Tesla Roadster Competition | Faster Than Plaid

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Tesla Roadster Competition for the 0-60 Throne! Rimac, Ferrari, McLaren, Aspark, and many more.

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  • Ryan Shaw
    Ryan ShawMånad sedan

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  • vladimir curkoski

    vladimir curkoski

    Månad sedan

    Stop calling RimaC with K it's C because Croatian like Serbian is you wrote how you talk and you read how it's written. It's superior than any other lenguages are but it's easy to remember (It's supirior den eni oder lengvidžiz ar bat it's izi tu rimembr)

  • Fett Mane III

    Fett Mane III

    Månad sedan

    Just an FYI a car does not get better specs than the Model S Plaid if it does not exist.

  • shaunjeff45 pillar of light
    shaunjeff45 pillar of light2 dagar sedan

    Tesla is doing a great job in the vehicle world, why would anybody want to buy a million dollar car, when they are to expensive to Is maintain.

  • Strictly Charts
    Strictly Charts4 dagar sedan

    Tesla all the way

  • Omar Janjua
    Omar Janjua8 dagar sedan

    these are all sportscar, but tesla plaid is a sedan!!!

  • Don Doit
    Don Doit8 dagar sedan

    So something doesn’t make sense here, if the roadster will go 0-60 in 1.9 seconds, so why one should buy the roadster instead of plaid?

  • Gun welds
    Gun welds9 dagar sedan

    I'm confused in the beginning of the video you said all the way to 200 miles an hour yet no tesla has ever done that speed or anything close to it.

  • Cane Corso Family
    Cane Corso Family13 dagar sedan

    Idiots why spend millions when tesla beats them all for way less

  • Roy Rauch
    Roy Rauch15 dagar sedan

    Would be quite interesting if Tesla went to 4 motors in the roadster president's edition for that additional $50K.....Just a speculation as it was due out last year.....The SpaceX option is ONE SYEP BEYOND, what a easier 4 motor vehicle should be capable of. Ryan enjoy your well thought out opinion pieces, please keep us advised on any new Tesla advances!

  • Richard Zedman
    Richard Zedman21 dag sedan

    wow ice sports cars are as good as dead when you got ev family sedans doing 0-100Km under 2 seconds its insane normal cars cant compete with that and if they do they are very complex like lots cylinders twin turbos usually a very complex ice set up

  • Charles Traylor
    Charles Traylor23 dagar sedan

    Rich boy toys Tesla for the win

  • Tim Luther
    Tim Luther23 dagar sedan

    Good luck taking it to the local drag strips ----- I think Elon forgot to read the rules book. Basic NHRA Safety Rules All cars must meet NHRA Rules and pass technical inspection This is general information only and you should always refer to the current "Official NHRA Rule Book". Street Cars The following items are required for a vehicle and driver to pass tech: Good tires, a solid battery hold down, radiator overflow reservoir, functioning neutral-safety switch, seat belts, and a valid state driver's license or NHRA competition license for all participants. The driver must wear long pants, closed toe shoes, and a shirt. 13.99 seconds (8.59 1/8th) Drive Line Loop with slicks Approved helmet (Full face in open cars), see below SFI 3.2A/1 Jacket in vehicles equipped with non-OEM nitrous oxide, turbochargers or superchargers 13.49 seconds (8.25 1/8th) Roll bar in convertibles SFI seat belts in convertibles 11.99 seconds (7.49 1/8th) Steel Valve Stems Arm Restraints (open cars) 11.49 seconds (7.35 1/8th) SFI 1.1 or 1.2 Flywheel / Clutch SFI 6.1, 6.2, 6.3 or 9.1 Flywheel shield SFI 3.2A/1 approved jacket 6 point roll bar SFI approved seat belts 10.99 seconds (6.99 1/8th) or Super Street SFI 4.1 Transmission Shield, or at 135 mph Locking transmission dipstick tube Aftermarket axles and axle retainers SFI Harmonic Balancer Roll Cage with altered floor pans, or 135 mph - Window net required Ignition cut-off on all bikes / snowmobiles that exceed 135 mph 9.99 seconds (6.39 1/8th) or Super Gas or 135 mph NHRA Chassis Certification NHRA Competition License SFI jacket & pants 3.2A/5 SFI neck collar & gloves 3.3/1 SFI 29.1 flexplate / 30.1 flexplate shield (AT equipped cars) Full Face Helmet meeting Snell or SFI specifications 150 mph Parachute

