What Tesla Employees Leak After Leaving

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    Dominique ___

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    Nord is THE.WORST.VPN.EVER!!! Loved this video. But after 2 years with Nord ... never. EVER. again. Every single time I logged in through Nord, I was tracked. And I was phished twice. I tried to connect to the USA while abroad to watch my Netflix.. and it 100% recognized I wasn't physically in the USA and blocked content. Friends don't let friends get Nord.

  • Grimmjow06 Espada

    Grimmjow06 Espada

    2 månader sedan

    Great video as usual bro...question please: is revel publicly traded...?

  • Irwin C Gemlich
    Irwin C Gemlich2 månader sedan

    What is the point of your constant harangue about "Elon's" failure to deliver on 'full-self-driving'? GROW-UP! What part of 'We are almost there' is to you implicit of being a 'PROMISE'! When "AutoPilot" is ready for market, the world will know about it -- because Tesla is always open for business when they have something to sell! Now! How does it feel to have someone call you out about their perceived shortcomings that you seem to be oblivious to, and dismiss so easily as if they do not exist? Aren't you doing the same thing that you want to defame Elon Musk over?

  • David Edward Croquart Sr
    David Edward Croquart Sr2 månader sedan


  • nafnaf0
    nafnaf02 månader sedan

    Their energy business is a joke. I wish they would get out, but it's okay since it is small and will likly stay small. Solar roof will never be profitable. Powerwall has done better but for me personally I would rather use the capacity in my car as main battery since it is much larger than the powerwall and get dual use out of it. Vehicle to grid does have challenges, we will see if Cybertruck will be designed to have it. Cybertruck would make the most sense to have it, since it will likly have the largest batteries (>100kw) of any of Tesla's vehicles.

  • wwolfdogs
    wwolfdogs2 månader sedan

    Putting ones life in the hands of artificial intelligence is a sure sign of a lack of natural intelligence.



    2 månader sedan

    Tell that to the statistics, which basically state that on co-pilot horrific accidents dropped 80 %... To not recognise the benefits for safety alone is surely shortsighted

  • The Fish
    The Fish2 månader sedan

    After having paid for FSD three times, I’ll believe in it if/when I ever see it. Call me a skeptic.

  • bdcountry1
    bdcountry12 månader sedan

    Tesla should hire a PR person and give that person the title of “Master of whispers” lol

  • Aves Raggiana
    Aves Raggiana2 månader sedan

    Without being at all malicious, Elon Musk is the kind of guy who would sincerely wonder why his wife/girlfriend would get upset with him if he cheated. His lack of emotional intelligence would make him think, "Why should they be unhappy if I cheat on them? They only want me to be happy." It's that kind of flawed, self-absorbed reasoning that has him steadfastly refusing to set up a PR department. Elon may be a genius, but he's also empathetically foolish.

  • Thomas Crane
    Thomas Crane2 månader sedan

    Sorry SOB’s do it for the $.

  • illmatic Fury
    illmatic Fury2 månader sedan

    Congratulations on 100K. I don’t even own a Tesla and love watching your content.

  • Great Leader
    Great Leader2 månader sedan

    Oh god, elon is going full tony stark by calling it tesla vision. all he needs is a power stone.

  • d felder

    d felder

    2 månader sedan


  • Сёма Рыжий
    Сёма Рыжий2 månader sedan

    Where in the hell is the new Model S?????

  • Gunter Dressler
    Gunter Dressler2 månader sedan

    Tesla should hire a PR person and a better customer support team. In Germany I found many wrong articles and send a lot off comments to correct them. On the other hand many customers need support for there Tesla cars and don’t get it in the way they expected. We have good community to help people, for example the SEblacks channel and car sharing company next move helps a lot. A PR department can prevent lawsuits too.

  • Max_Gr
    Max_Gr2 månader sedan

    This is some quality video right here! You got a new subscriber 👍 thanks for the informations, and congrats on the apparent current growth of your channel!!

