Tesla's Next Big Reveal

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  • Ryan Shaw
    Ryan Shaw2 månader sedan

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  • Sterling Michaels

    Sterling Michaels

    2 månader sedan

    Your closed caption is set to auto Vietnamese and when I hit Translate to English it gets worse, lol

  • jimbo Halsey

    jimbo Halsey

    2 månader sedan

    @fwaynedavis "The car would be too heavy" You said.... The small upcoming Tesla Roadster will have a 620 mile range battery capacity with the agility to maneuver like a race car and do 0 to 60 in 1.9 sec. You were saying what??!!!.....

  • jimbo Halsey

    jimbo Halsey

    2 månader sedan

    @fwaynedavis Looks like you don't know what you're talking about.. Acknowledging a reasonable price in a 500 range battery is as easy as looking at the cybertruck. $69,900 for a 500+ battery range.

  • fwaynedavis


    2 månader sedan

    @jimbo Halsey That will happen with the new battery tech later this year. Since the battery is over 50% of the cost, raising the cost another 1/3 would not be practical, plus the car would be too heavy. Its already about 5000 lbs The new batts will get it much closer to 500 miles or they will still have 300 miles but at much less cost and weight. a win either way

  • m b

    m b

    2 månader sedan

    The average person drives about 12000 miles per year. To generate the energy for that mileage you need only 8 or 9 solar panels.

  • Gobin Gopan
    Gobin Gopan6 dagar sedan

    Sije use at another Project ?😃😃😃🙏

  • Gobin Gopan
    Gobin Gopan6 dagar sedan

    High 60" Maximum Like !🙏 ( 4i )🙇 ( Long 72" )

  • Huzafahツ
    Huzafahツ14 dagar sedan

    12:44 what does this mean "tesla has 3 more years under their belt" will they stop making EVs after 3 years

  • Arthur Silva
    Arthur SilvaMånad sedan

    The Las Vegas loop is pathetic. Tesla is 90% a scam. Charging $10k for FSD, a feature that doesn't exist, is one of the ways you can tell this is a money grab and that Elon Musk is full of shit. The company stands on pure hype, thanks to millions of dumb fanboys such as yourself.

  • Joe Milbourne
    Joe MilbourneMånad sedan

    I have my fingers crossed that the Tesla van is similar to the semi in that the steering is central in the vehicle so that the likes that the UK and Australia and others can buy them without the extra cost of changing the steering from left to right !!

  • DangerNator
    DangerNatorMånad sedan

    I won't have to drive after my kidnappings.

  • AD BC
    AD BCMånad sedan

    I think that TESLA will do something amazing and it will most likely be the best available….. 🌀♥️🌀

  • John McDowell
    John McDowellMånad sedan

    Why doesn't Tesla make a "plug and play" platform for new models? Meaning a platform of front and rear castings with structural battery pack. This would allow Tesla to make many of electric models from the same plant. Cars,SUV, panel trucks and so on?

  • Graham Stevenson
    Graham StevensonMånad sedan

    Boring ! Tesla doesn't make an electric van, nor is it likely to for a couple of years. Why not focus on the companies making them NOW ?

  • God
    GodMånad sedan

    Imagine foldable solar panels? The van can have a see through roof but have this retractable cover that’s just solar panels.

  • tennisbum
    tennisbumMånad sedan

    I'm waiting for that van that doesn't drink gas

  • Graham Stevenson
    Graham StevensonMånad sedan

    Those 'product reveals' mean nothing if there's no product in the pipeline. Just where are the Cybertruck and 'semi' ? Truth is, the competition has overtaken Tesla before they even got to the starting line !

  • izuki moti
    izuki motiMånad sedan

    The ruthless plaster muhly test because direction exclusively preserve besides a piquant brother-in-law. aboard, beneficial bucket

  • Justin Wideman
    Justin WidemanMånad sedan

    You know you are a Tesla-stan when you are sponsored by Tesla to talk myths and hyperbull that lack gravity. They still have not done it dir their service van fleet or vagas "not-a-tunnel" so why would they now, or ever? Fords eTransit will mop the floor with a Tesla Bbus, and that's not cute or s-e-x-y.

  • Valery Laurent
    Valery LaurentMånad sedan

    I disagree with you, solar panels on trucks and vans ARE the Way to go!!!