  • Drampa Dreg
    Drampa Dreg26 dagar sedan

    These "Faster" cars are shaking in their boots waiting for the Tesla Plaid software update. And Tesla give you way more for your money, even the Model 3 is far better than any car in it's price range like the Toyota Camry. Tesla also makes battery storage back up for hydro grids that their car owners can hook up to and donate excess power and get paid for it. Australia is using them now and they are preventing the brownouts they experienced, then there is the solar tech they are developing, and their amazing semi that will help truckers stay safer and make more money. Their Cyber truck and Pickup's are great for contractors as well, and have the torque you need in a truck. Great company, and you have to love someone who dies the right thing for the right reasons. And looking at the news these days, Tesla should be praised for trying to save the planet from the greed big oil generates not to mention the several types of pollution involved in the whole process of producing oil and gas. We need more people who care more about sustaining life than money but still manages to make enough to go to space. Imagine if all billionaires were thinking this way? Elon even left patents free for others to use in their electric cars, not typical at all. Bezo's rocket looks way too Phallic, makes me want to tattoo a urethra on the crown of his bald head. Bet vibrating models of it show up on Amazon!

  • Al Green - Light Through Glass
    Al Green - Light Through Glass26 dagar sedan

    They seem to be a big hurry scuse the pun. The big companies wanted drip feed but Elon lit a fire.

  • LennyZ1
    LennyZ127 dagar sedan

    All we’re missing is Tyco and TCR to start making EVs. Love to see some of my old Tyco/TCR cars in production. 😂

  • Robert MacCready
    Robert MacCready28 dagar sedan

    Multi-million dollar electrics. Only the fool who wants to part with his money will buy one. Now the Tesla Roadster, that's another story. They should sell a ton of them. Gonna put the other sports cars out of business. Why buy a Porsche or Corvette, or even a Ferrari when a 5 passenger Tesla can blow your doors off!!!

  • T M
    T M29 dagar sedan

    Rimac is in here somewhere too. Oh wait its the fastest

  • Emese Szorenyi
    Emese SzorenyiMånad sedan

    Most excited about? Tesla Model S Plaid Plus. And, of course, Tesla Roadster!

  • A K
    A KMånad sedan

    Rimac is pronounced "ree·muhts"

  • Troll
    TrollMånad sedan

    lol to the people paying millions to get smoked by a dad driving his kids to soccer

  • Hero Blake
    Hero BlakeMånad sedan

    Tesla roadster is still the best looking car in my opinion.

  • Claudio Cadalço Investimento Imobiliário
    Claudio Cadalço Investimento ImobiliárioMånad sedan

    the only real competitor against tesla is RIMAC, wich far ahead in the EV industry, porsche, vw, ferrari, etc... are almost 10 years behind, RIMAC started (2009), TESLA started (2003), so for those who made loads of money overpricing their junk petrol cars for long time, now its time for tesla, to put them all, in the trash bin.

    YEAP BOON YEE MoeMånad sedan

    Ferrari's sf90 stradale is fast than 298gtb



    Månad sedan

    Its a hybrid

  • Tim A.
    Tim A.Månad sedan

    The Rimac Nevera set 8.582 seconds, it will need to beat that. Nevera and Plaid weigh the same (2150kg). I expect a weight reduction from the roadster to be closer to 2000kg if the drivetrain doesn't change much. But if they achieve a 200kwh 4680 based battery pack then battery power potential perhaps doubles. 2200hp? I don't see how that would squeeze under 2000kg, but maybe Telsa might try and take down the Nevera?

  • Clifford Harrington
    Clifford HarringtonMånad sedan

    I'm gonna LMAO when Tesla roadster comes out and smokes them all, and costs 10 x less, they will all have egg on their faces. Good engineering is not just about creating the fastest, its about making it affordable, reproduceable and reliable. All of the hyper cars you just mentioned fall short by a long way.

  • Alexander Bayonne Stross
    Alexander Bayonne StrossMånad sedan

    Who cares. None of this is impressive. Wow, electric motors have torque. I love the cyber truck because it's something different but electric has always been quick anyone who owned an electric race track as a kid can attest. Lame.

