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  • Andreas Klossek
    Andreas Klossek3 månader sedan

    Yoke Steering wheel.... something not coming from Tesla original.

  • Nat N
    Nat N3 månader sedan

    I’m actually not for that flying car with propellers. Imagine the amount of noise pollution. If you’ve seen even a small drone under 100m it’s pretty annoying, imagine a giant drone. It’ll be louder than a flying lawnmower

  • Zapharus
    Zapharus4 månader sedan

    Why do these companies keep calling these small propeller-driven crafts “flying cars”? They are not “flying cars,” they are small aircrafts. They’re basically oversized propeller flying drones. Unrelated but must be said: great videos, sir, you make informative content that’s not boring at all.

  • 新竹造車
    新竹造車4 månader sedan


  • Leo Bislig
    Leo Bislig4 månader sedan

    is it pronounced ex-pung or ex-peng?

  • Nawaj Khan
    Nawaj Khan4 månader sedan

    in my way of life i walk in wtc where r u

  • Nawaj Khan
    Nawaj Khan4 månader sedan

    Kaha ha tum wtc

  • Jeremy Muther
    Jeremy Muther5 månader sedan

    Congrats on 100K 🔥🔥🎉🎊

  • vamosnippon
    vamosnippon5 månader sedan

    Lol Toyota used to own Tesla

  • Neal Ramsey
    Neal Ramsey5 månader sedan

    Yoke steering wheel for racing is great for day to day driving it would suck.

  • ardenthebibliophile
    ardenthebibliophile5 månader sedan

    I like the information you provide but is there some way you can show something other than the paragraph you are reading from? I don't care to see VWs statement about the ID.6 if you're also reading it aloud to me.

  • Kenon Bradford
    Kenon Bradford5 månader sedan

    Kind of hard to find the video without the seat belt when you literally have 100 thousand links in the description dude.

  • Michael Mannino
    Michael Mannino5 månader sedan

    You do a great job you get a lot of information in a short amount of time keep up the great work

  • Dan Sederstrom
    Dan Sederstrom5 månader sedan

    A yoke is not a wheel, perfect for an airplane, sucks for a car.

  • Nastasio
    Nastasio5 månader sedan

    Appreciate your video but your take on the Tesla crash is way too Tesla biased imo. Yes a Tesla warns you when taking off your seatbelt etc. but its far too easy to bypass the system and there are many videos on SEblacks of people not sitting in the drivers seat and even sleeping in the rear seats while in autopilot by simply putting on the seat belt before entering the car. Other manufacturers greatly improved their system to detect these bypassing techniques and have cameras that constantly monitor your eyes, knowing if your asleep or not even sitting in your seat at all...also they have a capacitive steering wheel that you cant simply fool by attaching a can of soda on it. Tesla is putting the least effort into making their cars idiot proof.

  • Mike l
    Mike l5 månader sedan

    If can't beat them, copy them !

  • Brandon M.
    Brandon M.5 månader sedan

    Drone car?

  • Starwing0
    Starwing05 månader sedan

    I think they hacked it

  • Rob Howell
    Rob Howell5 månader sedan

    Wow would by xpeng

  • Tim Zarza
    Tim Zarza5 månader sedan

    Congrats Ry! 100k day

  • Ricardo S
    Ricardo S5 månader sedan

    Tesla !

  • Shadow X
    Shadow X5 månader sedan

    Xpeng X Flying device company 🤔 Sounds like Xpeng X DJI to me

  • Shadow X
    Shadow X5 månader sedan

    The skoda enyaq 4 also looks like a model X/S copy on the inside

  • Shadow X

    Shadow X

    5 månader sedan

    At least like the new ones

  • Andreas Klossek
    Andreas Klossek5 månader sedan


  • Andreas Klossek
    Andreas Klossek5 månader sedan

    FSD Beta, got some functions, the AP did not have, but you know that :)

  • Andreas Klossek
    Andreas Klossek5 månader sedan

    Unintended acceleration? Would not be any better ^^ I want to know, what actual happened....

  • Andreas Klossek
    Andreas Klossek5 månader sedan

    Yep, one firemen did stated a fire to be done, when they don´t have to do anything. One said it, when there are no flames. All about, how and what you define done.

