Tesla Won’t Stop Removing Features

Tesla's design choices are causing a big controversy across the industry, even as their cars continue to sell.

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  • Ryan Shaw
    Ryan Shaw26 dagar sedan

    Model Y T-Shirt Available Here! bit.ly/3ezyCVP

  • Redstoner ti

    Redstoner ti

    21 dag sedan

    Radar and lidar are not comparable to a headphone jack. They provide safety benefits that camera based systems cannot and will never be able to deliver. This is simply a cost saving measure replacing the cost of the vehicle with the lives of the drivers

  • Unsaturated


    25 dagar sedan

    The one thing that is different about Apple is they under-promise and overdeliver. Unlike Tesla obviously.

  • Auggie World

    Auggie World

    26 dagar sedan

    Im in stonelake as well. Let's a do a 2017 model s vs 2021 plaid differences and improvements with Omar.

  • Chris De Christophe
    Chris De Christophe13 timmar sedan

    Yoke steering might be acceptable in the USA where roads are mostly straight, but elsewhere in the world this yoke is actually dangerous. Another example of how Tesla's design practices reflect a US based design philosophy. Another being the model 3 lack of hatchback.

  • MarcAFK
    MarcAFK2 dagar sedan

    Here comes the market for aftermarket $10,000 tesla mods to add stuff that comes as standard in a $20000 car.

  • Jazzy'fe
    Jazzy'fe6 dagar sedan

    I can see aftermarket companies whipping up some steering wheels for the these new Teslas

  • Torrel
    Torrel8 dagar sedan

    Had no problem with any removals bar 1....no headphone jack is a pain

  • NoLoseJustLearn
    NoLoseJustLearn8 dagar sedan

    The fact that I shift into reverse every drive is why I want a shifting stalk lol

  • Daniel Roden
    Daniel Roden9 dagar sedan

    i bought a zen phone 6 specifically because it has a 3.5mm jack. fuck blu tooth. also fuck blu tooth entry into the car. its not good enough. not even close. if they replace those controls with digital versions they (the screen and the entire computer system) sure as hell better out perform and outlast the physical version. i dont want to hear oh the ram died you need a 2000 dollar computer. ive never replaced a single physical control in a car because it died. because they dont die within the lifespan of the car.

  • ScotchScotchScotch
    ScotchScotchScotch10 dagar sedan

    Apple did the same annoying garbage and called it "courage" when they were removing features for the future when they were still useful in the present. This yoke is trash.

  • Pranav R
    Pranav R10 dagar sedan

    Full self driving is not the safest option for driving, Modern day computers are way way way behind and are much powerless compared to a human brain.. if you think that a computer can replace a driver then try making an ai which can win a WRC rally championship!!🤣 I bet the ai would kill the spectators at the first curve!!.. it's impossible for computers to match the precision, speed and cognitive power of the human brain!! Learn to drive!!

  • spldrong
    spldrong10 dagar sedan

    Removing the steering wheel is dumb. What if i just wanna drive for fun or drive up next to something to look at it?

  • spldrong
    spldrong10 dagar sedan

    I still want a headphone jack

  • g4do
    g4do11 dagar sedan

    Keep playing games Tesla. Elon Musk must think he's the only genius in the world. He's going to lose when the next genius finally listens to me and combines Stanley Meyer's and Moses West's inventions together to make a self refueling vehicle that had zero pollution. No more charging structures needed.

  • bagofholding
    bagofholding12 dagar sedan

    People are missing the point of the yoke and the stalk removal. You're not supposed to get used to the new layout. You're supposed to like driving it less so you pay to have it drive you instead.

  • tiny space Programm sfs
    tiny space Programm sfs12 dagar sedan

    PLZ leave dogmode 😖

  • joey walker
    joey walker13 dagar sedan

    I wish the yoke would come to model 3

  • Jeremy Cate
    Jeremy Cate15 dagar sedan

    I don't think the government here would pase the yoke for public roads

  • Lorna Farley
    Lorna Farley15 dagar sedan

    I love the yoke and don’t own a Tesla with one. Very futuristic

  • diniito toom
    diniito toom16 dagar sedan

    Apple and innovation?

