer waste so much energy. if we are focused on climate change the coil idea isn't a very good one for energy consumption

  • Dana Gould
    Dana Gould2 månader sedan

    They have two Gigapresses for producing the front and back frames for the Model Y are already installed and operating in Giga Texas. They would have to install and calibrate two more Gigapresses for the Cybertruck frame if they plan to produce the Cybertruck before the Model Y this year and that's highly unlikely. I think I read that the Cybertruck requires an even larger Gigapress than the Model Y, so they can't just use the currently installed Gigapresses.

  • Clearphish
    Clearphish2 månader sedan

    The $1000 charge for the upgrade should remain, but it should come with 5 months worth of subscription. That way, tesla gets its money and the owner gets the promised vehicle capacity. They could even bump the charge back up to $1500 and deliver 7 months worth of subscription.

  • Victor Seal
    Victor Seal2 månader sedan

    In Europe all Tesla’s with their CCS plugs can charge at any charger network stations available with no kickbacks from other companies. So, why not the other way around ?

  • Andreas Dahlslett

    Andreas Dahlslett

    Månad sedan

    @Victor Seal Yes, I think its strange that US Tesla has not also changed to CCS like EU Tesla. Would streamline production.

  • Victor Seal

    Victor Seal

    Månad sedan

    @Andreas Dahlslett In some ways I suspect it depends on which continent you live on. The mindset in Europe is different to the one in the Americas, they seem more amicable to the idea mainly because of the flexibility that’s already there for Tesla owners to charge anywhere !

  • Andreas Dahlslett

    Andreas Dahlslett

    Månad sedan

    @Victor Seal Yes, but to be fair to those who have bought a Tesla. There needs to be some cost for new users also. Like if they have to pay a sum per month, or some up front (like 500usd).

  • Victor Seal

    Victor Seal

    Månad sedan

    @Andreas Dahlslett Hi. Good point. Although, however you finance a project, the more customers you have and generally the more profit you make !

  • Andreas Dahlslett

    Andreas Dahlslett

    Månad sedan

    Mostly public money was used to build those. Tesla never got public money to build superchargers.

  • desertdan100
    desertdan1002 månader sedan

    Tesla just dropped to the level of all of the other major car companies. They don't care about the Environment or their customers. They just want to put the screws to them. All subscriptions are is another way to fleece their customers. Does everyone remember the Altruistic motivation or bill of goods we were all sold. Tesla wants to save the world and give their customers more car for less money. They want to make EVs affordable to everyone in the future. You would buy a Tesla and the car would get updates to make it better and better as you own the car. Not we will force you to pay and subscribe forever. Not you will pay 50,000 or 60,000 dollars for your car and like a cell phone it will be outdated and unreliable shortly after you buy it and will need to buy a new one. Not well that you use our service we got you and you will pay whatever we say you will pay. What's next is the same business model as apple. Remember when apple was awesome before Steve jobs left us. Yup , now Tesla is no different than the money grubbin big 3 . I was seriously considering buying a Tesla cyber truck or Model X . Now I found out they want to start doing all of this stupid stuff. Who hasn't been around computers , phones and tablets screwing up freaking out or getting hacked or viruses. Now you want to make the entire car rely on that same system. No gear shift, no buttons , no redundant or separate mechanical systems. I am a repairman. For 30 years plus I have been fixing things and dealing with computers and DDC systems. I have mountains of experiences with failing computer systems and electronic controls. This is stupid.

  • Jhereg CG-60
    Jhereg CG-602 månader sedan

    Street charging will never work....salting roads, potholes, heating and cooling expansion, etc. etc.etc. Remember Solar highways?

  • Alumriel
    Alumriel2 månader sedan

    Everybody except Apple and Android apparently....

  • Edison Ng
    Edison Ng2 månader sedan

    $16,000 repair fee if you hit a curb and broke a single plastic valve of the battery coolant. Tesla asks you to replace the whole battery. LOL. Make sure you have tons of money to burn with this car.



    2 månader sedan


  • Robert Stitt
    Robert Stitt2 månader sedan

    One of the main draws Tesla has is it's nifty supercharger network. I don't own an ev but looking at the integration Tesla has with it's supercharger network and navigation and route planning it's just leaps and bounds above any other ev maker. Now if non Tesla's are able to charge at the superchargers that widens my options as to which ev to buy...can you say Ioniq 5? If I were a Tesla owner I think I'd be a bit mad that they are doing this. From what I gather, even though the supercharger network is large there are times that it can be overwhelmed by traffic during peak travel times. With the inclusion of non Teslas I see this as getting worse. Furthermore, the Tesla owners seem to be a considerate bunch and charge and go instead of hogging a charger. Not so sure that others would/will have the same consideration. As for specific stalls for non Teslas. That would still cause congestion at the stations. I have read that Tesla, at least in Europe, is doing this so that they will be included in various tax and or subsidies for expanding their network. As a proprietary network those tax incentives and subsidies are not available to them currently. Be interesting how this pans out.