  • Keith McFarland
    Keith McFarlandMånad sedan

    0-60 times for electric cars will soon become meaningless. They'll just go straight to the 0-100 and 1/4-mile times, instead.

  • shehbazinator
    shehbazinatorMånad sedan

    Elon is like Leonidas in 300, he made the god-king(even ICE supercars) bleed.

  • Rocky Ugsod
    Rocky UgsodMånad sedan

    Too many new electric car companies keeps appearing 🤔

  • kenny Ozone
    kenny OzoneMånad sedan

    There is no competition if their price range is in the millions. There a different class than the roadster..

  • Chris Kellas
    Chris KellasMånad sedan

    Tesla may not be the be-all end-all but the plaid certainly has great bang for the buck with performance at a sub $250,000 is in league with cars approaching 2 mill and above.... I could live with one for sure!

  • Coreas Kevin
    Coreas KevinMånad sedan

    I'm a corvette guy, but I gotta say I dod like the tesla when I drove it. Super cool fast car

  • rob
    robMånad sedan

    1.1 0-60 would be 2.49 Gs.. lmao..would be awesome

  • crabhat1
    crabhat1Månad sedan

    It's actually, "X is not the be all and end all," not, "...end all be all." I know, I'm pedantic but it does make me clench pretty hard....

  • ricardo alves
    ricardo alvesMånad sedan

    Rimac is the fastest e.v. Not Tesla plaid.

  • David Addington
    David AddingtonMånad sedan

    let the roadster get some rimac nevera and get that tesla ass spanked

  • One of a kind Kev
    One of a kind KevMånad sedan

    mean if the roadster ever comes out my old boss put a 50k deposit on it back in 2018

  • culcune
    culcuneMånad sedan

    So many Tesla fanboys here, bench racing a theoretical car. That being said, I am MOST impressed with a $150k Tesla sedan that runs 9.6 in the quarter vs. any of the overpriced Eurotrash. The Plaid is released and racing and taking names. Now, when I see an actual roadster released, then I will be even more impressed if it combines acceleration AND top speed for a fraction of the cost of overpriced Eurotrash cars. Until then, I will NOT compare 'it' to actual cars.

  • Dan The Man
    Dan The ManMånad sedan

    0_60 in 1.1 ? Retina detachments and fainting could be a real possibility. Huge liability for Elon.

  • 4 by 4 Squared
    4 by 4 SquaredMånad sedan

    It’s fine and dandy to say how fast your car is going to be and it does 200 miles an hour but Tesla has them on the dragstrip now.

  • Iovor Maegovannen
    Iovor MaegovannenMånad sedan

    They are called hyper cars because they are hyper expensive? The specs look at best marginally better then the plaids. They buy a plaid give it a new look and sell it for 10 times the price?

  • Ankush Panja
    Ankush PanjaMånad sedan

    Roadster any day ❤❤❤

  • john weber
    john weberMånad sedan

    I wonder when these guys that race these Dragsters/Rail cars will build a dragster with an electric motor or 5? I imagine someday someone will say, "You know, they used to use ICEs on these.

  • culcune


    Månad sedan

    Top Fuel Dragsters are impressive for them being so outrageous. The sound is INSANE. The speed is insane.

  • Gene Goodwin
    Gene GoodwinMånad sedan

    I watched this video to see the Tesla Roadster. I believe you strayed too often from what the video was suppose to be about, the Tesla,

  • Marko Hajdarović
    Marko HajdarovićMånad sedan

    Rimac Nevera the best!!!

  • Ivan Carlos Santiago

    Ivan Carlos Santiago

    Månad sedan

    It is not. For the price It is playing tricks

  • Andreas Klossek
    Andreas KlossekMånad sedan

    Rimac claims the car was designed to be very durable and could be driven hard. In addition to this, the car is technologically capable of Level 4 of autonomous ... Not to mention the dragmode Rimac put in there ^^

  • Darkslow27 Zagreb

    Darkslow27 Zagreb

    Månad sedan

    And what about drift mode, you forgot that

  • Andreas Klossek
    Andreas KlossekMånad sedan

    The Plaid Tesla Model S, did not all achieve the specs told us, today. But yeah, Roadster is more like, i wanted to have, then it would be better then a Plaid Model S ^^

  • Florencio Vela
    Florencio VelaMånad sedan

    cyber truck for the long range & plan to buy the S dual motor as well.i'm all invested in TSLA & I have a lot of solar to charge them both..i love spacex too

  • Carlo Fioretti Rizzante
    Carlo Fioretti RizzanteMånad sedan

    Tesla Roadster will be cheaper, and it will look/feel cheaper. Supercars have a totally different market.