  • Dr0pkidd
    Dr0pkidd16 dagar sedan

    Is this yoke shit permanent?

  • Greg Dodt
    Greg Dodt17 dagar sedan

    I dont get why it would be such a big deal to have a steering wheel option. Full or half.

  • Khi Turner
    Khi Turner17 dagar sedan

    _I agree with most of Tesla changes, I personally love the yoke, yet removing radar and lidar when the goal is autonomous driving is absurd_

  • depressed memer
    depressed memer17 dagar sedan

    I wish the yoke was an option.

  • Dutch Van Der Linde
    Dutch Van Der Linde17 dagar sedan

    I find this more of a functional flaw than a design flaw.

  • Noah Wilson
    Noah Wilson17 dagar sedan

    Does anyone know if the yoke also has a horn that’s accessible by pressing the center of the wheel?

  • Gaming-Zombie13
    Gaming-Zombie1317 dagar sedan

    Hopefully the things they remove they add it to the touch screen... Also add more things to their Cars...

  • ice_wolfie2
    ice_wolfie217 dagar sedan

    i would rather walk... then use a stupid steering wheel, no steering wheel or not able to drive my car..

  • Christiano Scali
    Christiano Scali18 dagar sedan

    Whos Watching this when Microsoft has more money then Apple. (6 Trillion dollars)

  • zakaria naji
    zakaria naji18 dagar sedan

    I love tesla , and i still think the yoke steering wheel is a terrible mistake, I'd like the old steering wheel , cuz it's more controllable ,

  • P dureska
    P dureska18 dagar sedan

    i can see someone making a steering wheel attachment to make the yoke "more traditional". just because someone thinks its a good idea doesnt make it so for most drivers. i can see people having an issue. Is granny going to like the yoke?

  • jerry kurata

    jerry kurata

    9 dagar sedan

    Granny will just use self-drive by saying "Take me to Bingo".

  • KITT28
    KITT2818 dagar sedan

    some of these tesla cars has 1200 horses, theres no reason for that much power, and the yoke is a great idea, a full size 13 inch round wheel, the top of the wheel blocks half of the cluster on the dash in front. With the yoke you can see all the cluster display.

  • Rick Perzylo
    Rick Perzylo19 dagar sedan

    Why did they remove the stocks from the steering column? Why did they replace the steering wheel with a steering yoke? When the FSD is engaged in the future, what will happen to the steering column and yoke? Auto-Retraction. In the event of a manual takeover due to FSD failure, the yoke will reappear for the driver... IMO

  • Rick Perzylo

    Rick Perzylo

    19 dagar sedan

    Seems the Model 3 and Model Y will follow suit, if I'm not mistaken.

  • R B
    R B19 dagar sedan

    Most people don’t take into account the insane amount of voice commands also

  • Kyle S
    Kyle S19 dagar sedan

    Anyone notice that the Tesla model s is $69,420 and the Tesla models spell out s3xy?

  • L.W.
    L.W.19 dagar sedan

    I personally think that the only things they should never remove are the essential driving components (wheel/ yoke, pedals). Who doesn’t want some fun on the road sometimes?

  • richardscathouse
    richardscathouse19 dagar sedan

    Horrible, send it to Mars.👿👿👿

  • Mikephx
    Mikephx20 dagar sedan

    It is possible to “get used to” hemorrhoids or an amputated finger too, but neither is desirable.

  • David Wollpert
    David Wollpert20 dagar sedan

    Quite frankly I doubt Elon has driven with a yoke in any kind of a situation that required emergency evasive driving to avoid an accident. He's a little too fixated on the cars being "sexy" and is going for form over function with the ridiculous yoke. Oh sure you can "get used to it," until someone runs a red light in front of you and you are frantically grabbing for any steering real estate you can find to avoid getting killed. I understand this doesn't happen every day, but it only has to happen once to have a significant impact on your life. What will be more common are incidents in inclement weather, again where Elon didn't spend much time testing the car, I'm sure. When you suddenly see a big rig jack knifing in front of you on a snowy Michigan freeway and avoiding it is going to require a controlled slide with some serious counter-steering to keep from spinning out and into the ditch, you're not going want to be guessing where the empty space on the yoke is. You're going to wish you had a proper steering wheel, with no big chunk missing. The yoke is stupid, unsafe and solves no problem. It's just an example of Elon being impetuous and presumptuous. If they put one on the CyberTruck I will change my plans to buy it.