  • machoopichoo2
    machoopichoo22 månader sedan

    If older model Tesla owners didn't buy FSD back in the day, they were never going to be able to get it, until the subscription service was offered and this became a possibility. Just pay the $1K to get the new computer, you cheapskates. If not, pay $10K and get a free computer and never pay for FSD again.

  • Mark Reed
    Mark Reed2 månader sedan

    We have the CCS charger adapters in Europe on all new Tesla chargers so easier BUT I can see a 4G adapter needed or they won't know how to charge the cost on another vehicle unless other manufacturers include the hardware which I doubt.

  • kilgary
    kilgary2 månader sedan

    The fact is we pay a $7,500 premium for a Tesla (no Federal Tax rebate) vs any other electric car. That pain was slightly offset by knowing we have exclusive access to the supercharger network. Opening the network to other manufacturers when slots are limited - especially in CA - seems like a massive incentive to buy a Ford Mach-E instead of a Model Y. Doesn’t seem smart until there’s triple the super chargers there are today.

  • Miles in AZ
    Miles in AZ2 månader sedan

    Hoping Q2 2021 earnings includes a detailed update on 4680 progress. Whatever the status, on time or ramping more slowly than anticipated, TSLA needs to let investors know. IMO.

  • Nissan Patrol GR 3.0 Di Turbo
    Nissan Patrol GR 3.0 Di Turbo2 månader sedan

    I think the delays in Berlin are a damning indictment on German bureaucracy. Shanghai has shown how it is done, Texas started 6 months after Berlin and will be finished a few months earlier. This will be the last car factory ever built in Germany. If Tesla had chosen Poland, it would have been done already...

  • George Orwell
    George Orwell2 månader sedan

    I'm pissed beyond believe !!! This completely destroys the commodity of buying a "Tesla"... This actually will have a negative effect as I know many tesla owners that will dust off their old diesel cars on seasons of greater congestion (summer and x-mas holidays.... ) Guys... this is really bad. Maybe Elon could generate a priority line for Tesla charging ? Imagine the amount of Nissan Leaf and Zoe's trying to use the Superchargers....

  • Marie Nguyen
    Marie Nguyen2 månader sedan

    They definitely need to boost up number of charging stations then. They should charge a premium to use their supercharger network for non Teslas OR even better charge the other car manufacturers for access to their network so as to minimizing direct and ongoing costs to other EV owners. The supercharger network is a HUGE reason for purchasing a Tesla and so they decrease their “value” somewhat by opening up to other EVs. I think it would still help with adoption of EVs and as long as thought out and planned for, then I am supportive of it because other car companies won’t do a thing.

  • Matthew Huszarik
    Matthew Huszarik2 månader sedan

    If Tesla Semis do come with ~500kWh it would be by far the lowest return on batteries Tesla has by a large margin. It makes no since to produce the semi unless you have a huge excess in battery production.

  • oldkayakdude
    oldkayakdude2 månader sedan

    Given that Tesla has horrible track record of changing pricing constantly... and a poorly designed ssd usage with their internal logging, was this hardware price gouging not expected?

  • Matthew Huszarik
    Matthew Huszarik2 månader sedan

    In California they are putting in Superchargers everywhere and it isn’t just a couple at each site it is dozens.

  • Captain Obvs 2

    Captain Obvs 2

    Månad sedan

    that's not true. wdym "everywhere"?. every charge place is always full. and it's not everywhere at all.

  • Matthew Huszarik
    Matthew Huszarik2 månader sedan

    It makes since if Tesla’s true goal as they have stated is to electrify all transportation. They have said all their patients are open to all manufacturers so it just makes since to work with others to reach their ultimate goal.

  • N S
    N S2 månader sedan

    Always interesting🖤👍

  • Tony Notstated
    Tony Notstated2 månader sedan

    But sometimes when I'm driving, I use the turn signal to fake other drivers into thinking I am going to shift into their lane or not. How will that work now?