  • Graham Stevenson

    Graham Stevenson

    Månad sedan

    Absurd nonsense. PV panels on vehicles makes no sense at all. Far better to use them where they can generate some useful power by pointing in the right direction !

  • G D
    G DMånad sedan

    Tesla should make their exterior a solar panel.

  • David Elliott
    David ElliottMånad sedan

    CyberVan would be great though corners would need two folds to avoid sharp edges. The Hustler range by British designer, William Towns back in the 1980s could be inspirational. He began with little glass boxes based on the old Mini but they evolved with the Jaguar based Highlander six wheeler.

  • David Elliott
    David ElliottMånad sedan

    The Rivian company has been operating almost as long as Tesla yet there is still nothing on the road.

  • Ken Munoz at MM&R Railroad
    Ken Munoz at MM&R RailroadMånad sedan

    When is Tesla gonna realize a large segment of the driving public don’t want a sedan or variant; give me a useful pickup- not that ugly ass lunar rover they call a pickup.

  • B M
    B MMånad sedan

    In addition to a commercial van, there is real need for a proper 7 seat van/estate car, decent third row seats and more luggage space. Increased ground clearance and approach angles. It could be longer to help aerodynamics.

  • Harmonica Man
    Harmonica ManMånad sedan

    Ahahahahaha! You actually think that your extra money is going to planting trees? You poor naive little fellow.

  • Harmonica Man
    Harmonica ManMånad sedan

    Do us all a favor, define "affordable."

  • Sammie&Grayton
    Sammie&GraytonMånad sedan

    a lot of flashy presentation-i have yet to see a cyber truck,or semi,or any other hd vehicle Where are all the electric trucks

  • carol Deeds
    carol DeedsMånad sedan

    Solar efficiency will have to increase considerably to make the installation of solar panels on vehicles practicable.

  • Dustin Cybercropz
    Dustin CybercropzMånad sedan

    cyber amphibious RV

  • shinobi_brian
    shinobi_brianMånad sedan

    If Aptera can put panels on their vehicles, I don’t see why this is so unrealistic for the Cybertruck

  • John Siders
    John SidersMånad sedan

    Makes sense for use like UPS local delivery trucks

  • yeloStand
    yeloStandMånad sedan

    We have a Maxus eDeliver 3 which started shipping to the UK recently (not sure about US?) Quoted range is 199 miles but we're getting in excess of 220+ miles. Fast charging as standard (which is not the case for all vans). It was also cheap. By the time we factored in tax write-off and government EV grant we purchased for around £15,500 GBP (around USD 22,000). We got lucky with the grant though, the incentive has since been reduced from £8k to £3k. Maxus seems to get overlooked because it's a Chinese company but the specs on their vans are far better than the majority of the competition. If a relative newcomer like Maxus can push 200+ miles of range then I'd expect Tesla will be aiming for 300-400.

  • Victoria Edwards
    Victoria EdwardsMånad sedan


  • The Chumps been dumped.
    The Chumps been dumped.Månad sedan

    The thumbnail looks like it was designed on an Etch-a-Sketch and little consideration has been made for aerodynamics.

    RIPPERTONMånad sedan

    7:20 A van is where solar panels start to make sense But even then ONLY for the 12v system and then the main battery pack doesnt have to power things like the AirCon or heating. So you can increase range indirectly.

  • cb2000a
    cb2000aMånad sedan

    Have to get solar efficiency way up to have self charging vehicles.

  • terrie alexander
    terrie alexanderMånad sedan

    our state never fixes the roads with the taxes already in place. not a good vehicle for my location to drive

  • Dingfelder Smurfalot
    Dingfelder SmurfalotMånad sedan

    That's definitely a city van, not a country van or semi-rural. Mileage is way too low.

  • agdtec
    agdtecMånad sedan

    Taxis could use the van to shuttle airport to hotel transports in most large cities

  • br
    brMånad sedan

    I’m a huge fan of Tesla, but what about thinking of getting the current products out on time before talking about the next vehicle they’d be adding to the lineup

  • David Fortin
    David FortinMånad sedan

    The semi is not practical! We move product thousands of miles. That thing is pointless! Local deliveries. Grocery stores maybe, beverage companies? But the cost will kill them. Nobody will buy an electric semi truck for $150K then pay for charging stations, electricity costs maintenance etc when diesel trucks are already in service and affordable to maintain! STUPID!

  • David Fortin
    David FortinMånad sedan

    When they crash and burn it takes 2 hours to extinguish!