  • Nekminute
    NekminuteMånad sedan

    Cant wait to flex my millions in front of all these homeless people

  • Tim Keller
    Tim KellerMånad sedan

    Hah, I love how the wheels on the Lambo look like copper coils on an electric motor.

  • A Guy
    A GuyMånad sedan

    I don’t consider the roadster to be a hypercar. It doesn’t match the rarity or the price point of a hypercar.

  • A Guy
    A GuyMånad sedan

    Hypercars are so expensive because you are paying for the badge. It exactly the same with designer fashion. You don’t buy Gucci because it’s “easy to use.” You buy it because of the name. Same with phones.

  • ßaron


    Månad sedan

    Not quite.

  • A Guy
    A GuyMånad sedan

    Can everyone understand that Rimacs are hand built, that’s why their so expensive. It’s hand crafted. By a “small” team in Croatia.

  • Agung Buana
    Agung BuanaMånad sedan

    Elon has many tricks on his sleeves. He does not want to reveal anything that is not necessary at this point. Elon let other manufacturers playing catch up. Tesla's technology is already so far ahead of them; I think that Tesla has technology that enables their car to go even faster than 1.8s on 0-60 and 8s on 1/4 mile, but there is no reason to release it now. When other manufacturers claim that they have products that can beat Tesla, Elon will reveal a new model that would invalidate such a claim. It's all a mental game to Elon.

  • Bo McGillacutty
    Bo McGillacuttyMånad sedan

    There goes Disneyland...done for just like GM. ;-)

  • Michael Manjin
    Michael ManjinMånad sedan

    Rimac is nothing more than a play toy for the rich. They stated they will only build a maximum of 150 cars. Each one is custom tailored for the buyer and is hand built. At $2.4 million per car it’s doubtful that they will ever sell more than a handful since realistically how many people are able and willing to drop that much on a vehicle. Further more very few people know or care about Rimac. However, millions around the world and counting know Tesla and Tesla Plaid.

  • Jedi OG
    Jedi OGMånad sedan


  • Eamon Stack
    Eamon StackMånad sedan

    Hypercar - immoral, shameful use of EV tech. Lets save the planet instead

  • Martin Woods
    Martin WoodsMånad sedan

    Makes the Plaid Model S look cheap. Should sell like hot cakes. The car you didn't mention is the Lucid Air tri motor - one prototype does exist and it could make for an interesting Plaid Model S competitor if it ever gets into production - no plans as yet; as Lucid is currently focused on producing their first customer vehicles for delivery in the second half of this year.

  • ynot watch this
    ynot watch thisMånad sedan

    I'm willing to bet the Tesla model s plad is limited by software. I can see a 20k upgrade fee to make it the plad +

  • Nick Zapletal
    Nick ZapletalMånad sedan

    I don't think most of these hypercar companies are pushing technology forward. They are pushing repackaging.

  • Rick Leggett
    Rick LeggettMånad sedan

    Tesla Plaid

  • David Gomes
    David GomesMånad sedan

    ICE cars are dead

  • R Fletcher
    R FletcherMånad sedan

    Tesla's new moto... "Where we're going we don't need roads"

  • David Gomes
    David GomesMånad sedan

    Tesla should have the normal Roadster as presented as well as the roadster speedster (I'd call it) take the 2 back seats away and add additional motors

  • Vuththiwat Tanathornkosithgira
    Vuththiwat TanathornkosithgiraMånad sedan

    I am highly doubt that any other company will able to produce any electric vehicles that will be faster or go further than Tesla just because of the engineer of every level Tesla is and will dominate over other companies BUT if they can it WILL BE VERY AWESOME 👌.

  • Vinod
    VinodMånad sedan

    Everyone is too far from tesla in terms of cost and performance.

  • Antonio AA
    Antonio AAMånad sedan

    Tesla has set the bar high.