  • Tony Notstated

    Tony Notstated

    2 månader sedan

    @MICHGO1 It seems sarcasm is lost on you.



    2 månader sedan


  • Liam Robins
    Liam Robins2 månader sedan

    I feel like 20% of these videos is this guy showing how Tesla’s are sooo great but at the same time he can’t afford the better cars so he tries to convince himself that he made the right choice even though the more expensive cars will always have the better features

  • Robert Curry
    Robert Curry2 månader sedan

    Also does fsd work on snow covered roads?

  • cr 305
    cr 3052 månader sedan

    What about a city that does not have a lot of super chargers but lots of other Evs besides Tesla. Now you stress a limited Tesla network with other cars. I feel like this is a bad idea until they build out the current infrastructure to handle all these cars just ordered in q2 and q3. Some folks depend exclusively on them bc they live in apartments or their house cannot be fitted with a charger bc it’s too expensive or too old. I completely understand the pressure to do so with almost every car manufacturer coming out with some evs to throw into the mix. Take care of your base first Mr Musk!!!!!

  • Andreas Dahlslett
    Andreas Dahlslett2 månader sedan

    It will open in Europe first, as the chargers there already use CCS connector.

  • Rob Beedle
    Rob Beedle2 månader sedan

    I think the hardware upgrade should be free regardless of if you get self driving or not. Tesla lied plain and simple. This hurts you resale value even if you don’t want to use it.

  • Colin Merrilees
    Colin Merrilees2 månader sedan

    Great video as always. For the wireless charging, as many comments have pointed out, that's probably not cost effective or power efficient for real world use. I do however think that there is legs in the concept of an overhead power cable (or possibly embedded in the tarmac) that is positioned above the left lane on highways for heavy vehicles (trucks / buses, etc) to draw charging power from a pickup conductor above the vehicle (much like an electric tram/train does). There is a fundamental issue with the power demands and economics for electric Semi trucks at the moment. Half the gross weight would be battery, and the numbers just simply don't stack up. The charging infrastructure required to convert the current freight fleet demands don't add up, and trucks can't be sitting around charging for 60-90 mins every 4 hours. If they had an independent battery range of say 100 miles, and were able to charge while travelling on highways between cities, that would solve the freight trucking model all together. Just IMHO at least!

  • Matthias Fritz
    Matthias Fritz2 månader sedan

    the others will queue up and see Tesla having no wait time. making them consider a Tesla next.

  • xmightyxquinnx1
    xmightyxquinnx12 månader sedan

    I think it was a little vague about self driving hardware, like you said it had some so it wasn’t a lie but still. I also am very worried about sharing the network, one I feel like he has a monopoly on stations right now plus I worry about rival competitors using their vast inventory’s of cars to essentially push out Tesla at stations as a move to make them less popular. Lastly will Tesla’s be able to use the other charging networks as well? I’m all for the planet I just don’t want to see one of my idols get screwed. At least not until we live on Mars lol jk

  • Ken Seehart
    Ken Seehart2 månader sedan

    Pretty clear to me that the hardware upgrade should be free in all cases. Otherwise critics are 100% accurate to say Tesla lies. I will be upset if a third upgrade is needed for FSD and that upgrade costs anything. By pre-paying for FSD, I am entitled to get level 5 automation no matter how many upgrades it takes. Similarly, value of FSD should follow the car when sold or traded in. To do otherwise lacks integrity. I prefer to think of Tesla as having integrity, so these issues feel uncomfortable to me.

  • Felix Guilbeault
    Felix Guilbeault2 månader sedan

    Wireless charging will make those electric semi trucks, not just practical, but real game changers!

  • Dominic Bartholomeo
    Dominic Bartholomeo2 månader sedan

    Tesla owners wouldn't have to worry about non-Teslas at the superchargers if they were also able to use EVgo or Electrify America chargers without an adapter. It goes both ways.

  • DASA12MC
    DASA12MC2 månader sedan

    wireless charching uses more energy and it comes most likly from the fear of running out of battery and have to wait 15 min. at a supercharger on roadtrips. There is no problem with plugging in.

  • Robert Perry
    Robert Perry2 månader sedan

    If Tesla opens up their SuperCharger network, then the other auto manufacturers need to buy into it so that there will be enough money immediately available to rapidly expand the number of operating SuperChangers to handle to number of other cars that will be in line to charge up. Remember that all of the other auto manufacturers worked to kill the Tesla company all along the way.