  • David Fortin
    David FortinMånad sedan

    My gas engine van can go further and faster and longer than your stupid battery van! 126 mile range? Haha. $43k. You crazy

  • David Fortin
    David FortinMånad sedan

    Screw carbon neutral bullshit!

  • Saulo Barbosa Oliveira
    Saulo Barbosa OliveiraMånad sedan

    This move will validate Canoo endeavor

  • Namethandir
    NamethandirMånad sedan

    Arrival delivery vehicle on miniature and no arrival in the video :(((

  • Eddy Vanderhellen
    Eddy VanderhellenMånad sedan

    My V-Class van has a range of 800 km. This van electric and affordable = goal.

  • U G osrs
    U G osrs2 månader sedan

    Maybe they should stop ‘revealing’ things and actually release a car after 4 years of doing absolutely nothing.

  • Jung skeptiker2017
    Jung skeptiker20172 månader sedan

    A van with solar cells would be ideal for all people, who travel in countries with a lot of sun shining.

  • traumajock
    traumajock2 månader sedan

    I'm waiting to see an electric ambulance. Not a modification of a vehicle (high top, add on module etc.) A purpose-built ambulance. There'd be less downtime for mechanical issues, but that would be offset by increased 'refueling time'. With present technology, I'm thinking a service that runs 6-7 units would need an additional 2 to cover gaps caused by recharging. It'd work well for a govt. entity with stations that a high speed charger could be installed in the bays. If a city electrified its buses and other vehicles, the ambulance could recharge at those places also.

  • Graham Stevenson
    Graham Stevenson2 månader sedan

    Interesting that the miniature for your video shows the Arriva electric van being built in the United Kingdom, not a Tesla. There are already electric heavy trucks and buses in both Europe and China. Why is Tesla so far behind ?

  • Dean Cory
    Dean Cory2 månader sedan

    Let's take about how the electricity for your electric car is generated. Nuclear. Yea right kill the planet with radioactive waste!. Wind power. Again produces tons of waste that NEVER DECOMPOSES when the blades fall out if service life. Not really green. OK so your car doesn't pollute. BS. Your car eats electricity and the majority of electricity is produced by BURNING COAL OR OIL! BINGO! When you factor in how your electric car's energy is produced your car pollutes just as bad as a gasoline engine. And when you factor in refund times. You have plunged into the pits of dispair!

  • Wanderson Silva
    Wanderson Silva2 månader sedan

    Why they can't or don't use the spinning motion of the wheels to generate electricity 🤔?

  • Graham Stevenson

    Graham Stevenson

    2 månader sedan

    Let me explain. The 'energy of the spinning wheels' is what propels a vehicle. Use that energy for something else and the vehicle slows down or stops. This is something called science ! One of the Laws of Thermodynamics in fact.

  • mil3k
    mil3k2 månader sedan

    It look like a knock off of Arrival van.

  • Mrbobbyfresh
    Mrbobbyfresh2 månader sedan

    Nice Latin percussion shirt!

  • Donny T
    Donny T2 månader sedan

    I love how Tesla has a patent for solar on the Cybertruck. Your video didn’t hold up well. 😉 the solar cells is huge competitive factor for the new F-150.

  • Billi Doddi
    Billi Doddi2 månader sedan


  • Ryker Ayes
    Ryker Ayes2 månader sedan

    Why does Ford keep making these ugly vehicles! The amazon rivian van looks really good, and I like the tesla van and semi. But Ford? C’mon

  • John Moua
    John Moua2 månader sedan

    Saving my money for the new Tesla minivan 🚐. I hope there’s a built in toilet 🚽 already. Van life for all😂

  • D


    Månad sedan

    You could always get a cheap composting toilet off ebay

  • Josh H
    Josh H2 månader sedan

    I haven't seen anyone talk about the new 4680 batteries and their potential effect on the cost of the powerwall. the powerwall is basically all battery - so if they make it using the new batteries, it should hold more power and be able to be produced for almost 50% the cost. do you think they'd pass that cost savings onto customers?

  • Cindy Moggia
    Cindy Moggia2 månader sedan

    È lui

  • Busters Garage
    Busters Garage2 månader sedan

    Even on a small island like Ireland, delivery vans rack up 200,000 miles in just a couple years! So sub-100 mile range eSprinter per charge would not meet business requirements of many companies. Now, it could help ranges if urban loading zones had wireless charging, but.... this would not be available for rural or construction sites as those wouldn't likely be outfitted with the required power systems to keep a loading "dock" going.