  • laserbot678
    laserbot6782 månader sedan

    Don't understand why people want auto driving from tesla we already have it Uber drive.

  • JK Curti
    JK Curti2 månader sedan

    No PR Person at Tesla please. It creates a False Image of the company. Maintain focus and let the product speak for itself. Some minimal Advertising may be good to explain the concept of what Tesla can do for people. If capable it would be great if Tesla could manufacture it's own chip technology right here in the US. Maybe become a DoD contract in the process?

  • Daegis88
    Daegis882 månader sedan

    Congrats on 100k! Awesome job with your content!

  • Christoph Leitl
    Christoph Leitl2 månader sedan

    Too many ads on this channel

  • Juil
    Juil2 månader sedan

    Tesla vision has a nice ring to it.

  • Brandon Fouts
    Brandon Fouts2 månader sedan

    Elon is right - NO PR DEPARTMENT. Tell me one story you know (not a Tesla story) and show how the PR department helped. How about the ~ 115 people that die EACH DAY IN THE US in auto accidents. Is it the PR departments that are keeping those stories out of the news?? just what is going on??

  • julie araiza
    julie araiza2 månader sedan

    Pick me

  • julie araiza
    julie araiza2 månader sedan

    If a group were hired to strictly do public relations oF translate talking points from individuals who spend a considerable amount of time in an area and forget that some people don't have a clue.that would be appropriate and hard to refute maybe one translator per spokesperson. Although Elon may need 2 or 3 became the many areas within the company that may need explanations for the "Muskeese" being spoken.

  • Roland Penttila
    Roland Penttila2 månader sedan

    Yes, absolutely, Tesla should have a public relations department. Elon's staccato communication style often doesn't get his point across (it must be very frustrating for people who work for him). Most of us don't speak "billionaire genius." Tesla's reputation with the general public is being harmed by bad information not being challenged. The future of eliminating fossil fuel vehicles is at stake. Please, Elon, get a PR department!

  • vasja batareikin
    vasja batareikin2 månader sedan

    Spoke person in companies are normally very good manipulators and they not reflecting the true information. Elon correct PR is waste of time and money. People are true moving force here are and not how will look in text box.

  • Todd Marshall
    Todd Marshall2 månader sedan

    Re PR: Elon and Tesla have it exactly right. PR doesn't stand for Public Relations. It stands for Propaganda Regulation. PR departments generate press releases that become the feed stock to that lazy sector of our society who call themselves journalists. I can remember reading press releases from a company I once worked for. I could barely recognize the company from what they were writing. It was disgusting.

  • James P Kinsella
    James P Kinsella2 månader sedan

    Public relations!, Elon download this management tool on your system before you end in trouble, it's an established discipline. It might help to keep you on track to furfill your human directed dreams?

  • edward lee
    edward lee2 månader sedan

    Vision base only ??? How do you verify the distance ???

  • Blue Azola
    Blue Azola2 månader sedan

    0:00 I LOVE ELON 😍💖 He's the only CEO & a GENIUS that u can chat & tweet with! 🤓😁 Wow!! ......just wow!

  • Kawboy
    Kawboy2 månader sedan

    Elon Musks Empire is a house of cards, he lies to dupe you simpletons, and has over a thousand lawsuits against him. Teslas stocks are seriously over valued, and Starship is a joke. Solarcity is a scam that is dying a slow death, and I see Starlink going that route as well. In Short Musk has ZERO business sense, and you dingdongs who sunk money in to any of his companies will most likely lose your money.

  • TMC
    TMC2 månader sedan

    People who quit or are fired by tesla are probably as stupid as tesla stock short sellers.

  • kenn kaniff
    kenn kaniff2 månader sedan

    What is tesla vision

  • Joseph Peluchette
    Joseph Peluchette2 månader sedan

    People now thanks to msm now do not trust pr from anyone people like you spreading the truth organically have been and I think will continue to do a great job

  • ano T
    ano T2 månader sedan

    How is a Tesla easier to maintain when you cant fix it yourself? You can't buy aftermarket parts. So this whole easier to maintain is nonsense. Break anything and your waiting in line to get it fixed at Tesla.