  • Ken Campbell
    Ken Campbell2 månader sedan

    Ok, odd thing. I used to work on a manufactory line for semi trailers. How will Tesla semis hook up to non-tesla semi-trailers. Trailers are a different market for this shipping companies. I have seen nothing in regards to if Tesla will pull a great dane refeer.

  • Rudy Castillo
    Rudy Castillo2 månader sedan

    What about byd?

  • Thaddeus Walker
    Thaddeus Walker2 månader sedan

    Charging on the road is something every vehicle can use. just put a permanent magnet under the car and accelerate the vehicle. If it is electric it can use Regen braking. If you find this idea dumb please explain the difference. Tesla has no interest in using universal infrastructure. No one is going to charge their vehicle in a quarter mile. wireless charging didn't make it inside Teslas until user feedback, not engineers first.

  • Maverick21FM
    Maverick21FM2 månader sedan

    Tesla opening up the supercharger network for non Tesla vehicles makes me excited for the new F150 Lightning coming in 2022-2023. I want one and this just reinforces that sentiment. For the record I currently own a Chevy Bolt EV.

  • J . P Goodwin

    J . P Goodwin

    2 månader sedan

    For what it is worth check out Sandy Munro's tear down of the Mach E. Curates Egg, excellent in some areas and designed and built to require high maintenance in others

  • geemy geemy
    geemy geemy2 månader sedan

    wireless charging while driving with decent efficiency means you could use energy straight to the motors without storing it and have small battery EVs with infinite range..could be the future but I can only see it viable when all cars are electric. it could start too for buses with predefined routes, could be cheaper to equip the routes with coils than make buses with big batteries and if the coils in the cars are cheap it could start as just parking and once enough cars are equipped,start. building the roads with coils

  • cresbydotcom
    cresbydotcom2 månader sedan

    It makes sense to open up superchargers to all EVs, just like petrol stations have the same fuel for everyone. But to do it needs a quid pro quo, like Gov seed capital, money from other EV makers, higher electrity pricing for non Tesla vehicles, Annnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnd....... the adapter sold at premium only from Tesla (revenue stream?). Until all Tesla superchargers have the right connectors. Of course, if Tesla don't do it, governments will legislate for it, so don't argue with the president............

  • geemy geemy
    geemy geemy2 månader sedan

    if Tesla superchargers are congested with non Tesla cars, it means that are generating lot of revenue from charging and can invest in more superchargers. also means that people pay for a converter which kinda "locks then in" with Tesla. if this happens, it means it would pull the rug out from electrify america or whatever charging network trying to grow. but anyway if Elon's "mission" is real he should embrace competition and interoperability which is a key factor for a wider EV adoption. plus If EV manufacturer want to target families to own only EV's. they will have to provide charging infrastructure so that travelling is possible even during peak holiday. also even if they open SC to everyone, they can still offer different prices to control demand. when SC are empty they can offer better price than other networks. when they are full they can increase the prices to avoid congestion for Tesla owners

  • geemy geemy
    geemy geemy2 månader sedan

    supercharging is already open to ccs in europe

  • geemy geemy
    geemy geemy2 månader sedan

    selling computer to people that already paid fsd try lol capable car...I don't see people paying more than 200 per month that's already a steep price. 75% of Tesla's owners didn't pay for fsd so I guess if they can generate more income with lower price it's a win win. customers are happier and more likely to stay loyal to Tesla if they are resubscribed to FSD

  • XBlackStarX7
    XBlackStarX72 månader sedan

    Never buy a product based on a promise, things change through time. This is a lesson Tesla owners know all too well

  • H BassetHound
    H BassetHound2 månader sedan

    They better not partner with those pesky cats!

  • Artus Artischocke
    Artus Artischocke2 månader sedan

    Tesla sleep with everyone, nice

  • Martin Woods
    Martin Woods2 månader sedan

    Lucid Motors merger confirmed with CCIV Churchill Capital IV - see Lucid's twitter page for official confirmation.

  • Martin Woods
    Martin Woods2 månader sedan

    Lucid Motors merger confirmed with CCIV Churchill Capital IV - see Lucid's twitter page for official confirmation.

  • zodiacfml
    zodiacfml2 månader sedan

    wireless charging is more suitable for home garages where charging speeds are slower, less heat generation or less power loss.

  • Walter Wong
    Walter Wong2 månader sedan

    Tesla production will increase 4x from 2020 and 2022. The charge network needs to match it. Add non-Teslas, maybe around 500,000 vehicles, thousands more chargers are needed. I'm ok for non-Teslas to charge in Tesla Super Chargers as long as they are charged a premium (15% - 20%)

  • zodiacfml
    zodiacfml2 månader sedan

    I'm leaning to Model Ys being built first in Texas. Elon tweeted CT will have rear wheel steering and other "great" things and these are not presented on the CT presentation years ago.