  • mm49439
    mm494395 månader sedan

    Are you suggesting that Tesla INVENTED the yoke wheel? That BS

  • Metal Mike
    Metal Mike5 månader sedan

    Never put water on an electrical fire. I think nobody at the wreck (scene) noticed that the car was an EV, and put the water hose on it.

  • Jackyl Smith
    Jackyl Smith5 månader sedan

    I guess you and Elon are going to ignore Consumer Reports having their 2020 model Y drive the passenger around a closed test track with no one behind the wheel. Another Tesla FAIL. How come Chevy and Ford have systems in place to stop this and Tesla doesn’t? That’s right drive the Tesla, it will kill you. PS Consumer Reports has it on video, but you’ll probably think it is fake.

  • Ashton O
    Ashton O5 månader sedan

    Kill autopilot and car will be less cost

  • Alby
    Alby5 månader sedan

    Definitely happy to see someone with a brain address this appropriately. People are quick to believe stupidity especially when they hate Tesla without knowing facts. Continue the great work. Call them out, won’t happen by itself.

  • Leland Sofiak
    Leland Sofiak5 månader sedan

    The funniest thing about this to me is that 4 days ago I was reading an article with Toyota fanboys trying to tear apart Hyundai yet everyone confirming that Toyota bought a Dodge Neon to learn from it !

  • Liber Topia
    Liber Topia5 månader sedan

    the easiest targets for losers to shoot at are the ones standing alone at the top of the hill.

  • John Isett
    John Isett5 månader sedan

    Ryan, you're the first I've heard to explain the possibility of small angular deflection required for lock-to-lock in cars using a yoke wheel. Still, I am certain this will be a twitchy system for normal mom and pop drivers. I appreciate a yoke in my Cessna and understand how it can work in extreme racing cars, but I want nothing to do with one in normal street driving. Talk about a totally unneeded feature. (Of course, all this said if you're going to sit back and let the car do the driving then I guess you can have your yoke.)

  • G-Force
    G-Force5 månader sedan

    I wonder if Tesla and Toyota worked together behind the curtain on the drive-by-wire steering yoke.

  • G-Force
    G-Force5 månader sedan

    Yeah I’m not buying a flying car because of wind shear.

  • BDG CTruz
    BDG CTruz5 månader sedan

    Cant believe im saying that toyota interior is cool

  • Aggeloukos:)
    Aggeloukos:)5 månader sedan

    Yayyy you hit 100k man well done

  • Supreme Lobster
    Supreme Lobster5 månader sedan

    As cool as they are, flying cars are one of the most stupid and inefficient ways of transportation. All the benefits they bring can be achieved by using 3D tunneling systems like the ones proposed by Boring Company, but way more efficiently, and cheaper over time. Flying cars are not scalable. They consume too much power. Flying cars are not safe to fly over cities. There would be accidents, and those would be way more dangerous.

  • Sub Zero
    Sub Zero5 månader sedan

    The problem that the car was on fire why ........they died from the fire that is no safety on the car

  • A Bou
    A Bou5 månader sedan

    Tell the Tesla community! Tri "2nd Dose" Texan tweet I was the one who found the prior news media BS of the fire taking 4 hours to put out. See my prior tweets for that and other news media lies... SO Through my contacts in the 911 dispatch system, among others, I learned something that Constable Mark Herman left out yesterday... And that key information was that the Precint 4 Constable's office wasn't even the responding agency to the 911 calls or the scene of the accident! The ACTUAL agency, and the location confirms this, was the Montgomery County sheriff. They were the ones that had jurisdiction. Second, I was able to speak to some of the actual persons investigating the accident. Turns out one of them is an actual Tesla OWNER! This is SUPER key because it means one of the investigators is thoroughly familiar with AutoPilot, its operation, and its limitations

  • Steven Tyger
    Steven Tyger5 månader sedan

    Could it be possible the bz4x is the rumored Toyota and Tesla collaboration? Was the yoke wheel just an 'Easter egg' before announcing they're working together? I'd love to see that toyota with the technology/software of a Tesla...

  • ShutterPunk - Walks through Night City
    ShutterPunk - Walks through Night City5 månader sedan

    Why would toyota have a yoke? It can't go over 100km/h

  • Rajesh Yadav
    Rajesh Yadav5 månader sedan

    Car companies which are not going or coming late in EVs and autopilot will have Nokia fate !