  • ano T
    ano T2 månader sedan

    Camera is not enough since it can't see well in snow rain and fog. Your vision is about 576 mega pixels. Cameras about 12 and AI can't even process all those.

  • Flo X
    Flo X2 månader sedan

    Cybertruck UI shown is no UI, just a styling sample and is as old as the concept truck itself! You can see it in all the videos made on the day of the presentation show.

  • Erin Krasniqi
    Erin Krasniqi2 månader sedan

    i remember when he had 8k subscribers

  • Trippinthrough
    Trippinthrough2 månader sedan

    Awesome on the subscribers. Late to video and seems you gained 20,000 more!! Great to hear as I have been around in the beginning. And I k is Tesla is your main thing but talk shop on the other stuff of passion: music and other tech etc :)

  • my surly trucker
    my surly trucker2 månader sedan

    Congratulations on the subs 👏 tesla needs help in the understanding department lol.

  • Samir Shah
    Samir Shah2 månader sedan

    Congrats on 100k. You and your diligent work on this channel convinced me to buy a new LR Model Y.

  • Paul F
    Paul F2 månader sedan

    Well, they have sort of PR in China, so it is a bit misleading they don't spend on PR etc.

  • Kiger Redi
    Kiger Redi2 månader sedan

    our new AI masters are learning quickly now.

  • JTheory
    JTheory2 månader sedan

    8:00 i think thats incorrect about the powerwall being sold only with the solar. I think what it means is they wont sell a solar package without a powerwall, but they will sell the powerwall seperate for people with exisiting solar panels.

  • mooredelira
    mooredelira2 månader sedan

    you seem like just an infomercial for Tesla. I don't need to watch, or listen because I stopped watching a while ago, to another ad

  • Aguman
    Aguman2 månader sedan

    I hope they keep the sensors for parking reasons

  • Sam Tom
    Sam Tom2 månader sedan

    I am Tesla's employee and will not leak **** even if they fire me..

  • Vincent Thong
    Vincent Thong2 månader sedan

    They leak money after leaving TSLA yyoyoyoyoy

  • woolfel
    woolfel2 månader sedan

    People should really read the latest research on NN compression, convolution nets and next gen techniques discussed at research conferences. No matter how many times Elon says it doesn't make it true. Current NN approach is brittle and suffers from catastrophic forgetting. This is a well known problem going back to 1980's. Go watch talks by Yoshua bengio, Hinton, LeCunn, and deep mind.

  • Cristian Seja
    Cristian Seja2 månader sedan

    How do you do your intro? What program do you use? Awesome videos bro 👌👌

  • Brooke
    Brooke2 månader sedan

    Great video Ryan. Ty

  • Francis Lessard
    Francis Lessard2 månader sedan

    Amazing work ! You do an excellent job my friend !

  • netsrac cjf
    netsrac cjf2 månader sedan

    I wanted to buy a Model 3, but if they remove the radar, I will not buy one ! Most dumbest idea ever !

  • Andy Ryjax
    Andy Ryjax2 månader sedan

    Been checking out several youtubers who specialize in Tesla news/reviews. I like yours the best. Clean, straight to the point and relevant. I just subbed, and likely will be the only one I sub to. I'm currently not a Tesla owner but I am strongly considering a Model 3. I just can't make up my mind if I should wait for new battery updates that might give more range in 2022 or 23. Anyway, thanks for the info!

  • Sherman Chen
    Sherman Chen2 månader sedan

    I will buy a car with lidar +camera

  • Ali Rizvi
    Ali Rizvi2 månader sedan

    Congratulations on the 100k, keep it up!

  • George Dailey
    George Dailey2 månader sedan

    They don't need a PR person. They need a DOFI. Debunker of False Information. No PR, just debunking. This task could be added to one of Tesla's current positions or rotated between positions. No extra head count!