  • Doan Trinh
    Doan TrinhMånad sedan

    How manufacturers beat the “old” Tesla Model S Plaid: Charge $$$ 10-20X

  • Gusto J
    Gusto JMånad sedan

    Ferrari ⚡️

  • Kyle Hubb
    Kyle HubbMånad sedan

    Ride The Lightning podcast with Franz; he mentioned that the Roadster will be better in every possible way. Ride The Lightning podcast with Elon; he mentioned that the Roadster will be better than the prototype specs. Even when the car was unveiled in 2017, Elon mentioned that those numbers were based on what the prototype was getting. Of course, the real deal will be better.

  • RJ 8U
    RJ 8UMånad sedan

    When I finally retired on ave of 55 I'll probably buy a Tesla Roasters with my Tesla shares 😄. I cared less than any of these so called hyper cars 💩.

  • Stormspark
    StormsparkMånad sedan

    $2.4 million doesn't count as a production car in my opinion.

  • James Hoffman
    James HoffmanMånad sedan

    The new batch of electric supercars is just one aspect of Tesla's success in re-orienting the world away from heat engines. One reason for Tesla to delay the Roadster is to give these classic super-car makers some room to succeed (before the final-spec roadster comes out and clobbers them all).

  • Dennis Martini
    Dennis MartiniMånad sedan

    How did we get from golf carts to hypercars so quickly? What precipitated their EV production? Would they have ventured in this direction without Tesla's trail blazing venture? I didn't know these manufacturers were dabbling in electrification?

  • Brad Armstrong
    Brad ArmstrongMånad sedan

    Tesla Roadster 2.5 w/ SpaceX HOT thrusters (6×) will accelerate, brake and turn around formula 1 tracks far faster than any car ever. Just sayin'

  • David Bosman
    David BosmanMånad sedan

    Seems to be a lot of vapourware cars on display here. I wonder how many of them will actually make it to market. Anyone can build a car on paper , actually putting it into production is a whole other story. Lol, I bet those “reserve” deposits are non refundable.

  • Sheldon Greener
    Sheldon GreenerMånad sedan

    I don't know how you only have 126k subs. You have some of the best TESLA related videos. Keep up the good work.

  • John Kinsfather
    John KinsfatherMånad sedan

    How are S and X sales doing? Are they a factor going forward?

  • Steve Stevens
    Steve StevensMånad sedan

    Tesla Kills Everything !

  • Bengal diva
    Bengal divaMånad sedan

    car @ 9:35 is basically Rimac

  • Curacars
    CuracarsMånad sedan

    I think only the tire companies are going to be happy. Of course it would be great to have all hyper cars switch to electricity, if the brands don't, they would become obsolete. I wonder when the first races will be held and see how long it would take before the battery is flat. Because most of these cars will only be useful on the track or to parade on a boulevard driving 10 mph.

    ELECTRIC SPARKMånad sedan

    What is mean " production car "?

  • Andrew L.
    Andrew L.Månad sedan

    8:39 *718 not 817

  • willyolio
    willyolioMånad sedan

    I think the gas thrusters won't shoot straight back. They'll probably be at an angle to help increase traction on the rear wheels.

  • Rusty A
    Rusty AMånad sedan

    I'm beginning to loose faith in Tesla with their false deadlines. Only cars that actually made the deadline, is the model 3 and y. Roadster, cybertruck, semi are all behind the deadline that was proposed. Elon is just an overhyped salesmen. I've lost faith with Tesla.

  • 1977sithlord1
    1977sithlord1Månad sedan

    There will always be suckas that will pay millions for a certain name, but hands down Tesla is the obvious choice in supercars🤔

  • dgasmd1
    dgasmd1Månad sedan

    Electric cars have now being mass produced and available for purchase for around a decade. And while all currently available compete with each other in range and 0-60 times, there is not a single sports electric car available for the masses. These one of for millions is for visual amusement and bracing rights to a handful of people with disposable money. Still, after all these years, all w have are wagons and suv. Baffling..........

  • dgasmd1


    Månad sedan

    Correction: wagons, suv, and sedans.

  • C Bromley
    C BromleyMånad sedan

    Actually, the Plaid is the ‘be all and end all’ really. Don’t know how we’re going to describe the Roadster. The rest are really in a race to the highest dollar. The upside will be the trickle-down technologies from these multi-million dollar beasts. But as objects of wonder, they’re a bit underwhelming.

  • Scott Mackey
    Scott MackeyMånad sedan

    What is the definition of “production” when it comes to determining if a car is mass produced versus hand built. Won’t that definition differentiate them from being considered the fasted “production” car?