  • 2 S3XY
    2 S3XY5 månader sedan

    👀 100k 👑 road to the 1 million

  • Jonathan Sage
    Jonathan Sage5 månader sedan

    I've unbuckled while trying to take a jacket off with autopilot on. The alarms are real. There's like a 1 second time between unbuckle and instant velocity decrease.

  • DS
    DS5 månader sedan

    It is becoming difficult to weed out the quality SEblacksrs vs the amateurs. You clearly have content worthy of regularly views and are now part of my routine. Thanks for your great work.

  • jerry kurata
    jerry kurata5 månader sedan

    Thanks for doing the sleuthing the wider supercharge stalls, and congrats on 100K subs. With Tesla building these wider stalls for the CyberTruck I now understand why they are redoing some existing Supercharger locations. Telsa has a permit for installing 100 new stalls at the Harris Ranch Supercharger location along I-5 in central California. They currently have 18 stalls but they are standard width. But, they are building the expansion in a currently empty area and could make some or all of the stall wider for CyberTrucks and support pull-through stalls for people with trailers.

  • Don Tannenbaum
    Don Tannenbaum5 månader sedan

    Hi Ryan, I was at a Tesla showroom a couple of days ago checking on the Model S delivery schedule and the Tesla rep told me that they were told June as the first deliveries. He has.not been given information about the steering wheel so I don’t know whether there will be a choice of yoke or round. I like the look of the yoke but i need to try it and since my wife also drives the Tesla i need to make sure she is comfortable with it as well. I hope they give customers a choice. If it only comes with a yoke and one of us doesn’t like it we may not get one. My current lease expires in September so i should have a chance to try one before i need to commit. Thanks for your frequent reporting.

  • Kevin Peña Rodriguez
    Kevin Peña Rodriguez5 månader sedan

    Unpopular opinion: I think this “fairly normal looking Toyota” looks better then the model Y/3

  • Nick G
    Nick G5 månader sedan

    The driver was drunk and ditched the car after the crash. I knew a guy who did that twice with his own car. In this case maybe an acquaintance was drunk driving and wrecked. Legally there’s no incentive to stick around at the scene if you’re the one who drove. Dick move though

  • guybecool
    guybecool5 månader sedan

    Congrats on 100k Ryan!

  • The Adventure Auto
    The Adventure Auto5 månader sedan

    The problem with being the best is you will have constant naysayers.

  • Steve Blomefield
    Steve Blomefield5 månader sedan

    Test the 2 occupants for alcohol and drugs. What data on the driver's seat? There is information that has yet to come out. Elon is not interested in this small-scale EV craft. What he will do in the next few years... if at all..... is a bigger 4 passenger or 100 passenger car. He might even design a new 350 passenger aircraft, but first, he wants to get EVs sorted out... ie 20 million teslas on the road.

  • Steven Ranieri
    Steven Ranieri5 månader sedan

    The yoke wheel is a substantially safer wheel to use and forces proper hand position. Round wheels on cars will be extinct in the next 50-75 years.

  • Nicholas T

    Nicholas T

    5 månader sedan

    Wow, you can predict up to 75 years into the future? Can you tell me where you purchased your crystal ball? I want one too !!

  • That Aakarsh
    That Aakarsh5 månader sedan

    Can you please remember me even after you hit a Million Subscribers? Thanks!

  • hieroglyph321
    hieroglyph3215 månader sedan

    Tesla, a.k.a Elon, has a "big mouth" and loves hype ... so expect hype/marketing blowback when incidents happen with his cars and not other cars. It's not double standards .... you want to talk Big? Expect the conversation to be BIG.

  • stoner27th
    stoner27th5 månader sedan

    my theory about the accident is this.. the owner is driving using and showing off auto pilot, his friend sits in the front passenger seat. after a while his friend wants to try to drive the car, but instead of stopping and switch seats, the owner said relax, let me jump into the back seat and you take over while the car is still driving on auto pilot, then the car lost control, and hit a tree,

  • nakfan100
    nakfan1005 månader sedan

    Wow... That Xpeng sled must be high on Santa's list for future cribs 😂

  • Metal Mike

    Metal Mike

    5 månader sedan

    Mr. Shaw pronounces it Xpung did you notice that! 😆

  • Jirozi
    Jirozi5 månader sedan

    Congratulations on the 100K Ryan! Well deserved :)

  • Dragon Sickness
    Dragon Sickness5 månader sedan

    Why is there fake wood in a car. Is it worse than real wood?