  • charlie shafer
    charlie shafer20 dagar sedan

    I am no longer a fan of Tesla products with the current and future proposed changes. Simply, I (emphasis on I) drive the car. If I want to be driven I'll call Uber. You may not care about an electrical/software malfunction at a critical moment while on the road by I care about the other guy. How many times has Apple/Windows software malfunctioned during a key stroke or a random bit dropped/changed (zero to one). Call me old school. I've seen enough automotive electrical components stop functioning in cars in this lifetime. If you wish to purchase an electrically controlled vehicle you are under no obligation to accept my opinion. Please drive safely and responsibly.

  • Gun welds
    Gun welds21 dag sedan

    Palm steering is extremely dangerous and is not recommended in any way. If your hand slips off of the wheel you will crash into whatever's in front of you. You're just gonna have to go arm over arm and back again whenever you turn sharp.

  • SaltTheory
    SaltTheory21 dag sedan

    A car is a car, not a fighter jet. The two shouldn't be contrasted with each other.

  • Robert Te Moana
    Robert Te Moana21 dag sedan

    What about a joy stick for a steering wheel?

  • Jake T
    Jake T21 dag sedan

    Yeah I’ll stick with buttons thanks

  • Scott Campbell
    Scott Campbell21 dag sedan

    Remember when BMW came out with I DRIVE. Phone, navigation, and music on a monitor with a scroll wheel, 20 years ago. Everyone hated it, now in every vehicle. Germans have always been the auto leaders with USA following. Even emissions which we are Euro 6 for cars, euro 5 for motorcycles. From halogen headlights, crumple zones, laser headlights, DRL’s, safety, stability control which is now mandated in USA cars starting 2012, etc. nice Tesla USA leads the way’

  • cbnchba K.
    cbnchba K.21 dag sedan

    Tesla M3 LR is now $44,690

  • cbnchba K.

    cbnchba K.

    21 dag sedan

    Potential savings

  • ughtentide
    ughtentide21 dag sedan

    Passenger lumbar is table stakes for the big kids' table. Removing it looks cheap and greedy from my POV. This feels like an own goal on Tesla's part. I am planning to buy an EV in the next few months. I liked the Model Y up until the constant price increases and feature cuts. Now? Nope. Moving on to look at the Ioniq 5, the EV6, or maybe a used fat E-Tron. My SO wouldn't be mad at me then for having the selfish driver-side only lumbar when we go on road trips. From my POV, a $50k+ car should feel like one. I don't give a rat's ass about the 0-60 time if my back hurts or if my SO is pissed at me because hers hurts. Tesla makes some nice cars, but they're hindered by some weird decisions they've made at times over the years, as if they're intentionally trying to shoot themselves in both feet. Sometimes things are conventional because, you know, they work really damn well that way. Universal design language is universal because it makes things easy to do when you're in a hurry and can't be assed to learn this one guy's "unique" design language.

  • bloop
    bloop21 dag sedan

    First of all Tesla did have had some stupid decisions in the past that didn't make any sense. You have to access the viper through the screen, and adjust the viper speed through the screen. You cannot even open the glovebox by using a traditional latch, you have to open it by accessing the screen. The indicator buttons on the steering seems like a nice idea but the fact that horn is a button and not in the middle of the steering wheel feels very odd. The steering design is not good for daily driving. Just because you got used to something doesn't mean that it has become practical. You might have got used to use the lavatory by squatting, but sitting on a western style toilet seat is way more easy. Tesla infotainment is one of the most practical ones I have seen in the market, but there needs to be buttons or scrollers for important functions. Range Rover solves this in a very clever way, they have 1-2 dials, but these dials are multifunctional and you can change what they do just by tapping on them. Moreover airpods are still kinda very stupid for budget phones. I very much prefer a wired earphone to a bluetoooth one. Modern phones work just fine, but it was so much better when you had the flexibility to remove the battery whenever your phone used to hang

  • Rodney~Łamar
    Rodney~Łamar22 dagar sedan

    Tesla was not the first to remove the stalks and put stuff on the steering wheel I think it was Ferrari or Lamborghini

  • Chantzthegamer
    Chantzthegamer22 dagar sedan

    I thank that that shod not remove the steering wheel

  • theologos kalotrapezis
    theologos kalotrapezis22 dagar sedan

    I will never be convinced that the touchscreen is better than buttons. Buttons you can feel, with intrusions and extrusions to guide you. Yes the modern cars have too many buttons but the solution isn't " nothing ". If you want to make turns easyer just add a steering knob, no new "invention" needed. Everything else is the manifacturer being cheap.