  • ßaron


    Månad sedan

    @john weber what's annoying is, Guinness hasn't stopped moving the goal post: the number changed many times in the last few years.

  • john weber

    john weber

    Månad sedan

    According to Guinness, you must produce 50, to call it a production car.

  • Carlo Fioretti Rizzante

    Carlo Fioretti Rizzante

    Månad sedan

    It's still being "produced".

  • Commuter Branchline
    Commuter BranchlineMånad sedan

    Often with these hyper cars, it’s all about the exclusivity and rarity of the hyper car experience. For years these companies used top speed as a metric to claim they were the fastest, the best and often the most expensive. Then Tesla came along and destroyed that. With regard to Rimac (pronounced Ree mats) it’s a hand built carbon fibre limited production hypercar that very well deserves its $2.4 million dollar price tag. Given that the average Bugatti owner owns over 50 vehicles, it’s clearly an overt choice to own hyper cars. Those of us with more modest means can enjoy all the performance that Tesla has managed to bring to a wider market.

  • Sadid Khaleque
    Sadid KhalequeMånad sedan

    Im rooting for tesla roadster spaceX, cheap(hypercarwise) and crazy acceleration with a wild top speed!

  • Timothy Hudson
    Timothy HudsonMånad sedan

    Most of the working class can barely afford a Tesla Model 3. They have families and drive the speed limit. Please do a video on affordable cars

  • donjuanchoalberto
    donjuanchoalbertoMånad sedan

    No tiene gracia si el vehículo vale más de 1M Tesla keeps winning by price and performance

  • Aryan A
    Aryan AMånad sedan

    nio ep9 isn't a road car, it's the same deal as the ferrari fxx-k

  • smallgi2002
    smallgi2002Månad sedan

    These competitors can make any car they want but the cost won’t be compare with Tesla

  • C. Nile
    C. NileMånad sedan

    In my younger days, I used to drool over performance cars, now practicality is what wins me over. I live in Australia, so I can't afford even the cheapest Tesla, & even if I could I don't want anywhere near its power or range. Less performance means smaller batteries, & the option of essentially a second car with less power AND range would make it even more affordable & desirable. The sooner Elon stops doing ego power trips & builds cars for the average motorist the better, the US$25,000 Tesla could have shipped with the Model 3 launch. Get real you guys.

  • Roy excellent Alexander

    Roy excellent Alexander

    28 dagar sedan

    I like your description....ego power trips..like a 15 year old.

  • Rick Kay
    Rick KayMånad sedan

    Imagine the final specs from Teslas Roadster as they utilize what they learn from plaid. Petrol Fanbois always diss plaid and say "Nevera will smoke plaid!" in a vain attempt at downplaying Teslas accomplishments by comparing a hypercar to Teslas non-hypercar. - conveniently staying quiet about Roadster. It is going to slaughter every single one of these noob ev cars for a fraction of the price and get 2x the range. After driving to the track by itself it will lay waste to the clown show, then park itself in the owners sub/garage. Teslas got bigger fish to fry, but cant wait!

  • A Guy

    A Guy

    Dag sedan

    @Troll Ster no your the stupid one It’s called hand made Made companies do this, like McLaren, Rolex and etc

  • Troll Ster

    Troll Ster

    4 dagar sedan

    Tesla makes their cars by machines and robots stupid rimac makes their cars by hand lol

  • Chris Leiter

    Chris Leiter

    Månad sedan

    ​@A Guy So... leather, less wood, and some more displays is worth... [checks notes] $1.9m or more? I love 'hypercars' or even 'megacars', but they're not for "us". They're for big-time millionaires and billionaires who have nothing else to spend their money on. They cost so much because they build like 50 - 150 of each model. Period. Tesla sells about 1,000 cars a DAY. Economies of scale, features that meet costs, etc.

  • A Guy

    A Guy

    Månad sedan

    It’s a fraction of the cost because there no luxury in a Tesla. All you get is wood for the dashboard, fake leather seats and an iPad stuck in the middle.

  • Shubham Mittal
    Shubham MittalMånad sedan

    I really like Canva too, incredible easy to use

  • António Matos
    António MatosMånad sedan

    The fastest car ever...that dosent exist!

  • A-G


    Månad sedan

    It does? You can buy the Model s plaid right now