  • clavo
    clavo5 månader sedan

    Great video. If you could get it down to 5 mins. I would subscribe.

  • Steven Yoo
    Steven Yoo5 månader sedan

    I actively trade stocks. I never trust news from financial media. Basically trash full of exaggeration and fake news.

  • J.Steezy
    J.Steezy5 månader sedan

    Hey world, stop paying attention to whatever mainstream media is saying about Tesla, especially if it is regarding anything with autopilot. What can you trust mainstream media for anymore anyway?

  • Ravi Ranjan
    Ravi Ranjan5 månader sedan

    I like your neutral approach 😎

  • James Campbell
    James Campbell5 månader sedan

    Who wants Toyota the biggest car manufacturer and known for it’s legendary reliability, quality and durability out of business and everyone just drives Tesla’s?

  • Kevin Peña Rodriguez

    Kevin Peña Rodriguez

    5 månader sedan

    Imagine everyone driving Tesla’s , and everything you see on the road is a Tesla. That would be se boring and repetitive🥱

  • Kevin Peña Rodriguez

    Kevin Peña Rodriguez

    5 månader sedan

    Not me😡 Toyota will never go out of business

  • Aryan Sayyad
    Aryan Sayyad5 månader sedan

    I can't see flying cars as cars They just seem big drones to me

  • Tom and Space
    Tom and Space5 månader sedan

    Whoo!! Congrats on 100k mate :)

  • David Wolfe
    David Wolfe5 månader sedan

    Could you comment on Model S/X refresh production in one of your upcoming updates.

  • chio saephanh
    chio saephanh5 månader sedan

    Media is full of s**t, any chance they get they will attack Tesla reputation. People need to do some research before writing crap and telling the public BS.

  • cochinaable
    cochinaable5 månader sedan

    Can you slow down in showing the text/tables? I have to keep pausing the vid just to be able to read the text... good grief! :(

  • Mike Wilder
    Mike Wilder5 månader sedan

    Would you rather take a eVTOL flying taxi or ride in a tunnel at high speed? Depends on the scenery, weather, distance etc I guess

  • Mike Wilder
    Mike Wilder5 månader sedan

    Just makes me want to buy more Tesla products, stock, etc, sending a polite 🖕🏽to MSM. Pathetic

  • Marcus Jordan
    Marcus Jordan5 månader sedan

    When are these Chinese company's going to start selling their cars in America???? They would shock American auto company's into moving faster

  • Marcus Jordan
    Marcus Jordan5 månader sedan

    Crash had two victims? ????? I victim is someone that has been hurt by someone or something with the intent of causing injury. Let's just call it an accident Ryan..

  • KennedySpace11
    KennedySpace115 månader sedan

    Congratulations on getting a silver play button 🎉🎉

  • KennedySpace11
    KennedySpace115 månader sedan

    Maybe the Toyota car is a total concept and will not have a yoke when it comes

  • Nicholas T

    Nicholas T

    5 månader sedan

    That’s my thinking as well. It’s a concept design, and like many concept cars, the final production version seems to always become more “conservative” ! I doubt the yoke will make it to final production - far too radical for the typical Toyota buyer!

  • That Guy, Dakota HD
    That Guy, Dakota HD5 månader sedan

    Where’s the seatbelt video?

  • 8gomerpyle22
    8gomerpyle225 månader sedan

    Everybody keeps talking around the main point - the fact that irregardless of the cause of the accident, Tesla batteries keep exploding upon impact and roasting the occupants alive. How long before a Tesla with 2 or 3 small children in the back bursts into flames in an accident, resulting in the children being burned to death? It's imminent, that's for sure. Somebody better fix that problem soon or EVs will end up taking a huge step back.

  • Gary Morrison
    Gary Morrison5 månader sedan

    Regarding the Toyota quote about the yoke, they said, “a lot less lock”; what does “lock” mean in this context?