  • Philippa Eilhart
    Philippa Eilhart22 dagar sedan

    The yoke is dumb , I drive mostly one handed , and I rest my hand on the 12 position, or somewhere between 10-11 with my elbow rested on the door. Why tf should I change my behaviour for a car I'm paying for? 😅 If the car ends up being so desirable a lot of people might just buy round aftermarket wheels. It's too early now , but I bet these used 2021s will end up with a swapped steering wheel in a few years.

  • JJUnboxing
    JJUnboxing22 dagar sedan

    I still dont understand qhy they had to make the horn a button? Why couldnt they keep it just as a push on the centre?

  • Kei Breedlove
    Kei Breedlove22 dagar sedan

    I am so glad I am able to get a Tesla now because I don't like the yoke steering wheel and I wouldn't like a car without side mirrors... I'm just not interested in having a full self-driving car and if current features are removed in preparation for the Tesla cars to be full self-driving, I would never buy another one. I would love to know the percentage of women vs men who have bought a Tesla. Some of the changes are starting to be unappealing to my femininity. :-) Thanks, Ryan, for being on top of the changes. Love your updates!

  • janoorani24
    janoorani2422 dagar sedan

    I love your videos, Ryan , but the yoke steering ‘apparatus’ may be a game changer for me. I plan to purchase a new electric vehicle next Spring and have been a Tesla fan for years. But I will look at other manufacturers if the yoke steering apparatus is the only option on a Tesla by then. Two safety concerns: I was taught to never cross my arms when steering, and to never take my hands completely off the wheel in race track training. The instructor called it shuffle steering. The other safety concern I have is the concept of getting rid of a steering wheel or apparatus all together. I personally would never purchase a vehicle I couldn’t steer myself if I wanted to.

  • Scott Campbell
    Scott Campbell22 dagar sedan

    I am open to change. As a physician, I am use to evaluating products. Change is good whether good or bad. I own mainly Apple products as they serve my uses perfectly. As a scientist/physician you must be open with all issues, then after evaluation make your decision. Many people do not want to try anything new. Many people have closed minds.

  • Scott Campbell
    Scott Campbell22 dagar sedan

    Great review! I own. Model X, Model 3, and Panamera 4S

  • B D
    B D22 dagar sedan

    Cost is King, and when the majority of your company's sales happen only because taxpayers cover $8k of the cost every time you sell one, and you're still not really turning a profit on that sector of your business, you'd better believe you're gonna find ways to provide a cheaper product, with fewer options, and rely heavily on branding and marketing tactics to create a sense of value in a product that lacks in a lot of ways. At Tesla, Less Is More!

  • Chris Holt
    Chris Holt22 dagar sedan

    Ryan your videos are amazing, thank you!

  • Hank Kingsley
    Hank Kingsley23 dagar sedan

    If the yoke requires a learning curve, it is a safety risk. If you for example get injured and your passenger must jump in and drive your car, and they have never used the yoke...you now have a safety risk. Also having to search for a tiny button to honk is far less user friendly. These are changes that are not made with usability in mind.

  • Stick Mann
    Stick Mann23 dagar sedan

    You can’t excuse the removal of the headphone jack and home button on the iPhone. If you try, then I just have to say FUCK YOU

  • Steven Gallagher
    Steven Gallagher23 dagar sedan

    What I do not understand with removal of a steering wheel, is how would you go about moving the car over a few inches, or parking on someone's lawn with a septic tank and your friend says, make sure to park a few feet over in that area? I get you don't need it for point A to B on roads, but what about small maneuvers?