  • Andy Taylor
    Andy Taylor2 månader sedan

    Leaving former employees should either shut up or be leaking blood until it stops on its own.

  • Leon Nguyen
    Leon Nguyen2 månader sedan

    They are trying to solve "not general AI" but "narrow AI".

  • Irwin C Gemlich
    Irwin C Gemlich2 månader sedan

    "Probably in about 2 weeks" is an estimate -- it is not a 'promise'! Perspective: "The best laid plans of mice and men" (John Steinbeck) Mommy! You promised! [The protest of a small child as (his or her) mommy is being wheeled out of the house on a stretcher, on her way to emergency surgery}! Ask an optimist a question, but always understand that you will be given an optimistic answer'! The title of this video: "What Tesla Employees Leak After Leaving". You PROMISED! Blessings!

  • John M
    John M2 månader sedan

    I agree with you that they desperately need a PR department to counter misinformation. Maybe its an anti-misinformation officer!

  • Todd Marshall

    Todd Marshall

    2 månader sedan

    And you would be wrong. Look at CNN.

  • Double M.M. Bunny
    Double M.M. Bunny2 månader sedan

    Elon Musk version of PR shouldn't be PR. Instead it should be something like "Insident Investigation and Responce," IIR.

  • Steve Blomefield
    Steve Blomefield2 månader sedan

    Tesla now talks about " tesla vision" because the acronym FSD leads to expectations that cannot be fulfilled for a few years. By changing to "tesla vision" people have to accept self-driving at where it is. This is a master move. It's real. It's truthful. It's honest.

  • netsrac cjf

    netsrac cjf

    2 månader sedan

    @Steve Blomefield You are usally not supposed to drink and drive ! If that happens here in Germany, depending on the level of alcohol they find, your drivers licence is gone for at least a full year and you will be forced to take an what we call "Idiotentest" (Idiot test) at a psychologist whom has to approve if you are mentally able of driving a car ! It's not easy to pass that test and if you fail you get another chance, but after that it's say good buy to your driver licence for good if you fail again !

  • Steve Blomefield

    Steve Blomefield

    2 månader sedan

    @netsrac cjf You have some good points nettie, but history will reveal all. I believe that tesla vision will be 100 x better than human vision because robots don't get drunk or high or tired. One day ICE cars will be banned from cities and cars will communicate with each other, preventing nearly every accident. However, we are a few years away nettie. Meanwhile, tesla fsd is 10 x better than ICE cars . This is not good enough.

  • netsrac cjf

    netsrac cjf

    2 månader sedan

    It's not honest at all ! People have payed up to 10000$ for FSD ! How are Robo Taxis which by the way should of been on the road since 2020 according to Elons announcement on Autonomy Day, be real if it only works under good weather conditions ? Robo Taxi means no driver ! So what will these Robo Taxis do if the weather gets really bad ? Stop in the middle of the road ? Elon claimed the system would be able driving better than a human, but we humans can drive under every weather condition and that's because we have an in house cleaning system for our vision and a brain !

  • FamilyFirstJ
    FamilyFirstJ2 månader sedan


  • Hector Rodriguez
    Hector Rodriguez2 månader sedan

    In my opinion I think self driving cars will only work when every other car is also a self driving car that is talking to every car around each one telling each other what the car is doing or going to do. Till then, you will need human interaction all the time making the car just like any other car on the road. Tesla is the baby of car manufacturers and they have advanced so much since... why Ford, that has been around for more the 100 years, can do the same as Tesla, helping with self driving cars.

  • Bryan Merton
    Bryan Merton2 månader sedan

    Hey congrats on 100,000! Well done!

  • Gerald Persaud
    Gerald Persaud2 månader sedan

    FSD today is far better than most human drivers - does not get distratced, fall asleep at the wheel, or take unecessary risk. As for the question on whether it will work in heavy snow (poor visibility), the fact is people should not be driving during these conditions as this is when most accidents occur. People take unnecessary risks with their lives - FSD is designed to protect life so it will likely not engage when the weather is unsafe. If FSD was avilable and there was no steering wheel the accidents rate, medical, emergency and insurance cost would all plummet but we would need to put the good of all over our desire to behave foolishly..