  • joe michele
    joe michele2 månader sedan

    SC Share = "A BAD IDEA" ......................... For Tesla Sales ....

  • LiiMuRi
    LiiMuRi2 månader sedan

    As a non-Tesla EV owner, I really hope they'll open the supercharger network to other users fast. They can charge extra for it, I don't mind. I would only use it occasionally, but it would really help when doing longer trips.

  • BizzMRK


    Månad sedan

    I would absolutely not mind having other EVs charging at 250kW charging at Superchargers but something like a Nissan Leaf for example would only charge at around 50kW and block the super charger for a very long time.

  • David Kantor
    David Kantor2 månader sedan

    Add charging stations to all gas station location

  • Robert Nicholls
    Robert Nicholls2 månader sedan

    Anyone doing research on the effects of all this EMF radiation on the human body? We just don't give a damn? This can't possibly be healthy. Imagine highways full of such radiation. Humanity, not caring about the consequences of our actions, 500 years and counting.

  • sphumelele ngcamu
    sphumelele ngcamu2 månader sedan

    Can someone tell me what tesla is planning for the continent of Africa. No one seems to realize there's a whole continent without a tesla

  • Sebastian Sztuka
    Sebastian Sztuka2 månader sedan

    Opening superchargers for other cars is terrible move. They are already full. Did 3000km in Europe in the last 2 weeks and most places 80% were in use

  • Thorkild Ipsen
    Thorkild Ipsen2 månader sedan

    I love my model 3LR and the Tesla super chargers, however I charge 98% from home and only use the super chargers on longer trips. I fully support the opening of charging networks, and that everyone does that. We are already seeing new fast charging network (apart from Tesla) opening up in Denmark, and I would love to have one account (etc Tesla), and the car could then use that account on all charging networks… PS: The “slim” connected is not use in my Tesla and in Europe I believe. We use the standard Type 2 connected, also used by other brands…

  • Reggie Bald
    Reggie Bald2 månader sedan

    Smart looking car! Will I ever get out, once in?

  • Paul Underdown
    Paul Underdown2 månader sedan

    As a Tesla owner I would have doubts about other manufacturers using Tesla supercharger. I will worry about waiting times, perhaps through software tesla could limit other manufacturers to only 30 minutes charge just to give them enough charge to get to a suitable charger of another brand but at the same time they will speak to test the owners and see that with a 30 minute charge they can get a good range of miles and therefore their next car will be a Tesla TV

  • yootoober2009
    yootoober20092 månader sedan

    Tesla should make a new separate division to make separate chargers and charging stations for and with other car makers... Other OEMs will put up half the cost of each charger and station but they will operate like any other Tesla chargers... OEMs can save half of their charger R&D and get as many stations as Tesla car owners, a win win for all.

  • Adam1993
    Adam19932 månader sedan

    He raised model y prices again. I’m hating this bs

  • tigertoo01
    tigertoo012 månader sedan

    Tesla will be happy to install more chargers with more revenue

  • tigertoo01
    tigertoo012 månader sedan

    Yeah Tesla are going to find it difficult to explain the extra cost since they have already publicly stated all cars have the hardware for fsd.

  • Joe King
    Joe King2 månader sedan

    I remember when there used to be electric buses and they were connected to wires over the roads!

  • Joe King

    Joe King

    2 månader sedan

    @David Kantor Yeah, I used to use a manual typewriter. Things sure have advanced in that area! No more using white out liquid, LOL!

  • David Kantor

    David Kantor

    2 månader sedan

    You probably also remember a thing called a manual typewriter with a return arm and bell. I remember the electric P car in L.A. that had a bell. Quiet and fun to ride in.

  • Matthew Boyd
    Matthew Boyd2 månader sedan

    Wireless charging on interstate for less miles need to be built and if you have enough range just to get to it you no longer need to worry about range, and then getting every (or at least most parking locations with 1-10% of parking spots) to be wireless for when you arrive would be perfect (but cost will probably be a big issue and perfect alignment might be the other) I'll just Supercharge though, but might be nice as a side perk. 🤗

  • Joe King
    Joe King2 månader sedan

    So is Tesla going to charge people with other cars trying to make a profit from the charging business?



    2 månader sedan

    WHY NOT?