  • Florencio Vela
    Florencio Vela23 dagar sedan

    i bought the dips & way ahead..i've ordered the tri motor fsd ct & i can't wait for it to get here!! I may buy the S or the Y in the mean time..i got lots of solar & back up battery system as well.

    ITILII23 dagar sedan

    Never buy any rotten CrApple...designed in America, built by child, forced, slave labor in a nation who's government has killed over 100 MILLION of its own people since 1949......support the USA !!!!!!!!!!!

  • Damalia Marsi
    Damalia Marsi23 dagar sedan

    2025 Tesla now offers a Tesla Badge for just 67900 dollars that identifies as a car.

  • Yiannis Mantheakis
    Yiannis Mantheakis23 dagar sedan

    Apple products are terrible just like the company. Also the yoke must go. The steering wheel is way more ergonomical.

  • 20teamplayer
    20teamplayer23 dagar sedan

    Bluetooth may be the new standard but I still prefer a headphone jack in my car. No fuss, it just works.

  • : D
    : D23 dagar sedan

    The next Tesla- no steering wheel

  • Xanthopteryx
    Xanthopteryx23 dagar sedan

    Show me an emergency evasive maneuver with that steering thingie... It will not end well.

  • Crystal Ierardo
    Crystal Ierardo23 dagar sedan

    Example..My model y stopped working and had to be towed, the screen itself really wasn't functioning and it wouldn't let me back-out of my garage. After some fiddling, the tow company was able to put the car in neutral. If you get rid of the shifter how would you be able to do this otherwise? We still need some mechanical features in cars because things happen. Electronics fail at times..js🤷

  • Doug Ritchie
    Doug Ritchie23 dagar sedan

    how good is camera system without radar in the wet, eg road grime thrown up at car from other vehicles and can it spot sheep in fog,(im in Australia its happened to me). radar would help. All the test videos show it in normal daylight or night.

  • Ken
    Ken23 dagar sedan

    Although i heard all the facts and saw videos about the Yoke for me its not acceptable to not even have an optional Steering-Wheel if i want to have one ! I cannot agree to Teslas decision to reduce the steering to a Yoke control only. Drive by wire ( thats the right direction ! ) ... eliminating all the gearing mechanics and the weight of that steel bar is absolutely O.K. ! But reducing the size of the classic steeringwheel to that YOKE is really a JOKE ! Cars are not equivalent to airplanes or jets in everyday traffic on roads. Everyday useage on parking lots or narrow streets are unavoidable and the Yoke doesn´t do the same job as a real steering wheel when it comes to quick and comfortable rotation ! Even the driving with a classic steering wheel is much more comfortable ! Everyone does this while driving: Putting one hand on the top of the steering wheel and relaxing your arm muscles in that position while driving on a long straight road. And from this relaxed position you can even pull the steering wheel to either left or right in an accidential situation where you have to react quickly to avoid immediate collision with an object or a person that suddenly crosses your way. The point is you have full controll of the steering at anytime with a classic steering wheel ( doesn´t matter in which position your hand holds/grabs the wheel ). Perfect would have been a steering wheel in the same size ( smaller radius ) that modern sports cars have ( Porsche / Ferrari / Audi, etc. ) I really doubt that the Yoke will offer that comfort and safety of a steering wheel. In Germany every young driving beginner learns the perfect hands position on a steering wheel for full control : 10 Minutes past 10 o´clock position ... for those who never heard of that : left hand on the 10 o´clock position and right hand on 2 o´clock position on the steering wheel. That position gives you perfect control of the steering wheel at any time ! But who am i to critisize Teslas visionary decisions ?? Just a retired cop with 23 years of experience and several hundreds of thousands kilometers of everyday driving on roads, doing a lot of quick turns, high speed chases. I had annual driving and safety trainings during my duty time, did a lot of slalom parcours driving, etc. and i know very well the risks of driving and situations that cause traffic accidents. Self driving cars are coming yes and i am sure that it will be the safest way to travel ( in the close future ), but it will take another 20 - 30 years to become a standard in traveling by car to your way to work or to the supermarket, etc.

  • Angelo Botta
    Angelo Botta23 dagar sedan

    Imo you cannot compare Apple to Tesla. Apple is innovating keeping things exciting and improving the user experience. The outside aesthetic of Tesla is outdated, the inside is boring. Removing everything is not making car usage better, it is just different : that is not innovation that is changing for the sake of changing.