  • espiritu kashh
    espiritu kashh2 månader sedan

    Tesla doesn’t need a pr department lol the world is already stalking o.o

  • pauld315
    pauld3152 månader sedan

    Whoever leaked the upcoming UI needs to be fired if they are still an employee at a minimum. They could also be sued and arrested. Same holds true for an ex employee. This is a clear violation of any common employment agreement and against the law. This person could be arrested and sent to jail for network intrusion and theft of trade secrets. Publicizing these leaks give other automakers a competetive advantage, could hurt stock prices and even sales.

  • shawn stangeland
    shawn stangeland2 månader sedan

    Tesla vision will change the world

  • Theophrastus von Hohenheim
    Theophrastus von Hohenheim2 månader sedan

    Ryan, can you confirm that the cyber truck's bed is 6' and if so, is the tailgate capable of handling much weight? I want to load my Harley touring bike into it.

  • limlwl
    limlwl2 månader sedan

    You can’t see in the dark, so how can FSD using vision only ?

  • BOSSMusic
    BOSSMusic2 månader sedan

    Why don't you do the entire infrastructure of EVs that's working with Tesla ?

  • Eric Kessler
    Eric Kessler2 månader sedan

    Another outstanding presentation! To answer your question: NO - don't hire a PR person, but YES - hire someone to take this Twitter load off Elons back. I'm sure they could come up with a cool name for the position... like: Sheriff Truth Detector. Cheers, Eric

  • Jeremy Young
    Jeremy Young2 månader sedan

    I just bought a Model Y with your code. We used all of your information to help us buy. Thank you for your help 😊

  • Nameless Warrior
    Nameless Warrior2 månader sedan

    Unless it is some heinous crimes or scams then these ex-employees are nothing more than ungrateful scums. Especially if they use the info to gain new employment or make money off it.

  • VanGilder Michael
    VanGilder Michael2 månader sedan

    About PR. I like the logic that Elon has. If a person tells the truth (Elon does). Why have a PR people? Because they can "candy coat" that truth better? If you like my product, you will be back. I am not here to make you "feel" better. What you are looking for is a Psychotherapist. The way this world is all messed up. Elon has to have a big lawyer team. That is enough. Tell the truth. Have to lawyers to put the lairs down.

  • Ken Campbell
    Ken Campbell2 månader sedan

    The algorithms for AI is rather complex. I deal with this daily but I have to loop them into my datasets to predict something as simple as how long a patient may stay in a hospital bed. The likelihood of readmission based on their current disease conditions. I do not see cars driving, but people with disease conditions needing health care. it is very interesting that they are the same. We create models based on current data, and then loop current information into those models to see how the model responds. You will see AI in so many different aspects of life. If you want a new job, be a data scientist.

  • Roger Goodman
    Roger Goodman2 månader sedan

    No PR dept. Elon tweets for me.

  • Alex NutCasio
    Alex NutCasio2 månader sedan

    What happens when vision is impaired? Fog, rain, long or near sighted??? Still needs lidar.

    KRAZYRODZILLA2 månader sedan

    Keep up the good work Ryan, congrats on passing 100k 👌🏾

  • Lucas
    Lucas2 månader sedan

    Congrats on 100k! Really like your videos, keep it up!

  • aashir mahmood
    aashir mahmood2 månader sedan

    congrats on 100k+. u deserve it

  • Leonard Sensui
    Leonard Sensui2 månader sedan

    Suggestion: Rob Maurer would make an excellent PR person for Tesla and a good buffer to explain Elon Musk’s rants. :)

  • Nik Buckingham
    Nik Buckingham2 månader sedan

    I was driving my Y on autopilot and it did not recognise a bike lane. Hope they fixed that.