  • krm398
    krm3982 månader sedan

    I dont think even Mr. Musk thinks he can make a vehicle that charges in solar panels while you drive it forever. he'd be thinking it would charge itself while it sits in your driveway and be ready for use tomorrow.

  • James Paul
    James Paul2 månader sedan

    I think the lineup will actually be SEXYB, Ryan

  • Kyle Norris
    Kyle Norris2 månader sedan

    The Tesla Semi could expand its range with a Battery in the trailer maybe even add a Motor to the trailer as well

  • traumajock


    2 månader sedan

    The entire floor of the trailer could have battery(ies) under it. But make both versions, with and without, for more versatility.

  • Kyle Norris
    Kyle Norris2 månader sedan

    What about a CyberUV same aesthetic as the Cybertruck but with a third row so it would seat 9 like a Large Suburban competitor

  • wendy lee
    wendy lee2 månader sedan


  • Tim Roden
    Tim Roden2 månader sedan

    Solar panels on the roof are a disaster in the event of a hail storm. I keep my vehicle in a carport and that won't help with solar panels.

  • Av8erdavid
    Av8erdavid2 månader sedan

    I would love to see a super C class RV based on the Tesla Semi. Imagine the solar real estate on the roof of something that size.

  • Dan Bradley

    Dan Bradley

    2 månader sedan

    I was thinking the same way. I’ve also thought about pulling a very large 5th wheel with the Tesla tractor.

  • David Anderson
    David Anderson2 månader sedan

    Stay away from Teslas, they use too much electricity

  • LiteStuff LLC
    LiteStuff LLC2 månader sedan

    I was just reading that Tesla doesn't even know how to manufacture the new 4680 battery and they have not built a factory for it yet; which means a year or two years before they have it in full production. New models are the last thing they need; particularly anything requiring the new battery. If the new models are coming "soon" - is 2 years soon in your book? Tesla should focus on volume production and expanding market share while making some improvements on weight within the limits of LI technology. Hyping up future plans only makes for long term disappointment when Tesla ends up delaying , FSD, Cybertruck, etc are all now just a drag on the company; as people are coming to expect that Elon time isn't something you want to set your watch by.

  • Jim Connelly
    Jim Connelly2 månader sedan

    where the beef.

  • 4A 59
    4A 592 månader sedan

    Stainless steel CyberVan? Airstream like polished aluminum Van?

  • Kryojenix
    Kryojenix2 månader sedan

    If the apocalypse happens there’s a high likelihood of needing to get further than 30 miles a day away. On the other hand...

  • tim cook
    tim cook2 månader sedan

    Were do get the average miles Perdana 30 40 miles a day your numbers are way the hell off try 100 miles day get numbers correct

  • tim cook
    tim cook2 månader sedan

    Electric great but should not have plug in .you normal cars alternator for the alternator produces a/c currency has to be converted to dc current so ther is no reason they can put somethimg in place to charge batteries .they charge regular vehicle battery or it doesn't. Run you enough stuff in motion that they put system in to charge battery . I will not go ev. The new Ford truck is the one I would be interested in .the range sucks 200 to 300 miles a day my vehicle doesn't shut down tell get home I can't handle the electric to charge an ev vehicle .live in trailer I would have use a generator to charge it so what are saving .not mention the lithium batteries .so what so great .my back ground 40 years retired auto technician so know what talking about .stop talking the ev is great its not when in urban areas cover toomey miles nowhere plug in

  • Ismalith
    Ismalith2 månader sedan

    The should really go more into platforming. Make it a 3 Line set-up. Base of the MS is 1, Base of M3 is 2 and a new even lower cost platform 3. Then on every platform, a Sedan, a Roadster, a Van a Minivan, an SUV, a small Transporter, a Hatchback, a Pickup and what else is needed for a full set-up.

  • saveAD
    saveAD2 månader sedan

    Money makes money

  • Aristhotle Dungo
    Aristhotle Dungo2 månader sedan

    whats next? tesla rv?

  • Cr Hu
    Cr Hu2 månader sedan

    Solar on the hood/roof/back can be aftermarket. Not everyone can park near a "home" electrical service. The main reason to build it in, is, it's harder to steal in these potentially insecure locations. A small trickle charger in the windshield has been mandatory forever for vehicles like off road that often sit for days or whole seasons without use.