  • Bharath Nagarathinam
    Bharath Nagarathinam5 månader sedan

    Congratulations on 100k subs.🔥🔥

  • Demy26
    Demy265 månader sedan


  • Dave March
    Dave March5 månader sedan

    A few things on the "flying car". First, is it XPUNG OR XPENG? Sounded like you said XPUNG. 2nd, the thing has no wheels. Which means it's not a flying "car" - and good thing too. If it can take off and land vertically, we don't need it to be a car. And why even attempt one before we can reliably build and fly multi-copters large enough to take people? No point in building something that will be both a lousy plane and a lousy car. Oh, and as for Elon talking about "hovering" on the Joe Rogan show, I did see him do his share with the help of all the pot he was smoking.

  • Dave Haller
    Dave Haller5 månader sedan

    Toyota explains their technology, Tesla doesn't do that very well. If Tesla said "steer by wire" then there would be far less questions.

  • Finn Mage
    Finn Mage5 månader sedan

    AYY 100K

  • Art H
    Art H5 månader sedan

    You're research is really great! Thank you, the stock thanks you too!

  • Bob Owen
    Bob Owen5 månader sedan

    If we apply Occam's Razor to finding the simplest explanation of the Texas Tesla crash owned by a 59 yr old doctor. Somehow the good doctor hit the accelerator by mistake and pressed harder when car sped up. The confusion led to the crash. The owner/doctor lived after the crash long enough to get into the back seat. Surviving a crash in a Tesla happens often. If alcohol was involved, is even easier to presume. We can speculate about Tesla kidnap and murder cars, or renegade software and how dangerous driver aids are anyway. In the case of Tesla, the driver seat has a weight sensor. Even with the key, car can't even turn on without the weight of someone sitting in driver seat. Undo the seatbelt while driving and the car dings, flashes and slows. When the speed control is on, one front sensor is radar, not only cameras. So it dings inside and slow if it detects stationary objects in its path. So car will not hit a tree in the dark unless the tree jumped in front at last second. Could hit at an easily survivable speed … unless the accelerator pedal was pushed to the floor. Need a driver and a foot to do all that.

  • Dioben Aquino
    Dioben Aquino5 månader sedan

    Sounds like what they did to Trump. Just write the fake news , let the idiots consume it and spread it and then, ....oops. Sorry our bad .

  • Peoples Yemi
    Peoples Yemi5 månader sedan

    I appreciate your content and respect your point of view. Can you do a video on supercharging and if it's not good to use it as your primary source of charging? I read that superchargers diminish the battery over time. Is this true or not because it gives me concern

  • Jesus van der Velde
    Jesus van der Velde5 månader sedan

    Well done this video. Just to say, if there is no driver, the screen wouldn't even turn on... I don't have autopilot nor I am interested on it. I find it more fun to drive the car myself.

  • Stick Mann
    Stick Mann5 månader sedan

    If autopilot or FSD was on, that'd mean that those guys messed around with the car and tried to either create their own or unlock it without buying it. But idk tho

  • Stick Mann
    Stick Mann5 månader sedan

    100K FUCK YEAH

  • sam macbook
    sam macbook5 månader sedan

    I wonder if alcohol was involved?

  • SolidAir54321
    SolidAir543215 månader sedan

    The flying car thing is soooooo stupid. This is the dream of every driver who got stuck in slow traffic and imagined lifting off and flying above all the traffic. What if everyone has one?

  • Neil Basta
    Neil Basta5 månader sedan

    For the past few videos, you haven’t added subtitles....

  • Porcus McFlurry
    Porcus McFlurry5 månader sedan

    So Xpeng are designing a flying car of the future eh? I'd be interested to learn how one could design a car of the past. Currently I worry about crazy drunk drivers crashing into my property whilst I'm asleep upstairs. Now with fling cars quite literally 'on the horizon' a crazy drunk driver/flyer could crash through my bedroom window whilst I sleep! Imagine waking up dead in the morning because of a flying car!

  • T G
    T G5 månader sedan

    Do you realize Toyota owns part of Tesla and they share studio designs 🥴😬

  • Nicholas T

    Nicholas T

    5 månader sedan

    No true!! Toyota had a small stake in Tesla a few years ago, but sold it soon after. No financial connection now WHATSOEVER!!!!!! Please stop with the disinformation!!!

  • Rey Allen
    Rey Allen5 månader sedan

    Where’s the video of the person abusing autopilot?

  • Steven Priefer
    Steven Priefer5 månader sedan

    What would happened with just Autopilot engaged, not FSD, and someone passes out?