  • jerry kurata

    jerry kurata

    9 dagar sedan

    Disagree. The iPhone is a tired design as are most phones. Yeah, another brick for $1200. So boring and expensive to do the same thing. The best thing Apple did lately is inside the Macs. They dumped intel for their own M1/Mxx SOC and made huge performance and battery life gains.

  • Stuart Vasepuru
    Stuart Vasepuru23 dagar sedan

    Is it better to lead public opinion or follow it? It depends on who your customers are. Modern cars have so many features that their dashboards have come to resemble aircraft cockpits. So full marks to Tesla for giving forward-thinking drivers an alternative. And if you're not a fan of minimalism, there are now plenty of other EVs from traditional car makers.

  • Tanuj Dua
    Tanuj Dua23 dagar sedan

    The only reason they remove all this stuff, stalks, gear selector, driver display, top of steering wheel is cost cutting.

  • pablo rages
    pablo rages23 dagar sedan

    The steering on the Yoke isn't sensitive enough ... it should turn more quickly the further you get from centre ... it rotates too much

  • pablo rages
    pablo rages23 dagar sedan

    It makes sense ... simpler electric cars with less functions and a lower price are WAY outselling Tesla ... Tesla needs a high volume, lower priced car if they want to actually make a profit

  • Gopi Sundharam
    Gopi Sundharam23 dagar sedan

    Hell yeah, remove anything unwanted and keeping it simple is very hard. Kudos to Tesla engineers.

  • Glenn Gray
    Glenn Gray23 dagar sedan

    I took about 3 minutes to accept the screen controls in the Model Y. I think the new features installed or removed represents evolutionary changes of items almost 100 years old. These first attempts will be improved and changed again in the future. I still like the fun driving my car so I would resist removal of that capability. Keep up the good videos.

  • dlwatib
    dlwatib23 dagar sedan

    I've been holding off buying a new car because the longer I wait the better off I'll be financially. But I do want to buy before Tesla takes the steering wheel away entirely. Having just a yoke is OK, but I want the option of driving myself just for the joy of it.

  • Eric Beckner
    Eric Beckner23 dagar sedan

    The benefit of buttons and stalks are you can operate them without looking. Can't do that on a touch screen. Oh and the yokes suck.

  • Dean Cavander
    Dean Cavander23 dagar sedan

    For Model X, buy the 2020 model.

  • Karamo Kourouma
    Karamo Kourouma23 dagar sedan

    Well, Ryan, you were the lucky channel, my wife and I ordered our Model Y using your referral code. We were thinking about getting a Mach-E at a local dealer but decided to just order the Model Y and wait and hope for an earlier delivery date than September. No need for second-best.

  • TheSlimeyLimey
    TheSlimeyLimey23 dagar sedan

    Tesla isn't making cars for driving, they are making travel appliances. When you realize that, their anti driver decisions make more sense. Other manufacturers will still make cars for those of us who enjoy driving so there will be something for everyone. That's why the Taycan sells when there's a better value travel appliance available online.

  • Dylan Dobrescu
    Dylan Dobrescu23 dagar sedan

    I just hope they don't ditch the steering wheel completely. I love driving, especially Tesla's!!!

  • Pete Galindez
    Pete Galindez23 dagar sedan

    Thanks Ryan! The big question about the yoke is, WHY? Does the change improve anything? It seems not. I’ve not heard anyone say the change to the yoke makes X easier. That’s the point of change. So, not sure there is a good reason to have to unlearn all your muscle memory, etc. As for camera only for FSD…hmmm…not sold on that. Can’t count how many times I’ve driven on a wet morning (either from heavy humidity/fog/rain) and my car tells me that some functions aren’t available due to cameras being blocked…Not sure the Apple comparison is apples to apples. In the end, these changes need to make the car better, or improve something (safety, ability to drive, etc.). Not sure the yoke does that. The jury is out for the all camera FSD.

  • Pro Tips With Jason
    Pro Tips With Jason23 dagar sedan

    I agree with you on all points, but I love to drive, so I would never buy a car without a steering wheel unless all cars were being sold without them. Also, if that day comes, I’ll be sad.