  • Federico Maisch
    Federico Maisch2 månader sedan

    Very informative, thank you for sharing

  • P H
    P H2 månader sedan

    Elon is our best hope to save our civilization from the tech and media mafia that have decided to control this country and destroy it, but FSD has little hope of ever working.

  • tanchos
    tanchos2 månader sedan

    Elon love ro improve product & spend more. Not on stupid PR department

  • Skudra
    Skudra2 månader sedan


  • Martin Woods
    Martin Woods2 månader sedan

    PR person - YES definitely. I am a long term TSLA shareholder and I hate seeing so much FUD thrown at Tesla on a daily basis. I was watching the BBC news the other day and they did a piece on the returning crew from the ISS using a SpaceX capsule. For no good reason they also showed a clip of Elon Musk smoking weed on the Joe Rogan podcast - WTF has that got to do with SpaceX and the ISS story?

  • Greg Essex
    Greg Essex2 månader sedan

    Not sure what a PR department will do over direct communication from the CEO via Twitter. If the word straight from the top doesn’t stop FUD, nothing will. 100% prefer Tesla focus on the product(s). But then I’m an engineer 😄

  • KWatt-Engineer
    KWatt-Engineer2 månader sedan

    Radar is just vision at longer wave lengths. Cameras can "see" at wave lengths we can't see with the naked eye. They can't be "spoofed" by micro wave signals from unexpected sources.

  • lee
    lee2 månader sedan

    I'm not getting your notifications, Ryan... Might be worth looking into. My settings are correct!

  • jakar johnson
    jakar johnson2 månader sedan

    How do you get your insurance so low?

  • Nizar187
    Nizar1872 månader sedan

    You should do a video on Rivian... compared to Tesla and your general thoughts. It's a bit early, but they seem to be headed in the right direction.

  • Eddy Kruissink
    Eddy Kruissink2 månader sedan

    You youtubers ARE the PR department!

  • Aves Raggiana

    Aves Raggiana

    2 månader sedan

    And you youtubers SHOULDN'T be.

  • Dwight Vietzke

    Dwight Vietzke

    2 månader sedan

    This is true, even too the point of being to forgiving of what is a new company developing highly technical products. The constant barrage of accolades seems more geared towards lifting the stock price, than providing serious technical evaluations.

  • SetTheCurve
    SetTheCurve2 månader sedan

    I thought it was no solar without powerwall, not no powerwall without solar.

  • Raghu V
    Raghu V2 månader sedan

    looks like there would be at least 6 months delay in production of Model Y from Berlin Gigafactory - source : europe.autonews.com/automakers/teslas-european-factory-opening-delayed-until-2022-sources-say

  • [YT]GuardedHoney53
    [YT]GuardedHoney532 månader sedan

    100k brooo

  • [YT]GuardedHoney53


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  • Jarl Inge Sandvik
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    Been flying out pilot for 30yearsbut Elron can't make a car on autopilot?! What's wrong.

  • Wol747
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    If Musk is seriously putting Tesla forward as an AI company it’s time to sell! Forget about FSD - the UI software in the cars at present is primitive compared with that of many other companies. No-one could rely on the voice recognition. The self parking is a joke. The computer does all sorts of random things for no reason. The interface varies from one application to another. The cars represent a huge step forward towards electric transport but the general market looks for well built reliable vehicles with efficient service centres, not farting computers and boom boxes which can frighten the horses. At least, the ROTW does. Does anyone seriously think that the present Tesla cars are going to be real level 4 or 5 - ever? Converted to robotaxis, without manual controls?

  • Laughing Gravy
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    Congratulations on 100k. Your videos are well-written, look and sound professional, and your delivery is calm and straightforward. I don't know if this means as much to other people, but I really *HATE* SEblacks videos where the host sits at a desk behind a gigantic, comically elaborate microphone designed for radio that obscures half their face. Why do they do that? The sound on your videos is excellent and there's no mic in sight. Nice job. Keep it up.