  • Cr Hu
    Cr Hu2 månader sedan

    Minivan/SUV, sprinter van, RV, e-bike, SAILboat, GEV hovercraft, exoskeleton, ultra lite glider, zeppelin, e-horse, e-dragon in that order. Do we all understand why he wants to make flamethrowers?

  • Kathy Fann
    Kathy Fann2 månader sedan

    We want the Van to make it into a camper van

  • Kathy Fann
    Kathy Fann2 månader sedan

    If we could have the full sized big rig that can go over 600 miles I want an Electric RV or House car as DMV calls Motorhomes

  • bee4pc goldrule
    bee4pc goldrule2 månader sedan

    Tesla keeping coal on the burner.....

  • Txtea Ranch
    Txtea Ranch2 månader sedan

    I would like a Tesla EV crossover, up to 300 miles, AWD, and comparable to a V6 engine. Under 40k.. I know, I am dreaming .

  • Phil Pan
    Phil Pan2 månader sedan

    NOPE, it means a BUS, not a van

  • Chrispewkreme
    Chrispewkreme2 månader sedan

    I’ve been waiting to see news on this van FOR YEARS! I want to live in one

  • felicelgato59
    felicelgato592 månader sedan

    If you plant trees ,you wouldn't have room for solar panel's and turbines

  • felicelgato59
    felicelgato592 månader sedan

    Everything electric will only work with nuclear plants. And the green ppl are against them.

    SUNIL A S2 månader sedan

    I want to give you tight slap. To change arrival van brand as Tesla.

  • Abe Sofari
    Abe Sofari2 månader sedan

    TESLA = reminds me of the movie WALL-E 🎥😅. with everything robotic future.

  • Jimmy D. Porter
    Jimmy D. Porter2 månader sedan


  • Moto arzan
    Moto arzan2 månader sedan

    THAT SEMI Can be modified into various length& height vans to compete with the Mercedes and Sprinters vans. Then the chassis can be extended to make any kind or size box-trucks. Those semi front end and chassis can be sold to RV manufacturers to put their RV touches into it.

  • Eugene
    Eugene2 månader sedan

    I would prefer the new minibus on chassis from Cyber Truck, not Model X one...

  • John Lee
    John Lee2 månader sedan

    More vapor ware.

  • Alexis de Wouters
    Alexis de Wouters2 månader sedan

    I don't know but I can more easily imagine a van based on the Cybertruck than on a Model X...

  • Alexis de Wouters

    Alexis de Wouters

    Månad sedan

    @Roger Starkey LOL yes I see your point, you're absolutely right about the easy access, I was more thinking in terms of platform and probably look, but for the rest, we're talking about Tesla here, right ? If it's slower than 5 sec for the 0-60 then it's not a Tesla... ;-)

  • Roger Starkey

    Roger Starkey

    Månad sedan

    A van. What do you need? Easy access (low floor, not 16" ground clearance) One motor (not 3) Minimal acceleration. Everything the CT isn't

  • Alena Conrad
    Alena Conrad2 månader sedan

    My aunt and uncle ended up getting a Tesla Model 3 because they realized it cost almost about the same as if you were to buy any other vehicle brand new. So it not exactly affordable as in the used car market but it’s pretty much on par as if you were to buy any Toyota or Honda brand new and customized right from the manufacturer.

  • Andrew Ufnal
    Andrew Ufnal2 månader sedan

    Mercedes is not stupid to partner with Tesla to make e-vans. He is too inconsistent and too unpredictable. They don't wanna ruin their reputation.

  • LoreZyra . TV
    LoreZyra . TV2 månader sedan

    Anyone notice the captions are completely absurd and don't match a single word Ryan Shaw has stated?

  • K Bram
    K Bram2 månader sedan

    Tesla’s next earnings report will be a disaster

  • simulated reality
    simulated reality2 månader sedan

    Tesla models S 3 X Y

  • Joey
    Joey2 månader sedan

    USPS would really benefit from an electric vehicle, or honestly just a better version tailored for them. These poor men and women don't even have air conditioning or heat in their trucks.

  • CaptureAVtube
    CaptureAVtube2 månader sedan

    Why do you insist on showing an estate car/wagon every time you mention can? They don’t fit in the same ethos