  • RAF Fly
    RAF Fly23 dagar sedan

    I don’t like the horn not being the whole center of the wheel. I had someone back into me while I was looking for the stupid horn button on my 1997 Mercury Grand Prix. A minivan backed into my fender and I couldn’t find the horn button in the few seconds I had to react. I couldn’t back up as I had a trailer already at an angle.

  • SL twentyeight
    SL twentyeight23 dagar sedan

    people paying 18k for invisible art. less parts is a bargain.

  • gabriel carneiro
    gabriel carneiro23 dagar sedan

    Ok removing buttons. Not Ok removing HomeLink and charging extra. It’s an expensive vehicle after all.

  • jerry kurata

    jerry kurata

    9 dagar sedan

    Did they remove that on the X and S? The 3 and Y never had it as standard equipment.

  • Steven Babcock
    Steven Babcock23 dagar sedan

    Do you think there will be an option for the yoke or a round steering wheel?

  • jerry kurata

    jerry kurata

    9 dagar sedan

    The rumor is a round wheel will be a no-cost option.

  • Wojciech Muras
    Wojciech Muras23 dagar sedan

    The biggest feature Tesla removed was a range extender. Almost every other EV before the Model S had one as an option, and many reviews criticized lack thereof heavily at the time of Model S' release.

  • adso85swe
    adso85swe23 dagar sedan

    This yoke and the lack of a turn signal stalk makes it virtually impossible to turn on the turn signal in the middle of a turn where the yoke may be upside down or another crazy orientation. Safety risk if you ask me.

  • Steve_I
    Steve_I23 dagar sedan

    how long before an aftermarket steering wheel mod comes out. :) Nerds like me will be 3d printing them. (and selling no doubt). or... Tesla themselves offers the mod at a crazy price.

  • jerry kurata

    jerry kurata

    9 dagar sedan

    Make sure it still passes the airbag deployment tests.

  • Phillip Temple
    Phillip Temple23 dagar sedan

    Auto lock and unlock is pretty revolutionary but so is one of the most simple: no on/off button. How many other cars don't have one? The stalks should have gone a long time ago, Tesla only followed to a logical conclusion. The yoke is great but jury is still out. Personally I'd enjoy it. Phillip.

  • Wus
    Wus23 dagar sedan

    Its fun to drive (control) a car. I dont want selfdriving shit. Most people want to drive their car. Atleast WE who can afford a fun car.

  • Sara J Shireman
    Sara J Shireman23 dagar sedan

    I can’t imagine buying a car without a steering wheel!

  • conantdog
    conantdog23 dagar sedan

    No stalks no shifter, no visible vents , no sale, 😐 . I have a cybertruck on order, but it's looking grim . I don't need 4 whl steering to overly complicate my rear suspension , I do need a truck with a plow prep option if Tesla's actually compleating with conventional pick up truck s. Actual pointable vents to dry gloves and boots is a must , going to far with clean design is going to far . Good design is one customers like and need. Bad design is minimalist to a point of customer disadifaction

  • Steven Wilkins
    Steven Wilkins24 dagar sedan

    All controls in one screen is a great idea until it stops working,or locks up. then nothing works. Especially once it starts to age and wear.

  • John M
    John M24 dagar sedan

    I dont get why people are so resistant to change. In a year, just like a single screen in the Y it'll be a non issue... The only people complaining are people who would never buy a tesla anyway. Im glad tesla doesn't cater to them

  • Daniel B.
    Daniel B.24 dagar sedan

    Elon musk's tweet: "Moving lumbar was removed only in front passenger seat of 3/Y (obv not there in rear seats). Logs showed almost no usage. Not worth cost/mass for everyone when almost never used."

  • Byron Hallam
    Byron Hallam24 dagar sedan

    Sorry Ryan, I see the Tesla removal of some features quite different. Take the lumbar support as an example. The reason given for its removal was it isn’t used all that much. That might be true, but ‘seldom used’ is quite different than ‘never used’. When a person takes delivery of a new car, one of the first things done is to customize the car for personal comfort…adjust rear view mirrors, steering wheel and seats, including lumbar support.